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>lolita general
>start off with a style that is different from lolita

Do you have a learning or mental disability?

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I kind of love that skort if the color is really that peachy irl

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I like it

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Not OP but this is fine. Ouji is a lolita counterpart that is part of it. It's not really it's own fashion.

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It is literally it’s own fashion. You can interchange certain pieces but the core of what makes lolita the fashion it is is different. This is like saying punk and emo are the same style because you can wear certain items in both.

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I love the shorts and I like how the design could easily had "volume" to the frame of a very lean person but it also would be flattering to a heavier person because in both cases it acts as a sudo-petticoat poof to disguise the wear's figure. It's almost more unisex then most Ouji pieces.

I also love how EGL continues to have this influence exchange between designers and it's community; it's always felt stronger then other styles. People have been modifying sweet dresses into Ouji shorts for quite a while which I then think helped this brand piece turn out looking more refined because it's not the first time this has been explored.

Ouji might even be semi-dependent on Lolita fashion, meaning I think the two are so inter-connected that if Lolita suddenly crashed Ouji might not survive on it's own. (by contrast, Dandies would probably continue on and sniff more snuff)

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Ok ok, we get you have a rag up your ass here, but try not to be so bothered by a niche-within-a-niche fashion interloping.
You're literally one of only a small handful of people that care to delineate so pls btfo.

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I really don’t say this out loud but...I only like lolita on myself, the models (no matter what race, I don’t care about azns because normal japs look fat and ugly in those clothes too) and some non-famous super good looking people but they actually never wear it. I’ve never seen a good looking lolita in comms or online. As for cgl it seems to me since none of you have a taste it’s all about passing for lolita but never wearing it aesthetically, which is odd since the websites of burando do show wearing advice. Even for a fucking bag. Nobody here dresses properly that’s for sure. I don’t care about ita or what passes for lolita, but I just don’t find any of the people’s tastes here nice. I’m not experienced myself compared to mana and I don’t think since most spergs can’t handle criticism would agree but this is what I think. I think this with normie fashion too actually but lolita will always be “OTT” so it’s more annoying. At the same time this is good because it makes me feel better but I am getting older so no longer am I petty I just want you all to dress better.

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didn't you already post this to the last feels thread

either way get therapy

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No it's like saying a punk wearing women's punk clothing is a different fashion from a punk wearing men's clothing

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>start off with a shit post that could derail the entire general

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talking about shopping services, is that possible to have them buy stuff from physical closetchild stores? has anyone had such an experience?

picture is somewhat related

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You totally can.
Takoyaki co used to offer a service where they'd keep tabs on your dd, and buy it for you when it becomes available, small monthly fee on it but I thought that was a pretty slick idea.

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It might not be the same anon
I've been visiting /tv/ lately and the new thing is to copy paste other peoples posts and put them in random threads

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Gretchen, stop trying to make this copypasta a thing. it's not going to happen.

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>Tryhard newfag
God I hate summer

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Question time: what is your favorite piece in your wardrobe?

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Stop projecting

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Muuh often posts when she's going to go to closetchild.

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>implying i'm the one who made that ancient meme in the first place
you should see a doctor about your salt levels

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I know you didn't make it, why are you being so defensive friendo?

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Good question but a hard one for me to decide because my favorite piece to look at is not my favorite piece to wear.

But now I want to stage my bedroom like this to take a trolling photo. I'm pretty sure I have enough lolita to do it too, this is a medium sized wardrobe I'm guessing by lolita standards. #lolitanest should be a thing.

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That's Misako Aoki's wardrobe

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>medium sized wardrobe I'm guessing by lolita standards.
Most lolitas don't wear lolita every day, so a "normal" lolita wardrobe is smaller than a normie wardrobe. We also sell a lot, so even though I technically owned more than 100 main-pieces, I don't have more than 20 at a time.

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I have seen photos of her clothing racks, she has way more than just this.
I see wardrobe posts and they look big? So what is a small, medium and large lolita wardrobe in terms of main pieces then? And if we wear skirts and jsk, how many blouses and then what about shoes? I seem to sometimes see a lot of shoes in wardrobe posts? Or do only people with larger wardrobes do wardrobe posts? I'm guessing 20-30 main pieces would be a medium sized wardrobe.

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entirely subjective but let's all argue about it anyway

small is up to 15 main pieces, medium probably 15-50, large 50+. highly ambiguous but based on the wardrobes i've seen

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Hmm, I'd say
Tyler = big
Lor = medium
Less than lor is small, bigger than tyler is huge

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And this

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Most closet child tweets are gone within hours, so it's almost not worth it. I've sent a friend to check a few times now and like I think I've gotten the things I wanted like 20% of the time.

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I don't know from big or small but my goal is 30 main pieces, and each can be worn at least 2 ways. I want to wear lolita a lot more, maybe not daily but at least 1/2 the time. Not sure if that qualifies as ’lifestyle’ either but that's a whole other good argument topic to discuss.

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She is literally in that picture and that was her wardrobe at the time

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Consumer capitalism has grown since then

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I disagree, lor has like 7 dresses. She sells her stuff off often

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Really?? I always thought she had around twenty. My mistake.

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Thanks Baby, I hate it

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Big yikes. This looks like a handmade disaster you'd find on the ita thread.

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i wouldn't buy it cuz i don't go to events or anything but i fucking love it. esp in pink

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Qi is my weakass spot but god that looks unflattering, even on the skinny models. I like >>10220372 better, but too much organza for my taste. I liked AP's Shanghai Doll take a lot more.

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What is this horrendous quality? Are you downloading these from fb or what

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I'm not sure if this should go in BST thread or what but
I bought a skirt from a seller in Germany on LM at the end of May and it still hasn't arrived. (I'm in the US) I asked about tracking weeks ago but she hasn't read the message. I've heard the German postal system is bad, but it's been a month and a half. Can anons who have dealt with the German post chime in? Is this length of time normal or should I be filing a claim?

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No its from the photo book Happy Victims by Kyoichi Tsuzuki. The girl calls herself Pudding, at the time she was interviewed for the book she worked at Baby in Aoyama. All clothes in this photo are from Baby, while she probably owns items from other brands as well the concept of the photo book was to lay out all items from ones favourite brand only. Source: reprint of the photo and interview in Japan Fashion Now (2010), page 40.

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If it is Rose, file a PayPal claim, I had to do the same thing as she completely ghosted me.

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I got a skirt from germany (to WA) earlier this year and it came in~ 2.5 weeks

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Fucking Chinese taste is juuuust awful.

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German post is mostly bad for the germans receicving something, but not for parcels leaving the country. My packages reach my US buyers in about 2 weeks. You probably encountered a bad seller.

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New AP release is out and they didn’t do these hats. Pretty sad although I guess I wouldn’t manage to grab one anyways.

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If they shipped with Deutsche Post, it's possible. In some cases they tend to lose foreign packages and then turn them up months later. Their shipping is cheap but this year they forbid to ship products with the cheap method. But idk what the consequences are. If they shipped with the more expensive dhl, yeah that's weird.

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How can you possibly know how I dress if I do not post my coordinates here?

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It’s copy pasta anon. Be at peace.

