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Didn’t find one in catalog, so here we go.

Can someone tell how many re-releases did Dream Marine have?

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Does LM not have a way to search for solids?

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can lm work at all for once?

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Anyone know if pink Holy Lantern JSKs come up on LM frequently? I’ve literally never been interested in holy lantern until today but I can only ever remember seeing a bunch of OPs in LM and don’t really remember any in pink.

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Besides actual relese, there was MTO plus two special sets in pink and blue. Plus some Chinese releases.

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I'm also interested but in the skirts.

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When you use advanced search, you can search sold listings too

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Does pink skirt not exist? Lolibrary lists it as a colorway, but there's no photo, and I found no past listings on LM.

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Lolibrary is shit

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How often does BABY rerelease the big usakumya rucksacks? I know they just did a kumakumya but i want an usakumya too.

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Check Mercari and Fril. They pop up once in a while.

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What does MTO mean?

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Made To Order. They'll be made then shipped out at a later date.

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They offered it in the 2015 MTO, but that doesn't mean anyone bought it or anyone is selling it.

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I know this is the stupid questions thread but this has literally been asked for three threads straight. How new can you be?

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Is there a name for when phones have a bunch of charms/straps on them? Trying to find inspo pics but idk what to search.

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decora keychains? i don't think there's a name for when there's a bunch on there specifically

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Does anyone have any good examples of *actual* bittersweet involving goth and sweet themes? I'm trying to find some but I'm getting an overwhelming amount of black colorways of otherwise sweet coords.

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No because there's no such thing as bittersweet because of the reasons you state. Ama-fags took for themselves, and intended for it to mean ’sweet lolita in the black colorway’ as a speshul substyle and ruined it.
So sorry, no chance for it to
A) ever mean what you are wanting it too or
B) ever be any good because only sweet snowflakes actually use that term.
Pity isn't it? But that's the reality.

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That's a shame, I thought I had found a few examples like pic related and was just hoping for more.

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For armor cosplays: Is it good to go for something made of metal, or should you use non-metal based materials?

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Also found this one. Her obesity sucks and I'm really not a fan of the choice in tights but I'd say the goth influence is there in her hair/makeup/piercings/dress.

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See to me that not got much bitter in it just cute spoopy things like a mashup of sweet lolita, creepy cute, pastel goff. It's a thing but I think of something more gothic lolita fairy tale when I think of the word bittersweet, something dark in nature, something truly eerie and not so cutesy. I guess another of the many reasons its a cursed term. No one can agree about it or if it IS even a thing, exactly WHAT it is.

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The pastel goth trend is probably the closest you could find.

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metal is gonna be way too heavy and hot for a con, use worbla or eva foam

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I feel like bitter is a scale though. It would be hard to have plain goth items incorporate with sweet really well. As it is, virtually all her items except for her dress, shoes, and blouse have creepy elements on them.

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what if we just rename it to spoopysweet?

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Which is why I said creepy cute would be a good term. I'm all for people wearing what they want, the more unique to themselves, the better, in fact! but the question was about the word bittersweet so I answered it for my take on the meaning of the word divorced from the ’sweet in a black colourway’ definition.
The definition of bittersweet is a combination of both bitter and sweet, or an emotional feeling that is a mixture of both happy and sad.

The creepy cutesy things in the examples given don't make me sad, quite the opposite so for me the juxtaposition of joy and pathos and the tension caused by expressing both at once is not there.

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The things pictured definitely would read spoopysweet to me but making up new names for lolita related things usually gets some degree of ridicule and disagreement so just know this.
I think most people would call it ’sweet lolita styled creepy cute’.

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That reminds me, there was a thread labeled "creepy cute" on here not so long ago. I'd post the archive link, but my mobile connection is acting up. Try searching the archive for that phrase.

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The best thing about finding something like this that does suit your taste but that there's very few photos of means it will probably be something a little more distinctive and unique to your style if you stick with it and develop it, regardless of what you call it. So you could take it as an opportunity to develop some looks for this style if you really like it and just see where it goes! Really, that's so much in the creative spirit of the fashion and its such a good thing. Give it a go, anon!

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Woah, cool it on the antidepressants. They might get the wrong idea that life doesn't suck.

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Well the general is completely fucked, cant I at least be a little happy here encouraging noobs? I promise I’ll mope a little extra after midnight to balance the cheerfulness, mkay?

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goth doesn't make me "sad". hell, i can't think of any clothing that makes me sad.

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Thanks anon! Love your energy. :) I'll definitely try to tease out that vision. Been getting a lot of both black and pink gothic accessories to give it a go.

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This is why bittersweet will always fail on every level, I guess. People can't ever ever discuss it without disagreeing. It's a word and a concept that has a lot of different meanings and feelings tied to it.

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To anyone who wears gothic/kuro, how do I prevent my blacks from not matching within my wardrobe? Or is it just inevitable? Computer monitors aren't too reliable with showing the true shade of garments.

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i think what previous anons were saying is that the concept has been ruined to mean "black colorway". to do the intended concept, they would need a new term like "creepycute"

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Honestly, nothing? I think the same as Japanese shiro coords are done where anything from white to cream to ivory is OK.

When I was a very young gothling, I thrifted everything, tried for the highest percentage of cotton and then overdyed the shit out of everything with extra black and prayed. They still did not match but it was ’better’.

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After midnight only counts toward tomorrow's quota... We'll discuss these behavior issues at your next butthole inspection, mmkay.

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Where does Garlic-Chan get her nickname from?

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Another one so soon? We just had the extended one last week. That's harsh senpai, just plain harsh.

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"perky goth" was sort of the precursor to pastel goth, but was much heavier on the actual "goth" and did not include instahipsters. Might be another good search term when looking for images online.

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Holy shit I had a friend like this. 80’s cartoons and Voltaire! What I pity she got fat and does body positive burlesque now!

To the topic, I think there were several types like this, goth plus cute and Mana will probably strike me dead for mentioning her but there is also Hello Batty.

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Would anyone happen to know what happened to Black MiQuri? Their Twitter hasn't been updated for almost 2 years and their webshop is gone. Did they close?

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Seeing the HL skirt in her video is what made me want it

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Lurk more. Jesus fuck this question keeps being asked. You’re just trolling at this point.

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That’s not MTO that’s JSK seagull slang for jumpskirt idiot

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What's the best way to get into Ouji fashion? I have a good mind for sewing and crafts so diy approach is preferred.

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You need to go on eBay and find a sewing machine from the 60s. Don’t get into Ouji unless you have a vintage machine

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I know you're joking but my sewing machine is a vintage one passed down from my grandmother. I'm too poor to afford a decent new one.

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I bought this collar off lolitawardrobe recently. Call me an idiot, but when it arrived I did some research and I think it might be real fur. I'm not personally into buying actual fur products, but I'd appreciate some advice on whether or not it's real. The details of it are: It's very soft, and in between the parts where there's lines in the hair, if you part the hairs you can find stitching on some kind of roughish, grey surface where it seems like multiple parts have been put together. On their website they advertised it as faux fur, so what should I do in this situation if it's real?

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Uh. I guess I'm the downer. The style's been tried and re-tried from different angles under different names -- pastel goth, creepy cute, bittersweet. I'd go down the route of tracking all of the bad examples down before re-trying spoopysweet again.

