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Lolita, if you grew up with it and now you're an adult and still love it - how old is TOO old to continue? Is there an age? At what point does it start to look and feel cringy? Is there a collective opinion about adult and older women who go out in public in full ensemble? Just an outsider who's curious.

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I think society sees it as cringy from the ages of 25-50, after which i assume women just become invisible anyway so YOLO. Grannies with eclectic style are either praised or assumed to be art teachers anyway.

I'll wear lolita until I no longer care for it.

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I think the super babyish prints look cringy on everyone, but especially on older women. It’s natural for your style to grow and change as you age, but that doesn’t necessarily mean giving up lolita, even the sweet stuff. I don’t think there’s an age limit, and I tend to admire older women who wear and look good in the fashion.

Spotted pic related on the American Duchess blog. She looks really nice and it’s a cute coord.

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You're literally never too old, but your mileage is entirely a personal experience.

I've been in this since 15 & I'm pushing 30-- goth in my terns, dabbled in sweet in my early 20s. There did hit a point for me personally in my mid 20s where I just felt stupid wearing sweet so I went back to fulltime goth. That said, plenty of people who are 30+ are still rocking sweet

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Im 31 and still wear sweet. (I also look younger)
I think as long as you can pull off the look and put time & effort into a coord. You can wear it till you die honestly. Just gotta keep the weight off as you age<<<its harder for us ladies to do that

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Thank you, ladies. I was wondering about this the other day when I realized that I was a 35 year old looking at cute rainbow fabrics and wondered if there was a collective opinion about time and age that the lolita community on 4chan agreed upon.

Does anyone know if there are any fashion styles out there that cater to specifically the elderly? Do any companies or brands have anything that could fall under this category?

This seems like an open market for aging lolitas, don't you think? Designing things that not only are physically made for their bodies as they change, but also are flattering and well put together. I dunno - these are just thoughts I had. Thank you again for your feedback.

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I'm 28 and I wear classic.

Granted it's probably the easiest style to wear as you get older, but I don't think age should stop anyone from wearing whatever. Just look at Misako who's continuing to wear OTT sweet into her mid 30s. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon, I've been in it for 8 years now and I continue to love it.

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I started wearing the fashion at 30. I'll be approaching 40 soon enough. FWIW, I'm the same age (ish) as Shelbycloud and Misako. Both wear it well.

I wear sweet, as that's just what I like. I've tried classic and gothic. I love how I look in classic, I love the pieces, but I don't entirely like how I feel in it. But I won't be able to wear super sweet for too much longer. So I'll save the classic for later. I appreciate gothic but it's not for me. I'll live vicariously through others.

One thing that often gets overlooked is that while it's very important to dress in a way that suits you, it's also important to dress in a way that makes you happy. Lolita fashion is just as much a hobby as it is a fashion, and if you are not getting joy from it, it's time to leave or find ways to retain that joy that work for you.

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Physical Drop caters to an older crowd and most of their items are very comfy. Though some are borderline not lolita if you care

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Been wearing the fashion since I was 13, so almost 11 years now.
My wardrobe is pretty much entirely sweet. It has definitely been a fear for me at times that I'll outgrow my style, but that just makes me more determined to dress as outlandishly as I like right now and not let my youth slip by me.
I also focus on skincare, diligent sun protection, exercise, good eating habits, etc. to preserve what I have for as long as I can.
I think in the end it'll work out fine. My style has evolved a lot since I first started a decade ago, and I'm sure it'll change over the decades to come as well. As long as I'm not sacrificing what makes me happy in order to please other people, then I'll be alright.

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I got into it when I was 23. That was in 2001-2002. Sometimes I won't wear it for a year, sometimes I'm a daily lolita for a year. It's about you, not about what society thinks of you. If someone is worried and consumed with how people perceive them to the extent that they consider changing their entire style, why are they wearing lolita to begin with?

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To be honest I think the market is already adjusting to this. Japanese brands are giving more size options, which is a little easier for older women as it’s harder to keep off weight, and the ones that aren’t are shuttering their doors or limiting their production, like Excentrique and MM. IW is still doing some special print runs but generally they are not as print-crazy as they once were, and they’re even doing a IW White line which is a bunch of solids at very reasonable prices.

What I hope is that older lolitas get into high-quality (even custom) corsets. I don’t want anybody to feel forced to do so, of course, since it’s a pretty big investment for an accessory and even more so to actually wear. They just smooth so much out, and you just own an already niche fashion better due to better posture.

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>One thing that often gets overlooked is that while it's very important to dress in a way that suits you, it's also important to dress in a way that makes you happy.
I agree. It's easy to judge older women wearing OTT sweet because we think it doesn't suit them, and maybe it really doesn't, but I can understand why they wear it because it obviously makes them happier than wearing classic or gothic. Unless you dress in extremely casual/toned down classic, you're probably going to stick out and get criticized by the general population anyway, so you might as well wear what you want. Lolita is about dressing for yourself, after all.

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Thissss. I had this exact convo with a friend. Women aged 30s-50s are supposed to be raising kids and not having fun, but after that you’re kicked out of the sexual marketplace and are allowed to live out the rest of your life as an adorable eclectic obaachan. Personally I don’t give a flying fluff, my partner thinks I’m adorable and I’m gonna do what I want. Y’all should too.

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Why are you asking this? I seriously want to know. How do people like you function?

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I'm just curious. What part of my question confuses you about people like me existing in the world?

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Nayrt but you seem mentally retarded

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and you seem like an opinionated brat, but here we are...

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Yikes way to get salty about a perfectly innocent question....

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Nayrt but the question didn't seem all that innocent. It's coming from an admitted outsider who seems interested in numerically delineating when it is "cringy". Odds are they want quotable anonymous opinions with which they can can neg some mid-30s lolita on tinder.

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It’s not ott sweet she’s wearing. Js. Show me a pic of misako with 10 tons of bows and candy on her head then you can say she wears ott sweet.

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Why do you care about the collective opinion on a chinese kumqat collecting site?
Also bold of you to assume there would be a collective opinion

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22 max and only if youre are thin, if youre not, just dont even try it, and super white, dark skin like mexican or nigresses are disgusting , and dont have children a lolita mother is like a paraphilia.

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I started at 33 as a classic lolita. Now I'm 38 and I wear everything from toned-down sweet to dark classic. I don't think I will ever give up because of age, but I may shift to some other style of fashion, if I am ever to find something that appeals to me more. With years spent in this fashion, I find myself to become more picky with cuts and styles (I'm pretty done with high waists and short skirts, I prefer comfort over flashy designs, casual over OTT pieces), but even with that I find stuff I like every now and then.

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Lolita is just fancygranny-kei. As it should be.

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34 year old sweet here. You can pry my pastel dresses from my cold dead hands.
Side note I don't buy prints with teddy bears or that shit, it's not my jam, but desserts and presents and flowers, yes.

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Probably never going to quit. As an adult and a DINK I've got the money and free time to enjoy it even more than I did when I was younger. I don't see anything cringe about it.

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For fucks sake you are not even old

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weak bait

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What are you mad about? That she takes care of her skin even in youth or...?

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Nayrt but I didn't get the impression they were mad, more like rolling their eyes at a 23-24 year old who is waxing on like a nostalgic middle-aged woman.

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I think classic and gothic can look good at any age. Maybe simple sweet as well. Pastel sweet with childish prints will start looking weird past a certain age.

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How tf is this not ott sweet. I mean she's not vomiting bows but come on.

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I think it's ok to be nostalgic at any age but what boils my piss is those faggots that say they're old when they turn 20-something.

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In one of the english glbs there's a reader spotlight of a 39 year old lolita from Toronto Canada. If she's still around she must be a granny-lita now. Anyone know her? Did she quit with age or does she still wear it? Her photo had a lovely moitie coordinate, very mature.

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>Pastel sweet with childish prints will start looking weird past a certain age
I almost feel as if childish sweet looks "weird" on everyone solely because it's an eye catching style and normies seem to like equating pink/frills/pastels to literal babies. Even 14 year olds just learning about the fashion and getting into it are going to look "weird" compared to their peers. With lolita and alt fashion in general, there's no magical age where it's going to go under the radar and once you're past that age you have to wear something else. Might as well sell your whole wardrobe and go full normie uniform then.

Sure, more mature styles might compliment older features well, but even toned down classic can stick out so I don't see the point of lolitas feeling like they need to 'graduate' into a more mature style and leave everything else behind if that isn't what they actually want to wear. If someone feels more comfortable in classic and gothic as they get older that's cool. Everyone changes their wardrobes over time and dressing less outlandish as you get older isn't necessarily bad, but it's not like there's a 'right' age to wear sweet where it doesn't look weird. It's always going to look weird, so if you wanna wear it at an older age just wear it, just put in the effort to look good/coord well and learn how to make it work for you.

I plan to wear lolita for as long as it makes me happy. Wear the clothes that make your hearts sing gulls, no matter how old you get.

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I find some satisfaction in knowing that in 15-20 years they'll look back and be like omg holy shit how was I such a douche

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There's a couple of older lolitas in the Toronto comm. Karen, who was in the english glb, still wears lolita, although she isn't involved in the comm much anymore, aside from helping with the Anime North tea party. Her style is mostly gothic and old school sweet, but she doesn't post on social media often. She's a singer and sometimes wears lolita for live performances (bands include Amy's Arms and AnaToneDaMania).

She has also been ridiculously blessed by the Good Genes Fairy.

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> not let my youth slip by me
> to preserve what I have
Never once said or implied that I was old. In fact, the opposite. Time to get your prescription updated, grandma.

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goals. such a cool granny.

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Responding like this contradicts the whole point of this thread. I get that they're being a dick but there's no need to be one too if you're so "youthful" and not worried about aging

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I don’t fucking care how old someone is in this fashion so long as it’s what they love doing and learn to dress in ways that are flattering to their age.

For example, I feel like if you’re in your 30s then it might be time to start gravitating towards more mature, elegant styles instead of pastel vomit sweet. It just looks like ageplay st that point. Of course that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of women in their 30s that are blessed with good genes and can still pull it off. But for the ones who don’t and still insist on wearing super sweet pastel I just can’t help but to feel like I’m watching an ep of Jerry Springer or Maury where some hag has to be confronted by her kids or grandkids about dressing like a geriatric thot.

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>geriatric thot

ru ok anon

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>I don't care as long as they dress in ways that don't make me uncomfortable
Teenaged lolita-at-heart spotted

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So 2010

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What's your damage?

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I knew of lolita when I was 20 but actively worn it at 30, mostly classic AP and a few IW, never gothic.

6 yrs later nothing has changed apart from dabbling in a bit of sweet (not pastel) with the odd dosage of dermal fillars.

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The "trick" is to never be in denial about your age. Meaning, when it comes to your make-up, the proportions of your dress and so on, you do need to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

>As your arms get flabby, it's probably time to switch out short-sleeve / cap sleeve blouses for puffy 3/4 or long sleeve.
>If your legs are getting saggy / wiggly it's time to toss out the socks and go for a supportive pair of tights.
>Just like in normie fashion; your make-up should match the age of your face, not a tutorial aimed at perfectly smooth-skinned teenagers. The same colors and general theory may apply, but you can't just default to it without some adjustment.

The Lolitas that look bad at their age are those who treat their bodies as if nothing about them will ever change. The same main piece might always be your favorite main piece to wear, but what blouses or leg wear or wigs you pair with it have to change with you as you change.

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Adding to anon's reply, iirc the original Emily Temple Cute designer left to make Leur Guetter which I feel has a slightly more mature tone than ETC. And of there are other brands like Jane Marple, Axes Femme, Milk, and Pink House that I think fits the wearable every day kawaii for the 30 something up.

