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Constructive criticism only please

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I would like to construct a fetus in your womb with my load.

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stop, and get back natural

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I would like you to put on some pants.

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You need to smoothe out the centre of the wig. It currently feels very spiky and out of place.

You need to see if you can make the wig seem a little less cheap or like plastic-y.

Other than that you've got it going on, but you'd need, like, an actual outfit or whatever.

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Pls send diet tips, sincerely anachan

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reverse image search it

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IDC what's under that hand... I'd carry you around con like a cave man and let you warm my bed at night. Damn, you're a pale beauty.

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Doesn't look as good as Waluigi.

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Now HERE’S a womb i’d get into

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The shirts held perfectly to highlight your core. My only criticism is that there is no follow up picture with said shirt raised higher.

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This fucking thread.

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in case anyone ever wondered if cgl really was full of roleplaying creeps- here's your proof. Gross.

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>Inb4 it's a dude

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were back in 2013 cgl now

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Dial 8

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Imagine being such a newfag that you can't tell this is fake. At least reverse image search it. Anyways, back to the original question surrounding this image, did anyone end up finding out who she was?

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Show us your penis first

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So you ask to reverse search but you cant find out who she is? Which i did within five minutes of google searches?
Anyway the pic is shooped so its really hard to confirm if its the same person or not.

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No fuck off

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They are only roleplaying. They aren't real creeps.

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gib toomy

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Nice time tummy, now i make cummy.

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For an Asuka cosplay, be sure to cover as much as possible unless you're around a dude in his mid thirties, at which point wait for him to have passionate sex with an older more mature woman of his same race, then cry in the corner before trying to do "adult stuff" with a little asian fuckboy to try to make up for the hollow gap your expectations have left you with.
In the manner you can make the most accurate depiction of Asuka possible.

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looks like shit

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no u

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Fwiw I don't make creepy breeder fetish or feet sniffing comments IRL. This place (4chan not CGL in particular) is my outlet for this behavior FBOW

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>needing an outlet for degenerate behavior
please unironically kill yourself

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I'm so sorry that your threads on 4chan about period pain and frilly dresses are getting derailed.

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Stop being a thot, and fix the top of the wig, and other than that it’s good.

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you still haven’t offed yourself? pathetic scrote

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You seem a little on edge, feeling ok sis? Maybe wrap your self in a wet blanket and pop a xanax before you make a scene

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Y'all know this is a bait thread right? This picture is posted all the time on other boards.

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You make the little pp become the big pp

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>Implying Alexandra Gaier would waste her time with this board

The days of attractive and popular cosplayers coming to /cgl/ are over. We just have angry fat lolitas who talk about their feelings and wish death on other lolitas.

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Make a patreon and instagram and rake in the money.

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I just checked this girl insta and she has 0 pictures unfiltered. Her face shape changed when she started editing it differently. I mean...

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Stay mad lady.

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Asuka is 14, just a reminder

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I'm trying to get the stuff together to cosplay Asuka. Biggest problem is contacts - where can I get them without a prescription shipped from the US?

Has anyone used this site;


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Why do men blindly defend women they've never met?

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I know this is just Evangelion, but it sounds to me like you're speaking from experience.

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Stop sexualizing my waifu, dickhead.

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God I hope so

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Delicious body

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I'd like to latch onto that tummy with my mouth and (over the course of years) fuse with and parasitize her body - sustaining myself on her fluids as I keep her perpetually pregnant with my hot cum like an angler fish.
[slurping sounds]

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I want to stick my tongue in your belly button

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my gf is hotter ;)

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this is a blue board you can't post porn.

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