Anyway, was originally here to suggest searching for Angelic Pretty halloween outfits. It's definitely more "spoopy themes in sweet lolita" than "gothic sweet" but a lot of it is decently pleasing to the eye at least.

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If there's rough stitching at the base, it's faux fur. If you look at the roots of real fur, you'll see the hairs are coming out of a leather-like skin, exactly like you would see if you did the same on a real animal. Real fur is also way more expensive than faux fur so I don't think they would advertise it as fake if it's real.

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If you treat it well, it can last you way longer than a new machine. The more advanced and full of fancy electronics a machine is, the more parts that can fail and break. A good vintage machine may not have fifty types of stitches but it will serve you well if you maintain it well. That being said, features like fully automatic buttonholes are great if you want to work fast.

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Is there a way to make straps on JSKs longer without having to alter them? I have a few high-waisted JSK I‘d like to sit a bit lower.

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>is there a way to change the straps without changing them?

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Actually I thought about stuff like this. I‘ve heard about people using these. But I was hoping to find something better.

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If there's no buttons on the straps I'm afraid not. If there are you could just move those down or add a matching piece of fabric to attach to the buttons similarly to >>10198791.
I've altered some straps before by adding fabric to the bottom and sewing them back on though, it's fairly easy to do if you find the right materials. Most straps are sewn onto the bodice on the inside, so if you'd want to put them back the way they were it probably won't be visible that you ever altered them when worn.
That being said of course that's still altering and you'd have to mention it in sales listings and whatnot.

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What happened with Mr Yan? Why is he no longer at Bodyline?

>> No.10198828

He claimed he was leaving because of his family (wife and kids)
But in the past he emailed and contacted minors who were cosplayers to move to Japan, the classic “show ur bobs and vagine and come to Brazil” style. He was called out.
Plus bodyline is just shitty and has stolen designs from artists online as well as people who supposedly lost their design/print contests got their designs stolen and they didnt get any prizes like the winners were promised

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Not sure if this belongs here but looking at many buzzare clothes brand names i wonder: do Japanese people pay attention to connotations of loanword? Cause sometimes it looks like they go like "wow that engrishu word/phrase sounds cool, lets use it"

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If they button at the back, I have seen some people wear the straps fastened behind their neck like a halter and the bodice pulled slightly lower.

>> No.10198844

I think that's exactly what some did, and with French too. I find it highly amusing and really charming.

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Faux fur is a synthetic material so you can usually tell by a burn/heat test. Pull a few hairs from a place they won't be noticed. If they sort of melt, its faux, if they burn, and smell funky it is likely real.

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Sewing for ouji and lolita is usually not the budget approach you think it's going to be. The fabric and trim are still quite expensive to buy retail if you get the right kind and usually you'll spend as much buying it as you would getting a piece secondhand. I'm not saying this to discourage anyone but instead to save people time and money. If you cheap out on the fabric and trim to cut costs, your finished piece will show this and not really be good enough.

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Hell, even the name of the fashion itself probably got to be lolita because they thought it sounded cool and didn't get the connotations.
I've found that generally Japanese people have a fairly large English vocabulary with lots of complicated words that most English speakers barely actually use, but their grammatical understanding of how to apply these words is often lacking. Maybe it's their education calling for lots of vocabulary memorisation but barely any practical application of the language.

>> No.10198862

>lolita because they thought it sounded cool and didn't get the connotations

This is really unlikely as Japan also coined the term "lolita complex" so they clearly know what it means. Idk why people always claim they must not have known what it meant. Just an unfortunate choice

>> No.10198868

They knew.
Misako even has the Lolita movie listed in the reference section of her book. Everyone in the west who has always cried about how unfortunate the name is must not have read Nobara’s writings. They knew. It's just not so taboo in Japan so it's not a big deal to them. I always laugh a little about people getting so mad about it.

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every culture does this desu. just look at all the tacky ~exotic~ cn/jp tattoos people get that aren’t even properly translated half the time

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The biggest irony is this:

Here's the west with their empowered women, and they push rape culture by giving the girl agency -- thereby saying the men were innocent, it's the girls who wanted it and seduced them. Therefore, from a western point of view, Lolita herself, the 14-year-old victim, is the one that's synonymous with pedophile and is totally at fault, despite being a child being victimised by someone who should have been her guardian and protector.

Then there's Japan. Their view is so lopsided, the girl cannot possibly initiate sex, only be attacked by whichever dude. So in that culture, Lolita did nothing wrong except be beautiful and enticing. Everything is Humbert's fault, which is why they needed to coin the name "lolicon", as he is the one with the problem, while Lolita is blameless, her sin is only being too beautiful.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with naming a fashion after a character so beautiful and so innocent, she entrances a grown old man. The problem lies entirely with Humbert, who is a dirty old man with lolicon problems. Rather than the way the progressive west has it where a 14-year-old child gets stuck with the stigma of being a pedophile demon for getting herself raped repeatedly.

Just posting food for thought.

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Since we’re already talking about loan words, why’s Cream Cookie Collection is considered having bad English? What’s so bad with “Keep calm and eat a cookie”?

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I’ve never owned a potato sack dress before. What kind of petticoat would be the best for one.

>> No.10198895

Cupcake shape. Cotton Candy petti by melikestea is good: https://melikestea.com/shop/cotton-candy-petticoat-v/

There's also the hybrid poof monster: https://melikestea.com/shop/hybrid-poof-monster-o/

>> No.10198898

a-line/cupcake is best desu

>> No.10198907

I'm not sure. The only bad context I can see is if ’keep calm and eat a cookie’ is said in a mean way to a fat person?
There is 1979 printed on the cookie tin in the photo. Was AP founded then?

>> No.10198909

pastelbat was the best at it. She always looked so cute in creepy cute.

>> No.10198910

it was! great catch

>> No.10198915

Moitie: woo, join us at the 20th anniversary in 2019.
AP: 40 years this year, sweetie...get on our level.

>> No.10198917

Holy fuck the cringe. Lurk more newfag.

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So I was browsing J-fash stuff and I'm both a noob to Lolita and to Japanese fashion in general, but even then I know Holy Lantern when I see it. Is this brand, ACDC Rag (https://www.acdcrag.com/), a legitimate brand of streetwear or is it just the Japanese version of Taobao?


>> No.10198950

Rabbit pelts are really cheap in China with all the meat production. I wouldn't be surprised if it was real and they marketed it as faux to appease international markets.

>> No.10198951

Its kind of inevitable. I find that mixing textures/opacity within your coord makes color matching less obvious and also looks good in general

>> No.10198956

A relatively slim a-line looks best imo. Though this one has a pretty big skirt so if you prefer a goofier look it probably would hold a cupcake petti. I just think it looks weird when there is empty space under the waistline of the dress and then a big poof out slightly lower at the natural waist. The gradual taper of the a-line is more flattering

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File: 866 KB, 500x281, 8304DD67-B7B4-4D8A-8791-0C5A5790BEFC.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is probably a really stupid question but, what brands/cuts/undergarments are best for tall lolitas? I’m 5’7” and I’m all leg. The dress that I own is great until I have to bend down.

