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Bless her for trying, but I just finished the video and remembered this place existed lmao

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Kill yourself newfag

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damn, straight out the gate huh

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Never gets old

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2.6k views? 45 comments? Hm.
I really want to believe everyone is just behaving themselves for once, but this is kinda sus.

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I don't know if it's all that hard to believe. People actually give her money because they are infatuated with her.

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Pretty standard imo.

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That is an unbelievably normal number. What are you shocked about

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I'll give you money if you post diaper thong pics

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>Surprised by average youtube stats
I’m sorry, what?

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Fair enough I suppose. I feel like Tyler really isn't bad enough to stoop that low, but it did make me raise an eyebrow and I wanted to at least throw it out there and see if anyone else thought it was weird. It struck me as unnatural for that sort of ratio, especially over a controversial topic like 4chan.

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I never said I was surprised. I said it wasn't hard to believe. They are believable numbers.

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It’s... not even remotely weird. Wtf are you talking about

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Ah, sorry. I thought you implied they were somehow difficult to achieve numbers that she only got because people are in love with her and not extremely average and not at all notable

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Was wondering when the unfunny one who doesn't style herself well and who not so secretly siphons content from cgl would peak and shoot herself in the foot.

It took longer than expected, but it's happened.

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I seriously saw this coming for the longest time and no one wanted to believe it apparently because this debacle has been going on for awhile now. I really think it was inevitable.

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>No one could possibly just enjoy content developed for the community, come in after being reminded this place exists after years of not missing it, post a few memes in the meme boated and point out someone is a dumbass who’s never seen a youtube stat in their life

lmao alright

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>the unfunny one
So i guess tyler is lord voldemort now?

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So who is getting Silent Moon in a few hours? What colourway are you planning on getting? How does everyone feel about the changes, and the other cuts & colourways not getting released?

I'm real sad that my favourite colourway isn't getting rereleased, especially if they're claiming that the printing method is better this time. I get it that brands aren't going to pander to us, but I've felt pretty let down by every moitie rerelease so far and was hoping the SM rerelease would be different.

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If you're implying that she's deleting comments it's probably more that gulls came straight here to discuss it anonymously rather than publicly in her comments. Most of the comments are about her looks, or about board culture in general, not cgl. I assume a large portion of her audience crosses over with Lor, who says all lolitas should be lovelies and pretend this place doesn't exist. Most of them probably don't know or care enough about cgl to talk about it.

Honestly I still fail to understand what sets Tyler apart from any other efamous lolitas. Her coords and production value are mediocre and the long winded 'lady of salt' persona is the only thing she has going for her. It's the thing that gets her flown out to cons and collabs and shit but like others have said she goes for the low hanging fruit. The most 'controversial' or 'offensive' thing she's ever done is probably insulting Kelly Eden's bad boob job. I'm glad she denounced this place so gulls will finally stop putting her on a pedestal.

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I was hoping for black x gold (or white x gold) but the black x blue was my favorite anyways, I was just hoping to get both

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Not like it'll make a difference to anyone except the fags who are weirdly personally offended. People who don't come here probably love how up-in-arms she is about it and people who do will continue to never admit it.

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Gulls, didn't we have an entire thread about her once or something? What if this video is her baiting us as a response?

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>I still fail to understand what sets Tyler apart from any other efamous lolitas
Her decision to be "scathing" rather than try to be a lovely all the time. That's pretty much it.

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>I'm glad she denounced this place so gulls will finally stop putting her on a pedestal.
This. I'm glad most people here were put off by it. Maybe people will finally stop defending her to extremes at least.

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Is she really "scathing" though? Maybe compared to Lor. She doesn't have interesting coords or high production quality. Her whole persona is just saying what everyone else is thinking in the most long winded way possible. Not like she's ever had particularly hot takes on anything.

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It’s funny you should say that because under the facade, Lor is not really that nice, anyone paying attention can see that when her persona slips. But I’ve watched Tyler meet fans and she is very sweet to them. She did not ‘denounce’ 4chan, she pretty much just called it what it is. I’m guessing she got enough requests to do a video on it and just did one.

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I live here and most of the comments are pretty fucking true. It's like defending having a meet at Dennys. It's shit, but maybe you enjoy eating shit from time to time. Doesn't make it a five star restaurant.

This place has always been a cesspool and always will be. It's better these days in some respects, but she's basically right.

What do you want her to say? It's a place full of roses and rainbows? You know it's not true. Half of your are bitter roleplayers in sissy dresses or 5th hand bodyline at best and probably got their feelings hurt.

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Wrong thread anon

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Yeah Lor is most definitely full of shit, but she makes sickly sweet content that attracts a young and oblivious fanbase.
>She did not ‘denounce’ 4chan, she pretty much just called it what it is.
Maybe denounce was the wrong word, but she basically (rightfully) shit on this place just enough to alienate the few gulls that felt some loyalty to her and would constantly sing her praises on here. For that I am glad.

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Black x gold is what I was hoping for too, it's one of my dd's and I was really looking forward to buying it new. I'm wondering if the gold print was difficult to do, even though they said their printing methods improved.

I'm debating to get one to trade later if I find my dd, but it kinda seems like a waste. Would it be a good idea, or should I just keep holding out for my dd or the next moitie release?

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Obvious shit stirring troll. Weak bait.
Genuine retard.
Why are you guys even replying to this dumb shit? Let's talk about something else. The video is only a few hours old and I'm already fucking tired of hearing about it.

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Dumb question, how do I go about ordering this tonight? Will wunderwelt release it at the same time?

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Anyone who wants the re-release will get it now so getting one to trade later doesn’t make much sense to me. But this is also the print that got the really shitty and cheap misprinted fabric replica release from Oo Jia too so that happening kind of put me off this print all together

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Wunderwelt most likely will, and they have 10% off rn.

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Thanks. Someone was asking this in the last thread and no one answered. I’ve bought new releases from AP and Baby but with mmm being sold on wunderwelt now I didn’t know if I was supposed to have gotten a shopping service to order it for me from the regular mmm site or if wunderwelt was gonna release it and I’ve seen nothing anywhere about it

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fuck it i'm getting black and blue. I can't resist it ughhhhhh.

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The more I think about the more I want to understand what is considered a bad, decent, and good cord?

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So this I found this website awhile ago and i found out the seller was form Aliexpress and they told me they are the official website (here if you want to see: https://www.loligals.com/ )
But aside from that, what are other ways to pinpoint a Milano shop what are red flags anyway?

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I say, as I reach for my credit card.

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These are probably better posts for the jfashion dumb questions thread.

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That's a good point, I might just hold out then. Speaking of cursed replicas, hopefully the changes made to the lace and ribbon aren't downgrades.
If it's a bloodbath, then I doubt you'll have time to input the coupon in time. Idk how ww's cart system works, but I lost out on the wristcuffs last time while the payment was being sent, and I did everything as fast as possible.
I'm surprised there was no long op, after cape collar op I was worried SM would be long op cut only.

