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last thread: >>10183877

>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

If anyone else has inspo photos they'd like possibly added to the above link, email the account [email protected]

We have a discord!
If you want into the CGL AA discord, email [email protected] with a picture of your table or merchandise. It is not a jury, just to make sure you do cons.

Summer heat means summer cons are here. Good luck with all your conventions gulls!

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Sticker Mule is going to be making acrylic charms, anyone else excited?

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Depends on the price! Though I’ve heard that the company is pretty shady.

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I have feelings about politics so, fuck no. Rather give my money to people who aren't total shit.

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Just searched up the politics. Well, that's sad. No support here either.

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It looks like they're only offering clear acrylic with single board anyway. At least for me, nothing of value was lost.

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Wow, you two sure are faggots

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low quality bait

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You serious? Imagine if your customers find out you're buying your charms from this company and then you're the next hot artist to get #cancelled. It's not a risk worth taking.

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I would just lie and say I use Zap or Alibaba. It's so stupid when people won't use a company because the CEO is bigoted or some shit, because in truth ever major company has a few rich old white dudes running it who are right wing since those are usually the kind of people that screw over others to get up the ladder. It's just a matter of who you find out about.

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>because in truth ever major company has a few rich old white dudes running it who are right wing since those are usually the kind of people that screw over others to get up the ladder. It's just a matter of who you find out about.
I completely agree with you (if you tried to boycott every company with a bad past, you wouldn't have many options left and certainly nothing affordable) but it's personally not a risk I'd take with this company, especially if their product seems to be inferior to Zap/Vograce. See >>10196988

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>because in truth ever major company has a few rich old white dudes running it who are right wing since those are usually the kind of people that screw over others to get up the ladder.

Oh yes, all the notorious right wing silicon valley companies /s

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They don't actually give a shit about you and would suck the dicks of old white dudes for more influence and power. Do you think Zuckerberg actually cares about lgbtqiadkwlb bullshit? Ha.

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the assertion was they are right wing, not about their care of me. The issue presented is the support the CEOs of companies show towards bigoted leaders and policies, not about whether they care about a specific person or not.
I don't know what zuckerberg's opinions of lgbt people are, but I personally don't use facebook or instagram due to sexist policies he has implemented on the site (allowing men to post shirtless pictures, but not women).
Whether they care about certain issues don't matter, what matters is if they actively go support certain issues that could be considered troubling for the issues of equal rights, the environment, or any number of other issues that can negatively impact society.
If you don't care, thats fine, you can keep shopping where ever you like, but some of us have moral standards.

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Aren't you trip fags worried about the negative stereotype of 4chan being attached to your art?

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Regardless of their politics, they are pricey pricey. You can find a million better people with the same or better quality for cheaper.

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I mean, what stigma are you actually gonna face? oh no, a 15 yo might call me problematic on twitter!

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A CEO that doesn't have the same political view as you or a chinese company with exploited factory workers. Pick one

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Not specifically AA (not sure where to ask on here) does anyone use printful for their online stores? Is it worth it? Does anyone have any other suggestions for sites that will make/print/ship items with your art on it through your own etsy store?

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This is reasonable anon but literally everything Stickermule does can be made in the US or UK for cheaper

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whoops ignore me I can't read.

There's still always zap creative. My US laser cutter service said they were going to offer printed charms soon so I'm just waiting for them (and no I am not sharing my source go find your own :P )

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>donkey mascot
>republican views
ive been tricked. well I dont feel bad for exploiting new email address's for $1 sticker batches anymore.

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Ive lost sales/potential artist friends saying or suggesting i post here. Youd be suprised

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Posting on a board where everyone calls each other faggots and niggers is obviously a step beyond something like eating at Chick-Fil-A or buying stickers.

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?? really? I've been extremely open about browsing /cgl/ for the past 5 years and never had anyone get offended over it or whatever.
How did the conversations go?

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echoing this >>10197393 anon, it's really easy to just explain that it's just a forum....like the rest of the internet? racists and other shitheels post on stuff like twitter, reddit etc but that doesn't mean that EVERY SINGLE POSTER on those sites is like that. If they're too stupid to comprehend the difference that's on them.

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If it weren’t for 4chan I wouldn’t be making 80k a year off my art, so fuck yeah I’ll pay my respects it’s the least I can do.

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This lmao hahaha

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It's easy to explain but sadly there are a lot of people who start thinking "4chan bad!!" and will immediately assume you are alt-right or something.

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Wow, how do you manage that?

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>all this anger about politics
I could really care less if they're quality. It might beat Chinese manufacturers if you're in America.

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You disclose your manufacturer's to customers? Absolutely no one is entitled to know where and how you make things.

Also, if you somehow got yourself into a situation with some retarded tumblr kid trying to start a wildfire towards your shop, just tell them to fuck off. I'm so sick of this weird culture of giving in to people who harass you and are looking to be offended. You give them an inch, they will take a mile.

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is sweet stickers uk? i've heard it's decent

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Or a pedophile. But I haven't seen that happen publicly for awhile now.

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I'm sorry, that's a stupid fucking ass reason to not use facebook.

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No but customers are able to tell these things, especially if they do manufacturing themselves. Artists can be customers, too. It only takes one person.

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I don't tolerate sexism at all.

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Well there's always Cambridge Analytica. I delete my FB and IG shortly after the report came out.

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I am gay thanks for noticing friend.

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that's a much better reason

>not boycotting fb because of gross invasion of privacy but because they hurt your feefees on boobs

People like you should really step back and see the bigger picture.

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They aren't invading anyone's privacy. If you make a facebook account and list what school you went to on your account, then don't act surprised that they know what school you went to. Its not private info when you literally give them the info.
Sexism is a way bigger deal than idiots willingly giving away all their information.

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try Idaho

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Its not like stickermule puts their logo on said merch they make

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That's the thing though, they look like avg quality at best.

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Do you even know what Cambridge Analytica is? Full offense and all but I'm going to be taking the FBIs word over some butt hurt rando on 4chan.

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Ohmonah just put up a post about some smaller artist "copying" her sweatshirt design. I genuinely don't see why she's so upset, going as far as to speak to "a few lawyers". Is no one allowed to used black bars on yellow hoodie sleeves now that she's done it?

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yes, it was mostly them sending out surveys that people willingly answered, and then them buying ads that targeted those people in ways to try and get them to vote a certain way. There is suggestions that they might have done some illegal stuff, but nothing for certain as far as I'm aware.

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Post the image jackass so it’s a fair argument, especially if you’re name dropping. This is why people think cgl is only drama I swear.
The imposter artist clearly copied her and even stated she was a fan.
It’s a simple design but it’s also simple to not copy someone, so I’m glad the imposter artist is getting called out especially if the original artist asked them about it discreetly.

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Oh ok, there's also a massive text post image to go with it. I figured I'd put her name so people could read the entire thing if they wanted. Here's the full text too just for clarity.

I think everyone handled it poorly, not defending the other hoodie artist. The girl she's accusing should've responded to her in the two weeks, sure, but how could anyone look at the "owo" copy and go "oh yea that's ohmonah's duck sweatshirt"? I just think it's a little ridiculous, I read through her text post thinking the copied work would be closer than just general details and a base hoodie.

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the real question is who the fuck is buying these hideous shirts

>> No.10197970

There are a huge amount of sweaters with a design on the chest and sleeves. Thats not unique at all.

>> No.10197975

Does that hoodie straight up have owo on the sleeves

>> No.10197979

its amazing how so few changes can turn something from pseudo kfash into weeb cringe, shoulda just gone the full mile and put an ahegao on the chest.

>> No.10197985

Anyone that makes a career off of selling infantile doodles really shouldnt be throwing around legal threats

>> No.10197987

Honestly don’t see the similarity apart from base hoodie and the arms. But those are hardly concepts you can copyright? Like black and yellow isn’t even novel.

