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Remember to mark your calendars for next year!

>What did you enjoy?
>What did you hate?
>Changes you would make next year?


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>What did you enjoy?
I cosplayed for the first time ever after vowing to lose weight last year in order to do it. I lost 75lbs and cosplayed as Auron, which people really seemed to enjoy!

I enjoyed just meeting new people, getting my picture taken, and having fun running around buying stuff I didn't need with little to no abandon (Still can't find a Pochaco figure or a Satsuki Figma though)

>What did you hate?
The only panel I cared about was the Gundam anniversy panel and I missed it, which was a bummer. Other than that there were not many panels to speak of. If you looked at the schedule and removed all the cosplay meet ups, it was pretty barren

I also missed the Final Fantasy Cosplay meetup which was a bummer

>Changes you would make next year?

More staff working on the first day in order to keep the lines moving. The first day was really bad, I got lucky by being right by the parking garage when they opened that up for people, but I had to stand out of line to stand on top of a curb so people wouldn't keep tripping on it.

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This year I brought tjoes wraps for us to eat every lunch and bought a tub of greek yogurt from target that lasted me 5 breakfasts. No food trucks or danger dogs. Even immunosuppressed I think I managed to avoid con plague.

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Still got a bunch of photos to process. Any requests? No guarantees I got it.

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I also avoided con plague, thank God.

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got strep throat, got scrapes on my feet and ive been limping since i got to the con and came back
perhaps big cons arent for me but it was my first time at any con, id love to go to smaller cons in the future

also if my friend is eating this let it be known that he ate my soap with pubes on it

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Meal prep is essential. Veteran con goers know what a difference meal prep does. I also do greek yogurt for breakfast. Someone in my crew also makes musubi and onigiri, which pack really well for quick bites in the con.
>saves money
>saves time
>enables more energy
>enables better boom booms

I still enjoy eating out some meals with friends, but having the option for on-hand food is always nice.

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The Gundam panel was literally nothing. I waited two hours for it and all we got was the 40th anniversary trailer that immediately went on YouTube, and two shitty interviews. After that, literally just a news Roundup of stuff we already knew. Don't feel bad about missing it.

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well that's one thing I don't have any regrets about then.

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So it’s basically like a Trigger panel but boring as shit.

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Getting sick at cons is for losers, good work anon. Always remember to wash your hands and use the sanitizer stations!

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>biggest con in the west coast
>no good midoriya cosplayers
Why do I even try?
Also did anyone manage to see the new Eva movie screening?

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The amount of BNHA cosplayers was insane. Even the good ones were an eyesore.

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>tfw I was considering cosplaying BNHA but chose not to.

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I saw plenty of decent Midoriya cosplayers, but a shitload of half assed ones. Especially the ones who go as "evil Midoriya" just wearing a black shit and red tie with green hair

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Also idk if persona 5 charm anon is still around, but let me know if you got any unneeded doubles! I mostly just got merch from AA, so lemme know if you're still around the threads.

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>Hey anon what convention were you at last week?

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So did any other industry panel outshine the TRIGGER panel this year?

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Hey any cosplay is better than no cosplay

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Everytime I see someone abbreviate BNHA I see this

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I did cosplay, just as a FF character

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I was searching for FF cosplayers. Who did you cosplay?

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Post-survey is out

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this, Auron from FFX

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Can't wait for my complaints to be ignored and see all the same fucking problems pop up again next year!

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There was literally no point in sitting through 3.33 just to see the 10 mins of 3+1 when it got camripped in france the night before

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I don't get these brainlets that line up for boring as shit corporate panels.

Why is the nightlife at AX so dead.

Why are people in Cali a bunch of tightwads..

I get why people from a commuting distance would come to AX, but traveling for these piece of crap?

Not next time..

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lounge 21 this year seemed to be a pretty decent party spot with the fakku party and steins gate party. Those both went until 2am. No one wants to party any later than that because they want to be able to get merch or panels early the next day

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> Why is AX nightlife dead
Fuck I ask myself this every year! I think
it may have to do with the

- outrageous number of homeless people that wander about at night intimidating people not to roam

- AX not being a 24 hr con anymore and having everything so spaced out in hotels. The Dance only goes until about 2 am I believe, and the shuttles stop at midnight-ish?

- Cops being dicks

- All the surrounding areas of interest closing stupid shit early because of LA's crime rate. LT shuts down mega early for example

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Hotel shuttles run 24 hours, but they slow down to every hour from 12am - 5am instead of every 15 to 30 minutes.

But yeah, the homeless people are kind of the major reason I don't want to be out too late.

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It's gotten really bad. I'm from OC just about 40 minutes outside of LA, but every time I'm up in that area, it is getting worse and worse. I had to pass under a bridge from the Shamrock parking to the convention hall and the smell of urine was overwhelming. On the first day we walked by a load of unspent bullets, and there was fucking fire.

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Ah ok, thanks for letting me know. In don't use them so I wasn't aware of the schedule.

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Post them all. I'd join in the fun, but no matter what I try, my photos keep getting rotated upon posting.

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Between homeless people and just wanting to get back to my hotel as a somewhat reasonable time I don't travel too far for parties.

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>musubi and onigiri, which pack really well for quick bites
Filling and weeb friendly. I wonder how badly my friends would roast me for doing the same.

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How the heg did I not have this problem in other Metropolitan areas.

Are you saying LA has a worse problem than Chicago, Orlando, Atlanta, etc..

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Downtown LA by the convention hall might be the worst area for homelessness in all of the United States.

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Who else here is also a local? I'm in Glendale

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>I bought a Tsuyu pin online sometime back and accidentally got an extra
>Messaged the seller and they told me to keep it
>Dope, so I decided to give it out to the best Tsu cosplayer I saw
>I spent two days looking but only saw the same store bought costumes or shaded zentai suits. Not an original cosplayer in sight
>Finally on the last day, an hour or so before I'm about to leave, I see her: an average cosplayer. Not even good, just average.
>Whatever, I decide to try and give it to her, but my shoes come undone (ballet slippers for my costume). I have to stop and tie them up again
>By the time I do, she's already gone. I think I see her again but when I approach, it turns out to be a different girl in a simpler costume, but at least not store bought.
>it's a little girl, so I think "fuck it" and decide to give it to her, hoping that it'll make her day
>her reaction was very underwhelming, especially in comparison to her mother's, but I hope that it at least made her smile.
The standard for BNHA is fucking abysmal.

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I'm here! I have an extra Haru. I'd love to trade for a Ryuji if possible (even if it's not Goodsmile's Ryuji desu), but if not I might still be interested in giving it away.

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There's so many my hero cosplays that are just spandex suits.
But my god, I saw an Ochako with such a nice ass in one of those spandex suits

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I genuinely want to cosplay next year, it will be my first time. Will people look down on me if I end up going store bought? I've got plenty of time to learn how to sew, but I have zero experience with it at all. That and I don't even know what I would cosplay as

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Do whatever you want.

>> No.10217443

From Hawthorne!

>> No.10217444

Uh...Comic Con?

>> No.10217447

How much will they jack up the prices for the early bird badges?

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I live around the Brea/Fullerton area. I've been going since 2008 (I skipped maybe 3 years in between) and I'm not sure if I'll be back next year. Their line management for panels has gone from bad to worse and I just buy all my weeb shit via proxy from Japan now, so the dealer's hall is kind of pointless.
I only ever really look forward to guests and concerts, and this year fell flat on both counts.

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>Will people look down on me if I end up going store bought
Hell no. Everyone starts somewhere and there's no shame in relying on the quality of the professionals to begin your journey. There's other areas where you can experiment and let your talents shine like through prop making, wig styling, or makeup. Don't let other people's opinions stop you from starting to begin with. Have fun!

>I've got plenty of time to learn how to sew, but I have zero experience with it at all
Are you me from the past? I started sewing after last year's AX and spent from December/January going from zero experience with a machine or making garments to making a full dress for AX. The days and months leading up to the con were filled with stress and it affected my mood (and stamina) leading up to the con. I could have had such a better time if I had used patterns or waited until I felt confident enough with a machine to approach costume making. I definitely suggest waiting and learning to sew first without the pressure. Please learn from my mistakes. Also: find a character you love enough to carry you through the times you're burnt out and ready to give up. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money, but wearing the finished costume is a hell of a feeling. Don't let my message deter you from trying at all, just go into it wiser than I was.

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Inland Empire

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Yeah, the homeless problem has gotten too much out of hand. I've been a local here my whole life and this year was the first time ever that I've almost gotten in a fight with a homeless dude in little Tokyo.
Got mad at me for only giving him 50 cents because that's all the change I had and starts to press me for more and name calling me and getting in my face. Also doesn't help I was hung over.

>> No.10217454

Making a prop sounds fun, but my ideas for it are way too ambitious to make a reality I think. I was thinking it would be cool to make a gun with a speaker in it, that plays the theme from the anime when you pull the trigger. Though I don't know even if something like that is possible to make without special tools

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As a local, I've always hated DTLA. It's a festering shit hole with some unfortunately cool places located in the smack dab of it. I wish we could take them and move them somewhere else so I never have to visit that rat fest again.

>> No.10217456

Same, inland Empire, where dreams and hopes go to die.