For bougie parents of young children Shirley Temple Cute has a collection for kids with matching mommy main pieces.
Speaking of young children - last I heard Kato-san was thinking about making maternity dresses in the future if the market demands it. I know classic and otome-kei isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I imagine it being really cute if sweet brands made comfy core stuff again as side collections. Imagine Milky Chan the Fawn as an official legging print.

At least there are western and Chinese indie brands out there quickly responding to an aging market.

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50+ here, can confirm that this is all true.
Also, Wayne Goss has some great video tutorials for doing makeup on aging skin.

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I started wearing lolita when I was 13 and now have a closet with a hefty section of AP toy prints. At 20 the glimmer and novelty of those kinds of looks is wearing off on me a little, and I can imagine selling them off by my 30s.

I don't think any age is too old, I just think you need to be realistic and adapt like previous anons said. Personally I can still see myself wearing sweet lolita through my 30s-40s, but without the toys and heaps of AP plastic. I might even like classic by then, who knows. But my real backup plan is to be a cute, hippy dippy old mori lady.

There's really no cut off age, just don't be in denial and know how to dress for you, friendos

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I think this woman needs different makeup and a different hairstyle to suit the fashion better and I also don't think that bonnet shape is great for her face shape but her age doesn't shock me and just the fact that she looks older doesn't bother me at all. I think I remember that her daughter dressed and styled her for this photo? And there was general approval at the time it was first posted.

Dresses better than most everyone, in or it of lolita and is living her best life. Goals.

There is no collective opinion, its a very personal decision and most of us have faced some sort of questioning or ridicule already or at minimum some awkward reactions just for wearing lolita, especially if lifestylers. I care more about what other lolitas think and to most of us, a good coord is a good coord and someone young will look just as ”cringe” in a bad coord as someone older.

Society is biased against ageing women in general so that will have the expected effect but any stylish woman will face that ’time to tone it down, honey’ pressure from about 35 on. I care about fashion and style both in and out of lolita, so I plan to try to be the best role model I can as I age in lolita and in regular fashion, with the motto of ’wear what you like but be sure to wear it very well’. A woman past mid-20’s is expected to look more put-together and polished, I think. But I don't think that's only true for lolita or alternative fashions.

Calling people ’grannies’ in the fashion is Ignorant at best and passive aggressive at worst because with women having children later, most actual grandmothers are quite a bit older than the women being called granny. But I understand that teens and some early 20-somethings will be ignorant like this which reflects badly on them and I think they don't realize it yet. They will grow out of it with some perspective or remain ignorant and also be judged for it.

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50+ and on 4chan? Why? Not criticizing, just curious what you find interesting here and what style you wear. Do you post your photos online?

Also, I'm thinking I’ll probably do fillers and botox for sure, probably facelift eventually. But I would likely do these things regardless of if I still wore lolita.

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Aesthetics are subjective. I think lolitas who look the very BEST at every age are the ones who dress with consideration for their looks, body type and age. The ones who wear clothes that fit their bodies, lifestyle, the occasion, etc.

There is an expectation that women past about 22-3 should know how to competently do makeup and dress themselves well so bad wigs unflattering makeup, cheap plastic items, wrinkled clothes, bad shoes etc are less tolerated.

Probably an unpopular opinion but I'm going to say it: I think pastel tea parties and wigs, and yes toy prints on anyone over this age don't look best. I also think its a bit sad and pathetic to see so many ’teehee, I look younger than my age’ anecdotes. Most of the time, you really don't. People flatter women that way all the time because it's polite and makes them feel good but please do not take it to heart that you literally look believably much younger than your actual age. No one will correct you much either if you protest ’but no, I do look younger because of this and that example’, again because of course who wants to be so rude? But ladies, please. One in a thousand may. Not a whole group of you.

Graciously be your age and wear what you like, you are an adult after all, you may do as you please. But please know that for the vast majority of 25+ women, very sweet lolita is not going to be the the most flattering or appropriate thing you can wear, and people will react accordingly.

>> No.10219874

I can't help but think that the lolitas who say you shouldn't wear sweet after 25ish just don't have the confidence to do it themselves...

It also makes me sad when people feel like they need to "graduate" to classic as if that's some kind of inevitability...classic is just as weird, and honestly under falsies, a wig, and lenses it's nigh impossible to tell someone's age. Idk, we all stand out, and most normies think we look bad, so might as well wear what you want

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Not that anon, but 50 is coming up in a few years and because I've been here forever, when dinosaurs walked the earth and m00t still posted. There's always been older people here, look up the suspects that were arrested after 4chan raids about a decade ago. Dudes old and young, but a fair number of middle aged women that you'd never clock as an anon if you saw them in the streets.

The occasional shit posting and participating in interest related boards is relaxing at any age. Being anon means you don't have to engage with comments or be nice like on facebook.

You might be talking to your gran on here and never be the wiser.

To get back on topic: I wear toned down classic and gothic, no sweet, no OTT coords, wigs very rarely, and no plastic accessories or pleather shoes. Hats yes, bonnets no.

>> No.10219878

It may be because there's a difference between looking ’eccentrically dressed’ bad (classic lolita, goth, steampunk etc) and ’creepy deranged baby lady’ bad.

>> No.10219896

remember that people's tastes don't stay the same forever! i posted previously about the possibility of going from sweet to classic--not because i feel like i HAVE to, but because i probably won't like Dreamy Baby Room and Toy Parade as much as i do now. i have plenty of confidence, i'm just realistic.

also, not everybody wears lenses and wigs. i think it's important not to apply your own assumptions to everybody.

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Mana-sama and Arika Takarano are both over 50 and continue to wear lolita and they look amazing. I think only the baby/immature toy prints and plastic accessories need some consideration after a certain age, everything else is fine. For me, I'm over 40 and I think people that I know would be a bit disappointed if I stopped dressing up, because they have seen me in gothic lolita regularly for over 10 years now so I'm lucky that it's just normalized in my life. When I meet someone new, they see immediately that my public social media is full of several types of alt fashion going back for a long time, so they will be a little curious sometimes but they can also clearly see that my clothing is not just a weird or inappropriate costume. I never wear j-fashion for the shock value or try to shoehorn it into occasions where it doesn't belong either so that makes people more at ease. I dress well in and out of lolita.

I have no desire to stop, im actually wearing it more in the everyday this year.
it has never felt cringy at all. I have had so many people say that my fashion is inspiring, and always many more good experiences in public than bad ones. I usually get at least one compliment every time I go out wearing lolita and that feels pretty good. I'm not super active in my comm but I still go to meets if they are interesting. I go to Paradiso and that is fun.

I will say though that there is little tolerance for being ita and/or fat and then aging too, people are pretty unkind about it. I've seen this, unfortunately. I'm not saying it's right or kind but it's a harsh reality, so it's better to know and face it.

My biggest advice tips are to keep your weight very normal as you age, do your makeup correctly for your face and make sure your coordinates are good, with any additions clearly on point.
Botox and fillers etc. are a personal decision, but though I haven't gotten any yet, I'm in favor of them for myself and I will start getting some this year.

>> No.10220064

Ayrt, I wear gothic mostly, and some dark classic. Since I come from a background in western goth anyway, wearing gothic lolita isn't that big of a stretch. I don't have an insta, and I rarely use failbook these days, so I don't post many pictures.
I mainly come for the COF and General threads, and I lurk here probably more than I should.

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>how old is TOO old to continue?
When you go to a comm meetup and someone mistakes you for someone's mom.

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File: 1.53 MB, 1929x2641, F67A4B38-47EE-4088-9F26-04892869A1B7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is stupid, you are on the outside looking in, making uneducated assumptions that aren't relevant to people who are actually wearing and designing lolita fashion. The fashion is evolving just fine. The only time getting older vs lolita is even really an issue is with the most juvenile types of sweet for a very small number of people who only adore that particular style. There is also little to no opportunity for ’cute rainbow fabric’ in lolita outside of that substyle so even your idle musing is irrelevant to what's actually going on within the fashion. Why are you so hot to pin down some kind of collective opinion on a fashion you don't even wear? Do you plan to design for or market to us? We aren't likely to support you unless you are already a good lolita yourself.

As for ’catering to older lolita’, my style evolves and improves naturally but my favorite print dress today is the same as it was when I started.

>> No.10220096

Nope. This won't happen at any meetup I know of if you are wearing the fashion. People assume you are there as another fashion participant, age is not that relevant. I'd much rather be at a meet with an older well-dressed socially interesting person than some babby teen ita weeb in a cosplay wig. I'm a bit sad that more older lolitas aren't still dressing and becoming like eldergoths in that subculture, honestly. But I'm resolved to do it myself as I age so that will be me, a (hopefully) elegant and ancient gothic lolita crone.

>> No.10220122 [DELETED] 

That’s OTT Classic and it’s literally a catalog shot, not what she actually wears to public appearances and irl

>> No.10220124


I would really beg to differ on that. That is not classic at all. Also lol not counting her MODELING brand as wearing it. Do you think companies would have her model if they weren't ok with her age?

>> No.10220141

@dorithsellam on insta is older and looks fantastic and I think the key is that she is thin and doesn’t have a “matronly” body. She wears things that are technically sweet but in a very classic way

>> No.10220156

The post you are replying to got deleted, who is this referring to and what photo?

>> No.10220158 [DELETED] 

>being so new you can’t check yourself

I want summer to be over

>> No.10220166

Well maybe if you’d be so kind as to tell me how, then perhaps I could learn and not make the same noob request again?

>> No.10220173

I met her at an event & would agree with you anon, the way she coords different things together really works for her

>> No.10220179

google is your friend, check the archives. part of the board culture is not handholding/spoonfeeding info you can easily get yourself.

>> No.10220183

She looks great. I wish there were more similar people to follow. It looks like that account is one she just dedicates to fashion, good idea! She takes nice photos! She is very slim but not gaunt, elegant, lovely skin, she dresses with taste and some restraint, posts interesting things often but not in a spammy way, tags the photos well.
Pretty much future goals. How old is she?

>> No.10220184

Thanks, that's all the tip I needed, I didn't know there is such immediate and active archives, now I know to look.

>> No.10220215

Every sweet lolita needs to see this woman, she's the best example to counter the stereotypical image of the fat ham faced dumpy people who really do look like they have outgrown sweet. Because she wears even the sweetest things very elegantly and even absolutely looks older but still looks fabulous.

>> No.10220220

She said 45 last year in a YT interview with FluffyKawaiiJo but if she admits 45, I’d guess 50 (and she looks it)

>> No.10220229

I’d agree, she looks a bit older than 45.
She doesn’t look young but she also doesn’t look like she is trying so hard to ‘look young’ which to me, is a much better way to style herself for her age. In mainstream fashion, dressing so elaborately in niche or designer items is punishingly expensive, so it always kind of makes me laugh when so many lolitas cry about the expense.

>> No.10220232

Oh yeah agree with you there. Imagine joining a designer purse group and then complaining about the price. They wouldn’t do that but they think it’s ok in lolita. $300 barely buys a crappy michael Kors bag and poorfags are over here thinking that’s too much for an entire dress. Fast fashion has ruined people’s ideas of what clothing should cost

>> No.10220234

I have the idea that most lolitas aren’t going to age so well in the fashion because they don’t really take care of themselves so much, it’s just about the outside and the look of the clothes at the moment. Lifestylers seem to be faring better in staying in lolita longer because many of us have been into skincare and such for a decent while already, and the lolitas I admire most are a small group many of whom already have their households established, travel to elegant events and aren’t ramen chomping weebs in sweatpants when not wearing lolita. And no it’s not an elitist class thing because anyone can learn to refine their taste, learn better manners and work on living a more elegant life, most just don’t choose to. And I don’t choose to be around them.

