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Canada Thread? What Canadian conventions are you looking forward to?

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otakuthon for food.

Pretty heros: hot outside
Con Bravo: looks dead.
Fan expo fuck that con!

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Why fuck Fan Expo?

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Which is the best Vancouver area con to go to from Anime Revolution, Anime Evolution, and Fan Expo? And how does the best of Vancouver compare to Toronto area cons?

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Been to all three and I had the best experience at anirev personally. It's the biggest one so there's just a lot more cosplayers, more famous guests, and more vendors. I'm looking forward to it this year

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Anyone going to ai-kon later this week?

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Any thought on Otakuthon? I've been considering going bc Fan ex gets more shit every year, but I don't usually travel for cons, want to know if its worth it.

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What do you usually go to cons for? It’s not much of a party con. I would say that Otakuthon’s strength lies in its venue (good location for food and cosplay shoots) and its musical guests. I would say that the games room and AA/Dealers are only so-so. I haven’t been to panels in a while so I can’t speak for its quality, though note that Otakuthon is bilingual so if you don’t know French you’ll miss out on some content.

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your going for food!
Cosplay photography is pretty good!
younger con people go there to drink and room party.
artist alley is alright. Not the greatest
dealers room has a massage table every year. No idea why. I love it as my back is killing me at the end.

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what food places do you recommend?

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If you kill your enemies, they win.

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we like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind

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So what cosplays are you guys planning?

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Anyone going to Animethon in Edmonton?

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Working on second best girl for Anime Revo. I usually go to Animethon but some friends are coming up from the US for Revo so I'm going there this year instead. I have almost everything done but the arm things are really worrying me, I don't really work with foam on a regular basis and I'm afraid I'm going to fuck the patterning up and waste a bunch of money.

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Anyone notice that Kimikon is literally getting a cosplayer that does porn as a guest?? As this rate, I won't be surprised to see more thots brought as guests.

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>professional cosplayer
It's funny because calling her that is actually quite representative of the direction the cosplay scene has been heading over the last decade.

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I expect many neckbreads!

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i'm amazed they didn't list pornstar on there too as well as not having a single lewd photo of her on there.

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I expect a ridiculous amount asking her for an orgy.

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you have no idea how popular cosplaying has become in chaturbate, brace for impact, grills, cos it's coming with the force of a thousand suns

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Who the fuck other than Hidori jumped onto the porn wagon after becoming cosfamous?

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its camgirls cosplaying, not the other way arround

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Hidori was a cosplayer first before going into porn.

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Yeah I'll be stuck working in the gaming hall for most of the weekend, but I'm still excited to see everyone's cosplays.

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Yes hi, other Winnifag, of which there seem to be only two that are on seagull. Fuckton of em on /sp/ though especially when Jets aren't shit.

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Have fun at Anime Revo! Good luck on your cosplay as well. Wish I could have seen it at Animethon.

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Hey guys for the upcoming Otakuthon I'm just gonna drop a link to the /cgl/ Canada discord:


It'll help us all meet easier plus help anons in Ontario and Quebec connect easier

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booking a room for otakuthon atm, what's everyone paying per night/weekend? is it easy to stuff extra people in an hotel/airbnb or are they strict about it?

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ConBravo management is apparently in the middle of an internal shitstorm right now

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Hotel rooms people often room stuff. Seen the 8 people a room design for 4. Only limitation are card keys. you may only get 4 keys. Just make a group chat and just message the chat and see if anyone is there.

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Thanks, what about rented condos/airbnb? Does room stuffing vary depending on the host?

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Well I know I heard from staff that it is the final year and considering how much of a shitstorm the con was this year, i'm not surprised.

Also, details?

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This is just a rumour. I spoke with one of the heads and there's no plans to shut down. It's apparently Dan Barletta from AN trying to cause a shitstorm. He's mad they didn't invite his girlfriend as a guest for so many years so he's trying to punish them.

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Hah that's who I heard it from too.

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What did you guys think of the con this year? What panels did you go to? I really enjoyed the dance showcase and Beat Saber tournament.

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Montreal is stupid expensive compared to AN or IFF hotel room wise

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There might be no plans to shut down but apparently the con was deserted this year?

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I went last year and it was pretty deserted. I can't imagine attendance went up this year since they didn't really do anything to increase numbers.

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It’s late to book but I think they are competing with something else for hotel spaces. Since it’s near s subway stop feel free to book a bit farther away.

Not really. It was busy as usual

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I thought it was pretty well populated. Most of the panels I went to were either full or half full and there were always lots of people in the halls and dealer's room.

My big thing was Thrown Controllers and it was pretty great this year. About the only complaint I had was the dance. The DJ was terrible and they had some idol groups performing. They really gotta rethink that.

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>overpriced $75 passes
>have to pay additional $25 for concert

fucken jews

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That's some Yikes friendo

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IIRC the Montreal Pride parade is that weekend. I'm not sure how much that brings in as far as tourism goes, but it could be affecting hotel availability.

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There’s always something. The venue is smack downtown during the summer, so no surprise.

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>I'm not sure how much that brings in as far as tourism goes
a lot its one of the biggest in the world montreal has been known to be a gay friendly since the 70's also who the fuck sleeps/stays in a hotel during pride its all about dem giant chemsex orgies

t. degenerate faggot

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oh right speaking of chemsex whos down for a mantrain cosplay orgy

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made a thread. halp >>10231967

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Can I lobby con and just pay only for the concert?

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If anyone is going to Animethon and interested in joining a late night orgy on Saturday night, please let know ASAP.

We currently have 5 girls and 10 guys who are confirmed attending so far. I'm hoping more females will join us but realistically I think we're lucky to even have 5 females who are coming. I have 5 spots left for anyone who is interested. First come first serve basis.

No cost at all but bringing booze and food would be greatly appreciated. Protection will be provided.

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1 obese girl does not count as 5 normal girls, anon.