>> No.10217458

I've already learned it's not worth giving them anything. They're almost never grateful for any of it, and more often than not the money isn't going towards feeding them but is going to booze/drugs.
My grandma used to always stop by a nearby mcdonalds and get them a sandwich or a $5-$10 gift card so they could eat, but most of them tried asking for money instead. Some appreciated it, but way too many of them look at your kind gesture and simply want more

>> No.10217461

My mom used to work for a bank downtown and she would always give this homeless guy her lunch leftovers; he always made sure to feed his dog first.
Apparently the guy got murdered for being in a 'prime spot' some months later.

>> No.10217462

>>What did you enjoy?
The Aqours concert was pretty fun. I have been bullied before for my physical appearance and thus consider myself to be pretty unattractive, so having people come up to me and ask me for pictures was nice.
>>What did you hate?
The convention center was overcrowded, and volunteers were huge assholes. I went to the con alone and thus just wandered around lonely all weekend, but that's on me for being a friendless autist. Also the Novo fucking sucks.
>>Changes you would make next year?
Either cap attendees or move to a different venue, in addition to organizing everything better and training the volunteers to some degree. Greedily, I would like sooner announcements for the musical guests and whatnot since the Aqours concert was the most enjoyable part of the convention for me and I would like to know whose all coming before spending $1k+ to fly out, get a hotel, and pay for the con in the hope some fun concert/concerts make the convention actually worth attending for me

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>Will people look down on me if I end up going store bought?
I haven't had a bad experience when I tell people I buy them. In fact, one girl told me I did a good job with my cosplay, told her I bought and then said "It looks really good on you" which somehow felt like a nicer compliment. Just start from somewhere, I started last year and regret taking so long.

>> No.10217470

Just goes to show, for everyone homeless person that appreciates the help, there are dozens of them who will literally kill to try stealing that help for themselves

>> No.10217471

I mean I don't know about the homeless but after my experience at the yardhouse when some crazy started chucking glass everywhere and nearly hit me I can say that they are more aggressive compared to SF crazies and homeless

>> No.10217476

Dude was probably coming from the Shawn Mendez concert.

>> No.10217482

I remember last years AX I walked with some guys from the meetup all the way from the convention center to the Westin, and at some point a homeless guy was yelling out slurs, calling the hispanic dude with us a wetback. He also told the whites to never be ashamed of our skin

>> No.10217484

Oh shit, I grew up there. The Denny's on Hawthorne Blvd still crap?

>> No.10217485

I'm from Ktown

>> No.10217486

JFC LA needs help or at least to consider what San Francisco is going to do. Some people obviously need rehabilitation

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You can put your thirst away. No girl from here is going to meet up with some random guy from 4chan alone

>> No.10217493

Last year a homeless guy in a wheelchair came up to us at the food trucks and asked for money, when we said we didn't have any, he told us to stop being faggots and join the army.

>> No.10217496

I didn't see any good ones,they were all 14 year old chubby girls with exaggerated blush, flower crowns, zentai suits, etc.

Would you happen to have a link?

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I spent $1250

>> No.10217500

Same, but that was just between splitting the hotel bill and going premier this year

>> No.10217503

I think I got up to about $500
5 shirts, a figure, an obi, a manga hardcover, a doujin, and some pins, hats, and plushies.

>> No.10217513

I expected at least one Bloodstained cosplay.

>> No.10217521

At least that one is pretty funny. I do wonder what the ratio is of people people accosted near the center is

>> No.10217526

They weren't homeless, but I had two black guys stop a buddy and myself a block away from the convention center
>walking back to the hotel around 7pm to drop some stuff off
>black guy approaches me and goes for a high five, telling me I'm the man
>figure he recognized me from earlier or something or liked my anime shirt
>after I give him the high five I clearly see he's got some qr code thing in his hand he wants me to scan
>"Where you from man"
>Tell him I'm not interested and just heading back to my hotel
>"Where you from man!"
>Tell him my state, but that I'm not interested in taking anything
>"No you don't take it, you scan it!"
>Meanwhile second black guy is asking my friend "Where did you learn to be racist" because he won't scan the thing either
>Just leave
I really fucking hate people trying to sell you shit or ask for donations on the street. They have no fucking shame at all and try scaring or tricking people into giving them money

>> No.10217529

> mfw designated driver
I would have liked to try those drinks. Anybody remember the ingredients?

This. Man, I miss 24-hour arcade.

I had the misfortune to walk through skid row because I didn't want to pay an uber. Nothing too bad happened, just some guy who wanted some spare change to buy tacos but I think I'll take an uber after all.

>> No.10217541

It's absolutely possible if you can engineer it the right way. I'd suggest making the gun out of EVA foam and getting a miniature speaker as seen in this video by Punished Props: https://youtu.be/Ku6jLOif42g?t=1919. I'm not sure how you would make it play when the trigger would be pulled, but it's a good start.

>> No.10217542

Ah jacked :"(

>> No.10217544

I can't remember at all. I hardly even paid attention to the drink menu once I found out it was $13 for a premixed drink. You might have some luck tweeting anime expo or Fakku asking what the drink menu was

>> No.10217545

Walking through Artist Alley gave me more boredom than joy. It was just the same mainstream moneymakers over and over.

>> No.10217547

>to buy tacos
Don't ever give them money. It's such bullshit. I once got to my hotel for E3 in 2016 and a guy walked up to me as was like 'oh hey man, I'm out of money and suffering from PTSD, I just need some money for that Taco truck over there, can you help me out?" so I gave him $10 to get some food and he just pocketed it and walked away.

>> No.10217548

Hm, might look into it. would the speaker be a problem? I heard some people weren't allowed to bring props inside if they had metal

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File: 1.54 MB, 1728x2592, IMG_2262_50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, alright.
Consider downloading nomacs. It's a free image manager that can allow you to rotate images.

>> No.10217552

San Gabriel Valley.

>> No.10217554

It's only bad if you claim to made it yourself. And hey, you could take this opportunity to mod existing costumes.

>> No.10217557

How dare artists make money

>> No.10217561

Curious if we saw the same cosplayer. White boots/belt? Kind of short?

>> No.10217562

And fuck the guy who designed this place.

I'm a little wary about helping others out now but I think I'll be fine helping a veteran who was screwed over or a family with kids that shouldn't be on the streets. I just hope they weren't lying.

>> No.10217564

I actually cannot sympathize at all with beggars on the street with kids. If they actually cared they would take their kids to child protective services and say they aren't financially stable enough to care for the child. Yes, that's a very hard thing to do, but it's the right thing. The easy thing to do is to use your kids as props with your begging to guilt people into giving you money

>> No.10217565

Apparently he wanted Taco Bell but you may be right since I can't see the closest one anywhere. It was just $2 to keep him out of my hair.

>> No.10217566

I impulse bought a nice Mushishi print because it was such a nice change of pace from the rest of AA. AA has been a huge snorefest for the past few years now. Wish people would draw for less popular series more often

>> No.10217567

I don't think so. I was in line behind her for the my hero premier, so to be honest I was just checking out her ass and nothing else. I don't believe she had a belt though, and I think she had a full body suit, so she either had no shoes on, or very thin slippers/shoes under the spandex bottoms

>> No.10217568

Naryt. Capitalism, Ho and all that but some more variety would be nice.

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File: 2.66 MB, 640x284, IMG_8764.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there was a line full of people for Okamoto Kitchen preorders

>> No.10217570

>only girls I had fun chats with were ones with boyfriends
>the boyfriends very obviously got possessive when I was talking to them, trying to get me to back off without actually saying it
Oh well. At least I actually talked to people this year. And I'm so surprised how friendly people were at the Fakku party. I ended up talking to maybe a dozen or more people, and they were buying me drinks.
I was pretty surprised when a 30 year old bulma cosplayer joined me after everyone else left my table. She brought her friends and a tequila shot for me to do with all of them. They left pretty shortly afterwards, but it was really nice

>> No.10217580

>Greedily, I would like sooner announcements for the musical guests
I don't think that's greedy at all, I think that should be a given for people who need to make accommodations in advance or to decide on whether they want to attend more than a month in advance.

>> No.10217581

Yeah, there was a fatal shooting at the police station which led to an on foot chase into that Denny's parking lot. I haven't been to that Denny's since the early 2000's because the food and service sucked tho.

>> No.10217582

>What did you enjoy?
Not having to get in line any of the days. Few years back Dr accidentally checked permanent instead of temp for handicap placard which I used to get me and my group in through priority entrances. I'm perfectly ok now. Also spent a ton on merch and plushies and was able to get exclusive goodsmile nando's before they sold out.

>What did you hate?
Not really hate, but was disappointed in the lack of dororo and/or hyakkimaru cosplayers. I saw anons post pics of at least one but I didnt see any. Also worked for weeks 3d printing, and finishing really nice looking kda akali weapon props but my outfit didnt get here in time to use (/fit guy). I cant sew so I have to buy, but make up for it with designing and printing props.

>Changes you would make next year?
Definitely cap attandence

>> No.10217584

Ooh good question. Tbh I don't think so, but you'd need to go through weapons check anyway which doesn't have a metal detector to my knowledge.

>> No.10217585

Thanks, friendo. Also, nice photo!