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I've been doing a lot of business through Alibaba this year, both for custom manufacturing and for ordering materials/blanks to customize. I've been defaulting to Alibaba because it's just what I've always used for direct Chinese purchasing with an english language interface, but are there any other reputable sites I should be checking on for options and prices?

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Are you dense? They could get information on you if you were friends with someone who had answered the survey. Your information would leak far beyond what you personally gave permission too because if your network got invaded they bypassed needing your consent.

>> No.10197997

Chances are “reputable” sites are just middlemen using Alibaba anyway. They could still be reliable and do proper quality checking, but most likely they’re doing manufacturing in China too.

>> No.10198042

then your friend is to blame for giving away that info.

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If multiple lawyers are supposedly saying "yeah, that's infringement", then she probably has legal ground to stand on. Doesn't matter if you like the art or not or you think it isn't "original" enough to claim as copying.

If the product is a) confusing customers about who made what and/or b) impeding her sales by driving customers to the copycat's design, then she definitely has the right to impose copyright law against that artist.

The real question is: can she prove those things are happening as a result of this copycat design? That's honestly what I'm curious about.

>> No.10198109

The owo hoodie artist is claiming that they designed their hoodie in Dec 2018 with videos showing the creation date of her drafts so if Ohmonah is asserting that the quack hoodie was designed in Jan 2019, wouldn't that make hers the copy?

Either way, I can't imagine getting lawyers involved over white text in a black box. What are you gonna do next, sue Supreme for using the text in box concept?

>> No.10198110

That isn't how it works. You're an idiot please feel free to look into facts instead of 'deciding' your opinions based on your feels and oh so self important life experiences.

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Dang, I wonder how ohmonah's lawyers feel about all the yellow/black text-based streetwear hoodies out there. Are those ohmonah copies too?

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Do you know who the owo hoodie artist is? I didn't hear about the Dec 2018 thing.

>> No.10198137

I don't want to namedrop here since they seem to be a small time artist (they only have a couple hundred followers) and I'm not sure if they'll be harassed when ohmonah specifically didn't name them for that reason.

But I found them by searching for "ohmonah" on Twitter. One of their friends mention both ohmonah and the other artist by name so I was able to find them that way. It should be easy enough for you to find as well.

>> No.10198139

I don't really think that stands very well because the customer base is different. The streetwear you posted is being marketed to a totally different customer base compared to the weeaboo/con scene crowd that Ohmonah and the copycat are catering to. That's probably why she got comments about how people saw the copycat design and thought at first that it was her booth and merchandise, when it wasn't. The streetwear hypebeast market isn't going to be interested in either design.

Again, it's not about if you think it isn't "original" enough to copy in the first place. If it's true that her customer base is getting confused as to which is her work, especially if it's at the same convention, that's a definite issue for her that needs to be resolved, legally or otherwise. Please read up on copyright law. IANAL but you clearly don't understand how this works. It's not JUST about the visuals.

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File: 1.06 MB, 1534x2016, 917E267C-1166-452E-A897-C74D91A0605A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just saw pictures of said artist’s table on Twitter and they have mostly a print wall with like 3-4 shirts compared to Ohmonah who pretty much focuses on apparel and has an entirely different set-up.

Honestly, arguing that customers are “getting confused” when the other person doesn’t even have a visually similar set up seems a bit disingenuous and a little exaggerated on ohmonah’s part.

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File: 196 KB, 1024x603, 8E05DBB1-4B15-4B4F-BFE6-1C3490F89E36.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ohmonah’s set-up for comparison.

>> No.10198178

I don't know either of these artists, that's why I say "if it's true". These setups are definitely different from one another though, which is something that either side could bring up in a legal battle. I'm still pretty concerned about selling in the same place + consumer base though.

Also, the shirts in that photo are definitely different from Ohmonah's work and the copycat sweatshirt. I wonder why the artist went with a design that was so different from the rest of her shirts? Hell, you could argue "the sweatshirt is so different from the other designs, that she must have specifically based it off the Ohmonah design". Not exactly the strongest argument, since it's assuming a lot of artistic intent, but still, I have to wonder why she put out a piece that's so different from those other shirt designs.

That alleged "I'm a huge fan!" comment is also...a little off-putting imo. I will leave it at that.

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Lol, implying either of these girls could afford lawyers.

>> No.10198192

this yellow sweatshirt shit is silly, street brands have been putting out identical designs to that for like 4 years. its like getting pissed that someone else drew an anime character wearing jeans

>> No.10198200

>confusing customers about who made what and/or b) impeding her sales by driving customers to the copycat's design
They look like completely different designs. Literally the only similarity is the color of the hoodie and design. Black and yellow isn't some defining color.

>If it's true that her customer base is getting confused as to which is her work, especially if it's at the same convention, that's a definite issue for her that needs to be resolved, legally or otherwise.

Really? half of the fan art artists all look identical. Or how about people who sell ears and tails? A fox tail made by two different people will look identical if they use the same fur fabric.

>because the customer base is different.

Customer base means nothing at all. You can't steal someone's design and it be ok as long as you market it to a different crowd.

>> No.10198205

I don’t personally know either of them either. I guess we just have different feelings about it. It just doesn’t seem like that big a deal to me especially since there’s no way this person is even making anywhere near the same level of sales as Ohmonah.

>> No.10198231

If your design is so simple that you get threatened by someone else's that is just vaguely reminiscent of yours... maybe the problem is with your concepts and you're not as original as you think you are

>> No.10198245

Just because YOU think it's different doesn't mean other people will think the opposite. Again, I'm just basing this off it what she's posted in regards to the situation. I have no horse in this race. If those confusions did indeed happen, that is basis for a legal argument. That's all I'm saying.

>customer base means nothing at all
Wrong, it definitely does. Go read up on copyright law. The where, when, and how of a product's distribution all matter in situations like this.

>Or how about people who sell ears and tails? A fox tail made by two different people will look identical if they use the same fur fabric.
Sure, here are only so many ways you can make a fox tail or animal ear set. Like you said, ears from different artists will look identical to one another if the material is the same. A fox tail only looks one certain way in nature, after all.
However, you can't argue for that when it comes to this situation. Sure, it's probably going to be the same base sweatshirt (Hanes, American Apparel, what have you), but what you can have printed on that sweatshirt is only limited to your imagination and creativity. She didn't have to make it the way she did.

Now whether or not Ohmonah did it first or not is another story. I don't really trust those "last modified" dates because those can be easily faked on either side by fucking around with the file's data. I think what matters more is which went to market first.

>> No.10198251

Lawyers are dirt cheap anon, I hired one to write a formal letter for $3,200 the other day.
Consultations are also always free if you’ve paid one previously too.

>> No.10198256

@eckodragon on twitter

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File: 1.24 MB, 2272x2320, il_fullxfull.1394876543_32pw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>think it's different
I don't think it is, it objectively is. Its a completely different design.

>The where, when, and how of a product's distribution all matter in situations like this.

No, it doesn't. That only applies to trademark names and logos, not products. You can use a similar name/logo as someone else in a different field, but you can't sell products of someone else's in any field. Also, the fields must be completely different, like fashion vs computer software. Its not separated by different subsets of fashion.

> here are only so many ways you can make a fox tail or animal ear set.

And its same with a basic hoodie design. You have 4 places to put a design, the front, back, and two sleeves. yellow hoodies with a design on the front and sleeves is not uncommon, pic related is from a quick etsy search

>> No.10198275

>it objectively is
wow anon i didn't know your opinions were facts now

>> No.10198291

it's on a standard goldenrod basic sweatershirt on thinner looking cotton. You could say it's inspired more by Supreme with the black strip than the chick sweatshirt. You can't copyright a basic design with black bars?

Omonah still sells at Anime Matsuri so it's not like she has a ton of morals when most artists have boycotted that event already (especially after last year) & she can't claim ignorance because the boycott has been going on for years now.

>> No.10198429

is a tiny little artist really going to hurt her sales? Sure if this was an original design but looking at the comparisons to other SIMILAR streetwear designs... I think they're both being fucking babies about it

>> No.10198437

oh well. thanks.

