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Comm president edition

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That picture gives me anxiety.

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Cursed thread, no reply until a new contender rises.

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bet she still somehow looks better than me.

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That is some crazy broken self-esteem right there.

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you tellin me bruh lol

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> tfw same

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Confirmed beast

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Feels - this photo makes me feel ill. That swollen hand tapering to thinner fingertips...is it diseased?

Feels I actually came here to post - nightmares are keeping me awake this week and my lack of sleep perceptions are freaking me out. Every little thing bothers me way too much right now. I'm avoiding my friends.

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Decided to go out and be social and went and had wings with my local LARP community to introduce myself. Everyone seems chill and fun, and I'm looking forward to some fun RP and being able to put my creative and crafting skills, plus ridiculous collection of costume bits to use somewhere other than lolita.

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yikes. does that ring need to be cut off?

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everything is too much this week. I'm so emotionally and physically exhausted i can barely do the minimum amount of care to be a social human. i fantasize about being in a car accident or something possibly non lethal but impactful enough to be quietly hospitalized for a few weeks

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I keep feeling bad about going to cons, buying cosplays/materials and spending money on stuff like this. People tell me I need to stop overworking and being too hard on myself and let myself live, that I'm at the prime age to live (20) before it's too late . but I just feel too awful especially being pretty poor amd having bills to pay. the guilt and anxiety consumes me too much.

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Okay, so I cannot be the only one who feels really bad for the older people that sit around at conventions because their 30 year old incel son can't drive and wanted to go to a convention right? At colossalcon there was a woman who was clearly disabled, that sat in the same position for probably 12 whole hours. Everytime I passed her she looked so bored and miserable. I almost threw off my cosplay to change into normie clothes and hang out with her. I suppose I can't assume anything, but I'm pretty sure she was there with a much older guy who just left her there and used her for a ride at the end of the day.
You fucking weeaboos need to learn to drive, and stop relying on your moms/grandmothers to go somewhere. It's pathetic and makes you look like a huge virgin. They shouldn't have to sit at a convention for 12 hours while you go and try to seduce a sexy cosplayer to bring home with you.

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That can’t all be fat right? I have a friend with hands sort of like this from horrible water retention.

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I got diagnosed with psoriasis yesterday and I'm pretty down about it. I was hoping these patches on my skin were something that could be cleared up easily but they aren't responding to weaker steroids so they're putting me on strong (and expensive) ones. Most of the plaques are on my elbows and shins so I can do an okay job covering them in Lolita but I'm getting really self conscious.

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This is one of my biggest fears, my mom has psoriasis and I already am very hard on myself about my appearance

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If it's bothering you that much, do a little of both, to ease your conscience? Write down some goals you want to accomplish, but don't make them too big. One goal for fun, and one goal for making progress in your life. It could be something like starting a savings account or it could be just using a little out of each check to put into things that make your home nicer. But in the end, if you're not the type of person that wants those things, there is nothing wrong with having fun with your hobbies. And fwiw, I think 30s are your prime, honestly. Those people are probably afraid they won't be able to do anything fun at 30, but the reality is that's when you're more able to do things you couldn't in your 20s.

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I want to wear lolita more, but on top of the hot weather is my horrible self esteem. I’m super self conscious about my face and I’m always worried I’ll be judged for a butter face I can’t help. I know I could just not put pictures online, but part of the fun with lolita for me is sharing it with other lolitas online.

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I feel this one anon. I love taking photos of my coords but I have a pretty big nose and feel like I don't have a very cute face. But in the end we are our harshest critics. Plus you can put selfie stickers over your face if you really can't stand it.

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I fucking HATE women bros
How can I turn myself gay?

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Learn to suck dick, practice anal masturbation / prostate stimulation, ease yourself into your transition to homosexuality and God's Speed anon

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Fuck trannies, it’s what all you closeted homos do

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Kill yourself and hope for a reset where you’re a faggot

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Ayrt, I too have a huge nose that I wish i could shrink...

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No excuse for this when Uber lets you request rides for other people. Poor lady could have stayed home.

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Post pictures.

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Nice /cgl/ feel.

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I'm currently a NEET and borderline hikki and the biggest thing keeping me applying to more shitty jobs is wanting more brand money. Currently, positive interactions with online lolita communities and finding and bookmarking cute pieces on sale are two of the biggest seratonin boosts I can get. Also, I spent a weekend with my gf and realized that I can't afford to visit her again until I have a steady income stream. Feels pitiful.

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i feel you anon, I have heavy psoriasis all along my hairline and some spots on my scalp. Can't tell you how mortifying it is to have someone pick stuff out of my hair thinking it's lint or something but it's actually a chunk of my skin.

People are going to give you a whole lot of useless advice on how to treat it or they will confuse it with eczema. don't let it get to you - I used to get super triggered because people were convinced i had dandruff and i "wasn't trying hard enough to get rid of it".

Do whatever you need to feel comfortable in your own skin and don't feel the need to reason with others about it. personally, i just wear hats and keep my bangs long - the less people see, the less they will comment. atleast in lolita i can slap on a wig and enough distracting headwear, that's how i manage ~_~

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>need two specific wigs for upcoming con, found perfect ones on Arda but they've been out of stock and say they'll come back late June
>it's now almost halfway through July

>message Arda about when they'll come in
>"They should arrive early next week! :)"
>that was on Friday

>now one of the backup wigs I was going to get from Epic Cosplay is out of stock

This is why I don't order from Arda unless I need to, ffs

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I wanna open up a resin shop just to try to even out costs for how expensive my resin/jewelry making hobby is becoming. Wouldn't know if its worth it though, with how saturated etsy is. Going to try and start with basic resin rings/earrings/pendants with gem shards and gold flakes and see what happens. Its weird I feel like normie resin jewelry is easier to make, but lolita jewelry is so much cuter.

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Avoiding friends = not going to lolita meets = dressing in lolita less. Happy now, my darling little dim bulb?

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Dropped pic.

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get Duobrii

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hmmm it doesnt look terrible, maybe you could pick up some clinique or bareminerals foundation to cover it up without aggravating it?

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It's not THAT noticeable desu. I have all over my back and it's REALLY bad, enough that I don't like going swimming :/

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Looks like a birthmark more than a skin condition.

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This is the biggest single spot but I have a lot of scatter on my hip and elbows. Also bad psoriasis all over my scalp.

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NAYRT but sun protection swim shirts are a thing now, I wear one because I burn badly. I don't get any bad or odd looks for it.

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Ever considered the casual lolita look? I think mixing things like a normal t-shirt and a nice skirt looks pretty good. And it's more practical for summer.

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suddenly feeling a massive nostalgia fueled urge to get back into 2010 sweet even though I’ve never liked how it looks on me and I’ve come to prefer classic and gothic. Tyler’s video on old ap ads got me fucked up

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I was feeling a little down about being an older fan (early 30s, eeesh) but seeing posters and threads on /cgl/ with the same concerns have made me feel a little better. It's kinda weird, because there a lot of people older than me in my other hobbies (roleplaying, fan fiction, etc), but it kind of feels like people my age are kind of.. the first major generation to stick at weeb crap, so we're kinda the first wave of oldies?

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>I was feeling a little down about being an older fan (early 30s, eeesh)
same here gurl, same here.

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Ok. I have a confession. I'm basically selling off half of my wardrobe for my SO. I want to be able to move to another country to be with him, but at the same time I'm afraid of change. I'm afraid to let go of treasured pieces that I've held onto for years. And I'm afraid of this second shot I have at love. What if it doesn't work out and I have nothing left? Like.. some of this shit is so fucking hard to find and expensive af. So I'm really feeling like I'm losing pieces of myself to chance.

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Any chance you can put some of it into storage or leave it with your parents? They can always ship it to you later.

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my parents are unreliable, and i've heard horror stories about putting expensive things into storage.. but ty for the reasonable suggestions.

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obviously this isn't for everybody, but why not go into a clinic and see what you can change? It's already intervening in the way you enjoy your hobbies. Lolita is an aesthetic based hobby, so at its core, if you don't like the way you look, you'll have a harder time having fun.

My friend got the "five minute nose job" and wow, the difference is subtle but great, and her confidence sky rocketed. If your wardrobe is big enough, maybe sell a few pieces to start savings.

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hm not op but i've never heard of the "five minute nose job" I'm usually not a fan of facial reconstruction dealies but i looked it up and it's actually really subtle and looks nice.

Ah but desu I think it's worse to be fat than have a not so cute face, yk? there's nothing worse than a boobloaf or painfully obvs stretching of brand sadly

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we're not quite first wave. first wave is going to be the old fucks who had to bring VCRs to anime club in college and daisy chain them to copy VHS tapes from Japan. mfw some of the guys I know are hitting 50 soon. we're at least second, maybe third gen fans

fuck the fun police and do what you do. I went to aqours TWICE this past weekend and I give absolutely zero fucks. Give me a couple of decades and I'm going to be still in the pit swinging my penlights in the air.