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File: 26 KB, 500x255, cheers ill drink to that bro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And fuck the guy who designed this place.
So many fucking narrow, single lane streets. I spit on his grave

>> No.10217612

Altadena here

>> No.10217616

Huge fan of your milk

>> No.10217628

your milk SUCKS

>> No.10217632

I'm indifferent to your milk

>> No.10217634


>> No.10217650

>Most liberal state
>Biggest wealth divide in nation

el oh fucking el.

In any case, I decided to skip AX entirely and just meet up with people in Little Tokyo on the last day, Big crowd thanks to AX, and still got to see quite a few costumes. I had no idea Anime Jungle expanded into 5 or so store fronts.

I'm also interested to see how much more they expand Little Tokyo. Seems to be a lot of construction going on.

>> No.10217654

What kind of hustling did you do at AX?
>Got three premier swag bags total since the people handing them out didn't check shit
>Did the ibuypower survey and got a free mouse, came back a half hour later and flashed my screenshotted results and got a second one
>After every panel ended I went back to the premier lounge and grabbed another drink to stuff in my bag to take back to the hotel later
>Waited in line and bought people stuff for them, getting them to pay for the stuff and give me some cash for my trouble

>> No.10217655

>Waited in line and bought people stuff for them, getting them to pay for the stuff and give me some cash for my trouble
That...sounds like an interesting idea.

>> No.10217656

It especially works if you have premier and are willing to waste your hour early access to make some cash and help out people who are worried what they want will sell out.

Also a general tip, if you're afraid of something selling out, you can always approach someone near the front of the line and offer them some cash if they pick an item up for you. I got my JoJo pin before they sold out by offering to give a guy $20 so he'd buy me the $12 pin and he could keep the change

>> No.10217660
File: 1.80 MB, 1920x1080, 88924EE5-D790-42BC-9945-FFCAF62D3C9C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gigguk / theanimeman isn’t in the petree hall
>Bunny Girl movie isn’t in the main events room or a JW ballroom
>Mother’s Basement ends up getting a bigger room than both combined
Fucking how?

>> No.10217668
File: 131 KB, 756x1008, 20190706_172321-756x1008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember one of you was trying to buy the madoka statue, did you actually get it

>> No.10217677

Sounds like a good way to spread malware.

>> No.10217678

Can you even get malware on phones? I've never met anyone retarded enough to download random things onto their phones

>> No.10217681

I literally work DTLA
>tfw no escape

>> No.10217682

I was just thinking how much I'd hate to work there with how parking is such a bitch, and homeless people everywhere

>> No.10217684

>giving homeless ANYTHING EVER
You are part of the problem. They have no incentive to even try and be useful. Never give them food or a dime unless they are at least doing SOMETHING even if that something is dancing poorly or doing a shitty puppet show. Tell them to fuck off or ignore them. Retards who give them shit should be shot.

>> No.10217685

SF here. they aren't going to do shit. they will never do the drastic work that needs to be done to rid SF of homeless because the "homeless need care!" coalition will block anything that gets results. Granted I work in the TL and having to deal with this bullshit every day gets old fast. Should just ship them to the middle of the desert and drop them off

>> No.10217686

I do security, at night. I’ve seen some shit. Wrote more about it a few threads back. Plus side is I got free parking all AX.

>> No.10217687

Im actually looking for a new job. If you dont mind me asking, what kind of pay and benefits do you get? I have a friend who does security across the country and they say its mostly sitting in a booth for hours between patrols.
Also is it all night shifts?

>> No.10217691

If you request night shifts you will get hired much faster. Refuse when they try to get you on swing + (as in three swing two night etc) it’s grueling.
You make more than min wage and the jobs are generally easy. Don’t expect any vacation days and expect to work every holiday.
Very easy to get a new job or post if you are let go
You might get stabbed
Your coworkers will either be mad ex cops/marines, useless potheads, or slackers
Your faith in humanity if you had any left will be in the negatives

Most nights the job is easy as shit and if your half way presentable and not completely retarded they will move you to better posts quickly.

>> No.10217695

Do you get healthcare or anything like that? Also do you have any trouble requesting time off, like if i wanted the expo days off next year

>> No.10217699

different person but benefits depend on the company. some do some don't. as far as days off you might be able to trade with your coworkers where you cover some of their days in exchange for them covering your AX days, or at least that's what one of my friends does

>> No.10217701

I'm another security dude also in Dtla similar to this guy. Our location has our guards under a union which has granted us all the basic health care and paid vacations, I also parked a block away from AX. I just put in my request to my boss a month and a half in advance. Id say the answer would vary depending on what kinda bosses you got and how good the work atmosphere is

>> No.10217703

You do but the coverage is shit and I use covered Cali because it’s cheaper and just as shitty. Really security is just like mcwagejob except you get paid more to do less.
For days off
>request in advance (may be turned down)
>call off sick (if less than three days in a row they can’t do anything)
>try to switch with friends (doesn’t always work because scheduler may be an ass)
>just quite. It’s seriously very easy to get a new security job. I did that last year and had a new job the day AX was over. This year they didn’t want to get me my time off so I gave my two weeks, then they gave me PTO and a raise because I’m not a retarded stoner like 8/10 guards are. Hint: make sure the client at the post likes you.
It’s an easy McJob anon.

>> No.10217705

Lucky ass. I wish I could get into a union post.

>> No.10217708

Ill keep this all in mind. Im guessing you guys get 40 hour work weeks, is it all 8 hour shifts, or 12?

>> No.10217709

I do 40 hours lots of OT because we host special events and rent out parts of the building.
It's pretty legit. Idk how but I don't even get the dues taken out of my check. I ain't saying shit tho lmao

>> No.10217710

Oh yeah they're all in 8 hour shifts. Or 12 if you're doing overtime

>> No.10217712
File: 97 KB, 1080x1277, 1562622258000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone from /g/ or something tell me why the fuck this is a thing. Is it phone software being stupid? 4chan being stupid? The picture orientation on my screen should match exactly what I'm uploading.

>> No.10217713

40 hour weeks but general rule of thumb is you’ll be doing allot of OT either due to the post having lots of events or coworkers quoting/being late/getting fired/no call no show etc
That sounds perfect man. I’m on shift right now, thinking of ordering LA cafe. Nothing like spending two hours of pay on trix cereal shake and a cold burger.

>> No.10217719

Yo me too I'm about to leave at 8 AM. Catching up on gridman. I'm starting to think we work at the say place lmao but I hardly talk to my coworkers since grave is super chill and quiet

>> No.10217723

I’m not at a union post and most of my coworkers I’m chill with. None of them recognized me out of uniform was funny. Have a good shift fellow security officer san.

>> No.10217726

Reason # 2556 AX needs to move to anaheim.

When i went to an event at that convention center, there were almost ZERO homeless. I heard disneyland is like paying the local government to give the area more security presence

>> No.10217749
File: 941 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190707-223218_Snapchat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Lol luckily i ran into them at the intercontinetal at the bar.

>> No.10217752

All big premieres should do the wristband thing. Bunny Girl was a joke as only premiere fans got in.

>> No.10217753

Yup I proxy serviced this con as well. Worked out sweet as my proxy fees basically ended up paying for my own merch!

I may as well hustle at AX, since AX is hustling the shit out of me.

>> No.10217758

Man, as much as I'd fucking love for AX to cap attendance, they never will. Simply because as we all know they're some of the greediest fucks in existence.

The mere thought of capping attendance and not selling the absolute maximum of tickets would give the SPJA a damn brain aneurysm.

Also putting the most popular attractions in the smallest rooms is a partial marketing ploy. It's to piss off GAs and make them consider upgrading to premier so they can make even more money off attendees. Sure, it'll piss off a few into not coming back but many will just shell out the extra cash to not deal with FOMO or hassel.

>> No.10217759

Our group took rode scooters from a hotel near LACC to Little Tokyo. all of us arent locals so we had to rely on maps to get us there. We made an unfortunate turn to Skid Row -- large dead rats in the middle of the street and etc. Never again.

>> No.10217760

Get commissions next time then. I had an artist draw something on a shikishi board.

>> No.10217762

LA literally has skid row

>> No.10217763

>some of the greediest fucks in existence
isn't that the reason anisong pulled out this year?
I know some vendors pulled out and a bunch of volunteers and staff quit the very first day because they were sick of AX's shit

>> No.10217767

In Re: Volunteers I don't have a solid source, so all I can quote is hearsay but they didn't quit they were cut because AX didn't want to provide housing, etc. to that many people.

>> No.10217768

Had a friend who staffed for AA and the story is a bunch of staff and volunteers got chewed out after the first day debacle. "It may not pay but it is a job" etc so a bunch just got fed up and left.

>> No.10217769

Lmao welcome to LA. We were talking about this very scenario happening with people going to little Tokyo on anything but cars. You gotta go through the sludge first to get in

>> No.10217770

>Expand Little Tokyo
FUCK YES. The weeb is about to jump out of me and I know it's too much to ask for since our Japanese population isn't that large and is spread out, but I wish Little Tokyo was more like fucking Tokyo. Like imagine a Round 1 were that Xlanes is, or a proper independent arcade, shopping, et . It'll never happen though because LT property is owned by a majority of Koreans, many Japanese businesses have little to no interest in expanding to a US market, nothing stays open late because LA.