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Just look through the ita thread to learn what makes a coord a bad coord

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are people actually mad that she shit talked cgl? yall really identify enough as a seagull to get mad?

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I missed out on a roland a couple weeks ago after inputting my paypal details. Their cart system is a mess and I’m still bitter about it. As for silent moon, I only really wanted the gold and the OP cut isn’t really my style so I’m sitting this one out unfortunately. Maybe I’ll get the phone case or something.

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She lied out her ass about never posting here. I don't believe it for a second.

>> No.10193764

Same, I lurked for a little bit but the lure of posting was irresistible. Even when I go on hiatus because of a mean comment in the CoF thread, I always come back and eventually start posting a few weeks later. It's slow but the discussion is good often enough that I come back.

The farm OTOH is trash, non gossip lolita threads get no discussion at all

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I've asked myself this, particularly with the regular influx of noobies we get always parroting "if u brok da rulez u an ita", like that's not how it works at all. Would be great if we had something easier to tell them than throw the rule book at them, or something that works better than "it has to look good", which is very simple and understandable, but then they tend to mistake that to mean "it's ita if it's not to my personal taste".

I think a good coord is just simply eye-pleasing, while also sticking to aesthetics of that style. Given that "ita" is supposed to mean "this is so ugly it hurts my eyes to look at it".

The style aesthetics is what makes it difficult to figure things out. Like a suicide girl might look good with all her tats and piercings, but put her into lolita aesthetics and suddenly it doesn't look good at all, at least not from a lolita's aesthetic view. Similarly, "properly fitting" clothes and some makeup are considered a pleasing aesthetic for most modern lolita style, but then you get to old school when the clothes were made rather loose and barely anyone caked on the makeup, and suddenly "charmingly frumpy" becomes a pleasing aesthetic instead of something to avoid.

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That's just how art works in general. You'll never find perfect rules for what constitutes "good" and "bad" art.

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Btb had better be full of salt this week

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I'm not really offended by her video. The only offputting thing to me was maybe not talking about any of the redeeming qualities of cgl. Which are you have to shift through the shit but they are there.

Kind of annoying when everyone treats cgl as a ~ooo scary boogey man and meanies~. When really if you have a bit of thick skin and a sense of humor, you can find value in this place

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Nayrt but I'm not offended by her either, I'm just slightly annoyed by her hypocrisy. And besides, any group of people (online or otherwise) is bound to be a mixed bag. Anonymity might encourage bad behavior, but it also makes cgl less saccharine and fake-nice than facebook.

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I agree with this, and it's the one thing that does keep me coming back. But she is calling it for what it is, most of the time, and letting people know to take concrit posted here with a grain of salt. Sometimes it's helpful, other times, it's something that can't be helped without time (just being fat), or expensive and/or invasive surgery (having the wrong nose shape for the style you like). Roleplayers are everywhere and it's a goddamn eternal summer anymore.

I don't participate in the negative aspects because karma is a bitch. But I do enjoy going through coordinate threads, general, sewing/handmade, art threads or other related topics. I love the really great things that came out of here, like derpy-chan. Participating in secret santa here has always been a yearly highlight and a joy.

If it weren't for this place, I wouldn't have gotten my hands on a few dream dresses or missed out on important things.

So while it has a really rotten exterior, the good parts do make it worthwhile for those of us who are less salty.

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>website crashing with the silent moon release

oh now i feel your guys' pain.

>> No.10193789

Well at least it’s in my cart already. So far it’s a lot better then the yukata release a few weeks back.

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Now just waiting for the order page to load....

>> No.10193794

All right! Blue x black is mine! It only took 11 minutes! Now I can go to bed! Goodnight bitches! Good luck to you all!

>> No.10193795

I got it! Kek, just in time before it crashed!

>> No.10193796

Lor is an angel irl, she's 'expectations vs reality' except the reality is just as good if not better. She must have inhuman patience. She should have kids someday, she'd make a good mum.

>> No.10193798

It took 15 minutes for my order to finally process. I hope i made it because silent moon is one of my dream dresses.

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i ended up getting two of the black x blue because of the website being shitty so i’ll have to resell one, but i got my fucking confirmation holy shit

>> No.10193802

It's in my cart but Wunderwelt crashed on the paypal screen, keep your fingers crossed for me gulls

>> No.10193804

Managed to get the Black x white with the otks, but I went through the MMM webstore which was a breeze. I got my email from MMM before the stupid WW cart page even loaded.

>> No.10193805

Email me, anon, I was trying to buy bluexblack and it sold out before I could get the website not to crash. I'd like to buy one from you if you're cool.

>> No.10193806

Email dropped ofc

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Black x White went out of stock while my cart was loading

>> No.10193812

My order literally failed twice and I got the 'blank screen' at the paypal page but I managed to get my confirmation email for Silent Moon (white & black)... /long exhale

>> No.10193814

Well it's over now. That was a bloodbath.

>> No.10193815

I was too slow for both the Moitié and Wunderwelt website. Are there still places where they sell the black x blue dress? Atelier Pierrot doesn’t have it on their website.

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More may be coming as early as next week. Don't pay scalper prices.

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According to twitter atepie has them in store so you could try emailing them or getting an instore SS if you're desperate.

>> No.10193823

if you dont get one via >>10193816 post again and i’ll hit you up.

>> No.10193824

Good thing about wunderwelt is that they're here to get that money, so an mto or further release would be likely

>> No.10193826

Idk about a MTO but they said there will be a few more in stock at 6 pm

>> No.10193828

I don’t believe it either. She posts here. But I understand her reasoning why she wouldn’t want to say it. But saying “I only lurk and don’t post” is an obvious lie. It would have been better to just not say if or if not you post here. But now knowing she does come here and the last thread about her channel, I wonder if she is going to take any of the good advice that was given in that thread into consideration. Once that thread happened, her content got back onto track to its main theme for a while. So there is some improvement. Now to get her to get a nicer background that doesn’t look like some highschool prom backdrop from the 70s.

>> No.10193837

I think she had to admit it if she was going to talk about cgl as how else would she know how this place is. But I only lurk is a lie I hear a ton and I get it. Better than defending what you post.

>> No.10193840

I much prefer Cathedral Op but I'm not sure if it's worth 350 dollars

>> No.10193841

Part of me is just sad, the other part is hissing 'weeee maaade yoouuu'
Both have valid points.

>> No.10193842

I'm not getting it now. I also wear sweet, and I had to choose between honey cake and this. Hoping to get silent moon secondhand later.

>> No.10193843

There are some things that everyone would consider ita (lacemonsters, party city dresses, wrong silhouette etc) but other than that it's pretty subjective. Like some people just hate fatties so they will say every coord on a fat person is "bad" no matter what. Same with the racists who say dark skin doesn't fit lolita aesthetic.

>> No.10193849

>ScarfingScarves is a gull
Water is wet. The sky is blue.

I don't understand why anons think she summoned a demon by saying she went here. Do people not watch her videos? She's had to have come here for literally most of her content. The reactions to prints, the news with drama, and just people's real thoughts in general. You cannot get that stuff in the stupidly restrictive wasteland of Rufflechat. She should just come out and say she's in RC:U, too. Even if she states otherwise, she's there.