>> No.10198961

Is it better to modify a skirt to be a few cm larger or to wear shapewear?

>> No.10198962

Learn to squat down from a stand without bending over. Same way you’d do in a short dress?

>> No.10198963

Shape wear for the meantime but why not just lose weight?

>> No.10198967

I wonder if they will do anything for 1979-2019 anniversary

>> No.10198972

*a poofier look

Also, either of the melikestea petticoats linked to you are going to severely overstuff that dress, not sure if that was an intentional shitpost or that person has just not actually seen those items in real life

>> No.10198982

Depends on the modification- if it's just a matter of moving a button do that

>> No.10199003

...those are the only two options in lolita though

>> No.10199014

They're definitely a legit brand so it's weird that they would use another brands fabric like that. The fabric factory that made Holy Lantern was probably selling extra yardage out the back door.

>> No.10199017

In the 90s Burlington Coat Factory was found to be importing jackets from China that were labeled as faux fur but actually had dog fur on them. This is definitely something to be concerned about if you are anti-fur.

>> No.10199019

I heard Bhiner is a good taobao agent but theres a site called lolita.bhiner.com
is that safe or some scam site?

>> No.10199022

I know with some of the Kira Imai prints they are specific to and design rights belong to AP but are we sure Holy Lantern print is also like that?

>> No.10199034

i think the fact that it was sewn to some garbage lace and not sold by AP answers your question

>> No.10199094

I do already squat down, I just want to know if there’s tall girl friendly Lolita I can buy.

>> No.10199098

Probably best to avoid buying fur from China imo.

>> No.10199118

... You've never taken a literature class, have you? The novel was intended by the author to be a surreal and disturbing modern horror story.

>> No.10199135

Yeah, they completely misunderstood the book. If they would look into any basic analysis of it, they would realize how backwards they are.

>> No.10199138

I meant the fabric. Yes there is an A and a P on some of the stars in the Holy Lantern print but maybe since their name and shaded artwork weren't on the fabric, just basically one color flocking design, AP were not as concerned what happened to the remainder fabric that’s always left over from a factory run of dresses. The clothing factories usually just sell off bins of their remnants.
Someone could send AP the photo and ask them, I guess?

>> No.10199139

Is there a secret technique to get a good finish on EVA foam before painting? Mine always looks really rough. Do I just keep using 220grit sandpaper, then heatgun, then plastidip?

>> No.10199149

Yet in the western media do you hear ‘wow he’s a real Humbert’ Or do you hear terms like ‘The Long Island Lolita’. I think that’s the point anon makes. Even after critical analysis of the book in the west the term lolita still lingers as the implication of a seductive teen enticing men beyond their reason instead of depraved men victimizing girls. If it were correctly perceived we’d hear ‘Humbert the pervert’ instead.

>> No.10199151

I think they’re talking about people’s interpretations of the book, rather than the author’s actual intent? A lot of people back then (and even today) thought the story was about a little girl seducing a grown man, because the story was told from his perspective and not hers so he got to influence the narrative. (Which was the “point”)
Nabokov said later he regretted writing it because so many people took the dude’s side.

>> No.10199158

How to prevent colors eventually not matching, because of wear and print bleeding?

>> No.10199163

If colors: don’t let them bleed or fade... that’s really it. Get over pantone matching if you have been in the fashion for a while. It’s not serving you well and is impractical in the long run.

If solid black: RIT dye

>> No.10199164

Does everyone in Lolita really spend $40-$50+ on socks? I have basic black tights for casual stuff but I've seen wardrobes with easily 50 pairs of socks and they all look either brand or at least suited to Lolita.

Is there some magical budget sock brand I've missed? Aliexpress and ebay have never turned up anything good for me.

>> No.10199168

I buy a lot of them secondhand, but new socks are only around $30 anyways

>> No.10199169

I just have cheap socks and tights in solid colors (don’t get your pettis in a bunch, they are textured). With the right coords you don’t need print socks.

>> No.10199184

Thanks anon! Gothic/kuro mostly, so I’ll get some RIT black. Wondering how careful do I need to be with it, when treating bran? Does it matter if it’s powder or liquid?

>> No.10199188

I actually haven’t done it myself, but I’ve heard other people say they do it. My normie (i guess?) goth friends do too. I think fyeahlolita has a post about it somewhere...

>> No.10199192

I genuinely don't see how anyone could read that book and be on Humbert's side. It was unambiguously clear that she was miserable almost the entire time and losing people she loved. Even during the roadtrip, she seemed bored and restless.

>> No.10199194

For burando socks, I wait for sales and I do buy really good condition used ones with clear photos to see that they aren’t gross or grubby. Lots of fatty-chans buy burando socks, wear them once, realize that they look and fit like shit and sell them. One stretched wearing doesn’t damage them.

Then I also have some patterned ones from high street brands.

>> No.10199195

Is it still frowned upon to own Secret Shop tea parties/socks? I've been out of the loop for a while. When I was starting out print replicas were a no-no, but it seemed normal enough to have shoe and sock replicas as long as you didn't wave them around, pretty sure a lot of the regular Daily Lolita posters would have had them and maybe some Bodyline pieces mixed in with brand too?

>> No.10199197

Socks with replica prints or anything with a replica print or reica brand mascot and logo is still and always be a nono. Tea parties have become generic to most but a few hardcore AP fags still grumble a bit.

>> No.10199199

This isn’t the cosplay thread.

>> No.10199200

Oh, well, thanks anyways. Will check Fyeahlolita.

>> No.10199206

As someone who’s going to do lots of work while sitting, how to maintain the poof? Or do I just not wear lolita to work?

>> No.10199207

you doubt how moronic the average reader can be

>> No.10199210

Thanks for the reply, I figured exact prints and mascots would be right out but I wanted to be sure, I definitely don't want to make a fool of myself.

>> No.10199213

It's the stupid questions thread and it was a stupid question

>> No.10199217

Cosplay is just as much a part of this board as we are. Shut up.

>> No.10199221

People have terrible reading comprehension. I once read a great article from a librarian about why animorphs wasn’t a frequently banned book despite its considerably more heavy subjects than a lot of other banned kids books. Its because it never said anything explicitly (ex: didn’t swear, didn’t say “and now they have sex”, didn’t say “and then he killed himself”). even though anyone with any level of reading comprehension, including children, could see that “immoral” shit was happening. parents with bad reading comprehension didn’t understand it, so it didn’t matter. However, relatively mild things that *did* have something explicitly stated, no matter how small or in context it was, would wind up in banned discussions because some people are too dumb understand the surrounding text.

>> No.10199226

I'd say it is, but it really depends on who you hang out with.

>> No.10199227

They did know what it meant in terms of the book, but >>10198879 is somewhat right.
https://egl.livejournal.com/18952560.html has an almost complete translation of the original Japanese text, but here's the relevant snippet:

> The origin of the name "Lolita" is one of the nicknames given to Dolores Haze, the 12 year old nymphet in Vladimir Nabokov's 1958 novel of the same name. Also, originating from this work is the concept of the "Lolita Complex", which describes people who develop particular emotions toward young girls in their early teens.
> Nabokov narrowly defined "Lolita" as an impish and coquettish nymphet in her appearance and demeanor that is still quite young. But in Japan, the word "Lolita" indicates nearly the opposite meaning of a nymph - "a female that is actually an adult, yet still has childlike features and behavior" or "a very young girl who has not yet developed a hint of eroticism".
> When Novala Takemoto speaks of Lolita, he maintains that if you do not recognize and distinguish between Nabokov's concept of lolita and its reversed interpretation in Japan, you will quickly deviate from and misunderstand the point and become confused.