>> No.10217771

2nd time attending AX

>Lots of shopping available
>A lot of screenings/premieres
>Good panels from the industry

>Insane food price markups
>Layout of areas (lineups for panels being outside was not made clear, autograph section/random booths taking up half the hall, leaving AA to be flooded)
>Linecon Day 1 (avoided this with industry badge, but holy hell I feel for everyone else)
>Game room lacking (I miss the one year with the CS 1.6 LAN party)
>Lines for any major panels
>Lack of any nightlife events
>Lack of community driven panels, all very professional this year
>Lack of major musical guests (Otaquest excluded as that's outside of AX)

I really suggest they do a capped preregistration lottery for panels ahead of time and then have an overflow line. Have lottery tickets locked to their phone app. I'm sure this will ease a lot of lineups

I enjoyed AX but I prefer the more grassroots nature of cons like Anime North.

>> No.10217774

do japanese-americans even live in LA

i imagine most of those fuckers are in Irvine nowadays

>> No.10217775

They used to until the American government put them all into concentration camps during WW2.

>> No.10217778

Considering the amount of Japanese spys and how they were being housed by Japanese “Americans” the USA govt literally did nothing wrong.

>> No.10217788

They lived in pockets all over Southern California. Like the city that Yamaha, Mitsubishi, and Bandai Namco US used to be set up in, but where they moved to, more Koreans move in and the Japanese slowly move out to new places. Little Tokyo does have a good Japanese vibe though and plenty of Japanese people. Though a lot of the shops like Tokyo Jungle, most of the staff are not Japanese.

>> No.10217790

This was the blandest AA I've seen in years. Everything was the same shit.
>Plastic charms
>Non-anime shit like Good Omens or Detroit: Become Human

Last year, I got neat merch like an Ukiyo-e styled Lugia wall scroll, a Kero planter, some airplants in tiny pots, character-shaped candles, etc.

>> No.10217793

Girlfriend was looking for earrings and only three fucking stalls were selling some. Do artists avoid them like the plague or something?

>> No.10217795

It was all BNHA and Persona 5. Which I love both of, but it was such little variety. I did find a place to buy a plastic charm of Ritsu from Tales of Vesperia so that was cool, but it did feel like it was the same booth over and over again.

>> No.10217803

Irvine represent

>> No.10217816

>tfw UCI bound this fall

If you go there anon, I hope we meet in the anime club. I visited it last year when my friend got into UCI and it was very fun

>> No.10217826

>That one girl selling two tiny Dollar Tree clothespins for $5 as earrings, they come in a pack of 50 for $1

There used to be a lot more booths that had handmade sculpey charms or jewelry. I know a lot of those artists don't have a table in AA anymore, though.

>> No.10217827

Almost every single booth had a section dedicated to BNHA. How much merch can they possibly sell when everyone is selling the same shit?

>> No.10217830

That is what I was thinking. Admittedly if I had the money, I'd buy a bunch of it because I love the series a lot. But I just didn't after I bought those badass Yakuza pins that you can flip the jackets off of.

>> No.10217835

I live in the OC as well. It doesn't help that the way we treat the homeless problem is by carting them off to other places, so of course surrounding areas get more homeless.

>> No.10217839

That is California in a nutshell. It's an open secret that this state just ships its homeless around to neighboring states for decades to try and keep up the illusion that this hellhole is a Hollywood paradise.

>> No.10217848

Sorry I don't go to UCI I'm 27

>> No.10217852

I'm 26 and just got into university

>> No.10217858

Yes, you can. Lots of interesting/scary stories out there regarding this, especially when it comes to governments spying on people through hacked apps, but there is also the more typical malware that just tries to steal your information.

>> No.10217867

If only we tried, I don't know, providing mental health help or something. Nah, that'd never work. Let's just keep sending them to LA or whereever.

>> No.10217869

Again it's a state thing not a region thing. Homeless naturally end up in bigger cities.

>> No.10217872

>How much merch can they possibly sell when everyone is selling the same shit?

simple. they make stylistic (tumblr nose) choices in their art

>> No.10217903

Thank god, I thought I was just retarded. I transferred the pictures to my laptop in an attempt to prevent that and nope, didn't work. I rotated them to try to put them into the right orientation and nope, didn't work. I even put them into imgur and it didn't work either way. What the fuck mane

>> No.10217904

That's a total crock of shit. There is no more police presence in the Anaheim area outside of Disneyland's walls than any other city. There's just less of an obvious homeless problem there.

>> No.10217906

Even if they don't cap attendance, there is absolutely no reason that they shouldn't control the flow of people in all areas of the center.

>> No.10217910

Any artists that do make accessories like that would be located in Dealer's Hall, not AA. Even if they are an artists, that's just where they'd make their money.

>> No.10217919

It has to do with city ordinances. LA allows homeless to get away with much more and police to do much less

>> No.10217934
File: 301 KB, 1800x927, cenco is a placeholder name that stuck and the movie is about controlling cenco so it is called cencoroll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Camera only has one orientation. When you rotate your device, your screen may rotate with it, but the physical hardware camera is the same rotation. There are two solutions for rotating the image. One is to modify the image so it has the correct orientation. For lossy image containers, every transformation including a rotation brings a loss in quality. The second solution is to keep the image data the same and add an orientation metadata. This keeps the quality intact, but when something strips metadata (for example, uploading to sites sometimes remove metadata to remove location coordinates and such), you lose the orientation metadata and end up with pictures that are sideways or upside down. Most solutions prefer the latter, thus you have sideways and upside down pictures.

>> No.10217969
File: 12 KB, 480x360, B8133DF2-0F17-4D26-AE34-38F096E5ECD8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What did you enjoy?
The premieres, the dealers hall
>What did you hate?
Lines, earthquakes
>Changes you would make next year?
Pic related, no one listens to feedback unless you have integrity which AX doesn’t have

>> No.10217978

Bigger Japanese populations in places like Cerritos, Irvine, Fountain Valley, and Torrance. They're definitely not centered in LA. (tfw go to Little Tokyo and saw like maybe 4 asian people total).

>> No.10217980

are the earthquakes actually that scary?
maybe I'm just use to them but honestly I didn't even feel anything

>> No.10217982

I fear the big one that will finally sink us to the ocean floor. I hope I can somehow wrangle my cat into her cage and be together and safe with my family.

>> No.10217988
File: 3.97 MB, 400x218, Getbacktoworkincel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw going back to work after AX

>> No.10217990

>having a ton of work to catch up on due to AX

>> No.10217994

I was in Japantown when that big one hit on the 2nd day and I just kept eating my udon. I did watch a group of women who had just sat down to eat get up and run outside though. It was funny to me. I have lived here all my life so I'm used to earthquakes, but it was pretty big.

>> No.10217995

Sorry didn't get any Ryuji items since my friend despises him ( he looks like him but hates his personality lol ) but I'm up for buying the extra Haru if interested :]

>> No.10217996

I had to remote into work every night of ax and went to the office before my train on wed and after my train on mon. No escape

>> No.10218033

I did not notice any of them. And besides people should be glad for the small earthquakes, takes stress away from the big one.

>> No.10218034

You can tell who's from out of town. I was in the Trigger panel when it happened and while it was puzzling, most of us didn't care.

>> No.10218037

During the first one, I was standing in the Atlus line while my friend was fixing her outfit and I just assumed my knees were giving out

>> No.10218038

>What did you enjoy?
Hentai worth watching and Hensuki premiere. I had a good time in the exhibit hall as well.
>What did you hate?
Food poisoning and con flu
>Changes you would make next year?
Whatever the fuck they're teaching their volunteers. Shit is clearly not working and they're unorganized as fuck.

>> No.10218040

Hotels spaced out contributed a lot for me. Its impossible to meet up with anyone quickly because you need to uber there or take 25 min to walk there

>> No.10218041

lol similar thing happened to me, was squatting down digging through some manga and when it happened I thought I lost my balance like a sperg

>> No.10218054

I've overheard conversations in Japanese so I'd say so. My Japanese friends live around Pasadena though.

[citation needed]

>> No.10218057
File: 329 KB, 1144x1812, 2000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It wasn't scary but you gotta remember its the largest in the last 20 years right? Both were also pretty shallow.
The first one was medium sized fairly large for a precursor . Shut down elevator service for like an hour. Then it was fine for like a day. The second a 7.1 well I was in the Wilshire Grand//intercontinental and it made amazing cracking noises and our whole floor swayed back and forth. Pretty much everyone in my room at the time decided to voluntarily be evacuated. We all came out of our room. Apparently everyone else on our floor too afterwards and we all looked around at eachother and were like "ya'll okay? Cool let's gtfo!" So down nearly 40 flights of stairs .
These may have taken down the pressure on one fault but also put pressure on another. :/ California citizens are used to smaller quakes like 5 pointers not the big ones that snap overpasses . They are also not on average prepared to be without utilities for more than a few days. The big one when it happens is going to be a goddamn mess.

>> No.10218058
File: 34 KB, 625x626, 809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10218059


Ngl 40 flights up seems like a really scary place to be during an earthquake.

>> No.10218061

I was on the hotel shuttle during the first one and didn't feel anything. I woke up to pee right before the second one so I felt it. Third I was in the trigger panel. Glad it happened while we were seated rather than when we were all sardined in trying to leave the room.