I do hate that you claim you never posted here before, Taylor. I guess slipping in that little lie might work on your Patreon kids, the room temperature IQ Youtube commentators you have, and the Rufflechat morons, but you clearly have always been posting.

>> No.10193853

Please don't start the general with something you know will cause drama and derail it

>> No.10193869

It’s why it’s best to not state if you do or don’t post. All you have to say is you lurk here. Lurking doesn’t mean you do or don’t post. Just that you come here and see what goes on.

>> No.10193871

At the end of the day we are just people so I never expect everyone to be nice, but cgl goes way beyond that at times.

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Oldfag here.

I used to be into the dude's clothes from h. Naoto and Black Peace Now but those don't seem to exist anymore. And I've exhausted Closet Child etc.

Where is all the good men's aristo/mature gothish stuff at these days? Bonus points for brands that have a physical presence in Japan.

>> No.10193880

h.Naoto still exists, they just use more female models now. Btw this thread is for lolita.

>> No.10193881

Atelier Boz is tried and true. If you don't care about the endless Texas drama, Shop in Wonderland stocks their products.

Also, we could probably stand to have another Men's J-Fashion General.

>> No.10193885

They did gold for Neo Gothic Arches though, so it's probably not the printing? Though NGA sheds glitter like no other.

>> No.10193901

Bless you anon

>> No.10193902

Atelier Boz, Miho Matsuda, Ozz On still exist and have physical stores if I am right. H.Naoto still has an online store and sometimes a pop-up physical store. But they have become more like Alice Auaa. You can also look for some secondhand Moitié, Marble and Exentrique

>> No.10193907

Don’t hold your breath. Btb is a dying forum. At this point we should be guessing if we are going to get more then 5 secrets or not. I’m guessing we will get maybe 7 or 8.

>> No.10193910

I need a text tone that is Tyler saying “ it all started on rufflechat” so that when the lolitadiscord is talking about something, it will be more entertaining.

>> No.10193911

Texas drama? He has scammed and harassed minors from all over the world.

>> No.10193912

Thank you Tyler for the dramu
But seriously i thought she would mention at the end "but it is a community after all, with good and bad things in it"
I'm a lonelita. I didnt know about SS or AP Paris before coming here. This is my comm.
I've learned a lot and avoided an ita phase thanks to cgl. And you made your channel thanks to this board too.

>> No.10193916

Same. But now it's sold out.

>> No.10193918

what's RC:U??

>> No.10193919

>downplaying Johns crimes
>not knowing there's a boystyle general
I wish I could delete your dumb comment

>> No.10193920

It's still here. This is the worst time to sell secondhand Moitie, everyone blew their money on Silent Moon.

>> No.10193921

Nayrt but I thought it was sold out because so many people replied on facebook. Did all those people flake out?

>> No.10193928

Don't mind.
>lurking for years but never posted
Sure, Tyty, plausible deniability.
>keeps lambasting middle aged sissy fetishist freaks
Good for her. There's some of those on cof who must be crying while desperately frotting their dick through their pettis, except for that guy who uses his dick as a petti.
>tells the sensitive feefees crowd to not react
Which is the soundest advice for everything online. How is cyber bowling real, just turn off the screen.

>> No.10193930

I love cathedral so much, if I didn't own it already I would be on this so hard. Someone buy it and appreciate it the way it deserves.

>> No.10193938

While I'm in the same boat and agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your points, this

>letting people know to take concrit posted here with a grain of salt

And her coverage of the topic in general is what's problematic. Her advice, while true, was to "do nothing" and then proceeded to call out how much of a cesspool this place is, including the different types of 'meanies' outside of the possible normal individuals, (who were spoken about in a single breath and then completely forgotten, as if to say, "well not everyone/everything is mean here! If I said that I'd look like a meanie myself"). That, and to 'question their credibility', as if anyone who has criticisms is just trolling. This is just the same tired schlock that's been beaten to death by every other famous lolita, just in a new packaging and, thinking about it, that's probably what bugs me the most. It's just another shallow, long winded video making a big bad villain out of something when an actual hot take about what goes on here would have been more substantial and perhaps given the community a better understanding that this is just another place for shared interests, albeit sometimes harsh, crass, and not for everyone - you know, like the real world, or any other community for that matter. She uses this cesspool herself, clearly, so I'm not sure why she wouldn't go for this angle; she's covered deeper subjects in more complex ways before.

Though, much like every other thread, this will be forgotten in a month and it'll be down to brass tacks as usual. Missed opportunity from someone who's essentially biting the hand that feeds her, honestly.

>> No.10193939

Probably Eurofriends who didn't want to pay for shipping from the US

>> No.10193941

She doesn’t buy any brand from the store its all second hand
She doesnt really support lolita stores or companies
So why do people even like her
Most of her vids are cringe

>> No.10193942

Just say eurofag, newfag

>> No.10193943

RuffleChat Ultimate. The final form of lolita discussion.
She did an Egg Garden unboxing tf do you mean

>> No.10193944

Gulls who come here regularly, how often do you post/reply? How many of us often contribute to the board and how many of us mostly lurk?

>> No.10193946

>It’s better these days
Really? I left and came back after the vid and it looks like there’s still a ton of larpers and very little decent convo. i I checked some old archived threads to be sure it wasn’t nostalgia goggles, but no. There is considerably less decent info dumps, coord threads, actual convo about the fashion that doesn’t involve meme posting about what is and isn’t casual lolita (ffs guys). Idk, maybe I just like a particular type of content, but it seems like a lot of the actual gulls have left.

>> No.10193947

This is a fashion like any other fashion and it will take time and practice to spot it. Understanding color theory and fit are the two best general skills, but all I can say is look at lots and lots of photos, note what you like and what you don’t, and keep trying.

>> No.10193948

Eh, I don’t blame her. “I lurk here but don’t post” is code for “I come here but have no interest in posting my comm members/gossiping.” I doubt she’s dumb enough to ever post anything that will get tied back to her, so that’s all that matters I guess.

>> No.10193950

Is this dress really going for that much now? I got this colorway for like 150 six years ago. And the blue colorway for like 280 five years ago. Is this really that high in demand? I might sell one since I don’t need two.

>> No.10193951

Dude, if you think 90% of the concrit you get here isn’t newfags, larpers and lolitas at heart you’re fucking delusional.

>> No.10193953

I say I don’t post here when talking with members of my comm. I mean, I do post here but never something that can be directly attached to me or something that would harm my comm. sometimes I’ll talk about comm issues when we have comm threads. But usually it’s common knowledge the comm as a whole already knows.

>> No.10193957

Same. I’m also mostly a lonelita and have no genuine interest in gossiping on the internet so it’s not like anyone will ever find out. That or I’ll say I use the dream dress thread only. People who come here enough to know that there’s typically real content will get it and you have plausible deniability for the rest.

