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How do you guys like my Jotaro?

Any tips?

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Heres another pose

Ora ora ora ora

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a thread died for this

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Cute purse!

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Is this real? Where’s your embellishments on your hat and jacket? You’ve got a lot of work to do if you want to turn that trench into a school jacket dude.

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Okay sorry jesus christ

Fucking relax

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Are those dandruff flakes on your pants, or just glitter?

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>Any tips?
>someone gives you tips on what to work on
fuck off, snowflake

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Are you new to 4chan as a whole my guy
Sage for faggot.

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Not another anon with aspies trying to sleep with qt cosplay girls...

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Fuck off faggot ive been here since 2002 you dumbass weeb

Now got any tips? If not dont post in my fucking thread

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Didnt even sage right lmao

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oh fuck

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I literally told you to put some fucking embellishments on your god damn hat and jacket. You want me to spoonfeed you how?
You’re literally wearing a trench coat and a jacket and claiming this is Jotaro. Get the fuck out with your shitty closet cosplay. Learn how to use some model clay and try again next time BYEEEE

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Since OP doesnt know what the fuck Jotaro even looks like, I’m gonna turn this into a Jojo cosplay thread. Maybe you can look at the pics and figure out VISUALLY what your cosplay is lacking

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Have another, careful not to dribble on yourself as I spoonfeed you

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Looks like a lot of guys are using plastic chains you can buy at Lowe’s and painting them gold. If you’re crafty you can make belts out of fabric but I think tape would be easier

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I’m done now, hope that helps you. You can literally buy the hat on Etsy btw. You should at least look at it to figure out what embellishments you need for your hat.

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You been here since 2002 and don't know how the board works? I highly doubt that. Try again, young weeb.

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sick Watch Dogs™ cosplay bro!

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At least you don’t look that smelly

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i can feel the autism

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Go to /fit/

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That dudes got one hell of a ganglion cyst

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See you at area 51 brother

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sad thread, I feel bad for the guy.

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Ill add:
workout (see some /fit threads)
work your jaw, you can punch it and it can become a bit stronger (like muay thai leg training)
Also...be more confident, i berieve in you

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Time to whip out the ole bible.

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I hate this board

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>doesn’t post in the help thread because clearly his lame self deserves his own thread
>/cgl/ gives him slightly snippy but constructive criticism
>proceeds to whine about such a weak poke on this shithole site of all places
>whips out totally real oldfag peen
Nah, go in

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