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It’s impossible to ship items with Deutsche Post anymore, so it can only be DHL.

>> No.10220651

No it's not. You just have to visit a post office with lots of traffic where the workers don't give a fuck or are not updated about the change.

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They normally don't release every item in a series at once. They didn't announce that they were so I'm not sure why it's surprising.

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Double checked it and I was wrong, she's in Belgium. Pardon my American public school education, dunno why I thought she was in Germany. Either way thanks for the info. I'll message her again and see but I'm guessing bad seller.

>> No.10220729

Our flags are easy to confuse kek, it's fine burger-chan.

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She's currently pretty sick. I've also heard her town has shit service for basically everything. File the dispute and there should be no problem getting it back.

>> No.10220763

Do you know her personally? I'd really rather she just reply to one of my messages if she's got the tracking number. I try to keep filing a claim to a last resort.

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Nayrt but Rose is from Germany, not Belgium. She has ovarian and brain cancer. I bought from her too and she even asked me to take a refund because of it.

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I think Tyler’s wardrobe looks quite a bit larger than it actually is because she has everything spaced nicely. Not that it's medium but I don't think it's really among the biggest. I'm wondering how many main pieces she has, over 50?
The reason I think her closet is the best I've seen is because of the organization and because unlike many closets, I'm betting all of her things FIT.
I'm betting 90% of lolitas have at least one main piece, still in their closet, that doesn't fit. Many more have several. Guilty as charged, I have 3.

I think 50 is good for large. That is a good goal.
50 main pieces, all must fit and be in good repair.

Do people call, pre-pay, then pick up later in the day? Do they hold things for good customers or if a SS they know who shops frequently requests to hold?

>> No.10220791


Surprisingly the last few times I've had amazing luck with contacting my SS 12 hours after it was posted, and her getting it. It's probably pieces that no one wants - I guess more for me then.

>> No.10220793

>I'm betting 90% of lolitas have at least one main piece, still in their closet, that doesn't fit. Many more have several. Guilty as charged, I have 3.

I've never had that issue. My issue is getting to wear 12 OTT pieces I have out more. That's the hard part as I'm a lonelita.

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same here

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I sell everything that doesn't fit, maybe because I'm not rich. Having lolita clothes that don't fit in my closet just means that I have less space and money for things that do fit. I also think, after wearing it for a while, you should know which brands fit you well and only buy from those brands.

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Agreed. It sucks to have dresses that you love and never want to give up, but they just don't sit right on your body.

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She’s talked about how certain items don’t fit before and so she had to buy other items to compensate. She’s also said that some items she owns have waists that hit her right under her bust. So, no, not all her shit fits properly. Stop sucking her dick.

>> No.10220821

Very good advice but judging from a lot of fits I see, it's not advice that is taken nearly often enough. I'm really sick of seeing so many people squish into clothes. Not a good look, people. Plus it makes many of you really fucking cranky when you are that uncomfortable. Not pleasant at meets.
I think it would be really funny to get a ’fashion stylish reacts’ video, showing their take on some of the messy wigs, nightmare makeup and bad fits that we just accept as normal in lolita.

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>I want a bunch of normies to judge and publicly shame us
They already do anon. Now you want it televised for the average mouthbreathing retard?
Fuck you.

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I think she gets rid of them and keeps shit that fits. I'm not fawning over her but it does seem that she takes a more realistic approach to her closet than most lolitas. It's a nice closet, regardless of who owns it.

>> No.10220844


lmao you can stop projecting your fit issues on everyone else. Not everyone is as fat as you are.

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Except for the examples in >>10220819 were dresses she KEPT. Ones in her wardrobe videos. Stop WKing her. She’s not some perfect veteren who can do no wrong.

>> No.10220864 [DELETED] 

How exactly does she have a more “realistic approach” to her closet? She owns things that don’t fit properly, has very few bags compared to the amount of dresses, very few blouses compared to the dresses(the ones she does own don’t even suit a lot of her wardrobe), has things that don’t match anything else, etc? Her coords aren’t ever horrendous, but they’re always just middle of the road. I’ve never seen a coord of hers and really been impressed. She’s not a bad lolita, and her wardrobe is admittedly of a decent size main piece wise, but she’s not outstanding in anything. There are girls with about half her wardrobe I’m more impressed by because of how cohesive it is and how good their taste is.

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these ignorant summer hoes will assert anything, no matter how incorrect.

>> No.10220983

all that time we spent calling Wa ita turns out Qi was what we should have been worried about

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Tokyo In Tulsa JetJ fashion show

>> No.10221059


The dress on the left is a mistake.

Also, it will cost 120,000 yen.

>> No.10221061

Big yikes at everything but the shoes. Rip tyoketyoke

>> No.10221080

These are... fashion models?

Some of the tights look cute, I suppose

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Commenting on fit, and how it makes such a huge difference. Person on the left is maybe one reason WHY we get so much ridicule, because she looks ridiculous. Nothing fits.

>> No.10221085

How many are males? I'm a little confused.

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>How many are males?
Not enough.
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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To a normie these two look exactly the same, and equally dumb.

>> No.10221097

>only two cute girls

>> No.10221098

I don't think a personal stylist would treat it that way. But then I don't live in a complete backwater place where ’normies’ would make fun of alt fashion in the streets. They are conservative in my city but most people at least know enough to think ’oh, it must be some kind of niche fashion thing’. So I'm not paranoid and terrified that some normie is going to hate on my clothes.

>> No.10221100

I count 3. Not that it matters, they can all be any, several, or no gender, I'm just curious.

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>only two cute girls
Which ones?
These two?

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JetJ tea party photo, if you missed the thread >>10220965

>> No.10221297

Because midwest/flyover state, midsummer, Juliette et Justine sizing is less forgiving, designer cancelled her appearance, no other lolita programming worth attending for, con not that good as a destination con for lolitas, Tulsa not such a desirable city to visit otherwise.
Lots of reasons.

>> No.10221306

JetJ tea party? Sad that hardly any are actually wearing it.

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It's such a shame, JetJ models are always so pretty, yet somehow you can't find any girls (no matter what race) outside of Japan who look halfway decent...

>> No.10221371

JetJ has had several shows in various parts of the west that all looked great, look on YouTube. You just can't expect much of what wasn't even the best selection of American lolitas and the biggest fans of the brand itself because none of them came to Tokyo in Tulsa. TnT, TiT? Whatevs.

>> No.10221383

That's it? That's all the attendees? Very disappointing.

>> No.10221385

Seems like boys are the only ones who can fit jetj in the Midwest because all the ladies have cow tits.

>> No.10221386

Which on is the girl? Both look like dudes.

>> No.10221387

Is Polnart Poc good for the price? I know it's not specifically a lolita brand but they have some accessories that'd go with both my sweet and classic pieces.

>> No.10221391

Starting from the left, number 1, 3 and 6 are definitely men. Not sure for the middle one, could be a very young boy. Number 5 is a woman (albeit an ugly one), number 2 also seems so have tits. Number 7 has a typical troon face and look, but those skinny fat arms also scream girl to me. It's a mystery lol

>> No.10221401

Is there a reason that there are so many lolitas that aren't thin? People are literally squeezing themselves into stuff and maxing out the shirring like >>10221081 and I just can't wrap my head around it

>> No.10221402

Their items look nice in person, so from a (cuteness:value) equation I think it is worth it, however the metal they use is completely worthless so not a good value on that front, also would probably have very low resale value since not many lolitas know of them.