Good luck with your orgy. I don't recommend providing booze at all if you want a good time. Just go drink elsewhere and keep the room dry.

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Yes but it will be $50 for only concert

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Guess it's time to start on my cosplay. Totally forgot about everything due to my full time job. My first year of true adulting has been a bit lame, so I'm looking forward to the con.

There will be a meet up this year, yes?

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I'm going to go to Anirev this year and I'm a little scared. I've never been to a con and was wondering if you can give me a rough idea of how many people attend?

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Could you create another link anon? I'm new to discord and I'll be going to Otakuthon this year for the entire weekend. I'd like to make some new friends

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Over 100,000 at AniRevo.

Expect it to be crazy packed with people pushing and shoving just to try to get from panel to panel.

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It's okay anon, don't panic! The more people at a con the better chance you'll have of meeting people into the same things as you. Will you be cosplaying? I highly recommend it!

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That would make it the most populated convention in North America. Its actual number is 20,000.

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For anirev? i'll meetup

>> No.10232835

You want to get molested or something?

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Going to Anirev as Madotsuki! If you see me feel free to say hi... i doubt theres gonna be a lot of madotsuki cosplays and i'm not very attractive so i'm not intimidating in any way.

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As a tall guy I don't have that issue. But I do understand the hesitation of others

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Tentative Revo lineup. Menhera-chan is only happening if the post gets the seifuku to me in time before I fly. I can't bring my Phos sword on the plane either which kind of sucks, but hey, the rest barring the wig that has to be carefully packed should be fine.

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Here you go


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Fuck it. If I'm going I may as well pay for it all. In for a penny, in for a pound.

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is middle mercy..? is that a moogle ?

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Physalis/Faisalith from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (the mobile game).

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ah ok i was hoping it was some ff character..that’ll b cool

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Was in Artist Alley, didn't do so well Friday Saturday, but most I spoke to did much better Sunday.

Another artist mentioned this to me, but I'm friends with a few staff members, and I've heard nothing?

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wow no thread for otakuthon this year just fucking sad and the thread last year was tiny


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How many people are going to AR & is there a meetup?

>> No.10234877

I'll be going Friday for sure. Saturday if I get the day off work. Down to for a meetup. Better than spending the entirely of my com time alone.

>> No.10234881

Name a time and place and I might show up, depending on what else is happening (AR is lookin banger as far as panels and events go). I'll be there each day

>> No.10234889

I'm going but idk about meeting people, I'm damn shy.

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ever17 was a fun game.

>> No.10236603

I think people are just hoping this thread picks up, 9 MORE DAYS

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Well surely, based on how bumpin the anirevo thread is

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Even if you don't speak French, you're in for a good time. Lots of panels every hours, a vidya room, maid cafe, lewd games at night and plenty of other shit to do.

Actors who comes there usually do more than a simple Q&A and actually has fun doing so. Hell, there are some vidyas companies like Bandai that comes there and see what people think of their vidyas

For food, don't stick around the convention unless you don't mind paying a good amount for shit. You can always go to china town just next to it for maximum weebing or just head to any proper restaurant nearby like Saint-Hubert.

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Join the Canadian gulls discord https://discord.gg/HNNN8xv we can discuss and plan a meetup there.

>> No.10237640

Looks like I can only go tomorrow. Still haven't locked at what there even is to do. Current plan is to show up early and hope I get through the ticket line fast enough to go see the opening ceremony.

>> No.10237752

For what?

>> No.10237842

For anyone who is attending Animethon!

Just a reminder that the Animethon orgy is on Saturday night 11:30AM at the Courtyard by Marriott. We have 7 girls and 14 guys attending so far. It is a cosplay orgy so please be in costume. There is still room left for those who want to join in! Condoms and light beverages and snacks will be provided.

Message me for details!

>> No.10237982

Sounds tempting but I would rather be free of syphilis and gonorrhea

>> No.10238035

are we talking girls or "girls"?

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Well, I'm back from Otafest, ten pound cage on my head, and ready to cry tears of blood as my neck slowly collapses into putty.

Animethon is okay so far, but I can tell you all right now I'm gonna be avoiding this orgy shit like the many plagues it will likely distribute. Remember kids, anyone who shows up to an Animethon orgy is absolutely not someone you want to have sex with.

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Do you need a photog?

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My friends went to Anime Revolution today without me, which really hurt my feelings. They told me about it a month and a half ago and we planned going as a group. But for the past week I have been in a very dark place emotionally with the grief flaring up again about my girlfriend passing away unexpectedly at the start of the new year of 2018. They didn't message me all week, no one reminded me or bothered talking to me. I was looking forward to going to the convention as a group again for the entire past year, the only reason I found out about it was because they were posting bragging about it in another public discord server, I wouldn't have even found out otherwise. It's soo painful

>Like the flight of the flight of the conchords "I'm crying tears of a rapper"

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Where to eat at AR? Nothing I want to see coming up but I don't know what's in the area.

>> No.10238101

Nobody wants someone around at an event that just brings everyone down. They did the right thing. Seek help if you need it, but they aren't wrong for enjoying themselves just cause you can't.

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Does anyone have any recommendations on where to eat at otakuthon? I always hesr it's great for food

>> No.10238128

I always stay positive and fun in person for this exact reason.

>> No.10238163

basic bitch breakfast eggspectations. Less then 10 minute walk from the con. They also serve lunch.

Kyo Bar Japonais Reservation maybe need. Less then 5 minutes.

China town is fine. service never the best. I avoid it during the night.

Walk down St Laurent Blvd and pick what you want.

Bagel Etc great breakfast! Past Schwartz

For pick up and go Schwartz. 30 min walk from con. Its on St Laurent Blvd.