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You will be judged, everyone is. The fashion is about aesthetics. Get past being self-conscious by working on your coordinating, styling and makeup skills until they are really good. Take valid concrit gracefully when you get some, but you should also politely ignore shitty and judgmental remarks when you get them.

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no man is worth it. vacuum seal what you cant pack and ship it to yourself at a minimum

>> No.10219928

Been down this road, it's scary but if you have a friend you can pay to jelp send you your shit later, you'll be ok.

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How did you get a girlfriend?

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First off, I'm a lesbian.

We met in college, back when I wore lolita a couple times every week. We were in the same class, and we both engaged with the course material and had really interesting discussions, to the extent where we'd walk together to my next class to continue them. There was a free classical music event, so I suggested that we go together, not realizing this was a date. We've been dating for about two years.

>> No.10220033

That's sweet, makes me think even a clueless introverted NEET like me can find love

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Being a lesbian helps, i'm just bi, but lesbian weebs are some of the thirstiest people i encounter.

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>love VOTOMS and Chirico
>no clue how I would make his jumpsuit
>own none of the tools I would need
>am about become extremely busy in less than a month
>am too crappy of an artist to sell art to other fans

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Is taking some time off and just ignoring the world an option for you? I need to do that a few times a year.

>> No.10220085

I'm an ace lesbian so that's not helping my case

>> No.10220093

>I'm an ace lesbian
That sounds so much cooler than it actually is

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Not much plane piloting and a lot of existential crises

>> No.10220119

Have you ever considered getting an aerial license? Two labels for the price of one.

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You might know you're born to lose and think gambling's for fools, but keep on playing for the high one, dancing with the devil, going with the flow like it's all a game to you. You don't want to live forever anyway, right?

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Considering how much driving stresses me out I doubt piloting would work out for me
The pleasure is to play

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there's this skinny 16 year old girl I met at a con that's already emancipated, studying abroad, engaged, she's pretty, she's skinny, she's finished most of her HS subjects early, she's a popular cosplayer, meanwhile I'm much older, getting fat, ugly, and a failure, I bet she was sneering about me with her friends at how ugly me and my cosplay was, and while I don't hate her (I think) ever since i met her and started following her something flipped a switch in me (le triggered meme, I guess) and I've been feeling worse and worse. I've been noticing every pretty skinny girl and ripped handsome guy around me and being envious and hating myself so much as if this wasn't a thing already my entire life.

What's worse is I've been gaining so much weight for no apparent reason I can't fit into my clothes anymore. It's so fucking humiliating. What's the point of even investing in burando if I'm a fatass.

I used to eat whatever I want, was MUCH less active than I am now, and was an absolute skellychan. What the hell happened?

It's just not fair.
I don't understand.
More and more sometimes I wish I died back then when I hung myself.
I just want to be pretty and happy.

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Piloting is much less stressful, as there's far less traffic to worry about. The hardest parts are landing and taking off.

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My guess is all the angst is making you eat your feelings and you don’t realize you’re eating more because it’s just a little bit here and there, which adds up. And if you’re stressed it creates cortisol which tells your body to store belly fat. Chill out and unfollow that girl

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I've unfollowed but it's too late, like I said I'm noticing patters everywhere, every skinny/muscly/pretty girl/guy. And I've been tracking my food and exercising but so far it seems to do nothing. Fuck me.

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I feel sad to discover that the Lolita Amino is full of itas who think it is lolita to wear clown makeup, no Petticoat and no blouse

>> No.10220191

You are in a bad loop, you need to break out of this. Snooze her and anyone making you feel inadequate immediately or better yet, take a social media hiatus.
Why not resolve to commit yourself to doing a deep-dive into changing your pattern to re-focus on being your best self and living your own best life, go on a diet to jump-start working on yourself and changing your mindset. Don't let this get any further out of control.

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I feel sad to discover that the Lolita Amino is full of itas who think it is lolita to wear clown makeup no Petticoat and no blouse

>> No.10220193

Lolita and Jfashion related amino is pure cancer, none of it is any good.

>> No.10220195

You have absolutely no idea what goes on in these people's lives outside of what you see. They could be far more miserable when you aren't looking than you are now

>> No.10220202

You just have to look underneath the last confessions... Pure ita trash

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It's not just social media. It's anyone I see. Even just going outside. Even today in the shopping mall, especially while browsing cute clothes, or even online browsing through online shops and looking at moderus.
I'm not going to lock myself in the house even more than I already do, am I? (if I do then I'll REALLY become a fatass)
I'm exercising, but in the middle of it I see a pretty girl and think, wow, what's the point? She has such a pretty jawline, I'll never be able to afford jaw surgery, why am I even trying, I should just give up and resign to my fate, etc

See, you're probably right. That's the most rational thing to think. But for some reason I simply seem to be unable to accept it.

maybe this is all just my bitch period coming or meds or hormones going out of whack or something, idfk.

thanks gulls... talking about it is surprisingly a bit better, I suppose.

>> No.10220209

It's ok to have freakouts sometimes; they happen. Just remember to stay grounded in what's real and don't lose yourself in what isn't.

>> No.10220210

Glad you can talk about it, now get a grip. Its your life, that why it's worth it, don't just waste it. There are some things you do control including how you choose to deal with everything. If you are getting fat, rein that in quick, before it really does become impossible. That's why. If you give up now, you are cursing future you. And future you will be even more pissed about that than you are about this stuff right now.

>> No.10220212 [DELETED] 

I really don’t say this out loud but...I only like lolita on myself, the models (no matter what race, I don’t care about azns because normal japs look fat and ugly in those clothes too) and some non-famous super good looking people but they actually never wear it. I’ve never seen a good looking lolita in comms or online. As for cgl it seems to me since none of you have a taste it’s all about passing for lolita but never wearing it aesthetically, which is odd since the websites of burando do show wearing advice. Even for a fucking bag. Nobody here dresses properly that’s for sure. I don’t care about ita or what passes for lolita, but I just don’t find any of the people’s tastes here nice. I’m not experienced myself compared to mana and I don’t think since most spergs can’t handle criticism would agree but this is what I think. I think this with normie fashion too actually but lolita will always be “OTT” so it’s more annoying. At the same time this is good because it makes me feel better but I am getting older so no longer am I petty I just want you all to dress better.

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0/10 pasta

>> No.10220236

I know this is pasta but I gotta admit, the ocean between what I see in lolita fashion magazines and websites is very far from most people’s attempts at it and I wish everyone would just try a bit harder to polish their style a little more and raise the standard just a little bit higher. Meets would benefit, everyone would be more inspiring to each other instead of insecure nitpickers 24/7, and we’d all be living just a tiny bit more of our best lolita life.
Do I think we all suck? Of course not. But admit it, we can all easily do just a little bit better.

>> No.10220241

I'm >>10220020.
Both my partner and I are autists and ace; I'm a weeb, my partner's into Austrian history and musicals. We support each others' hobbies and give each other themed socks for holidays and stuff. I'm memorizing like 10 songs in a foreign language just so we can sing along to a musical together.

>> No.10220367

I'm 27 and I just realized that my power is significantly less than it used to be.
I am a woman and I am starting to slowly see that people don't notice me as much. People don't talk to me in public, male or female. I heard about this, how women past a certain age are just invisible. I didn't realize it would feel like this.
I put time into school, but it didn't pay off. I have a boyfriend and I am not alone, but I am just feeling for the first time that society at large isn't interested.
It sucks.

>> No.10220399


Not even that. I must follow like the top 10% of lolitas or something on IG because when I go to lolita events it really isn't like that. Lots of people who don't even know how to put on a wig, or apply blusher like a blind football player. Makes the top 10% stand out even more though imo.

>> No.10220428

welcome to what the rest of the world experiences. we have to initiate our own conversations.

>> No.10220460

That timing is supposedly different for everyone. I'm the opposite, I will be more relieved when I can finally be left in peace with my grumpy ass frills. Still waiting.
No one asked you.

>> No.10220515

I overheard a 60-70 year old man discussing this with his friend over breakfast in a diner.
Feeling completely alone in a sea of people is normal, feeling invisible is also normal.
I get why you're feeling pushed out, but people still notice you, others respect you moreso, but now less random people have demands on you and your time.
Be around the people that care about and validate you.
Everyone wants a feeling of belonging, a lot of people feel the way you do, so if you don't have people to go to, step outside your comfort zone and reach out. You'd be surprised what you'll get into.

>> No.10220522

My black heels broke so I finally have an excuse to buy another pair.

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>16 year old girl
>comparing youself to a literal child bride
>being jelly of a literal child bride

>> No.10220542

Please do. I'd love to see more 2010-tier sweet.