>> No.10199233

>Here's the west with their empowered women, and they push rape culture by giving the girl agency -- thereby saying the men were innocent, it's the girls who wanted it and seduced them. Therefore, from a western point of view, Lolita herself, the 14-year-old victim, is the one that's synonymous with pedophile and is totally at fault, despite being a child being victimised by someone who should have been her guardian and protector.

What the fuck are you talking about? Most of the controversy in the west is from people who don’t understand that the book isn’t condoning pedophilia, just depicting it. I’ve never heard anyone say lolita is the villain in the book.

>> No.10199356

It's safe.


You can have indie brands custom tailored to your height.

Taobao has tons of cheap cute printed socks and tights. You need to not be overweight to fit in them though.

>> No.10199359

jfash and cosplay stupid questions threads are always split, guys. >>10183440

>> No.10199371

Organdy petti that’s good quality and fluffy enough to begin with so you never have to layer, that’s a pain. Organdy never deflates. Chiffon, tulle etc lose the poof and die.

>> No.10199372

Its less about being a villain and more about “no guys it’s not my fault she was totally into me and way mature for her age and I couldn’t resist her wiles :’(“
Which every pedo used as a cheat sheet from then on out because folks only ever read what they want to read.

>> No.10199373

>expecting stupid-questions thread posters to know anything without it being in the OP

>> No.10199688

Thanks for the tip! Organdy it is, then.

>> No.10200168

Spoopysweet anon, just don’t go full-on babadook, ok? >>10199314

>> No.10200337
File: 46 KB, 960x830, 1559120486347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't wanna make a whole thread about it, so i'm just going to ask here out of context. I'm not sure if it's a stupid question or no.
I've never wore anything lolita or jfash, but I wanna start. I just don't wanna look ita. Any advice?

>> No.10200340

lurk and take notes.
if you're good at putting together normie outfits and doing normie make up, you'll have way better luck avoiding the ita phase.

>> No.10200350


go read

>> No.10200353

You... seriously think most americans believe that is correct? Most americans haven’t even read lolita, and when they do they just go “it’s a book about a pedophile and pedophiles are bad.”

>> No.10200356

Any advice for what to wear to my first brand tea party? Obviously I’ll be wearing the brand’s dress but do people normally go all-out for these? Or is a toned down coord fine as well? I’m imagining everyone showing up with scepters or some shit.

>> No.10200394

Look at online photos from past teas. If the brand makes a scepter, someone will have it, guaranteed. Look at the fanciest and the plainest coord from the brand. Someone will be wearing both. Think of the silliest thing and also the thing you love and the one you hate. Someone will probably be wearing them. Dress fancy. Have fun.

>> No.10200395

1. Learn to research, so go find the rules.
2. Follow the rules to make a coordinate college, check in BSoLF for advice on it.
3. Buy all the pieces, making sure they match each other and fit you.
4. wear the coord.
5. Ask concrit in BSoLF and fix anything wrong.

>> No.10200399

There were WHITE, pink, sax and lavender special sets. There was also a brilliant color release and the rerelease with the ugly ass teal colorway.

>> No.10200401

Big kumakumya has had only one release. They did the original white one years ago. Recently there was a sax and solid pink one. Chances are there won’t be one for a long while. Prepare to pay $600+ on the resale market.

>> No.10200404

Look at brand ads and copy them

>> No.10200483
File: 101 KB, 640x640, 290234501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone ID this jacket? Tried combing through lolibrary to no avail.

>> No.10200484


>> No.10200485

Thanks anon! I will. :)

>> No.10200490

I have super long hair and normally just wear clip in bangs, but I'll be trying a wig.

Anyone have any recommendations for how to get your hair to best lay flat under the wig? I experimented with 2 braids but it was still pretty chunky

>> No.10200491

French braids, two of them, with the remaining hair pinned back up against your head and a good wig cap.

>> No.10200493

Wrap it around your head in a spiral using flat sections, pinning as you go. That will give you the least bulk with no lumps. Then use 2 wig caps with more pins.

>> No.10200496
File: 11 KB, 480x373, fine_wavey_pin_2_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I might try 3 or 4 corn row sections before pinning the rest back.

What type of pins do you find work best for this? I was just planning on using pic related

>> No.10200549

Is there something I can paint or spray over a prop that will prevent scratching on it without the spray being noticeable? I looked at anti scratch sprays for cars but they all had meh reviews and none seemed to be permanent.

>> No.10200550

Bobby pins, ridge side down pinned toward the crown as you wrap. The ones you picture won’t hold the hair down flat, they are more for securing massed hair together.

>> No.10200592

1. Start slow and don't feel like you have to rush to buy everything at once.
2. Set a budget every month/start a savings for lolita and have steady income.
3. Know your body measurements and get a properly fitted bra.
4. Buy quality pieces and stalk lacemarket/second hand sites.
5. Know what you want to get so you don't impulse buy.
6. Learn how to style and color coordinate.
But seriously don't rush it. You will get to your dream wardrobe eventually but it takes time. Good luck

>> No.10200765

Maybe not a stupid question, but does anyone have any recommendations for people to commission cosplay armour from? Preferably Australian, though I know that's unlikely.

>> No.10200783
File: 6 KB, 194x259, Rococo Lolita Wigs Light Gold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never tried wearing wigs before. Are wigs easier or more difficult to put on with pixie hair?

>> No.10200787

If wigs with bangs, easy. Use a wig cap, pop the wig on, adjust the straps (not too tight or it can cause headache). If lacefront, gel your hair back with ultra hold gel, dry.

>> No.10200825

Awesome, thanks! I accidentally signed up for a lolita model gig with no experience in lolita or modeling so pretty nervous

>> No.10200862

Is My Lolita Dress a scam site? They list some brands I recognize but it looks like also maybe some stolen designs from brands they don’t list like a watermarked image from Long Ears Sharp Ears? Not linking for obvious reasons but Now I’m wondering.

>> No.10200867

Are there ways of making my skin look more pale with or without makeup

>> No.10200868

It's legit but they do sell a lot of replicas so just beware and be sure to check item descriptions! It is mostly taobao reselling.

>> No.10200874

MLD is just a taobao reseller. If there are replicas, it’s because they purchased them from another company that makes replicas. They are no more a “scam” site then clobba was before it imploded.

>> No.10200875

Yes. Squeeze some lemons into a cup, and then put a few layers of lemon juice on your face. Go outside and lay in the sun for 30-45min. Should bleach your skin naturally.

>> No.10200878

Use slightly lighter foundation or mix your matching foundation with some white foundation. Some Korean and Japanese brands make some lotions or skin milks that appear to temporarily lighten as well. It’s not really safe or desirable to use anything else.

In before any controversy: lots of people play with their foundation shades somewhat lighter and darker and it’s really not that big of a deal.

