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Is cosplay inherently sexual?

Is it less a hobby in 2019 and more a form of sexual expression?

Do cosplayers tend to have more permissive attitudes towards sex and casual sex in particular?

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No, it's not. It's a hobby. The same percentage of cosplayers are all about sex as non cosplayers.
Go to tinder to get your dick wet.

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>No, it's not. It's a hobby. The same percentage of cosplayers are all about sex as non cosplayers.

The cosplay scene is "sex positive". Orgies regularly happen at minor and major cons. Most cosplayers have extremely liberal attitudes towards sex and sexuality. The poll that some people did at AX showed that cosplayers have an average of 30 sexual partners.

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Found the incel

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Ask me how I know you only have sex once every 2 months.

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Anything is sexual if you put your mind to it anon. Even your grandma.

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No, people just realized sex sells and “sexy” cosplay would make them more popular

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This depends on the country/cultural attitude towards sex, not the fact that they cosplay. For example in the US, most people regardless of hobbies have permissive attitudes about casual sex because it's an ultra liberal culture. In much more conservative cultures like asian ones, the cosplayers will be just as likely to be as conservative as anyone else there.

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Common misconception. Actually, horny is illegal!

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Sex sells. Cosplayer are often LGBTQ who are "sex positive".
Many female cosplayers and models sell nudes and lewd content to guys. Ass pays the bills.

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>Is cosplay inherently sexual?
>Is it less a hobby in 2019 and more a form of sexual expression?

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>Is cosplay inherently sexual?
>Is it less a hobby in 2019 and more a form of sexual expression?

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>Is cosplay inherently sexual?
>Is it less a hobby in 2019 and more a form of sexual expression?

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this question is as old as cosplay itself. Or costuming even. Look back at pics from the 80's and see nothing has changed except the quality of costumes.

>Ultra liberal

Haha who are you kidding. It's the prudishness of the conservatives that makes the 'liberals' under you guys go to extreme lengths to feel any kind of authority of the self. I acknowledge that California is likely to be more liberal than say Kentucky or Alabama but...I wouldn't call the entire US 'Ultra Liberal'

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>Lemme cherrypick non professional cosplay pics who obviously do it for fun
>Lemme ignore that 80% of famous cosplayers are glorified camwhores selling their feet pics to horny betas

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so famous cosplayers = all cosplayers now?
you do realize famous cosplayers are already a fairly small percentage of all cosplayers, right?
you do realize your glorious burgerland and other main capitals doesn't represent the entire world and a whole lot of other countries that don't have shit for brains also have people that cosplay in it, right?
>inb4 everything that isn't within my narrative is just cherrypicking and exceptions
You know what, you're right. every single person is in it for sex and sexual purposes. every single person starts spending heaps of cash, effort and stress into costumes and cons and whatnot just to get their dick wet or be ogled at by chads. oh yeah, including the kids and teens.

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Yes, cosplay is inherently sexual because (most of) the characters you dress as are designed to be inherently sexual
And I dont just mean the half naked ones, pretty much every character was designed with sexuality in mind, whether consciouslyor not.

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I'd fuck that ChiChi

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but how were children made then hmm?

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Why do you betas care about sex so much? Everyone can live without it. And if you “literally” can’t then do every woman a favor and kill yourselves

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b-but anon, muh biologies, muh pseudoscience! muh testosterone! m-men are stronk creetures, driven to procreate, they can't control themselves!

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>believing polls conducted at anime expos
>implying that people answer truthfully
people voted for Harambe during the presidential elections I wouldn't put it past people to lie about the number of sexual partners that they've had.

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I meant ultra liberal about sex specifically. Hookup culture is the norm all over the country.

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Literally this. Sex can be found literally everywhere, let us have our hobby.

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Stork bitch

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Masturbation doesn't count

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It makes me laugh that so much rape occurs at cons these days. That's all you deserve.

Women orgasm from rape.

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Did you know that the more sex a man has the smaller his penis is? The strong vaginal walls of a woman squeeze his penis into a smaller shape, stay a virgin young man.

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this is true

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Feel when being talked down to by cosplay girl bullies is a turn on.

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"Literally everywhere" would include your hobby.

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Usually I would think it's someone trolling but something tells you're actually retarded.

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>thinking anon is serious
obviously this is as nonsensical as scrotes believing women’s vaginas get loose from having sex with multiple men.

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Fuck off Nick/Athens, you only hate women because you're desperate to get strapped by a femdom.

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At a convention cosplay has a good mix of sexy and non sexy.

Online how ever it looks like every girl with a low BMI has got a patreon side hustle of lewds newds for dudes.

I think and anime creators put the female characters in hardly there outfits just to see if one would cosplay.

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>every girl with a low BMI

Havent you seen all the "thicc" (read:obese) girls selling lewds?

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Yes, and no respectively.

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Which is most likely due to the strict conservative rulings. When something is not allowed, humans want to do it more. So they want to break free of being 'prudish' and become part of hookup culture. I guess.

It sucks I'd say. I pity that culture.

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Hookup culture is a thing in Japanese media at least. Plus I mean, lol their porn culture is wild.

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In reality it's not very common or culturally accepted there though, as it is in the US. It's seen as shameful thing that needs to be kept hidden.

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Wearing costumes ain’t sexual as long as you don’t make it sexual.

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What if someone else makes it sexual?

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It's a hobby until you get the particular cosplayers who turn any cosplay into lewd and sexual. If in doubt then check patreon.