>> No.10221405

I also always wonder about that too. Not just obesity, but general attractiveness. The ratio of ugly lolitas is way higher than ugly normies.

>> No.10221406

Prolly because overweight girls are more likely to A) want to find a way to be pretty that doesn’t involve having a traditionally sexy body and B) are already used to not fitting in
Plus thin girls are a lot more satisfied with status quote fashion because they look good in every style

>> No.10221407

*Status quo

Stupid phone

>> No.10221465

Thin girls also experience body issues, think they're too fat and have just as much reason not to dress "sexy". The reason you see a lot of fat lolitas is that a lot of Americans are fat.

>> No.10221523

Would make sense, if not for the fact that your average japanese lolita is also fatter than the average japanese normie.
Lolitas in general simply are more likely to be fat and/or ugly.

>> No.10221525

I clocked 1,3 and 6, confirmed by several friends. 7 a a known female who, is not pretty but photographs really badlyn9% f the time. I'm still unsure on 2 and 4. 2’s makeup looks a little like drag makeup and 4 just seems more cute femme guy than genetic female.
But that would mean 5/7 people pictured are male and that can't be...can it?

>> No.10221535

In a country like the US where more than half of the population is overweight, you are going to see quite a lot of overweight women in any type of fashion.

>> No.10221541

JetJ has acknowledged even before Chinese lolita ia popularity boom that 40% of their market base is Western. Evidently these are not largely (pardon the pun) midwestern US lolitas.

>> No.10221695

I'm actually really surprised at how popular lolita is in the U.S.

>> No.10221772

You just have a skewed perception of what normal women look like. I see more fat normies at work and in my family than fat lolitas in my comm.

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New from Sheglit

>> No.10222260

What's the longest it's ever taken you to sell something?

>> No.10222266

Eight months and counting

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File: 288 KB, 1600x900, B28F008A-7D02-49C4-B8DD-B40D4BAE1B43.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any of you gulls going to this?

>> No.10222283

For my experience (and others) if you relist by one month and didn't sell it, you gotta drop the price drastically
then forget about selling it lmao

>> No.10222290

Discount it already. Btw ppl can tell it’s been relisted like 30 times

>> No.10222293


>> No.10222300

Another thing that isn't brought up, but the clothes are specifically designed for women with a small frame and small bust. While there's plenty of chubby Chinese and Japanese lolitas, once you travel outside of a fairly homogenous zone, you run into people of all various shapes and sizes, and we're not talking adding or subtracting fat levels or height, but whether someone has broad shoulders, wide hips and no bust to speak of, tits for miles and a flat butt.

On top of that, even brands that offer custom sizing aren't styling their items to suit someone with a measurement of say, 105, 80, 96, but they're just scaling up the same pattern to fit that measurement. So while technically, it will fit on their body, it may not be flattering and it will draw attention to areas that make them look larger than they are. Unless the person wearing it is aware of ways to work around this (layering, use of color, accessories etc), they're just going to look chubs in a dress where they may not be boobloafing, but their shoulders might look super-broad because they chose a blouse sleeve style that isn't right for them and they look just stumpy and fat when they could just look chubs but in something that is flattering and nice with the same main piece and different styling.

>> No.10222306

There was one AP skirt (in excellent condition) I began by listing for $80. After 5 relists I had it marked down to $25. It had over 100 watchers but no bidders. I donated it to Goodwill. Hope someone out there is enjoying it.

>> No.10222308

For items that don't sell online, I have better luck at swap meets.

>> No.10222319

I know like four girls in Seattle comm are going down. I went to the 9th anniversary last year and it was LIT. Open wine/beer bar.

>> No.10222324

omfg I love this.... it would never fit me, sad face.

>> No.10222335

It’s already discounted. I know it’s a fair price, it just needs someone to want it because it’s very specific colors. In my experience everything sells eventually so I’ll just leave it up. I had a JSK take 7 months once. Ya never know when someone’s gonna plan a coord that needs an exact motif or color

>> No.10222339

God, I wish people would pay more attention to what actually looks good on them in this fashion, instead of chasing prints, cuts and styles that absolutely look like crap half the time. Stuffed sausage 20-something with a red-tinged ham face in pink Dreamy Baby Room, big bonnet and all (of course the salopette cut because why NOT) its just not a good look. Maybe I need to make a new ’grinds my gears’ thread. This does it. I feel second hand embarrassment at meets in public sometimes. I'm gothic, people know what my shit is, but watch the face of a normie sometime as they try to parse a grown woman being UWU kawaii (sometimes loudly) in a baby dress. Sometimes amusing but definitely never pretty.

>> No.10222341

Thank you for saying this! I’m so sick of people just saying “lose weight” when it’s like, this was literally made someone with a differently shaped skeleton than that girl. And the whole just scaling up thing that brands like Haenuli do (or did rip) is lazy and unimaginative. And silly considering so much of the plus size market is western who do no benefit from that.

>> No.10222344

I’ve sold some items at swap meets, but my comm is cheap. Literally want to offer me 25 for an AP sweet print in excellent condition. I’d rather donate it to goodwill like some other anon said.

>> No.10222345

It’s their 10th anniversary. Tickets are like $200 and I heard last year at the 30th anniversary party in japan tickets were $150 and they got old school heart aprons. If they give out stuff like that it’s definitely worth it!

>> No.10222348

Same anon, but I forgot to say, people need to not wear that stuff that’s shaped wrong, not that people need to not say it doesn’t look good. I guess I mean I just wish there were more people giving solid advice like “no, that bodice is too short for your body” instead of “loose weight” cuz otherwise newbies will become entrenched itas that just are a comm embarrassment

>> No.10222350

What was the skirt if you don't mind me asking? $25 sounds like a great deal, it's too bad it didn't sell.

>> No.10222356

You should still be normal weight then more items will fit and some will fit better because of closer to normal proportions. It’s impossible to pattern cut for ‘generic larger person because fatties all gain their weight in different ways/places. Hence why mumus that fall freely from the shoulders are eventually a thing when you get too fat. There’s no hope of tailoring for all the various heinously elephantine protuberances that lurk beneath.

>> No.10222365
File: 171 KB, 200x200, 4638A79B-1BEB-43CF-A135-C26814063360.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I started watching an item to wait for a price drop only to see it had a comment on it from five years ago

>> No.10222367

True, but most fatties have large breasts, and keeping the same flat-ish front shape that skinny girls have doesn’t make sense either. But I guess I’m not taking about mega obese ham planets, I’m talking like the regular lolita “plus size” girls who are like a US size 10 that still have a semblance of a normal shape but often look terrible in brand

>> No.10222375

>In my experience everything sells eventually.
That's the spirit. Godspeed, anon!

This one may take the cake.

