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Interested in knowing how many (if any) of /cgl/ collects jfash magazines (including mooks/seasonal lookbooks), or magazine appendixes.

Interesting reads:
> https://web-japan.org/trends/11_fashion/fas170525.html
> https://hypebeast.com/2015/4/a-hypebeast-guide-to-japanese-fashion-magazines

Rakuten's magazine section
> https://books.rakuten.co.jp/event/magazine/woman/appendix/
Magazines can also be bought in person through Kinokuniya
> http://www.kinokuniya.com/us/index.php/fct001?param=JP

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Some discussion questions

> Do you collect jfash magazines?
> Which ones do you like/follow? How do you follow them (buying, social media, etc.)
> What do you look for in magazines? Style, makeup, hair, interviews, etc?
> Do you prefer periodic magazines or brand look books?
> Do you care if magazines come with an appendix/freebie item? Are you willing to pay more for them, or buy the item separately?
> Does it bother you if people sell the magazine and freebie items separately?
> With the closure of many big old jfash magazines and then relaunching on the internet, how do you think the magazine industry will move in the future?
> What would your dream magazine feature?

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I have some GLB, some Kera, a few Ageha and Larme and I've bought 4 mooks with lolita brand items. I think a couple of the Ageha or Kera had little bonus items too. One Lolita Bible had a hardcover IW date book that I really liked.
I miss GLB, and I really liked lolita designer interviews and lolita street snaps. Also the travel features with snaps, and the occasional on-location photo shoots.

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fat reminder that the first 50 issues of fruits are available for free viewing and download in high quality at archive.org

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I know somebody who has 60 issues of Kera. I’d like to flick through them all one day.

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God fruits makes me so sad now, I really wish the good old magazines would stop closing

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> I miss GLB, and I really liked lolita designer interviews and lolita street snaps
Same, I feel like lolita culture is just typical instagram normie culture now- dressing for internet points. I miss the blogs and interviews and magazines of the past. I wish the old GLB comic strips were also translated

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RiP Ageha
I liked some of the makeup and hairstyles, especially the few special kimono issues.

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Did all 3 of their complete collections already sell? I really wanted to buy one but they said they want to sell it to libraries..

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I have 64 issues. Except for old Kerouacs, they really aren't hard to find.

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Girlism magazine has much of this stuff, including little gifts from brands. Lolita culture may be pretty luckluster in Japan/the west these days but it's going strong in China.

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I love the old GLB strips. There's something really magical about them.

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Can westerners buy Girlism?

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