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In 2012 I flipped my car while dressed as Ash Ketchum.

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anon you can't leave us hanging tell us the story

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Damn, hope your balls were okay

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Last year my little sister cosplayed Miku to her 7th grade graduation and a gust of wind revealed her buttocks to all of her teachers.

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I was trying to find parking when I drove up the side of a divider. Instead of going back, I kept driving in hopes of passing it and the car flipped.

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When I was in 7th grade, a creepy janitor got fired because he kept leaving gifts inside of a girl's locker. I'm sure he would have loved this.

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I had a mild fender bender in full lolita once, I think it helped me out because they thought I was in high school even though I'm 26 so I think they went easy on me... baka. I also diy'd some accessories for a con, but the heat melted the dye in my resin and stained my hairbows. I wore them anyway because I'm trash.

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What the fuck? Was he police involved??

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My petty coat deflated on the way to tea.

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I had bra inserts and one of them fell in front of everyone

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This is why I always carry an air pump with me.

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Why not just use the natural one in your butt?

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this fucking board

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Mhhmmm, this fucking board

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No underwhere?

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Nothing major, but I did get pulled over for speeding in lolita. In the middle of nowhere. At like 8 o'clock at night on a Monday.
Turned out to be good though because I didn't get a ticket. I assume the cop was just confused and wanted to end the interaction as soon as possible.

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fucking hilarious

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A few weeks after I got my own place my mom visited and say my some of my lolita dresses and looked a bit uncomfortable. A couple days later she called and asked "if I was an abdl and it was ok if I was as long as i made sure i was clean about it"

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why would your mom even know what that is??

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Because it's all over on normie media.

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Nothing major, but I feel like doing anything slightly embarrassing is much more amplified when you're already standing out and people are watching you.

> Be me, aged 16 or 17
> Daily lolita in high school
> At my locker, it's a bottom locker, so I'm crouched down grabbing books or whatever
> People a few feet away staring, whispering, and giggling
> Whatever, this is normal, it's high school and I'm dressed weird, I get it
> Just don't do anything fucking stupid
> I do something fucking stupid
> In my haste to stand up, I accidentally step on the back of my petticoat and the portion of the seam between the lace and the chiffon rips
> Loud ripping sound
> Okay cool time to get the fuck out of here before I make myself look any worse, bye

> Be me, same age, same school
> Walking up the very busy stairwell in thick heeled boots
> Accidentally step on the side of the heel, leg caves in
> Wobble around trying to regain my balance and not fall down the stairs, in front of everybody
> Nothing to see here, carry on

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>heat melted the dye in my resin
What the fuck? How hot was it?

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>be me minding my own business
> big sister lends me her pass to a big con nearby out of the blue
> be excited and decide to pull the sol badguy cosplay i wore last year from the shelves
>Find out that the top and waistpiece made of pleather melted into each other
>Try to seperate it
>It rips apart leaving an uglass hole exposing fabric underneath
>Mom kindly help me patch it up by cutting old red shirts
>Wear it the con down low

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Like 95-100 Fahrenheit or 35-40 Celsius. I honestly think I just didn't cure it all the way...

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honestly i wish i had the money and self confidence when i was in high school to be a daily lolita

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Well, in 2017 i created hit or miss...

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Sounds fake

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i doubt you're being serious, but if you are do you ever get recognised?

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A friend hugged me way too hard and I pee'd myself

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Miku wearing a thong is canon

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She wears shimapan baka

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the proper word is pissn'd

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Isnt that normal? Women are wearing thong bathsuits like its nothing these days. Daisy dukes with butt cheeks hanging out. This includes girls as young as 14.

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Seconding this. Kids are mean and I was already being bullied so I wished I could wear lolita, but no way would I have had the confidence to. Go that Anon.

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>mooning your 7th grade teachers is normal

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come ooooon that was funny

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Mooning is intentional

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They probably failed their last annual butthole inspection

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You don't get your asses checked once a month??

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>plan an idol routine to Gas Gas Gas
>Christchurch shooting happens
>have to change songs
>can't find one that fits the choreography
>end up doing our dance to Baby Shark

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It is a moon even if accident,

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My bloomers feel down at a meet and I think they noticed. I got dabbed on.

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my doctor said its a weekly thing..

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I was walking home (in lolita) while a bunch of maintenance guys were working at a neighbors house. Thankfully they weren’t cat calling me but they did shout a few compliments about my outfit. I was embarrassed none the less and waved while trying to haul ass. Unfortunately I turned the corner too hard and almost ate shit in my RHS and all I heard was “OOOOOOO nice save” and I just started laughing hysterically while speed walking the rest of the way to my house....thank god I didn’t actually fall down but I did scuff my shoes.