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I am very interested in the animethon org, what are the details

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I heard aww man so much I hate the meme now Animethon is going great though

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should I wear the mensis cage while I play in the fucking smash bros tournament

is it worth it

>> No.10238305

hong kong bakery literally on the corner is pretty sweet 1.50$-2$ for buns pork tuna etc etc lived off that shit for ages when I was a bike messenger

as for like real food you gotta go north into the plateau or south into old montreal (which is pricey as fuck) or you go full retard and head into the downtown core china town has been bad for food for like a decade sadly

name your price range my recommendations is getting black drunk walking to banquise at least 4 am and getting poutine bonus points for takeout to eat in the park and drinking more booze till the metro opens at 5:40 am

>not the main
fucking tourist I bet you eat your smoked meat lean like some savage

>> No.10238322

What is the room number?

>> No.10238332

We are talking girls. They will have a vagina.
No thank you. No pictures or video recording allowed.

It will be hosted in room 127. I will be letting people in at 11PM but it will not officially start until 11:30PM. Knock on the door for entry. Please be advised that the room is booked only for one night and everyone must leave by 1PM Sunday.

Feel free to contact me on kik at Animethon26Orgy for more details or information. Hope to see you all there!

>> No.10238365

Kokoro Ramen, Kita no Donburi, Gojiro Ramen are close to the convention centre

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>> No.10238572

This sounds like a troll ngl
Either way, cringe.

>> No.10238769

There is no room 127


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lmao fuckin called it

retards no shit there's no orgy, any girl who's spent like ten seconds at animethon would join an orgy with this lot

Fucking hell you absolute stupid cunts

>> No.10238788

last day at AR how can i get a cute weeb gf

>> No.10238859

Joined one of the night time after AR meet up groups and it was a lot of fun but there was no funny business unfortunately, even though there were a lot of qt grills, most still in cos

>> No.10239007

What, how did you find this group?

>> No.10239166

post nods

>> No.10239175

Is there anything special or worthwhile to get at SAQ that I couldn't get at the LCBO?

>> No.10239300


>> No.10239664

yes and SAQ is much cheaper than LCBO in general

>> No.10239688

Yeah wtf how do I find nighttime meetups with cute girls in cos

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>tfw no cosplay gf

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Then you must become your waifu.

South Alberta nerd here. Thinking I'm gonna make a trip to Anirevos winter con since job doesn't let me do any from June till Octoberish. I do see all this shit about a Bram character. Hope that's all squared away by next year, or that it's just sensational banshees screeching louder than it deserves.
What turns me off is it's presumably only six months away, and they still don't have dates announced.

Pic semirelated. Just some old ass Animethon photo

>> No.10239897

I'm going to Otakuthon this weekend and it'll be my first time going to a con. I don't really know what to expect desu.

>> No.10239901

My first con experience was pretty magical because I had 0 expectations. Lots of cosplays, lots of people who enjoyed the manga/anime I enjoyed. Just keep an open mind, stay hydrated, shower, and remember to have fun! Are you planning on cosplaying this year?

>> No.10239904

I don't plan on cosplaying. I'm going with a group of friend, but they're all into different stuff, so we might not stick together all the time.

>> No.10239977

I've heard some real shit about AniRevo becoming a shillfest. Hiked up prices for everything from entry to autographs (even when the guest doesn't want to charge a signing fee), poor organization and major delays, and incompetent staff. So yeah, hopefully it does get squared away, but I would not be surprised to see it get worse first.

>> No.10239990

AniRevo has been around for 6 or 7 years now and the complaints about them are the same year after year. They're not going to change and will continue to draw big crowds just by virtue of being the biggest semi decent con in the area.

>> No.10240107

The fuss being kicked up about the pedos being allowed in under the guise of muh tisms is new this time though. People have started a boycott movement, and they released an actual (pretty awful) public statement claiming it's all slander and lies about it. A few news sites say they're investigating the story.

>> No.10240154 [DELETED] 

Believe it or not but I actually use to date the fourth girl from the front lol.

>> No.10240156

Believe it or not but I use to date the 6th girl from the front in that picture lol

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Oops, I missed this post that they were replying to somehow.

This Bram dude has literally been stalking all the local weeb/nerd scenes including any cons he's not already banned at (only AR at this point) for years, possibly a decade. He is 34 currently. And when I say stalking, I mean literally stalking girls home/finding their address stalking. Has a hell of a criminal record you can look up on the BC CSO with a CP possession charge in addition to several criminal harassment convictions and over 40 breaches of probation somehow, as well as a good number of restricted access cases which are most likely involving minors. There's also countless testimonies of personal experiences with him from countless girls, for what that's worth. Even I've experienced him being weird (though thankfully nothing more) IRL a couple years ago. He's quite a widely known force if you're a gril into any of the nerd related communities.

The whole thing is a rabbit hole really. What really got people angry about it was AR responding saying "it's ok, it's because he's autistic" which got autists screeching.

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Believe it or not, I believe you. I know her. Spent a night with her, and some other friends for a night. Good time.


As a cheap guy who doesn't tend to spend on autographs, and shit like that, in the end it'll still be cheaper than travelling to Sakura-con. Kinda shitty eh.
The big issue is the whole pedophile thing, and if he's been banned, should be good.
Funny thing, someone on Animethons facebook page was bitching about some Nazi walking around the con.

Pic from Otafest, 2019

>> No.10240175

I was standing in the back when they took this picture at Otafest!

>> No.10240176

Got a picture of him?

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>The big issue is the whole pedophile thing, and if he's been banned, should be good.
That's the thing, when first confronted with all the charges he has, they refused to ban him because he has muh autisms. He was only kicked out when attendees ended up calling the cops on him and the police ejected him, then they gave out their second statement. He was "asked to leave" but ended up showing up in the con a few hours later the same day, and the day after. Shit's sketch. They still haven't formally banned him because "not enough circumstantial evidence" like CP possession charges and harassment convictions aren't enough in addition to everybody reporting his ass.

>> No.10240198
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>> No.10240203

I'm pretty sure back in 2013 they let someone attend that shouldn't have been let in. While I don't remember their namei do remember convention center staff/security essentially surrounding and removing him from the games room and, I assume, the con grounds.