>> No.10193975

Nah, that’s why no one is buying it. I’d maybe pay $280 and that’s a big maybe.

>> No.10193979

280 for the blue black colorway is what I paid. I wouldn’t pay that for the other one. The blue black is the most coveted any way with most of motie.

>> No.10193985

It doesn't show up that often so you can try to ask whatever you want. I would pay 350 for the Jsk.

>> No.10193987

Is sell the silver print for 200 if I decided to. I have the jsk in all the colors as well. But I paid nearly 500 for the blue one a few years back. Not selling that at all. It was my dream dress.

>> No.10193990

My comm is a little more open about using cgl, I guess. It can be a useful tool when used properly (even the ita thread), and there is content here that you won't find on other, less anonymous social media platforms.

>> No.10193991 [DELETED] 

Her closet is full of second hand shit. One unboxing video doesn’t change that fact

>> No.10193993
File: 75 KB, 446x400, EF79EEB0-BF7A-421B-955B-A26EEB9E8336.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no, not second hand lolita! What a fucking nightmare!! Off to go burn puppet circus.

(I can’t tell if this is a weird newfag thing or you’re a troll)

>> No.10193995

>Can't even attempt to take an actual measurement

No thanks

>> No.10194001

Kek i bet she didnt spend much on her closet

>> No.10194009

What exactly are you trying to achieve with this argument?

>> No.10194017

is it me or do most brolitas eventually come out as trans?

>> No.10194027


>> No.10194028

EGA is extremely closely related to lolita and I don't think that post warranted its own EGA thread

>> No.10194046

This is the lolita general, not “styles closely related to lolita.” Otherwise you’d see boystyle and otome in these threads too, but you don’t. Because they aren’t lolita and they have their own threads.

>> No.10194048

Please do continue stifling posts on an already slow board. Really contributes to the community.

>> No.10194049

>reeeee don’t tell me to post in the correct thread

You shitposting about being lazy doesn’t help “contribute to the community” either

>> No.10194053

>implying boystyle is for men and not worn mostly by fakebois

>> No.10194055

I post whenever I'm here, provided my ip isn't banned.

>> No.10194059

Jsk is a whole different situation, but this op isn’t worth it. As with anything, list it for any price you choose, just don’t get butthurt when no one buys it.

>> No.10194061

I post about new releases and some other stuff. I just like to see gulls getting excited over new releases.

>> No.10194067

Nayrt but I'm a bit surprised that you'd say the JSK is more valuable than the OP, since the OP has typically been worth more in the west since it's fully shirred. Now I wonder if I got an even better deal on my JSK than I thought.

>> No.10194075

Y’all are seriously butthurt over that video? You must fit one of the stereotypes she listed.

>> No.10194089

Yeah, but plus lolitas still struggle to fit it and they don’t tend to look good in it, even if it’s shirred (which fat silent moon anons are going to figure out when they receive it), so the ops versatility is lacking and really doesn’t fit the girls who are small enough to wear Moitie well.

>> No.10194092

>you all are butthurt about the video
You really haven’t read the thread have you. Most of the “butthurt” is people laughing about how she says she only lurks yet never posts. The rest has been received pretty positively. There’s maybe three or four posts that are trolls like you trying to make a mountain out of a mole hole.

>> No.10194131

has anyone ever successfully ordered from anonhat via shopping service? or am I doomed to look at her stuff longingly forever

>> No.10194134

Tyler talking about surgery to become Stacey reminds me more of Crystal Cafe than /cgl/.
But as far as 4chan boards go, this is one of the tamest. Most of the cancer is contained within the feels thread. Vendettas and bad concrit are usually called out. Nitpicks can be safely ignored.
Personally I feel like the ita thread is an invaluable resource for newbies. Before I ever threw a coord together I read through the ita thread for a while until I could identify what was (or wasn't) wrong with a coord. It can be hard to gain a sense for good coords without seeing examples of bad ones.
Maybe there are crossboarders calling girls fat in the CoF thread but I feel like most people who post in the general threads seem to know what they're talking about.

>> No.10194136

I mostly lurk but if I'm in a bad mood I'll shitpost. Occasionally I contribute..

>> No.10194156

Same thing anon. I looked over the ita thread for about 4-6 months before I bought my first coord. Never had an ita phase, other lolita's compliment my first coord for being far above usual first coord level. It's worth its weight in gold.

>> No.10194158

Most people who post in the general have a passable knowledge of lolita equivalent to a well immersed lolita at heart or an educated newb. Most pics in the coord threads are the same 20 photos at the top of google images and most concrit is very base level (matching colors, boobloaf, etc). It’s a fine community, but it’s hardly invaluable.

>> No.10194161

I'm a cof dumper, art anon, coord helper, and general contribute in multiple threads almost daily. I am the change I want to see.

>> No.10194162

She gets new releases frequently, were you dropped on your head as a child?

>> No.10194164

You are why I come here.

>> No.10194165

There is a boystyle general right now, specifically for men's styles related to lolita

>> No.10194171

>I don't understand why anons think she summoned a demon by saying she went here.
Its because of the stupid board culture across boards - the insanely old "don't talk about rules 1 and 2 hurrr"
Believe it or not but there are still a ton of retards on this site in general who think this is their secret club and that you can't let the normies know you go here. Even if it's just to lurk and save memes. Not even cgl is safe from this mentality.
Its fucking stupid and I don't get their delusions since now a days most people are aware of this shithole.

>> No.10194177

I post if something interesting is being discussed like now or when honeycake happened.
I always post in specific lolita threads like the gen or comm threads. I contribute to dumb threads on occasion too.
I also like the complaint/confession type threads when they happen and will usually post in those if anyone has something interesting and not just the usual shit.

I often complain at other anons for lacking originality too because it gets old seeing the same 5 arguments on here in every fucking thread.

>> No.10194182
File: 193 KB, 947x1043, 1558125203459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...did you really just turn y'all into you all?
That's fucking adorable.

>> No.10194222

One of you been at the gotheburg parade today?

>> No.10194223

Not fitting into the clothes has never stopped fat Manatards before

>> No.10194242

That's why I'm avoiding second hand sales from this rerelease. Extra large bandwagoners ruining the shirring in an already large dress is a nope from me, but I expect we'll see some on LM very soon.

>> No.10194254

Just remembered. Tyler mentioned the baby vomiting on someone's holy lantern. That was from 4chan. So yeah she does take topics from here for her show.

>> No.10194287

That’s... literally the point of her show. She has said that cgl is included in the social media she looks at for gossip news.

>> No.10194289
File: 546 KB, 1225x865, Screenshot_20190615-213453_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you like to coord lolita brand x anime collaborations? I'm uncertain if I should lean into the character and run the risk of "cosplay lolita". I've noticed it seems easy for these type of coords to look cheap or costumey quickly.

>> No.10194292

Normally this goes into coord help... Id suggest you lean into motifs or some tasteful accessories but not much more than that. Maybe style your hair similarly if appropriate. Or just wear it like any other dress.

>> No.10194294

Ah that would have been a better place, my apologies.