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this is not copypasta, just never had an excuse to post it

>be me
>parents invite newish gf and me to their murder mystery dinner
>mom is a costumer, so costumes are req'd
>theme is 50s

>day before party
>gf and i break up
>she decides to still go to party bc she promised or whatever

>party is corny af
>all parents' mormon church friends
>they think they're funny, but can't handle even the mildest suggestive content in the game
>newly-ex gf phones it in

>finish murder mystery, winding down
>knock on door, sister goes to answer
>anon, there's someone here named xxxx
>who the- oh shit
>it's my newly-ex gf's ex
>who is technically still married to my newly-ex gf
>also they have a son together
>and still live together
>also he's a lawyer with a gang background that's half my height and 10x more /fit/
>my parents don't know any of this

>walk to door
>"what are you doing here"
>btw i am dressed as a 50s greaser with a jojo tier pompadour
>he draws me out to porch, starts bouncing around the lawn trying to get me to fight
>i don't fight
>as i'm continuing to strafe away from his lunges "im gonna call the cops"
>"...im calling the cops"
>call the cops
>newly-ex gf comes out and gets in front of him "wtf are you doing"
>she is dressed in a poodle skirt
>parents' church friends start coming out to see what's happening, have to get awkwardly pushed back in by senpai

>after like an hour, he finally realizes that the party he thought he'd be crashing is not a drunken bro fest where he could goad me and my m8s into fisticuffs
>and cops will be there any minute
>his lawyer senses come crashing down
>he finally awkwardly sulks away
>i am still dressed as a 50s greaser with a jojo tier pompadour

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hahaha forgot word filter

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why do idiots date married people and expect anything good to come out of it?

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Most little girls aren't wearing thongs "like it's nothing," retard pedo. And there are settings where it's normal to wear swimsuits. That kind of involuntary exposure isn't normal in a school setting. Keep your fantasies to yourself.

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this idiot was 20 and she was 30. i’m normally not so dumb but as an awkward near-virgin, getting attention from an 8/10 horny korean woman was enough to make the blood drain from my immature brain.

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My friend's little sister is 13 and always has a thong sticking out her pants. She a thot desu

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What? It was extremely trendy in my middle school (2005-2007) to wear thongs and have them show over their low rise jeans. There was even a pregnant 13 year old that did it. I may have lived in the ghetto...

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>pregnant 13 year old
You lived in the fucking pedo ghetto dude.

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I'll never forget the time I got pulled over on my way back from an anime convention and had to tell a cop what anime is.

"Hey, I basically pulled you over because your car has a dealers tag and I need to make sure it hasn't been on there too long. You got your bill of sale and all that?"
*hands over the papers* "Yeah, I've had this car for a week or two. I'm gonna go get tags on Monday."
"All right. So, where you going?"
"Well, I'm on my way back home from an anime convention."
"A convention for what?"
*cop gets a puzzled look on his face*
"It's Japanese animation."
*cop is still a bit confused* "Um, okay. Well, uh, make sure you get those tags taken care of and have a nice day."

I mean, at this point, I had just kinda assumed that anybody would at least have HEARD of anime.

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To be fair that’s something Ash would do if he could drive. It’s on his level of stupid.

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But anon, don't you know, since she's under the not-arbitrary-at-all age of 18, she can't be a thot, she's a pure and innocent angel baby who can't possibly have any kind of sexuality or agency of her own! She totally just wears the thong because it's cute, silly anon.

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Most of them got pregnant by kids their age or a bit older

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Lol that sounds like an episode of Dobie Gillis.

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Was walking to get my badge when my panty's fell out of my pants leg

>> No.10237294

I was hanging out with a group of people, and one girl had her bra slip. She was dressed as Morrigan from Dragon Age: Origins.
Kinda disappointing that they weren't that big.

>> No.10237386

How? did one side completely break?

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That's pretty hot.

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Where I went to school, 7th and 8th graders were wearing thongs. This was around 06. It really is nothing.

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>Was checking into one of the larger cons I've ever been in. ~50k people.
> Drove 13 hours, half asleep, in pleather pants/
> Thank the person who gives me the badge, squat quickly and pants completely split from the back of my lower back to my crotch.
>Girl just stands there staring at me
> No coat, was wearing 'nice' panties so they wouldn't be see in the pleather.
> Had to walk from 2nd floor down the con while being asked for pictures back to hotel.


