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Enamel Pins Edition

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Buyf/a/g Guide

Discord Link
>https://pastebin.com/raw/uyMYVnPe (embed)

Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.

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Has anyone attempted to fit smaller plushes (along the lines of nitotans that aren't too bulky) into the non-heart window of one of these Sambag double sided bags, specifically the smaller messenger one? Would it even be viable?

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I think a flat plush like a nitotan could work. They fit in similar bags that I've put them in, but I can't say that I've tried it with that particular model.

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I love Diabolik lover's merch, it's all so pretty.

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Does anyone have a badge maker and make custom ones for your fandom at all? I wouldn't mind having some more unique badges and die cut shapes. I really like enamel pins a lot too do variety.

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Stop posting pin boards/bags with no relation to itabags.

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Pin bags are fandom fashion

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A bunch of random shit stuck on a board that half of the time is just a bunch of random 'quirky quotes' isn't fandom fashion.

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I always get irrationally angry when I see merch on the OUTSIDE of a bag with a clear window. Clear bags exist specifically so you can keep your merch safe, just buy a bigger bag PLEASE.

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>generic pinboards in the op image
is this really what we're coming to as a community?

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i got my roommate to buy a 57mm badge maker so when i get art commissions i can make badges in the right size for them. getting specialty dies is a little harder than i thought but i really hope we can get a star-shaped one because they’re cute.

it’s a pretty big cost of entry though, if you have the ability to use the art you can always join a GO or specialty maker for some badges

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I think having a couple pieces on the outside can work well, like a rubber charm on the zipper, a plushie or a rosette

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You can also check if your local FabLab/Maker space has a button press, usually the membership or hourly fee is quite low

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It’s all BTS pins so it belongs? I get not liking random bag and board arrangements but this is a pretty normal itabag fandom

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>itabag/fashion general
keep your kpop pinboards on the facebook group.

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I think the fact that it's a board is what disqualifies it from being posted here. These threads are for shit you can wear, be it a bag or jacket, etc. You can't wear a board.
The exception would be shrines but OP isn't even a shrine.

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that was exactly what i was implying, there really needs to be a line drawn in the hobby as it really is a different practice than bagging. i just really don't think it belongs here, sorry.

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I'm not talking about boards. I'm talking about bags.

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>infighting already
Anyone have any bag inspo, for Jojo specifically? I really don't see too many good character specific ones floating around for it, mostly just pinbags and random assortments of merch.

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most are notoriously shitty for some reason. pic related is the least of all evils that I could find.

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oh yeah, that’s definitely an option too. kind of like 3D printing at libraries.

my roomie does AA so it made sense for her to buy it outright. my other thought was just for manus without a moq per design (just whole order) plenty of artists will let you ride along for minimal cost. that usually comes up re: acrylics but for stuff like holo/unique buttons it works too

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Walking into this thread like

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your mileage may vary.

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I like the sound effects on this one

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Holy shit, they really just shoved one a whole medicos figure in the Bucciarati bag and called it a a day.
on another note, everything seems so haphazardly and randomly placed in these, especially the plushes which would be way better as centerpieces. It really makes everything looks rushed af especially when both of these have the amount of official merch to probably look nice and coordinated in the end.

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Which character do you have in mind, anon? I always love seeing more Jojo bags!

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I love the color choice here! Very garish, very on-brand.

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pardon the selfpost, but I also have an Abbacchio bag, although not a big as >>10220162! photo is from last April as I'm currently in the process of remaking and rearranging, including probably shafting the custom pins (recently bought another tomonui and also one of the potekoro plushes to help fill that space). the eyelets were fun in theory and added a bit since my insert fabric isn't busy, but I'm debating removing them altogether since I have more straps on the way and need the space, unless I can arrange over them/upgrade to a larger bag.

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These are really nice aestheitc. I love the photo frames.

Is that an Obitsuroid? I've been wanting to make one of those.

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Really like this 4taro bag for some reason, the mint wouldn't be a color I'd think to use but it somehow meshes well with the white and other pastels.

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I actually just got one in today. The characters I like don't have official merch or are limited so I like making buttons/badges of manga/anime/game caps since i am but an untalented person who can't draw.

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Retard moment, but does anyone own this bag (not the even shittier one from Amazon) from Taobao/can you provide the dimensions? The listing on their store combines both the one window and two window versions and I'm curious to know what this pic related measures in at specifically since I believe what's provided is the measurements for the other one.

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What the hell, I'll bite the bullet and selfpost.

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Any of you ever matched an itabag with a friend?

