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Previous thread - >>10198281

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I know we are not EGL (nor am I pining for the olden days) but we also know that the EGL mods got schooled in what to omit to keep the LJ group from posting infringing stuff. So it’s safest to go by that.
Also question: does that mean the Indy designers who mostly use Spoonflower (or some other print on demand services with little to no quota) also have inferior printing methods compared to most brand as well? Has someone written about the differences anywhere?

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They always suck why do you care so much about your shitty secrets at least submit interesting ones if you're gunna keep talking about them

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nayrt but us olds like pretending there’s still a lolita community now shush

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Life is hard but man I really love lolita

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I wish there was a sort by popularity function on lolibrary. I want to know the most wishlisted items.

Sorry u got posted

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Where do you get old-school lace from? I don't know the different names of lace but I'm looking for some like this that's on the collar. I'm not US-based so shipping to europe is probably going to be crazy but aliexpress/taobao links would be appreciated since I can do an order from there.

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Do you mean cotton eyelet lace?

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Yes! Sorry, ESL.

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No problem anon. Happy to help!

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>Baby, and most other brands tend to use generic lace
Tell that to usakumya's face

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Stop saying shush all the time

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>clearly everyone who uses a common word is the same person

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I started seeing it on cgl a lot in the past couple of days

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what about the person who keeps saying "gauche" like where tf have you ever heard that word before

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Cat lady lolitas, that’s who. Now shush.

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I'm pretty certain this is a Baby replica but does anyone know specifically what item?

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looks like a generic rabbit to me

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Baby didn’t make anything like this. Looks more like putumayo.

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All the time, but then again I live near a Frenchie population.

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This thing has existed since around 2008. I'm pretty sure it's a taobao replica of some anime plush.

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>the sheer amount of new in this thread

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Anon in another thread was complaining that Moitie sizes have been way off. Specifically Neo Gothic Arch, saying it was about 8 larger then the listed size. The advertised size is:

Bust 79~87cm
Waist 63~74cm

Does that mean if I am 92bust and 75waist I should fit because the real measurements are a max of 95b x 82w?

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You could but squeezing yourself into a smaller dress ain't a good look honey

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To everyone who has their Silent Moon already, how is the quality?

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8cm larger? I'm starting to think the measurements they provided are recommended body size and not the flat measurements? I'm sorry but no, it's likely not going to fit you very well if your bust is 92cm. You will need more than 3cm room. A jsk is generally worn with blouse, so 5~6cm or more room is better for a comfortable fit. The OP version is going to fit you very well though.

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Friend of mine bought it, the print looks great but the lace was kind of meh. Very average, unremarkable lace.

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God fuck ebxbexiko.

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I'm that anon, and while you might fit it remember that the bodice is extremely short and a larger bust will take up more space in it. So it might look awkward, in one of those "it fits but it doesn't sit right" ways. If I'm honest the JSK is an overall odd design.

I think this was true with their older releases, when they did the 82cm bust/64cm standard, I believe that's also roughly the size of an average Japanese mannequin (or at least it was in the 2000s). So the patterns being made to fit that makes sense. I think this changed over time though, as they got different designers and allowed a very slow size creep. But with NGA I don't think that's true. I'm at the minimum measurements and have to pull the corset lacing in completely, which creates a really ugly back and messes with the way the pleats lie on my butt. It just isn't a flattering look if you're at the low end of the sizing.

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Thankyou! I’m actually an A cup, I’m pretty flat so I’m not worried about the shorter bodice. I might give it a try then!

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What happened?

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print is great, i’m absolutely in love with the dress... but it’s also been a DD since first release so it’s impossible for me to have an objective opinion on it now that it’s in my hands

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I just measured it for you Anon, I hope you see this before you buy. The bust is about 95cm, from the outside and over the cups. The waist is about 82cm give or take, from the outside. I did double check against my own body (figured out how much I laced in the back, then added that to my own measurements, in addition to running the measuring tape around. If anyone is curious the lacing panel is about 25cm wide with about 20cm of that usable, and the bodice is about 20cm long at the center front.) and came up with about the same numbers.

Your waist might be a tight fit, dunno about the bust. I've tried my best to get accurate measurements, but it's a buy at your own risk situation.

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NYART but they are a Japanese seller known for scalping. They buy things (popular/rare pieces like puppet circus) cheap on fril, mercari and then resell for 3x what they paid.
OP either got outbid by them or they are selling OP's DD?

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I just measured it for you Anon, I hope you see this before you buy. The bust is about 95cm, from the outside and over the cups. The waist is about 82cm give or take, from the outside. I did double check against my own body (figured out how much I laced in the back, then added that to my own measurements, in addition to running the measuring tape around. If anyone is curious the lacing panel is about 25cm wide with about 20cm of that usable, and the bodice is about 20cm long at the center front.) and came up with about the same numbers.

Your waist might be a tight fit, dunno about the bust. I've tried my best to get accurate measurements, but it's a buy at your own risk situation since I'm not an expert -at all- and I don't want you to be disappointed by an expensive purchase.

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Yeah, anon basically explained it. They aren't selling anything I want, but a few days ago someone on mercari listed a lot of cheap moitie with the remark that they want them to go to someone who will wear them (seller is a mother): https://www.mercari.com/jp/u/217190178/
I noticed that one person bought almost all of it and as it turned out it was ebxbexiko once again. If you look at the feedback of the sockpuppet account they use to buy, there isn't a single thing they are currently listing they didn't immediately turned over to scalp. I wonder if they are even a lolita.

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Damn her. I'm not checking secondhand sales these days but I remember at some point, 90% of the secondhand Moitie was from her.

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In this day and age, when you list things for that cheap, someone will scalp it. The scalpers are always lurking and waiting to catch things to resell, so they have a big advantage. It's really sad and dishonest.

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People who post shit like this should be banned from all lolita groups the second their posts go up. No one cares about your ~struggles~.

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But then ebxbexiko prices it too high and nobody buys it

>> No.10201867

yeah, they're not very good at what they do.

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People write things like this all the time in the feels thread tho.

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I saw this comparison on twitter. The lace is underwhelming.

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I, too, am always lurking and waiting to catch things to buy, but Shopping Services always dab on my orders when it's the most urgent.

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Anyone follow any well-dressed lolitas that have wildly varying wardrobes or wear multiple different substyles regularly? Like having both pastel sweet and bampire romance gothic clothes.

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Yah, I look at myself in the mirror quite often.

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Sounds like a LoLiTa At HeArT to me

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>end up feeling really left out
I swear the only thing these people care about is fitting in with a group. Wear the clothes, or at least aim to wear them, because you like them, not because it *might* make you some friends. This feels really desperate to me, it's kind of sad.

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I do this too, but I don't post my coords online.

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I get the same impression whenever people start talking about how they're too nervous to wear lolita outside because people might make fun of them (but of course they still post to CoF). If it's that scary, maybe their time might be better spent learning to play the piano or skiing or ... whatever.

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She’s posting the group rules in her post now

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She's definitely a lolita at heart given that she doesn't even know that secondhand sales are a thing.

@misfortuneee on Instagram. Most of her coords are sweet but she does have a few darker coords.
>pic related

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Ah yes, the classic "actually I am a real lolita but I just don't know anything about lolita" post.

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Girl can’t even answer the question if she owns Lolita or not XD

>> No.10202175

I'd love to follow as well. Me and my friend both do this, but most girls I follow are into one substyle only.

>> No.10202179

she has blocked all the meanies

>> No.10202180

Take it to the online comm thread. >>10184669

>> No.10202223

Most lolitas I follow don't stick to just one substyle.

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I wish lolibrary was better desu.