>> No.10220547

>already emancipated
Assuming US, doesn't that generally mean they're home life is such hot garbage that they got a judge to agree 'yeah ur better off on your own'

>> No.10220549

Getting married at 16 sounds like such a hilariously bad idea, how old are you that you’re actually jealous of that impending train wreck?

>> No.10220556

The hand that hath made me good hath made me ugly

>> No.10220566

i too know many people who peaked in high school

>> No.10220567

i'm almost 30 and i'm still waiting for this to happen. move to the southern US anon, everyone will talk to you no matter what. i hate it

>> No.10220576

That's amazing, one day I'll have a relationship like that

>> No.10220578

idk, she seems pretty happy, but I don't know the details. hell, I could be wrong, I HEARD she's engaged but I never see about it on social media and idk who it is, but I do know she's emancipated or at least some form of independent because she seems to have her own house, car, etc
>how old are you

not US, europe

>> No.10220589

I've tried 5 times at making my first cosplay and every time its failed in a different way. The last attempt at the hardest piece I thought was going well but then I ruined it at the last step and I realise I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing. And then I missed this years con as a result.

>> No.10220597

>16 years old
>seems to have her own house, car,
Legally impossible.

>> No.10220600

oh sorry im retarded

still, in a way that just makes me even more envious. it means her parents are giving her everything and all her free will the complete opposite of mine

>> No.10220613

You must be trying to make things well beyond your skill levels. Many fabricating and crafting skills take practice. Start smaller, learn your skills, practice.

Saw a cosplay ’performance’ on Instagram, she made a Sakizo design and was lip synching. The costume and wig were well made, it was a very pretty costume. But I feel like hyping up this kind of ’performance’ as some sort of high artistry is a bit lame. She didn't even dance.

>> No.10220615

We get it, you are consumed with jealousy. Big deal. It's a bad trait and it will just keep you stuck. Do something about it besides complain. Several people have commented to you but the bottom line is that you are wrecking yourself with your own fucked up thinking. Stop focusing on other people and things outside yourself and focus on becoming the best YOU that you can be. Envy is not only deathly poison, it steals away your own life because you are constantly comparing your insides to someone else’s outsides, and that keeps you stuck not ever improving yourself to reach your own potential. Everyone's path is different. Walk your own path and stop giving free rent in your headspace to foolish comparisons. She is herself, you are yourself. In life, someone is _always_ going to have something that might seem ’better’, but many very successful people got that way by making the most of and valuing their own opportunities, maximizing their own good things, not by ignoring them and coveting someone else’s. It's literally a waste of your time that could be spent bettering yourself instead.

>> No.10220616

I considered my sewing skills passable from all the plush toys I've made, but I guess they don't transfer to clothing much at all.

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>> No.10220831

>wife wants to cosplay character with weapon
>build the basic parts for her with Pepakura, harden them and shit
>some of the parts were kind of a bitch, proud of how it turned out in the end
>leave it for her to just sand, paint and assemble
>1 1/2 years later
>finally have time to go into my workshop again because Uni sucks the life from me
>all the parts are still in there in the exact spots I left them
>tell her that I'm taking it into my own hands because I don't want some work I'm proud of for once to never go anywhere
>she gives me the old "I was planning to do it tomorrow!"-shtick
I know it's silly since it was hers to do with as she pleases once my part was done but I'm still pissed. It's rare for me to like anything I work on and it just feels like she took a shit on my efforts.

>> No.10220837

It's weird to me she wasn't a part of the process, helping out and encouraging you.
Maybe that's just me though.

>> No.10220839

Underrated comment.

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The past two dream dress threads, somebody has replied to my post saying they have what I'm looking for, and both times they've disappeared after me dropping my e-mail for them.

>pic related

>> No.10220842

Anon. She said all those things because she's 16 and wants to be impressive to a 20 yo.
Chances are everything she said and posts is lies or embellishments. Chances are there really isn't much interesting to say about this girl aside from 'oh how pretty'.
Also, you're in your 20's, your high metabolism you once had has slowed down, it's comically normal.

And stop baiting with /r9k/ chad bullshit, none of us care.

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I don't like being snobby, but lately I've had a prideful feeling that won't go away.

>recently left lolita comm because of mod infighting
>big event coming up in adjacent j-culture comm
>lolita comm has hosted "panels" within that big event, will do one again
>lolita comm posts volunteer sign-up on big comm page early
>mrw they're still looking for volunteers three weeks out because the lolita comm isn't big enough or skilled enough anymore to pull off a simple panel.

I'm going to go watch, just for a minute.

>> No.10220870

>And stop baiting with /r9k/ chad bullshit, none of us care.

>> No.10220873

I've got really bad psoriasis over my body too, oddly enough I found that Kim Kardashians body foundation really helped mine I got into it because she showed loads of videos of her putting some on her psoriasis and I was desperate, Maybe something to look into?

>> No.10220876

I really got a lot of hope after seeing those videos, oddly enough. Unfortunately my shade is sold out, but I did go get a big chunky dermablend stick today and I'm going to try that out this week.

>> No.10220931
File: 44 KB, 889x585, 1562903627600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Screaming "projection" at everything is such a cope lmao

>> No.10220954

I got banned from a (non-lolita) discord server. I keep forgetting the rest of the world doesn't let you say what you actually think like 4chan, you gotta mask it in five frilly layers of artificial niceness or you're a big ole meany poo and hewt feefees

>> No.10220970

I mean you sound annoying on here too but I guess it's better to talk to the void than with actual human beings.

>> No.10220971
File: 14 KB, 425x302, 31PNTOtKCJL._SX425_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10220979

You mean people outside here have self-control and manners, they do not just blurt out their first impulsive autistic and blunt thoughts and actually give consideration to social propriety, politeness and the golden rule? The horror!

>> No.10221005

perhaps should should just stay here if you can't turn off autism mode for 3 seconds

>> No.10221018
File: 109 KB, 1280x720, nutbladder_kaiji_s2_-_26_eb3bf433-mkv_snapshot_16-22_2011-09-28_17-38-45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean saying things that are rude and unnecessary outside of your little safe space may have actual consequences?

>> No.10221038

based Kaiji

>> No.10221058


All I said was that pro-choicers are just secret eugenicists that want to force-feed abortions to the blacks. It wasn't even that bad desu

>> No.10221065

>I've been noticing every pretty skinny girl and ripped handsome guy around me and being envious and hating myself so much as if this wasn't a thing already my entire life.
>not chad posting

>> No.10221067

Sounds like they take themselves a little too seriously around there. Also I may or may not have snorted cherry coke out my nose whilst reading your reply.

>> No.10221075

It’s pretty batshit, I don’t think there’s any amount of niceness you could have put on that to make it look less batshit.

>> No.10221111


>> No.10221114

I keep buying dresses even though I'm starting an office job and won't have time to wear lolita anymore despite making way more money

>> No.10221116

State enforced pregnancy is somehow better?

>> No.10221117
File: 56 KB, 225x350, 29010.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You cannot prove that it is meant to kill off any race more than another or that it is really eugenics. Pro choicers have to make their own choices in life with their doctors. Whether it is a mistake or not again isn't up to anyone else. Its whatever people choose to do for themselves. Wouldn't that make black women more empowered if anything in your own words too? No one is forced into anything but education on birth control methods etc is a good thing and really in the grand scheme of things Eugenics is ultimately a good thing too. I don't think any child deserves to be born with debilitating diseases if that can be avoided . No one should be forced to risk going to term since it can put a heavy toll on any woman and the issues that can happen postpartum too.

>> No.10221119
File: 34 KB, 625x626, 809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


guys please stop taking the bait.

>> No.10221153

sorry, it wasn't my intention at all

>> No.10221154

What about weekends?

>> No.10221155

Just a note to remind you that telling someone to commit suicide can land yourself in jail. IP's can be traced. Think twice before advising someone to self harm, then don't post.

>> No.10221169

nayrt, but how about a long drop from a short rope?

>> No.10221185

I'm sure they can enact that kind of policy on facebook or twitter, but 4chan is where people say edgy bullshit and get away with it with admin who don't care so long as people don't break the law.

>> No.10221189

Clearly she is living the life of a shoujo manga character who has a few years of freedom before her arranged marriage. Maybe has one or two tragic relationships who finds out the guy she's engaged to while all along appeared to be the cool indifferent type is actually sensitive all along and helps him heal from his inner pain.

>> No.10221196

Fellow 30s anon here, also into the same stuff. Seems like I’ll never grow out of it honestly, all I can do is hope I’ll continue to be able to maintain friendships with people who are into the same things. It’s just so much fun, you know?

>> No.10221200

The pic for this thread...it completely creeps me out. Shudder every time I see it in the catalog listings.