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huge selfpost, but yes! this was from when we met up in japan last year, since we arent local to each other. the hardest part was finding a cecil backpack desu... ton of fun tho, 10/10 would recommend

>> No.10220716

It sounds fun but I’m not sure who to do it with, or with what series. My boyfriend likes some of the same things that I really like but I’d want to find something that we both like with all of our hearts. My friends we have lesser in common but I’m sure I can find something I really enjoy with them one day.

That’s super cute. I want to full dive into SB69 but I only dabbed in it. The characters look so cute that I don’t think I can stick to one.

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Yes! My sister and I do pair cosplay with matching itabags for Nico and Honoka
Also I love the idea of schoolbag itabags, that's really cute

>> No.10220745

I swear I've seen basebags that are like schoolbags with windows

>> No.10220826

What the fuck anon if you're going to OP at least make sure it's a fucking itabag you newfag

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What’s up with people making better shrines than itabags? I don’t get it.

>> No.10220893

It's easier to decorate a living space where you have more room vs a bag with limited space and thus limited options

>> No.10220896

Oh. Makes sense.

>> No.10220914

>the sloppy cutting and stitching
>knowing it’ll sell out anyway

>> No.10220916

$100? I know itabagging isn't cheap but jeexus that's a lot for a base

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>mfw friend of a friend runs a small mercari jp service and is willing to help you buy some things
hold me gulls

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I've seen these, which I think are super cute as a bag, but the pocket irl is really thin and useless so it doesn't work well as an itabag with proper protection for merch. If there's something with a bigger window or more plastic covering though, please sauce this poor anon

>> No.10221008

As in you've seen the Taobao version or the original Wego version? This scares me as I've been hunting down the Wego to use as simple itabag.

>> No.10221126

I’d love to do it, but I don’t think anyone would be willing to do it with me...

>> No.10221127

I bought this from Wego last year and I have no idea what you mean by the window being thin. Just as sturdy as their other bags.

>> No.10221245

Cute concept, lackluster execution.

>> No.10221255

What’s wrong with self posting anons? You don’t need to pardon it. Are we supposed to just save content from everyone else or what?

>> No.10221258

Self posting opens yourself up to a lot of bitter "Your bag sucks why bother posting it?" anons.

>> No.10221259

I think there’s a higher expectation for anons because anons here are more knowledgeable/have the opportunity to be more knowledgeable than the average itabagger so there’s higher standards and it should be more impressive.

>> No.10221356

Sorry, I should have been more clear. What I meant is that I found the pocket quite shallow, so it doesn't really fit much merch and it's difficult to arrange nicely in the small space.

It's 4chan culture that selfposting gets a lot of yelling in responses. Cgl is better than other boards but still pretty toxic

>> No.10221578

Half of the self posts I see get trashed, so it's understandable that people would be nervous. I would never post mine here. I do this shit for fun, I have no desire to open up to that kind of crit.

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I’m not sure how I feel about thisz Am I the only one who thinks this looks like shit?

>> No.10221598

I think it just feels a little sad. Don't know if I want to call it shit when I've seen MUCH worse. I can tell whoever did this tried, but it's just difficult to make a bag when you only work with cards. Not really familiar with MTG or the character but I'm assuming there isn't much in terms of merch.

>> No.10221602

Idk I’d just get rid of the buttons to make it look consistent.

>> No.10221609

I don't like the cards on the outside, but as the other anon said, it's really hard when you don't have much to go off of.
I'd try to make the layout neat and even, like a grid of cards.

>> No.10221610

Yes. Deal with it

>> No.10221618

I feel like the base bag isn’t the right for this kind of execution, maybe a tote and just overlap a bunch of cards like a grid as you said would of looked way better with the heart window it just looks thrown together.

>> No.10221630

That character's an angel so I can see what the bagger was thinking, but yeah it's just not working.

>> No.10221663

When will we have an actual itabag as the starter image again

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Anyone has pics of lolitas with itabags like pic related? Other jfash coords are fine too, I just need some inspo.

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Out of curiosity, would there be much interest in buying customs clothing for Nendoroid Doll/Obitsu/etc?
I have seen some people using plushes/dolls on their itabags or just itabaggers who happen to also have custom dolls of their favs and I was wondering if anyone would have interest in purchasing something like that?
I'm currently job hunting and want something to keep me distracted and possibly earn a bit of money.

>> No.10222129

I've been waiting for someone who does custom nendos to open for about a year now; I would definitely be interested to fill the gap until they can work on mine.