>> No.10218068

I didn’t think I would freak out as much as I did when the second one hit. I was standing in line to get in when the first one struck Thursday, but the second hit while me and a friend were in the hotel room. My body went into panic mode and all I could think was “guess this is how I die” as we crawled under the desk. I’ve lived in California my whole life so it was really freaky that I got that scared.

>> No.10218076

Wasn't too scary just the creaking of the building was unnerving. I did some research it is apparently supposed to make that sound with the internal rolling bands that they have. It's a pretty cool modern engineering feat. Yet I know being in the middle it takes on a lot of extra stresses from the weight of the building and the shaking of the earth below. They had a lot of things to figure out to prevent a critical failure because of its height

>> No.10218098

>What did you enjoy?
Surprisingly a lot of the panels were good despite what /cgl/ were moaning about just weeks prior to it all.
Nice premiers to look forward to, interesting information behind development for the most part and you can never get enough free stuff
>What did you hate?
The lines obviously, the sheer amount of people stuffed into the expo, making it hard to walk around and people standing literally in the middle of a flow of people, talking or otherwise, making everything slow down even further and fat people walking like snails but too big to walk around as on the other side people are walking in the opposite direction
>Changes you would make next year?
I'd open up photo areas for cosplayers that only want to have their picture taken by everyone, away from paths people use to get around, West hall (was it?) was flooded with cosplayers clogging the space for people to get to the exhibit
I know there was one with sceneries in the entertainment hall but it seemed not too used compared to the hallway where people need to get through.
Why was the area near Marriott hotel blocked off, literally a perfect spot to be outside and take pictures, open and not in the way.
Also personally for myself I'd like to dress up myself, to what I don't know yet

>> No.10218107

If you have the Esdeath cosplayer is like to see her again, I only saw one on Saturday I believe it was or Friday and only briefly, she was so qt though and I were to socially retarded to ask to take a pic, I'd just like to see her again

>> No.10218129

>What did you enjoy?
I liked being able to shop from Metamorphose directly! I didn't think I would get this opportunity.

The panels I went to were enjoyable thankfully.

>What did you hate?
Hate is a bit of a strong word, but I was disappointed getting standby tickets and then hearing the "no standby tickets today" line for autographs. I completely understand and didn't kick up a fuss but it is still disappointing.

I also hate the fact that shuttle bus 3 goes to Little Tokyo. I am from SoCal and can drive up there when I want to, so it sucked to have to wait in long lines for the shuttle service I paid for because there were people who wanted to go to Little Tokyo.

I understand if they are traveling and want to see more of LA while they are there, but I wish there was a shuttle specifically for Little Tokyo.

>Changes you would make next year?
I've been going to AX for a long ass time and still don't plan things well. I really have to sit down and plan out the panels and autographs I want to get next year and make a time line and schedule.

Side note, the earthquake didn't hit the area we were in too badly but it was funny seeing people freaking out about it.

>> No.10218171

Lived in Irvine 15 years, it’s all Korean and Chinese with like tiny amounts of Japanese families sprinkled in but very few. I don’t think they’re running here

>> No.10218185

What a shitshow

>> No.10218199

Last I heard, it was Torrance

>> No.10218210

There's a small concentration near Sawtelle and Little Tokyo, mostly older. And in the Valley. Most ive seen in one place is out in Torrance, though

>> No.10218257

I was awake for both but somehow didn't even notice them.

>> No.10218314

They should move the convention to maybe The Anaheim Convention Center

>> No.10218319

Downtown LA is dead at night due to crime or homeless.

It isn't Las Vegas.

That is why I always thought maybe Anime Expo should move to San Diego or Anaheim which should be nicer than downtown although admittedly I have no idea what night time life is like in San Diego or Anaheim.

I just thought maybe being next to a beach would be nicer

>> No.10218320

USC is considered to have one of the worst night life when it comes to college nightlife.

Everyone just hurries and goes home because people have got murdered near USC over the years.

Yeah, Los Angeles is pretty overrated.

>> No.10218329

Anime Expo, abbreviated AX, is an American anime convention held in Los Angeles, California and organized by the non-profit Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA)

Possibly because SPJA is getting worst and worst


I think a corporate run event might be run better rather than a non profit like SPJA


Just look at the org history. Everyone resigning, everyone fighting.

Maybe things would improve if Anime Expo was sold to Japan.

>> No.10218337

Still waiting for this guy to let us know. I s considering offering money for her too when I heard he was buying it

>> No.10218338

Fun fact: Downtown LA isn't suppose to exist.


LA is suppose to be arid and dry. The city planner, instead of picking a place in SoCal that naturally has a lot of water, ended up picking a dry place instead and taking water from somewhere else...

>> No.10218342

More and more Japanese are leaving California, sadly. Japanese auto companies like Toyota and Honda left California which is bad news because Japanese companies in Japan prefer investing in areas with a lot of Japanese.

So yeah, cities famous for Japanese presence like Torrance lost some big Japanese companies.

And not many people in this thread know but Texas will be the first US State to have a genuine Japanese bullet train. Texas Central Railway is the name.

Why don't more states do this? Other states choose German or French companies instead.

The benefit of choosing Japan is Japan has national pride so Japan would be embarrassed very hard over exporting bad Japanese trains so even the Japanese government is helping Texas with the first exported Japanese bullet train in America.

>> No.10218350

Irvine is mainly Chinese and Korean.

Rowland Heights is Taiwanese.

In Southern California, Torrance is historically Japanese but the Japanese companies are taking their Japanese employees to other states like Texas.

I think Northern California has more Japanese than Southern California.

There's just no will these days for Japanese to move from Japan.

>> No.10218355

The non profit running Anime Expo are likely bitter greedy people.

Embarrassing to say but the non profit running comic con look more professional and definitely look more wealthy.

From the group photos of both non profts, Comic Con's non profit look like old rich men while Anime Expo's non profit looks like just graduated college students.

>> No.10218357

So, I've got a very specific situation to rant about, but I think it speaks a lot about how AX likes to operate. I've been a music performer with AX specifically for 4 years now, and we're pretty tight with a lot of the other musicians in the anime circuit. The consensus is,that AX treats musical guests like crap.
Specifically for this year, they were not willing to pay and did not want to give passes. They were expecting performers to work, and only gain an access badge for that single day. In addition, they were not promoting the community stage acts in any way (program, online, or app)

They weren't offering payment, alternative compensation (badges) or even promotion. Yet they expected us to fling ourselves at the opportunity?

We've done business with them multiple times, and one of the huge issues that comes to a show involves parking. Especially with a full band including drums, amps, guitars, and people. Year after year, they tell us that they only have one unloading pass, and that you can't park in the loading zone. For this reason alone, a few bands have stopped even considering AX as a performance location.
Our usual route, means we're in our hotel getting ready about 5-hours to showtime, drive to the venue to unload, park the car somewhere bfe because parking is full, uber in, go through line con hell (because they don't give industry passes), setup and do sound check, perform for an hour, tear down, uber back to your car, load in, then drive back to the hotel to unload because we have over $10,000 of gear that AX refuses to store, and we can't leave in a hot car in dtla.

I understand that fan-run events and performances aren't necessarily a huge highlight when it comes to the type of draw and guests that AX is able to bring, but small cons offer so much more. For the money AX makes, they can afford to pay their performers, they can hire staff instead of volunteers.
The corners they cut are unreasonable and it shows.

>> No.10218362

My group did the exact same thing. We managed to avoid the same mistake going back but 0/10, never trusting Google Maps again

>> No.10218373
File: 138 KB, 657x527, 72CBD41E-FB41-48AE-B388-64CD75084E4F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought 4 cool looking jackets from AX
>got used to the breezy LA weather
>got back home after a long roadtrip
>the weather is hot as balls and can’t wear the jackets til fall

>> No.10218398

to be fair anon, it's so warm in California that you only really get to wear jackets from Dec-Jan

>> No.10218424

This if you're lucky you'll get a cold streak but it's not common . The cold months are late Nov - maybe Feb

>> No.10218428
File: 7 KB, 250x241, 1562205719879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Suggested doing away with metal detectors and bag checks
>Get called crazy and insane because I don't value other people's safety

>> No.10218432
File: 3.11 MB, 480x270, 1561927028540.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Cops being dicks
What did you do? Called them pigs and told them to fuck off?

>> No.10218435

You can thank Dems for that.

>> No.10218436

I wish they would. Losing the strict security would make AX so much more enjoyable, hours of line con isn't fun for anyone. That or quadruple the amount of detectors and security staff to let the line move.

>> No.10218438

Nope, but the threat of them breaking up any outside late night gathering discourages anyone from even trying to host anything.

>> No.10218442

With how frequently mass shootings and spree shootings happen in this country, do you really think that's a smart idea?

>> No.10218452
File: 370 KB, 474x301, technical.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course it is. Tons of other cons don't even bother with security and nothing happens, all it does is make the experience miserable for a few hours. Plus who would even shoot up a convention, even ISIS loves anime

>> No.10218456

Thanks Anon. I'd hold your hand if I was there. Love you.