>> No.10221201

They probably couldn't afford an uber after their $60 admission badge and then the $300 they spent on a jerk off figurine

>> No.10221202

good luck getting a prosecutor to do that one. if it was a sustained effort where you're telling the same person to kill themselves over and over maybe but on 4chan where everyone is anonymous? haha fuck no. it'd be hard as hell to prove that the same person was telling someone to commit suicide

>> No.10221213

If you aren't married, you shouldn't be moving to another country with someone, especially if its causing you this much anxiety and lifestyle changes. Basically no one is likely to stay together these days, divorce rate is at least 50% and general relationships have even worse odds and you both might become completely different people in a new country.

>> No.10221214

My sister is like 5 years younger than me, and I went through a similar slump around the time I was heading into my mid-20s and she was a on the verge of adulthood and everyone's golden-child. I went through a "I'm not a youthful cool teen anymore" crisis and thought life was over and ballooned up to my highest weight ever and was off again on again with my longterm SO. She was pretty, 100 pounds wet, and still blonde unlike my hair when turned super dark and ashy.

Longstory short I came out of the slump and never gained that weight back while my sister dropped out of school, fell into a bad crowd and super-heavy drugs and then went to jail on dealer charges. After she got out she married someone in her recovery program and had 2 kids a few years later and her body is a complete wreck now. Most people now think I am the younger sister.

You can effectively be young, healthy, and attractive at any age if you take care of yourself and pick up a few tricks and are determined enough. Don't let petty comparisons tank your motivation and allow you to take the easy road of self-pity and failure.

>> No.10221216
File: 46 KB, 537x399, CQSILQBUYAAFSH0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kill yourself. Do it.

>> No.10221217

Sounds like your priorities are messed up.

>> No.10221220

>One daughter is a weeb
>One daughter is a druggie
>legit don't know which is worse.

>> No.10221221

Recently I've been consumed by pipe dreams of my ideal house. My mind is a mess of ideas for interior or exterior decor. Wardrobes, bathrooms, kitchen, everything goes and I toss and turn my power level to see what sticks. Lolita and weebshit will inevitably be part of my life.

But my most disturbing and fascinating idea is that I want a stuffed seagull. A literal preserved animal corpse on display on some shelf. It's partly because of this place, I won't deny. Partly because despite their behaviour, seagulls are very beautiful birds. Their sleek shape, simple colour and characteristic expression sparks joy in my ideas of a perfect home...
How the fuck do I go through with this stupid dream? Is it hard to take care of taxidermy? Am I utterly tasteless?

>> No.10221235
File: 78 KB, 250x281, tumblr_nnllhe3Tl01r3siq6o7_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Be me
>Want to cosplay as Beowulf for the upcoming con
>There aren't a lot of Skullgirls fan in the local community that I know of, perhaps even none at all
>Realize I'd just look like a dude in a weird outfit and fur on his legs when you don't know the costume
>Anxiety eats me up
>Send help

>> No.10221240
File: 275 KB, 1500x1199, DE7829B6-79A2-4F21-ACE4-E1789E2264C3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get one to hang on the wall, away from dogs, cats, kids. https://www.etsy.com/listing/693001017/real-gull-taxidermy-stuffed-bird-mount

But there are other ways to represent in decor too.

>> No.10221242

If I don't know what it is from, every dude looks like a dude in a weird costume. Do it anyway. Be the dude in the weird outfit and have fun. It's about fun, remember? If you want to have a reference, post a comparison of you and the character art with a link on your social media. Maybe some people you meet will become new fans.

>> No.10221442 [DELETED] 

Just asked some pedo I sent cringy nudes to at age of 15 if he could delete them because I found out he saved them (because he sent them to me...yes I know he’s mentally ill, but it’s good he did because he lied to me he deleted them and now I know for sure he’s crazy). And he called me mentally ill etcetcetc
Now I won’t post my coords online since I’m scared. Should I just censor my face? Like what do you girls think about lolis :^) (I am now an adult already) who censor their face?

>> No.10221453

Lolis...smilies...sending nudes at 15.
Just get out.

>> No.10221455

I'll be fine. I graduated top of my class in the Navy SEALs

>> No.10221458
File: 272 KB, 793x738, ntoVGuh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am willing to bet that there are a dozen of other weird dudes in weird outfits, it's a con it's half the fun. I suggest that you get beo's outfit and try it on in front of the mirror, try his poses and smile. I think that you will be fine

>> No.10221467

Nayrt but that’s an ironic smiley, you get out

>> No.10221470

Rude, should I really? I thought it was a feels thread though it suited more in confession thread. And yes I know being groomed by a 40 year old was a bad thing but hey, that’s precisely why I want them gone. Guess you’re better than me right? Anyways I don’t care about my face out there anymore and just posted a coord with my face out, and I barely take selfies/photos of myself (yes because of this trauma)

>> No.10221561

The obvious answer is to hotline the FBI.
Doubtful your cp is the only pizza he has.

>> No.10221616

>Okay, so I cannot be the only one who feels really bad for the older people that sit around at conventions because their 30 year old incel son can't drive and wanted to go to a convention right?
It's worse when their kid is a vendor/artist. Its silly the amount of times I've seen a 50+ year old parent manning a stall full of stock they know nothing about because their son is busy pretending to be an anime business man and trying to get in the pants of barely legal artist girls.

>> No.10221622

I have been waiting almost 4 months for Baby to restock my last dress in my wishlist... I hate Baby's low reservation stock, and random and unpredictable restock system reeeeeeeee

>> No.10221631
File: 394 KB, 338x656, vinose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My con crush just broke up with his genderqueer boyfriend because they refused to use female pronouns and it made him feel gay.

Should I ask him to cosplay with me?

>> No.10221711

To most people, you'll look weird, but you'll make someone's whole day. Do what you love.

>> No.10221791
File: 63 KB, 455x700, 1430160758634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Went to a con this past weekend that sucked but thankfully my friends made going worth it. Got to hang out with someone who I really like a lot and I think I made a pretty good impression, they hugged me when I left which made me super happy.

I feel like whenever I try to make meaningful connections with people I make an ass out of myself. I hope she likes me and that I wasn't being annoying the whole time. Pic related, I'm Moby.

>> No.10221792

Why are you guys so autistic

>> No.10221793

welcome to 4chan, pot.

>> No.10221796

Somehow you guys are worse that /vg/

>> No.10221806

Because according to the book my mom got me autism works differently in females and it's basically we're hyper emotional, don't know how to deal with it, and end up crying into pillows a lot.

>> No.10221807

what book?

>> No.10221811

I met a guy who is really cute and likes a lot of the same obscure nerdy things I do. I think he’s got potential to be an awesome friend that I can hang out with at cons and cosplay with, but because he’s cute I’m kind of looking at him like “maybe potential boyfriend someday?”
Only problem is that he’s like a decade younger than me. He’s old enough to vote and all, but I still don’t think it’s a good idea. So here I am trying to will these weird feelings to die so I can be his friend without it being weird, when out of the blue he texts that he misses me and wants to hang out so we can discuss the ending to this anime we both watch. I definitely want to meet up to nerd out but I’m hesitant because the feelings are lingering and I don’t think now is the time to see his face. He throws his schedule at me and seems so eager to hang out that it makes me feel even more awkward. I’m sure these romantic feelings are mixed up from being super excited to meet someone I have a lot in common with. But I’m still not about to see him until the heat dies down.
>tl;dr is she really thinking about cradle robbing? The answer will shock you

>> No.10221813

See a therapist, get some help. Unless you actually like your life atm then enjoy it

>> No.10221814

10 whole years? Damn. How much experience have you had with relationships?

>> No.10221821

Most of my relationships have been long term with a few seasonal flings thrown in. I’d like to believe I’m quite experienced in dating, but I still have a lot to learn about not becoming “one unit” with someone and remaining my own person if that makes sense.

>> No.10221824

Yeah that makes sense. I guess the age-gap is kind of a bummer. I know people who have talked about seeing an age gap between a 19-year-old and a 25-year-old look fishy. I guess it just depends on how much backlash you might face from other people. I'd say if the connection between you two is strong enough, but you may want to try looking for people closer to your age.

>> No.10221827

Can't remember the title, it was along the lines of "a guidebook on autism in young people" but i'm probably wrong.

>> No.10221835

The age gap is definitely what makes me want to put out the feels. I know most guys don’t mind dating an older woman but I think a lot of people judge women for dating younger men? I’ve dated an assortment of ages but never one this far apart, whether it be older or younger than me. It seems like all the men I meet that are close to my age that like me are unappealing. I’m in such a weird age bracket right now where my choices are either tinder smashers or creepy guys who obsess easily. Maybe it’s my location too. Either way I’m probably gonna sit this one out and hope to gain a new dude friend

>> No.10221838

Just out of curiosity, how big is the gap exactly?

>> No.10221843

If I remember his age correctly it’s actually 11 years?