We should start a Wiki page where we can have users edit and add pages for the brands, the story of lolita, any good information online (such as Misako's/Mana's interviews, etc).

Imagine a database with a search engine that doesn't suck!! individual dresses/releases pages with important information such as materials, retail price, etc, maybe last price seen on lacemarket (this could be user submited with proof I guess??), any re-releases, special notes such as cleaning tips, maybe a gallery section for example coords. I feel like something like this might encourage participation.

I can dream...

>> No.10202262

That costs time and money that could be spent on brand

>> No.10202272

Supposedly the developer has started working on lolibrary again but I wish there were weekly public updates and if the owner can’t keep it running with actual frequent updates, and finally open it up to volunteer submissions like they said they would ages ago, that they would just ask within the community about someone else taking it over who could do more active updating. It has really fallen behind at this point.
Someone new could start a new site, the old old lolibrary is still in way back machine and frankly more simple to update and more complete with older entries than the new one. The current lolibrary owner and developer have really fallen down on the project.

>> No.10202285

Yeah I wish i could just type in keywords like you used to be able to, having to fill out all of the drop down things for the categories is so time consuming...

Also, is fururun closed down for good? Their last update is from 2018 saying something about relocating if I remember correctly, but nothing since. I miss shopping with them!

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Does anyone own this OP? The brand is called Nansz I think? It looks cute but I'm not sure of the quality.

>> No.10202313

The thing I disliked most about lolibrary, before the fall of Hello Lace, while they both existed at the same time, Lolibrary never had nearly as many items as HL. There were so many accessories lost when that site went down. Lolibrary has never prioritized anything but main pieces, and it’s a total shame.

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The brand is called Crucis. I don't own it but I want it. It's been in my cart for a while.

>> No.10202328

Why is she wearing normie socks? It ruins the whole look

>> No.10202348

I have this in both black and green from Crucis. It's really cute but super fucking hot because it's all polyester. So it's good for winter time coords but you'll die in the summer.

>> No.10202383

How did Hello Lace go down?

>> No.10202427

That's because cgl is mostly roleplayers.

>> No.10202447

I think it's cute. Very doll-like look.

>> No.10202452

someone hacked the site to spread malware

>> No.10202477

I own that in black, the pink and an Ivory one.
The cuff of the sleeves is tight, I'm very slim and they still feel tight can hardly pass my hand.
Be carefull washing the black one, I was very carefull and followed all the rules (like any other lolita clothes) and there was black EVERYWHERE and the dress now is a muted black? The other colors are ok tho'.
And as another anon said they are very warm clothes.

In the end for the price they are very nice and comfy, they come with that waist band that you can make a bow tie or something.

>> No.10202479

yall complained all the time about lolibrary and now its down too. i dont know why everyone hated its search, i used it religiously and i can think of only a few times i couldnt find what i was looking for. o well

>> No.10202481

Check your wifi before posting retard

>> No.10202493

Thanks! I have no idea where I got the brand name from, I guess it got mislabeled on the reseller or something. I've been wanting this dress for a while.

>> No.10202496

I thought this was a stupid question at first, but when I went looking for accounts I realised that most people with at least somewhat consistent quality/posting tend to stick to one substyle indeed.

These are two people in my comm that came to mind though:

>> No.10202506

I've never in my years on this board read about an anon who feels left out because they're too poor for lolita.

whatever helps you sleep at night

>> No.10202573

It's down all the time, nothing new

>> No.10202575

Why tf would you buy several of the same cheap dress

>> No.10202576

this, I have read about anons who don’t have money to spare on their DD when it comes up or similar feels but never “wahhhh I can’t afford lolita”

>> No.10202584

Ita alert

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File: 46 KB, 450x600, A6B3070D-51EB-467B-A551-0F3C3DABCCA0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People like owning multiple color ways of designs they really like, especially simple dresses that are easy to dress up or down
Plus it makes twining easier

>> No.10202720

>I see what you did there
can someone tell me what they did there? all I saw was a huge misuse of emojies.

>> No.10202724

then neither of you have been here long enough.

Been here since 2015 and I've seen it loads of times. It usually derailed a thread.

>> No.10202737

I haven’t tried it, but could you wayback to a time when hello lace was safe and save things? i do think that lolibrary will need to be replaced soon and it might be good to use that as an excuse to resave them

It’s a shame that they ever tried to “update” lolibrary. I appreciate the attempt, but it was so much more functional before the update

>> No.10202770

How suitable are they for underdresses?

>> No.10202798

Not that anon, but I'm working myself up to starting a lolibrary/hello lace/circlly raw archive to hold onto everything until a new website gets built.
Need to update my hardware before then however.
ArchiveTeam might have saved all of livejournal including egl, you could contact them and ask about other sites they might have done too.

>> No.10202839

are there any good classic lolita youtube channels. I see so many sweets, but I'm more a classic girl.

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File: 8 KB, 320x240, FearfulOrganicHog-poster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you set yourself any goals to expand your wardrobe/develop your style/get better at coording this year? How are you doing?

I made this the year I finally bought a crapton of accessories so I'd have at least two coords for each main piece I own. So far, so good! I've never had the funds or damn common sense to get a good spread of headwear or boleros before so I'm really excited!

>> No.10202842

Check out VictorianMe, she doesn't upload regularly and you'll need subtitles, but she seems really chill and she has a little backlog of cute videos from meets, lookbooks, etc.

>> No.10202845

I'm there.
I'm not allowed to buy main pieces until I have 3 coords I can do with what all fits.
Blouses are my anathema atm.

>> No.10202857

Nope, been here far longer than that and never seen it. Sounds like you're bullshitting or mean something different than the fbfag whined about.

>> No.10202858

unfortunately I’ve been here since 2012 anon I just don’t waste even more of my time in feels threads

>> No.10202863

>tfw someone who bought a dress from you wears it twice and sells it for more than $100 you sold it for
>tfw you originally listed it with small damages that could not be fixed
>tfw this someone listed the dress as flawless condition

>> No.10202864

tell the mods?

>> No.10202868

>tfw same but you couldn't call them out on it because they're e-famous

>> No.10202875

name and shame

>> No.10202896

Good luck with anyone taking over the lolibrary and maintaining the current state because it’s an incorporated nonprofit now rather than a community owned resource. The owner let the developer implement a very overpowered, cloud based, resource gobbling web architecture/framework and that’s also why it is a ~300/month behemoth now instead of a simple volunteer-maintained searchable database with photos. The dev has said a couple of times that “she’s back and working” on it but nothing significant really comes of it and there’s no sign of ever letting people in the community submit entries which is what most of us asked for again and again, so we can volunteer and the updates get done with more people doing the data entry and the dev just spinning up the new pages. I suspect that to catch it up will also jack the monthly running costs. They need to communicate with us, and be frank.

The lolita community fights about shit like this though and sides get taken so there’s no guarantee of any community support at all to do the large amount of work if someone WERE to implement something fresh, and more like the old lolibrary where we could submit things and the sidebar has details of the recent updates...

So it’s kind of a mess.

>> No.10202899

Why did the person who ran Hello Lace just quit and not recover from the malware attack and re-build the website with the most recent clean backup of their database? Since it seems to be gone forever and lolibrary is at a standstill for way too long now, hopefully the community might support something new?

>> No.10202913

>why didn't they completely rebuild from square 0 on something they were losing money on????
I don't know sweaty, maybe a bunch of meanies trash talked hello lace enough times the owner lost interest in keeping it around as a 'back up' to the more popular lolibrary?

>> No.10202933

Not sure why you think they were trash talked. People loved the format of hello lace and wanted to expand it. But the 2 groups never got together and the hl owner probably got bored of Lolita.