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They faggots

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>implying he's not getting mad pussy 24/7 for his skills

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But blame the normalfags that wanted to do an in between a cosplay and a sexy Halloween costume from china.

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And what stops THAT from being a hobby still?

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Rank these guys from most attractiveness to least.

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You already had a thread for this fuck off

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No but if you're lonely and horny you probably only pay attention to the cosplayers who advertise their sexuality, so it might seem that way to some people

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nope! dressing up like a half-naked slut is "totally not sexual at all" and "just a hobby"

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Yeah, youre a whore.

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Jesus Christ, why are you such a cunt. He merely asked a question.

Fuck, I hate women like this. You deserve to be thrown into some African shithole where no man will bother to lay his life on the line for a worthless bitch like you.


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What are you even talking about.

Yeah men are different from women. Did they not teach that at school. Retard.

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Absolutely seething!

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Is it a crime?

I can turn the seething off, but I chose to give her the truth. She's a cunt. OP did nothing wrong. Whats more, ehores dont get to mock virgins for desiring sex. You dont see obese fuck mocking Ethiopians, you know what I mean? Heh.

You guys are like b except female and bitchy. At least refer to his post if youre gonna insult him. Jesus Christ man.

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you're on the wrong board, incel

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Not an incel.

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name 10 21st century female mathematicians

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Wow, you’re really upset, you should go take a break from here.

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keep telling yourself that

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This guy>>10223718
is not me. :)

Retard its a fact. I know myself better than you.

Why so dumb? Can you even dress? Show us your work. Fatty.

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Not gonna lie, Im disappointed as hell. I thought this place was smarter than the rest. Instead its just the same old trolling with a little bit of clotted menstrual blood. Yuck.

Anyone smart willing to step in and tell them to stop?

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Literally every girl I've ever met at a con is ace and I don't understand why. It's almost like something about anime and the fanbase just puts them off the idea of dating and sex entirely. Or maybe anime just attracts lots of female autistics.

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If she's cute, not fat and a natural born female... chances are I'd let her crash in my bed to cuddle/fuck. Mutual non clingyness and no expectations would be required. Casual and chill is the most fun as it has the least stress.

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Woah I never thought I would ever have such a strong urge to legsweep someone

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It didn't used to be inherently sexual. Back in the day it was really about being a big ol nerd and expressing it through costume.

When big costhots became the face of the hobby it shifted gears. I remember when I first started cosplaying back in 2004 and I tried explaining my hobby - people thought it was weird but I was able to say "it's like Halloween for a weekend, we dress up as cartoon characters"

Now I say I cosplay and I've had at least a handful of people ask if I sell lewds on Patreon because that's what the lay person knows about the hobby - the famous cosplayers are the girls who flash titty for a price.

I run cosplay events where young teenage girls bemoan that they can't be cosplay famous if they don't wear skimpy outfits and post lewd photos which is just heartbreaking to me. They strive to be the next Jessica Nigri or Belle Delphine and make fast cash and fame off posting lewds with no plan for the bigger picture - and I feel so bad seeing these girls narrowing their worth to their body and how much people will pay to look at it without considering everything else they can offer the world.

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I feel you anon

I despise gatekeeping and elitism and whatnot, but more often than not you can really tell how a lot of the thots actually don't give a shit about the character they're cosplaying/series either. It's sad. It's not about the passion and the nerdiness of it all anymore. Unless you really go to smaller cons.

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If the salt marsh that is CGL is to be believed, then a lot of the well known professional cosplayers have a history as escorts. Names have been dropped in the past. Also several CGL regulars have admitted to escorting.

So there is at least in parts permissive attitudes towards paid sex.

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The big name cosplayers back in the day all did sexual shit too - Frandan, Alisa, Miyu, Lindze etc

>> No.10226460

literally worked at a con for a while and an e-famous girl who had been trading sex for cosplay money and con-related perks was asking me in a super round-about way if one of the married cosplay judges was getting enough at home.

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No it’s not. It was very upsetting when I was 14 and now having a fun time as my favorite characters to be solicited by adults. I was dressed as Asuka in the school uniform once and cornered in the woman’s bathroom by an adult. Cosplay is not inherently sexual. Some people just want to have fun and aren’t horny little bastards.

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Ahahaha I cosplay the CHARACTERS I'd LIKE to have sex with, not so other people will have sex with me.

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>totally not to fulfill some nerd's sexual fantasy

>> No.10226528

let me guess, underage yaoi shit

>> No.10226530

it’s related to how young female fanbases aggressively police each other—first it was ‘hey lewding this 12 year old anime girl is kinda fucked’ and now it’s ‘lewding this adult character with other adult fans makes you a pedophile because you’re not on a private account and a child could see it’. turns a lot of females off to sex entirely because their peers are openly disgusted by it

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I was in the bar/hotel restaurant area during a con a few weeks ago shooting the shit with a few friends a one of those people was loudly complaining about adults drinking alcohol while dressed as minor characters and how it was "predatory" because it encouraged underage drinking. Not sure if they don't get out much or not.

Only if he cosplays my husbandos. Deal's off otherwise.

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>over 9000 dudes cosplaying as husbandos just in case

>> No.10226543

>complaining about adults drinking alcohol while dressed as minor characters and how it was "predatory" because it encouraged underage drinking. Not sure if they don't get out much or not.
hilarious sjws

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Of course. That is why you never see latex in cons. Oh, wait...

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you should cybersex 4 me, I won't cosplay as shit, won't even cam, but I'll make you do so, you'll obey like the good cumslut you are and be really good to daddy

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>C-cock carousel ticket for one, please

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