>> No.10221845

Oh wow, that is a really big gap. Yeah I'd say being friends seems fine but going for a relationship could turn out bad. Either way, I hope you're able to get into a healthy relationship someday!

>> No.10221846

my partner and I are 9 years apart anon (i'm the older one, and a woman). we have been together for 3 years. I'm 38, not sure how old you are, but too young and it might be drastically different priority wise, and you may regret that, especially if you feel more like a mom than a partner. BUT maybe that's what you want, or maybe that's not how it feels because he is more mature, either way, don't say no completely just because of an age gap.

>> No.10221847

Thanks anon! I’m content with being his friend for now, he’s a really cool person and I’d hate to ruin our chances of being good friends over a failed shot at a relationship
I’m on the fence on if I’d like to be the more mature one or not. I like having control in a relationship, which is a really toxic trait of mine that I’m trying to stop. So sometimes I wonder if I’m gravitating towards him because since he’s younger, he’d give me more control? But with that being said, especially what you wrote about our priorities potentially being different, it could also be a good opportunity for me to learn how to not be a control freak. I’ve been single for a while now and have been fixated on my personal goals in life. So much so that I don’t think any partner, whether they be younger or older, could shake me from them. But maybe dating someone younger would be a fun change since he seems to be really goal oriented as well.

Either way I guess we’ll find out because I don’t intend on not being his friend because my backwater brain caught feelings lol. Maybe it could turn into a relationship in the future, maybe not.

Thank you to all the anons who replied to my feels. It helped me navigate through my rational mind on the situation and I feel less conflicted and a lot better

>> No.10221851

My folks are nearly 20 years apart.
Seconding >>10221846

>> No.10221887

Man I wish an older woman would date me

>> No.10221893

Goddamn cgl, I got a serious deadline. If I get this done tonight I'm buying another dress tomorrow.

At least the picture doesn't give me anxiety and I smug af fit into unshirred brand, unlike the owner of that swollen appendage.

>> No.10221894

18 to 29 is a very different situation from 28 to 39

>> No.10221932

So, he is 18 and you are 29? Fling, maybe. LTR, nah, hard pass on that. He's too young at this stage of his life and still has school, then his career to establish. If it was 28 and 39 or anything older it wouldn't be so unusual. You'd have more in common at those life stages.

>> No.10221958

My partner is 10 years younger. I only considered him because he was already very strongly established in his career track already (so a relationship would not derail that part of his life and his career goals) and because he pursued me pretty singlemindedly. We were friends in a group, that's how I met him. At first I tried to convince him that someone a bit younger than he is would be better but he convinced me that he did not want someone younger. We had many of the same life goals already in common so it worked and here we are some years later, very happy.

>> No.10221982 [DELETED] 

I miss cutsew OPs :'(

>> No.10221991
File: 363 KB, 485x546, robot eat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Browsing lacemarket
>"Oh what a lovely dress/blouse/whatever! And what a price! Better check it ou-"
>Reserved for [insert name]

Every time

>> No.10222074

Huh, as a guy (30) i feel like an immense creep even thinking about dating someone significantly (more than 3 years) younger than myself. Though, not that it matters because i have weird trauma when it comes to hitting on/flirting with women, especially with online dating, partially thanks to admitting i was Bi on a dating site in the past, and being involved with the local furry group. Both of which involved men acting in a very predatory manner towards me and now i feel that almost all women are constantly assaulted by men like this and i'd just be part of the creepy disgusting noise.

>> No.10222086

I think I have to leave my comm. I’ve had too many people pretend to care about a serious issue of mine but then talk about me behind my back and accuse me of lying. The last couple times I went I just cried on the way home.

>> No.10222102

how do we know anon's guy is 18? she just said he was old enough to vote, meaning at LEAST 18

>> No.10222111

Happy Feel! I've been wearing lolita for 3 years now and yesterday was the first time I was asked for a photo! I just thought it was sweet. And the fact they asked too. At first I thought they were asking for directions and I was like, "Hmmmm? Huh? Oh!" It wasn't at a con and I was just out getting lunch.

>> No.10222118

I was just trying to say that the same age gap is very different at different ages, I have no idea how old anon and her crush are

>> No.10222136

I feel like she would have said ’early 20’s’ if he was 20 or over. I don't have a problem with the idea of a 10 year age gap in general if the younger one is over 25, any younger and it risks getting into the question of ’well are they established enough on their own yet and mature enough that the gap doesn't really matter?’. Maturity and life events vary from person to person and I'm sure there are exceptions. But in general, I don't think an 11 year gap with either partner being only 18 is so good. At 29, I personally am not at all attracted to any 18yo guys as a dating prospect though. I know a few and we really do not have much in common even though we may like a lot of the same things.

>> No.10222138

At this age, you are right to feel this way, there's usually a big maturity gap. But you really sound like you've got a lot of issues to settle within yourself first anyway so by 33 or so, dating anyone over 27 will give you a wider dating pool.
Women are usually always aware, and yep, a lot of creepy noise is constantly playing in the dating pool.

>> No.10222139

Why are you dragging out your ’serious issue’ repeatedly with multiple people at comm meets? That's probably what they are talking about. I would be talking too, saying ’fuck that’.
We are sick to death of people on high overshare with their ’issues’ when we are just trying to dress frilly, gather and drink some tea. That's NOT the right time and place.

>> No.10222175

>spend $300 on a commission for something I've wanted to do for a few years now when the person wanted some emergency commissions for something
>wait months for them to even start and ask for measurements
>they leave the city temporarily to go look for work elsewhere after getting fabric
>still waiting

Con's technically not until September and it was promised for then, but I'm losing my patience quickly as I'd like to do a shoot with it before the con, and I've had an emergency come up and would honestly rather just get my money back. But it's a casual friend so I'd feel back asking for a refund when they're stating they're broke and out looking for work.
But you also don't blow off the work you already have.


Sad and annoyed.
I know they're not scamming but there's really no excuse for leaving before finishing when it's been as long as it has.

>> No.10222186

- Don't commission someone who offers emergency commissions. That's pure proof they already aren't handling things well because they are depending emergency commissions.
- Don't commission friends. At best, completely awkward if something goes wrong. If it goes badly, the friendship nearly always suffers or dies over it. At this point you can't ask a refund because they may finish it in time, but if they don't, you're screwed for your con and still have the awkward problem of refund to deal with, and I'm betting they will not have the money then either.
- Don't pay full price up front. Negotiate 1/2 down 1/2 on completion next time, it keeps people motivated to deliver.

>> No.10222189

Trust me. I know now. Made the mistake because they were reliable in the past, but meh. Last time I'll be a bleeding heart in regards to money.

>> No.10222197

You could maybe tell them you are getting a little worried since it has been a long time (are-state how long for emphasis) and tell them you'd like weekly status updates until they finish, just to make sure things stay on track?

>> No.10222259

Kind of hard for them to make any sort of weekly update when they just left for "an indeterminate amount of time" to look for a job.

Going over this with some local cosplayers. I might just ask for a refund at this point. Idk if it stresses them out.

>> No.10222269

Don't hold your breath, I doubt they have any money to pay you if they are broke and looking for work.

My feel is that I feel like shit. I have a summer cold and I'm a bored and whiny bag of snot stuck in bed browsing the chan on a Monday afternoon. What a life.

>> No.10222286

anon nice trips but you do realize they could use it for fetish jacking off purposes right

>> No.10222315

i'm a decently cute girl so it's not even jealousy but i hate egirls so very much to the point i wish them dead (along with actual incels) or wish them bad things in most cases and i realize how wrong it is to wish death upon someone just for being a thot (or a miserable cunt in incel's cases).
I feel like the more time i spend on here and lolcow,kiwi farms,...the more hateful and bitter i become as a person and this is going to drive people away.

>> No.10222322

You are correct. Focusing on these things and becoming bitter like this changes you, immersing yourself in this world normalizes it when it's anything but normal, and yep, people can sense it. Fortunately it's reversible if you stop your miserable hatred for people on the internet that you don't even know. Some people browse here and it sits lightly on them but for the people it makes full of hate and bitterness, well, they need to watch out. Because it will change you. And twist your thoughts.

>> No.10222458

That you don't say what the serious issue is, that's a serious red flag. How are we supposed to sympathize with you when your serious issue could be things like:

- I'm FVF and I am a bodyposi spoonie with ten self-diagnosed cundishuns and my com won't do a collection to pay for a new scootie puff for me, waaaaaah!

- I'm a 15 yo grill in 57 yo man's body and I'm a little so I often shit myself at tea parties, I can't help it. The other 15 yo grills in the com refuse to help me change my diapers.

- I'm using the com as a therapy group to deal with my serious psychiatric issues and the other members refuse to act as psychiatrists, how dare they!

>> No.10222476

Ok, I admit it, I lol’d, scaring my poor cat. But I looked it up and no good, what is FVF?