>> No.10194295 [DELETED] 

But she TOTALLY doesn't post here!

She's a dumb lying bitch.

>> No.10194300 [DELETED] 

>social media

Tyler confirmed for retarded

>> No.10194304

That was technically my phrasing since i didn’t feel like “relevant lolita communities where dumbasses would go and thus be a farm for funny stories” but keep digging

>> No.10194305

someone’s new

>> No.10194308

HOLY SHIT you figured out that when she’s said she’s went on a site that’s means she’s went on a site. Damn. I’m in awe.

>> No.10194310 [DELETED] 

she said she "only lurks" here. That's a blatant lie that only someone as retarded as you would believe. Take her dick out of your mouth.

>> No.10194311

Found the newfag

>> No.10194315

You are confirmed for retarded then

>> No.10194343

I already said I’m sure she posts here upthread. You’re the dumbass who came in 24 hours late to the party and shouted the obvious like you’re some genius

>> No.10194344

>what is reading comprehension

>> No.10194349

no one cares what you said somewhere up thread. doesnt make her less of a hypocritical liar

>> No.10194354

Idk, i’m pretty sure most people care that you’re wasting space in the general rehashing what was said for the 8th time

>sage because you’re an idiot

>> No.10194355 [DELETED] 

Imagine being a fan of a windbag who can't comb her hair and thinks using a thesaurus badly makes you clever.

>> No.10194360


>> No.10194376

Lor is chill af and so is Tyler. Just don't act like a screaming weeby fan-girls around them and keep it real. That's all they really want desu.

>> No.10194380 [DELETED] 

Hi Tyler, you can stop WKing yourself any time now

>> No.10194390

NAYRT but Tyler does actually have people who like her, anon. You can stop being salty that you aren't popular and have a fanbase like she does.

>> No.10194401 [DELETED] 

>y-you’re just jelly!!

Sure Tyler. It’s so hard to attention whore on the internet.

>> No.10194407


Is that Jollibee? I'm stealing this.

>> No.10194409
File: 303 KB, 1080x1920, received_329461267950969.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seriously? You really that assmad about being called out as a dramawhore on her video?

>> No.10194413

Can anyone with chocolate rosette JSK in ivory tell me the color of the corset lacing ribbon? I take mine out because titties but now that I want to sell I’ve forgotten the color!

>> No.10194418

Lolibrary shows brown on the 2016 JSK page.

>> No.10194419

>muh mutsuri
Cry more. Not everyone cares about the cesspool that's the Texas lolita comms.

Also, Boystyle/Ouji general is too narrow.

>> No.10194420

Thanks anon, somehow I missed that

>> No.10194425

Who even cares? We all know she said that so luvlies and her own personal comm probably wouldn't accuse her of bullying in the ita thread and CoF threads.

But let's be real, she probably does post in those and shit talk people plenty.

>> No.10194426


I care if my supposedly new clothes have been tried on a thousand times like some cheapass forever 21 when I can get them online for absolutely new, kek.

>> No.10194429

Do you think that brand stores don't let people try on clothing? You are just retarded.

>> No.10194432


>not understanding that in Japan you literally get a fucking new piece of clothing that's never been tried on after you try on the clothing meant to be tried on in store

My god, are YOU retarded?

>> No.10194442
File: 263 KB, 600x753, 1506230046560.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have much to add to the scarfing scarves discussion, but:
Religious Menhera Motifs
Yay or Nay?

>> No.10194445

Why not?

>> No.10194448

Lame secrets

>> No.10194452

Land of Nihongo magic. No trying on ever. Except they do let you try on clothing there lmao.

>> No.10194459


>shit reading comprehension that I don't want to buy some shitty used clothing shoved on by several fat itas.

Try again.

>> No.10194460

Irrelevent. Wear them if you like them, regardless of your beliefs. No one is going to get offended.

>> No.10194464

Except you said nothing about fat itas. Japan does let you try on clothing.

>> No.10194465

I hate menhera, love religious motifs.

>> No.10194470


Read the top of the thread. I literally said I don't want my 'new' clothing to be tried on a thousand times.

>> No.10194478

You're fuckin weird

>> No.10194479
File: 46 KB, 600x600, N2479060001001_004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


If you want to lean into the character, I think it becomes a question of where to wear the whole outfit, rather than whether it looks lolita or not. Keep in mind that when you go to a lolita meet, not everybody is going to be interested in anime/manga/vidya/whatver, and most of them don't really care whether you're dressed as x or y character. I'd say keep the character outfits for cons or fanmeets or wherever your fandom ranks higher up than lolita does.

For lolita meets, the important thing isn't who this character is, it's whether your outfit looks good. Try to assess it from that angle, like do these shoes look okay, is this dress too outlandish, does this hair match the dress, etc. With these in mind, the collab outfit you posted in your image looks fine as is for lolita, but something like this Meta collab would just be too outlandish for lolita.

Don't think about things like "this character always wears x and her boots must always be colour". That's the path where people start making poor choices like shoehorning weird cheap fleamarket items in because "this character likes it", and then it becomes costumey.

In other words, keep your fandom and your lolita seperate. Yes, it's possible to combine them, but if you give priority to fandom while dressing for a lolita, your outfit ends up looking "cosplay lolita". If you give priority to lolita while doing a fandom character, you end up being out of character.

>> No.10194481


that's not an especially weird opinion. not everyone likes edgy mental health fashion. christian motifs are seen across a variety of fashions, some edgy and some not, so its more mainstream than pastel bandaids.

>> No.10194482

>the joke





>> No.10194550

This is why people don't admit to their comm they post here. People will assume you caused all anon comm drama and post to the ita thread, even if you say you just lurk here.

>> No.10194560


>> No.10194562

That's a part of my comm though. They have a witch hunt every time someone gets discussed on cgl. I'm pretty sure they think I made a bunch of drama even though I mostly just lurk and watch the BST threads. They all go here too so I don't know why they think they're not equally culpable. Most of the comm is chill about cgl, just the younger girls make a stink.

>> No.10194569

LWLN has been spammed so much it's pretty much turned me off watching her vid. Not that there's any need to watch it, since all the contents have been discussed and complaints voiced there's nothing left to watch anyway.

Now to wait for it to blow over so we can get back to discussing new releases.

>> No.10194571

You'll get your wish by next general

>> No.10194575

I say 50/50. I often comment when somebody posts a photo/drawing that i like enough to save it. Usually i stay away from drama and sometimes i ask for help
in the dumb questions thread. I also contribute to the ita and specific theme threads when i can.
Same here. Normies get offended when i tell them im not catholic.

>> No.10194630
File: 99 KB, 425x567, 239e02d2-3483-5860-93f6-b26b13f342b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you ever bought something that's too beautiful? I just received pic related and I feel like it's too elegant for my ugly face.