>> No.10220239

+10 agree, the fat, shrieking, ita weebs that populate my comm will look like shit in about 5 years while I’m over here with my Korean routine and sunscreen having the laugh

>> No.10220304

Too old = when someone outside the fashion asks ”why is that fat middle aged woman wearing a baby dress?” This has happened. It may in fact happen way more often than you think. Some people just don’t care so don’t bother trying to tell them anything, it’s useless to argue about it.

But lots of people actually do care and want to look their best while still wearing lolita longterm. So they refine their styling, and they will change it when it’s the best thing to do as they age. New things become new favorites because they now look better. A certain cuteness is retained but elegance can add much more.
Presentation matters. Fit matters a lot. It’s usually harder to look as good in such a youthful fashion. But that said, I think many people CAN wear lolita very well for a very long time and look really good doing it if they give it enough care and effort.

>> No.10220306

Be careful with too many steps, new research is saying ‘less is more’, let ingredients do the work and don’t over-manipulate and overwork your skin so regularly with so much loaded into a beauty routine and too much exfoliation and rubbing in so many steps daily. But the sunscreen is damage prevention for sure.

>> No.10220308

>Too old = when someone outside the fashion asks ”why is that fat middle aged woman wearing a baby dress?” This has happened.
Remove "fat, middle-aged" and replace it with "adult" and you already get a common insult. No one who calls it a baby dress will think that it's fine for anyone except a baby to wear. All of it is "too old" to judgemental normie assholes.

>> No.10220316


For some people, too old is going to be when you don't look like a baby faced asian. Heck, some people think nobody should be wearing these dresses. So opinion discarded, the rest has been repeated multiple times throughout the thread.

>> No.10220379

> One in a thousand may
Apparently you have never met asian or black people before. Only white and hispanic (because they're mixed with white) women are known for aging quickly/badly.

>> No.10220383

Except that practically no one asks this when even an older woman is normal weight, pretty and elegantly styled. In Sweet, as evidenced by the video interview with @dorithsellam. She says she always has a very positive reception from people when she wears the fashion.

I'm not afraid to admit that yes, I'm judgemental when fat middle aged butterfaces wear baby and toy prints in sickeningly sweet styles and attempt to act ’kawaii’, its hugely off-putting. Thankfully my style is something different enough that I can say ’no, no that's a different style’ when someone compares my frills to that. Technically another substyle only but for normies, you can see the visible relief to be able to categorize things like decora, menhera and sweet away from classic and gothic.
Also I think the reason younger lolitas are so quick to say ’granny’ is because they aren't blind to the truth that seeing these women wear lolita, especially sweet is often visually jarring.
People like Tiferet and Rabbit. Can't unsee.

>> No.10220388
File: 93 KB, 1280x720, taylor%20swift.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can get away with wearing anything if you're physically attractive
What a shocking revelation.

>> No.10220390


I sincerely doubt people who find her strange would go up to her and tell her that. Nor would they tell Tiferet either.

Also granny seems to be a term people just use liberally, whether it's for a young lolita in gobelin classic or someone they think is older than 26. I haven't actually seen it used on the likes of Tiferet interestingly enough. We just tend to use the terms 'fucking mess,' 'ita,' and 'dumpster fire.'

>> No.10220392

Correct, but the number of black lolitas is small and older black lolitas is very small. I'm not sure I've seen an over 30 black lolita so that's an interesting topic in itself, but not one I'm at all qualified to speak on. My area is 90+% white.

I was referring to westerners in general, not Asians since I live in the west but yes, I should have specified. I was specifically referencing white women beginning to show their age.

>> No.10220395

You can tell a lot by people’s facial expressions and body language. Watch people watching lolitas sometime, even at an anime con where it's pretty normal to see all kinds of interesting reactions.

Making yourself more attractive has a lot to do with fit and style of clothes, grooming, hair styles, types of makeup worn. We have all seen some amazing makeovers, yes? These things can all be positively applied to lolita styling. Fat people can dress better for their size, or better still lose weight, a butterface can learn to do better makeup. It's not hopeless or some lost cause, you know. Not at any age.

>> No.10220397

>Watch people watching lolitas sometime, even at an anime con where it's pretty normal to see all kinds of interesting reactions.
>trying to judge how people receive lolita from an anime convention

all right conlita.

>> No.10220401
File: 59 KB, 480x640, DSCF0941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ShelbyCloud wore sweet lolita well into her late 20s and early 30s (shes 28 in pic related) and shes always been my inspo. Most sweet lolitas in the GLB, models and girls in snaps, were older than 23.

How do you think aging works? You think women look the same until they're 25 and then they start to rot overnight like a banana?

>> No.10220404
File: 66 KB, 480x640, DSCF2584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some more shelby inspo because shes so cute

>> No.10220405
File: 678 KB, 1280x1882, tumblr_p8y1w6Qktl1qdx9hzo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heres shelby last year, she should be in her 30s now and shes still cute

>> No.10220408

I'm an over 30 black lolita. We exist anon :)

>> No.10220415

Hm, nope? How can I people-watch other people reacting to lolitas if I'm dressed in lolita at the con myself? Not very well, think about it.

Of course aging doesn't hit all at once, but in general, the Wall concepts are a thing. There's a sort of lolita wall where if someone doesn't make some extra efforts and adjustments as she ages, she looks less good.
Everyone is still perfectly free to dress as they like, but as to what's considered to look good, YMMV depending on a lot of factors. Shelby does have a very youthful cuteness, but it's something that most white women at 28 absolutely do not have. She's by far the exception, not the norm.

>> No.10220419

I'm really glad to hear it, honestly. I did not want to over-speak and assume things but I'm happy that you are here, and continuing to wear lolita. I also hope you post your coords on social media, because so many fewer over-30 women in general still do and it's discouraging to me to only see 20-somethings constantly.

>> No.10220430

White women don't age badly if they're careful with sun exposure. White people just don't mix well with the sun at all.

>> No.10220431


That's anyone. We just see that asians are just more anal about suncare in general, but if you look at asians who don't care about sunscreen, they look old. Blacks have natural sunblock, and while melanin technically doesn't block out all the sun, that probably is in their favor.

>> No.10220434

That's what I'm guessing it is. I think of the 5 white women I know myself who look 'young' for their age. (One in their 80's, two in their 50's, and one in their late 20's... I'll include myself only because I've had so many be like, 'How old are you again?') There's no correlation between diet or lifestyle. Some eat like shit, some party hard... we all only have one thing in common, and that's none of us have ever tanned or exposed ourselves to the sun excessively.

I don't think it's just Asians being anal about suncare, but more white people, especially Americans, go through a tanning phase. Outside that, look at music festivals: all white people. Practically none of them wear sunscreen. They say once you go to a tanning bed even once, a lot of damage is already done. Think how many kids you knew in grade school who tanned, especially 90's to early 2000's kids. Almost everyone.

>> No.10220452

All is not lost if you are white and you tanned though, people can get peels and laser skin resurfacing too and it improves the look of the sun damage a lot.
Because of my freckles, my skin discolouration from sun damage in my teens doesn't show that badly yet. But judging on how my mother aged, I'm sure it will look worse by 40 so when it does, then I'm going to go to the derm.

>> No.10220458

It’s not just sun exposure, Asians skin is thicker and holds more fat it in and the collagen production lasts longer. Taking away differences in sun avoidance they also just physically age slower

>> No.10220462

There's no science that proves that though, not regarding collagen production and aging at least. That would be a difficult experiment to set up regarding your control.

>> No.10220609

>Shelby does have a very youthful cuteness, but it's something that most white women at 28 absolutely do not have.

She’s wearing circle lenses, that’s it. That’s the “youthful cuteness” you’re talking about. Why are you acting like 28 year old women are old hags who need to resign themselves to mom jeans and khaki? The whole point is being styled well, and anybody can be styled well at any age. If you look bad at 18 in lolita then unless you get better coordinating and makeup/hair skills, you will still look bad at 22, 25, 30 etc. The problem isn’t age, otherwise young lolitas would always look good when that isn’t the case at all

>> No.10220612

Another factor into aging well if you’re white is not being emaciated skinny. All the white women I know who are aging well are ones who were on the higher end of skinny or a tiny bit chubby. Unless you’re lucky enough to be thin with a round face.

>> No.10220632

All the ladies I knew were skinny, and not even on the high end. None of them had round faces either. It would appear that all of our preconceptions on aging are myths.

>> No.10220637

She has good genetics. She's the exception, as the anon above said, she is an inspiration. Not the general norm. Most women in their late 20’s and beyond just don't look their best in the super juvenile Sweet substyle of lolita. At this age many if not most white women do begin to show some signs of aging and in the west, women are given the hard side-eye for dressing or acting younger but become more invisible if they embrace and just look their actual age.

The ’I look younger than my age’ thing has become kind of a joke, someone obviously their age will insist in this because of several reasons but many of them behave in a way that shows they expect it too so it's a complex thing. Your waiter will card you, it's flattery and part of treating a female customer well, most people in service jobs can tell if you want that kind of treatment and they do it so their tips are good and you stay a good customer. Men will do it to flatter and because they get gutted for ever assuming a woman is one minute older than she is so they would rather appear foolish but nice and guess ridiculously young...it’s a whole complex societal dance that so many people do because women still lose so much social and societal clout as they age and their looks change. It's not all about vanity and shallowness, its about literally being sidelined and devalued.

I gathered a set of photos of women who say they are always mistaken for being younger and showed them to several of my friends to play a ’guess the ages’ game. None of them were judged more than a year or 2 younger than actual age.

But this thread is really evolving into several different conversations. Who can wear what (anyone, at any time, no one is disagreeing about this), why some people grow out of super sweet (taste, practicality, maturity), and what looks best on people (something many of us dress for with care which can affect our substyle choice or change it as we age).

>> No.10220645

It's not so hard anymore with the hyaluronic acid fillers and treatments to actually stimulate collagen to keep the face plumped. Women are starting this now at the first signs of collagen loss and to fill expression lines more as maintenance than rejuvenation and it gives fantastic results when done this way. People don't speak much openly about this due to ’getting work done’ still being seen as shallow and vain. But seeing a dermatologist at the very first signs of aging and getting maintenance done can preserve more youthful appearance for a longer time. I'm biased for this though because this is my plan.

It's just easier on your bones and body overall to maintain the middle-to-lower end of a normal weight (but never under-weight) as you age, making sure you get proper nutrients of course. Conveniently, that's usually what looks best too.

>> No.10220683
File: 31 KB, 320x320, BD7B4DED-08C9-4A6C-867E-9C2505650BB6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear this thread will exist forever on this board, this horse has been beaten into glue at this point. It’s an alternative fashion, if you really give a shit about how others perceive you so much then don’t wear it. Wear what you like, let go if your tastes change, the only opinion that matters is your own. Wear it because you like it, not for the asspats.

>> No.10220699

>I gathered a set of photos of women who say they are always mistaken for being younger and showed them to several of my friends to play a ’guess the ages’ game. None of them were judged more than a year or 2 younger than actual age.
You fucking what

>> No.10220718

That's not the thread topic. Ageing but retaining alt interests is being discussed in many areas because the ’you'll grow out of it’ mentality is finally dying and more and more people are sticking to their alt interests as they age including fashion. A societal norm related to ageing is being challenged and this is part of it so that's different than just the basic ’do what you like’. That is a given or we wouldn't be wearing this fashion at all to begin with.
What is nuance? If you don't like this thread, go post somewhere else instead of thinking it's ok to come in and shut something down.

Letting go of a massive sweet wardrobe if you start to feel less comfortable in it can be a big undertaking. One of my friends with a huge sweet wardrobe did it to change to a more classic style and it was a 2 year process to make the switch, sell her things to recoup as much as she could while funding her newer classic style. Tedious and expensive. She seriously thought about just quitting the fashion over it more than once. Now she's glad she did not.