>> No.10202935

So I can confirm that the Lolibrary dev is back working on getting it properly functional. These past few months have been pretty shit for her and we’ve been having trouble finding people who can help with the dev side (a lot of people volunteer but we’ve yet to find someone who can help regularly).

I know jack-shit about coding but I can always pass stuff onto her or even see if she’d be willing to talk through some stuff on here?

>> No.10202940

I enjoy Sapphira Doll's videos. She doesn't have a consistent schedule or anything but her videos are very pleasant to watch and she's got a good classic/otome style going on.

>> No.10202943

I thought the domain had gotten sniped or something weird?

>> No.10202944

Also I don’t think people realise how bad the old site was behind the scenes? It was basically falling apart and not being updated, hence why it crashed or was down so frequently.

If people think they can help with the dev side of it please join the discord and just message the main dev, she could really use the help right now!

>> No.10202946

Because they're a dumb newfag and eager to shit on and blame cgl at every chance they get.

They got attacked over and over again for a long time and just got tired of it. Since other alternatives like lolibrary already existed, they gave up.

>> No.10202947

Lel that was princessportal. Got sniped by a fat black ita.

>> No.10202961

I've gotten myself a handful of blouses, a bolero, and underskirt to replace the singular black underdress I've been recycling for every goth coord. It served me well, but feels good to have some variety!

>> No.10203046

ID on the dress?

>> No.10203072

She needs to make the submission form so anyone can submit entries and all she or fellow devs have to do is add the pages. That’s what kept the old lolibrary going at all. No one expects one dev to do all the work on it but she pretty much did it to herself by using that build architecture and not keeping things simple and economical.

>> No.10203073

I own this dress, it's very cute, but the inner lining ripped from the outer very easily. Took it to a seamstress, they said the problem was a whole dress problem, not an easily fixable thing. Not enough seam allowance or something so it came apart. would have to redo the entire lining. It's sad because it really is a lovely dress.

>> No.10203076

I really wish i could dev. It seems like a thankless job to run lolilibrary, but it is such a vital site to many of us. Thank you so much.

>> No.10203093

do you guys know what shop for was on about in her video

>> No.10203094


>> No.10203097

The emoji usage matches the OP's autism's speaks entry.

>> No.10203101

>eager to shit on and blame cgl at every chance they get.
While no, also yes.
Really, it's because everyone /outside/ of this board dished on Hello Lace for slow load speed and no login and just a less brainless GU
/cgl/ still used and liked HL because of the content, we're not saying opposing things here.

>> No.10203102


>> No.10203108

I've sent multiple website devs her way and she's rejected all of them. Lolibrary sucks development-wise. It's so over engineered.

>> No.10203128


Anyone know what shop she's talking about?

>> No.10203162

on the one hand, i've never had a problem with them. on the other hand, the stalker shit is really worrisome, and makes me not want to shop there.

>> No.10203168

Wouldn't that make it even easier to call them out?

>> No.10203203

I ordered a lot from them when i was a newb... i highly doubt it? the lady who runs that site is super nice. I've also never seen her do any PR type reviews?

>> No.10203209

Read the thread >>10203102

>> No.10203211 [DELETED] 

Ex friend I sold my charlottes bear skirt to did this. When I got it from wunderwelt it reeked of cat piss and had a run in it. She listed it as like new.

>> No.10203214

Ex friend I sold my Charlottes bear skirt to did this. When I got it from wunderwelt it reeked of cat piss and had a run in it. She sold it for $50 more than I sold it to her for.

>> No.10203217

uhh.... if the only damage is it being smelly, couldn’t she have cleaned it

>> No.10203229

>it had a run in it

>> No.10203231

No because she most likely has a ton of white-knights who'll only believe it if I post so much proof I would out myself.

>> No.10203236

Really? The practices sounded like something I had with Glitzywonderland. They never email you with updates or confirmations.(The package just magically appears at your doorstep after awhile.) When an item is out of stock, they will ask you to pick another first and won’t do a refund unless asked. (Plus they won’t update the stock when this happens.)

Have to say knowing Lor did PR for Devilinspired, I do feel a little cautious when watching a video like this.

>> No.10203251

What about a fandom wiki? It could have a page for each brand then releases by year and even theme?

>> No.10203310

Tfw a fatty snipes a DD of yours and turns around to resell it for USD200 more than the original price.
Bitch I hope you never sell that dress

>> No.10203318

Linda is great and Lor is a cry baby, she got her refunds boohoo.

>> No.10203326

Probably devilinspired. They were sending free dresses to efamous girls a few years ago and then it came out that actual buyers would have issues when trying to order.

>> No.10203333


They gave her a free shitty dress. She won't bite the hand that feeds her.

>> No.10203342

This whole "horror story" is actually just a story of how much of a coward Lor is. Instead of sneaking around, doing covert private purchases over the course of MONTHS she should have just told them the fucking truth.

"Hello! Thank you so much for reaching out to me and offering me goods from your site to review. However, with the intention to have a more nuanced review I tried to order items from you privately. The item I wanted was listed in stock, but I got no confirmation of my order being processed. When I inquired about it I was told it was out of stock, despite still being listed as available on your website. This is a technical problem which makes a very negative shopping experience. I am not comfortable promoting a website which does not function correctly and displays inaccurate stock. Until you fix this problem I will not be making a review. Please reach out to me when this problem has been fixed and we may continue our business together."

There! Would have saved Lor a lot of anxiety, saved both her and the company a lot of time AND given the company proper VALID feedback. All throughout the video I was just disgusted by her dishonest confrontation fearing coddling. As much as Lor wants to appear as a business woman she is continually painting the image of a childish teenagers who thinks she's smarter than she is. I don't care if she was young and depressed back then! She told this story present day without reflecting over her own shady behaviour. You got harassed, but you also refused to tell the company the truth! Be honest in business! How hard can it be?

>> No.10203350

You are very dumb. When you are a YouTuber you get a ton of junk for review purposes, companies send it for free to whatever address is available for the chance the yter will do a review on it. There isn’t an established commitment there and tons of stuff get nothing.

The company knew that but still harassed Lor on multiple platforms (instead of through the business email she has)...because of what? Oh they felt entitled to her time. They don’t want valid feedback they know they are shit, they want a shill.

She was emailing them on her personal orders but using her yt email for her order wouldn’t be a fair review. It’s not hard to understand why.

>> No.10203353

No you! She endured the harassment out of cowardice and spinelessness. If she had told them earlier that she did not want to go through with the review they would have stopped. She didn't tell them a proper no for MONTHS, even when she had legitimate reasons to do so! Huge waste of time, for everyone involved!

>> No.10203365
File: 798 KB, 1652x2048, Screenshot_20190625-062153.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, rip my haenuli x I do declare blouse.

>> No.10203369

Yea but that isn't impressive at all.

>> No.10203370

I agree, I was cringing while watching the video, why would you YET AGAIN make another order after not receiving your 15 headbows order???

>> No.10203375

I agree. I had that same impression while watching the video. I seem to notice that it's a trend amongst the lolitas I know: They're all anxious about confrontation, and sometimes even casual interaction with strangers. They're all adults. Is there something about this fashion that draws cowards?

>> No.10203379

Did you even watch the video? She mentions devilinspired as one of the promotions that went well together with BB&B

>> No.10203381
File: 277 KB, 1690x806, Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 3.24.16 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My thoughts exactly. She made a comment on her video whining about people being mad she didn't name the company and acted like the video was still looking out for lolita's best interest. Just check yourself into weenie hut general lor if you can't take valid criticism or deal with confrontation.

>> No.10203385

i guess "giving tips" was supposed to be like a pun on... tipping money?

>> No.10203387

Not that anon, but as a rule, I don't watch Lor videos. Ever.

