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hey cgl, looking for a cute girl to help me design a costume. you'll need to move in with me. i'll compensate you with a $400 weekly allowance.

it'd be best if we talked some beforehand so if you're interested please add me on Discord: Thorns#6337

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I'm a cute grill as you can see by my pics pls add me on discord Waluigi#420

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i'm not a cute girl. i'm a young skinny guy in my early 20s.

can send some money or buy gifts in advance to prove my offer's sincere

would prefer someone near missouri capable of driving with their own car

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Is this faggot really trying to solicit prostitution on 4 chan? Dude. Fuck off. No one moves it or gets "allowances" to make a costume. Ffs.

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arrangement isn't sexual. if my costume designer wants to have sex with me i may consider it

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someone catfish the shit out of this idiot and get him to sign a contract, then move your 400 pound hairy male ass in

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You're so full of shit retard. If a chick moved in, worked diligently to design a costume then left... you'd be angry, creepy and horrible.

Commissioning costumes has nothing to do with moving in or allowances. That's you seeking power over a person in exchange for money. It's you tip toeing around admitting you want a live in cosplay whore to fuck.

Seriously kys. You're so full of shit and pathetic.

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i'm not seeking power over anyone. i do like the idea of having someone to watch movies, listen to music, do crafts, paint and play video games with, but i'm not seeking to force anyone to do anything they rather not do

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Absolutely haram
Go back to /soc/ where you belong you faggot.

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>Posting a sex slave ad on 4chan

This nigga is going to murder some desperate idiot in bumfuck nowhere, but not before he gets the syphilis he deserves

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Lmao you’re all retarded as fuck if you’re falling for this bait

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Then go outside, be social, and find a friend or gf. Being ugly isn't even a deterrent for some girls.

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I'll do it! UwU but I also want cuddles and pets and buy me delicious things and I'll be ur qt 4 lyfe <3 <3

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building trust is paramount and im willing to regularly voice chat and cam. before moving in we can meet in a densely populated public area during daylight hours if it'll make you more comfortable

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Get away from my boo u hoebag he's all mine >:(((( I'm cuter than her, pick meeeeee

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