What is research? Some of us go to school, write papers, and we have to do a lot of different kinds of project research. Part of my market research for a mock sales campaign last term was about targeting the advertising to appeal to niche groups and the group I chose was ’upper middle class women who want to be perceived as younger’. It's really an interesting topic. Especially with so many social media influencers trying to sell ’lifestyle’ along with a product at even greater levels than advertising has ever done in the past.

>> No.10220815

>nothing matches
She used to be good.

>> No.10220829

Fucking larpers.

>> No.10220833
File: 87 KB, 800x450, 1521597587660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ctr+F EGA
>0 results

>> No.10220846

My thought too, anon. Very under-rated for women, and it's amazing. What a shame.

>> No.10220848


aren't you like not supposed to show that research to your friends for privacy? wtf? even if you did, that's kind of a bitchy thing to do unless it was a group project.

>> No.10220858

It was a group project and the questionnaire was part of the research. These were public photos collected from the internet, not some exposé of private info. It's very easy to find women who post anecdotal articles and blog posts on situations where people have perceived them as younger because it fits their constructed narrative so they usually post them freely. I don't think there's anything wrong with wanting to be perceived that way, its just not very realistic to rely on believing the people who reinforce it for you when they often have an obvious agenda for doing so.

My premise was that the fictional advertising (for a skincare cream) that targets perception of she via the narrative and features desirable lifestyle cues is as effective as touting the scientific research and testing of ingredients in most cases. The project got a 98 so I think it was successful enough but it really made me think a lot about women and how we age, what it means in society, aside from the vanity. What it will mean for me to age in lolita. I also have thousands of dollars invested in my lolita closet but it's largely classic with some gothic. I still think about it though.

>> No.10220860

Tl;dr: grievously unchecked autism

>> No.10220862

considering you can't even spell aging correctly, I think this is a LARPer

>> No.10220869

Look up aging vs ageing, its spelt both ways. Not everyone is a burger. But regardless, topic of age and lolita is valid so carry on.

>> No.10220871

>"hurr thats not the thread topic"
>op literally asks how old is too old to wear lolita fashion
the point still stands, which is outside opinion doesn't fucking matter in alt fashion and people who think it matters are too wrapped up in others thoughts on them.

>> No.10220887

OP was asking about the opinions of people who wear the fashion, not about what others think. You think it shouldn't matter. We got it, point made. Others also have different thoughts, let them speak.
I have some conflicting thoughts about wearing it as I age, friends do too. It's going to become more talked about, not less as the upper age of lolitas still wearing it still continues to rise rather than most people just leaving lolita. Misako, over 30, Fanny Rosie, over 30, Mana, over 50.

>> No.10220894

>>10216642 there's nothing wrong with this woman and her coordinate, not a thing. But.
Tbh, if I looked like this pic, I would not feel good. For me there's a disconnect here in the fashion vs the face. I'd want at least different makeup and hair and probably not that bonnet.

I'm seeing a dermatologist this year to start fillers and retin A.

>> No.10220898


That's OP's grandmother who is likely 70-80. We'll all eventually look something like that whether we like it or not.

Fillers and and retin A will help, but it can only do so much. Make sure you have a good diet, exercise some, and stay hydrated. Those will do a lot more for you to prevent chronic disease than just the top two.

>> No.10220899

Thanks anon, and I feel bad for saying it, she does not look back, just...old. I thought sh. Is maybe 65? I'd like to do what I can to stay looking youthful for as long as possible. I already eat really well, work out, drink lots of water, use sun screen.

>> No.10220905

65? Are you retarded?

>> No.10220929

No, just a very very bad judge of age. If I had a service job, I would be the one who would have to card everyone.

>> No.10220936

I think you’re worried way too much about what you’ll be like when you’re 70 or 65. My dad has five sisters, all in their late 60s and early 70s. Over the last 10 years I’ve seen them all go through a struggle where they’ve had to accept the inevitable; at some point you just look like an old lady. There are no creams or fillers or whatever that are going to make you not an old lady and at a certain point you just give up and accept it and stop being vain. They all actually said they felt really relieved to finally not care if they looked old or if their boobs were saggy, etc. Now they just focus on enjoying their lives and having fun in their retirements.

>> No.10220943


>>10220936 has already said it better than I did, but again, looks aren't everything. OP's grandmother seems to be enjoying herself. I find a lot of older people I work with have very different goals from what they had some decades ago. People regard aging with fear, but I think it's something to be celebrated particularly as we get into the later decades.

It's fine to do fillers and botox, but keep in mind that people who overdo it tend to look worse at a younger age. Don't be that person.

>> No.10220963

Who would just go and tell lies on the internet? Post wrinkled hand with timestamp or gtfo looney

>> No.10221022
File: 1.64 MB, 352x217, 1558599193149.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>because you have to stop liking what you used to like to do at a certain random age that I pulled out of my ass.
50+ here, keep telling yourself I'm fibbing if it makes you feel better.

>> No.10221033

I can't tell if it's 1 or several of you 45 and 50+ ladies posting in here but I sure wish I could find and follow you on social media. I really need this kind of inspiration.

>> No.10221037


Same. I can't imagine myself stopping ever, even if I have kids. Inspiration to get to my 50s in frills would be great.

Out of curiosity when did you discover lolita, and how did you discover it?

>> No.10221042

Same. Mid thirties here and slightly nervous about my sweet classic wardrobe.

>> No.10221047

Hello fellow mid thirties lolita! I’m more of a classic/gothic vibe person but it’s nice to see older people around. 4chan is ancient internet by now, it’s not shocking that older people pop in and hang out.

>> No.10221069

True. 4c will have its sweet sixteen this October 1. Not that I claim to be an oldfag or anything, just a fun fact.

>> No.10221239

It doesn’t even have anything to do with the fashion. This board here is filled with underaged retards who are so guillable to believe this and I have a feeling you’re one of them. Post hand (with stamp) and you’ll btfo me.

>> No.10221253

>she's the best example to counter the stereotypical image of the fat ham faced dumpy people who really do look like they have outgrown sweet.
She looks (and probably is) ana and appears extremely haggard as a result of that.

>> No.10221257

You are deluded. She looks like a 40 something woman who did not get fat, stays in the lower side of her bmi. She doesn't look at all young for her age but then again, she is not trying to. She retains sophistication and still wears very frilly and often sweet things. It may not be a look you prefer, but I think most lolitas would agree that she looks good this way.
Haggard is a word usually used by younger and fatter people. Ditto for assuming an actual eating disorder every time someone is very slim.

>> No.10221261
File: 54 KB, 640x640, 61176716_149917436143897_3244256839678111298_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lmao, hi Dorith?
You sound very bitter, accusing everybody who doesn't praise your old and troon-faced ass of being a fatty-chan...

>> No.10221263
File: 311 KB, 1806x1806, 0CD99D63-9E63-4C04-A106-E2F911C57150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe someone can ask her to do a video of styling specifically for older lolitas? Tips, advice, etc.

>> No.10221266

She's only 36 and not white, she can just style herself normally and still look cute.

>> No.10221268

She would be posting here, I think and I'm not her, but I like her look. If I can look this elegant as I age, I will be happy. But I prefer a more sophisticated look and contoured face which a lot of people critique in lolita so maybe some people will not like this look. Post another lolita in her 40’s who looks good then, maybe? Give us an example.

>> No.10221269

But if she's planning to be a granny lolita, I think she would have good styling ideas for older women to keep wearing it as they show age.

>> No.10221270
File: 650 KB, 1292x2160, B86CF3F7-E73F-4AEE-8349-0C361EFCECBB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this better for you, then?

>> No.10221271

If we're really being honest:
>for whites: anything over 18 (or 20 if you're lucky)
>for asians: maybe 40
No idea for blacks.

>> No.10221278

Why do anas always have to get so personally triggered when somebody doesn't like the way they look?
You do realize that there's an between of skelly and obese, right? Just because I don't like your idol, doesn't mean I want every lolita to be fat.

>> No.10221283

Me: here is example of a lolita I like.
4c: reee - selfpost, ana-chan, troon, skelly, old, bitter, haggard.

Who is triggered?

>> No.10221290

Fuck I hope I look this good when I’m in my 50s

>> No.10221296

I dunno. I want to still be thin at her age but she’s gaunt. She looks like she wandered out of Auschwitz

>> No.10221299

I'm betting if someone photoshopped her to simulate highest bmi without bring fat, people wouldn't think she looked so good. Only a couple of people ITT think she's too thin and both are using dramatically over-reactive statements, so I'm discounting them a lot. Personally I prefer a fuller face, probably because I have one, but I think she looks amazing at this weight in her clothes. She seems to be very small boned too do that makes her look graceful. The interview video from FluffyKawaiiJo really emphasizes the difference between them at the start. But I'm not a big fan of FKJ’s videos so I haven't watched many at all. I should give her a better chance and watch more of them before making a judgement probably. There are too few lolita YouTubers as it is.

>> No.10221301
File: 1.19 MB, 1242x1553, D27F2E1F-73BA-4B1B-B896-D937FA7C5973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It isn’t just her face that is missing fat, she seems to be on the sickly thin side.

>> No.10221309

I mean, I agree with you, but the photo you picked is one on of the ones where her figure is concealed the most. So that’s weird you picked it
At her height being able to fit into one pieces makes her incredibly thin which is why she looks good in the clothes. Really thin people look good in clothes, duh. I’m not body shaming her but people pretending she has a normal BMI are delusional

>> No.10221313

On the topic of people thinking they look young when they don’t, I’ve thought a lot about what makes people look a certain age. People seem to think that wrinkles or a lack there of determine perception of age and I really don’t think that’s it (obv up to a certain point). I’ve seen young people with wrinkles and I still thought they were young. Psychologically there are other things our brains look for, such as eye to face size ratio, the shape of a face, and even the ring of darker color at the edge of an iris. Personally I am lucky to have a round face with large eyes which is why even in my twenties and despite having an hourglass figure people legit thought I was like 12 and would ask me if I was in middle school. Some things are just genetic that way. But you can also play those features up. Now that I’m 30 I’m careful to use makeup that accentuated the roundness of my eyes and use blush to make my cheeks look rosy and plump, not contoured. I also have let my eyebrows grow thicker and style them to look straighter vs the arched drawn on look. Look how Zooey daschenel had her makeup done on her tv show, her makeup is also pretty effective and making her look younger. These things alone go a long way to making people think you’re younger. People also use the clothes & hair as context. If I see a woman in yoga pants, boring sneakers, SUV, and with an angled bob I’m a lot more likely to subconsciously think of her as a mom/in her thirties than if she was wearing high-waisted jeans, a crop top, and a super high pony tail. So if you want to make yourself look younger, you need to consciously do it and not think you look young just because you don’t have crows feet.
And this is obv not true forever. Once women lose the baby fat on their face in their early 20s most of them don’t age much for another 10-15 years, but one you’re in the mid to late 30s there’s no hiding it, the skin looses a lot of vitality.
Just thoughts, forgive my autism

>> No.10221315

>On the topic of people thinking they look young when they don’t
>Personally I am lucky to have a round face with large eyes which is why even in my twenties and despite having an hourglass figure people legit thought I was like 12

>> No.10221322

Didn’t say they think that now, I’m in my 30s. I’m just trying to look not old and hopefully around 28 or 29 or something though I don’t flatter myself that I always do.
But when I was 21, 22, etc, people would ask me where my parents were and if I was old enough to go to a pg13 movie. One summer I was a camp counselor and the parents thought I was one of the campers and freaked out when I had the keys to drive the camp van. It actually sucked. Guys didn’t really give me the time of day, and people were constantly trying to push me around like a kid at my jobs.