>> No.10194631

then get plastic surgery

>> No.10194633

I don't want to

>> No.10194635

8k views within 24 hours for a niche sub culture content. Tyler knew it would instantly be posted here, thus increasing views. Also knowing, this edition would be given exposure amongst those who hate 4chan/cgl and it will be referenced for years to come to those who are new to the fashion. I think it was good "publicity" for her channel. I also think it will bring healing for those who have been attacked on this platform. Attacked for physical, medical, personal reasons outside of their coords. I am glad she addressed it, so many pretend that all Lolita's are super sweet and accepting. Realistically they are just part of humanity and looking at the history of humanity we see we are capable of horrors. Petticoats do not make one's soul holy by any means.

>> No.10194645

>Realistically they are just part of humanity and looking at the history of humanity we see we are capable of horrors

Lolita WWII electric boogaloo when

>> No.10194646

beautiful clothes make everyone look better

>> No.10194657

From the website? Everything but the most basic hats sells out immediately. Also they don't take non-Japanese credit cards. So your SS could possibly get one if they're good.

>> No.10194658

I don't consider posting photos from cof so people can be insulted here to be an altruistic pursuit

>> No.10194660

I have. Ask your SS to go to an event/market or physical shop

>> No.10194661


Then I guess you gotta comment on the cute coordinates more. This place is a shit hole but that doesn't mean you have to fall into its vices.

When was Lolita WWI? Totally missed it, was I just dying of lolita influenza?

>> No.10194682

I was technically there, but not in lolita. I saw one girl from afar in a tea length rococo looking dress, solid sax, with a matching hat. Then I also saw some girl walk by in some blue jsk, with taobao vibes if you ask me. Are you looking for them?
Not that I'm able to help, but I am answering your question to confirm that at least one gull (me) was at the parade.

>> No.10194684

BTB is just infrequent 4chan lite. I don’t know why anyone cares about it that much when people can easily post here about whatever nasty opinion they have.

>> No.10194689


>> No.10194690

It’s so bizarre when I see people say this. You know, not everyone thinks “fame” is the goal of Lolita fashion or social media. I’d personally hate to be as e-famous as Tyler or Lor and be talked about in entire threads like this. If you think everyone is jealous of e-fame, then I have to assume you’re a teen or something.

>> No.10194695

I just tend to comment in the ita/discussion threads. Despite finding it entertaining to laugh at itas, I’d never actually post a pic of anyone I know, even if I thought they looked horrendous. Not sure why that crosses the line for me. Otherwise I enjoy lurking the inspiration threads.

>> No.10194700

People in my area are quite conservative. I bet someone wearing religious themed things might get negative comments from strangers by the street.

>> No.10194702

How comes wearing some ethnic or native ritual stuff is prohibited, but wearing catholic imagery is all fine?

>> No.10194704

Because wypipo are the scapegoat for everything and it’s encouraged to shit on them/white culture.

>> No.10194714

Because anyone can be catholic or Christian. Also to address >>10194704
White people have literally had genocides for the sake of Christianity so I think it’s only fair anyone can use a cross or Holy Mother motif

>> No.10194715

Anyone can take on the religions of native Americans or literally any other ideology too. Doesn’t mean shit. Calm your racism.

>> No.10194720

religious imagery is typically fine because anyone can join that religion. People who get mad about people appropriating anything are dumb, honestly.

>> No.10194722
File: 2.94 MB, 540x340, manakisses.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm kind of surprised that Tyler didn't have anything bad to say about the Paradiso "tea party" - maybe she figured it was beyond staff's control or she didn't think it was as bad as everyone else thought, or just making good PR.

Maybe this'll explain it better

>> No.10194724

a lot of people DO see fame as the goal, or at least a big part of it. Especially very young girls, who are the most likely to shit up threads with nonsense. That's why the assumption is made.

>> No.10194731

LOL ok I dare you to wear a traditional Native American headpiece with a coord and post it

>> No.10194733

Unfortunately with the amount of seething racist SJWs you can’t even sneeze in the direction of a POC or another culture without being crucified

>> No.10194734

A bit of an exaggeration considering we are all partaking in a fashion from another culture.

>> No.10194735

It’s easier to post here. But people simply don’t want to post secrets here. Last time it was talked about there where people screaming about how it’s not needed on the board because we have confessions threads. I made a few “lolita secrets” threads in the past and they did okay till the low IQ crowd came in here screaming about how BtBs is for that. I can’t make secrets for BtBs any more due to the way livejournal works and how it communicates with my phone. I don’t live on my computer like some of the board does. And pretty much only make secrets and post here when I’m on my way to work on the train for a hour and a half or in passenger in a car. Sometimes when I’m in the bathroom or on my lunch break.

>> No.10194739

>or another culture without being crucified
Btw sometimes I wonder why doesn’t weeb culture considered as appropriation? The sight of Japanese culture it takes is pretty shallow (I kinda guess the answer but I wonder what people think on this point)

>> No.10194740

I'm happy for you anon, I love this print!

>> No.10194741

Maybe if white people didn’t feel so entitled to other people’s cultures after an extensive history of trying to eradicate it then they could partake. Not to mention the systematic racism already embedded deep within American culture that allows PoC to be persecuted for things white people can get away with because “fashion” and “trend”

>> No.10194742

I usually post on the COF thread to contribute, also the handmade, DD, stupid questions and sometimes the themed threads, such as the Classic and Gobelin. I sometimes lurk on the ita thread, but I avoid commenting anything nasty.

>> No.10194774

People get all up in arms about Kimono Halloween costumes and such. I think the difference is weeb stuff was shared and traditional stuff is culture

>> No.10194780

because it isn't sacred or a cultural status symbol. wearing a ceremonial garment without earning it would be appropriation. wearing a lolita dress or a shirt with an anime character on it is not. this isn't a hard concept.

>> No.10194782

>People get all up in arms about Kimono Halloween costumes and such
The problem is not wearing a Kimono, the problem is getting dressed up as a "Japanese", which usually means catering to a bunch of stereotypes that are harmful;

>> No.10194785

Because 99% of Japanese don't care if gaijin have interests in Asian cultural aspects and many have actually publicly criticized Japanese Americans for getting pissy about Asian cultural appropriation. They find it gauche and embarassing.

>> No.10194788

Japanese people who live in Japan don’t understand basic shit about racism that Japanese-Americans face. Half of them still think literal full-blown actual blackface is funny and silly. Why the fuck would they be the authority on American-cultural racism instead of, you know, Japanese Americans?

>> No.10194791

Because the culture people are crying about being appropriated is actually theirs by origin?

>> No.10194792
File: 40 KB, 348x640, s-l640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Halloween kimono costumes are on a whole different level, though. Like seriously, most of them aren't even "cultural appropriation" so much as shining beacons of ignorance, stupidity, while also somehow being smug in being ignorant and stupid.

All nicely wrapped in something that looks like an ita clown.

(yes, this shows up when you search "kimono halloween costume". Great cultural appropriation when they didn't even take the right culture, amirite?)

>> No.10194798

Japanese-Americans also have that culture, but they’re the ones actually facing the consequences. Japanese people in Japan don’t know basic shit about American racism, their opinions are worthless and misinformed.