>> No.10198439

a lot of small-time artists’ first impulse is to treat copyright disputes as interpersonal disputes (so immediately apologizing and making concessions, trying to publicly smooth things over before they get dogpiled, etc). unfortunately by trying to be considerate of the other artist’s feelings they end up fucking themselves over if it were to end up in a court of law

>> No.10198466

Porn commissions I think

>> No.10198468

I only use them for shirts and they are pretty good if you want to test the waters with apparel designs.

>> No.10198515

>selling at AM
Ok my sympathies are out the window then.

>> No.10198702

>one letter for $3,200
>dirt cheap
Are you joking? If these two girls were to send lawyers on each other back and forth then they would be broke immediately.

>> No.10198716

lol all agreed to start making yellow sweaters with black/white sleeve and center designs? >:3c

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File: 219 KB, 540x719, mylawyersaysthatiowntherightstogoldenrodhoodies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, anon.

>> No.10198736

That knock off is just fucking terrible. I'm so sick of uwu memes. I'd normally empathize with getting you idea stolen, but...
This is fucking stupid. Unless you're literally stealing artwork, not much can be done. You can't sue if another brand makes a heart shaped purse nearly identical to your own heart shaped purse. You don't own hearts and you don't own heart shapes.
Fast fashion brands copy runway fashion all the time. So sick of weebs trying to be the next omocat but actually know nothing about clothing, the legalities of it, or the industry itself.
Being "inspired by" in clothing means you have zero grounds to sue. Her "legal advice" is probably her entourage sucking her dick.

>> No.10198762

Yeah, there's no copyright in fashion. Unless they're copying the printed design exactly or putting your brand name on their shit, you can't do jack about it. "Reviewing my legal options", being "in contact with my lawyers" or a cease and desist are just tactics to scare the other party into dropping it. After that if you try to take them to court, you better hope they see the lawyer fees as not worth it and settle, because you're not guaranteed to win.

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File: 308 KB, 1692x1338, this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know where I can find something similar to this but in 10x10? I like how it pulls tight at the bottom but this example only goes to 6x6.

It'd be for an exhibitor booth.

>> No.10198944

Not rolling if possible, the tripod legs would work best.

>> No.10199520

Any suggestions on where I can get custom printing/designed on berets?

>> No.10199615

are you fucking blind

>> No.10199726

Lol what even. Those are so diffenet. Its just fucking image placement.

>> No.10199736

Is printng adult material profitable in any way, such as posters or zines? I know a lot of artists make bank off their porn patreons, but does that extend to physical goods?

>> No.10199818

Yes and yaoi zines in particular.

>> No.10199974

If you paid $3200 for a formal letter then you’re either a dumbass that likes getting ripped off or lying. You aren’t anyone important enough to need the type of lawyer worth paying that type of representation.

>> No.10200014

These posts reminded me i was wondering about how it works when people do the “show id to see 18+ material” at their booth. Do you just hand over the content? Is it in an album/sleeve if it’s prints? Do you have the person turn around so everyone else browsing or walking by can’t see?

>> No.10200024

We answered this a few threads ago. ID them, prints in binders, show them the content, if some teenager catches a peek it's not your fault. It's a drawing. They can go look up all of the hardcore hentai they want on their phones. Kids aren't going to be trying to sneak a peek like it's 1999.

>> No.10200059

>Kids aren't going to be trying to sneak a peek like it's 1999
Well a kid apparently stole porn from an artists table recently so I guess you're sort of right
People who show their card to view material usually are aware that they should use discretion paging through. Most of them also don't want people to easily see over their shoulder that they're looking at porn. If you're going to have it on your table make sure it's not easy to casually flip it open. I usually keep a sealed copy/preview sheet of it on the table and then have a preview copy/full binder behind the table which I hand them after I check their ID.

>> No.10200103

Speaking of theft, how exactly have people been stealing from tables recently? Has it been from stock under/behind the table or is it mainly from stuff that's sitting out on top of the table? Just want to make sure I'm prepped and aware so I don't get robbed. I already know a lot of people have been switching from cash boxes to fanny packs.

>> No.10200178

iirc one way is dropping their bags on top of prints/merch flat on the table, ostensibly to fish money out, and then sweeping the items off when they take the bag

>> No.10200203

>You aren’t anyone important enough to need the type of lawyer worth paying that type of representation.
>Imagine actually believing that and saying that to someone you have absolute no knowledge about on the internet
Anon $3k isn’t that much it doesn’t sound uncommon to me especially people in businesses.

>> No.10200217

>$3k isn’t that much
Anon, if you think $3k is dirt cheap, then you need to take a step off your yacht and walk around a neighborhood that has a walmart nearby.

>> No.10200245

Going to my first con soon. What do you guys usually make on a con weekend?

>> No.10200267

The trick going around last year was apparently a team of 2-3 people targeting people on end caps tabling alone, one engages you in conversation and the other jumps behind you and grabs your money bag. Those guys were making off with thousands of dollars, so making sure your money bag and valuables are attached to your body at all times is important.
I've been thefted before by just not paying enough attention to my table, usually my head down working on commission or something. Just make sure you can view your whole table in your peripherals when people are there.

>> No.10200268

around $2000 or so depending on the size of the con

>> No.10200272

Thanks anon, my friend will be with me all the time, so we should be safe

>> No.10200278

I was going to start up AA and do some cons to start, but I recently got into something that's made me a whole lot more money in the time frame that something like a con weekend would give me.

I'm grateful for the money, but I also wanted to still try AA with all my momentum built up. I was looking forward to getting my name known as an artist since I'm mostly a nobody at the moment.
Do you think it's important for an artist to head to Artist Alley's to both meet fans and gain a following? Does it matter to you if you ever see your favorite artists in person to talk to?

>> No.10200286

This really depends on the convention. If you said the name of the con, we might be able to give you better answers.

>> No.10200361

First con most people are lucky to make back their costs.

NTAYRT Without knowing what the formal letter was about/for its kinda hard to determine anything about the cost. I'm as much for 'eat the rich' as the next guy but that shit just makes you sound as ignorant as the 'ur an idiot for paying $200 for a commission' people.

>> No.10200393

i made 1500 pure profits first con kek

>> No.10200466

>Without knowing what the formal letter was about/for its kinda hard to determine anything about the cost.
the anon said $3k, so idk what you mean by that line. I'm not saying whether its a good value or not, just thats its a lot.

>> No.10200601

>no one was talking to or about me but give me attention reeee

>> No.10200624

First event in a couple of weeks, time to impulsively sew stuff that I'll hope will sell, like bags and pouches. I bought minky fabric years ago and regretted it since, just never brought myself to make the plushies I thought I would make, so I hope that making soft fuzzy pouches will be attractive enough... Panic and urgency are great motivators for a procrastinator like me, despite working on other things (general craft artist).

>> No.10200703

NAYRT, but is it really that common that people don't profit/barely break even for their first con? The only reason I continued to do cons was because I made a good profit at my first one. If I'd barely made any money or even lost money I would've waited a few years for my skills to improve before trying again.

>> No.10200754

>doing a con
>con partner is dropping out a few days before con
>they had literal months notice
>kept not responding to emails
>they've offered to pay for their half of the table anyway if they can't find anyone to replace them
am i being mean for taking them up on this offer? i'm very bad at being assertive.

i made my money back just from cheap sketch commissions even though i brought almost no products at all

>> No.10200785

You're not being mean for taking them up on their offer, if they drop out late it really screws you over and at the very least you shouldn't have to pay for their half of the table.