>> No.10221324

She seems pretty lively and not super thin on the video. I'm not buying it. How do you even know her height?
Is she thin? YES. Duh. Thank you for playing Obvious Visible Facts Bingo.
Is she underweight, sickly, ana-chan, Auschwitz etc? Absolutely not.
Fun fact: there are lots of really good reasons to maintain weight in the low end of bmi, under 20, not just *whew* I'm 29.9 bmi, I'm ’not fat’.
I'm 5’7, small frame. normal bmi range for me is 120 to 155. Nearer to 120 looks a hell of a lot better!

>> No.10221326

Based on how short the dresses are on her despite no boobs pulling them up and by how much taller she was than Joelle

And what are you talking about, BMI of 29.9 is very fat by definition. Dorith looks like she has a BMI of like 18. And at 120lbs and 5’7” you’re clinically underweight, too. Eat a sandwich

>> No.10221328
File: 958 KB, 1242x1553, 86C5985B-3B31-4361-8A30-CA41A74B036F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really, the fact that with the ribbon it stil swims on her and it’s probably a size 1? It’s an issue.

Here is another one that highlights how small she is, the hands are emphasizing it anyways.

Bmi is a bad indicator of things because it doesn’t account for muscle vs fat. But playing your game you can tell she likely isn’t even at 20 bmi, and it’s rare that you are naturally that thin.

>> No.10221330

Ha! I almost attached that exact photo. She’s so tiny

>> No.10221333
File: 1.40 MB, 1363x2048, 689D41FA-C0EE-4A9F-9276-37A8336141AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The weight comments singling out one lolita here are inappropriate. Please let's all drop that aspect of this conversation and stick to the fashion/age side and more general concerns? Weight on cgl will always derail, it's never a sane topic, we all know this.
Makeup advice often tells older women to go much lighter on the cosmetics but I like lolita best with a fully done look including full foundation, liner, false lashes and a decent amount of blush, some sparkle and lashings of highlighter but little contour. How to reconcile this and not end up looking like some kind of lolita Lynn Yaeger?

>> No.10221338

I always think wearing a lot of western style makeup looks strange with lolita. Contouring and thick foundation and heavy eye makeup make you look older & “sexy” imo and the aesthetic doesn’t jibe to me. I can understand wanting coverage if you have bad skin, but I just think the naturalish Korean look is better in lolita but maybe with slightly more eyelash & blush emphasis. Goths get a pass, I love thick scary makeup with goth

>> No.10221340

I don’t think you can. A couple girls in my comm try to do that and it may look ok in photos but irl it looks like exactly the opposite if the youthful and fun look the clothes go for abdceven a little creepy like your pic. But then again I feel that way about mist full foundation looks- better in photos but gross and weird in real life. Sorry

>> No.10221347

Lighter makeup doesn’t mean don’t wear foundation. It just means don’t be crazy with it. I think the best thing you can do is to keep current, looking at older folks I find they still do their makeup the way it was trendy like 30/40 years ago and that ages them.

Keep up with current trends, although in this case it’s Asian trends, and be willing to learn new techniques,

>> No.10221348

So true! 40-somethings with thin ass eyebrows, I’m looking at you!

>> No.10221349

Freckles. I'm sure I'll get them lasered off as I get treatment for sun damage, its kind of a hidden bonus, but meantime I use enough foundation to cover my freckles every single day. Misako still wears not one but 2 layers of full foundation, one liquid, one powder, and a whitening primer with coverage under both of those too, so it's really only badly done VISIBLE foundation that looks out of place to me. I don't contour my face or nose with lolita, just a bit under my jaw. I do straight brows and I have low bangs that cover my brows anyway. I like this eye make (but not the lips) https://youtu.be/QDZgHXRy5tg

Is too heavy of a western makeup look for me though I like it on her.

>> No.10221352
File: 297 KB, 1080x1350, 693055D0-5162-457E-B3ED-34823AECFC4C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Elder goth makeup and gothic lolita? Maybe so. But pic related also puts me off unfortunately.

>> No.10221354

I love freckles! It’s too bad you don’t like yours, they’re very youthful and a lot of people these days even paint them on.

But I see what you’re going for, I’m just really biased I think. When I lived in japan I saw this look all over and in person it looked bad and crusty, but then again they also usually had eyelid glue too and that added to the crusty look.
And I’ve only seen Misko in pictures, I think the real test is in daylight in person. Japanese in general go with s much much heavier makeup look than other places like Korea so I guess it comes down preference.
Like I said, a lot of foundation, even with minimal contouring, will look too mature to me. And like >>10221347 said I think keeping up with current trends is important for a youthful look and the current trend is much more minimal.
But fuck what anyone here says, do what you want

>> No.10221360

Excellent contextual picture, I never thought how goth lolita looks would age. Yeah maybe less makeup for everyone, then, I take back my comment on loving heavy goth makeup for oldies. And the thin brows kill me

>> No.10221398
File: 67 KB, 594x395, Nina+Hagen+Der+7bte+Zwerg+Photo+Call+Germany+RSf_J0f6FG7l.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think goth makeup (and makeup in general)-- as with everything else-- depends a lot on the particular person. Not just looks and build and technique, but also confidence and personality. Pic related is Nina Hagen when she was 58.

>> No.10221400
File: 81 KB, 634x630, 4A983B7E-8D5D-4550-A961-80DA53C38184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think it's good to experiment so thanks for the feedback! I'm open to trying all kinds of things out, and adjusting my style to adapt and try to just look my best.
At this point, I'm also cleaning my closet and also saying ’but will it look good on me’ each time I like a new lolita piece so that's going to be an improvement by the end of the year too. I'm setting aside anything that doesn't fit well and that I don't feel makes me look my best. I'll keep these things put away for a bit to see if I really miss anything before deciding to sell.
With makeup looks, it all just washes off anyway so why not try anything once or twice, right? Agree about current trends or at least not clinging to recognisable older trends, that can age women more even in everyday looks. I get it that we all find makeup styles we like but not refreshing it will make anyone seem a little more outdated.

To be fair, she seems to still be making bank on her ’governess-like’ persona, chugging along with 57 Patrons in the 10th anniversary of her book this year and she was a guest at Rufflecon...but that makeup look is not what many of us will think of as ’best for aging well’ as a lolita.

Not sorry for my blogpost length writing here, there are posting limits for a reason and people shrieking ’autist’ when confronted with a paragraph should just be quietly disregarded. I enjoy reading a more in-depth and thoughtful post. But since it is an image board, have another elder goth photo. She is 57. I think she looks older due to both the affects of aging and because of her makeup style.

>> No.10221404
File: 873 KB, 1507x2287, 955C077A-CE17-45C1-BDBD-BA5C402D87F0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think she looks young but I like the way she looks.

Arika Takarano is 55 this year, still modeling too. this photo is at age 53 or 54, obviously she has had work done, like many in an industry where looking young effects your work.

>> No.10221418

Wow, she's still gorgeous.

The part that scares me the most is just how much our society-- not just lolita, but certainly including lolita-- seems to value youth and beauty above everything else about a woman. Men hit their peak of "perceived social worth" at 50-55, but for women it's something like 22. A few of the comments in this thread have certainly echoed that sentiment.

As we age (and there's only one alternative to that) it's something we all must learn to navigate. The first Millennials will turn 40 in 2021. I hope that as more and more of them hit that milestone the media will start portraying aging more often as something other than ugly and disgusting or laughable and pathetic. And then I'm sure we will start seeing a lot more pics of older lolitas.

>> No.10221430
File: 43 KB, 480x360, interviewimage-yumi-fujiwara_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>OP posted since July 9th
>no Yumi Fujiwara

how dare

>> No.10221431
File: 21 KB, 220x391, 87e477a6d26cc4eab0ca6682e4cee693--rin-ne-j-pop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I was going to post the latest photo of her but I didn't want the thread to derail over her friend in metallic blue lipstick. But Yumi Fujiwara is goals and should be goals for every lolita.

>> No.10221438

How old is she? She looks really great and I like her personal style, and bright but subtle make too, everything about it feels fresh yet timeless. Obvious advantage being a designer but still, some clothing designers are a hot mess, we've all seen it. Agreed, goals.

>> No.10221439
File: 125 KB, 720x960, 9190ACC5-69E9-4A22-B3FD-F9C17440A411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, posture, stance and just the way you carry yourself matters quite a bit. And paying strict attention to details in grooming, (which a lot of people neglect on the daily and tousled is fine in many cases, to be fair) but I feel more neatness is usually better in lolita.

>> No.10221472

>it’s rare that you are naturally that thin.
And it's impossible that she's rare? She must be ana? Please read what you're writing anon. Not everyone is ana that is thinner than you'd prefer.

>> No.10221475

>posting self on 4chan
>trying to prove anything on 4chan
yeah, no. I've been here long enough to know that this is a terrible idea. I don't care if you don't believe me.

>> No.10221478
File: 34 KB, 625x626, 1562787069431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10221488

>thin brows
a lot of older women have thin brows because they over plucked back in the 90's when thin brows were still fashionable. Sometimes that shit doesn't grow back.

>> No.10221517

>talks shit about her pic related
You would never say that to her face, that woman looks like she'd tan the hide off your ass and sell it to you.

>> No.10221520

Sorry, but you literally can't see anything in this.
Nearly all old women could look halfway decent with plastic surgery and that much lightening and photoshop...

>> No.10221521

Fuck, I hate being white

>> No.10221524
File: 239 KB, 842x474, 1561752541395.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10221538

There's nothing wrong with this woman's size.
It seems pretty obcious that her diet growing up didn't include rediculous amounts of growth hormones as is the norm now, and big boned burgers can't put two and two together here.
Anyone over a certain age is fuckin tiny (even in their old high school pictures) why do you think that is?
Blame your parents for force feeding you milk everyday girls, and society for preferring tall partners.
>t.redpilled burger

>> No.10221545
File: 144 KB, 1080x1350, 44864139_2273293132943432_5734491963351034071_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blame your parents for force feeding you milk everyday girls, and society for preferring tall partners.
She's tall you dumb bitch.
>"t.redpilled burger"
Murricans truly are a waste of space.
I bet you're a midget who thinks being short immediately equals being "tiny!, sm0l!, dainty!"

>> No.10221548

They might have been feeding bait but they are not wrong for who looks best in it, though. We are choosing a style that after about 25 isn't the most flattering one we could choose, in most cases. Our goal is not to wear the most flattering style there is, but to look our best in lolita since we have chosen it as our style basis and many choose to continue with it well past what used to be the norm. These are several different topics.

>> No.10221550

It has nothing to do with race, anyone can train their posture and readjust the way they carry themselves. It just takes practice. Eye for neatness and good detail can also be cultivated.

>> No.10221552

This. I was considered dumb and edgy for shaving mine to redraw them for a long time but when I let them grow back in completely mine were full again, 2 of my friends are left with ’tadpoles’.

>> No.10221556

She probably would. I'm not talking smack about her though, I'm just more direct and more of a realist. I chose her because her form of aging resembles my grandmother’s and so somewhat similar to what my own aging may look like?

>> No.10221557

No. Just look at Yumi and that still young thing next to her, if you're white, you're fucked.
I haven't seen one white women who aged well, meanwhile for asians it's super common.

>> No.10221559

I'm a crabby old frilly gothic bitch with little patience for taking shit from these looky loulous . and y’all need to either get off my damn lawn or come in and join the ’no fucks given old lady lolita tea coven’. The water is hot.

>> No.10221565

Do you accept em at 27?

Anyone else here have a sun related asymmetrical face?
I recently decided to change what side my bangs sit, over on my more 'mature' left, which covers some sun damage.
It's like the wheel's been turned back, compliments on my hair, randos coming up to talk.
I'm both flattered and at my saturation point.