>This year, dressed as Mitsuru from P3.
> Photographer ghosts us, take over photoshoot and taking pictures.
> Had to keep tucking my skirt in so panties wouldn't be seen since getting good shots, and infront of glass windows
> Legs getting tired from jumping up and down in 3 inch heels
> Legs give out and I fall back on my ass in a 'group' picture
> Legs fly up as I fall back into one of the people who was watching
> Flashed everyone including the people inside the con that were inside watching.

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They weren't the pair I was wearing lol

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You planned a new routine for Gas Gas Gas? When it already has an amazing parapara routine? God idol trash are the worst.

t.salty gyaru

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I had a nip slip at a con. As Ryuko

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Same. I went to public school in a pretty average Canadian city. I distinctly remember one grade 7 girl saying "we're in high school now! it's time to have sex!" and then dropping out of school a few months later because she was pregnant lmao

Not this exact scenario, but these are both painfully reminiscent of my high school experience.

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>in highschool
>2nd ever meet
>extremely nervous
>get there early, only one other girl has showed up so far
>very sweet and friendly woman with her bf
>no idea what to say, spaghetti falling out of petticoat
>hear them mention Reagan or aomething
>genius brain remembers fact about Reagan I learned recently
>"did you k-know Reagan apparently built a snake pit under the white house?“
>"Oh, we were talking about Reigan from Mob Psycho 100"
>barely speak the rest of the meet
Never wanted to die more. Thinking about it still makes me cringe. I'm sorry for getting weird, lady and her bf who had to hang out with alone me for an hour!

>> No.10243851

Well for what it is worth that is a fun fact and I would have loved if someone popped that off out of nowhere.

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Sorry for you but that's hilarious

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My little sister was dressed as Peni Parker and she was doing high kicks, which caused her panties to show. It attracted a group of pedos and I had to beat them off.

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>Be me
>Hanging out with the comm
>We see Crimson Peak
>Leave theater talking about the movie
>".... Miss?"
>I turn around
>It's one of my students

Fortunately he was one of the chiller students but still.

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What style were you in?

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>It attracted a group of pedos and I had to beat them off.


>> No.10244521

>I had to beat them off
With both hands?

>> No.10245584

stop fantasising

>> No.10245602

> fantasizing about beating dudes off

>> No.10245605

Not that anon but a lot of people have justice fantasies

>> No.10245629

You apparently don't get what "beating off" means.

>> No.10245637

Do you have anymore on that, because a quick google of "reagan snake pit" didn't get me anywhere and that sounds actually interesting desu.
That aside, don't feel bad about that, it's honestly just a funny thing that happened, and I'm sure that's how they felt about it too, if they even remember.

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In my hotel room at a con with a bunch of friends. Having drinks but they were cold so I got up to get ice. A bunch of people in the hall were staring at me and I finally realizing the skirt I was wearing was tucked up and my panties and bulge were showing. I almost cried of embarrassment

>> No.10245754

>my panties and bulge
Trap or big pussy?

>> No.10245765

The only mention of Reagan and snake pits that Google turned up was a discussion about defunding mental hospitals in the context of describing historical conditions in them. Can’t even get your Reagan facts right as you autistically vomit them out at completely inappropriate times. What an embarrassing sperg!

>> No.10245766

Spiderman and the Pedophile Webshooter Bukake

>> No.10245774

>be me
>3 years ago
>cosplaying petra fina dagmar
>things are going fine
>a few creeps staring but not approaching
>then it happens
>my stomach is gurgling
>hastily find bathroom
>long line and hold my stomach trying to wait
>end up not making it
>it slides down the back of my dress and plops on the floor
>the other guys in line are just staring at me in disgust
>i just leave the line and go back to my hotel room
>i check out the next morning and haven't gone to a con since

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>Be 19
>Finally get the balls to wear a somewhat skimpy cosplay for the first time
>Cosplay Dizzy from Guilty Gear
>Walk in to the convention
>Get mobbed
>Literally can't take 2 steps without a circle of people hounding me for a photo
>Instant regret
>Cosplay is very well made but I somehow didn't buckle my bottoms on correctly that morning
>Have about 50 people taking photos of me
>Suddenly bikini bottoms unbuckle
>Deer in headlights, I am standing there covering my vag wanting to die, unable to move
>People stop and stare for about 10 seconds
>Feels like an eternity for me
>A few start to take more pics with my vag barley covered by my hand
>Literally tearing up, surrounded in a circle with no possible way to escape or move without exposing myself further
>An angel of a woman comes up
>She removes her jacket and helps cover me up
>Pushes people away and gets me out of the circle
>Refuses more photos for people that are following us
>She ushers me away to a corner so I can fix my costume in private and I burst out into tears thanking her over and over again

Whoever that woman was.. I love you. Whoever took photos of me like that, you suck.