>> No.10222466

Can you email me your rates? I made a nendo doll for my shrine, but all I have to dress her at the moment are garish Kelly outfits.

>> No.10222472

I love MTG but there are so many better bags for a card layout, like >>10219580 is made exactly for displaying trading cards. It's probably as good as you can get for a small heart window bag

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Yes please anon! Do you have any examples of your work or a good place to message you on? My original commissioner never got back to me so I've been looking for someone else to ask. Pick related are my boys.

>> No.10222640

I caved and made my own custom nendo for my husband when I couldn't find someone to commission. I have both a normal body and the Nendoroid doll body, but no clothes appropriate for the doll, so I'd absolutely have interest in this!

>> No.10222665

>itabag thread
>starts with enamel pin board
please stop

>> No.10222704

I'd also be interested anon! My boy has been sitting in his default nendo body clothing and while it's cute, I desperately want him to be as fashionable as his manga arts always portray him to be.

>> No.10222751

ITT: Dick repellent.

>> No.10222756


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File: 1.01 MB, 1723x1795, 165D423D-8DF4-476C-BD18-98CCFD60EF78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for the selfpost, but I have to say it’s very fun when your friend cosplays your husbando and proceeds to T pose with your bags. It’s become a quick tradition and I’m looking forward to expanding and improving with each year we meet up.

>> No.10222779

Seems fun actually. Is it your first picture?

Kinda not related but I’m taking very small baby steps and I’m kinda getting sick of not making process, however I switched from a bootleg bag and a bad that doesn’t suit my character/series to an alright small bag. How long did it take you to reach to your point, anon?

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File: 2.17 MB, 2553x1915, 3CA4D27E-D347-4752-8034-1B625CDE864F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That photo was taken at AX just two weeks ago. It actually didn’t take long to collect my merch since UtaPri is absolutely flooded. Two large auction hauls make up a majority of my collection and a lot of what I use on my bags. But overall I’ve only been seriously collecting Cecil stuff for about 1.5 years.

>> No.10222876

I remember seeing you on the way to the con! Your bags are really well put together and it's inspiration for me to improve my bags.

>> No.10222909

Hauls seems to be the key thing, and it makes sense considering it’s Utapri. But I just have to keep going, thanks anon.

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File: 6 KB, 382x61, D-9w2E9XUAMzolX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can someone be this powerful
Great collection anon!

>> No.10222959

Absolutely! More specially a custom hair piece though due to the body and face being done on the one I was working on.

>> No.10223009

I love your layouts! How do you design them?

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Sorry for the delayed reply..! I wasn't expecting such a quick interest, to the point of being asked for rates right away!
I've been interested in trying out making custom clothing for my own obitsu body and for my omanjuu but it was only an idea I've been entertaining for a while, I haven't yet started (so no examples to show atm, sorry. The only similar thing I've done was a silly penguin "omanjuu" for a friend, pic related).
I have a degree in sewing but making teeny tiny doll clothes seems like a challenge simply due to the size so, my plan was to make a couple basic outfits/2 piece sets (something generic like a school uniform, maybe?) to test things out. If it went fine and there was interest in commissions, I'd totally be up for it.
To help me out, what sort of price ranges would you feel comfortable with/would think fair? Say, for a generic/standard outfit and for a commissioned outfit?

Thank you so much once again, I'm going to look into materials now. I'm closeby to a fabric district as well so, I can make virtually anything.

Beautiful boys!! Are they from Show by Rock? I've been meaning to take a look into it

>> No.10223201

If look at BJD commissioners on test to see what they're selling, how much they go for, etc. Also uniforms for series like AoT or sailor moon where everyone is wearing basically the same fucking things would be good for generic stock. I see seifuku all the time for obitsus, but I don't really see gakuken or kimonos if you want something generic but in demand.

Always charge a bit more for original designs or specific outfits.

>> No.10223213

This is so powerful and I don't even know what series your man's from. The radiating energy from these images is transcendent. 10/10.

>> No.10223218
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Thankyou so much!! Yes they are both from sb69.

I would suggest checking out etsy and how people price their clothing too. The prices there are generally about $30. That's a good starting point for generic clothing, but remember to add extra for labour and then pricing upwards for complicated designs.

>> No.10223270

Thank you SO much for the wonderful advice!
I'll take a peek at bjd commissioners (actually didn't even cross my mind, I forget it's a fairly big community) and etsy like you both suggested.
I do think I might start with kimonos like suggested as well, they're simple and they just look adorable on any character, plus I can play about with pretty fabrics.
Thank you so much once again!

>> No.10223313

This is absolutely adorable.

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