I really just want to be >>10221400 good looks be damned.

>> No.10221617

I fucking love you

>> No.10221960
File: 514 KB, 1936x1936, D585A34E-0E8D-4557-9175-59515DCE6D5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Queenie Black is in her 50s and looks great, Adora BatBrat is in her 40s and she looks good too.

>> No.10221967

They both do look amazing. Adora has had work done and gets work done, she references it. And both are slim, which also helps. And no, don't anyone @ me or get the weight debate going again, please. I'm just referencing it as one factor in many in the reasons why they both look good.

>> No.10221980

Something I notice on both of their videos, they seem to naturally also act quite a bit younger than most people their own age which we are told is a big ’dont’ as we age but now I'm beginning to wonder.

>> No.10221983

Act like yourself though. Whatever that means. There's no law stating that the instant you turn 40 you have to behave like some stereotypical soccer mom or desperate cougar. We are still ourselves as we get older. People who say it's inappropriate are either jealous that they could not have done it, or very young and don't understand.

>> No.10221997

Wow, you fall for the lowest hanging fruit, don't you?

>> No.10222040

Absolutely act genuine. But there is unfortunately still a lot of pressure to not ’be immature’ and to cultivate more grown up interests and in our 20’s and 30’s be dating and looking at having children and tend to our career and to not retain carefree or frivolous interests like fashion or a subculture lifestyle. There is sometimes a lot of pressure to grow out of it, even from our peers. I have felt this pressure and even severed a friendship over it when a former friend who is only a couple of years older would not stop snarking at me to ’be more mature, accept your age’ because she has already embraced her eldergoth/crone phase and I'm nowhere ready to (and truthfully, may never be the kind of woman who does that).

>> No.10222113

I feel like a lot of these people just never followed any beauty or fashion until they came to lolita. I still know some who refuse to wear makeup or refuse to learn anything about styling beyond the cookie cutter methods (ala "lolita anatomy" graphics from 2007), but add oddly placed bows that don't match.

I do know there was a period where I did struggle with this before getting into the fashion, but in the age of beauty and fashion tutorials at a search bar away, there's no excuse. Even people who are fat, prefer to sit around in sweats can make themselves look elegant with some time, effort and the money they'd be spending on their crunchyroll subscription.

>> No.10222123

I think you are right about the tutorials being available but I don't think your average person who isn't into makeup or fashion is going to exactly know about choosing the right cuts, know about fabrics, realize how important so many things are to making or breaking a look, much less how to add the final polish, use good posture etc.

Hell so many even seasoned lolitas we know need to work on their manners, their posture and poses, take better care of their wigs, (actually re-styling them when they get messy), clean their crusty lashes of the glue plus iron their clothes and re-shape the bows, clean their shoes.

But you have to know to know, you know?

>> No.10222153

Anecdote, I started lolita this way. But when I got into it, I went in hard and learned the letter of lolita fashion law and came out the other side dressing better in my normie life too.
So, not all newbies that are new to fashion are inherently going to do as you suggest
As the saying goes, fresh converts are the most zealous.

>> No.10222165

Great. Another lipless wonder.

>> No.10222168

>Implying Shelby isn't the og lipless wonder

>> No.10222176

You are the exception. Most people try and do it cheap and lazy, skimp on things, try to lolify all they can etc. We have seen some who do this for a hot minute...or for a couple of years, then flounce. I don't even consider them lolitas, they never really got going before they quit. Others flounder around in itaville for a good couple of years, and also I can name at least a few longterm perma-itas. 2 are brand itas.

So circling back to topic, aging well in lolita requires a woman to stay the course, but evolve too and not like regular fashion. To get good at coordinating, remain good and keep improving plus also make good changes to evolve her style to both be flattering and to feel good to herself through her own changes.
Then she must also navigate through the changing way society perceives her, hopefully with some kind of grace and dignity. Plenty of us have lots of feels about this as we decide to stay in, not give it up, so there's way more to it than simply ’weh, wear what you like, stop giving a shit what people think’.
This has turned into a good thread.

>> No.10222190

Eh, people like that are bad friends. They want to judge you by their own standards and they can go fuck themselves. I've cut a number of "friends" loose for expecting me to be like them for some reason. Whether it's binge drinking or not, having kids or not, and being effing boring or not, do it for yourself.

I asked each of my parents about this some time ago (they are both in their early 70s) and both said something along the lines of "I feel the same in my head as I did when I was in my 20s". I think we can all be "adults" (pay our bills on time, have nice furniture, etc) without having to also be "grown ups" (giving up on our interests just because we are older than we used to be).

>> No.10222193

Queenie actually lost quite a bit of weight, she's an inspiration to me.

>> No.10222199

That said (sorry, just thought about this after replying a couple minute sago), I do think it's important to also have more interests and to grow as people, although that is different from "growing out" of things we enjoy. I have many of the same interests now as I did in my 20s but also a bunch more. And with 15 years experience in my career, I have a paycheck that can support these interests. Someone joked to me once that if you are financially stable and well-dressed, you can never be 'crazy', you can only be 'eccentric'.

>> No.10222200

But at the same time, she's not covering her lips with dark colors. She chooses light colors or goes with a simple gloss. That's best when you have small lips. She may not have large lips, but she has a cute smile.

ayrt: A vast majority (myself included) entered the fashion from weebish backgrounds. I envy the people who entered it purely from a fashion and styling standpoint.

Depression, a stressful job, or even having to live in a uniform all the time because of your work or career can really keep some from caring about their appearance. Having children does a lot too (which is one of many reasons I haven't).

Any photos I find from before I made a career change have me looking worn out, tired, stressed. Thankfully a change fixed that.

Now I'm just fighting bad posture and trying to lose all the weight I gained from that time.

>> No.10222273

Very true! Some of my interests have remained, but many of my interests have widened considerably and I've really learned a lot of new things and branched out, so much so that I'm thinking of returning to school for some specialised training in something I never imagined id be interested in at 20. But I still go to the goth night, lol. And to lots of lives.

>> No.10222336

I think this is the true secret to staying young. Not immediately turning into and old woman at a certain age. My grandfather, after my grandmother died came to live with us and he quickly deteriorated and aged as he settled into his grandfather role. Meanwhile his brother, who is older than him, still looks young and goes out every weekend and hangs out with friends and family. Keeping your mind sharp and your attitude young might be more important than we think. If you think like you’re going to become a useless old crone when you hit 30, that probably will happen because it’s a self fuffiling prophecy. Also, being around other young or young acting energetic people helps too. When my other grandmother moved to a community with other old people she changed a lot.

>> No.10222430

Also to be said, there's a difference between staying young at heart, and appearing emotionally/mentally immature or stunted.

A person who is young at heart will be like anon has said, hasn't settled into this role of being old and has a lot of vitality, energy (even if their body can't keep up) and are generally upbeat and enthusiastic. They don't really see their age as a restriction, but rather, it's on the back-burner, maybe a ticking time clock reminding you that eventually, you won't physically be able to do these things anymore. Live life to the fullest with no regrets.

Whereas someone immature would be a refusal to accept adulthood, accept that some things or behaviors are no longer benefiting you, and a refusal to be a functional adult. That could be someone partying and binge drinking into their 30's and 40's, or someone wearing super ott sweet all the time and talking weebish and living in their parents basement. They don't see a ticking time clock. To them, they are still mentally 18.

>> No.10222448

To me, Lor is a very good example of someone who is quite immature for her age. I get a bit of cringe watching her because she alternates between awkwardness and a sort of scolding, slightly condescending tone. I just can’t with her. Sad because at the start of her ‘shit lolitas say’, I really enjoyed her humor.

>> No.10222454

Lor is just chasing attention for serotonin crumbs at this point. Her content is okay, but she is a little immature and doesn't seem to make as much of an effort to be original anymore; she's focusing on maintaining followers instead.

>> No.10222532

L and T both seem like they are pandering hard to the facebook crowd these days. Who needs content when we can react to videos and discuss rufflechat comments? I don't think either of them seem particularly immature, just out to get some adsense crumbs and keep those con invites rolling in.

Agreed. My maternal grandmother was very active and hearty and vibrant until her mid 80s when she got rid of her car and was no longer independent. It was like she became an old woman overnight. I never thought of her as 'old' before that.

>> No.10222578

Well you’re mostly but the thing is a lot of those bad behaviors are bad at any age. Binge drinking and alcoholism are immature and awful traits to have at 21 and at 41. Talking like a weeb and living off your parents money isn’t right at any age either past 18. (Living with your parents isn’t wrong but you should contribute in some way, be in school or working, don’t be a NEET). Emotional and mental Maturity is more than age and there are adults who will never stop being lolcows because of their emotional immaturity.

>> No.10223126
File: 23 KB, 400x400, kunikokato.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>inb4 nature vs nurture argument

The anon you're replying to was referring to white people's skin's susceptibility to aging early due to sun damage. PoC (excluding those with albinism) generally don't have this issue since their melanocytes act differently.

That being said, healthy habits like a good diet, ample exercise and sleep, and limiting UVB/UVA rays, including frequent sunscreen/block application year around can help everyone regardless of race (in fact, we should be more diligent because of depleting ozone layers). I think a great non-lolita example is Helen Mirren who swears by swimming and wearing sunscreen since her youth.

does anyone know how old Kuniko Kato is?

>> No.10223128

46 this year? Referencing this:

>> No.10223134
File: 607 KB, 225x180, keepingup_appearances.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Binge drinking and alcoholism are immature and awful traits to have at 21 and at 41.

or any age, really.

Different anon. I don't think it's fair to villainize people suffering from these maladaptive habits - technically, alcoholism is a disease.

That aside, excessive drinking does physically and psychologically age people.

Same. It's really hard seeing mine like that too. I work with older adults and it always gets me thinking about how I'll be if I get to be their age let alone my parents. It worries me that I'll waste away, but I've also seen and met many inspirational active seniors.

To get back on topic, I hope that I'll still have my lolita friends as we get older. I want to look forward to have tea and cake while reminiscing about old drama from our time.

>> No.10223168

>frequent sunscreen/block application
*keks in programmer*

The sun is already setting when I transport myself from my work computer to my home computer. I'm basically a vampire at this point.

>> No.10223173

Good thing there is at least some treatments for helping sun damage now, I'm sure to start showing it more soon. I'll go to the dermatologist though.

>> No.10223174

Learn how to change the input on your own monitor you fuckin mouthbreather

>> No.10223196

I'm not sure what you're on about, but I don't work remote if that's what is triggering you.

>> No.10223212

Nayrt but I believe they are referring to the importance of leaving the house and doing things and getting some fresh air and sunlight.

>> No.10223224

Literally what I did for a fresh software engineer today lol. I'm making a joke about how hardware dumb you probably are.

>> No.10223388
File: 1.92 MB, 400x231, so_sad.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh turns out they're just bitter that newbie programmers make more than newbie techs and are trying to convince themselves to feel superior. Kind of sad. Confidence isn't about bringing other people down.

>> No.10223433

That's too bad, it had potential to be a subtle metaphorical jab about work/life balance. I'm a software eng with a background in embedded dev. Most programmers I've worked with have been very tech savvy about everything other than printers.

>> No.10223444

God she looks spooky af though. If being that skinny is necessary, then I guess I'll have to quit before I'm her age. How old is she, anyway?

>> No.10223446

having met her irl she is not too tall. try again.

>> No.10223447

I'm glad at least one person got the joke.

>> No.10223497

this lady has always been pretty much a goth-ita...

>> No.10223675

Am I missing something? I think her outfit is really cool and fun looking and I think she rocks it.

>> No.10223685


Toronto community was pretty great from my brief time in it

>> No.10223777

It's really a shame that the comm turned into the mess it is now.