>> No.10218462

>More and more Japanese are leaving California

Not even Japs like being overtaxed

>> No.10218464

>That is why I always thought maybe Anime Expo should move to San Diego
lol moving AX to San Diego and still be held weeks before """""""""COMIC CON""""""""""

>> No.10218470

With how little they actually checked bags, does it matter? They literally just looked in my bag, didn't immediately see anything, and let me through. I could probably hide a gun in a hoodie and get through no problem. If you're going to check bags, check the fucking bags, otherwise it's just wasting time.

>> No.10218487
File: 1.74 MB, 4032x3024, adasfdas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know the name of the artist that was at booth C3 in the artist alley? I've found all the artists I've bought from online except for them.

>> No.10218494

Chicago's anime cons aren't held downtown so there aren't many homeless out in the area

>> No.10218514

Try messaging Centimetre Art (centicenti on instagram). Centicenti was table C1 and C2 and I'm pretty sure she/he is also the artist for C3.

I noticed all 3 tables (C1, C2, C3) displayed some of the same prints. So either all 3 tables are under 1 artist (centicenti) or the artists are all friends.

>> No.10218522
File: 141 KB, 1280x720, 1555401264764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone going to Anime California?

>> No.10218525

>[citation needed]
Just like the rapes in China m I rite. It sucks a few bad eggs spoiled it for all Japanese Americans at the time, but it was completely justified.

>> No.10218529

considering the state of LA and CA in general, who would want to move from Japan to basically a 3rd world shithole?

>> No.10218563 [DELETED] 

>I literally walked in with my leatherman blade every day. Also, my cosplay day I had a steel boned corset, and I tripped all the detectors. They literally have zero fucks. One of the security even said "yeah, everyone's wearing corsets. These are kinda useless at an anime con"

>> No.10218564

>>10218470 #
I literally walked in with my leatherman blade every day. Also, my cosplay day I had a steel boned corset, and I tripped all the detectors. They literally have zero fucks. One of the security even said "yeah, everyone's wearing corsets. These are kinda useless at an anime con"

>> No.10218568

>A-anime expo should go back to Anaheim

I bet people who say this
1. Never even been to AX when it was at Anaheim
2. Don't even know why AX went to LA in the first place

>> No.10218572


Security theater like bag checks and metal detectors don't do shit. All trivial things that a motivated individual could bypass. Or just shoot up poor saps waiting in security lines.

Cops on site are more than enough.

>> No.10218585

Thank you! I messaged them and they were able to tell me.

>> No.10218586

I haven't felt a single one of the three earthquakes. My family even called for the last one and I had no idea what they were talking about.

>> No.10218587

Why did they move to LA? Genuinely curious

>> No.10218589

Not that it's any better, but buildings in California (especially high rises) are build with rollers to allow them to sway with the quake rather than bend and snap. Theoretically it's safer than outside if nothing is falling on you.

>> No.10218592

What does this have to do with my comment about cosplay tho

>> No.10218594

>Never even been to AX when it was at Anaheim

Shit was great, it was 24 hours. Everything was close by, you could have dinner at Downtown Disney, and there were no angry hobos.

>> No.10218596

>tfw learned of AX back in 2008, which is the year they moved to LACC

>> No.10218599

Very true.

>> No.10218603

Also from Glendale.

>> No.10218604

Shit was so good, I miss it being 24 hours so badly. I could wander the con, my hotel was practically adjacent and everything felt very safe!

>> No.10218606

Their CEO makes BANK. Sorry to hear about your mistreatment anon.

>> No.10218607

Or they know that the Anaheim CC has been renovated/expanded

>> No.10218613

Floor 31 in the Westin here, I'm from the UK so it freaked me and the gf out. Gotta admit I ran straight to the window like a goddamn idiot at first.

>> No.10218619
File: 43 KB, 680x499, had it not been for the laws of this land....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my friend despises him ( he looks like him but hates his personality lol )
Get better friends.

But, until then I'll be happy to send her your way. Here's my throwaway: [email protected]

>> No.10218623

>Surprisingly a lot of the panels were good despite what /cgl/ were moaning about
I didn't get a chance to go to many panels, which ones did you go to?

>> No.10218626
File: 245 KB, 364x360, 1543654389160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me about the AX hot shot high rollers

>> No.10218627

> In addition, they were not promoting the community stage acts in any way (program, online, or app)
Not to discredit your maltreatment, but there were announcements on their twitter.

>> No.10218632

This, I had wings made out of twisted metal hangars. I'm not even sure if it tripped the alarm.

>> No.10218638

We've been waiting for our own bullet train for 11 years.

>> No.10218643

>tfw when motherfucking Yehaw state gets the bullet train before Cali

Goddamn it

>> No.10218646

Woah, we don't need your bigotry in our progressive, multi-culti California. Go back to your kkk flyover state anon. The next time a random POC approaches you and demands something, you best deliver. Understand white boy??

>> No.10218649

Lol, Kanji is supreme waifu so that's who I really care about lol But just sent you an e-mail with a throwaway, ryujiisded

>> No.10218659 [DELETED] 

you're trying too hard>>10218646

>> No.10218663

I was gonna say fair, but I just scrolled through and saw none of the community stage performers. They had a post for lounge 21 not specifying who the act was, and it looks like they posted a lineup on one of their landing pages.
I think my biggest gripe was not even being included in the app. My personal gripe with attending is im a huge music fan, and was bored out of my mind. When I finally found something and walked halfway across America, the panel was full, yet there were events happening in the entertainment hall all day that nobody knew about.
I'm just baffled by it.

>> No.10218676

it is probably mostly there to keep people honest
the fear of getting caught at the door would probably deter some nutters

>> No.10218678
File: 1.84 MB, 1619x2429, IMG_3339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was at least at an Anaheim AX for one year. It is nicer but I'm not sure if there's enough space for nu-AX.

It was more spacious and SPJA decided to end their contract with the ACC. It's commonly believed that the convention was snapped up by Shriners but they were probably just the scapegoats.

This one?

>> No.10218681

Linecon sucked ass but I also cosplayed for the first time in probably 7 years, and I hosted a gathering last minute and people actually showed up, so I'm happy. I crunched that costume in 10 days, but it was worth it.

Except I didn't find any good merch of my wife in the AA. I had low expectations though, so I guess I can't be too mad.

>> No.10218692

who is your wife?

>> No.10218755
File: 3.18 MB, 1600x1226, Thisdestroysthehotdogvendor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you ate nothing but 7-11 during the entire con

>> No.10218775

>This $190-million expansion includes 100,000 square foot of carpeted column-free multi-purpose space, with north-facing windows and movable airwalls which can create a variety of meeting room layout options. There is a climate controlled pedestrian connection between the ACC North and the existing convention center. The recent developments can be used for exhibit, ballroom or meeting space, increasing flexibility and allowing the convention center to accommodate a wider variety of event projects.

Anaheim Convention is now 1.8 million square feet, officially joining the ranks of the “1-million-square-foot club” list of facilities in the U.S. that offer more than one million square feet of exhibit space.

Took 4 years for Anaheim Convention Center to expand and funny because Anime Expo's contract to LA according to Wikipedia expires in 2019.


Anime Expo's contract with LA Convention Center expires at the end of 2019.

Anaheim finished their expansion in the year 2018 of last year.

This makes Anaheim Convention Center the new largest convention center in California because San Diego and Los Angeles are still arguing over whether or not they should expand their convention centers too.

>> No.10218780

Before the millennium, Toyota used to be in Long Beach because not enough factories were created in America to build Japanese cars.

So Japan used to ship cars to Long Beach and from there, Toyota cars spread to the rest of America.

Follow the Japanese auto companies if you want to know where Japanese communities might spring.

>> No.10218811

it's probably the same with cops but most security don't deal with homeless because they have so many laws protecting them. i've called the cops to handle them but even they do anything because you can tell they are scared to do anything illegal or let alone some retard civilian claiming they're abusing the homeless guy. multiple security companies or street patrol guards have gotten sued over the past few years as an example

>> No.10218822

The nights were pretty damn cold this AX. I went swimming one night and immediately left when I took a dip

>> No.10218828

I'm debating on it since it's so close to where I live. AX19 was only my second con.

>> No.10218861

RIP Hooters

>> No.10218862
File: 3.92 MB, 623x317, 0571BE73-F6EA-42A4-9630-66E12BDFD7E9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw it died for a 7-11

>> No.10218868

RIP medieval restaurant
RIP whatever replaced the Medieval restaurant

>> No.10218913

>tfw lived on a diet of 7-11 bananas and ritz crackers

>> No.10219070

Ada from RE
There was a tiny handful of tables that had RE stuff in general at least.

>> No.10219072

I think I saw one Ada cos

>> No.10219101

There was nothing for my husbando and barely anything for series that weren't shounen. I only bought one Princess Tutu print.

>tfw a booth has a bunch of prints of the character you're cosplaying and the artist just ignores you
At least attempt to pitch your product, damn

>> No.10219107

That's exactly how you know they're doing it for the bandwagon money

>> No.10219112
File: 128 KB, 1421x1124, 1561786314244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>go to the god tier import game booth expecting Yo-Kai Watch 4
>lol no biggie since the L5 panel announced that YKW4 is coming to America sometime in 2020 anyway
>Namco Bandai LL merch booth getting ticketed up the ass
>Good Smile booth sells out most of its shit before day two ends including a generic white suitcase that you can find at Ross, only this time with a Studio Trigger logo on it
>aniplex booth also sells out most of its shit before day two ends
>end up getting rare ass Amiibo, official AX merch, a Get Smoked hat and blowing most of my swag cash at the Omocat booth
Very disappointing AX, dealers hall wise

>> No.10219124

Good point, I was cosplaying from something that was popular last year. They were a lot of prints that I remember seeing in 2018.