>> No.10222593
File: 4 KB, 256x144, preview-small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you have adhd
I lost a brand dress. I have no idea where it could be. I've lost thousands of dollars because of adhd, but this is hitting me harder. Time to die.

>> No.10222599
File: 72 KB, 747x767, BD198D29-48E0-4874-B932-32C3A676E3FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cursed op image

>> No.10222603

Nice <3

>> No.10222626

Please leave your personal issues at home or talk about them with actual friends and not your comm friends. Unless you guys know each other on a personal level, no one cares about your health issues. It’s awkward to hear about and it’s a definite case of over sharing.

>> No.10222631

I like to live my life not thinking of the worst outcome for everything, anon. And not to be sexist....buuuuuuuuuuuuuut it was a lady. So. I doubt it.

>> No.10222636

I posted in the last feels thread about my lowered self esteem from weight gain. Welp, i've been dieting and losing weight. Now I'm getting weird catcalls and bad attention from strangers. Is it me or you just can't win as a lady??

>> No.10222638

I'm afraid that's just part of the lady life, anon. I lost weight, started dressing cuter, wearing makeup, and styling my hair when I go out and I get a lot of attention in public now even when I'm minding my own business.
My best advice would be to ignore it... The most important part is that you're happy with how you look. I love looking cute and people catcalling me in public is never going to dampen the happiness dressing cute brings me!

>> No.10222657

>have a friend since years back
>really sweet thing, a bit too bossy at times but everyone has their negative sides
>opens a store where she sells her crafts at cons
>underpriced but she makes a decent amount of money from it
>fast forward a couple of years and she has gotten a bunch of followers on social media
>it goes slowly more and more to her head
>thinks of herself as a j-fashion influencer
>has hitched up her prices to a ridiculous level because she thinks of herself as a brand
>gets PISSED and manipulative whenever she doesn’t get her way in events because she’s convinced she’s the one that attracts most of the visitors
>she complains that none of her friends support her store (we have a number of times, but she never makes any new things anymore and we don’t want to buy a bunch of the same shit over and over)
>thew a fit when a couple of us gave some advice to a different seller (whose items weren’t even close to similar to her items) because “SHE MIGHT SEE HOW WELL IM DOING AND COPY ME”

We still love her a lot, since she’s still a good friend and I’ve tried to hint that she needs to calm down because she is hurting the people around her with her megalomania, but she just ends up guilting me. It’s not the first time a friend gets like this the moment they get a lot of followers on social media, and I usually just distance myself and take a backseat in watching them burn all their bridges, but in this I kinda want to hold some sort of intervention or something so we can make her understand that she is ruining her own social life but she would probably just make herself out to be a victim since she’s sometimes unable to take responsibility for her own actions.

>> No.10222667

What do you mean by "lost"? Is it just somewhere in your house and you can't find it or are you afraid you left it somewhere?

>> No.10222668

It's not any more likely than people jacking off to your instagram so whatever

>> No.10222670
File: 787 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190709-143801_Video Player.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order wigs from taobao for the first time with a shopping service(42agent)
>they arrive at the warehouse and they sent photos of the wigs
>they look really good
>i think everything goes smoothly
>package arrive at local customs
>my mother went there with the documents because i have work
>they told her the package had no label and didn't meet european standards and thus will be send back to china
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is there something i can do to get them another way or am i fucked

>> No.10222680

I feel you because I used to be like you. I still am sometimes honestly. what changed me was just... exhaustion. like, at some point I got tired of being angry, hateful and bitter all the time. also I realized the only dumb clown is me, because I'm the one wasting so much time and emotional investment over people across the world who don't even know I exist. it's ridiculous.

im just indifferent to them now. every now and then I get pretty angry sure. but now... like i said, i just, sigh. "oh, another one of those".

Maybe it's part of getting old.

>> No.10222682

Pretty much everyone who frequents lolcow and kiwi are bitter, hateful, self loathing people. Here there are some exceptions because you have things like the DD thread or draw thread where people actively try and help others in a positive manner, but it can be tricky to keep the balance still. I’d suggest to you that you stop sinking your time into places that actively encourage spite and bitterness. Try doing things to bring other people up, volunteer if you can. You’ll feel better about yourself and those around you. If you absolutely *need* a drama fix watch YouTube drama vids. They’re still not good to be actively involved in but there’s not as much of a hateful element as the farms.

>> No.10222699

I'm bottom of the barrel in looks and pretty much never get catcalled, but for about a year I tried jogging to lose weight and ended up suddenly getting so much gross attention from dudes on the street that I ended up giving up and getting fat again. I hate it so much. I'd rather be forever alone than have to deal with that bullshit every day. I try not to feel bad for attractive girls because I know some claim to enjoy the attention and many are so self conscious they will take any negative attention over being ugly, but in reality it must fucking suck to have every crusty dude who walks by you think they've got a right to comment on your looks.

>> No.10222706

I've gained about 30 pounds lately and I feel like shit. But even when i was thin and had an hourglass body, my face is so ugly that i've never dealt with creepy men. Honestly, being ugly is a gift.

>> No.10222755

I mean it could be in my house but I looked everywhere. It could also be at the house my ex-boyfriend and I used to live in or at a hotel I went to a couple of months ago or my mom gave it to goodwill accidentally.

>> No.10222759

I'm ugly but I still have to deal with creepy men. Maybe you're just lucky to be surrounded by good guys.

>> No.10222777
File: 99 KB, 1024x515, 1561287316376.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This board, going to conventions and fugging thots and participating in the cosplay community in general is doing a good job at redpilling me and turning me into a legitimate misogynist
Bros how do I stop going down this path

>> No.10222778

The OP photo is so gross, I will be glad when this feels thread hits sage. That's one feel. Creepy pork claw hand is creepy.

Feel 2, because I would feel bad spamming just to boost the post count to find blessèd rip sage status for this cursed thread: Christmas in July is depressing and sad. If we can have Christmas in July just for shilling more commercial shit why the fuck can't we also have another Halloween in April too for spooky springtime aesthetic reasons? Flowers and death. So beautiful.

>> No.10222794

I've had some local events do some springtime halloween fun. They usually call it "Halfway to Halloween", and I'd love it if it became a thing. I've got the perfect dress for it, too.

>> No.10222989

Reminds me of the only girls that seem to like me on dating sites, morbidly obese normes with 3 kids. Maybe i should just bite the bullet since i can't even match with an average looking girl.

>> No.10222995

Next year the halfway point falls on May 1, Mayday, also on a Friday so yes to a spooky spring cocktail party or witchy weekend magic themed meet (or both)!

>> No.10223000

Be a solo online-only Lothario and write anonymous odes to lolitas. Take up the violin. Travel. Eat all the steak yourself and hire a maid to clean your apartment. Buy a great car and keep an unreasonable pet. Study taxidermy or mythology. Take up historical re-enactment, its a great way to meet chicks who can do stuff.

>> No.10223008

And while i'm at it grow 5 inches and win the lottery.

>> No.10223025

Aha but the things I spoke of are not dependent on luck, just you getting off your ass and doing something interesting. This is the reason you are single, this attitude, maybe? I didn't say you need to be tall, rich, etc. Just do something interesting, some things you yourself think are interesting. That makes you more interesting to others. Every guy I've dated, I've met through some common interest we shared, I have never even been on a dating site.

>> No.10223029

Well, you are right, i am a boring fat nerd in their 30s who has no real interests or friends because i keep everything in life at arms length because i'm afraid to get too involved spends too much of their life killing time playing video games and lets their mother control them because i'm a conditioned little cuck who has to go through her for every decision in life.

I'm the literal definition of undatable.

>> No.10223037

You sound like a friend of mine that my boyfriend and I try to reform a bit, we invite him to go out to do fun stuff, often in a group...and he only comes out once in a great while, and he is just getting more and more lonely. I worry for him, what will his life be, time doesn't wait and he's literally wasting his life away. Y u guys do this? Other longtime bachelor men get into cool hobbies and get second degrees and do group travel adventures and go to fun stuff. Why not you too? Don't get yourself stuck with some cow and her brats, go live your life.

>> No.10223038

You are literally the worst kind of person i can imagine, you are probably skulking around /cgl/ looking for dates or to hit on "omg cute nerd girls"

Well guess what loser, none of us want you, nobody wants you. Leave /cgl/ forever and go to /r9k/ to rot with the rest of your kind.

>> No.10223046

Heh, i think my biggest mental stumbling block is my mother. Just... whenever i want to do something, or go anywhere i have to tell her in excruciating detail of what i'm doing, contact numbers, etc. Combined with the fact she has always made me feel ashamed of all my interests, honestly it's a wonder i've maintained them at all because somehow if she tells me i shouldn't do something i... just... can't do it, even if i really wanted to.