>> No.10222384

Yeah, I dunno what goodies you can expect from US, but I don't look at buying brand parties for the goodies. I'm there for the experience. (also which is why i'm super mad I can't go this year, already booked for that weekend)

>> No.10222435

(friendly reminder the JetJ ballerina dress on LaceMarket it's a replica)

>> No.10222436

Thanks anon!

>> No.10222442

Oof I'm sorry anon. Maybe there's some nearby comm's swap meets you could attend?

>> No.10222443

That’s different, Probably no OP or brand blouses will nicely fit over a size US 8 but JSK and some skirts will. At US 10 or even up to about a US 14, women are still able to dress for their body type and they still have at least some semblance of shape and can choose items and cuts that flatter them best and even still have some brand pieces altered to ease the fit. After that, the fat reigns supreme as Blubber Queen of Blob City though, even in a custom made dress. Examples: Dollbe and those enormous and ill-fitting sacks that Haenuli made in 5XL.

>> No.10222444

I am! It'll be my first brand event.

>> No.10222451

It also doesn't help that there's a plethora of bad advice floating out there.

Wear a sports bra! Go braless! This is how you end up with tits sitting at the waistband. Please wear a proper bra. Get a minimizer if you don't need a binder to fit decently into the dress. If you wear a binder, consider coording with a bolero or cardigan, it's not a good fit or look.

What cuts and styles work on one person is going to differ from another. What works for a lolita plus size 8-12 is probably not going to work for someone who is 28w. I think at that point, you're going to need more structure, boning and support in the bodices plus bodice design choices that aren't done in lolita. The simple solution is to put shirring in it and you end up with floating cow tits.

>> No.10222460

So, how many of you won the lottery for the Baby itabags? Curious about the percentage of people who got one

>> No.10222461

There’s been no evidence that going braless leads to saggy titties. In fact, the only study ever performed on it showed the opposite: women who wore them had saggier titties, presumably because the supporting ligaments were weakened.

>> No.10222463

Going braless normally has nothing to do with not having proper support in a lolita garment that is cut for a B cup at most. The fullest part of the bust is high up. If you've got DD's or F-cups there's no way going braless will help your tits sit at or near the proper area as designed. They're going to sit at the waistband. Tell me this looks good and I will burn every bra I own.

If you want to go braless in your normie fashion, please do so. But wear proper support in lolita or you're going to look like your tits are consuming the whole bodice.

>> No.10222464

I won. I put in my order about 10 minutes after they put up the Facebook post, guess I was lucky to see it because I certainly don’t sit on Facebook. I just got an email today saying it shipped out even though they said it would be August

>> No.10222465

The secret with a binder is still to swoop and scoop then redistribute above the higher waistline of those kinds of raised waisted cuts, not let the flesh just squash out and to the sides. And avoid actual empire cuts in lolita like the plague if you are over a size 10 with a band size over 32 and cup size over c, PERIOD. Finding a just waist cut with full back shirring (sometimes called half-shirring?) is often the best cut of all for a plus size, again meaning US size 10 and up wearing woven clothes . A minimizer bra will only work if there’s room above the waist for boobs to swell.
Another 2 big mistakes people make is 1. Reading the sizing, those are the garment measurements, your body measurements should be 2-4 cm smaller than those numbers at least. And 2. Assuming they are a smaller size than they actually are because when not in lolita, they usually wear cheap stretchy knit clothes in sizes S-M-L. Which have been vanity sized to begin with.

>> No.10222469

Goals, I wish I could let it all hang out like that. I probably have going on three fully stuffed racks now, and need a bigger apartment. I could stage a nest photo I guess, but I don't have rails near the ceiling to hang a bunch of stuff all around.
My lolita wardrobe takes up a rack in my room, all stuff I plan to wear during the coming weeks, and is also stored two rows deep in the build in closet, and then the off season items are stored in suitcases and big plastic drawers under the bed, with stuff inside that sucks up humidity, and I go through everything at least ever three months to see it's all still stored safely. I have ten long coats (3 spring, 1 trench, 5 winter, and 1 cape) which is excessive but I love and wear all of them.

>> No.10222471

Jeez. That's horrible, isn't she still young?

>> No.10222489

Question: are those shoes remotely comfortable?

She looks as if all her seams are going to blow.

Tyler doesn't look like a string ham.

pls don't let it become a troon brand.

No 4 in the back with the doll, actually a dude or just unfortunate? And numbers three and four from the right in the back should have been refused entry, they have no hope in hell of ever fitting into the clothes anyway.

>> No.10222492

Have to agree with this. Hams think they're cute because they have the proportions of toddlers but a grown, obese woman wearing sweet just sets of everyone's uncanny valley vibes.

>> No.10222494

This takes me back to the old shojo beat issues. They used to have one page of street snaps from Japan with j fash, and on the last page they had american girls trying to emulate j fash without having access to the clothes, and with their obese, humongous tits and their corsets and adding in some edgy sexy stuff that was completely out of place, they always looked a lot more like saloon prostitutes than lolitas.

>> No.10222499

Depends on the empire waist.

Empire waists are actually recommended for some body types:
- Apples, hiding the waist is ideal and your arms and legs are naturally thin.
- Rectangles - adds more shape, which is why it's a popular cut in lolita coming out of Japan and China.

Of course an apple that is quite pronounced (very overweight or obese) will look pregnant and it won't be flattering at all because of the bust. But if a cut that sits closer to your waist makes your waist look wide, hiding it and going a bit higher may be an option, especially in something flowy and a-line and your limbs are just small and thin. You're going to see that.

On the other hand, if you carry a bit of chub in your limbs and you depend on a slender waist to look thin, an empire is the worst choice. The pear shape is the most common body shape. It wouldn't work on a pear, unless she was pretty thin.

>> No.10222500

I’d love to see a huge nest photo with a wardrobe like this. Are you sure you don’t wanna pull it all out and do konmari or something? Marie Kondo advises photographing it all in a huge pile. Just putting the idea out there for you (or really anyone who wants to. Nest Challenge tag? A fun change or addition to wardrobe tag, maybe. We need more lolita tags anyway.

>> No.10222501 [DELETED] 
File: 318 KB, 1920x640, BTSSB 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTSSB - The Night of Ghost Forest
>Emerald Green

Price: 35,424 yen (with tax)
Length: 106 cm ( 41.73 inch )
Bust: 90 ~ 99 cm ( 35.43 ~ 38.98 inch )
Waist: 74 ~ 84 cm ( 29.13 ~ 33.07 inch )

Materials: Polyester 100%
Item#: P15OJ211
Price: 32,184 yen (with tax)
Length: 96 cm ( 37.80 inch )
Bust: 80 ~ 98 cm ( 31.50 ~ 38.58 inch )
Waist: 70 ~ 98 cm ( 27.56 ~ 38.58 inch )

Materials: Polyester 100%
Item#: P15OJ212
Price: 23,544 yen (with tax)
Length: 70 cm ( 27.56 inch )
Waist: 61 ~ 69 cm ( 24.02 ~ 27.17 inch )

Materials: Polyester 100%
Item#: P15SK507
Witch Gauze Blouse
Price: 19,224 yen (with tax)
Shoulder: 34 cm ( 13.39 inch )
Bust: 91 cm ( 35.83 inch )
Waist: 74 cm ( 29.13 inch )
Sleeve length: 56 ~ 86 cm ( 22.05 ~ 33.86 inch )