>> No.10203394

They are of a thick fabric, so maybe not very good, unless you have large dresses I wouldn't recommend.
I can't even imagine them like underdresses.

>> No.10203396

Because this >>10202664
One was for a friend, I only own the black and pink and they have different collars.

>> No.10203397


she literally says it’s my lolita dress in the video in rot13

>> No.10203430

Do we have a list of known scalpers somewhere?

The girl who was selling her damaged honeycake is now trying to sell off this Elizabeth OP set at a USD125 markup-

>> No.10203442

Don’t buy it then? Why do we need a list of every person who prices their shit stupidly?

>> No.10203445

I’d bazaars it’s the communities reaction to things. Lor sneezes and people here flip shit and call her a fat clown. Some dumbass in this thread wants to make a list of every person they think prices their dresses wrong on Lacemarket. It’s not surprising people are a little gunshy.

>> No.10203446


>> No.10203449

Going out on a limb to say that if they are threatening to take her to court on defamation claims, EVEN if they are obviously stupid, will cost her thousands to prove they are stupid. There are nonprofits that offer to help, but if she can’t guarantee they’ll work with her she’s fucked. I get that it’s annoying, but I do understand where she’s coming from. Anyone with half a brain knows it’s devilinspired, and if saying the word out loud could cost her upwards of ten grand, I don’t mind that she didn’t.

>> No.10203451

it's not devilinspired lmao are you dumb

>> No.10203456

I hadn’t watched the video and just saw the rot13 comment. Regardless, even if she’s acting childish, if someone’s threatening going to court I don’t expect someone to risk it. I just expect them to stop repping them and call it a day.

>> No.10203459


>> No.10203462

Scalpers should be named and shamed for being asses

>> No.10203478 [DELETED] 
File: 347 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190625-172710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, they're alive
>why texas though

>> No.10203479

What’s your criteria for being a scalper?

>> No.10203482

Oh my god, if you want to make your stupid list just make it already and stop shitting up the gen.

>> No.10203489

she isn't a scalper, just overprices shit

>> No.10203498

Yup, and this right here is why a “scalper list” will never happen. Because every dumbass who doesn’t like how much someone is listing the dress they want for is going to want to put someone on the list.

>> No.10203501

She literally has receipts of them harassing her. They have no chance of winning a defamation case when she didn’t sign a contract and has proof of them harassing her.

>> No.10203503

It doesn’t matter. Follow some cases like this sometime. The point is that companies know you can’t afford court costs including lawyers, travel, time off work, etc (which will be thousands) so they file claims they know they can’t win. She’ll be out whatever they are demanding to settle if she doesn't have nonprofit rep or enough money to go through the motions.

>> No.10203504

She'd still have to pay for a defense lawyer and deal with all the paperwork and stress of a legal case. It's sooo much easier to just not say the name and let others post the brand in the comments

>> No.10203507

There’s an entire industry built on filing false patent claims on companies that don’t have enough to go to court. This is pretty standard.

>> No.10203510
File: 123 KB, 680x887, 1515436423850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ebxbexiko has a wish me mell
>dropped the price over the last year to almost reasonable
>was considering buying it
>week before my paycheck hikes it back up to original price
>fuckoff.gif, just lost yourself money

>> No.10203521

Why are some lolitas so accepting of design replicas of main pieces? Aren't they basically saying fuck you to brands that don't focus on prints?

>> No.10203528

Design replicas are the core of all fashion. Walk into any store and the bulk of what you are seeing is a design replica. Innovation is great, but insisting every designer put their bow in a completely new spot would get ridiculous.

>> No.10203532

For me, the design takes second place to the quality. Yes it is still very important, but I buy brand because you can't fake good fabrics and good workmanship just because you copied the design and location of bows and ruffles. Even with design replicas, the original will be superior and it will show if the brand is worth the money they are charging.

>> No.10203536

Is it?
I don't want to support her or her content.

>> No.10203537


>> No.10203538

Useful contribution

>> No.10203541

*Very useful contribution

>> No.10203545

Inserting yourself into a conversation just to tell everyone you don’t watch a youtuber when no one asked, just to show you don’t like said youtuber? Yes. sounds pretty “look at me guys! i’m edgy!!” to me.

>> No.10203548

*A very useful contribution, dear reader. It added much clarity to the discussion as no one is capable of surmising that “hazzard” was supposed to be “hazard.” And so, in the posters great wisdom, the day was saved.

>> No.10203587
File: 37 KB, 300x400, 59ce6f2e3bab4045e5acc55fd449bbbb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know that's not what I'm talking about

>> No.10203597

One, if they are using the brands stock photo that’s a scam, not a design replica. You’d be talking about something more like f+f design replicas of them—which, yes, are replicas in a traditional fashion sense. There are only so many iterations of a lolita dress and policing “rouched bodice, bow in the middle, puff sleeve, front bustle” quickly gets out of control. Prints are obviously copies or not. Designs get much murkier.

>> No.10203614

>thinking that buying one of everything your competitors make to deconstruct and copy isn’t a standard practice in fashion
oh honey...

>> No.10203629

I am talking about design replicas of which you can immediately tell which brand it was copied from if you're familiar with lolita

I'm not interested in discussing fast fashion

>> No.10203632

God you’re hilarious

>> No.10203633

You're being obtuse. Why are some lolitas so okay with replicas of Sheglit, Mary Magdalene, Seraphim and Sincerely but freak out at replicas of AP prints?

>> No.10203638

Still, there are many ways to make a dress with a bow without making an exact replica of something on purpose

>> No.10203655

>lists brands that don't often do original prints
>compares to 'AP prints'
Hmm, oh this is a tough one anon!
You sure got us!

>> No.10203659

It's also an example of why someone would take an educated guess as opposed to watching, but I digress.
It really doesn't matter anon, but if anyone actually enjoys dissecting the stupid shit Lor does and says then they are beyond help.
It's like reading celeb mags just to laugh at the people getting divorced.

>> No.10203660 [DELETED] 

This isn’t just a fast fashion practice, and it’s been built into the industry since factories were invented.

>> No.10203662


>> No.10203669 [DELETED] 

This is because China has no regard for copyright.
It may be a practice done since humans wore clothes for the first time, but the extent it happens today lacks respect for the most basic artform, thanks Communism.

>> No.10203671

Okay, so say you have a stapler. Someone designed that stapler. They decided where it curves, how square it is, where a grip sits if there is one, added any grooves for detailing. Its a specific design that someone made. Not a particularly innovative stapler, there are no unique patents on it, but it’s a stapler that someone in the company designed. Now say that stapler is selling pretty well and another company buys one and copies it. Maybe in new colors or with different materials and manufacturing, but it’s clearly the same design. They then go and sell this stapler. No one cares as this is not illegal or unusual. It’s just a stapler, and saying “you can’t have a stapler that’s rounds this way” gets into ridiculous lawsuit territory. Now, some OTHER company contracts a pop artist to draw an illustration that they print on their limited edition stapler line. If another company takes that illustration and puts it on their stapler, depending on where it is manufactured and where the company is located this is illegal. It’s not just design choices for the stapler, it’s a copy and pasted image from an illustration—which has legal protections in many countries. Even when it isn’t illegal due to local laws, a lot of people won’t like it. Why? Because it’s someone’s artwork they clearly copied. NOW is it unfair that societally we don’t value illustration and design the same? Maybe. But, again, it would also produce a lot of petty and loosely based lawsuits that would be a mess. So we are here.

>> No.10203672

You very obviously don’t know shit about fashion, do you?