On a side note, it's been several years since I last went to AR so seeing the convention center staff everywhere was really surprising. They were far more involved compared to the last time I went which was nice to see.

>> No.10240205

Boy, I wish that's what they did this time. They pretty much took the worst PR moves imaginable to handle it all, the polar opposite of what they did in 2013 it sounds like. Capped off with a Logan Paul youtuber style non apology and all. How funny that now they have more staff everywhere yet they couldn't do what they did with so few staff.

>> No.10240211 [DELETED] 

hey otakuthon fags go to st cathherine est after midnighht (go to berri uqam metro station) and prepare to get raped by niggers and hobos

>> No.10240214

>The big issue is the whole pedophile thing, and if he's been banned, should be good.

It seems like they arent going to ban him lmao.
And Im still waiting to see if they say anything about putting new policies in place to prevent something like this happening in the future

Also vaguely related but a kid went missing on Saturday at AR but turned up safely (thank god). But I imagine the parents were freaking with 2 different predators in the con

>> No.10240323

>Also vaguely related but a kid went missing on Saturday at AR but turned up safely (thank god). But I imagine the parents were freaking with 2 different predators in the con

Shit... I feel so bad for that missing kid. He was probably one of their victims :(

>> No.10240412

94 and/or midori

>> No.10241300

>art of greenposting panel at 8pm
please be bait

>> No.10241400


What the fuck happened in 2013?

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Is a dude in his early 30's too old for an anime convention ?

>> No.10241465

I go with my gf all the time... but then again I look like I'm mid 20's. People really aren't gonna give a shit if you aren't going around being creepy.

>> No.10241635

I see plenty there already. One more doesn't hurt.

>> No.10241745

The character looks cool anon, where’s she from? Reminds me a bit of Valkyria Chronicles

>> No.10242041

I know two dudes who are 40 and 39, who still go to cons, you're fine.

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this and last year AN touhou photoshoot

>> No.10242077

fan expo bad

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Nazis at Otakuthon

>> No.10242177

She's from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (the mobile game) I didn't really get any photos but I'll be wearing her to PAX too so maybe I'll get some there!

>> No.10242470

Wouldn't condoms prote T against that?

>> No.10242478

Anyone got a photo or photos of this guy so I can avoid and watch out for him? Sun-lle isn't that a Korean last name? Never knew of any Korean named Bram. At first I was thinking Bram stoker Dracula for some reason and thinking some goth staljer.

>> No.10242489

I go to anime conventions all the time and I am a year shy of my 60th birthday. Have no kids as I never married and just enjoy seeing what is new.

I have felt rude comments towards me before like if I was not a senior convention running member or not going with kids then you must be there to do immoral things to the kids.

My advise is if you enjoy the convention then just go but be cautious about hanging around the young kids if not in a public place. I myself have never done any unspeakable acts and have always kept my hands to myself and respectful of others and not knowingly say rude comments to people.

I enjoy going because I like the culture, art, and the medium. Being able to see what is new and talking with people to see what is new I feel keeps me young. I remember being intrigued by the medium during a foreign exchange during the early 1980's. Met a Japanese girl during her english class who later became my girlfriend for a few years and she introduced me to Anime which is different then when I was growing up with steamboat Willy cartoons in my youth.

So there are some of us old timers but if you are not doing anything wrong then just be nice to each other as everyone is there to enjoy and share in common interests and forget about thier daily lives or troubles while they are there.

>> No.10242491

Plz explain y

>> No.10242506

My opinion but a shit ton of normie shit, comic shit, furries, etc. and not a lot of anime specifically. artists alley is all full of deviantart and vendors is worse than anime north with the scams. cosplay wise there is a lot and of decent quality but its all normal shit like bnha and no variety. Also crowded as fuck and expensive

>> No.10242548


Not to mention the masqurade changed last year. For about 20yrs the anime North masqurade staff has run the masqurade portion of fan eXpo and that is afaik the extent of their reach into FANEXPO.

But last year they kicked out Gord the MC and the anime North masqurade staff and out thier own staff in. I still see some familiar faces there covering some of the masqurade as they are Anime.North staff. Been going to fan eXpo and Anime North religiously since 1998 so I know who's who there.

I feel the anime North staff ran things well. Man I feel old but back in the day it was $35 for a 3 day pass and they gave you a lithogrsph print of MD Giest back in 1998 whichbthe artist was tehre to sign. The feel of the con in the early years was affordable and comfortable.

Now a days it is $60/Sat and nickle and dime younout of everything for anything at the con charging for as much and for anything they can get away with and you wonder why some people steal shit and book it. Has gotten too corporate.

Also the dick ass moves the owner of fan eXpo has done towards smaller conventions by making mini cons scheduled when other cons are and from insider info trying to sabatoge smaller cons from getting into thier turf.

>> No.10242550

Damn son..and I thought Dr Stephenson was old as cobwebs at Anime North.

>> No.10242575

My kingdom for that Asuka cosplayer, God she was hot

>> No.10242665
File: 85 KB, 1142x600, FB_IMG_1566173526342.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine being the con chair and making a grand announcement that you, the con chair will be at the con...

>> No.10242687

Post pics

>> No.10242692

The one in a bikini-plugsuit?

>> No.10242831

Spent somw time with a girl in that photo too. Nice ass. Good cosplayer. Need more like her at conventions.

>> No.10242843

Pretty damn good. Went to that one cosplay coding thing and even though it was just all about an Arduino-like board in general it was still informative. Dance showcase: Fucking. Awesome.

>> No.10243110
File: 9 KB, 250x207, unprepared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

US based anon here, flying out to Fan Expo Canada this weekend for the Masters Grand Prix finals. Never been to Canada before, let alone an international con; can any of you anons give me a good run down or really any info of what I can expect?