I've been the one who's dropped out of something last minute, and I offered to still pay for my hotel portion too since I knew it'd be hard for them to find another roomie, and I certainly didn't demand my portion of the table money back

Yes, sometimes their first con is just a bad one, and sometimes they are really unprepared. Though i think if in three cons they don't break even it's probably a good sign they need to work on their art more

>> No.10200786

I don't think it's necessary, there's tons of artists who don't do artist alley at all but have big followings, but if you want to do it, then do it anon! I find it very rewarding to meet fans,

>> No.10201167

Anyone here ever used Instagram's promotions on posts for your products? Did it make a difference? I have a lot of stock of keychains I'd like to sell before ordering new designs. The problem is I only have about 100 followers on instagram. Was thinking of putting $15-20 toward a promo campaign for a couple days on IG. Thoughts?

>> No.10201197

You sell fan art at conventions. You’re a nobody.

>> No.10201261

If it's only $15-20, you'd only have to sell a couple keychains to make it back. When the risk is that low, why not?

>> No.10201551

This doesn't make me sound like a bitch, right? I asked my artist friends and they jumped down my throat. They said, art can't be rushed, you don't know what they are going through, it's not cool to push artists, etc. But I commissioned this amazing super talented person for another project and she got it done in like two weeks. Then I commissioned her again, 3 sketches this time, and she delivered 2 after about a month and now I've been waiting for the 3rd one for like 5 months? I emailed her once every two weeks on the weekends, then once a week on Saturday and now I just sent her this:

Hey there,
Any updates? We stared this sketch commission in February. Just let me know if you don't want to/can't do the final sketch. You can keep the money, I don't want a refund. I just don't want to be checking me email every day and have my hopes raised, if you never end up responding. Hope that doesn't come across as rude or anything! It's just that it's almost July...so. :) Hope your new job is going well! And remember, I just want a sketch. Doesn't have to be neat and inked and pretty like you made the other sketches.

Keep in mind she replies every 4 weeks or so or not at all. And I'll be honest, I'm actually pissed because I follow her on IG, and she posts every few days with fan art and stories of "look what I'm coloring /working on now WIPS" and I'm sitting over here feeling played.

>> No.10201557

I mean, what is posted on social media isn’t related to the status of your commission (though I get why people feel like it is and feel upset when they see an artist posting personal/other stuff). In your case, I think you should ask her for an estimate deadline? Something like “Hi! I don’t need the art right away, but when do you think you’ll get the sketch done by?”

>> No.10201562

You paid money, she owes you work.
I hate how people are like “but I’m an artist uwu I can’t be pressured” I’d be pissed if I saw her working on other things too. I’d personally give her an ultimatum and then open a PayPal dispute if she doesn’t comply.

>> No.10201565


I didn't mind at ALL a few months ago when I saw those. I see people on Tumblr do that all the time. They'll post a "doodles between commissions" or "drawing to unwind". Totally fine. Totally understandable. Usually their next post would be the commission they were working on, but everyone's different. I get that. But why do you post of social media, do side projects, update Twitter, etc, and it's been two months since you last replied to my email? Just say hi back. What's with the radio silence/shunning? My last ten emails have just been "Hello! Hope all is well! Any updates?"

Throw me a bone here, yeah?

>> No.10201568

Sorry, that came off as if I'm tell YOU (anon) to get off my back with your comment. Lol, no. I meant that as if I was talking to the artist. Like come on man, I see your Zelda and Overwatch fan art. Just reply to my email!

>> No.10201575

A lot of artists who aren't really suited to working as artists do this. It's because they start to feel so guilty about being late that they just start avoiding the work, and the person who paid for it. It's not an intent to scam, in that case, it's just some kind of psychological reaction. So there's a chance that they are seeing your emails and feel really bad about it, but the stress/guilt is making them less and less likely to deliver the work.
It's easy for any person to get a paypal and accept commissions but if you can't schedule your own time well and manage projects/deadlines then you really shouldn't be taking money for your work, imo.
I wouldn't call you a bitch for it at all, if the info you gave are the facts of the case. The only thing I would say is that you should agree on a deadline next time you commission work; you probably left it open ended and so she wasn't worried about it, until suddenly you were emailing every week. I'd say, based on the info you gave, that was your only mistake.
Agree with the other anon about an ultimatum. Go about it as politely as possible, but sometimes it's the only way to get people like this to get in gear and finish the work they promised.

>> No.10201576


Ha, you're fine. You should see some of the nasty emails I get from people who make orders and then ask where their art is after two days. Some people really go off.

Have you really been waiting months for a sketch and this artist does fan art posting during the whole time? Yeah, that's not cool.

>> No.10201578


Yup, that's what I did. I said no deadline, feel free to finish whenever. They're just sketches of my OCs, so it's like I needed them urgently. Noted for next time! I just didn't think she would go dark after how quick she was with the first commission and how nice the work ended up being.

>> No.10201626

100% agree with you and wish more artists would see things this way. You DO NOT have to take commissions just because you're an artist or someone asks - if you'd rather just focus on self motivated work and designing your own merch, just do it.

>> No.10201638

As one of those artists who really isn't suited to commissions. This 100x, took commissions for a while, had one where I did exactly as >>10201575 described, had my screw up and just, stopped taking commissions. I do way better with my merch sales anyway anymore and its been way better for my mental health.

>> No.10201642

It really depends on when you started/how prepared when you started too.

I did my first AA almost 10 years ago in high school when there weren't a lot of resources and most everything in AA was printed goods (prints, laminated keychains, bookmarks, etc). I shared my table with 2 other artists and after making back production and table costs, we each made like $20 profit?

But I wasn't prepared, I went into it thinking it might be a cool thing to try with friends and had 2 big prints, bookmarks, and some stickers.

I know nowdays people research for years before taking the dive and go in with a full table and fully manfactured charms and other goods. So I can see how people might be turning a good profit even at their first con ever. Having online following/higher skill will also help. Before, it was almost a guarantee that you'd likely lose money or just barely make back costs at your first con because there weren't really any resources.

I actually think it's much harder to make AAs work as a low to mid-tier artist nowdays than it was in the past. The competition is so much fiercer due to easily accessible information and I'm glad that I started when I did because I was able to experiment with what works for me and was able to grow as an artist without feeling that high energy social pressure of having to constantly outdo everyone else.

>> No.10201695

thank you anon. i appreciate that.

>> No.10201700
File: 435 KB, 1282x2048, fanmix disney princess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

toonmix is on(japanese convention) and there is a thread on /co/ right now incase anyone wants to harvest pictures for inspo
co > 108313266

>> No.10201829

did anyone hear from youmacon? i got rejected and my friend didn't receive anything. it seems like something went wrong with the e-mails looking at the fb thread.

>> No.10201877

if it’s been five months you need to open it soon, the buyer protection caps out at 6 months

>> No.10201902

They used gmail and added to many recipients (bcc) for the notices. They should be resending them now.

>> No.10201955

They were supposed to send out two emails. I never got the first one from last night, but I got an acceptance a few hours ago.

>> No.10201984

Anon, there are art I commissioned that I haven't gotten in more than a year. And when I talked to the artist, they promised they would deliver and keeps posting personals.

the issue is I still respect the artist and I feel like making drama over it will be kind of bad for us both. I do want my money back at this point though.

>> No.10202095

People are so salty over Youmacon doing the juried lottery. I'll admit its pretty weird. Thoughts?

>> No.10202149

>people 'salty' over potential income lost
who'da thunk?

also who tf you follow that's salty? I probably got 10-15 people I follow who didn't get in but the reaction wasn't any more that 'didn't make it, bummer :('

>> No.10202157

I don’t mind that Youmacon is both juried and lottery. And isn’t it 10% lottery? Or am I thinking of a different con.

>> No.10202166

More so people upset over how they chose artists, not so much that they didn't get in.

It's all juried/lottery this year. Apparently they juried the group down to half, and then did a lottery on those that "passed" the jury. So you could pass the jury, but still not get in. Those that passed jury, but failed the lottery, are now on a 233 people waitlist. Everyone that failed the jury are just rejected.

>> No.10202226

>It's all juried/lottery this year. Apparently they juried the group down to half, and then did a lottery on those that "passed" the jury.
sounds like the most fair way to do it desu.