>> No.10223786

You know, I never hear this about any other fucking hobby than lolita. There's this weird obsession with "if you're over 25, it's all over" and 30 is the absolute end of the line or something dramatic like that.

It's clothes. It's a hobby. Lolitas obsess over female youth more than incels do and I think that's telling. Just wear it and stop acting like age is some factor. If anything, you'll have more money as you grow older. 18-30 year olds are broke as hell and are never fully situated into their lifetime careers. If you stop before 30 you've ruined all the potential for yourself to be an ultra wealthy lolita.

>> No.10223824

Something similar happens in cosplay too, by the time you can afford the fabulous custom costumes and/orcgreat materials, you worry that you look too old to cosplay them because people are savage about it in their criticism of looking way too old for such things. Washed up hag by 30, and they mercilessly make fun if they continue. Look at how they rip on Yaya Han and JNig’s ‘old and crusty’ appearance.

>> No.10223870


The other fashions died out too fast. Where have the Larme, otomekei, girly casual, morigirl, cp-kei/fairy-kei threads gone? Anyone making a thread just has it fall off the board without hitting limit.

I don't even know why lolita has so much staying power that we can even talk about looking too old for it desu.

>> No.10223917

That hair color spells mental illness.

>> No.10224032

Non-optimal makeup choices, really.

Nah. My impression seems to be that she's from that era where unnatural hair colors was more or less unheard of and rebellious. Ya'know. TradGoth. Less mental-illness-washed-out-blue and more fuck-the-man-embrace-the-night.

>> No.10224037

I think you are blind. Most everything about this outfit looks cheap and tacky. She's always been cheap and tacky, trying to put it off as being some super special elegant snowflake.

>> No.10224041

As a frequent goth festival goer, I can assure you this would be one of the better outfits in the crowd. Make of that what you will.

I guess I was viewing this through a general goth lens, rather than say, a lolita or ega type one. But hey, this apparently blind bat still likes it regardless.

I vaguely remember her posting on cgl back in the day, and her outfits were pretty neat.

>> No.10224064

I've been into the goth scene since 1995 (i'm old wah) and yeah, it's not bad compared to some goth, but it's pretty bad, especially considering it's supposed to look fancy and elegant. It looks cheap. It's like seeing bodyline next to AP.

>> No.10224074

RIP CPK, Dolly-kei, Strega/sort of dark mori that was kill really before it ever got off the ground.
Dammit, I wanted to do more than 1 CPK coord and I really liked all the secret society regalia on coords featuring the sumptuously strange looks from Grimoire. And their amazing old website with all the moving ‘rooms’ and creepy music box music.
That, to me was the right mixture of slightly creepy, slightly cute but still with a measure of sophistication. Yet we still have Creepy Cute and Pastel Goth grinding on. Sad.

>> No.10224084
File: 324 KB, 500x498, 56566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I accept that the materials are a bit costume-y looking and are not up to say, lolita brand standards. For its imperfections, it still made me smile because I find it fun and somewhat creative, and these days I'd take that over an off the peg, all matching brand outfit with generic styling.

And damn it, I meant to say back on 'egl' not cgl - I fully admit to being a bit of a nostalgia goon when it comes to lolita fashion. I miss the pre-2008 ish livejournal era and oldschool will always be my first love. I first wore lolita back in early 2004, and these days I just dabble with the fashion a few times a year.

>> No.10224104

It's okay anon. And same. I got into lolita in the early 2000s too. LiveJournal was actually how I discovered it, I was just a goth at that point.

>> No.10224118

You can still dress like California Pizza Kitchen if you want, just because a style is unpopular doesn't mean you can't wear it.

>> No.10224739

you are my hero anon, please stay being you! thank you

>> No.10225616
File: 1.51 MB, 1920x2560, 4CFF544A-2DF6-4F18-BE9A-DE2324C8FEF4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a creative and kawaii person over 80. Has no intention of ever dressing different, has been dressing and illustrating the same way since she was 19. She was born in 1938. http://kerastyle.jp/all/culture/33294

>> No.10225620

She looks great for 80.

>> No.10225646


Does she bathe in the blood of virgins?? She looks so good.

>> No.10225652

I’m assuming she has had work done but still, looking very good and really an inspiration to me.

>> No.10225655

I just took the plunge and turned the skirt of the last sweet OP in my wardrobe into a crib skirt.

>> No.10225674

Jesus Christ she barely looks half her age

>> No.10225678
File: 50 KB, 640x432, img_52d8ff8337decb534d2daec3d4b6b2cd1048425.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

KERA gave her a lot of courtesy shoop. She looks amazing for 80 but not quite that wrinkle free.

>> No.10225706

Ok, she still looks great but at least she looks real in this pic.

>> No.10225786

Oh boy, this again. I thought people throwing around 'ageplay' to label shit finally realized they are the worst kind of secondhand embarrassment and stopped.

>> No.10226553
File: 2.18 MB, 1920x2560, B92D10D8-696A-49CF-ACA8-0EB0AA564341.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would be interested to know who are the oldest lolitas. Not to critique them, I'm just curious what their style actually is. I know >>10216642 is a pic of someone’s mom or gran dressed up, she doesn't really wear it regularly?
I plan to evolve my style to include more elegant shoes and accessories, and to really pay attention to my makeup not bring either over or under done, but otherwise, still wear prints I like. I guess if I liked prints like Dreamy Baby Room or other toy prints is maybe reconsider but that's not it thing so I guess I'm lucky that roses and gobelin are pretty timeless. I'm not against bring Grandmama the Gobelin Goblin, either. But I'm wondering if gothic lolitas can easily become more severe looking or even witch-like, lol. (not that it's a bad look, you know.)

9 photos pinned to someone’s ”Gothic & Lolita Style over 40” Pinterest board.

>> No.10226562
File: 28 KB, 330x704, F893EA34-5EF3-40BA-B795-10CD827A98BF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, I remember Vivien Hoffpauir
Guess she doesn't dress and post anymore?

>> No.10226647

Is that the owner of Candy Violet?

>> No.10226648

She looks adorable and happy

>> No.10226650


This is my geriatric goal.

>> No.10226653

I heard that she started being a camgirl or something along those lines.

>> No.10226660

Yep. I never heard anything about her after she closed her shop. I think she was not historically accurate enough for the re-enactors, not hip enough for the vintage gals and of course not exclusively dedicated to lolita so lolitas didn’t like it. Her non-lolita kawaii gear was too expensive for her target market, I guess but I didn’t think her other stuff really was.

>> No.10226672

She still looks really cute, dresses in her style and more importantly seems to be still creative and happily busy in her life! Absolutely goals!

Though I’ll admit that I’m vain and I’ll get some procedures done to stay as young-looking as I can, not excessive surgeries chasing perfection or anything but fillers, Botox and eventually one facelift isn’t such a bad thing, I think.

>> No.10226824

Past a certain age people will start to think you are a witch.

You could of course own this an exclusively wear goth colors.

>> No.10226879

I'm ok with this. If I get work done and appear younger especially. There are already quite a few lolitas who are straight up legit witches. No one makes a big fuss about it. Some of them may be here and posting this very minute even.
Imagine that.

>> No.10226881

Is there honestly no burando sweet print called Candy Which yet? How can this be?

>> No.10226890

>mfw it includes tifferet
>mfw it the two top ones, same person, with a hair color that spells mental illness
>mfw two in the middle have decent faces but it's just a quirky dirndl mess
>n 3 could do better
>n 4 could be okay in a petti and other improvements, or just dump sweet and do classic.
>n 6 does not get it
>n 6 is just another alt fashion, not a hint of lolita
>n 9 just a little old lady in floral pastels

>> No.10226892

>legit witches
If they're so legit how come they haven't found a way to curse itas out of the com?

>> No.10226896

Not applicable. Legit witches aren't in comms, they have lolita covens.

>> No.10226897

There's not a lot of choices out there so I was admittedly lazy and went off a Pinterest board that is just what it said, someone's collection of stuff that inspires them on lolita in women over 40. The pickings are very slim for good examples besides the French woman everyone flips their xhit over for too skinny on Insta, yet she's the best dressed and no fucks given. I was also laughing to see Tif’s hobgoblin face peeking out. But there she was.

>> No.10226899

Because they have better things to do and people screeching about itas provides both a distraction and a convenient scape goat? Why would a witch care about an ita?

>> No.10227123
File: 298 KB, 945x759, CB948BB3-8857-4840-B950-244299A34B45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From 2012
Mariko Suzuki-san (editor of the Gothic & Lolita Bible) and Mari Nakamura-san (the head desiger of Juliette and Justine)

>> No.10227124
File: 113 KB, 436x640, 78D75A3C-B080-4D78-9641-29EB898955D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And a full length look, with little leather boots!

>> No.10227149


She is a burlesque performer and latex designer now, goes by “miss o kissed”

>> No.10227165

I am not out of my 20s yet, but I have found that as I am creeping up on 30 the major difference is that I am removing myself from the online community and getting involved with my local comm more.
I still read /cgl/ from time to time, but I don't have time for a lot of the bullshit.
I used to really follow the drama back in the day, too. My comm has really shown me how much better it is to just chill and let whatever other people do just pass me by. Including people being shitty about older people wearing the fashion.
I meet older lolitas in the actual community that can help me dress my age as my time comes. It makes me feel like I am not instantly an uggo because I am over 24. I am embarrassed to say it now, but there were definitely times where online comms made me feel like that. Now I know and truly feel like I can do the thing I love as long as I damn well please.

>> No.10227379
File: 173 KB, 1058x1619, E4BA34A0-827B-4373-AEAF-58AD19CEB913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She will be 31 this year, I'm skimming through her blog.
I'll look for more 30+ bloggers and IGers but I don't think there are very many. Maybe we need some.

>> No.10227386

Where do i find women who are into lolita? I just want a qt3.14 that loves wearing cute things. I used up my university life and early mid 20s in med school and now I want in before its too late

>> No.10227391

Wtf, my mother looks much better than that and shes 53. Asian genes really werent a meme

>> No.10227402

Well good for your Mama but it is sure a pity she did a bad job teaching you any tact of manners, isn't it?
That's NOT why I posted her and I was hoping we could reference some 30+ lolitas without this kind of reply, why do you need to insult her? Fuck that, I'm sorry I posted her at all now. Jeez.

>> No.10227416

There are many around, but they don't publicly announce their ages, or appear what people would believe is over 30, and some don't really post coord shots online all that much, but enjoy the fashion and the community aspects without inserting themselves everywhere. This is pretty much every 30+ lolita that I know. The younger ones tend to be out there more.

>> No.10227422

Guess I will just have to be silent detective and see if I can find and meet some as my inspiration then. But lesson learned, obviously we can't post anyone here even for reference and a discussion that remains barely civil without someone like >>10227391 popping off with their rude and unwanted comments. I'm a bit disappointed, I admit.

>> No.10227469

she looks like a tranny or a drag, at least she's skinny but her face and makeup do her no favor

>> No.10227473

So what's an example of how she can do her makeup then? Provide photo of this example. We aren't here to pick on anyone, we were just trading some thoughts and style inspiration. Faces look older as they age, who is surprised? Stating the obvious.

>> No.10227483

I'm an older lolita and just starting to get onto posting on social media. I am probably going to lie about my age, too. People only ever comment on your age if you're older and tell them. It's just very tiresome.

>> No.10227509

Its just really wierd seeing someone 31 look older than people that are 50. I guess that's culture shock for ya.

>> No.10227513

I'm 38 and post some of my coords on instagram. I don't state my age anywhere though because I don't think it matters.

>> No.10227514

Whats your insta? Ill follow you

>> No.10227559

ayart: Same. 37 here. I feel like when I'm wearing lolita, I'm doing it for myself and because friends enjoy seeing it. But I don't have any desire to post it for attention from the anonymous portion of the internet.