>> No.10243308

Fanex is pretty crowded.
Food has the standard convention markup but there is a decent food court across from the north building on front street. Mcdicks, various Asian food etc.
The entrance is confusing the first time through, its a large maintenance tunnel about two blocks down on Lower Simcoe Street. There are signs and volunteers pointing you there from Front street.
The con floor closes at around 8:00pm, from there most of the activities are held at bars in the area.
Power Up Game Bar at 38 Wellington street usually has a party going on every night until 2 am. But if you're over 6' you are going to have a bad time
Participating in cosplay grand masters will get you invites to a fuck ton of other events anyway.
Have fun.

>> No.10243315

I feel this and I'm 27.
My thoughts are that at our age we should be doing something more that just attending.
Panels, volunteering, event running, cosplaying etc.
I've been talking to the execs at AN about a 21+ lounge similar to what Anime Expo has.
Currently trying to gauge interest in it.

>> No.10243413

I don't know about volunteering. Seems like the volunteers are usually teens or very early twenties. Then again last time I volunteers I was 25 and had a blast and had no trouble getting along with the other, younger volunteers.

>> No.10243417

go to the strip clubs, you can touch all the girls here in Canada anywhere except their pussy directly which I'm pretty sure you can't do in America

>> No.10243420

This doesn’t sound right but I’ve never been to a strip club

>> No.10243441

not to derail the thread, but it's a pretty unique experience if you've only been to American strip clubs, my girlfriend loves it because its the only way she gets to really experience that side of her sexuality
>You can pay the girls in US dollars or Canadian. We were at the main level we didn't go up to the vip lounge. The dances are $20 a song. And they take you to this room to the side. It's fully nude dances, you can touch. Just be respectful.

>> No.10243509

I'm very small so I think I'll be good. Thanks for the info anon!

mfw not into girls :(

>> No.10243512

wait why would you not have fun if you're tall?

>> No.10243513

They mean the ceilings of the bar are low

>> No.10243524

>bars made for manlets

>> No.10243539

This is fanexpo so bar is made for hobbits

>> No.10243548

Not a bad idea realistically with how shit panels and events have gotten in the past few years. I've begun paneling myself as way to bring up quality again at conventions and i'm 30.

>> No.10243640
File: 27 KB, 160x230, bortz_wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuuug can't believe I missed Otakuthon and the yaoi viewing

>> No.10245434

see >>10240198
probably mixed, he looks pretty white though

>> No.10246357

Unplugged Expo as I've not been to that in like 2-3 yrs now.

I missed going to fan eXpo for the first time ever. I've been going to Anime north and fan eXpo religiously since 1998 till this year. I went to anime North as I am staff helping out but just did not feel the feel for some reason for fan eXpo this year. Maybe because of reflections as it has taken up half my life already going to both maybe it is a good stepping off point after 20yrs to take a break and do something else.

>> No.10247035

Best photographer to go with? Booked with Poynter recently

>> No.10247048

>Booked with Poynter recently
I'm so sorry for you!

>> No.10247064

I know of hidori from drama!
>openly defended a camwhore that masturbated publicly around children at playgrounds saying anyone that was against her was just jealous of her income

>> No.10247135

Wait, this sick fuck is still not in prison? He followed my friend and I around this years fanexpo all weekend when I was still underage. We eventually gave him our steam info in hopes of him leaving us alone, when I got home and checked my messages he started talking about crazy stuff like how he wants lolis to kill him and eat him alive. He still makes new discords and tries to get in contact with me through my friend sometimes.

>> No.10247140

>We eventually gave him our steam info in hopes of him leaving us alone
Asking for it desu

>> No.10247318

Shoot is he not professional? He came across as knowing his stuff

>> No.10247409

Worked all of fan expo.
Did I really miss anything?
I tried to hit the con floor a couple times, but it's so fucking crowded I just went back to my booth.

>> No.10247803

Watch ur feet

>> No.10247804

calling him a professional is like calling savage a master of the arts.

>> No.10247876

Nah, plenty of old people goes there. You're never too old for that, it was nice seeing some older cosplayer nail their characters

>> No.10247901

Meh? It's not like cons don't have hentai rooms, hentai guests, etc. What difference is it if there's an anime-themed pornstar?

>> No.10248006

>Literally telling fucking weebs that 2D and 3D porn is the same thing.

>> No.10248171

Sorry I forgot that weebs on this board are fucking morons

>> No.10248385

Wow, that is crazy. This guy is going to wind up following the wrong girl hone one day and her going Bruce Lee on him. Hopefully whoever the girl may be should give him a good lesson and ziptie his nuts. Maybe then he would get the message to stop stalking people.

>> No.10248387



If you did then


>> No.10248390
File: 178 KB, 950x1080, 1565409767078.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe I missed something but what??!! Where the hell was this? Been going to FANEXPO and Anime North for decades. Never heard of that.

>> No.10248524

>on this board

You don't internet enough. Hop to /a/ or /v/, it gets far worse

>> No.10248533

FanEx doesn't because it's a corporate show, but AN has always had hentai panels, Yaoi panels, viewing rooms, etc. It's often done for laughs, but there's plenty of after dark content.

>> No.10248743

Jesus christ

>> No.10250998

This is the kind of person that needs to get 'disappeared' for the greater good - bonus not many, if anyone would go looking for him save Parole Officer.

>> No.10251336

So did anyone mange to grab a room at the delta yet?

>> No.10251484


People could make an effort to destroy Bram and Alex's social lives but the people who are going after AR have been grudging with them over everything they have done.

>> No.10251495
File: 88 KB, 1000x1118, 1526000837899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying they didn't already wreck it themselves

>> No.10251522
File: 133 KB, 1280x720, 1542243710190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn even this psycho guy is talking to more girls than me

>> No.10251536 [DELETED] 
File: 521 KB, 1200x900, shinsha_european.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just bee yourself anon.

>> No.10251546

he has self-confidence

>> No.10251555

Gtfo bram

>> No.10251599

>not knowing Anime North has a hentai showing room
...Seriously? Were you sleeping late at night every year or something?