>> No.10202242

yeah agreed, I kinda like this desu

>> No.10202742

This is pure AANI SPS salt but since when is make-up instagramming an artist alley thing? Like there's a 100 other places to shill boring pokemon make up looks.

>> No.10202766

There's an artist I was in talks with for a prospective custom order on etsy and her shop has been in a break mode citing an event that happened in May but it's been a month now and still on break? No response to my messages. How long do artists typically go without checking their stores?

>> No.10202775

She might just forgot to open it? I would try her social medias.

>> No.10202806

>boycott Facebook because of sexism
>4chan is fine tho

>> No.10202811

so usps just more than doubled the price of shipping medium to large sized boxes yesterday. One of my props I sell on etsy use to cost $32 to ship to california, now costs $68.

>> No.10202924

I can understand people being upset that it was:
You got accepted!...into the jury. Then the next day the email is "you've been rejected"
Why not just do the jury without telling anyone who's in it and send out acceptance and rejection in one go.
I thought I was rejected because I didn't get any email, then today I suddenly got an email that I was accepted and passed lottery

>> No.10202929

I would like to know if I got accepted in the jury because I would know why I got rejected that why (luck as opposed to skill). Agreed that they could have done it in one email batch though to avoid confusion.

>> No.10202931

Yeah that's totally valid. I think most of the anger was from no emails and then those didn't like the 2 email thing.
My biggest grip is they didn't explain this until people started bitching. This has been an issue with Youma for years and it's exhausting. Honestly just glad Beth is gone tho

>> No.10203069

definitely try USP/fedex, they usually have more reasonable prices when it comes to larger items.

>> No.10203070

i meant UPS im dumb

>> No.10203081

Her insta also just says "See you in May!" and is pretty much dead.

>> No.10203103
File: 590 KB, 497x573, salt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surprise surprise, this 'artist' sold traced art and can afford enamel pins and holo-stickers to get made. I'm so salty that people are dumb enough to buy from artists like this

>> No.10203190
File: 1.96 MB, 4032x3024, CD7B251E-CD06-41E4-A4C6-63E313B8F85D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve been out of the biz for a few years and will continue to be, but I really loved being in AA so I want to return someday. But for now I need to get rid of a lot of stuff since I’m moving to Japan for work. I’m selling my XP-Pen Artist 22HD if anyone here is interested before I throw it up on Ebay and in AA groups. Works perfect, no scratches at all, but you’ll need to buy a new stylus charger cable since I think I lost it in my move from college to home. I used it only for about a year and I just like sitting on the couch with my iPad more. $280 not including shipping, from Ohio USA. Email me if interdasted.

>> No.10203192

Ugh dropped email

>> No.10203298

Any basic specs/advice for buying a printer for art prints?

>> No.10203313

Sent you an email!

>> No.10203329

Honestly unless you're going to be pumping them out like there's no tomorrow it's probably best to find a good, affordable print shop in your area and go to them. Buying and maintaining a professional quality printer is a lot.

>> No.10203372

how heavy are those plastic storage cubes compared to the wire ones?

>> No.10203433

If you mean the kind that look sort of frosted, they are super light in comparison.

>> No.10203448

I love how lightweight they are. I take an entire 12 cube set with me in luggage and it's only 15lbs.

>> No.10203454

This is straight up copying original artwork. Wow.

>> No.10203466
File: 415 KB, 800x533, 1383421754267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Share how do you spruce up your table display, if you use decorations (ie banner, tablecloth, fairy lights, etc) that is. Do you find that decked out tables help with sales a bit?

Every year I update my table bit by bit, sticking to wood/leafy details, and I get compliments for it. The other day I made a bunting banner of Animal Crossing leaves to hang in front of my crafty table.

>> No.10203847

So I ended up putting $9 toward an Instagram promotion campaign and will share what I got. I ended up only doing $9 over 3 days to promote a post I made with some keychain designs. Got 10 new followers and I was able to sell a keychain on etsy. I can't exactly confirm that that sale came from Instagram or from the etsy marketplace, but I think with the +400 likes and 78 bookmarks I got during the campaign its okay to assume that the sale did come IG.
My thoughts on this are basically that yeah, promotions definitely work. With the $9 I put toward the campaign and selling a $9 keychain, I broke even so it wasn't a total waste. Gaining followers from the promo feels good but also seems a little icky, almost as though I just bought them.... All in all, I might do it again in the future if I'm trying to sell some stock. A tip if you decide on trying IG promos: You can pause the promo during night hours and turn it back on during peak social media time.

>> No.10203857

This. I bought a nice quality Canon so I could do my own 11x17s and the colors never come out right. Catprint is a godsend and I'm sure it's cheaper than if I had to do my own printing and replace the ink cartridges at least a couple of times to do a few hundred prints.

>> No.10203885

switched from the wire cubes to the plastic ones and theres no comparison, plastic ones are so much lighter and also easier to assemble. deffo switch.

>> No.10204308

Thank you for this info anon. I tried Facebook ads some time back and that ended up being a total waste. I may give Instagram ads a try to push some shirt designs I have.

>Gaining followers from the promo feels good but also seems a little icky, almost as though I just bought them

You're fine anon. It's no different than drawing the latest hashtag trend, popular character for followers imo.

>> No.10204430

I collected a print order from a shop and they're lousy. Is it too late to complain if I already paid or should I shoot them an email?

>> No.10204458

think you replied to the wrong person, but yea, if you aren't happy with an order, complain. Good businesses like knowing when an order goes wrong so they can know to correct it for future orders.

>> No.10205178

oh, sorry. thanks, i will.

>> No.10205583

Have you ever forgotten something big or essential when leaving for a convention?

>> No.10205584

One time I forgot my clamps.

>> No.10205594

One time I left 1 of my luggage bags that had the majority of my merch. By some miracle I was able to at least make table cost and travel by selling what little merch I did have and taking a massive amount of commissions but the workload ruined the con for me.

>> No.10205617

I got a free sample pack from Vograce of all the stuff they're doing their promotion on right now, and what I liked most were the heart badge and the holographic badge, and I just wanted to ask how well badges do sale-wise

The vacuum cup is also awesome, Vograce is really stepping up its game

>> No.10205622

I think it's because Vograce knows they're losing customers for their charm market. I've had them mess up my orders so many times this year and now there are plenty of other alibaba manufacturers that have started offering acrylic charms at even cheaper rates.

>> No.10205643

Agreed. Even with reorders, they've sent me charms of grossly varying sizes? It's frustrating because I sell charms in sets

Also, sorry for the vent but I'm still bitter about this - earlier this year, I ordered mid March and asked for my charms to arrive April 17 (had a convention after easter but I like having my stuff arrive early in case of any funny business). They said they could do it. I send files and payment and then let things lie. I usually leave my manufacturers alone since I trust that they know their shit and I know vograce, despite their sizing issues, works with tons of people so I should at least be able to trust that. Boy howdy was I wrong!

April 13th I email, hey can I get an update! Since I never got tracking info but I know manus sometimes forget to send tracking. Just a reminder! On the 15th she tells me there was a delay and that she'd ship out tomorrow with the fastest shipping option of 2-4 days and that she would send me a tracking number when they were sent out. That's fine with me even though the agreed arrival date was the 17th this was exactly why I set it early.

On the 17th, I'M the one who emails, hey! I never got tracking, could I get that? Because reasonably assuming, they should have sent my order out already. She replies that it's been shipped but she doesn't have the tracking number right now. I get this response after a couple back and forths btw I'm just cutting some of our conversation out. Okay! She doesn't have the tracking number right now, maybe she's out of the office <-- that's my thought process.

>> No.10205645

On the 18th, she asks to reconfirm my address. SUSPICIOUS but I do it. She eventually sends me a tracking number after LITERALLY PULLING TEETH WITH HER, I sent three emails from my end reminding her to do so. GUESS WHAT! Tracking reveals that the shipping label was literally made that day. It's not even at the fucking post office yet. And because of the holiday (easter), there was no way my order was going to make it in time for my convention.