Materials: Cotton 100%
Item#: P15BL420
Reservation date: Friday, July 19th 12:00 JST to Monday, 22th 12:00 JST

>> No.10222502
File: 318 KB, 1920x640, AATP 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AATP - The Night of Ghost Forest
>Emerald Green

Price: 35,424 yen (with tax)
Length: 106 cm ( 41.73 inch )
Bust: 90 ~ 99 cm ( 35.43 ~ 38.98 inch )
Waist: 74 ~ 84 cm ( 29.13 ~ 33.07 inch )

Materials: Polyester 100%
Item#: P15OJ211
Price: 32,184 yen (with tax)
Length: 96 cm ( 37.80 inch )
Bust: 80 ~ 98 cm ( 31.50 ~ 38.58 inch )
Waist: 70 ~ 98 cm ( 27.56 ~ 38.58 inch )

Materials: Polyester 100%
Item#: P15OJ212
Price: 23,544 yen (with tax)
Length: 70 cm ( 27.56 inch )
Waist: 61 ~ 69 cm ( 24.02 ~ 27.17 inch )

Materials: Polyester 100%
Item#: P15SK507
Witch Gauze Blouse
Price: 19,224 yen (with tax)
Shoulder: 34 cm ( 13.39 inch )
Bust: 91 cm ( 35.83 inch )
Waist: 74 cm ( 29.13 inch )
Sleeve length: 56 ~ 86 cm ( 22.05 ~ 33.86 inch )

Materials: Cotton 100%
Item#: P15BL420
Reservation date: Friday, July 19th 12:00 JST to Monday, 22th 12:00 JST

>> No.10222505
File: 272 KB, 1920x640, AATP 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AATP - The Night of Ghost Forest
>Emerald Green

Price: 12,744 yen (with tax)

Item#: P15OH905
Head Bow
Price: 7,020 yen (with tax)

Item#: P15OH904
Rose Corsage Choker
Price: 5,940 yen (with tax)

Item#: P15OT035
Shoulder Ribbon pin
Price: 6,804 yen (with tax)

Item#: P15OT032
Reservation date: Friday, July 19th 12:00 JST to Monday, 22th 12:00 JST

>> No.10222506
File: 537 KB, 2400x640, AATP 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Night of Ghost Forest print

>> No.10222507

Vampire Nocturne : Spooky bat edition

>> No.10222509

That advice for empire waists is ok for normie clothes because their empire waist falls straight down, in lolita ours doesn’t. It’s ok for slimmer girls in lolita as well to disguise apple or rectangle but it’s rareky ok for boobs of any size regardless of weight because there’s just no bust room.
Since we usually use a petticoat to widen everything from below the waist to knee very big, I still stand by just waist or only slightly elevated waist making the torso look best (including waist looking smaller) for anyone over size 8 or so to look their best. Tall slim girls with small bust can sometimes wear empire well with an underskirt, I’ve seen this work and avoid the long torso problems of raised waist jsk too.

>> No.10222510

I like the colors available, the blouse, and the fact that they did two JSK cuts. I even like the print but with this watercolors of s print I think it should have been on a more solid fabric. With the polyester it looks washed out.

>> No.10222513
File: 570 KB, 480x645, she's coming for you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10222515

That skirt better have some sturdy boning. Also jsk 1, hello binder because there will be no place for boobs to look good puffing out the front no matter how high or low they sit. RIP bust.

>> No.10222520

I also think it can be okay in a-line cuts without a lot of volume, for example, Cosmic by AP or anything with a very similar cut. There's just a light flare and a bit of petticoat, but you're not adding too much additional mass.

I found I looked pretty bad in cupcake empire waists, but a-line and even some trapeze cuts looked pretty great. I was also about a size 8-10 and at a healthy weight for my height at that time. I gained a bunch and those cuts don't work at all alone now. But I will coordinate them with cardigans or longer boleros or anything to add visual length and it's acceptable, I suppose. The just waist cut does look best on me now because this is the body I have until the weight comes off.. At that time though, just waist made me look about 15-20lbs heavier depending on the dress, where it's the opposite now.

Honestly, I think it's up to everyone to look at advice, but not be afraid to try something. Also what works on one person won't work for another, even at a similar size and general shape. Sometimes it takes seeing photos to get a feel of whether or not it suits you. But then again, not everyone (I'd say most people don't) have that eye and honesty with themselves or thick enough skin to take harsh concrit into consideration. Which is another reason why so many people don't wear things well.

>> No.10222528

I think developing the eye for it might happen more easily for more people if we discussed these fitting and proportions topics using examples in the ita and the cof threads here as anonymous posters.

>> No.10222555

Same with me! I actually bought mine quite late so I imagine a lot of people got theirs.

>> No.10222566

anyone have scans of this?

>> No.10222580

You hit the nail on the head here. Cupcake empire and high waists are awful on fatter/bustier people. A line empire though works really well.

>> No.10222584

3 weeks and that was on livejournal

>> No.10222586

It was bought by a sissy lol. You could have donated it to a raffle or joined one of the gift exchanges

>> No.10222589

I'm not sure what you mean by ’cupcake empire’, as a dress shape. Could you give an example please?

>> No.10222590

I think sometimes it has the wrong date. One time when I commented on something it said my comment was 1 year ago. The reply of the seller the next day was also written as 1 year ago.

>> No.10222595

It had a 66cm waist. Do you know any sissies that size? I don't.

>> No.10222596

Pretty much any new sweet release. If the waistline has pleats/gathers in it, that’s what we’re talking about

>> No.10222605

The size is likely why it did not sell? Lolitas have gotten fatter.

>> No.10222635

Yeah that's pretty much what I'd figured. I hope some happy-go-lucky kid has it now and is getting a lot of wear out of it. And maybe in 10 or 20 years she'll pull it out of a box in her parents' attic and search for info on the brand online and laugh

>> No.10222650

Western food, especially American food is garbage filled with hormones and pesticides. I'm sure this is a side effect.

>> No.10222653

It's all hideous and disappointing

>> No.10222654

This looks pretty bad on the model, which doesn't bode well for the rest of us. Let's hope they're saving the good stuff for Halloween season.

>> No.10222656
File: 76 KB, 484x645, blouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have watching this blouse for like over half a year. It keeps getting relisted, and the seller doesn't reply to any comments or read pms inquiring about shipping.

>> No.10222671

i honestly don't think that's true, i think we just notice unattractive people more in lolita because
a) looking good is a pretty important part of the fashion so people stick out when they don't,
b) most lolitas actively seek out lolita content instead of normie fashion content, and
c) a lot of normies are just so, well, normie that you just don't notice them at all

>> No.10222690

>Holy inflammatory language batman

But in all honesty, good for you. To me it just sounds like your idea of the fashion or 'taste' doesn't mesh with what's popular in lolita at the moment, and to a lot of the people you're criticising, you may not come off as aesthetically pleasing or 'lolita' yourself.