>> No.10219128

>tfw you had all this money saved for AA and couldn't find anything to buy
>Just went and bought a bunch of waifu shit with it on Etsy and Storenvy

I'm still so fucking mad by how boring the AA was this year.

>> No.10219131

What character was it?

>> No.10219132

The cutest cosplay I saw as a beautiful black girl cosplaying as Tsunada from Naruto. It was great, so good that I was too afraid to ask for a picture.

>tfw no QT Black Weeb GF

>> No.10219249

There were prints at AA that I saw in 2015. And those same booths had exactly 0 new pieces of art to sell, which made me sad because I wanted to buy some new art from those same artists.

>> No.10219318


>> No.10219372

I was on the 69th floor of some building having sushi and it was scary. I've experienced much bigger earthquakes from the ground, but that one was bad. A waitress collapsed to the ground and started screaming. I kept repeating "it's okay, it's just an earthquake, we're swaying a lot because we're up really high," and a grown ass man screamed at me "IT ISN'T OKAY, WE'RE GOING TO DIE!" Like what the fuck.

>> No.10219373

and now i do too. t-thanks?

>> No.10219393
File: 261 KB, 319x392, 1560897705598.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw I saw that Sayaka Miki print that this one dude has been selling every year since 2012

>> No.10219408

So did anyone end up going to that Steins;gate concert? I’ve been trying to find announcements about it but twitter doesn’t pull up anything beyond people asking about tickets. I’m honestly curious if it even happened.

>> No.10219411

>AX has been going on for 5 billions year
>all the wars, all the early shooting, all the riots, doesn't do shit
>some faggot try to shot up a con
>better do bag check and metal detector
>long line, fuck those weebs make them wait
If some weeb gonna shoot up AX, I'm 100% sure it will be about the long lines and AX stuffs ignoring it

>> No.10219412

Long Beach

>picking a dry place
he did it for the port of Los Angeles, and at the time the port at Anaheim Landing (now the base in Los Alamitos) Shipping = $$

>> No.10219418

Oh god

>> No.10219419

What kind of art do you anons like?

Funny, some time ago someone here was dismissive of that approach.

I missed the main concert but was allowed in the karaoke event. Main concert was sold out before AX even started.

>> No.10219420

If someone is gonna shoot up AX it's gonna be while they're waiting in line to get into the convention center. Seriously.

>> No.10219423

>The Los Angeles Convention Center was the epicenter for anything and everything Japanese pop-culture as nearly three-hundred-fifty-thousand attendees gathered over five days to celebrate at Anime Expo (AX), the largest celebration of this genre in North America. Produced annually by The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA), this five-day extravaganza, held July 3 – July 7, attracted enthusiastic fans from more than 78 countries and had an estimated economic impact for the City of Los Angeles and area hotels and businesses of more than $100 million.

Yeah, AX is going to stay at LACC.

>> No.10219427


>> No.10219435
File: 2.99 MB, 2304x1728, IMG_20190711_162241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just moved, so here's some stuff from the past two years. Still in the bag is from this year.

>> No.10219439


That number sounds absurdly overblown.

Why don't they tell us how many fucking tickets they sold.

>> No.10219443

Hi Hi! Security Analyst here , AX's massive lines are a literal "babys first terror" target. While the arena has bollards and other objects to protect it from the "Truck of Peace" (even though in THEORY a car with garage access could reverse approach and hit a bunch of kids), the huge lines and massive concentration of people are massive bomb targets, one basic bomb (thanks fucking ISIL you have taught every incel, idiot and jackass how to make decent explosives), could cause hundreds of deaths from stampeds alone. Their metal detectors are a joke because my camera bag got searched... once in this weeked meaning any weeb who hates people could smuggle in a gun. This is how I can tell you don't know actual security (there is a reason why high profile airports like LGA in New York City make you check your bag AT the drop off point).

Would you like to know more?

>> No.10219448

Isn't that the turnstile number?

>> No.10219451

a lot of people have never felt an earthquake

mfw people are like "but bag checks make us safe!" even though the checkers give zero fucks and if you told them you didn't have anything bad they took your word and didn't dig. i could have snuck guns in no problem. if you're not telling them to dig because it takes too long to get people through the door you might as well not have them at all

that's turnstile. actual number is around 110k just like last year with the same turnstile number. new PR firm is dumb and slow.

i'm glad someone else thinks a little

>> No.10219454

The problem with Hillsborough was soccer hooligans which is something anime conventions do not suffer from.

>> No.10219467

I've never seen anything for my husbando even the ax after his show aired. I mostly buy original art like ocs/food/plants

>> No.10219494

It didn't stop the 15yo Youtuber Elixir being able to sneak in again this year. He got notoriety to security in E3 (failed in attempting this year) and to some AX attendees.

>> No.10219496 [DELETED] 
File: 610 KB, 2001x810, 1561734516898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>15 years old

>> No.10219499
File: 2.01 MB, 1344x1600, 1561476911310.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>15 year old youtuber

>> No.10219508


lol what a crock of shit.

Open cons have better security than this because instead of watching some stupid line they ask you to flash your badge when you walk in at the doors.

All this does it just keep honest people out.

>> No.10219510

Absolutely meal prep is essential. I'll eat out once a day with friends for dinner, and then everything else is carry it with you and snack through the day.

>granola bars
>protein bars
>sweets so we don't buy overpriced ramune and pocky
>chips/popcorn/trail mix
>booze/soda/mixers for the room

This is a lie, and a bad one at that

>> No.10219514

A lie how? I say that as someone who feels out of place at anime cons wearing normal clothes.

>> No.10219530

difference of opinion I guess, I enjoy cosplay but it's way more convenient in a million ways to just wear a normal outfit

>in and out of the hotel room faster, less prep time
>easier to move around crowds, sit, stand in line
>don't get stopped for photos at bad times like eating, you can just....eat
>staff/normies treat you with more respect in small interactions
>No wig hell
>not constantly checking/adjusting outfit
>not having to deal with high maintainence makeup and trying to get a spot in the mirror

>> No.10219535

A con is a place to relax and chill out. Sometimes cosplays are as tense as an army uniform

>> No.10219537

>Security Analyst here
No you're not.

>i could have snuck guns in no problem
No you couldn't.

>> No.10219539

We need to sneak in Momokun next year

>> No.10219541

There were 4-5? from what I know, but spread out over the days.
I actually think there were more cosplayers than merch in the alley, lol.

Interesting compositions and use of color, or just anything that's cool art inspiration since I also draw sometimes.

This is some good fucking taste anon

>> No.10219568

Every time I went through the entrance the guards were the most unenthusiastic bag checkers possible. They didn't look in the bottom of my bag and didn't unzip anything I didn't unzip for them. My bag has out of the way compartments that aren't obvious too.

As seen in >>10219508 you could have gotten in without being checked at all.

>> No.10219579

I was at hotel indigo and I ran outside carrying my cat
Sorry to anyone who heard her yelling her and I were scared.

>> No.10219593
File: 43 KB, 665x704, smiledrive-waterproof-dslr-backpack-camera-bag-lens-accessories-original-imaf8djg79fcfnfe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for video proving my point!
I had a standard camera bag. Most modern camera bags have 2 compartments. In 4 days they asked me to open up the back portion (Ie the large zippered portion that is on your back) once, while the front portion which opens like a traditional backpack was searched every time.

Hell, my belt and steel toed boots cleared every time. They asked me to roll up my pant legs ONCE (easily hide a small gun or knife there), and it would be utterly trivial to conceal a basic gun in thick pants or cosplay (I just thank God nerds aren't fundamentally hateful). You could just have the weapon parts in pieces and assemble them inside in a stall and begin your attack.

The security was meant to stop the lowest of low tier idiots the guy who gets a negative high score as the dank kids say.

Remember, if I, a lazy jerk who just wanted to get in as fast as possible found these flaws, someone actively looking to harm people would find ,ore.

>> No.10219602

. . . i played myself like a jester's flute.
Never again.

>> No.10219615

its ok AX will clamp down on the hole by stationing one security guard actually watching the doors next year. last year I was able to go through the west parking side door for a day until they realized that people could get in that way and put someone there. this year it was the priority entrance.

>> No.10219621

Bad cosplay sticks out like a sore thumb with spotlights on it, whereas a person in normal attire might as well be invisible (assuming they're not wearing ahegao gear).

>> No.10219661

All that security and a fucking 15 year old AND his camera guy are able to just walk right in. AX staff is a fucking joke

>> No.10219662

Shout out to the volunteer prick trying to score good boy points for thinking he caught someone without a badge when I had it in my bag lmao you aren’t Detective Conan fag

>> No.10219665

convention center staff are notorious for being bottom of the barrel. they're right up there with uber/lyft drivers. if you can't get any other job you can always be one of those.