>> No.10252685

If it's any consolation, this psycho guy is attempting to talk to more girls than you and then also getting slapped with lawsuits and generally having a city wide reputation of being a pedo and a sexual predator who uses his autism as an excuse.

>> No.10257054
File: 21 KB, 440x440, 67152931_1064086720428376_9114503304620015616_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So how did Unplugged Expo go for whoever that attended?

>> No.10257973

sold in the AA there. I gave it a chance since they took a break, I was being optimistic.

It was hot garbage. Labyrinth Comics packed up and left at 2 Saturday afternoon. The vendor hall was supposed to close at 8 but the con head walked around at 7 and told people they could start packing up now.

I doubt any of the artists there will be coming back, I think a lot of us were lucky to barely cover costs.

>> No.10258031

>I doubt any of the artists there will be coming back

Well don't think any can come back. It was the last year of Unplugged.

>> No.10258035

confirmed it's never happening again?

>> No.10258234

God I hope so. I had buddies work this con and they were told to do 12 hour shifts on volunteer badges. No staff room, no food, no rooms, nothing. Even had to pay up front. What a dumpster fire.

>> No.10258260

Pretty sure the con made most of their money from charging artists and vendors for tables and not from the attendees since basically no one showed up. They even stopped checking for badges pretty early on so anyone could just walk right in.

>> No.10258335

Well damn, I was going to consider going but it sounds like this con was a flop
And I'm not surprised, the JCCC is a horrible location, and weren't they also combined with another con? Idk if that would help or hinder it though

>> No.10258662

They were combined with Cosplay Matsuri...which infact has taken over Unplugged. Matsuri/Shogatsu are made up of a ton of Unplugged crew but with the con chair having stepped down from Unplugged, Matsuri took it over and thus the clusterfuck that took place as the original people in charge weren't even handling it.

>> No.10258786

What's good to attend in the Vancouver area? I'm new to the area. Anime Evolution looks tiny and Anime Revolution is one massive for-profit money laundering operation. Are there any other options or should I start budgeting for faraway cons?

>> No.10258807

Anirevo was fun as far the events go. There was a big controversy with the admissions of a couple of guys but the con itself was nice

>> No.10258836
File: 46 KB, 960x679, 70494975_10218053399877782_4436314527977439232_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well seems KimiKon is now bringing the hentai artist Reiq as a guest. What is it with this con and bringing a ton of porn to it from Hidori to now Reiq? Won't be surprised if this con ends up just bringing shit like Cosplay Deviant even.

>> No.10258878

Because sex sells and there's an audience that appeals to the lowest common denominator, like thirsty virgin male nerds and weebs will gladly pay for this stuff

>> No.10258930

I still remember when cons were more about the merchandise, nerd panels, and cosplays before cos thots and sex entered it...

>> No.10258940

You can't blame those "cos thots" for making money off of an audience that's willing to pay
It's those thirsty neckbeards and incels that perpetuate this and believe that all women who cosplay are all about this who are to blame

>> No.10258943

Why are men so oblivious to their degenerative exploitable sexual behaviour?

>> No.10259017

Thinking with wrong head obviously. Men and women fall for all sorts of stupid shit over and over.

>> No.10259026

>implying sex was never a part of cons
Have you forgotten how sexualized anime/comics/vidya are. It’s only pure in your rose-tinted memories.

>> No.10259068 [DELETED] 
File: 205 KB, 271x501, [HorribleSubs] Houseki no Kuni - 03 [1080p].mkv_snapshot_09.22_[2018.09.22_20.59.04].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aren't small cons more fun and "down to earth"? Though that's probably only true if you go with a group of friends

>> No.10259230

if you don't like just tell women to stop enabling them

>> No.10259254

No, I blame the thirsty men that led to this. Women obviously took advantage of the situation. cause there was an audience for it.

>> No.10259256

It's sexualized, but he audience is fucking Nerds. Nerds are normally not known to be thots or sexualized and rather more obsess over their games and animes they watch.

>> No.10259295

Yeah, exactly
Nothing wrong with making money off of suckers, and there are tons and tons of suckers out there

>> No.10259520

Doesn't he take the feet pics? Or was that someone else

>> No.10259533

Both of them do

>> No.10259780

is ai-kon really the only major convention in winnipeg now?
I’m still so fucking mad about comic con

>> No.10259844

>mad about comic con
What happened?

>> No.10259885

cancelled due to increased convention center prices

>> No.10260128

you might be mad over it but if anything you really shouldn't be since it had so many problems behind the scenes with attendees, artists, volunteers, and even guests being treated like total shit for a "large" con. their attendance books are cooked to a crisp and it's so damn obvious to anyone that's ever been that they're counting turnstile and not tickets sold.
the moment you set foot in c4 after setting foot in an aikon, it becomes really apparent that its just a glorified flea market of totally random shite

>> No.10260227

Go to Sakura con in Seattle

>> No.10260757

So nerds don't have sex drives just like anyone else?

Stop kidding yourself.

15 years ago, girls screamed at the top of their lungs about yaoi, cosplayers dry-humped and grabbed each other' asses in public, hentai-showing rooms existed, hentai was sold in Dealers' Rooms, there were hentai panels, and rumors about one-night stands and orgies circulated. There were also costhots with thirsty men orbiting them back then, too, just not as many and the lack of social media made them not as easy to spot.

Anime cons have always been sexual. Anime cons have always been full of thirst. There was never a golden age when all anime cons were completely SFW.

>> No.10260763

>There were also costhots with thirty men orbiting them back then too, just not as many and the lack of social media made them not as easy to spot
With the help of social media and stuff like Patreon, now those costhots can make money, some can even make a living (probably, idk)
There is nothing wrong with that as long as it stays a business, those stupid incel fucks get some titty pics or whatever, and the cosplayers get money to spend on more cosplays or just whatever
The problem is when those thirty beta orbiter men act entitled to more than they deserve, thinking they can actually become friends or even start a relationship or even fuck these cosplayers, and this happens a lot

>> No.10260765

Who was the girl again who was murdered recently by an orbiter and pics of the murder uploaded?