If we all followed what was popular we'd end up no better than ap cookie cutter sweet lolitas or tumblrinas dressing up 'cause everyone else is. Lolita, as many other alt fashions are, is a way to break the mold and wear what makes you happy, and imo all these people screeching 'It's just clothes' are missing the point, and devaluing what lolita means to a lot of people, be it self expression, escapism, or just exploring other aspects of their personality.
Wear it for yourself and only yourself, if you don't like how others wear it that's your problem and vice versa.

>> No.10222702

issa pasta you dummy

>> No.10222705

I realise now, been outta the loop... Nothing to see here.

>> No.10222722

that jsk with the ruching is beeeeautiful

>> No.10222725

i did! it's going to be my first brand item as a newbie

>> No.10222739

I think Halloween prints are going to be a bust this year. AP isn’t releasing anything except another cross print, and this is not great. Hopefully Baby will put out a cute one

>> No.10222761

A sissy bought it and altered it

>> No.10222769

I think it's also because a lot of people wear Lolita and think they can do their makeup the exact same as Misako or OTT kawaii stuff and have it suit them when that's rarely the case. There's a focus on making makeup and clothes suit your face shape and body type in normie clothing but some people just seem to ignore that in Lolita for some reason

>> No.10222771

I really like it too but unfortunately I can only think of maybe 3 western girls it will actually look good on. Shorter girls with any boobage will look like squatty little hobgoblins in this cut.

>> No.10222772

I think it's because of lack of general makeup skills to begin with. I wish a western lolita YouTuber would deconstruct the Asian lolita makeup tutorials and adapt them for western features. I already have big round eyes, if I do dolly eye Asian makeup, the effect is terrifying. But I can use the same colors and sparkle with different technique and differently shaped lashes and it has a very good effect. Ditto for contouring, most western women don't have a flatter asian nose and we usually need a slightly different blush placement due to a different face shape as well.

>> No.10222773
File: 173 KB, 1280x720, crimsonwood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh man, I'm having Maplestory flashbacks. I need that blouse, tho.

>> No.10222785

I was thinking of doing this. I want to start making youtube videos for lolita that are more informative, rather than just kawaii fluff about ~confidence in lolita~ Adapting lolita makeup tutorials for western faces is one thing on my list. I personally have issues because I wear glasses, I have hooded and deep-set eyes, so anything I do in the eye area immediately becomes lost in photos. So I've learned to amp it up in a way that still looks cute but not overdone.

I find a lot of people go very light, so light and minimal, following Asian tutorials that the color gets completely lost in photos. Others go the entire opposite, completely into the realm of American Instagram makeup, or worse, drag, and it can look really garish. I'd probably also touch on techniques for aging skin because a lot of makeup tutorials just aren't going to work when those tiny fine lines are starting to show up and you need to pick your products and application routines differently.

>> No.10222788
File: 94 KB, 500x638, alcoholic cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want that blouse too but that 91 cm bust...

>> No.10222796
File: 20 KB, 419x427, 1519951479261.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oof. I'm not gonna squeeze into that.

>> No.10222805

Unlikely, but if they did I hope they are really ....enjoying.... it.

>> No.10222823
File: 51 KB, 839x389, empire-cupcake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Typically, it's more of an issue with cotton releases, but also with some chiffon. I find chiffon in general has less of this problem in general because it drapes rather than has the same puffy/fullness of cotton. But bodice detailing can help. If it's princess seams alone you're drawing a clear visual line between boobs and skirt. But if there's something to draw the eye down further, like a scooped or heart neckline, bow detailing, at the top or waist, V-panels, pintucks, lace, buttons, etc that can work too. I find bib detail or just princess seams alone just look bad, especially if there's high contrast in the princess seam and the fabric.

>> No.10222847

damn it. that jsk II is beautiful. If only i didnt spend the money on honey cake and a con. Though all the headpieces are not to my taste

>> No.10222883

PLEASE my makeup is severely lacking

>> No.10222965

Cute makeup tutorials for hooded eyes would be a godsend.

>> No.10222969

I'm a brown girl so almost no makeup tutorials suit me anyway since I have to us completely different products for blushes, eyeshadows, etc. I usually just do makeup the way I know how, which is usually more glam and less "kawaii". Kill me.

>> No.10222987

Watch wayne goss tecniques for hooded eyes
There are brown girls doing tutorials out there tf

>> No.10223033

Ah, ok, high waisted but not empire. I avoid those because tall-ish so I didn't think about the implications at all. But that's a good example of dressing for my particular body, I don't like these to be short but I don't like underskirts with these cuts either and shoulders usually wide for the OP like on the right. So I did not give them much attention, I wouldn't we're them no matter how much I loved the print. Maybe my vanity work in my favor sometimes.

>> No.10223034

Choices I guess. I'd rather have jsk 1 than honey cake any day.

>> No.10223043


This shit needs to stop. Most of the references point to a pretty lame Tumblr. Updated earlier this year? Nah. Who is writing this crap?

>> No.10223138

Does Antique Beast ever restock items when she reopens? I've been waiting on the Layla headdress to be restocked but it's been sold out for the past couple of times she's been open.

>> No.10223165
File: 30 KB, 896x356, desukawaii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Q&A section is pretty fun

>> No.10223169
File: 1.99 MB, 500x280, E61C98B7-B334-41E1-9324-C859E030EF52.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10223220

For lolita make-up?

>> No.10223226


Man, when I was younger (and heavier) I never really thought about how passive aggressive answering like this could be. I mean, I was 5 ft 3 with a long torso and maybe ~170+pounds, that's technically obese, most of my stuff was homemade and custom off taobao/indies. If I could find clothes that work for my officially obese chonk self then surely someone just "a bit" taller and heavier should be able to find ways to make it work, surely it can't be that much harder for them than it was for myself, right?

Now that I've realise exactly how big these people really are compared to me, and also realised that apparently being able to sew a wearable apparel is apparently a lost skill in this day and age, I'd have totally gone with telling them how difficult it will be to find things that fit them. Rather than a cheery "if you can find it", because now I know they won't be able to find it that easily.

Ironically I lost my chonkers weight and basically don't really check measurements anymore. If it's shirred I can probably fit into it.

>> No.10223228

God that anime is a pile of shit

>> No.10223231
File: 212 KB, 749x1245, 1031BC20-EFB3-4599-9321-6824C843ED26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alongside with Fancy Candy and Jewelry Aquarium, AP pulls out Silky Lady series. What do you think, gulls?

>> No.10223237

Can they make something that doesn't look like a shiny pile of shit for once

>> No.10223238

silky lady is a rerelease
personally i like the light sheen, i own the lavender jsk myself and it’s really soft and nice for a slightly mature look.

>> No.10223243

AP releases cross prints all the time, it could be for any season. They're definitely going to release at least one firmly Halloween series (there were two last year)

>> No.10223244

I used to really like Wednesday Addams’ dress, but I have some more priority pieces atm so I guess I’ll skip on this one.

>> No.10223246
File: 51 KB, 570x760, BBA68561-A5BC-46DD-9221-513A2901BAAC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look what I found. This could be a next OP for Feels thread.

>> No.10223253

Lor has 20-ish dresses.

>> No.10223256

Send her an email about it?