>> No.10219667

Those volunteers are really fucking comical. They're all scrawny faggots who are too stupid to know that neither AX nor the attendees give two fucks about their attempt at authority.
>tfw I got in by walking past the readers and not making eye contact
>the friend with me paused and got caught

>> No.10219674

I had a similar thing happen last year
>wanted to get into the dub show panel
>lined was capped
>went to the hallway where the line was going to be led through
>staffer tried stopping us, I told him we wanted a place to sit down for a minute
>when the line got led through I joined the back of it confidently and got right in
>friend hesitated when joining it and got turned away
>turns out the room had like 5-10 extra empty seats anyway but they still capped it

>> No.10219675

Do the staffers even get paid? I know a shitload of them are volunteers

>> No.10219679

convention center staff get paid. those are the ones working for companies like staffpro so they belong to the convention center and AX is basically renting them. AX volunteers are not paid (badge reimbursement mainly, maybe lodging) but higher up ones might get paid.

>> No.10219683

It explains why AX volunteers seem to both not give a shit and are mostly clueless. If there's no compensation besides their badge you can't expect much from them. Especially since they don't even get to do anything fun

>> No.10219686

This always boggled my mind, like the cons of volunteering seemed to out weigh the pros. Like sure you get a badge but you can't go to anything and you're on the frontline of nerds ire from AX's shitiness.

>> No.10219689

I imagine that it's mostly people who don't know any better volunteering. Thinking that it gets them an in, and people might think their cool for being "staff" at AX.
That or it's people who get off on being control freaks telling people what the can or can't do. Also maybe older guys who want an excuse to go and check out cosplayers without outing themselves as the middleaged guy checking out teens/young adults

>> No.10219691

volunteering AX at the bottom level (line control) is for the people who don't have any money. most of them have probably never been to AX or they wouldn't be walking into a volunteer role. there are some volunteers who actually do give a shit and know what's going on as they're returners but you will only find a few of those on the frontlines and they're probably going to be section leads

>> No.10219712

time to put those cosplay deviant tissues to good use

>> No.10219727

A long night of crying ahead of you too, buddy?
It's okay, bro. Stay strong.

>> No.10219731

nayrt but. . .
shit, me too.

>> No.10219893

They volunteer so they don't have to wait in lines to get into the building. But yeah, a lot of the things that are done are because of "policy" arbitrary handed down to is to reinforce. Volunteers are just the messengers.

>> No.10219895

Is volunteering even worth it at this point?

>> No.10219898

All the volunteers at this year’s AX suffered from idontwannabehere-itis

>> No.10219929
File: 1.12 MB, 695x2001, postAXdepression.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw you’re still suffering from post con depression

>> No.10219932
File: 1.35 MB, 4032x3024, CEE071DC-E5C1-4825-BBFF-5B46F44DB825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No post-con depression for me since I scheduled a three-week Japan vacation immediately after it.

July is an anime month.

>> No.10219968

Why doesn't AX just do away with metal detectors and bag checks?

>> No.10219975

Because someone might complain on twitter about not feeling safe anymore

>> No.10220045

And some fat fuck in Phoenix thought it was a good idea to physically harm the green power ranger. Therefore, that fat fuck ruined all the fun for us

>> No.10220054

Ruined it only for ax goers bc the two other big California conventions (fanime and comic con) and most other events realized it was dumb and pointless

>> No.10220100
File: 188 KB, 800x815, this-is-not-fine-11-92d430.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>yfw suffering from post-con depression because you were so excited and the con was so shitty

>> No.10220116

Grateful I live in Atlanta where all the big cons have none of this bullshit and the cops do their jobs well enough so they don't shut down everything at night because a bunch of bums.

>> No.10220157

Did anyone catch the piano and violin performers just outside of artist alley? Do they have a youtube channel?

>> No.10220163

In California people are afraid of everyfuckingthing and simultaneously hate on the cops and want them to do everything for them. Like okay I get it you hate the police, fine, but stop calling dispatch with stupid shit wanting units to be sent out

>> No.10220221

>bought official bandori guitar picks at the artist alley
>found them for a third of the price in Kyoto

Fuck I shoulda waited.

>> No.10220228
File: 10 KB, 225x225, 1451353233052.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW I'm permabanned from AX for using another badge

>> No.10220231

What do you mean 'another badge'

And how the fuck can these fucks permaban you at all. It's impossible to tell who's who.

>> No.10220242

>another badge

The fuck is this?

Also, buy a badge early and have it mailed to you, they're not going to check for ID unless you fuck up and forget to tap out

>> No.10220243
File: 3.06 MB, 3024x4032, 20190706_093411_015a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>What did you enjoy?
Aqours Day 1. I've always wanted to die in a small venue with fellow idol weebs but in all seriousness it was great.

My Lego UMP-45 getting surprise reactions and it not collapsing somehow for Girls Frontline gathering. Also my hair brush broke somehow

>>What did you hate?
Lack of musical guests and while probably outside AX's control, ESPN being dicks and closing off most of the Microsoft Square where they only worked on the outside on Sunday.

>>Changes you would make next year?
Telling everyone to fuck off and claim the Microsoft Theater and the MS Square, more guests, better line control for everyone.

Pic related: Lego UMP-45

>> No.10220269

Where was the GFL meet? I couldn't find it at all

>> No.10220317

only way they could perma you is if you were dumb enough to give them your ID so they could blacklist your name and address in the system. you can fix it by using a name that's just off by a couple of letters (or make up a middle name) and use a friend's address to have it shipped to. get it from your friend and if you have any problems at con your name is still on your ID. use a different form of payment because they might have blacklisted your card too but i really doubt it.

>> No.10220319

Saturday at 3PM at i think Site 3? I know It was on Pico Blvd near the garage and near one of the shuttle bus stops. There was another one at like 5PM at the Exhibit hall at the GFL booth

>> No.10220413


>> No.10220423

>gave my premier badge to my non premier friend so he could get the swag bag
>no issues happened at all

>> No.10220425

What are you cosplaying next AX?

>> No.10220426

I want to cosplay next year, but I don't know as what. Some of my favorite stuff is years old
Feels like any cosplay for those have already been done, not that being the first matters

>> No.10220429

konosuba is still alive and kicking and crunchyroll announced a couple of OADs this AX
danganronpa is dead for now but people will still recognize it

i mean, fucking ouran was ages ago and bisco hattori was popular as hell

>> No.10220432

But they took note of everyone that got the premiere bags and made us sign next to our names on the list

>> No.10220433

Part of me is burnt out creatively from this year's costume so I might go with something that I can easily put together like Tohru Honda (I already have the shoes and socks), but I know that I'd have major fomo if I didn't attempt something handmade again since my friends are going to be attempting cosplay (or better cosplay) next year so I'm in a bit of a pickle.

I understand that feeling. Make your costume unique to you. Props and accessories are great for that.

>> No.10220435

They're not transferable?

>> No.10220436

Todd Howard

> Konosuba cosplay being played out
No such thing

>> No.10220439

I feel like konosuba cosplays for men are super limited unless you want to crossplay. Everyone has seen kazuma in the tracksuit and adventure gear. Honestly the other males in the series are hardly even seen, so I honestly doubt they would be recognized

>> No.10220441

The first hour of the preshow night they didn't. I was just handed my bag. I came back an hour later and the girl asked for my id, and gave me a second bag, that's when I gave my friend my badge and he did the same thing.
They never actually checked to make sure the badge matched the id

>> No.10220447

Damn, I should've gone in during the preshow. I goofed

>> No.10220448

It's not the end of the world, though getting extras is always nice

>> No.10220490

It's so true. Pretty much lived off 7/11 pizza the entire trip

>> No.10220493

I'm gone lose weight and tone up to do at least one Kengan Asura cosplay. I'm not pretty enough to do Cosmo sadly, but Agito or Dudley are both on the table.

>> No.10220495

It won't happen but

What if during the Early Bird sale, AX announced that it was going back to Anaheim?

>> No.10220496

you a big guy or a skinny guy? asking because you considered cosmo and then went all the way to the other end with dudley and agito

>> No.10220507

6'2 with a wide-ish frame, so I'd say closer to big. I'm not built like a fridge, but I'm definitely not skinny either, so I figure there's a range I can hit. Guys like the fisherman are way out of the question though.

>> No.10220509

everyone would be confused as fuck because they announced Los Angeles already. They had decided on Los Angeles long ago because they had to print it in all the guidebooks.

>> No.10220511

luckily most of the people in kengan ashura are "normal big" besides the lolarious ones like haruo so you have a lot to choose from

>> No.10220592

Nothing. I don't think I can imagine something I'd want to cosplay thats compatible with typical July heat.

>> No.10220603
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>mfw patiently waiting for the AX 2019 cosplay montages from dangitsdon and mamuro5254

>> No.10220619
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>AX at Anaheim again
>It could be 24 hours
>Nightlife comes back

>> No.10220628

New (and possibly final thread for the year)

>> No.10220784

I kept seeing DR cosplays and I don't even know anything about it beyond that "magic is real" girl

>> No.10220949

DR is still popular as fuck, especially the boys and Junko.

>> No.10221017

Get a life, loser.

>> No.10221019

Classic misdirection.

>> No.10221024

How is that a misdirection at all? The question is what would happen, and everyone being confused with the already announced dates and venue sounds realistic.

>> No.10221031

Classic misdirection

>> No.10221035
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Houseki no Kuni

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