>> No.10245824

>>"did you k-know Reagan apparently built a snake pit under the white house?“

The fact that I can find absolutely nothing about this online really improves the story. 10/10 desu. Id be your friend if you sperged out to me like that

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There are clues to Reagan's "fascination" with snakes all over various forms of media from his time as president

>> No.10245924

simply epic

next time try the dudes bathroom

>> No.10246088

Your proof is a GI Joe comic book in which the plot involved snake people impersonating politicians and taking over the world? Really?

>> No.10246183

I was 16 and I have literally no memory of where I learned it from, I really liked reading about conspiracy theories online so maybe there? I'm blaming /x/ on this...

>> No.10246220

That’s still retarded, but at least understandable. Which teenager hasn’t sperged out and vomited an unfounded 4chan conspiracy theory into a completely inappropriate situation?

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This happened to me when I was TTGL Yoko and I hadn't shaved "down there" for three years.

>> No.10246967

... ? ? ?

Was it your vag or your pussy?

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File: 98 KB, 1265x1300, 23453165-cute-female-bulldog-puppy-sitting-looking-up-isolated-on-white-background-7-weeks-old.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit that was you? I think I have your vag pic somewhere

>> No.10247109

Post pics or you’re a liar.

>> No.10247742

>I hadn't shaved "down there" for three years
Most cosplay girls haven't.

>> No.10247743


You deserve it

>> No.10247748

That's rude. Hairy pussy is good for cosplay

>> No.10247752

Something similar happened to my girlfriend. It was really hot and I masturbated to it for years. I asked her if she would be willing to flash people for me but she really didn't like the idea. The first time was also super embarrassing for her, and I feel bad but you can't argue with boner.

>> No.10247754


How? Show me one character with a hairy puss. If you are going to go skimpy then ideally you want all your pubes gone.

>> No.10247757

Why are you anti-bush? Unless your pubes are going to show, they're fine.

>> No.10250605

I asked some people to sign my shirt and someone wrote the n-word on it. In Atlanta.

>> No.10250614

That's a bit extreme, all you need is shave around the edges and trim everything else, that's like saying you need to shave your whole head to wear a wig

>> No.10250742

thanks for the advice
you definitely brightened their day
Are you people animals? o.O

>> No.10251552

What if it's naturally thick, pubes up to your belly button situation?

>> No.10252820

>gang background
Was he a gangstar perhaps?

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>> No.10252880


WTF, you can't state shit like that without a story.

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>At my first big convention
>Dressed as 9S
>Waiting in a super long line outside in the crazy heat
>See 2B walking my way
>Yell out 2B! and wave without a second thought
>They look confused and glance around at first until they see me then they wave back
>Everyone around me in line begins staring at me
>Dead silence afterwards
Every time I think about that I feel so bad, I probably embarrassed them with that, I was so damn excited to be there and see another 2B since I didnt have anyone to cosplay her with me so I just acted without thinking.

>> No.10253861

>Every time I think about that I feel so bad, I probably embarrassed them with that, I was so damn excited to be there and see another 2B since I didnt have anyone to cosplay her with me so I just acted without thinking.

When in doubt, jump on you phone.So will everyone else within 30 seconds.

>> No.10254226

I spent my first con dressed as Naruto walking around asking people if I should have my ramen plain or with miso, or with those naruto fishcakes.

>> No.10254447

>I spent my first con dressed as Naruto walking around asking people if I should have my ramen plain or with miso, or with those naruto fishcakes.

Hope people went along with it. Love your confidence to say whatever.

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File: 141 KB, 400x419, 8B4DE28C-31A9-42A8-B3A1-A3F33604A99B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had to leave a meet early because I got a call that my fiancée was in the emergency room. I went straight to the hospital without time to change. I walked in in full gosurori and all of my in-laws were already there.

I’m male.

>> No.10254467

Decided to do a revealing cosplay for once and a kid "accidentaly" touched my bare butt.
Yeah thats not happening again.

>> No.10254469

Tough. I hope your fiancée is better now.