>> No.10194800

Gaijin weebs are heavily ridiculed in Japan. They find them gauche and embarrassing.

>> No.10194804

Japanese people are the origin of this culture yet they do not matter? You are the problem that people are talking about. If you were born in America, that culture is not one you usually even experience 1st hand, and they live it. I'd say they should have more say about it than you. What is the consequence of someone wearing a sloppy kimono incorrectly? It's not sacred, kimono makers themselves have been quoted saying ’kimono is for everyone’. But keep yapping, putting yourselves above your elders and artisans and artists in the heritage. Most embarrassing behaviour.

>> No.10194806

But they don't hate on them or think they should be punished or reformed. We laugh off a lot of things as gauche and rude but it's not really our place on schooling people unless they are abusing scared things.

>> No.10194811

No, Japanese people who think blackface isn’t racist don’t matter when it comes to JAPANESE-AMERICAN’S experience IN THE US. How is that so hard to understand? Japanese Americans DO live the culture, so I don’t know why you think they’re suddenly completely irrelevant and their opinion doesn’t matter.

And I’m not saying anything about the kimono being sacred (or any other specific arguments about that) so don’t bother wasting your breath fighting against something you’re mad about in your head.

>> No.10194814

never heard of davido-kun, eh newfag?

>> No.10194817

Imagine thinking Catholic means “white”, kek. Most Catholics where I live are Mexicans

>> No.10194819

You’d think girls these days would have a better understanding of how much criticism comes with fame, especially for internet fame.

>> No.10194821

So what's the bug in your ass about appropriation, what parts are you mad that whites of weebs are appropriating exactly? Do you wear kimono? Play any traditional instruments? Write in any of the myriad forms of Japanese poetry? Or because of Asian pop culture? Help us understand what exactly is so terrible.

>> No.10194825

Because only consecrated or blessed things are actually ’sacred’ to Catholics and the only thing ’bad’ to do even with those is to deliberately ’defile’ them.
Source: I asked a priest. He says its find to wear rosaries and other catholic religious stuff in fashion.

>> No.10194827

I didn’t say any of those made up arguments that you’re personally mad about. Not saying anything about what counts as appropriation and what doesn’t.

I’m just arguing that it doesn’t logically make sense to take the Japanese opinion over the Japanese-American’s, when the former A) doesn’t know basics about American racism, and B) has never experienced it. Meanwhile, Japanese-Americans both experience the culture and know about the experience of being Japanese in the US. It makes sense to take their opinion.

>> No.10194828 [DELETED] 

They appropriated Catholicism from whites. Unless you’re seriously trying to say Catholicism started in Mexico

>> No.10194832

Are you so retarded that you’re seriously implying Mexicans just took on Catholicism for fun? Have you ever opened a history book in your life?

>> No.10194837 [DELETED] 

Why don’t you settle down Juanita? Mexico didn’t invent Catholicism, they appropriated it. I don’t appreciate a bunch of fence hopping landscapers appropriating my cultural history.

>> No.10194845

I didn't think this thread could get even more cancerous but here we go. Yall really out-gulled yourselves

>> No.10194846

low quality bait /pol/ crossboarders ruining our threads as usual.

can you fags please stop replying and post more dresses

>> No.10194847

>The sight of Japanese culture it takes is pretty shallow
Lolita is a fashion, it is shallow. Not some ancient war religious thing or whatever. Also, my country never systematically oppressed Japanese people.

>> No.10194848

You almost got me with this bait...

>> No.10194850

Lolita is also highly based around historical western fashions as well. It’s kind of just coming full circle to wear Lolita if you’re western. It’s why so many of us get asked if we’re in a play.

>> No.10194851
File: 252 KB, 680x428, 1_52b66f0388e59d4ae0898826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

people have tried, but it's hard for the really nutty sjws to double down on it because its easily debunked.

lolita is pop culture, not a sacred cultural practice. japanese brands attend events outside of japan, ship to the US and even have physical shops in the US and feature non-japanese models in advertisements and fashion shows all the time.

theres actually more discourse on cutesy style makeup and circle lenses being appropriation or yellowface, especially among the sjws on kpop twitter

>> No.10194852 [DELETED] 

I’m not from /pol/ I just think it’s hilarious that everyone shits themselves over white people “appropriating” their culture but then act like Mexico invented Catholicism or that black people own braids or some shit. Without white people South America and Mexico(Africa too) would still be sacrificing virgins to their oogabooga gods

>> No.10194854 [DELETED] 
File: 947 KB, 1514x1098, bsolf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why are these sissies allowed in Big Sisters of Lolita Fashion? Why are people helping him? He literally likes tonnes of my little pony pages, creep

>> No.10194859
File: 43 KB, 263x185, thumbnail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kitai Fuku Ga Aru - chapter 2 Exit the Net Cafe (by Tokeki Netaro)

>> No.10194860

It’s like a /pol/ crossboarder actually went to Facebook. Jesus Christ, he probably posts in /cgl/. Ugh

>> No.10194861
File: 346 KB, 960x1267, 321B44EE-C65A-4546-A642-27B6704D63F8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pic related

>if you wear gradient lips you’re doing yellowface

>> No.10194862

Finally, a somewhat relevant post. I long so much for the live journal days where sissies were shunned. Trans rights activists ruin everything.

>> No.10194863

That's not religious. It's equivalent to a purple heart. Maybe try doing some research before you spout nonsense.

>> No.10194865

The shit storm is a lot more fun if you pretend it's him.

>> No.10194867

If it isn’t him, it’s almost definitely a male LARPer

>> No.10194868

I was there as a thourist with a group of friends and didnt get a chance to take a pic of the blue jsk, looked cute af. Why go to a pride parade in lolita though ?

>> No.10194869 [DELETED] 

The funny thing is, Africa still is to a large extent. They also deny science and eat bushmeat that contains Ebola and other deadly diseases because muh tradition.

>> No.10194872

The same reason anyone goes anywhere in Lolita. Also probably because they feel emboldened to “be themselves” more than at other events, especially since there are a ton of lesbian lolitas.

>> No.10194874

Stop samefagging and trying this hard with bait everyone ignored. Go back to /pol/

>> No.10194875

>everyone who disagrees with me is the evil pol boogie man samefagging!

>>>/tumblr/ I think you’re lost

>> No.10194879

I see, makes alot of sense when you word it like that

>> No.10194881

nayrt, but does he have something to do with appropriation topic?

>> No.10194882

god forbid someone have a non SJW outlook on 4ch

>> No.10194883

NAYRT but he was made fun of on Japanese television for being a weeb.

I’ve never worn Lolita in Japan, anyone know what the reception is like?

>> No.10194886

If you’re good looking they don’t care, if you’re not or you’re fat you’ll be a laughing stock.

>> No.10194887

>thinks /cgl/ must contain people who have /pol/ opinions
>not knowing basic things about the widespread use of this board by the online Lolita comm
Crossboarder detected

>> No.10194890

Tried to google the issue tho, seems like it’s not that acceptable. They say that single crucifix pendant is semi-okay tho.