I don't feel the desire to have perfect coodinates or coord shots all the time, every time. So I'm pretty content just keeping things around for myself/my own memories, and for friends.

I do have an insta but I'm so bad at keeping it updated. DESU, I liked the tumblr platform better for the customization, that was until all the sissies and fetishists ruined it for everyone, as per the usual.

>> No.10227630

>be normal weight mainland eurofag
>burger fats: she looks like a boy child man drag queen faggot not a real woman teehee!
>mfw need to be >200 lb to pass in burgerland
>mfw didn't know what love handles were before meeting burgers

>> No.10227648

What's your face like when you look at the facts that the average euro woman's weight is ~70kg and the average american woman's weight is ~76kg, which is extremely close and your prejudice against americans is incorrect?

>> No.10227655


In France, where she lives, the average woman's weight is 62.7 kg. Nice try though.

>> No.10227656

>mfw need to be >200 lb to pass in burgerland
This part is still wrong hun

>> No.10227657


What is hyperbole.

I agree with the sentiment though. I baked brownies for my coworkers the other day and one commented she didn't know I baked well because I was so skinny. Amerifats be fat.

>> No.10227848

Assigning an age barrier to lolita or cosplay is stupid and immature. If you're going to let society dictate what's acceptable, just dress like a normie and give up now.

>> No.10227898

170 lb is still way too much to comfortably fit into brand. Even 140 is pushing it. You can't be average, no effort, pudgy, and expect to look elegant.

>> No.10227900

You can't count bonglanders in there, brits are the fattest hogs in Europe and skew the average. It's the same in most English speaking countries, something something Calvinism sin eating.

>> No.10227914

This. People can't seem to tell that I'm significantly older (late 40s) from the photos I post, so I'm not about to advertise the fact. My comm knows my age, but they're accepting in person and kind enough not to out me here (thanks ladies! You're the best). I participate in meets and some social media, and am happy to help with events or planning where my experience can be a benefit, but I prefer to leave the spotlight to younger folks.

>> No.10227922

It’s really good to know so many older lolitas are already out there so I’m planning to just stay in the fashion too. If I start looking too old for my taste, I’ll get some work done. I’m pretty sure that’s not too rare in any kind of person who stays more interested in fashion. Women in my area usually start dressing like more conservative schlubs as soon as they have a kid and anything else is ‘weird fashion’ and considered somewhat immature but that said, we do have a Fashion Week here and at least a few more alternative designers from the general region show there so that’s something.

>> No.10227941

Some more 30+ instagrammers: octavekitten, _solarflight_, mintkismet, spiro_j, marlessa

>> No.10228238

how sad that they had to shop out her wrinkles. She looks so much more real and happy with her true smile.

>> No.10228651

An ’older’ styling mode.
Something at the bottom addressing getting older, still wearing the style.

>> No.10228665

the secret solution to aging is to stay out of the sun and wear sunscreen. asians aren't special. they just walk around with umbrellas and cover themselves in sunscreen.

>> No.10228677

This is true but what if you are already late 20’s and already with sun damage?

>> No.10228681

Then you should feel extra motivated to stay out of the sun. Most anti-aging treatments are bullshit. Retinol has some efficacy, but only to slow aging, not to undo it. There are some treatments for skin discoloration, but I don't know much about that. If you are really worried about your aging, go talk to a dermatologist. They will probably recommend the correct treatments to you.

>> No.10228707

When you clearly state your age there will be people who admire you just for being older. As if dressing in lolita in your 40-ies is any different than in your 20-ies.

>> No.10228825

I had sun damage as a teenager and bits and pieces in my 20's. An occasional mishap in my 30's by not reapplying it soon enough but I'm generally super-careful about it now. With the right makeup and styling, I still look quite a bit younger than I am (late 30's)

Sun damage can be bad, but I find the worst damage you can take on is stress. Having chlidren, or going through a lot of trauma (abuse, losing a family member, health issues, or a very stressful job) can do far worse to your skin in short-term than a bit of sun damage. Smoking is the worst. I have a sister who is 11 years older than me who looks about 70 and gets mistaken as my mom because of excessive smoking, having children, poor diet, poor dental hygiene (no teeth and refuses to wear dentures), poor health, and probably a lot of tanning bed use.

The bit of damage/fine lines I have came more from a previous stressful job and sleeping on my side than my attempts to tan and not caring about sunscreen as a teenager.

>> No.10228839

Ideally. But age-ism is also a thing else why would people be hesitant to say their age? Lolita is seen as a youth fashion and until more recently, most people typically age out of it.
Women who are not conventionally cute, beautiful or pretty do face some stigma over that at any age, those who look older than mid-twenties often do face some added stigma regarding their age. Prettiness and youth do come with some privilege.

Fanny Rosie turns 31 this year. I don’t want to post women’s photos here because they get critiqued and she has gotten plenty of critique in general. Happily, she doesn’t seem to care. She also has her birth year listed in her Instagram bio as 1988. And no, most do not look like her but I do take some style cues from her so I think she is a good example. Both for dressing beautifully and giving few fucks about negative comments.

>> No.10228845

I think there’s truth to much of this. Stress takes a toll. I’m carrying some excess weight and my expression lines and (not cute type) eye bags are what is starting to bother me most. I’m cleaning up my diet, hitting the gym, training myself to back-sleep, working on my posture and soon I’ll be making an appointment with the dermatologist.

>> No.10228853
File: 257 KB, 320x583, 1545062396699.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This lady is living the dream, major props to her. I kinda wish i could sit down with her and just chat and she'd help me with coords and give me advice. Seems like a kind lady.

I think babyfaced adults get a pass... I'm 26 and still get carded and regularly mistaken for a teenager, and i can get away with clothing wayyyy out of my age range. This is a double edged sword of course, when i try to dress maturely i look kind of out of place.

My wardrobe has somewhat remained the same from since i was 18, i haven't grown much so i kept all my weeb t-shirts and all that. I think i can get away with sweet lolita until my face finally starts aging, and even then i worry what people will say when they hear my age. Is it more about my age appearance or my actual age?

>> No.10228861

>Is it more about my age appearance or my actual age?

> I think i can get away with sweet lolita until my face finally starts aging... what will people say?
If that's how you truly feel then I'm surprised you wear lolita at all at any age.

>> No.10228862

Why do you care so much about how well your clothes fit your face?

>> No.10228869

In the country where i live at least it's very looked down upon to even be interested in alternate fashions at all. People here already judge teenagers for it, so in my head I'm like "Oh shit, I'm old AND autistic." and it's going to be even worse. It's just something I'm going to have to work on to be more confident in wearing lolita.
I dunno, to be honest, but it has always happened.

>> No.10228876

There are always a few exceptions and they always sound off but I’m still going to say this louder for everyone in the cheap seats in the back there.

People get carded because of the laws requiring it if you ‘look under 40’. I know damn well I’m not mistaken for ‘under 21’ and I get carded if I go to a new place. I get carded often. Many people do. I dress well and I also get carded as flattery so I’ll tip well. It’s a social game that people play with women.

Also if you are wear things from your teen years and/or wear immature weeb shit, it’s your intelligence and ability to dress yourself well that is being questioned - not your age - when being ‘mistaken for a teen’. It’s NOT a compliment, it’s a passive aggressive jab at your maturity level and sometimes, your bad style.

Why are people too dim to figure this stuff out?

Insisting you look young for your age and giving these reasons for it is really awkward and embarrassing for everyone so please people, can we just not?

>> No.10228902

>It’s NOT a compliment, it’s a passive aggressive jab at your maturity level and sometimes, your bad style.
I framed it in a bad light, so I'm not sure what you mean by compliment. I've been carded in extremely awkward situations including by police, so you're welcome to tell me how I'm supposed to take these certain situations as compliments. I'm not obligated to dress well when I'm going to the supermarket to pick up cigarettes for my dad; I'm putting on an easy to wear shirt and some sweatpants. That ticks some people off into thinking I'm underage, and that's how it is. Can't change my face.

>Insisting you look young for your age and giving these reasons for it is really awkward and embarrassing for everyone
Kek, i know it's a common occurrence for people to scream "I look 12!!" but i wasn't doing that anon.

>> No.10228904

NAYRT but I do care about it because I want a good overall look, so harmony, I guess? I’m not obsessed with ‘looking young’ but I do want to retain some youthful attractiveness for as long as I can for the sweeter styling of lolita fashion. I don’t think that is so bad? I’m styling my few sweet pieces to be more elegant than cute and trying to avoid getting any more prints I fear will be harder to style this way. Future-proofing my wardrobe I guess? I have a couple of carousel/pony prints that are harder to do this with but I will hopefully prevail!

>> No.10229045


>mfw I once got carded so hard the guy took out a fucking fifty state license book and took 20 minutes to look at my ID

That's not complimentary, that's bordering on offensive. Granted, he's doing his job, but how in the world is that supposed to be complimentary when I just want a goddamn drink.

I also get exclamations of "how can you be a professional? You look so young!" when I barely walk into the room. I take care to have good posture and a good gait, and I've learned to have a different 'voice' when talking in my professional capacity, so I'm pretty sure it's not how I'm holding myself. I just look young. Granted, people are terrible at telling age, but I am mistaken for being young every fucking time.

>> No.10229049

To add to this, that's arsenicold_lace from LJ, I don't remember if she ran the Lucky Pack comm or if she was an SS for lucky packs, but I just remember there was picture of her and the trunk of her car absolutely filled with LPs for people. I comsider her a part of Western lolita history.

>> No.10229089

Nayrt but that happened to me when I was 35. And I'm damn sure I didn't look under 21, but depending on the circumstances and the lighting and your mood and what you're wearing and with whom you're interacting and if they have a headache or need a new eyeglass prescription or had a glass of wine earlier or just feeling like fucking with somebody because they had a bad day, it can happen. Also after a while everybody looks the same. 26 is still very young.

Whether it's true or not, enjoy the feeling. When you're 50 you'll look back and say to yourself, why did I think 26 was getting old when I'm nearly twice that now and I don't feel old yet.

>> No.10229210

>i'm 26 and i still get carded
i worked at a pizza place when i was in college and i had to card literally anyone who didnt look old as fuck. ofc you're still going to get occasionally carded at 26. it does not mean that you look under 21.

>> No.10229248

I'm 160 and I fit into brand great. Bodies distribute fat in different ways. you know. Almost all of mine is in my thighs/butt.

>> No.10229250

Moisturizing is a huge part of it too. You can't JUST wear sunscreen


>> No.10230137

The lighting was clear as fuck because it was a serve yourself beer type of place.

The dude kept looking at my brother and I when we came in because apparently we looked like, per his words, "18 year olds who walked in a bar."

So take that as you will. He was overly nice to us afterwards to make up for it I think, he appeared embarrassed by the entire incident.

Also it still doesn't account for people mistaking me for younger at work literally all the time. It's made me become aware about my confidence level and professionalism though. When I'm done with a client now, they often tell me I'm very thorough and moreso than my colleagues so I'm ok with that.

>> No.10230308

Congrats for missing the point, I guess, and for acting the age that most people allegedly assume you to be. Also congrats for shitting up the end of what was otherwise a pretty good thread.

>> No.10230536

The thread has reached bump limit. Thank you to everyone who posted something to think about and to everyone who made it a good thread.

“I am a Lolita. I do not believe in growing up. No matter how old I get, I shall remain devoted to ruffles and frills.”
― Novala Takemoto, Kamikaze Girls

>> No.10230587


Cool, you missed the point too. Hope I'm not as pointlessly jaded as you when I'm your age.

>> No.10231066

This attitude is exactly how it should be desu my gf is a lolita and is terrified of being considered a weirdo because shes 24 and its like run it for as long as you like!

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