You know, the greatest irony is that i have to listen to my mother rant on for hours, and hours about her issues with her mother, while constantly seeking reassurance that she's a good one.

These are some really fucked up issues, and i desperately need space, but she is completely dependent upon my rent and will go into debt immediately if i move out and i buy a lot of the groceries. What makes it worse is both my younger brothers are married, have families, and i'm just stuck like this, utterly undatable.

Sorry, just dumping all this out but i've been having some pretty dark thoughts and acting out in weird ways.

>> No.10223057

A fat vegan femme. A boi, pronouns they/them uwu

>> No.10223069

>two dream dresses appear
>On the same day
>At a reasonable price
>In my size
>Right after I got paid
Blessings rain down from the heavens!

>> No.10223071

>live in uk
>calling the cons dogshit would be a trmnous understatement
>almost no weaboo people

I wih i was born in africa

>> No.10223081

My wife and I didn't get into cosplay until our late 20's.

She's now 32, I'm 29. We're always working on our next projects. And having more fun now than we did ten years ago.

Hell, ten years ago I hated going to cons. I love them now.

>> No.10223086

I get it that you have to provide for her but you do need to grow a spine and put your coot down and make some changes, your lack of being date-ble is not half as worrisome as your lack of control over our own life, interests and feelings, honestly. Do you have a family friend, doctor, pastor etc that you can open up to or can one of your brothers maybe help you intervene and help you to get your daily living situation into a healthier state? This is not good for your mother either, she sounds like she may need some mental help. You absolutely do need space and some autonomy. It's time.

>> No.10223095

You deserve to be happy anon. I know you love your mom, and excuse the tumblr talk, but that relationship is toxic. You may find you guys get along better once she’s not living with you as well. Also, no wonder your siblings are better off, they stuck you with the responsibility. That’s bullshit if she tries to guilt you with that. Ask them to chip in costs to get her on her feet. After that it is on her. It cannot be your responsibility to carry her.

>> No.10223097
File: 12 KB, 207x221, 1512098116166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>massive urge to cosplay vocaloid characters after wanting to cosplay more now that i have more money
>think how weird it's gonna be for a 27 year old to do it
>dawning of realisation that i missed my prime cosplay years when I was 16/18 and get super depressed
God fuck why can't I start my life over gulls

>> No.10223100
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I cosplay Carl

I wish I had the drive to exercise

>> No.10223104

Lots of us are still hanging on to our weeb (and other subculture) interests well into our 30’s and beyond, anon. You are right, we have much more money and time now. You still have time to do so much of the fun stuff, just maybe rethink a bit about the best way to do it. Lolitas, staying in the fashion, older people are continuing go cosplay or starting late, even. You literally see grannies cosplaying. It's a thing.

>> No.10223110

I just feel like it's creepy to do vocaloid since they're quite young, aside from Luka/Kaito (but I want to do Miku/Rin/Len)

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad with friends?

>> No.10223112

Yeah, just get a group together and goof off while dressed as virtual singers.
Don't think too hard about it, at cons we're all a bunch of fucking dweebs in the end anyway.

>> No.10223115

Google older cosplayers. It depends.

>> No.10223170

Kys cunt

>You are probably skulking around /cgl/ looking for dates or to hit on "omg cute nerd girls"
How the FUCK do you even come to this conclusion?

>> No.10223175

Kigurumi mask?

>> No.10223177

Do you look old, anon?

>> No.10223215

You are an adult now, you can't make your mother responsible for why your life is still shitty and you're too lazy and scared to go out

>> No.10223219

NAYRT but because we see it every day.

>> No.10223230

Well at least you know you’re undateable

>> No.10223262

You are the coward anon, you are the fuckup anon. Tell your mother to fuck off and do what YOU want, and if you can't do that. Well. Enjoy being forever alone you worthless little turd. Cowards like you never deserve happiness, people are only happy by their own hands and actions and it never just comes to them.

>> No.10223322

Whenever I see fat people with really fat hands and tight rings, I always wonder how their circulation hasn't been cut off. How the fuck do you even still have fingers, sis?

>> No.10223394


>> No.10223437

Congrats anon! I hope you enjoy your dream dresses!

>> No.10223439

Gotta break some incels to make a chad omlet anon.

>> No.10223601

Lets cosplay vocaloids together

>> No.10223679


I wish someone catcalled me every once in a while. I guess I'm ugly and dumpy :'(

>> No.10223682


It's not as nice as you think. It's very alarming and then you're left wondering if it was you or not. And they catgirl all sorts of girls. It's an intimidation tactic, not a complimentary one.

>> No.10223687

I've been catcalled before, and it really was as nice as I think. It made me feel so desired, and there's nothing people look down on more in this world than an ugly woman.... or a poor fat man I guess

>> No.10223724

This is especially true in cities with high crime rates.
If a guy wants to compliment you and he's got any sort of balls, he'll strike up a conversation, give you a compliment. Guys who hang out their car windows and bark at you like dogs are trying to show their friends how alpha they are by making people uncomfortable for giggles.

>> No.10223725
File: 1.45 MB, 1510x884, Picture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a big convention happening downtown and im like

>> No.10223728

Go to it!

>> No.10223836
File: 80 KB, 720x392, tposers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My sister was walking through con when some old lady grabbed her by the thong and said "Better tuck THIS in! Haha."

Wtf is with boomers?

>> No.10223851
File: 8 KB, 261x190, 491.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she is completely dependent upon my rent
So, you have the financial leverage here, but you're letting her push you around anyway.

>> No.10223925
File: 151 KB, 421x500, 1497937269088.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much do you even have to eat to get this fat?

>> No.10223940


>> No.10223942
File: 20 KB, 256x294, 2F36E757-3517-46CC-89F5-7DE95E0F3AC2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The feeling of being in customs hell waiting for your dress to leave their sticky claws
Turns out because I didn’t pick it up in time it’s being sent back to the origin country. Oops forgot to mention one little detail, I tried multiple fucking times to pick it up using every proof of identification they asked of me and it still wasn’t good enough so it’s being sent back and will have to be reshipped. Right now they want the senders postal service to contact them and only then they’ll stop the package from leaving the country. Bunch of imbeciles. If I have the receipt of proof of my purchase through PayPal, multiple copies of different ID stating my name and addresses on them, that should be reason enough to give me my package! Feels bad man, Chronopost is the fucking worst. It’s a dress, not a wartime chemical agent.

>> No.10223943

be a decent human being?

>> No.10223946

Sounds like a little bit of paranoia creeping in. Just breathe and think about the last time you saw it. Getting anxious and over emotional will just hinder you so keep your cool. Calmly look for it in your house again, ask ex if he’s seen it, as your mother if she’s seen it. None of this has to happen in a day, but just a little progress is better than none. If you can’t find it after that then that’s okay too, you’ll always be able to get the dress from a reseller.

>> No.10223949
File: 389 KB, 248x194, sadpurin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just broke up with my boyfriend of two years and now I'm moving back in with my parents. My mother is already overwhelmed with the stuff I'm bringing home, and I haven't even started bringing over my lolita and j-fash items. I'm going to have to sell things that I'm not ready to sell. All of this on top of my already overwhelming depression and anxiety is going to slow my recovery big time.

>> No.10223950

Great solution m8

>> No.10224049

I wish anon. We only ever got a Miku Expo here once.

>> No.10224053
File: 26 KB, 426x320, 1528928393045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't do it. You're already saying you're not ready to sell these items, and you dread the anxiety that it will bring.

Put your lolita items and j-fash stuff in boxes. Pack them neatly with the intent to be happy when you open the box again. Preferably divide it into smaller themed boxes, and keep a list of what lies where. Next step is to store them. If you can't pay for a storage unit, ask many of your friends to keep one box each. That was no one will be overwhelmed or intruded upon. You need some time to get back on your feet, and if your friends are willing to hold on to your stuff while you do that they're good friends.

Please don't sell if it brings you sorrow.

>> No.10224054
File: 652 KB, 2048x1269, 2795CD3C-571C-484A-B06D-73070093E67D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not as much as you might think, but if you eat mostly nutritionless junk, it adds up fast and still leaves your body craving more because you have not properly fueled it with the vitamin and minerals it needs to function. Each of these meals already has over 1/2 the calories most average people need each DAY. A fairly sedentary woman in her mid-20’s will need less. That’s with medium fries and drink. No dessert.

>> No.10224059

Pack and store things you do not immediately need if you can, prioritizing useable things that will get you functioning, like a capsule wardrobe of your favorite everyday wearable stuff. If there is no storage in your family home or you can’t afford to rent one, do Konmari and sell the excess. The hard truth is that you can’t expect your parents to just re-absorb your own complete cache of possessions once you have moved out as an adult. Especially if storage is not readily available in their house and your items are already overwhelming your mother. Items are things, your focus should be getting functional again as a person so you have control of your depression and anxiety and can move out on your own quickly instead of being focused on ‘saving your stuff’. It’s stuff.