>> No.10200883

Don’t do this anon. At best this will burn your skin, at worst it will be so bad you’ll get scarring. Go fuck yourself.

>> No.10200885

Thank you

>> No.10200891

On further checking, they are offering what seems to be a fake version of a sold out Long Ears, Sharp Ears dress, using their watermarked image. I’m not sure I want use a site who does that, it seems pretty shady.

Saturday morning conspiracy theory: many Taobao “brands” are just one sweatshop factory pumping out lolita clothes through many storefronts to seem more exclusive, but only marketing this way (including using some forced scarcity) to like seem more like Japanese brands.
Probably silly but I did think about that.

>> No.10200893

They probably just pre-bought stock and haven’t sold out of it yet... as most resellers do. This happens all the time. How new are you?

>> No.10200899

They aren’t advertising the dress as a long Ears Sharp Ears design and they don’t list them among the companies they offer. I’m obviously new to checking out Taobao brands, so yes, I’m wary because of that. This is the dumb questions thread so I think it’s ok to ask my dumb noob questions here.

>> No.10200910

It’s one thing to ask dumb questions, it should another to respond to other people with dumb theories. I’ve never heard of them being a scammer site and they’ve been recommended on here for years. They are over priced, but you will get what you ordered.

>> No.10200913

Has anyone ever successfully gotten poo out of an AP blouse? It’s sax

>> No.10200914

You’re an idiot. Look up lemon skin whitening, people do it all the time. I do it to my arms if they get too tan.

>> No.10200916

Sorry tubgirl-chan, I think you might be the only person to experience this. What fabric is the blouse? I'd try looking up a how-to for your specific er... stain plus the fabric. Like "how to get X out of chiffon".

>> No.10200918

Phytodermatitis caused by citrus fruit juices is a medically proven thing you idiot. At best you’re heavily damaging your skin and increasing future wrinkles. However, burning including severe burns is likely to occur. You’re either lucky or a troll.


>> No.10200921

Don’t do this anon, you will destroy your skin.

>> No.10201146

Is there a more reasonably priced taobao reseller?

>> No.10201150

ordering direct from taobao through an agent like superbuy is cheaper. but if you want a reseller, glitzywonderland has free shipping which usually results in it being cheaper in total than other sites

>> No.10201151

Thanks anon! I hadn't checked them out for some reason.

>> No.10201178

Is there any hope of Atelier Boz restocking Giulietta's OP?

>> No.10201295

Might well told them to people apple cider vinegar on their face. That shit burns your skin. Are you fucking retarded

>> No.10201298

>to people apple cider vinegar

No but apparently you are

>> No.10201318

nayrt but missing an autocorrect error is not the same as telling someone to do massive damage to their skin

>> No.10201321

It’s a troll you retard

>> No.10201364

Are there any colors that just don't look good when coorded with a black blouse/tights? I dislike wearing white in general so I'd like to stick to colors that look good with black.

>> No.10201369

Navy and brown. I personally think pastels look like shit with black 99% of the time too with the exception being pieces like dolly dot and cinema doll

>> No.10201376

I don’t coord black blouse and tights with any pastel main piece unless it also has a decent amount of black in the print. Brown and navy are harder, though it can work if your coordination skills are good. I can’t say I’ve never seen them done but it’s rare to really see them done well.
If I only wanted to wear black blouses and tights, I’d stick to jewel tone color-ways and do kuro coords as well. Or stick to the black color-ways of sweet prints, if I wanted to wear sweet.

>> No.10201392

I'm trying to glue some EVA to a sheet of XPS. I've bought some gorilla glue to use, should it be ok? There is a warning on the back which says, 'Not recommended for use on polyethylene or polypropylene plastics - does this include XPS?

>> No.10201532

Anon, email them and ask if the item is a replica. They will tell you. I've done this before.

>> No.10201592

UK gulls, do you get hit with customs often when buying directly from closetchild and shipping with epacket? I've moved here recently and kept using my ss like I would do in my country but I'd like to know if I can avoid it for items in the <10k yen range

>> No.10201776

What's the deal with Bhiner Taobao SS? I've seen a lot of people say they overcharge for shipping but the calculator on their site seems to be much the same as any other SS I've checked out. Do they hike it up last minute?

>> No.10201831

Just wear a wig cap, it will hold down any stray hairs, and also protect the wig from any oils.

>> No.10201835

Not sure if this is helpful, but UK probably charges a lot of customs taxes like my country. Up to €22 (which currently is roughly 19,70 pounds), no import duties and VAT are charged, from €22 to €150 free of import duties but with VAT. From €150 you must always pay import duties and VAT. In most cases, the postal delivery services do not charge customs clearance costs if the order amount of the goods to be imported remains under €22. They still abide by EU rules so I doubt it will be any different? You might be able to find a duty/tax calculator specific for the UK? I don't know if CC marks down packages on request but you could ask? If they don't you can use tenso for CC though, fill in how much you want to declare your package. Unlike SS you don't have to wait for them to order it for you, you can order it yourself, pay and have it shipped to your tenso address. It's an easy process.

>> No.10201837

Oh and 22 euro's is roughly 2689 yen. So yes everything over 2500 yen (to be safe) gets a customs fee on top

>> No.10201838
File: 126 KB, 750x1262, 86EBFA11-57B7-4A63-9999-527D6794AC2A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this dress is on amazon, isn’t it a replica? What is the original dress called?

>> No.10201842

How bad does an oversized dress look? I’ve seen plenty of examples of not fitting dresses from being too big, but I just discovered the IW OP I ordered is L size instead of M and I’m wondering how screwed I am.

>> No.10201855

it's a simple sailor dress. It's not a replica. (it's also cute but it's not lolita so don't buy it if you're looking for a lolita dress! i'm sure you know that but just wanna let you know)

>> No.10201861
File: 47 KB, 480x640, f5705e8ce979ebbf408db430b3ac24ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is questionable replica and lolita territory. I'm pretty sure it was copied from this Baby Sweet Cherries Cafe Sailor OP. It's only a design replica so some people will not consider it a replica but the intention is very clear from the details.

It's questionable lolita territory because while the original is lolita the replica can be seen completely differently. The Amazon pic looks like it won't have enough room for a petti and even if it does it's already quite short, so it might look awful.

>> No.10201874

And if they lie, file a claim. Paypal doesn’t accept fakes/replicas in sales

>> No.10201876

Autocorrect shrugs
It’s supposed to say put

>> No.10201895

Anything but sweet. All the cuts that are popular in sweet right now are very ugly and unflattering on tall girls. It depends on if you're flat chested, but if you have even small boob, you should stick to just or low waist cuts. Innocent World tends to be very tall friendly.

>> No.10201898

>Does everyone in Lolita really spend $40-$50+ on socks?
Yes. You wouldn't believe how quickly certain styles of socks sell out on brand websites

>> No.10201979
File: 192 KB, 700x1200, l502_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any tips on dealing with sleeve length issues? I noticed this Bodyline model has the same height as I do, and you can see the awkward sleeve length I'm talking about.

>> No.10201992

black colorway too, but I guess it was Chinese release

>> No.10202325
File: 72 KB, 1722x644, Screen-Shot-2019-06-10-at-6.37.38-AM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Latex, PVC and vinyl. What's the difference???