>> No.10203675

You can’t copyright clothing design you moron

>> No.10203681 [DELETED] 

Homegirl fr said “no” like she can rewrite the history of an entire industry I’m absolutely dyin

>> No.10203683 [DELETED] 

“I hate china, so I’m going to disregard 200+ years of western fashion industry history” is one hell of a line

>> No.10203692 [DELETED] 

China is terrible enough on its own, what with people openly shitting in the streets

>> No.10203693

Maybe she thinks that all those bodices and gowns in history were ripoffs too. Better tell every historical re-enactor ever. All brands are guilty, now, too.

>> No.10203700 [DELETED] 

>as if people don’t do that in america

>> No.10203722

I am not talking about random objects, I'm asking why some lolitas are okay with wearing a replica as long as it doesn't have a print. Please stay on topic.

>> No.10203723

You literally can

>> No.10203727

Don't bother trying to understand. They're retarded and only understand print replica / logo replica = illegal and that's why it's bad. Wearing a solid replica is not illegal and that's why it's okay. They don't have their own moral values.

>> No.10203728

Replace stapler with dress you idiot. You asked why we have expectations of design vs illustration. Use your brain.

>> No.10203729

No you fucking can’t, what are you talking about?

>> No.10203732

I didn't ask about expectations at all? I want to know why someone would gladly wear a replica from a lolita brand that doesn't usually do prints, but is personally not okay with print replicas. I'm not arguing design replicas should be illegal or whatever tf you're trying to argue about.

>> No.10203736

bitch, I don’t have time to go through lolibrary for you, but i want you to search with for ops with neckties, tiered skirt, shirt sleeves and pintucks and then play who’s that pokemon with brands. people don’t care because often, it’s something every brand has done in nearly the exact same way.

>> No.10203743

Nayrt, but I've never seen a Japanese brand copy another Japanese brand in the way that the Chinese knock-offs do. Do you have any examples that you can think of?

>> No.10203749

>I want to know why someone would gladly wear a replica from a lolita brand that doesn't usually do prints
Because it's not considered copying someone if all you copy is the shape of something or you just make something very similar but not exactly the same.

Only so many jsk and OP cuts exist. After awhile it's no longer original even on the brands part.

>> No.10203752

I know we are not dealing with the shiniest apples in the basket here but wow. I thought that putting ’hidden messages’ out there in such an easy code was risky, but if people on here can't even manage to plug something into one of the most simple online letter substitution cipher decoders, maybe not?

>> No.10203754

Learn your rights.

>> No.10203755

If you don't own the domain, and can't take reliable backups then the website can do anything from changing the charges and TOS like Photobucket and Flickr did to just going poof like G+ did. Free 3rd party websites are not good for this kind of thing at all. They also mine and leverage a lot of the data of visitors, which i’m not really not ok with.

>> No.10203759

Modern problems have root in global politics.
If China was not everyone's favorite country of slave labor there would be a much different dynamic.
Art theft will and always has been, be an issue, but all major manufacture routes through a country that actively gives zero fucks 'lol wut is IP?'
You want something made that isn't going to be immediately pumped out to your customers at a cheaper rate? Don't want your art you made yourself similarly jacked?
Don't let Chinese people, business or spies in on what you offer.

It's an unsavory cultural difference.
China has other things (good) to offer, but that's not what this conversation needs.

You think it would be the same story any other way? I vehemently disagree and that's that.

>> No.10203765

Y’all need to wake up about some of these resellers. Look at this. Is this the page of a reputable seller? A 3 second Google search for ’replica my lolita dress’ found this. https://www.my-lolita-dress.com/high-quality-lolita-replicas-my-lolita-dress

69 fucking replicas.

Now, some will cry that I'm ’leading the babbies to the replicas’ but we all know they are out there and most comm mods need to stop being spineless and letting replica chans attend meets wearing them and manage our own mischief. If comms ban them, very few people will buy something that they can't even wear to a meet.

>> No.10203770

How do you propose to keep them out? Even the small scale ones operate like this: they usually buy one of the items that is for sale to the public and send it to the the replica middle man who uses it as the factory sample/example. That's how Oo jia did it with her replicas even making thirty copies of the custom lace on some prints, that's how bjd recasters do it in the doll hobby.

In small hobbies, the fellow hobbyists are the ones that have to boycott replica sellers and denounce the, then gate-keep the hobby to keep the fakes out to somewhat dry up the market for them, because there is no real other practical ways for us to stop them. Kill the demand. Make it more trouble than benefit to buy and own them.

>> No.10203773

*making shitty copies

>> No.10203781

We are talking apples to oranges. Do I think design replicas would be common in fashion still? Yes. Like i said, this is not new and is the basis of most high street fashion. Again. Not new. Was the *norm* long before China became a manufacturing force in the modern market. Things like print and art replicas being commonplace is new, and that has to do with chinese laws.

>> No.10203809

In a way we are, but I highly doubt many people in this conversation are aware of every minute flux of copyright law.
New design elements as well as full fashion designs can be protected under a design patent.
Is this something you were aware of?

At this point, I'm not sure what new methodology or point you're trying to get at, yes, at a base level most of us agree: steal print bad, steal design eh, new thing good

>> No.10203811

I don't know Anon... Would you be ok with a karami replica?

>> No.10203835

Yeesh. Out for blood.

>> No.10203862

>have to boycott replica sellers and denounce the, then gate-keep the hobby to keep the fakes out to somewhat dry up the market

ehh this doesn't work for bjds so i doubt it would work for anything else either desu. people will do what they want regardless.

>> No.10203865

Realistically, the only option to stop it from happening is embargo and a moratorium on Chinese 'investors'

Plus a canning of all the politicians that are in Chinese pocketbooks

>> No.10203870

If not China, it will be the next third-world country we take advantage of. China just happens to be the first and most prominent one we've done it to.

>> No.10203917

>However, clothing is considered a "useful article." This means you cannot copyright the clothes themselves, or even the design. However, it is possible to register a copyright for certain artistic design elements of clothing, such as logos or other decorations.
You have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.10203922

China isn’t third world by any definition of the word

>> No.10203927

There are fundamental problems with your opinion.
>third world
Yeah, China is not a third world country.
>US takes advantage of China
And third
>Every poor country that could industrialize has the same visceral negativity and intent to do harm as China does against 'The West' and every other country that is not China
Wow. No fucking words anon.
Way to go thinking poor nations have as shitty business practices, are as hypocritical and detestable as the Chinese.
As if every nation that isn't America functions this way.
The fucking thought anon.
I'm not even talking morality here.

>> No.10203928

Read more than just the small part that crops up on google you twit.
>design patents
>trademarks (in specific cases)

>> No.10203931

Provide those links yourself already, salty cunt! Stop beating around the bush.

>> No.10203945

>wheh spoonfeed meee

>> No.10203947 [DELETED] 

It’s not nearly as prominent and it’s looked down on in America but in china is nbd

>> No.10203957

This is my first post about scalpers in the gen though.

>> No.10203964

Nayrt, but Victorian Maiden x Innocent World. Just search on lolibrary and youll find

>> No.10203966

Please in your own words explain what a patent is and how you get one.

>> No.10203968
File: 926 KB, 1920x640, BTSSB 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BTSSB - Escape~Captive Rabbit in a Moonlit Night~
>Multi colour
Price: 32,184 yen

Item#: P15OJ209
Price: 34,344 yen

Item#: P15OJ210
Price: 21,384 yen

Item#: P15SK505
Ribbon Barette
Price: 9,180 yen
>Ivory×Navy braid
>Multi×Beige braid
>Purple×White braid
>Black×Black braid

Item#: P15OH903
Reservation date: Friday, 28th June 12:00 JST to Monday, July 1st 12:00 JST

No measurements because they aren't up yet.