>> No.10223284
File: 750 KB, 1296x777, im coming in the rain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm a brown girl

>> No.10223286

2 years

>> No.10223383

Literally nothing new this week. I guess that's fine. They need to tone it down with the new releases every week. It's not fast fashion AP, please stop.

>> No.10223403

>don't really check measurements anymore
What about shoulder width

>> No.10223404

What does this have to do with Wednesday?

>> No.10223405

This is cute

>> No.10223417
File: 116 KB, 900x1200, 5FD6443D-C484-41CB-9ECB-D8DD0DCD3E1C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Black OP reminds me of her.

>> No.10223429


Oddly enough doesn't seem to matter. Not sure if it's because I stick to shirred stuff or if puffed sleeves help to hide any fit problems or if it's because my shoulder width is 34.5cm, which is in between sizes anyway.

>> No.10223431

You're cute

>> No.10223451

Just saw Kera’s tweet. Seems like the last chapter of 着たい服がある was released. The ending is very wholesome, but I kinda hoped this series would be around longer.

>> No.10223500

Did the main character and her friend get together in the end? It kind of looks like it!

>> No.10223518
File: 691 KB, 1536x1536, 605265E8-3D25-4F14-B276-3863873E65B6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

people in Lolita Updates are losing their MINDS over this dress hahahaha

>> No.10223533
File: 1.36 MB, 1000x1552, O1CN01nZToMx1ZuNKj4MEY2_!!111133254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The fabric looks so very bad...... Has anyone posted this one to LU yet?

>> No.10223541

It really does, it’s even wrinkled in the press photo. Definitely not my cup of tea either, but there are people calling others sociopaths and animal abusers for being interested in this dress. It’s nuts

>> No.10223542


Eh 4/10 despite having a rabbit I like the idea, but would much prefer a less cartoony version

>> No.10223548

The cut and the fabric (which needs to be ironed in a stock picture of all things) looks horrible. It's a shame because it's a nice print, i can see the hype.

>> No.10223556
File: 1.90 MB, 500x249, 1552478944336.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>another general bites the dust
gulls need to stop taking bait.

>> No.10223561

I might need this just because reasons.

>> No.10223570

I cannot fathom why anyone wants this piscw of hot garbage. The art quality and typeface looks like some 15 year old's Deviantart manifesto back in 2008. The bodice on it looks like trashy shit. The colours are horrendous too.

>> No.10223572

the line breaks scream "we pasted this text into photoshop and made no adjustments" and the pencil shaded paint bucket filled art looks like it came from a 2004 deviant art account. I'm so confused why anyone thinks this looks good

>> No.10223575

Because it’s a bait dress. We’ve had pizza dress, Doge dress with the fucking polka dots. Why NOT this?

>> No.10223582

Don’t you make fun of my doge dress

>> No.10223583

This dress is for 13 year olds who want to share their edginess to the world, Wear it and people will know to avoid you

>> No.10223584

The doge dress looked really cheap and tacky too.

>> No.10223586

Of course it is. But it makes me chuckle every time I see it in my closet and everyone always laughs and is in a better mood when I wear it. It’s fun.

>> No.10223599

I like the idea behind this, but wow the print itself is just horrendous. Would be cool with a kinda old timey medical illustration feel though.

>> No.10223610

Oooh, nice and short. I'm hoping it will get a movie or TV drama version

>> No.10223614
File: 1.49 MB, 300x300, 1414316613990.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone in the drawfag thread could design a better dress, wtf is wrong with LU?

>> No.10223636

doge dress was far more aesthetically pleasing than this garbage (despite also looking cheap), and pizza dress looked fine

>> No.10223733
File: 90 KB, 595x842, IMG_20190717_223802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's your bear hoodie for honey cake.
>when it's supposed to be lion ears

>> No.10223734

I'd murder for the pizza dress, and for the pasta dress. I should have ordered them when I had the chance.

>> No.10223736


It's actually kinda sad, because the doge dress is literally copy pasted meme on a random polka dot background and then pumped out on cheap materials because someone out there simply wanted a meme dress just for laughs.

Someone actually put in effort to draw >>10223518 and write the text out. Then proceeded to cut corners everywhere, like fucking up the text by breaking up words, the colors are flat and the shading is barely there, all the color schemes kinda suck, and then the stock photo has a wrinkled dress, like are they just lazy or is the fabric really so bad that they can't even steam the wrinkles out or what.

They went to all that trouble and then shot it in the foot by not fully going all out on the final mile. What a waste.

>> No.10223740

For a lot of prints, there's one person who provides art assets and a graphic designer that actually creates the print layout and design. It looks like that had a fairly competent artist, but an incompetent graphic designer

>> No.10223753

>fairly competent artist

>> No.10223754

There are still some pizza dresses in stock, but only peach OPs https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=580374169359

>> No.10223757

As someone who likes Chinese brands in general, even I have to say this thing is hideous. Wtf is that bodice.

>> No.10223764

Twinkle Witch. It was my original DD and even though I mostly wear gothic and classic, I have the set in every color. I just love it so much.

I wouldn't wear this myself, but it's really cute on this model!

This looks like IW

>> No.10223765


I had the same reaction originally, I mean the pelvis bone is missing completely, two ears are apparently mounted together on the same side (like why), the paw pads are just a bunch of circles with no shape. The eyeballs actually look like jam on white chocolate, like it looks like they drew the iris as a seperate bump on top of the whites instead of it being inside the eyeball, and the fur looks downright flat.

But I think the art style is simply meant to be cartoony and rough. They just can't seem to leverage it quite right to make an actually nice print out of it and ended up with this mess that's not really cute, not really spooky, not accurate but they sacrificed that accuracy for something that's not even cute, actually -- not really appealing or hitting the mark anywhere.

>> No.10223801

This is why so many flat chested girls embrace the fashion as well. They're incapable of looking sexy normally since they have no feminine curves whatsoever, so this is one of the few ways they can look attractive, and where they can let out their jealousy by teasing actual sexy women with breasts for not fitting into unshirred dresses.

>> No.10223803


You need to improve on your larping skills.

>> No.10223805

I’m designing my first print and agonizing over things like perfect gradation of the drop shadowing, hand kerning the text (even though I drew and scanned the letters) and re-drawing drapery festoons day after day. I’m making this my screen background, JFC. The horror.

>> No.10223806

Sorry that you have the body of a prepubescent boy.

>> No.10223809



>> No.10223828

I like your way of thinking, although I don’t feel like buying anything Disney atm. Just too much drama around them.

>> No.10223885

Lexi, is that you??

>> No.10223922
File: 20 KB, 360x360, D_p99-UXUAA1Aav.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10223958

Its true tho. Not having curves or boobs makes women look like 10 year old boys.

>> No.10223960

Well, who's buying one?

>> No.10223962

I'm a carnivore, eat rabbits in prune stew, think vegans are idiots, and wouldn't wear that dress if you paid me. It's tacky and cheap halloween shit.

>> No.10223963

That will do, pig.

>> No.10223966

Lucky pack foughter. If they are going to release novelty items, things like a t-shirt, tote bag, picture frame, something somewhat useful and cute would be nice.

>> No.10223971


Did you have a stroke? It’s fodder.