And which would be best for this mask? Glue it? Sew it?

>> No.10202339

Advice some inexpensive but reliable ss to buy from Taobao. I’m looking for one thing at time rather than a huge haul tho.

>> No.10202359

>this Bodyline model

>> No.10202362


>> No.10202369

I like Superbuy

>> No.10202373

I had completely forgotten about Tensor despite already having an account with them, so that's greatly appreciated! I was asking because customs in my country are well known for being especially strict and I was wondering if it was the case in the UK as well, also since I've heard that epacket tends to slip "under the radar" more than EMS. I have no issues with paying whatever I need to pay for expensive items but honestly paying 19€ on top of a 25€ purchase is a bit steep and has happened to me in the past, but I end up missing out on most items because I have to wait for my ss to buy them. Time to resuscitate my old tenso account, thank you so much anon

>> No.10202375

*Tenso inb4 the autocorrect police comes

>> No.10202459

I recently opened a new account on Tenso and did their whole identity verification thing. I submitted a request with just my first and last name, and purchased something from a website using my first and last name as the name field on shipping address.

Then Tenso sends me an email saying my identity wasn't verified because I didn't include my middle name. And that everything I buy needs to have my full registered name as the name field or it might not be accepted at the warehouse.

To complicate things, their FAQ has an entry or two saying you can in fact use names other than your registered one. That just contradicts what they said earlier.

Wtf, am I fucked?

>> No.10202495
File: 107 KB, 874x598, IMG_20190624_070042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know this taobao brand Zhi Jin Yuan? I got a dress really cheap there from a swap. Label looks like pic related

This dress isn't a replica, but I won't seek them out further if they make them. This dress was new, of okay quality, and is suspiciously cheap, so I just want to make sure they are semi-reputable above all else.

>> No.10202519

You're welcome anon!

>> No.10202520
File: 5 KB, 180x180, 21DF9D09-3FDC-415F-8C9C-B226848CA4FA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never heard of them before but their taobao name is 织锦园lolita原创 and it looks like they have a weibo account if you want to check it out.

>> No.10202527
File: 709 KB, 1018x1527, SmartSelect_20190624-064755_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know how true to size this is on lolibrary?

96 cm seems pretty large.

>> No.10202536

Do you try to color match and hide them under the sleeve so it looks seamless or wear it separate like a bracelet?

Flexing knowledge on the stupid questions thread?

>> No.10202545

It must be your first day on the internet if you don’t know who that is.

>> No.10202546

Wear a long-sleeved blouse or cutsew underneath. I'd just do black underneath to not have it stand out too much but any other colour would probably look fine too.

>> No.10202549

CC doesn't mark down packages. In my experience epacket also doesn't really slip past customs as with 18 of the 19 packages I've had sent to me by epacket I've had to pay customs.
It might be helpful to add that even if the price of your item doesn't exceed 22 euros they look at the total price including shipping in order to calculate VAT.

>> No.10202551

It's at least 5cm smaller. The max measurements are 0.5cm-more-and-it-will-rip tier.

>> No.10202553

Their support is fucking around again, you'll be fine. I've had things shipped to my tenso with a completely different name. You just have to provide info on what's in the parcel and prove that it's yours. Screenshots are enough.

>> No.10202568

That's why.... I'm in the stupid questions thread.

>> No.10202572

I'm same height as anon, all legs too. I really like a lot of AP's pastel vomit era stuff but I fucking hate high waisted or empire dresses. Roughly how long should dresses be to still be appropriate on me?

>> No.10202574

Thank you. It's the long-sleeve blouses that sit at this length on me, though. That's my concern.

>> No.10202590

AP from around that era was pretty short, like 90cm. Some people use underskirts but at your height that probably still won't work? Tea length which is usually +/- 115~120cm in total length, would look lovely on you. I'm 5'1 and it hits mid calf on me, so normal length for you? Try looking for things over 100cm or more.

>> No.10202591

Is Mary Magdalene officially dead? Has there been some sort of statement from one of their staff somewhere? If not, why do you think they went inactive?

>> No.10202614

"Old school" is a term that Western lolitas came up with, correct? In that case what do Japanese lolitas call it, if anything?

>> No.10202644

Do I need bloomers if I'm just wearing Spanx underneath my dresses? As to why I am wearing Spanx under a lolita dress, I'm so used to wearing them for work that it feels weird to not have them on.

>> No.10202648

I think it's fine as long as they're opaque

>> No.10202650

And indeed they are. Thank you!

>> No.10202658

I don't because I live somewhere really rainy and couldn't deal with the heartache of them getting ruined

>> No.10202674

True, over 22 euro, you also pay over the shipping. It can really add up in btw, so EMS and Airmail will cost you more in btw than SAL or Economy/Surface. But if the item(s) is under 22 euro, I still don't have to pay customs, even if the shipping is 5000 yen. Maybe that's different in the UK and other countries though. I use invoercalculator.nl to check how much I approximately have to pay to customs.

>> No.10202677

Does anyone know how noticeable a crotch zipper is on a zentai suit? I can't find any good pics aside from zippers that begin at the neck.

>> No.10202686

ACDC doesn't make their clothes themselves, they aren't a brand. They're more like a hot topic where they resell other brands. Sometimes I don't think they fact check very well, so it's likely they resold this brands items not realizing they stole the print.

>> No.10202712

Where can I find cotton blouses for classic lolita under 4k yen?

>> No.10202715

God, don’t be so insecure. I’m just laughing that you called her a bodyline model. Learn more about Lolita and you’ll find it funny someday too

>> No.10202716

Bumping this because I’m wondering the same thing.

>> No.10202783

Is a con a good place to look for a gf?
I know women are basically tired of guys wanting to date them in every context, but I can't imagine a better one.

>> No.10202787

I've seen Misako call it Traditional Lolita, so maybe that is used?

>> No.10202788

Anonie is right, it is funny, one day you might learn who that is and whatnot but it isn't actually important.

>> No.10202789

I think Misako just has her own naming conventions, I doubt there's actually any delineation.

>> No.10202906

>one day
Wow, how mysterious, she-who-must-not-be-named! I can only aspire to one day uncover the secret so precious it can't be uttered here.

I'm here for cute socks and shit, not muh sekrit peruvian basketweaving history.

>> No.10202941

Stop embarrassing yourself and lurk more

>> No.10202978

The stupid questions thread doesn't have a lurk requirement. Look at the level of quality that gets posted here >>10202783

Go back to the ita thread. Your opinions are needed there.

>> No.10203125

Been wearing lolita daily for 4 years or so? I really dont want to think of the total amount of money I've spent on socks...
Lace topped brand otks are pricey but worth it, I get a lot of mileage out of them
I do buy print otks for set completion purposes but they're usually not my favorites.
I also wear a lot of off brand solid/lace/striped socks and tights. Cheap stuff that wears out quickly I will buy multiples of if it's a staple item.
For solid white or skin tone tights (to layer under otks) I use dance tights which are thick, matte, and more durable and slimming than regular tights. I like capezio.
Yidhra on taobao makes very nice stuff for the price as well.