>> No.10203973

My dear sweet child, no.
That being said, ask yourself how VW could possibly have a 'Trademark Tartan' if, in your world, it is impossible to own your clothing designs.

>> No.10203974

They both have distinct cuts. Do you have any examples?

>> No.10203983
File: 227 KB, 1061x966, BTSSB 2 - Electric Boogaloo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ball beads and tassel earrings
Price: 3,672 yen
>Purple×Light blue

Item#: P15AC036
Back of hands cover cuffs
Price: 7,452 yen
>Khaki×Navy braid
>Brown×Beige braid
>Purple×White braid
>Black×Black braid

Item#: P15CF034
Frog button tassel ribbon comb
Price: 4,860 yen
>Khaki×Gold braid/tassel/button
>Brown×Gold braid/tassel/button
>Purple×Gold braid/tassel/button
>Black×Gold braid/tassel/button

Item#: P15HA941
Secret Key necklace
Price: 9,180 yen
>Antique gold

Item#: P15AC044
Captive Lock necklace
Price: 10,584 yen
>Antique gold

Item#: P15AC045
Princess Rabbit choker
Price: 10,584 yen

Item#: P15AC046
Reservation date: Friday, 28th June 12:00 JST to Monday, July 1st 12:00 JST

No measurements because they aren't up yet.

>> No.10203987

Wow, this is hideous.

>> No.10203988
File: 515 KB, 720x960, BTSSB 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Diamonds pattern baby doll blouse
Price: 21,384 yen
>White×Bright green ribbon
>White×Purple ribbon
>Ivory×Brown ribbon
>Black×Red ribbon

Item#: P15BL418
Frog button princess sleeve blouse
Price: 20,304 yen

Item#: P15BL415
Reservation date: Friday, 28th June 12:00 JST to Monday, July 1st 12:00 JST

No measurements because they aren't up yet.

>> No.10203992

Lol the staff added a photo of their husband and child by accident.
Kinda sweet though

>> No.10203994
File: 2.26 MB, 1920x640, Escape Captive Rabbit in a Moonlit Night.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's the print. r8, h8, appreci8.

>> No.10203995

A fabric pattern and a dress design are two completely different things. There is currently no US law in place providing copyright protection for apparel designs. I know I'm wasting my time linking this because you won't understand the legal language but here is a source for anyone else who is interested.

>> No.10203997


>> No.10204002

>2. Design protection available under existing law
Again anon, I'm not sure what point you're trying to get at.
That because the process to protect fashion designs is so difficult and ultimately moot that design replicas are morally correct?
That because everyone else does it, we shouldn't correct, inform, or even respond negatively when someone chooses to wear a dress (that some random company obviously ripped) when there was money exchanged that could have gone to further benefit lolita brands?
That because It's non-print it's not worth remarking on?

There are some companies that try very hard to pass themselves off as the real thing, and that my friend is protected against. If you think otherwise you ought to try reading rather than skimming for shit that furthers your point.
Educate yourself.

>> No.10204008
File: 428 KB, 586x316, ms34.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is the Milkshake series so popular in Japan? I've never seen a series pop up so often in the angelic pretty hashtags, its everywhere.

>> No.10204009

Way to shift your argument because you're wrong lmao. Just give it up.

>> No.10204010

because japan is obsessed with 50-60's idealized america

>> No.10204012

Is that what you think?
This point was made eons ago Mop.
Your ~opinion~ is a blight.

>> No.10204016

It looks like a shower curtain.

>> No.10204017

Its loud. Something good for Metamorphose fans to cross pollinate their wardrobe with, maybe?

>> No.10204024

you were wrong, stop making more of a fool of yourself and move on. You don't always have to be right.

>> No.10204031

Just wondering, how much do you all generally spend on one full coordinate?

>> No.10204033
File: 620 KB, 1170x1000, AtePie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AtePie - Elfie(?) Apron (エルフィーエプロン)
Price: 11,340 yen (incl. tax)

Length: 85 cm
Ribbon is 8 cm vertical and 11.5 cm horizontal.

Material: 100% cotton

Note: The ribbon is removable
AtePie - Lumière sundress (ルミエールサンドレス)
Price: 32,400 yen (incl. tax)

Length: 103 cm
Bust: 95 - 112 cm
Waist: 82- 99 cm

Outer material: Cotton 100%
Lining and lace: Polyester 100%

Note: Adjustable shoulder strap, ribbon brooch is removable
Flora wristcuffs (フローラお袖留め)
Price: 4,320 yen (incl. tax)

Width: 8 cm
Around cuff: 16 cm to 24 cm

Lace and ribbon: Polyester 100%
Torchon lace: Cotton 100%

>https://atelier-pierrot.shop-pro.jp/?pid=143504913 (white)
>https://atelier-pierrot.shop-pro.jp/?pid=143504883 (black)

>> No.10204034

japs are obsessed with us

>> No.10204036

holy 8bit meta shit show

>> No.10204041

Are you guys retarded? She's asking about replicas, not dresses that happen to look similar. Don't pretend design replicas don't exist.

>If China was not everyone's favorite country of slave labor
It hasn't been for years

>> No.10204052

Design patent and trade dress protection also require similarly unique, identifiable, non-functional elements. You don't know what you're talking about, please sit down and shut up until you actually study IP for more than a couple articles

>> No.10204061

On Facebook, might be taken down by now though

>> No.10204070

Japanese tend to like uniforms too it seems.

>> No.10204076

Whatever soothes the pain anonie

>> No.10204085

Alot of items can be interchangeable between coords, but on average adding up all the individual items... around 400-600. For more elaborate outfits it would cost more. For more cheap and casual coords you can do it for 200-300.

>> No.10204106

Less than $100. No burando for me, so it's easy to keep it cheap.

>> No.10204110

I love this frog princess blouse, but it's gonna a wrinkle magnet.

>> No.10204188
File: 436 KB, 760x1120, MMM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New Releases † Summer Catherine OP & Long Underskirt

Summer Catherine OP

A summer version of the casual Catherine OP with short sleeves and different fabric.
The summer version is 3cm shorter than the original, with the bodice and back zipper being 3cm shorter as well. The neckline uses our original Rose Cross lace.
A stretchy, comfortable OP.

Alice Rose
Black Rose

Skirt length・71cm
Shoulder width・31cm
Sleeve length・17cm + 2.5cm lace
Sleeve opening・23~44cm
Hem width・117.5cm (flat measurement)

Main fabric: 100% Cotton

・Rose Cross Lace
Base tulle: 100% Nylon
Embroidery bobbin thread: 100% Rayon
Embroidery upper thread: 100% Cotton

・Neckline Rose Lace
100% Rayon

・Lace on Sleeves
Base tulle: 100% Nylon
Embroidery thread: 100% Rayon

100% Polyester

・Opens via zipper in the back
・Includes underskirt

19440JPY (incl. tax)

Long Underskirt

A long underskirt with two layers of chiffon frills, using over four meters of original Rose Cross lace.
Add more detail to your skirt hems and increase coordinate options.
Fits Catherine OP and other dresses with similar length.


Hip ・109cm
Hem Circumference・212cm

Main fabric: 100% Polyester
Frills: 100% Polyester
Lace: 100% Nylon, embroidery upper thread 100% rayon, embroidery bobbin thread 100% cotton

15120JPY (incl. tax)

【Release Date (both items)】
June 29, 3pm JST

>> No.10204196

I want to like this but it looks unflattering

>> No.10204198

Blouse/cardigan: $50-75
Main: $50-150
Shoes: $100
Bag: $75
Hair accessory: $25
Legwear: $25
Coat: $100
Accessories: $25-50

So, $450-$600 ish dollars. However, I have a few bags, shoes and coats that I wear with everything, and most of my wardrobe is very interchangeable.

