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i cant find alisa kiss in any social media ever.

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so what?
sjws banned her from every single social media?
there is plenty that dont ban people, gab, minds. bitchute. and i have not found her in any of these. where is she right now?

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Props to her. Many reasons to not enjoy other races in America. Leeches on society.

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Immigrants are statistically the largest contributors to American society. They work the hardest, create more jobs when they start businesses or become executives and management, and they pay their taxes more readily when they become wealthy compared with white Americans in similar positions. What's more, even undocumented non-white illegal immigrants pay taxes and contribute to social security, whereas illegal white immigrants are more likely to dodge such contributions.

Immigrants are basically the anti-leeches.

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Following up with some pertinent links

Statistics Canada: https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/11f0019m/11f0019m2019011-eng.htm

HBS @ Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/hbsworkingknowledge/2018/08/01/in-america-immigrants-really-do-get-the-job-done/#503964f81935

Forbes again: https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2018/11/13/immigrant-tech-founders-create-thousands-of-jobs/#63096d354044

The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2015/05/actually-immigration-can-create-jobs/391997/

And per illegals, one from CBS: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/illegal-immigrants-us-jobs-economy-farm-workers-taxes/

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She was outed as a white supremacist (she went to the Unite the Right rally) and was rightfully booted from her website by her webmaster who wants nothing to do with her, as well as being generally despised for being a total cunt.

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The racist thot who doesn't make her own shit just faded onto obscurity as deserved.

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Show some respect
The true OG cosplayer, or at least one of them along with Frandan
She was cosplaying in 1997 before most of you were alive
She's the reason you are here

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but what a nice cunt that is. damn, what a shame she's cancer.

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No respect for Nazis

Cosplay's been around since the 30s FFS, under one name or another.

No credit because it's not due.

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>webmasters taking down sites for "wrongthink" crimes
i sure love current year politics

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>wrongthink crimes

> On August 12, 2017, a car was deliberately driven into a crowd of people who had been peacefully protesting the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing one and injuring 28.

why don't you tell your nazi friends to stop killing and injuring people over their "peaceful thoughts and opinions"

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Go back to Tumblr

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pretty sure i got some of her 1997 cosplays

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are you saying she killed people or was it just people who held similar beliefs as her who did it? if its the latter then its wrongthink crimes.

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no, it's called capitalism.

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and plenty of her to share
i was researching. it seems she is on deviant art. posting on female wrestling while wearing sexy costumes. i think even with cosplays
not sure if my eyes deceive me but looks like her

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she is also on instagram

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> implying Tumblr is the only place Nazis are unwelcome

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so she started cosplaying when 13?

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i think this is one of her ero wrestling cosplay she does now

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She's free to have whatever opinion she wants and everyone else is just as free to shit on her for it. That's how it's been for quite a while now. Try saying this nazi shit after WWII when people's family members died in the war, and more than just a webmaster would fuck your shit up.

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Guess my dude never heard of The Mayflower

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Your shit opinions cost lives when you rile up the retards on your side into wanting a race war. Whether you like it or not your ideology has consequences.

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She's not tho. Being a Nazi and advocating for it should be illegal, like it is in most of the world that suffered due to said Nazis.

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Except she's not a nazi or advocating for nazi beliefs.
Imagine being this brainwashed by the media.
Fun fact: No one was killed by the car plowing into people.
The one person that DID die had a heart attack from the stress of moving her fat bulk out of the way.

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Are you a nazi? You sound like a nazi.

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Nope. I'm a normal white male.
Guess what? Nazis don't exist anymore.

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Can't tell if stupid or just disingenuous. The Nazis didn't stop existing with the death of Hitler. They just went from being an ideology in control of a military regime to one splintered and fractured, their mental disease spreading to other racist groups and further devolving them.

But hey it's cool, we can just call you a regular ol' white supremacist if being a brand name Nazi is too cool for you.

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A white supremacist by any other name.

Also she was fatally injured by said vehicle you retarded cuck. That's why the dipshit was convicted of murder and not manslaughter.

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Then how come from all videos you can clearly see she is not hit by the car?

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because your sources coddle you

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I watched it live, friend.
I also saw the blacks beating on the guy's car which is what caused him to drive forward. To get away from the people threatening to kill him.

>> No.10218559

kill yourself

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Nazi apologist or sympathizer then, which is just as bad.

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No you didn't. There's no one behind the car "forcing" him to drive forward. He just does it. Coroner's report shows Heyer died of blunt force trauma.

You're a deluded little cuck man.

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Shut up

Also don't conflate Canada statistics with America's.

America gets shit-tier migrants from Mexico and Africa, Canada gets Asians which just depress wages and increase housing prices.

Also none of this math accounts for all the fucking kids they have that they can't support that you pay through in taxes in medicaid and schools.

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Except plenty of those articles are about American statistics and issues. Only one of them is about Canada, a country that takes in more refugees from Africa and the Middle-East than anyone else in the world.

Also, while first-generation immigrants do usually arrive in survivor mode and therefore have a lot of children, that's as true for, say, Polish, Italian, or Ukrainian whites as anyone else. Within one generation that issue disappears, and immigrants on the whole are a net benefit for the country they come to, creating more stable work and employment.

Let's look at welfare however. Just with SNAP alone, 40% of the recipients of those benefits are white. Only 25% are black, 12% are Hispanic, and the remainder are other.

Given that 58 million American Citizens are Hispanic, it seems like they should have a higher percentage than, say, the black minority. Why then is the white proportion so high?

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Sounds like someone's pissy that facts don't care about their nazi feelings

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Too many posts without talking about alisa kiss so here is more of her

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Interesting discussion

But did you know that despite being only 13% of the population, Blacks commit 50% of all violent crimes?

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When will the jannis come to nuke this thread. Take it to /pol/

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And if we nuked all males there would be a significantly decrease in crime.

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don't take the bait

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Just remember that her dad took all these pictures of her from the time she was 13 lmao. A yt supremacist AND incestuous, no wonder scrots love her so much.

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>all hail the gdp

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so this one cosplayer with a questionable opinion used her thoughtcrime powers to make someone hit another person with a car?
is this the power of white supremacy? white telepathy?

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Jannies do your fucking jobs

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she gave legitimacy to a group of people that want permission to kill people. You all do when you passively and actively support violent ideologies.

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i guess it wont happen because the subject is for cosplays, to be more especific i asked where he can find this cosplayer.
its the people posting here who are talking off topic
and here i go again trying to bring the topic back to her by posting her pics

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