It would have been one thing if they had just said, oh there was a delay, we're sorry. Shit happens. But on TOP of I guess forgetting about my order, they fucking lied to me and said they had shipped it out before they had even made a fucking shipping label. Like what the absolute FUCK. And I want to add that this order was around 1k so it wasn't like it was small potatoes either.

anyway tl;dr vograce agreed to get me my charms for the 16th, after I bugged them, they told me they'd ship out my charms on the 16th and then gave me a tracking number that had been made on the 18th

>> No.10205672

all of my prints and my display panels. I was insanely fortunate in that in my country AA is very small and everyone knows each other, I managed to cobble together a display by other artists lending me a panel or two each.

>> No.10205722

Which contact did you have at Vograce? All my charms are done within a 2-4 week deadline. And they still send me my charms half a week to a week early.. So this is very odd they would take so long?

Or is it possible you used one of those "fake" vograce's? There's all these vograce competitors that use the term "vograce" in their alibaba product listing names to show up in search to try to trick people into using them. I've tried one of them and they shipped my charms late...

>> No.10205736

I went through Rola. And yeah, I actually kind of wish it was a 'fake' vograce because I WANT a reliable and consistent source but no, it definitely was real vograce. I've ordered with them before, I'm not a new customer - didn't even go through alibaba, had the email. I knew I gave them enough time and because I've ordered with them before, felt comfortable enough to just let them do their thing which was why I never prompted for tracking until so late. Also got their samples/promo for their new package with my order when it eventually came, haha.

I honestly think they somehow forgot about my order until I prompted them again and then scrambled to try to make it. Like I said, I would have been annoyed but shit happens. It's the fact that they lied about it and strung me along for days that pisses me off. It's just a really bad situation that they dealt with super unprofessionally and it leaves a foul taste in my mouth.

>> No.10205809

forgot to pack underwear once.

>> No.10205822

How did you deal?

>> No.10205842

I'm worried now. I haven't ordered from Vograce for so long and now that I want to I see a bunch of people complaining they fucked up their orders on Twitter.

Welp, hope by the time I order they don't have a load of work. Anybody tried their stickers?

>> No.10205858

omg yeah not charms but for me it's acrylic stands? Has anyone else had the issue where it's super difficult to get the stand in the base or just me? Also a recent issue, I've never had this problem before... and it makes no sense because some of these are reorders too? So the base hole shouldn't have changed, right?

>> No.10206112

fwiw anon my last few vograce orders have been fine, I usually do 2 a year. I did one earlier this spring. No problems, sizes were what i specified.

>> No.10206140

Almost every con I do I leave a box or two of stock behind accidentally. Thankfully I have fifty million items so it doesn't effect me much but bleugh

I do this all the time. I do this so often that one time I bought new clamps thinking I had forgot my clamps when they were just buried in a bag

>> No.10206266

Post pics of the samples!!

>> No.10206271

I'm sorry you had that experience, anon. If it helps for next time, my rep was Chris, and he was excellent and always giving me updates. Perhaps ask for him?

>> No.10206281

They're kinda tight by design, I think. Mine came like that too. If it's too loose then the stand will wobble in the base. I got a standee in a collector's edition game that did that, and it makes it look and feel flimsy and cheap.
I just advise customers to be firm, but gentle. As long as it still fits in the hole, it's fine by my standards. If they were too small and literally had no chance of fitting together, that's when I would complain.

>> No.10206470

I wonder how Akon will go this year. Anyone here at the show? You have all my prayers, brave souls.

>> No.10206551
File: 3.80 MB, 1920x2143, PhotoEditor_20190628_180946217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only left the puzzle in a tube out of the picture, I forgot about it lol

>> No.10206773

They're doing puzzles? Wow, i wonder how those would sell...cute idea desu

>> No.10206775

Are those stickers vinyl?

>> No.10206791

Yeah, I was amazed when I opened the box and saw it was a puzzle. The fact that they're framed, too, so you can stand or hang it up afterwards just makes it even better!
Honestly even if I don't sell a lot I might end up getting some made mostly for myself 'cause I love/collect puzzles lol

Yup! They seem pretty decent quality too

>> No.10206910

is vograce just becoming a middleman for other chinese factories now?

>> No.10207263

Hey just gonna put out there for possible lurking Otakon staff but hey try to check your artist alley emails cause I’ve been emailing you once every week about an issue I need a response on and I’m really done with your ghosting.

Like I’m not even the only one? I emailed your contact email form on the site too to the artist alley department and I was told after waiting for 2 weeks to EMAIL THE EMAIL ADDRESS. No shit I’ve BEEN

>> No.10207407

I've had this issue before too, my advice is to DM the official otakon twitter to talk to AA because they'll actually have to listen to them

>> No.10207624

How do furry cons feel about selling fan art? Things like zootopia, sonic, animal crossing, etc?
I know people at furry cons like to push original art so thought I'd ask

>> No.10207625

I have tweeted to Otakon cause their DMs aren’t open. They ignored the tweets and after a few days I deleted them out of fear I was being too aggressive. I don’t want to be in the back of the fucking room again cause of some shitty misunderstanding or cause the high and mighty AA heads want to put themselves and their friends in the front of the room (nice job putting yourself right at the AA entrance every year Sarah) and put everyone else in the shit seats. (yeah ive figured you guys out)

>> No.10207713

I just went to the @Otakon twitter and their DMs are open. I didn't mean the OtakonAA twitter, I meant the overall Otakon twitter, haha. AA is a fucking pain to get a hold of so I went through another department like u-u um idk who to talk to im a stupid artist pwease help, maybe i have the wrong info? nobody is replying... Then whoever's in charge of their public social media THEY go to AA like wtf can you reply

>> No.10207780

Lmao not that anon but this happened to me too. Ended up buying a cheap pack from a Wal-mart to get me through the weekend.

>> No.10207877
File: 242 KB, 640x572, F0B2BE6E-AC87-4BCD-830C-F021D0240028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess you’re one of the special few then cause I don’t see that.

>> No.10207914

I see people sell it at the furry cons I go to. pokemon does well.

>> No.10207978

Someone on the disc finally got a reply. Post to AAIN if you are getting no reply. The AA head lurks there.

>> No.10207991

That instagram esque card is so cute oh my god

>> No.10207997

what do you do if someone pays for a commission and doesn't pick it up? i said i'd leave at a certain time. and i left my contact name on the table. is there anything different i could do/have done?

>> No.10208047
File: 2.60 MB, 289x211, tumblr_inline_p5wlq5HOHT1ts4zyt_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When you first started out, how many products did you bring with you? For example, how many prints or did you decide to sell more charms than badges, that sort of thing.

>> No.10208079

>is there anything different i could do/have done?
no. it happens.

>> No.10208208

enough to where if you sell out, you'd be happy with your profits, but not enough to where if you sell nothing, you won't be able to handle the excess inventory.

>> No.10208251

Doing artist alleys and tables, I've rarely left something major at home but I have had a million nightmares about forgetting shit and deciding to drive back home the first night at a con. Which is typically a 5-8 hour drive for me.

>> No.10208303

Are you talking about quantity of each or variety?

If the latter, I had like 4 different prints, and 4 postcard designs. 1 button and sticker sheet, and 3 bookmarks. Not much, but I was splitting with a friend and I made double my breakeven, so it's not absolutely critical to have a dozen prints at your first table.

>> No.10208304
File: 50 KB, 520x236, 5AE7D14D-E64A-4AC1-A2CF-B73CA0F60BA7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol it’s cause Otakon probably follows them. One of the blessed privileged ones who gets a good spot I’m guessing.
I even went into my DMs and tried to dm them by directly adding their username to one and it gave me this.

Otakon is honestly bullshit and I’m sick of them adding more and more tables every year and raising costs. Last year we were almost at 300 tables. Oh and we ALL are now getting 6ft tables instead of 8ft ones cause people bitched last year and they decided to punish unlimited and pro row now with all 6ft tables for everyone.
An email went out about seating requests but only half of the people I know who are in AA got one. Not surprised.