>> No.10203133

It often looks charming in a way, a lot of pieces are designed with an intentional oversized look. If it looks bad when you wear it, ar least you can get it taken in

>> No.10203137

Her name is Venus Angelic, she was a lolita youtuber and model, kind of infamous for her/her mothers behavior trying to make her famous. Used to be a topic of drama/discussion on this board somewhat often.
She doesn't wear lolita anymore and hasn't been relevant to lolita for a few years. There's no reason you need to know who she is, and no reason you would if you've only recently gotten into lolita. That anon was just being a shit for no reason.

>> No.10203176

Not the anon who commented above, but it is amusing to see someone not know who Venus is. Her drama with Yandyman was everywhere on this board back when it happened. I guess time goes on for everyone, and eventually the hot tea of the day becomes legend heh.

Next thing I know, LACE has become ancient news.

>> No.10203198

so... is it though? I think it would be a good place to say we met.

>> No.10203200

LACE is ancient news
I understand why its amusing, but someone now can be a fully fledged lolita of a few years and have never heard of either LACE or Venus, it's just not talked about anymore

>> No.10203225

Can you ask a CGL moderator to delete a post you made in the past? I'm guessing not since there's no way to prove it was you, but just wanted to be sure.

>> No.10203232
File: 13 KB, 385x385, 61k+30sJMzL._UX385_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Honestly, highly depends on the design of the item itself, and how it sits on you.

For an intentional oversized look, what you need is the dress falls in such a way that emphasises how smol and tiny you are, these things fit like boyfriend sweaters or boyfriend jeans. The implication is that you've got a decent, not-fat, womanly bodyshape underneath all that fabric, except the excess fabric just hints at it.

If you get a dress that fit everywhere else except in, say, the chest, that's simply gonna give you a rumply chest, which isn't a good look. Same story if, say, you're busting out of the sleeves but then the bodice of the dress is too loose, it just looks like you're misshapen.

And finally, the design of the dress kinda contributes to it too. If it's a structured dress where it's obvious the waist is meant to sit at the waist, the bust at the bust, etc, then having the waist at your hips, the bust darts around your waist, is again gonna make you look like a lumpy potato because the dress wants to be small where you're big, which makes you look fat where you aren't.

I wouldn't panic just yet though. If you ordered directly from a shop, you could email them and ask them if you can swap dresses. If that's already too late, wait for the dress to arrive and get a second or third opinion whether it looks bad, there's a chance it looks decent anyhow. Consider that you can get pushup bras and other padding if you need them. And if even that doesn't work out, take it to a tailor's, it's much easier to alter a dress smaller than bigger anyhow.

The situation is pretty much fixable either way, much better than if the M size dress had been too small for you.

>> No.10203269

Watch out for where the shoulders and the waist hit. If the dress doesn't fit right there it will just look oversized - not intentionally.

>> No.10203299

Orthodox lolita

>> No.10203330

Does anyone have any recommendations for taobao hat shops? I like hats like anonhat makes (classic/vintage style hats) but would like to look at cheaper simpler alter

>> No.10203390

They may not restock it per se, but they'll likely rerelease it in the future. At Boz does that all the time with popular designs.

>> No.10203391

Mercari and fril if you're quick

>> No.10203406

No, even if they do it’s still archived on other websites.

>> No.10203463
File: 52 KB, 800x935, 2019summer-set-all.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I kind of want to recommend that lucky packs like these exist, but the last time I bought one I ended up with the infamous penis socks (Magic Crayon), so ymmv I guess.

>> No.10203512

I'm 5'11 and my personal minimum dress length is 90cm but I have thin legs so the length doesn't look as lewd as it does on others with thiccer thighs.

>> No.10203523

It’s not like anyone is going to remember it after two days anyways

>> No.10203534

not that I know of, try searching with one specific color or the keyword "solid"

I know this is the stupid questions thread and I feel old, whew. thank you for spoonfeeding the anon

>> No.10203535

You're not alone. I already invested in a coffin after reading that comment. Noobs not knowing Venus is a whole new level of oldfagness for me. I'm already twitching when I realize things like Celestial are already 5 years old when to me that's a very new dress.

>> No.10203551

celestial is five years old???? fuck i was just thinking about that as a new dress too. welp, time to die.

>> No.10203553

Thanks. I've seen one of her haul videos before, but her face here looks a lot rounder, so I didn't recognize her. I don't keep track of efamers, current or otherwise. I like the fashion for the actual clothes, not for gossiping about weird people. A print is something I would make an effort to Google and know "one day"; a YouTuber is not. >>10203535

>> No.10203558

Fair, but it would be like not knowing who Lor is these days. I don’t follow gossip either, nor did I back in the day, but I was still aware that she 1) worked for bodyline 2) had a crazy mom 3) something about the yandyman?? and the audition couch?? at least that was the meme. She was someone talked about enough that if you were having any discussions anywhere in the lolita community, you would have heard her name. Especially here.

>> No.10203569

It was really hard to not be aware of her because her famewhoring got her into the normie main stream as a living doll and the normies would equate her with us at any chance they got. Kind of like Melanie Martinez now.

Also she was a big reason people used to warn others about not buying from Bodyline, which is how I found out. People would link her story winning the BL modeling contest and Mr. Yan trying to make her his wife, at every opportunity and to every noob.

I beg you, just please don't say you don't know Mr. Yan so that the people answering everyone's questions in this thread don't commit mass suicide.

>> No.10203574

I’m the one who knew venus and didn’t follow gossip, but I obviously know who mr. yan is. I’m dull, but I didn’t live under a rock.

>> No.10203582

I was agreeing with you and elaborating on your information and replying to the newb. Sorry I didn't make that clear.

>> No.10203589

Ayrt, I also have pretty thin thighs (but working on toning them further this summer). How far up your legs would you say a 90 cm dress hits?

>> No.10203590

Ah, yeah I think that’s on me. Still, we’re old now I guess.

>> No.10203592

I’m the same height as you and 90cm is short but not hooker length on me. A couple inches above my knee maybe, but not enough that it stops looking like lolita. I would suggest getting an underskirt with a single ruffle for that length or stick to 95cm+

>> No.10203624

She’s all over PULL as well if you need a history lesson on her drama

>> No.10203654

Has anyone here ever dyed a brand blouse from white to a darker color? I want to do it with one of my favorite designs since I can't find it in my preferred colorway, but I don't know if it's a good idea.

>> No.10203664

What’s the material? Cotton? Easy but a bit risky as it may be splotchy. Chiffon? Uh...

>> No.10203737
File: 367 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190625-164155_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I tried ordering two pairs of shoes off BL, and got this error message. Has anyone else gotten these, and what does it mean? Should I call my bank?

>> No.10203738

I started relatively recently when the /mkg/ thread came from /vg/. I stopped spending ridiculous money on 2D clothes for digital dolls and started buying 3D clothes for myself. I've seen mentions of the crazy mom and child marriage but purposely steered clear of learning more because pedo shit pisses me off.

I know Mr. Yan is some creep in a hat who was at Bodyline but now isn't. I'd rather not know any more.

You could say it triggers me, I suppose, though it's not serious like a veteran ducking at fireworks, more just being angry about my shitty childhood for the rest day. That's why I don't follow these topics.