>> No.10204213

Are you retarded.

Because design replicas are things that just look similar but aren't necessarily the same.

>> No.10204219

If I were to make a whole new outfit:
Headpiece: 30 - 45€
Main piece: 250 - 300€
Blouse: 25 - 50€
Socks: 2€ or 25 - 30€ (I often wear generic AliExpress tights)
Shoes: 50 - 75€
Bag: 50 - 90€
Accessoires: 40€ (I don’t wear much)
Petti: 35€
Bloomers: 20€

So 500 - 690€. But most is interchangeable, so I just add a headbow or socks that fit many dresses. I never buy stuff that only fits one dress.

>> No.10204223
File: 44 KB, 500x600, C85E6BE7-7217-4310-BE07-2FCE8ADAA898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are replicas of these shoes on taobao. Would these be „design replicas“ that just look similar? Because I doubt I could wear them to a tea party, because they’re still replicas.

>> No.10204234

From head to toe:
Hair accessory: $2-30
Blouse: $10-$50
Main item: $50-$350
Jacket/bolero/cardigan: $30-$100
Legwear: $10-$40
Coat: $100-$300
Shoes: $50-$200
Jewellery: $2-$400

I buy most of my main pieces, blouses etc. down the lower end of that range so average around the $300 mark with the largest single item cost being shoes, but if I put all on of my most expensive items I'd probably make it well over $1000.

>> No.10204240

Wow, lor's gonna love this

>> No.10204242

>design replica-Chan is STILL fucking at it
Bless this board

>> No.10204277

my goal is to buy more freaking blouses- somehow I always have money for dresses, accessories but never blouses. I've gotten better at buying more shoes though

>> No.10204280

I’m the opposite weirdly. I counted recently more blouses than main pieces. I have new rule that I can’t buy a new blouse until I buy two dresses.

>> No.10204294

It's not really "brand" but we all know about bodyline copying everybody...

>> No.10204296

Fanny is so beautiful.

>> No.10204299

I agree. Is it the placement of the waist seam? I can't quite put my finger on it.

>> No.10204303

I finally managed to get myself more blouses and boleros for more variety! Next up would be more accessories and socks, I'm especially lacking in the ring department.

>> No.10204311

Thank frickin’ god that brands like IW, AtePie, and now Moitie are starting to put out new cotton OPs with no poly lining (or at least make it separable, like the underskirt here).

I’m getting sick of sweating in poly dresses and blouses, and that awful smell that builds on poly even after you wash them.

Just recently learned the smell is due a type of bacteria that specifically likes poly more than cotton. The microbes are adapting to plastics.

>> No.10204314


>No black with moitie blue lace version

Why live

>> No.10204362

Bodyline isn't Japanese run or owned.

>> No.10204374

I can't tell if that's a good price for a long lace trimmed t-shirt dress or not. Good thing it's not more expensive or I wouldn't want it at all. Still having trouble picturing a good coord without the underskirt, it's so plain

>> No.10204375

Sure, go for it

>> No.10204380

Where's your purse
Nice blouses add so much variation and detail to coords

>> No.10204410

Do you need any gothic rings?

>> No.10204416

Some people like solids in lolita, including myself. That being said, be prepared to get little to no resale value back on the secondhand market, since print-heavy lolita is the majority of OTT coords.

>> No.10204418
File: 34 KB, 322x473, 4365109641_e49af86975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Design replicas are also exact copies of brand releases that don't have prints and that is obviously what anon is asking about. She gave several examples and included an image.

>> No.10204421

Why do they release long length only instead of short/normal or both? Long always sold out last for Moitie.

>> No.10204426

Replica literally means you replicated it, so yes it does look the same, or at least they try to make it look exactly the same with lower cost. A design replica doesn't look ''similar'' by coincidence.

>> No.10204428

I wouldn't try to wear them to an AP tea-party but anywhere else you'd be okay. You are still giving money to replica makers instead of the original designer though.

>> No.10204441

Nahh I'm a sweetfag, thank you though!

>> No.10204451

I do
No shame, hit me up if you're looking to get them off your hands

>> No.10204490 [DELETED] 

Yeah they pick their noses and wipe their boogers on whatever’s closest, including handrails. I’ve seen in first hand, even super cute fashionable girls. They’re fucking gross and rude.

>> No.10204493

I’d love it if the print was on a smaller scale on the dress, but big like that it looks like a jester

>> No.10204497 [DELETED] 


This sounds like a great topic for /pol/ if you want to fuck off there.

>> No.10204506

I totally agree with you, they’re being obtuse. When you can cover up the name on the stock photo and you could think it’s a different specific MM dress, it’s a rip off and you should feel just as guilty as if it’s a print. They’re just cheap classic lolitas. They want to have their cake and eat it too. They love feeling superior to sweet lolitas, so sweet replicas (prints) are bad but classic replicas (designs) are fine. Legality does not equal morality

>> No.10204510 [DELETED] 

Calm down chingchongpingpong, don’t you have some baby girls to murder?

>> No.10204512

So maybe i'm stupid or something but I can't find the taobao tread. Simple question, my old ss crapped out pretty much, so i'm curious: What shopping service do you guys use for taobao?

>> No.10204513 [DELETED] 


Yup you'd do really well with your inbred brethren there.

>> No.10204515 [DELETED] 

Isn’t like 90% of China’s population inbred farmers in rural communities that don’t even have proper toilets?

>> No.10204516 [DELETED] 


>> No.10204526

can you retards stfu and talk about lolita

>> No.10204529

i'm using 42agent bc my usual SS stopped taking credit card, rip

>> No.10204550 [DELETED] 
File: 69 KB, 546x700, back to pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nyart but go away

>> No.10204555

Hey Translator chan!
Are we getting chapter 6 (is there one?)
Thank you so much for what you've done so far, keep up the great work!

>> No.10204567

Because it's the cutest angelic pretty release.

>> No.10204575

It's definitely a mix of the fabric they used and seam being too high. Not a very tit friendly dress.

>> No.10204579

You can tell on fanny (who’s small but proportionally has curves) that it’s cut for very flat chests. The puckering is not a good look.

>> No.10204596

Since it’s a summer version of the Catherine op, I think something similar will happen with sales. Initially, many thought it looked unflattering, but after people saw it on others, it sold out and became somewhat wanted.

Like the previous Catherine op, while it’s a cutsew and a little stretchy, it won’t accommodate boobs and chub well.

>> No.10204632

I got several accessories I was wanting and 5 more main pieces so far this year. I did not buy anything at all last year but I think I'm back in the game now.

My goals for the rest of the year now are to wear my things more and also to go to local meets more. I tend to be a lone lolita too much, and then just to stop wearing the fashion after a while. I go in cycles. Summer is bad.

>> No.10204638

holy shit, how new are you?

>> No.10204651

If the taobao thread is dead, make a new one or if too lazy, post in Stupid Questions. Please don't bring taobao-specific questions to the General, it tends to start arguments. Like this one.

>> No.10204658

What's the point of general now anyways. I feel it's to wank over the two most popular releases of anytime and shitpost these days. Genuine questions get quashed, and barely anyone replies to conversation starters.

>> No.10204677

No reason to bullshit as I have nothing to gain from it. You can check the archives if you don't believe me.

>> No.10204679

Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.10204693

For some reason I thought that meant you went running in it.

>> No.10204701


>> No.10204762

Excuse me, this is 4channel anon

>> No.10204799

If she can fit into MM then she doesn't gave much up there to begin with

>> No.10204803

GAGZHH stop wearing rosaries and things that are meant to look like rosaries as jewelry!!! They are religious objects, they are NOT decoration arghhhhhhh

>> No.10204806

Calm down. Unless it is blessed, it literally is still just a necklace.

