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What services do people use to make custom printed thigh-highs like this? I can only find websites that print long tube socks with stripes and letters.

Also, what are some services that allow you to make custom shirts and other products? Not as in printing a drawing on a premade t-shirt, but being able to customize the cut, pockets and sleeves as well.

I hope my question makes sense and that we can compile some resources!

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I've even seen people producing custom backpacks like this. (They're not handmade)

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you can ask on >>10215596
but they probably won't help since they have their own business to run and focus on. if you want to start selling stuff, you gotta do the research like they did.

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>we can compile some resources
So that the suppliers get overwhelmed, raise prices and/or the market get saturated?

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You really think that many people are gonna look on this thread? Suppliers aren't going to be hurt from having more clients.

Ah, I probably should have started there. Maybe having this separate thread will be helpful but I'll try asking there too.

I've been attempting to research but I must be retarded or something cause I can't find the answers I'm looking for

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Recommending someone to my supplier also reflects on me. If I recommend someone who doesn't know what their doing, the supplier will be less likely to do favors for me.

Also what you're asking for requires a whole run of production... nobody is going to just make what you want. You have to coordinate all the different pieces yourself and then explain and manage the project as well as pay for samples etc. If you're just starting out and don't have a background in fashion you should really just start with the basic low minimum sublimation

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>Suppliers aren't going to be hurt from having more clients.
when a supplier gets more orders that they can handle there's 3 options
1. raise prices
2. make a huge waiting list
3. lower quality

do your own research.

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Gotcha. I think I found what I need anyhow.

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There are other options than those. They could increase production by hiring more staff or new plant or incrased automation . They could just reject the orders. They could subcontract.


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Besides, making a thread for resources isn't going to increase the suppliers' orders tenfold or anything. The AA thread already has some resources listed too so it's not like this board is against sharing them. Anon is just in a grumpy mood.

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i don't see the point in holding manufacturers and suppliers secret lmao.

they ain't a trade secret or some special recipe you thought of yourself. Everyone is so tight lipped about it and it's dumb.

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good luck with your designs anon, I hope you do well!
[I'm not grouch supplier anon]

I've done hours of research, paid for samples, etc to get a supplier I like. When you're doing custom work/patterns like anon is looking for it takes a lot of time and back and forth to actually get a manu to make what you want. After all that it's really frustrating when people want to be spoonfed right away without offering anything in return or even being someone you know.

I share suppliers happily with my friends and people I know.

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that's a very spiteful attitude.

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Welcome to 4ch newfag

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It sometimes is though. Not even supplier is mainstream.

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Anon is right though. Suppliers rarely do any of the above. Instead they just open a waiting list to ensure that they still have business lined up or have a massive drop in quality to keep up with demand. Look at acrylic charm printing for example. Companies were able to produce decent quality charms within a reasonable timeframe but since the popularity of charms has exploded, many companies either have extremely long waitlists, slow turnaround time due to having too many orders, subpar quality, or a combo of the above.

How is that person’s reply spiteful? They’re just laying it out as is. People don’t share manufacturers and suppliers because a majority of them sank their own money into ensuring that the manufacturer can meet their expectations. It’s pretty rude for someone to expect to get the same resources for free and without doing any research on their own.

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>>How is that person’s reply spiteful?
are you retarded? sharing information to make things easier and to advance things is pretty much the entire point of groups and forums. the entire point of being human. sure, you can withold information for personal gain and there's nothing wrong with that to a certain degree. saying "fuck you, i suffered so you gotta suffer too" is nothing but spiteful though and i have no idea why you would say otherwise. don't get me wrong, that anon has no obligations and can do what he wants.

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You are asking for personal gains at the expense of other people, but THEY are the spiteful ones?

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>at the expense of other people
this has nothing to do with the post i replied to. everything that anon talked about was in the past with no mention of future drawbacks. not to mention that the suppliers would benefit from more customers so if you want to word it that way you are withholding information at the expense of many others even the people you benefit from.
>THEY are the spiteful ones
that anon absolutely.

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Yumelixir or digital art wear if you're U.S.

Knowing a manufacturer won't help you sell a product.

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Lol you’re making it sound like anons are withholding information that could lead to curing cancer. It’s fucking just weeb shit manufacturers. Quit being such a baby about doing your own research.
>tHe EnTiRe PoInT oF bEiNg HuMaN

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>at the expense of other people
Is someone going to kill your dog if you share your sources? It makes literally zero difference in your life, how dramatic are you

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I hate this bag.

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see >>10218680

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Ok but where can I buy these socks they’re cute

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How new can you fucking be? Jesus.

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The salt is overflowing today.

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Settle down newfag

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They ae a pretty old design by Cherrypop.shop

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