>> No.10203742

What are the measurements of cats tea party? I want to buy the dress but i don’t know the measurements
Old and rerelease please

>> No.10203790

Sorry I didn't clarify, it's a cotton blouse with chemical (? I think) lace on it.

>> No.10203824

I hear lace/trim of a different material can take the dye differently, so if you're crafty you could detach it, dye them separately until they match, then reattach.

>> No.10203836

Why can’t you look it up...?

>> No.10204079

How fast does Chibi Tenshi usually reply?

>> No.10204109

Is there a way to buy from Atelier Pierrot without their new Worldshopping thing?

>> No.10204461
File: 513 KB, 2048x2048, 1493602963924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what's the name of this dress?

>> No.10204463

Are there any better female dominated sites like cgl that have maybe a subsection for lolita/jfash?

>> No.10204466

What is the right way to wear a beret? I've never really worn one and it appears to be commonly fucked up in the ita thread.

>> No.10204478

on one side of your head. don't put it over your head or worse, your entire hairline

>> No.10204480

lolibrary online shows the older one. i see fatty chans wearing the rerelease.

>> No.10204483

Even just googling "beret" shows people almost only wearing it that way. They're all wrong? Do you have a pic for reference for the right vs wrong way?

>> No.10204484

Again, Why can’t you look it up? It’s on APs website for fucks sake

>> No.10204491

I wish. There aren't even any good lolita discussion groups anywhere anymore. For what you want, someone would have to make a forum with a login screen and vet every new member with a photo. Maybe someday lolitas will tire of social media and want a forum again, organised by topic and searchable.

>> No.10204492

Because most lolitas have bangs. And it would look goofy to wear it that way. Search ”lolita beret”, and sort by photos in Google and you'll see lots of examples.

>> No.10204496
File: 76 KB, 480x640, pecha1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's called Kumakumya Violin Bag.

But since this is the stupid questions thread, please post a better photo next time. Also try to zoom in to the print and read the brand name. I wasn't sure if it was baby or aatp and zooming in let me read it's AATP.

It's AATP Le Petit Chaperon Rouge.

>> No.10204507

Thank you kind anon. I'll do better next time.

>> No.10204597
File: 102 KB, 1100x1638, osui-0082_superhero_suit_spiderman_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where I can find fabic to match this suit?

>> No.10204721

Sadly no. The only choices are social media places like facebook or amino.

>> No.10204741

Do Innocent World White items get restocked? I want to get the skirts, but I'd prefer them to hit me at the same height as on the model, and I'm guessing I'm taller, and the tall size is sold out.

>> No.10204751

It’s the stupid questions thread you fucking idiot. Next you’ll say you were only pretending to be retarded.

>> No.10204888

It's for stupid questions, its not the lazy questions and spoon feeding thread. Anon told where to look up what was asked that’s a plenty good enough answer.

>> No.10204940


She works full time and sleeps like a normal person. So your best bet for a fast reply is after office hours (but not late at night) and the weekends when she's not tied up either working and sleeping. Japan time, of course (I've no idea where you are, use timeanddate.com if you need to calculate time conversion or something)

She was pretty fast for me, like we're talking 5 min replies. I could just be lucky she wasn't out karaoke-ing with her buddies and had time to reply though.

>> No.10204942


They rarely restock even the non-White label items, which is why as soon as things go up girls will rush to get them before the only one cut/colourway they want is sold out, never to return.

But you can still send in an order, what they'll do is call up all their branch shops and if there's one sitting around somewhere they'll happily sell it to you. At worst they simply tell you it's all sold out and not available.

>> No.10205101

Got into lolita again after selling almost my entire wardrobe years ago and I'm slowly building it back, but my old CP pettis are sad and deflated. Any advice on where to get a good quality petticoat now? I've heard CP has gone down in quality, I need both shapes, daily and monster poof

>> No.10205144

Aurora and Ariel.

>> No.10205195
File: 217 KB, 232x341, Screenshot_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

help to id this bunny bag please

>> No.10205205

What's the deal with cat's tea party? I've seen it go up every once in a while recently for absolutely insane prices. I also heard some things about it being an incredibly coveted dress by a lot of people. Can someone catch me up with what's going on with that dress?

>> No.10205217

Imagine unironically being THIS new

>> No.10205219

That's the point, and why I asked in the stupid questions thread. Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

>> No.10205220

That’s beyond stupid man.

>> No.10205221

Maybe so, but I'd still like an answer regardless because I want to learn and become better.

>> No.10205222

If you’re serious about this and not just trolling, the best thing for your situation is to lurk more.

>> No.10205229
File: 53 KB, 298x348, 150910071919.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where can I find wristband for plain sailor, like, looks like end of shirt's sleeve and without lace. It looks like plain enough to find anywhere, but I don't know what word to search. Pic related bit it was sold out in black and white.

>> No.10205351

U could probably commission something like that

>> No.10205388

Thanks, anon. There's still hope then.

>> No.10205569

Does anyone remember a post about a fat maid cafe from not too long ago? There was a photo of a girl posted who had a misako-like face but she was probably like 300 lbs.
I was trying to search the archives but I can't remember the keywords that people used to post about it.

>> No.10205638

check the plus size thread, I think she's been posted there

>> No.10205639

How long should the petti be for a 61cm skirt? Im looking for a line petti, low poof.

>> No.10205967

pretty please

>> No.10206574

Has anyone bought any loliable socks/clothes/pettis from amazon?

>> No.10206749

I've bought a lot of socks & tights on amazon- simple striped otks and various lace/crochet type tights. I try to look for photo reviews to decide if they're any good.

For pettis they have costume types that will do in a pinch if you need prime shipping to get it right away, but the quality of a real lolita petticoat will be much more suitable for long term use.

>> No.10206757

It was originally released as a MTO (made-to-order reservation) and very few people bought it, so it was quite rare. Also a lot of people wanted it so it sold for crazy high prices. It became an iconic status piece that was hard to get ahold of.

After many years of people hoping for a re-release, AP finally had an unlimited MTO for the series and the dresses from that MTO just recently arrived. It's still selling for a high price because there's a lot of current hype around the print now as coord photos and unboxings crop up, and people who didn't reserve it are regretting it (me) and still eager to buy it. The price will likely go down over time as there are a lot more pieces in circulation, but I don't expect it to become "cheap" in the near future because the set was fairly expensive (could be close to $500 after SS fees, tax, shipping, etc.) and it's still a very popular print, so demand is not going away. (See: holy lantern, which anons incorrectly predicted would become a $150 dress after the MTO release)

>> No.10207038

I have but the quality of the lace isn't that great for amazon socks. I haven't tried any tights. The cheap petti I bought was shit but you can try your luck with a pricier one. You're better off investing in a nice petti from an indie brand.

>> No.10208564

How do I prevent a long and straighten wig from getting tangled everytime Í wear it?

>> No.10209669

What are the best cons on the east coast? What about just in the USA in general?

>> No.10210580

Is there any way to re-poof a deflated petti? It's an old CP one if that helps.

>> No.10210983

I've found some success with putting it in the dryer on "air fluff" (so no heat, just tossing it around.)
I also store my Classical Puppets petti upside-down when I'm not using it.

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