>> No.10224065

Im planning on going to magical mirai next year or the year after that

>> No.10224097
File: 585 KB, 720x810, Screenshot_20170924-051026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so tired of having to rake so much cash just to live a bare minimum life and be able to walk. im such a genetic fuckup I don't understand why I was born at all. the money I have spent this year on exams, tests, therapy, surgery, appointments, etc could buy me a full closet full of brand, but no.

hell, there's barely any point in buying clothes and being pretty anymore because I can barely go outside anymore. it's too painful.

if i get cancer someday. im just gonna give up and not treat it. im just gonna buy everything ive wanted and be buried in frills.

>> No.10224136

Okay I don't normally get like this, but you can't post our comm leader's fat hand here just to be made fun of, she knows she's fat, everyone knows she's fat, we're the fat comm okay
Also, pretty sure I know who this is since no one else would have been this insensitive
Fuck off, R

>> No.10224145

Reverse image search says this ghostly pig paw has been spooking people in the netiverse since 2004. Bit late with the ire, aren’t we?

>> No.10224147

I need a nap
But can’t sleep
Pigs will eat my face.

>> No.10224148

Quick, which comm has a landwhale for a leader that just got engaged and could have been mistaken for /that/?

>> No.10224150

Anon, get help.

>> No.10224152

Atlanta or Pittsburgh

>> No.10224178
File: 97 KB, 1600x948, 5F342293-BF94-4C40-ADDE-9F8DF33A5DC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The more I browse this board, the closer I feel like I am to developing an eating disorder everyday.

>> No.10224185

Don’t let it get you, just diet sensibly if you need to lose weight. If you are fat, be honest with yourself about your already unhealthy relationship with food and just change it.

>> No.10224201

If you are happy at whatever size you are, that's all that matters. Ignore crazy ana-chans.

>> No.10224206

That just shows you’re a weak person. If being here upsets you so much you’re on the verge of developing a fucking mental illness you need to leave.

>> No.10224207
File: 70 KB, 499x481, 1482898617846.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wanted to send messages to distant japanese friends since I will go there next year but I felt a bit bad since I didn't talked to them in a long time. Now their contry just got it's biggest mass murder since WW 2, it's too fucking akward to send them anything.

>> No.10224211

Shit, I’m 33 and now is the prime time for cons. Idgaf if I’m old, I’m gonna cosplay my heart out. I also can afford Lolita again. It’s a win-win.

>> No.10224242

....what? Why would that make things awkward? Were they personally involved in the attack or are you just a social retard?

>> No.10224306

I've got a ton of projects and ideas I want to make happen and have the money and skills to do, but my living situation gives me basically no useable time. Currently living with family acting in a caretaker role which keeps me busy throughout the day. Anytime I'm able to work on something creative, I get interrupted by family members or by the caretaking responsibilities. No one respects my time, emotional needs, or goals and its lead me into a hefty bout of depression. I feel so numb, and I have no one to talk to - kind of dont even want to talk to anyone, considering most of my friends are fair weather fuckheads or are too autistic to understand what I'm going through. The only good ones, I've talked their ears off already and it just makes me feel embarrassed to admit that I'm so pathetic and weak that I would even need emotional support in the first place. Who needs friends anyway? They just leave you eventually anyway or end up being lowkey self absorbed shitheads. At least I have my husband at the end of the day. But hes having just as rough a time as I am lately.

>> No.10224348

>tfw no rock 'n' roll loving lolita gf
It's the same old desire burning like fire

>> No.10224354

see a therapist. caregiving can put you into major depression

>> No.10224399
File: 100 KB, 540x252, ciel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm pretty damn depressed and I'm too scared of failing with sewing and scared of trying to get into new hobbies. It's really starting to hinder my growth in my hobbies and I'm starting to get really frustrated with myself. Not to mention that this summer has been pretty lonely and dry work wise, so it's stressing me out. I just wish I could do better in life.

>> No.10224404

Set boundaries.
All jobs have these, treat it as such

>> No.10224410


Get respite care for that oerson. During that time, don't respond to anyone's needs but your own. You need time for yourself. Everyone does, and fuck people who don't understand that.

>> No.10224445

Well in my country a lot of people get very emotional when such mass murder happend ( especially when the medias are pumping info non stop ) and some of those friends are anime otaku. Maybe it's only were I'm from that it's like that. I don't know if it's too much to aknoweldge the terrible event in my message ( I really don't know the japanese etiquette in that situation )

>> No.10224542
File: 138 KB, 847x960, 1542583579532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

According to tracking my $300 dress is stuck at the border since monday. I'm afraid customs will totally fuck me over. ;_;

>> No.10224565

I’m in a similar situation with my grandmother, but she’s become verbally and physically abusive towards me these past few months. Nobody else will really help her the way I will but she’s now thrown hot coffee at my face and glass cups. I had to get stitches. But I can’t find it in myself to stop helping her. I know her dementia is progressing some so it’s not really her fault

>> No.10224592

Good, im not autistic then.
I think thats an overstatement.

>> No.10224599
File: 10 KB, 326x242, FB_IMG_1563056897674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't use an AP bag as your day bag in the summer. Shit melts

>> No.10224602

Jesus. Stop putting yourself in danger. For all you know she could seriously harm you one day out of confusion. Stitches is where I'd call it.

>> No.10224664

The burn hurt more and took longer to heal than the cut that had stitches. I’m not really afraid of dying so I guess I don’t mind getting hurt physically, but it really hurts my feelings that she treats me this way and says really terrible stuff to me like mocking how I was bullied as a kid or telling me I’m not a part of the family any more in her eyes. I go over there literally every day to help so it’s like, what more could I do? It’s not her fault she’s this way

>> No.10224694

Get a caregiver like every other old demented person.

>> No.10224707

It's completely irrelevant to your friendship. They won't give a shit if you don't mention it. It's not some giant natural disaster that killed or displaced thousands, it was a single crazy guy who killed like 34 people who worked in the same building. The only reason you'd *need* to bring it up is if they lost someone personally in the attack (or if you're just trying to make small talk and have nothing else to talk about other than current events).

>> No.10224709

Same shit happened to me anon. Mine was stuck there for over a week. Don't freak out just yet, it may take some time.

>> No.10224721

Get her Professional help at this point, you can't handle this alone, it's unfair to think your should.

>> No.10224722

Tyler so mad. I love it.

Fuck all age players btw.

>> No.10224729

She refuses help from them, she used to be a nurse and she uses it as her excuse as to pick apart their treatment. She has dementia and has medicine for it, but she’s coherent enough to convince her doctors she’s in her right mind. But they don’t see her in her day to day life. If I’m being completely transparent, she’s always had a mean side to her, it’s just it’s exacerbated with the dementia issues. But I still don’t think in the moments where she’s physically hurt me she is in control, because she was never physically abusive to me before only verbally so.

>> No.10224738

Tell the doctors. If you pull them aside and mention her physical attacks, they will 100% take note of it in their charts and factor it into her care.

>> No.10224758

Big con is coming up and my skin is dancing like a devil towards complete breakdown. Stop. Behave. I'm begging you.

>> No.10224760

Get video evidence of how she is during the day when people aren't watching her, Show the doctors how she is when they aren't around. You don't deserve to be her punching bag

>> No.10224761

I've been looking for it on and off for months. I don't want to buy it again, I would just feel shitty about constantly losing things when I wear it.

>> No.10224762

>that I'm not ready to sell
Do you wear them or not? If you don't wear it, sell it. You may never "feel" ready because all of it is pretty. But it's useless and actually in the way now.

>> No.10224955

Who stuck some almonds on a fucking brautwurst

>> No.10225035

Don't worry about or mention it. Just send a message saying hello and that you're coming. They'll most likely make time to see you when the visit.

Crazy stuff happens all the time in Japan, it just doesn't always make international headlines.

>> No.10225110
File: 76 KB, 571x361, 57926B0F-9E66-422C-BE85-64B28B18E363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This right here.

>> No.10229082
File: 35 KB, 550x600, a563685066c75948cf03a027517dea86.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My hairstylist fucked up my haircut and I'm attending SaikouCon next week. I asked her to keep the length and shape up my sides and instead she finishes with me looking some russian borat fucking military grade cadet. I'm considering buying a wig or wearing a hat in the meanwhile.

Guy btw.

>> No.10234264

my main two friends i go to cons with arent going to CRX with me and im going to have a hotel to myself and also have a new girl i never met room with me. how do you make new friends or join new friend groups. i just want a good core group of people to go to cons daily with. i dont want to have huge 7 man groups but like atleast 5 seems fine. im 26 been going to cons since 15 but i really wanna transition to having a different con friend group now.

tl;dr i suck at making friends

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