>> No.10208348

Is that cactus thing a bag or one of the pillow cases? Or a mat?

>> No.10208423

Can we just add this to the OP, people ask this question >>10208047 every other thread

>> No.10208477

General art question for y'all,
I'm currently working on my first ever print-print... it's got multiple figures in it, plus a background.
I know everyone works a different paces and mine is pretty slow, how do you pace yourselves when it comes to painting larger intensive pieces? Do you stop work on the larger piece and do smaller pieces so you don't get too burnt out on the larger piece, or do you tend to move around the larger piece (ie render one part of a figure, work on another figure, go back to the first figure... etc)
I'm just kind of curious what works best for people. I tend to like to give my eye a break on whatever I'm doing pretty frequently, but I don't want to take forever on larger prints.

>> No.10208535
File: 225 KB, 720x926, Screenshot_20190630-185118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

(anon who suggested messaging them) No, they actually don't follow me, I double checked before suggesting it, it's weird that I can still message them. :S It might be because I messaged them before they closed their DMS?

>> No.10208925

AX in a few days, any last minute tips for AA for an AX newcomer? Good luck to everyone going!

>> No.10208976

I tend to move around the piece and work on different parts at different stages until it all ends up done, but that's because I have adhd and I get bored when working on one part for too long. So some parts of the illustration are still in flats, some are cleaned up, others are still rough, some parts are fully rendered but not the entire figure etc. Just do you and work on it until it's done in any way that suits you but don't get burned out. A finished but slow piece is better than one that's never done.

>> No.10209098

anyone know when katsucon applications usually open? or am i jumping the gun way too early?

>> No.10209118

They will probably open in July, according to someone who asked in AANI. Anime Milwaukee (same weekend) applications will close today at midnight CDT for anyone who wants to double apply in case you don't get into Katsu

>> No.10209157

i try to leave things for a while, because if i go back to them after, i immediately notice something bad about it i didn't notice before.

>> No.10209165

I'm getting ready for my fist convention, I was wondering what kind of paper I should print my artwork on? I tried a bunch of cardstocks but I'm not really feeling it.

>> No.10209184

I see a lot of people raising their print prices to $20 each. I'm not sure if I could get away with that but is that the new norm?

>> No.10209343

Most prints I see are still $15 unless they’re bigger than 11x17 or holo, and the ones that are $20 seem to be from artists who are really up there in skill / have a strong brand going. This is for CA cons too.

>> No.10209407

All the other actual artists are too busy preparing for AX to respond to you, can’t wait for your “I wasn’t ready I barely made table” post in a week.

>> No.10209409

Someone’s salty.

>> No.10209410

Thanks! I'll stick to my guns.

>> No.10209609

Just wanted to see if people had any more quality of life tips specific to the AX AA hall, but you do you dude

And thanks to /you/ for responding when none of the actual artists have time to :)

>> No.10209665

not trying to defend anyone here, but people at conventions seem to leave their brains at the door since they see one artist drawing the same fandom and seem to think it's another artist entirely just based on the fact that both artists are asian

>> No.10209874

Did catprint raise their holo print prices? They seem extremely steep right now. (Almost $2/piece)

>> No.10210072

Hey artist for AX, do you guys prefer cash or card? And do you prefer being given smaller bills vs. large bills??? Or does it matter at all., I was thinking of just bringing a bunch of 1s, 5s, 10s since I know my friends who table like receiving smaller bills because they run out of those sometimes

>> No.10210080

anything except a $20 bill or coins

>> No.10210100

It's a mousepad

>> No.10210142

When dealing with cash, most artists prefer bills smaller than $20s because everyone's gonna be carrying $20s due to ATMs only dispensing $20s and nothing else and it makes it hard to break when giving change.

Card is okay too but we do have to charge an extra to cover fees and not everyone is into that.

>> No.10210147

Would anyone be interested in splitting a table at Metrocon (tampa) last minute? my partner and I do rather well there, but a friend of ours is tabling this year and the person she was splitting with bailed. 8ft table, so it'd be a 4ft space for 125usd. Great table location.

We don't have room in our hotel, so you'd be on your own for that. But our group can def help with breaks and snack runs!

>> No.10210225

I know this comes up a shit ton, but how do you decide what to make prints and merch out of fan art wise? I only know of a few popular things (MHA, one punch, JOJO ) other than that I know nada. I'm playing with the idea of getting a table at a con in November but don't want to commit and apply until I know I'll have stuff besides original content to drive sales.

>> No.10210252

Cash, 1/5/10s day 1, 20s and 100s on the last day please LOL

>> No.10210273

Thats the skill you learn as you run your business. Gotta take the risk and take a guess.

>> No.10210302
File: 623 KB, 1149x643, 7D1B543C-EE54-4EF8-BF89-FB3B59726C9B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watching someone place their last minute order and expecting it to arrive for Anime Expo only for it to get delayed until Monday completely fucking them over leaving them with no inventory
>pic related
Seriously, how can you be this irresponsible? During a holiday weekend too? Im happy this is biting them in the ass.

>> No.10210324

>this much investment in other peoples poor decision making.

>> No.10210325

to be fair, it's the shipping company fucking around and not their manu

>> No.10210329

Who thinks -any- postal company is going to deliver on time during the holidays
She was a dumbass

>> No.10210335

Anons, you sound mad happy that something bad happened to a fellow artist. What's with this mentality?

If you think it sucks to not get your order on time because shipment cut it too close, then take it as a learning point for yourself. Don't kick someone when they are already down. That's very petty.

>> No.10210360

Who is it? I wanna see the meltdown

>> No.10210365

Let me rephrase: What is popular right now besides those things? Or are those basically it for now since that's all I see most people talking/ posting about?

>> No.10210369

theres hypmic, dragalia lost, fate go, good omens, mo dao zu shi

YMMV but those are the ones I see people talking about a lot on my feeds

>> No.10210371

Everyone good enough to not feel threatened by other artists are busy rn and all we're left with is shit tiers who need others to fail in order to get sales

>> No.10210458


>> No.10210476

they said it was handed over to DHL last week and dhl has just been sitting on it since then and that ups/usps didn’t give them delays for the same dates. this isnt their fault anon

>> No.10210478

Are you joking? I've heard so many "good" artists that lurk here talk shit about her simply because she has a moe style.

>> No.10210489

When someone takes down your item from etsy for copyright, does it take down your whole store? Or do you just get a warning?

>> No.10210507

I said what I said

>> No.10210562

Agree, if you have the time to gloat over other peoples loss instead of prepping for your own cons, you must not be very good. Just quit artist alley instead of making it into a toxic cesspit for those involved.

>> No.10210621

I think they have a 3 strike rule before you get banned? I got a strike once and they just removed that particular item.

>> No.10210633

Any anons get mad when you spend hours on researching for new resources for your table but then other AA artists want to swoop in leech off you for links?

>> No.10210786

me omg it's annoying. It's one thing when a friend asks but so many rando artists will ask me for suppliers within their first breath ugh

>> No.10210802

What if someone offered to pay you a few hundred bucks for your source per product? Would you still be upset/balk at the proposition?

>> No.10210843

I’d just think they’re retarded for throwing around money instead of using a single braincell to do the work themselves.

>> No.10210864

mo dao zu shi can't be sold for profit unfortunately

>> No.10210967

I would say yes to being offered over 100 bucks to tell something that could be easily Googled, they're the sucker for not using a tool that literal children can use. It's astonishing how many people don't know how to google.

>> No.10211193

The holo 11x17s from Catprint on cardstock have been $2 since I started purchasing them, which I want to say was three or four years ago.

>> No.10211380

Samefag mad as hell they aren't going to AX lmao

>> No.10211414

so AX is now linecon for artists too I guess

>> No.10211433

How do you say no to this request? If I say 'just look it up on Alibaba for yourself for good prices', do ppl get really butt hurt? I spend min 3 hours going thru a store before messaging them and I don't want the manu to get bumrushed with orders if I can help it. I lit don't care if this makes me an asshole, but I want to establish a good rapport w other artists. Or do I take the L and be an asshole.