>> No.10224008
File: 59 KB, 484x483, 1556050698836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What substyle? Rosenocturnalia made a couple tutorials gosurori style.
Looks like winnie the pooh skin
What drama??
Want a medal?

>> No.10224009

I can’t read moonrunes and I’m a big dumb idiot, is there a google doc with Japanese lolita phrases that I can use to help me search the Japanese secondhand sites? Like how there’s Petrovna’s taobao dictionary with Chinese words/phrases.

>> No.10224070

New black mermaid, reboots nobody asked for, stuff like this.

>> No.10224098

How is it related to animals?

>> No.10224101

did you look at the print?

>> No.10224175

alternative idols wearing Sheglit


>> No.10224227

Sheglit needs more love

>> No.10224297
File: 24 KB, 662x424, woohoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone was entertaining themselves with the closed captioning on that one

>> No.10224424



- also now that google translate exists you can just pop words in there for a direct translation

>> No.10224432

Idk if is more cringe that statue or the triggered butthurt ita who's trying to defend this on LU

>> No.10224479

You are so obviously some guy that jerks it to anachans

>> No.10224497
File: 324 KB, 533x800, _MG_4144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sad I missed out on VM's lesbian shirt. Are there any other plaid lolita shirts? I want a couple to wear with my black JSKs

>> No.10224500


>> No.10224517

Lolibrary has some listed https://lolibrary.org/search?categories[]=blouse&tags[]=plaids&page=1

Maybe VM will release the extras once the shirts are shipped out? Don't lose hope yet!

>> No.10224528 [DELETED] 
File: 52 KB, 231x315, 449B14DB-B6BA-4BAF-B8D9-48288C49079B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol no. But I am

>> No.10224530
File: 1.29 MB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20190718-190345~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Might be late but did anyone else see this?

>> No.10224531
File: 52 KB, 231x315, 675AB674-3332-4D71-95F6-CC717FA69675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol no, but here I am

>> No.10224537

see >>10218912
thanks for the screencap though

>> No.10224640

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but is there a single print out there with red pandas on it? I've worn gothic for so long that I want to branch out, and I'd kill for a really cute red panda coord.

>> No.10224642

Red pandas don't suit lolita fashion

>> No.10224643

Nayrt but :(

>> No.10224646

There's prints with pandas, rabbits, wolves and cats. Furs are used for accessorizing and animal print is uncommon, but does exist. Why are red pandas not appropriate?

>> No.10224651

Even if this is true, I'd rather look like a 10 year old boy than a bloated whale. At least prepubescent boys are human.

>> No.10224658


Keep telling yourself that as you waddle through, wheezing in your barely fitting jsk. I'll never feel this and I feel sorry for you guys.

>> No.10224678
File: 198 KB, 900x600, redpandas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've seen at least 3 prints with red pandas from taobao brands, I'm sure there will be more

>> No.10224679

I don't. You're just making shit up to fit your side of the argument because you don't like that I disagree with you.

>> No.10224680

>rabbits, wolves and cats
Not lolita

>> No.10224682

Typical transfolk on cgl honestly. You're not shocking in anyway.

>> No.10224686

PSA I washed the green mushroom jsk from lotv and it bleeds like crazy. Just letting anyone else know who might own it

>> No.10224687

Don't run out of breath now.

>> No.10224688

What are they feeding the 10 year old boys where you live? Estrogen tablets?

>> No.10224689


Glad we agree on the rest of it though. I never had to squeeze my fatass into a dress, so forgive me for not knowing what it's like.

>> No.10224706

Could you please explain your reasoning? If there's no lolita material with red pandas, I understand, it's not as popular as cats or rabbits. But to say that specific animal is not lolita seems arbitrary.

>> No.10224711

Lolita has a certain aesthetic, you know there's a difference between a macaron print and a pizza print. Same with animals and everything else you can make prints of.

>> No.10224712

Thanks for the update amidst al the thread derailing!

>> No.10224715

By the way she sorted the animals I’d guess it’s western/European fairy tale animals vs Asian animals (and prolly African animals would be “not lolita” to her too)

>> No.10224716

makes sense since the dresses are heavily inspired by Western fashions. I imagine if you dress wa- or qi- then those other animals can work

>> No.10224730

Why would certain animals not suit the fashion? Just tweak the illustration style to match a particular aesthetic.

Nice, vintagey illustrations would look nice on a classic dress, and that's pretty much for any animal. On the flipside do a plush/toy version of any animal for sweet.

>> No.10224732

You sound like a redditor who only wears taobao

>> No.10224741

You sound like you lack imagination

>> No.10224752
File: 67 KB, 640x960, redpanda.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mystery Kingdom on Taobao has this one.

>> No.10224754

As expected, ugly taobao.

I like giraffes and I can imagine cute art of them, but that doesn't mean they generally suit lolita. It's not just about the silhouette, it's the whole picture. Maybe it can be done, brands come out with weird things sometimes, but usually those releases are unpopular.

>> No.10224775
File: 557 KB, 1000x1000, O1CN013rKwGN1KWMGxwTKru_!!56271171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ugh fine I'll try harder. Here's one from Little Dipper

>> No.10224777
File: 1.65 MB, 1400x2100, O1CN01Gliqq11lBHhnjqiGI_!!2026104780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one is from BooBoo

>> No.10224780
File: 145 KB, 600x800, TB284qXjFXXXXXmXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!1801572766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And some red panda socks/tights from Monogirl

>> No.10224781

Thank you very much, I seriously appreciate it.

>> No.10224784 [DELETED] 

Nobody asked, please stop

>> No.10224785

Try harder to show us faded cartoon prints?

>> No.10224786

But... somebody did ask.

>> No.10224788

Until AP cowboys up and branches out zoologically, that is what you get. At least Meta did foxes and squirrels.

>> No.10224792

Racist lol

>> No.10224793

You sound like you lack any sense of taste and aesthetic

>> No.10224795

foxes and squirrels are still suited to european fairytales

>> No.10224803

I didn't create lolita like that

>> No.10224805

Lolita exists because some Japanese women romanticised old Europe and wanted to wear very girly clothing. There are animals that go with that better than others.

>> No.10224806

New >>10224802

>> No.10224812

If it were all about European fairytales, there would be a lot more frogs, monkeys, geese, pigs, and goats.

>> No.10224815

Are you really dumb or just unfamiliar with lolita fashion? Why do people have to explain to you what it looks like and why it looks like that?

>> No.10224841

I honestly hope BTSSB hops on a dumb trend wagon and makes a red panda print to make you autists ree.

>> No.10224913

I take it you haven't read many European fairytales if you don't understand my point. I recommend Andrew Lang's books.

>> No.10225093

It wasn't only about fairy tales though, and early lolita hardly had the sort of prints we have today. The fashion can grow and change, and doesn't have to be limited in themes just because you personally decided fit in. You can draw up a print with an animal that has the correct aethetic, even if the animal isn't from Europe, or from fair tales specifically.

You probably couldn't coord anything that wasn't a full set, couldya?

>> No.10225104

I recommend looking up any book or magazine about lolita.

We already said it can be done, just that it isn't as suitable for lolita as other things.

>> No.10226247

btssb says otherwise