>> No.10254498

>Decided to do a revealing cosplay for once and a kid "accidentaly" touched my bare butt.
Yeah thats not happening again.

Age of kid?

>> No.10254922

I love both these stories. I hate my fetishes

>> No.10254925

>Do I look like I know h'wat a Mob Psycho 100 is?
Good job there Hank Hill.

>> No.10254945


>> No.10255310

you sound like a loser why dress for attention you don't want just relax....

>> No.10255557


How should I know? 10-12? Old enough to know better.

>> No.10255563

Aw I love when cosplayers from the same series call out to me and are all excited about being at cons and seeing other cosplayers! I wish people would relax a bit and just let people be excited.

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I've got 2

>be me
> with group of older (15-16) yr old nerd friends
>first con, in a rolled up maxi skirt, cat ears and a button up
>convinced i am THE shit
>friends all dressed up from kh
>decide i need to be with one of them at all times
>friend/guardian runs off after a roxas cosplayer
>i cant keep up with my stubby weeb legs
>maxi-skirt goes up over my head
> striped granny panties
> mfw i hear camera clicking

>> No.10255645
File: 2.23 MB, 498x474, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be me, older now (18)
>better at social interactions
>decide to do more revealing cosplay
>confident in my body, wanna feel hot
Playboy bunny with long skinny pants/black jegging material, trying not to have everything hangin out, seems opaque
>have a good time
>get lots of pictures and compliments
>see a pic of myself after the event, everything looks great until
>mfw the flash let them see through the pants I had on.

Luckily they were thick enough I could wear moderately normal undies, but I think that might be worse.

I have some more horror stories but they're less embarrassing. Taught me to wear shorts under cosplays whenever possible. also taught me to check my materials with flash.

>> No.10255723

NAYRT but we don't fucking dress up for attention, we dress for ourselves. Fucking incel.

>> No.10255725

that would be the cosplay to do it

>> No.10255730

Like what anon said, you only shave what shows.

>> No.10255745


But you cant always be sure
What isnt showing now might show later on
Just get it all off FFS

>> No.10255840

It almost seems like an ESL retelling of how oniichanon had to fan off her sister's farts after her movements caused her to accidentaly pass gas.

>> No.10256011

Have you ever actually shaved down there yourself?

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File: 805 KB, 1537x2050, CFD2C426-8BC2-4C87-9B5D-D0F2F4400501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably second hand embarassment

But this was the most miserable looking kasumi when no ones taking pics

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The fact that you cosplayed from Flint The Time Detective delights me to no end

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Heck, I guess I'll add my own story
>Be 17. Highschool
>Presentation practice day for Senior projects, I was a junior and we get to watch them do their final run before the real thing
>Teacher asks us to dress nicely even though we weren't presenting. Wants us to look nice. >Maybe not quite professional but nicer than what we normally wore
>"What should I wear....Oh! I know!"
>Wears my goddamned Haruhi Suzumiya school uniform
>because fuck I don't know
>That skirt was definitely too short for school
>Probably a too short for me in general
>Surprisingly no one said anything
>Still don't know how my mom let me get away with that

My entire body cringes every time I think back to that. Certainly not the worst thing ever but I honestly don't know how I thought that was a good idea

>> No.10257692

>Be me
>cosplaying megumin back when konosuba just came out
>of course people recognised the cosplay and sometimes jokingly yelled EXPLOSION
>One guy yelled it while standing in line behind me, loud enough to jumpscare me and many others
Now here comes the bad part
>outside, one stereotypical neckbeard looking guy yelled "MEGUMIN! GIMMI A HUG!"
>Quickly think what would be worse, hugging this guy or the awkwardness of saying no
>decide to say "ill pass!" After a quick think
>friends told me that that quickly thinking took a full 6 seconds and I was completely silent before answering

>> No.10257709

>long ass day at Otakon in disgusting humid weather and 3 layers of clothes and a boob binder
>also hungry and thirsty af
>this leads me to make the poor decision to walk up 3 flights of fuckhueg stairs for the promare movie
>fucking dying by the time i get to the top
>told the line was capped and i had to go back
>as i get 3 steps down i feel like i'm going to faint so i go back upstairs and sit down
>security lady and what feels like the entire line just staring at me

>> No.10259121

You poor thing. <3 Where the hell were your friends that could have brought you some water?

>> No.10259134


Don't worry anon, it looks like literally every other Trigger series ever made and I doubt you missed much.
Props to you for noticing when your body was at your limit though and taking measures to look after yourself, it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

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