>> No.10260772

I love this stupid claim about nerds not having sex drives

I guess all the big tiddy girls and rakey slim bishies in nerd media are just there "because". Not at all because nerds are horny AF.

>> No.10260790

Will cosplay girls let you have sex with them with their cosplay outfits on?

>> No.10260803

No, the outfits will break.

>> No.10260820

There’s no hotter way to retire a costume

>> No.10261079

>There were also costhots with thirsty men orbiting them back then, too, just not as many

The keyword is not as many. There's a stupid amount of them nowadays. So instead of seeing cos-accurate or genuine effort, we see sexed up versions of actual characters on a grander level. Back then we saw it to a way lesser degree and didn't feel so damn overwhelming.

>> No.10261080

>I guess all the big tiddy girls and rakey slim bishies in nerd media are just there "because"

>Fake nerds who are secretly want attention or make money off men.

>> No.10261931

I don't see the issue. There are more sexually frusterated nerds than ever before, and women who have the body and the confidence for it see the market. Whenever there is money to be made, someone will take advantage. If you're going to get angry at someone, the people who make it rain on costhots are just as much to blame.

Back in the day, there weren't as many people in general at cons, and anime wasn't as mainstream as it is now. Lack of social media wasn't the only reason why costhots were much less common.

>> No.10262111

>anime wasn't as mainstream as it is now

We need that golden age back.

>> No.10262113

>omen who have the body and the confidence for it see the market

And usually are fake nerds with nearly 99% of Lucoa cosplayer i've seen that don't know that Lucoa keeps her eyes closed all the time and instead keep it wide open and do nothing but boob and but shots as such.

>> No.10262117

never going to happen
you hear about the "omae wa" remix?

>> No.10262182

Who cares? That doesn't matter, because for every one person going "um actually", there's at least a dozen lonely nerds giving her money.
It's just business.

>> No.10262378

Top kek it's literally dead now.

>> No.10262552

and as such a bunch of fake nerds have taken over a scene that was actually meant for nerds. It fucking sucks.

>> No.10262655

Them's the brakes. Even then, surely there's gotta be some "real nerds" out there, right?

>> No.10262751

This is the consequence of anime becoming more mainstream and "accessible". It allows normies to see the opportunity for cash and swoop in.
I stronly prefered anime cons when they were a bunch of 20-30-something nerds in usually shitty cosplay coming together for a weekend in a space without the high school bullshit of everyday life.

>> No.10262763

bianca devins?

>> No.10262807
File: 75 KB, 719x1280, banapeace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys im just gonna rip off this guy and wear a banana costume with bananas in my plate carrier is this a good idea for halloween

>> No.10262975

I've been going to Ai-Kon since 2012. I haven't missed a year. I've watched it grow from a teeny humble con with a merch hall the size of someones basement to the huge room it is today. Last year was my first year of C4. Normally I'm able to blow large sums of money at conventions easily but NOTHING in the c4 merch hall interested me aside from one of the artists. one booth charged me $20 for a tiny sketch that took up 1/8th of an a4 paper. there were three separate booths selling Lego Minifigures. Half of the vendor booths along the walls ACTUALLY looked like yard sales, just completely disorderly and unprofessional. There were zero panels that interested me. I basically paid $50 to play beat Sabre for a day because it was the only thing they had that wasn't totally boring.
Ai-Kon has its shit together. It's very well organized and has a diverse range of panels and showings. the vendors hall and artists alleys are organized so well that I'll just wander them for hours staring at the booths because they look so pretty.
Sorry for the spurg rant. I'm still just disappointed.

>> No.10262980

Plot twist: There have never been any "real" nerds.

>> No.10263121

>in usually shitty cosplay
Why? Doesn't this whole board make fun of shitty cosplays?

>> No.10263236

Because at least they were actual fans and were usually open to conversation.

>> No.10263457

Rose-tinted glasses man. Those people are still there, you're just not sitting with them. Those people have always been there, and just like you, so many split off or were left aside and look back on a "better time" when people were "real _____".

But it's been like that since time immemorial. One generation bemoaning the loss of their youth and their heyday while a new one takes over and starts the cycle anew.

Nothing was any more "real" back then, any more than it is now. It was different, smaller perhaps, but had just as many problems and "fake" people in it. The only thing that's truly changed is that your brain has filtered things out, leaving you with a shinier memory than the reality of your time.

>> No.10263613

>Nothing was any more "real" back then, any more than it is now.

Pretty sure at least people (and even thots of that era) knew the source material of what they were cosplaying.

Seeing all these girls cosplay Link with a stupid amount of makeup, jacked males who do Jojo without knowing what it is, and Lucoa's with their fucking eyes open in every photo shows a different era.

>> No.10263831

>Pretty sure
I mean, believe whatever makes you feel better. It's weird that so many weebs set how they value other people based on how much they know about cartoons.

>> No.10263941

I feel like it all comes down to "muh exclusive club"
Like again who fucking cares if someone doesn't know what they're cosplaying from, it just means you can't talk to 'em about it
Go find someone else, there's still enough people who do still know about that shit

>> No.10264083

It comes down to many weebs having trouble talking to people, and no longer being able to use people's cosplays as a way to start a conversation.

>> No.10264086

It's not like you can't, like there ARE still people who cosplay stuff and actually know and like what they're cosplaying from
Here's an example,
>hey I like your cosplay, what did you think of [x]
>oh I don't actually know much about it
If they don't know, they don't know, you just fuck off and move on and find someone else who does.
And if they do, then great, you can talk to them about it for a minute.

>> No.10264100

This this this

The fucking gatekeepers are the biggest embarrassments. They insist everyone know every minute detail of some obscure game or cartoon if they cosplay it, but are also the same losers who can't put two and two together when it comes to talking to someone they find attractive.