Does Etsy remove strikes over time like YouTube?

You going to an ac? Definitely have pop culture prints, even if you do small ones. Speaking for myself I enjoy supporting fellow artists and will buy every obscure and pop show I'm into. Unless there's a like tmm print by two artists with similar poses and everything then I will buy the one w higher skill. I also just can't buy prints of shitty, low effort art. But maybe if they have unique keychains or other merch I'll buy. Really consider your skill and sell according to your strengths. Ask artists what their best selling prints/merch are and check crunchy, Netflix, Hulu for the most viewed shows. Check your con for events and guests u can sell on theme with. That should get u started before making originals and less pop fan merch.

>> No.10211442

>event this Saturday
>check the Square tap reader if it's in the original box this whole time
>it is not
I've been so busy making things that I just started gathering my display and etc. things together, only to realize I've misplaced surprisingly a lot of items. What the heck, past-me.

>> No.10211450

Usually I let them know that everyone I use is high minimums since most of the people asking me are newbies. Sometimes I just straight up tell them I don't like to share suppliers with people I don't know well as it's a reflection of me to the supplier + the other issues. I may give them some keywords to search but I've never had anyone be an ass about it (at least to my face)

>> No.10211463

Etsy gives strikes? They've pulled items from me on at least three occasions (good old WB and Fox), but nothing else happened.

>> No.10211592

What are your thoughts about applying as a studio?

>> No.10211810
File: 1.18 MB, 320x214, bitch.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the anon that made that post about that other artist that's ignored the past 40 emails I sent her about a little sketch commission. WELL. She just posed on IG (fan art) and I went on my account and commented on it. Said it was great and asked if she was open for commissions. Holy shit she replied. She said thank you! but no not at the moment. OK. So, now what do I do? Do I go "oh ok...WELL thanks for telling me on IG, seeings how you ignored my 40 emails ;)" ooooor should I be like "Ok cool, so does that mean you don't be finishing my commission, hi it's me..." I dunno. I really don't want to be a bitch, but I kinda also do, ya know?

>> No.10211819

Just don't make it a public thing. Shot her a DM. That's what I would do. I would say it with a little shade, but nothing too extreme. Hey thanks for being honest with saying your too busy. I didn't know how else to get you reply to me, so..."

>> No.10211842

“Oh okay! If you’re not currently doing commissions is there any way I could get a refund for the one I already paid you for, then?”

>> No.10211869


Great idea. But there's a bit of a gray area. I paid her for 3 sketches. She delivered the first two three months ago. That's why I keep bugging her. I just want the last one so I don't have to talk to her ever again. And I don't want to flat out get a refund cause she's so talented and a good person! I just have a feeling shes too busy in RL. I mean the fan art irks me when my sketch is pretty much the same idea.

>> No.10211951

its so sad, a lot of my friends gave me flack for browsing 4chan cuz they think all of it is just /b/ and /r9k/ sitewide

>> No.10211956

That's like ordering a pizza and bread sticks from Pizza Hut and then they only bring you the pizza and you still agree to pay full price.

>> No.10211967
File: 164 KB, 1153x477, AC3C3AF6-D83D-4612-8058-EB1C8A9AC349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First day at AX made around 6.5k, is that good? Is the first day usually the slowest out of the four AX days?

>> No.10211978

It's day zero technically. Good job. You know, whenever I see those big numbers I'm like wow! But then I'm like, damn, you must pay a shit ton of taxes? What you sell?

>> No.10212007
File: 599 KB, 2048x2048, 08A408A2-C309-444F-8B41-87F12D9FBF5A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does it still count as handcrafted if it’s just sticking a pre-made charm onto a bracelet base?

>> No.10212025

Holy shit, congrats you.

>> No.10212307

Wow, congrats! What were your costs if you don't mind my asking? Like merch production + travel + table?

>> No.10212324

unfortunately yes

>> No.10212347

AX artist alley staff sucks, they're such a bother and they always come by to tell you to fix the smallest things DURING transactions or customer conversations.

>> No.10212354

Spending $100 rn getting samples from a new printer.

>This is why I don't share my sources

>> No.10212694

What row are you in, yikes

>> No.10212789

Damn, what the hell are you getting samples of? I can't think of anything I make that required that much just to get a sample.

>> No.10212912

It's mostly the shipping, $30 from each of the two factories just for shipping, remaining $30 for four different samples (I rounded it's less than $100)

>> No.10212954

>thinking $100 is a lot of money
It’s called a tax write-off you fucking retard

>> No.10212958

jesus it's not a lot for me else I wouldn't do it, but it's enough that I don't want to share my sources with people too lazy/unwilling to do the same, fuck off

>> No.10213341

Depends on the product. For common goods like shirts I’ll gladly give away my source for $100. I get my shirts done at the local print shop. For specialty items then no. The time and effort I put into researching and finding a good manu greatly outweighs a few hundred dollars.

>> No.10213373

daddy chill

>> No.10213380

Probably a new volunteer, they’re trained to wait until the transaction is over/artist is busy, but if an artist is constantly busy/doing transactions and it’s urgent they have to disrupt? If it’s an issue you should file a complaint.

>> No.10213450

AX was packed yesterday. After walking down 2-3 aisles I gave up. From what I’ve seen so far the competition is fierce! How is it that no bad artist got in? I’m actually embarrassed to be displaying and selling my work there. I didn’t realize just how bad my art and display was until yesterday. So far I’ve only seen 1 table that was worse than mine.

>> No.10213538

i cant stand artists like you that perpetuate low self esteem. if your art is that shit stop wasting table space and let someone that can actually draw have it

>> No.10213616

I thought I was ready. I didn’t expect to feel intimated. Besides breaking even I’m also here to have fun and experience AX.

stop doing AA altogether after this and maybe get back into it after improving my art over a few years. But to spite you, I’ll try registering for AX again.

>> No.10213639

Jesus man, chill out.

>> No.10213733

Dude chill, every artist has insecurities about their work, they're not machines.

>> No.10214240

I’m not sure I understand. You make it sound like by writing off $100 that will decrease federal taxes by the same amount ($100) and thus anon >>10212354 will have no net loss.

Writing off $100 will decrease taxable income by $100, but the taxes you owe and pay to the government in April will only decrease by $10-$22. Anon is still at a net loss of ~$80 when ordering those samples.

>> No.10214720

I thought anime expo doesn’t allow artists to double dip in AA & vendors. So why do I see Kehasuk having two artist alley tables and two vendor tables?

>> No.10214755

Vendor and AA are completely separate departments and probably don't even communicate with each other

>> No.10214809

kehasuk puts logos on shit and nobody has ever done a damn thing

>> No.10214998

He has done promo art for them in the past and probably gets special treatment. I like his art but the official logo thing is walking on super thin ice.

>> No.10215080

Kinda sucks because sakimichan & einlee also had proxy sellers in AA. It was weird cos einlee was in AA but someone else in AA was also selling their stuff. And Sakimi was in Exhibit but had a proxy in AA too. And they weren’t the only artists too. So manh proxy sellers

I though proxy selling was against AX Tos

>> No.10215103

It is but you need to actually report it, so many people just see it and complain online only so nothing happens

>> No.10215296

I hope you reported it to AX AA and Exhibitor staff.

>> No.10215387
File: 73 KB, 1206x460, wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So let me get this right:

>We can share space
>They have to be present
>You cannot sublet space
>You "can" technically proxy if you aren't caught

Isn't sharing space just subletting half (or even 1/3) of the table??? please make your rules make sense i STG

>> No.10215392

Anyone ever sell neopets related stuff? How well does it do? Any other mid-2000s nostalgia stuff that does well?

>> No.10215585

added to the OP. Should have definitely added this one sooner, haha

>> No.10215598

new thread >>10215596

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