>> No.10204812


>> No.10204826

cool it, catholic. You don't have a leg to stand on for any argument about cultural/religious appropriation. Unless someone is using it for a religious purpose, it's literally just a necklace.

>> No.10204827

You must hate Lolita because tons of brands have released rosary like stuff, so this is a moitie necklace still on sale.

>> No.10204829

No, informed.
If It's not blessed it's nothing but a symbol.

>> No.10204835

Eh I personally find it flattering that the art is emulated in prints, but I could also see why others still may not like it. Then again, Catholics don't worship images the same way we worship "on" objects. Using these objects as props is disrespectful.

In any case, Catholics do not like when people do this, so your opinion on whether they are right to like it or not does not matter.

>> No.10204842

I think the point also is that rosaries are not meant to be worn, ever, even by catholics. They are specifically meant to be a hand held item.
So when you wear them as a necklace you just look dumb. You are ita to the Catholics as much as someone wearing cat paw mits at a lolita tea party.

>> No.10204843

I don't give thought to the opinions of sheep.

>> No.10204847

lol literally I don't care what catholics think of me

>> No.10204848

Nah. Rosaries are kinda like prayer antennas to hold and signal boost your praying hands connection to god.

>> No.10204849

Or I guess what anyone who has half a brain to know these things thinks of you.

You're on the same level as a cosplayer.

>> No.10204850

It's so you can keep count of your prayers and the mysteries you've reflected upon, you do them in specific sets. Can people really be so dumb?

>> No.10204853

Suck it Catholics. My atheist ass will just wear them more now

>> No.10204856

Nothing... personnel kid...

>> No.10204858

That’s not how you spell personal dumbass

>> No.10204859

No, Catholic. So I asked.
Answer: Only blessed and consecrated items need to be treated specially. Same with the broken communion wafers. They literally for and throw the broken ones in the trash before transubstantiation. After then yes, they have to be treated specially. But before, they are just fancy crackers. And an unblessed rosary is just a necklace.

>> No.10204867
File: 97 KB, 560x800, st-bruno-praying-in-desert-nicolas-mignard[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean sort of? Rosaries aren't worn around the neck, but they've been worn on belts and as bracelets and rings. Pic related is a 17th century painting of Saint Bruno with a rosary around the belt.

Also I don't think they're actually rosaries unless they have the right bead arrangement. If anything what lolita brands are releasing are rosary-styled necklaces.

>> No.10204878

The anon in >>10204806 is correct. It’s not a true rosary in the religious sense until a priest blesses it. When I went to Catholic elementary school, we had one craft day when we made our own rosaries out of plastic beads, yarn, and crosses cut out of plastic sheets. The priest came into class to say a blessing that took less than a minute, and then they were real, official rosaries. The rosary I made was the prettiest in the class, AND gayest, because I selected every color of the rainbow (not even knowing about the pride flag), and wouldn’t you know it I grew up bi. But I digress.

Yes, it’s faux pas within Catholicism to wear rosaries like necklaces, since they are tools of prayer, not jewelry. But if the wearer wasn’t raised in the religion I wouldn’t blame them. (And if they were raised in it, I’d be concerned about their long-term memory, not piety.)

Most Japanese people will not know these tiny quips of Catholic dogma. Moitie names their necklaces as rosaries, and photographs them being worn like necklaces. What else are lolitas supposed to assume on how rosaries are used?

It’s the same when Western tourists in Asia put on Buddhist rosaries as bracelets. Yes, people practicing the religion will likely notice. At worst, they might sigh, or think it a bit tacky. But ultimately they’ll not care.

I wear gothic lolita, and while I’m not a practicing Catholic anymore, I personally would never wear a rosary like that, even a non-blessed one, just because I would feel like I’d be betraying my sweet first grade teacher. It’s easy enough to wear a cross or crucifix instead. But other lolitas who wear rosaries like necklaces? Don’t care. Because A) that’s what Moitie prescribed as part of the aesthetic, B) Moitie sure as hell did not get them blessed by a Catholic priest, so they’re not real rosaries in the religious definition anyway, and C) I don’t want to be a killjoy, let people have their fun.

>> No.10204879

Lolita really is a fat girl fashion.

>> No.10204880

This. The most recent Moitie and Sheglit ’rosaries’ don't have the correct bead arrangements and counts to even pray the rosary prayers correctly.

>> No.10204889


the catholic church literally funded the 2017 met gala on supposedly 'blasphemous' fashion so whatever, even they have a sense of humor about their stupid hangups.

>> No.10204899

>not getting the meme
ok retard

>> No.10204936


>spot the redditor

>> No.10204939

Nayrt but
>not knowing about coldsteel

Jesus it really is summer

>> No.10204949

Why are lolitas okay with using the cross/rosary as a fashion accessory and not other religious/cultural items?

>> No.10204955

Fuck papists, I will use your idolatry for the aesthetic all I want.

>> No.10204956


>thinking any of your shit is the only shit in the whole wide world and everybody lives in the same small tiny internet corner you do

Yeah, it really is summer

>> No.10204961

Honestly cold steel the hedgeheg has been memed to death to the point that anyone who hasn’t heard of it must be either mentally retarded or freshly introduced to the internet. Thinking it comes from some “small tiny internet corner” just confirms that you’re new and don’t want to admit it

>> No.10204967

Let's start wearing hijabs in Lolita!!! Fuck Mohammadians

>> No.10204987


I'm boomer, man. It's a millennial meme and I want none of that thanks.

fwiw I'm not the one that originally corrected you anyway. I've gotten too old to care every time some kid doesn't understand other people don't find the same things cool.

>> No.10204998

So if I'm holding a rosary while scream OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD he hears it better?
I just want to get my facts straight on how your imaginary friends got play.

>> No.10205028

Seems like bait but I’ll bite.

Apparently 4chan doesn’t like the “aesthetic clash” between the Western antique aesthetic with coverage of the hijabi.

In contrast, girlschannel raves about how hijabi lolitas can blend a foreign fashion and their own local culture. Not surprising, since Japanese culture is littered with incidents of taking a foreign fashion and fusing it with local sensibilities. Check out woodblock prints after the Meiji restoration, which shows Japanese women in clothing that are Western jackets and skirts, but the fabric is definitely Japanese weaving. The Japanese know that blending two completely different aesthetics together is hard work, and admire people outside Japan who can do it.

Personally I like seeing hijabis in lolita, especially when they color coordinate everything. Jeans as leg coverage, I’m not impressed with, but pastel pants that match, not too bad. They’re enjoying the fashion in a way they’re allowed to, and this is the way they can publicly share photographs of their coords without getting yelled at by their family, or worse. The hijabi lolitas might even be taking off their hijabs and put on full wigs and hairstyles, and enjoy private tea parties at home while the men are gone, but making any photographic evidence of that can put them in a load of trouble.

In my opinion, a hijabi lolita with full color coordination will look a hundred times better than someone who flounces into the fashion with things like: heavy drag makeup, satin, scratchy lace, or zero eye for warm vs cool colors.

>> No.10205041

Basically this

>> No.10205050


girlschannel is basically buzzfeed in japanese though, so it isn't really a fair comparison. 2ch would be a better representation of unfiltered attitudes towards hijabi lolita.

>> No.10205055

I know you're baiting but we don't wear hijabs because they are objectively not aesthetic. Shiny beads are

>> No.10205193


>> No.10205210

Typical fucking redditor.

>> No.10205269

I hate that bitch so much.

>> No.10205796

Didn't she ban a prospective developer for using the word fella on discord

>> No.10207032

>What is a joke

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