>> No.10264171 [DELETED] 

Just wait for stuff like Promare to become the norm and people will realize that women are unimportant.
problem solved

>> No.10264337


>> No.10264373

>Like again who fucking cares if someone doesn't know what they're cosplaying from

Cringe and Normal-pilled

>> No.10264376


Fucking normie-fags. Pretend to like anime and video games, invade a scene meant for nerds when society rejected them, and now trying to say normie shit in a nerd scene is okay. Fuck you!

>> No.10264486

Found the incel.

Maybe develop your social skills instead of playing victim.

>> No.10264777

anyone going to kimikon?

>> No.10265162

I'm a girl you fucking normie.

>> No.10265430

> implying incels are only men

Retardation knows no gender. Learn some fucking social skills.

>> No.10265437

Learn to actually watch anime and play games you fucking Jays fan.

>> No.10265440
File: 151 KB, 888x672, KAPOW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no the sports are evhul!!11 Whatever will I do.

You can watch anime and play games, enjoy the Jays (I'm not a baseball fan, but w/e), and have a social life. Git gud.

>> No.10265601

Incels can't be women

>> No.10265610

Wrong, I knew an incel women before. It’s a rare thing but it is a thing. Where the bottom 25% of guys are incel its like the bottom 0.5% of women are. She would post on facebook about her “sexual frustrations” repeatedly.

>> No.10265612

Doesn't make her an incel, just a woman who's sexually frustrated
Incels aren't just that, they also hate women and expect the world to owe them everything

>> No.10265613

if expecting the world to owe you everything makes you an incel, then aren't all women incels?

>> No.10265614

She was kinda like that but for guys. I mean she’s come a long way since then to be fair but at the time those posts were extreme cringe, very entitled, very lonely and horny.

>> No.10265615

No because incels are only men

>> No.10265630 [DELETED] 

Fuck off you thot. You are just some normie who comes to cons who doesn't even watch anime or play video games and only there to rip men off by wearing only fucking pasties while calling cosplay.

>> No.10265631

>literally thinks an Incel is just someone who is sexually frustrated

here's the retard everyone.

>> No.10265800

Okay so while i agree that women can't be incels because incels are culturally defined by being misogynistic men who want to harm women, a woman can exhibit similar symptoms to being an incel, including an othering of groups it sees as wielding power, as well as playing the victim.

>> No.10265804

Now that I can agree with, even if they are much rarer or uncommon.

>> No.10265876
File: 16 KB, 384x384, 67m8k7qemdp31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL cosplayer... Bull fucking shit, ebay bought cheap costumes just for porno such a shit guest what can she even do than give neckbeards boners no one is gonna ask her questions about cosplay

>> No.10265882
File: 214 KB, 660x330, 5207EA27-7DF1-49CF-97A8-F19410491DF7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

G-Anime... does anyone know what the hell happened/is currently going on with that mini-con?

>> No.10266339

I'm looking forward to Halcon later this month, it's like the only con in my province

>> No.10266502

They aren't all that rare. You just don't notice them. The more common problem is that women can't find men who want more than just sex and who see them more as just walking pussy.

>> No.10270989

Fuck you

>> No.10271488

bump because I’d like to know too

>> No.10273288 [DELETED] 

Maybe because women provide nothing to men other than sex.

>> No.10273360

I take it you’ve never been in an ltr

>> No.10273575

See you there, Halifriend.

Maybe they'll have the schedule up by the time you see this.

>> No.10274080

Did anyone go to the idol showcase held by the new GTA idol group R.cvde? Thoughts? Was it just all lovelive shit?

>> No.10274175

>GTA idol group
Another one? Aren't they all just Love Live stuff?

>> No.10274767

No because these GTA "idols" are an insult to what real idols are supposed to be.

>> No.10274914



>> No.10280550 [DELETED] 



>> No.10281150

Looks like the thread went to shit a little bit.
Are there going to be any cons this winter? I’m gonna be neet the entire few months.

>> No.10281392


>> No.10283049

If anyone is interested here´s another canadian discor


>> No.10283120

Do we really need so many?

>> No.10283153


>> No.10283218

Neck yourself, discord shill

>> No.10283411

>another pro nazi incel server
Why even post that here

>> No.10283460

So how many people cosplay or wear lolita on this server? 2?

>> No.10283469

>Shilling a /soc/ discord

>> No.10283473


Stay away from this crap, Kangdisc is /soc/ bullshit, not /cgl/. It's utter fucking AIDS

>> No.10283485

they made another canadian discord after a few people broke off and left the original one.
now its mostly tranny and gay posting and everyone is talking shit behind everyones back because its shit.

the absolute state

>> No.10283494

The original Canadian /cgl/ is still in a good state, it's just these /soc/fags having a hissy fit because the original owner of actual /cgl/ Canada discord banned their little butt buddies.

>> No.10283505

Stop fighting over dumb discord shit you autistic faggots.

>> No.10284382
File: 125 KB, 1000x1014, 1501923321203.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's proprietary garbage anyway.

>> No.10286093
File: 918 KB, 2777x4022, fuck_usenet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It should be 19+ here because that's the legal drinking age here.
t. zoomer

>> No.10287063
File: 695 KB, 1080x1284, Screenshot_20191110-195500_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How sad.

>> No.10288830

Nah, it was pretty cool actually. It was a mix of other groups and they had one love live group which was fun to cheer for and the rest were completely different songs.

>> No.10288877

Wait what? What are these, like con pamphlets?

>> No.10288977

Doesn't help for the Deutschlander fucks, those assholes can go as low as 14.

>> No.10289183

Leftover old badges and old con programs

>> No.10289737
File: 1.01 MB, 2576x1932, 6FD57AD3-953D-4346-9A19-73D33F1E9C03(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can we make Anime North great again?

>> No.10290314

Is this a picture from down under?

>> No.10295662

They're pretty fucking gay, even for Discord. I got banned for making a mildly edgy joke.

>> No.10295810

New bread

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