>> No.10194893

There are reasons why African blacks reject American blacks.

>> No.10194895

Came for the newfags on the LWLN bandwagon

>> No.10194896

That’s harsh, man

>> No.10194897

thanks so much anon, sorry the thread is such a shit show but there's some of us who really appreciate what you're doing!

>> No.10194898

You're Japanese by heritage.
Just because you look the part doesnt mean you're not still an outsider like the rest of us.
What influence over Japan, and the support they show for sharing of their culture, does an outsider have?

>> No.10194899

This was my biggest issue with the video. She didn't make /cgl/ look good, but she attracted people here and more people people will stay here now. All the video did was draw attention to a website that will never change.
I agree with her that giving anon people power over you is a problem, and she's right that the people bullying you can be anyone, so you shouldn't care, but I think most people on this site already knew that and didn't need to hear it again.

>> No.10194900

Which is why I asked an actual priest to see if there is anything based in the catholic doctrines that mention people wearing any of it inappropriately, casually or just for fashion. There are rules about how to treat and dispose of consecrated items, but even so, Catholics don’t expect secular or Protestant people to know or abide by them only other Catholics. I know it’s probably disappointingly bland for potential shit-stirrers to hear that but it’s the simple truth.

>> No.10194902

I think teenagers long for attention more than anything and don't see the downsides to fame. especially internet fame. In my comm there's a couple teens who post like, everything online, and when they received minor negative comments on the CoF thread, they basically quit. It's not good for young people to seek fame because they can't handle the downsides of it.

>> No.10194905

This is true of most fashionable things in most parts of the world outside of the SJW burgerlander circlejerk. No one really beats the drum loudly about it because what’s the point, really? But it’s the truth.

>> No.10194907

So much this! Actual Japanese nationals may be critical of gaijin in general but most of them are in no way resentful of all people partaking in Asian culture and many strongly encourage it.

>> No.10194908

Even in the US, that’s how things have always been. If you’re fat of ugly, you’re laughed at, especially if you’re dressed outlandishly in clothing like Lolita.

>> No.10194910

I’m not a shit-stirrer, I just don’t want to get yelled at by strangers. My area is mostly Orthodox so it might be quite different.

>> No.10194912

Why would they not just assume you’re Christian? It’s not like showing public love for Christianity is looked down upon in the US.

>> No.10194913

Japanese people, born and raised in Japan, surrounded by other Japanese people 99% of the time, who constantly see Japanese people in their movies, music, tv shows, and other media, who have probably never experienced racism against Japanese people in their day-to-day lives, aren't going to understand a Japanese-American's perspective on/experiences with racism against Japanese/Asian people in America.

>> No.10194919

As if you are in fact, the stalwart bastion defending the honor of 'your people'.
>(nationality) Americans
Most of the world, including your nationality, see you as an American with American values and American mindset.
The whole idea of being a policing force to protect your lessers is American as fuck.
Japanese don't need you to defend them, they do so well enough on their own.

>> No.10194922


Sorry, I meant more to say wearing kimono outside of a proper event or festival - like adding to a coord or normie outfit

Brought up Halloween to imply a cheap one

>> No.10194923

Oh, well, I didn’t say that I’m actually Christian, but even so idk it’s probably not really acceptable to wear religious themed stuff for non-religious purpose.

>> No.10194924

No one would assume you’re not Christian if you have crosses on your dress. Stop overthinking this.

>> No.10194926

Kimono hime style, kimono ageha style, patchwork things made from kimono, all kinds of kimono crafts, wearing open unlined kimono and some nice haori over a dress; all of these are perfectly acceptable to be done by anyone.

>> No.10194931

You don’t even hear my point, but okay whatever

>> No.10194942

I did, and I’m saying that
>religious themed stuff for non-religious purpose
is not a conclusion anyone would jump to. People would just assume you’re some Christian who’s proud of it. Why would they be mad at you for that?

>> No.10194945

You should remove fb names from your post

>> No.10194947

Christian people don’t usually do that in my area. Although I saw them wearing pendants and bracelets with religious imagery, but I thought it’s done for religious purpose. I mean there’s pretty cohesive view of what you should and shouldn’t do.

>> No.10194952

Alt right sissy brony pizza delivery brolita-wannabe, what a winning combination

>> No.10194961

Thank you anon!!
Where can I catch the first chapter?

>> No.10194965
File: 162 KB, 1200x800, F8AB091D-A2ED-49F8-87DA-7639DBA04B5B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hey fellow lolitas

>> No.10194966

A tenant of protestant christianity is modesty.
Modest dress, modest material expressions of faith.
There is nothing modest about lolita, putting aside the covering of skin and the simplest of coordinates.

>> No.10194970

Thanks anon!

>> No.10194972

Last general

>> No.10194974

The username of this guy seems about right. He also claims his pronouns are "she/her" and is "Bonnie", so it's a tranny trying to give girls advice.

>> No.10194977

His name is Taketora Tsuneki wtf

>> No.10194978

Double eyelids and circle lenses are for making asians look more western/less asian, so this makes no sense lol

>> No.10194979

no, its unfortunately an actual woman atleast it was. idk who runs the account now but back then it was run by an underaged rich NYC chinese girl who was going to a posh school

>> No.10194983


>> No.10194987

I always thought the Japanese and Asian cultures were kind of tone deaf and they see it in a costume-like way. Europe and all the cathedrals are like a world away to them and the Christian and Catholic population is nonexistent within their own countries.

>> No.10194988

Is 'gauche' a new meme or did anon just learn a new word? I swear I've seen it so many times this week.

>They find it gauche and embarassing.
>They find them gauche and embarrassing.
>We laugh off a lot of things as gauche and rude...
>Much too gauche in general but it depends on which one it is
>showing the inside of your mouth, especially as a woman, is gauche

>> No.10194996

I was wondering from a few threads ago about the new MTO HC being easier to clean. I know the material is going to be different but how are so many people sure the red won’t bleed?

>> No.10194997

I think it’s just a Baader-Meinhof thing, where it just got stuck in our collective heads. One of those is me but not the others.

>> No.10195002

Sellers, would you refuse to sell lolita to someone if you thought they were male? I'm a girl but I've noticed this among both Western and Japanese sellers and thought it was interesting.

>> No.10195013

Yes, unless I don't like the dress I'm selling.

>> No.10195018

Is it because you think they might be sissies?

>> No.10195026

I think they romanticize catholic imagery and symbology a lot but I think that is kind of interesting. They do the same European fairy tales and western sweets too when you think about it. It's not the only thing,
It's very funny when western people get butthurt about the random crosses on sweet lolita things.

>> No.10195029

Yes but also because I don't like most male lolitas I have met in person. There has been exactly one who was not creepy, was well spoken and dressed well. I travel so I've met a decent number.

But selling in general? My stuff, my rules and I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone for personal reasons.

>> No.10195036

/cgl doesn't deserve you t.b.h.

>> No.10195040

That’s the drama, what other drama is roaming around in Texas other than John’s behavior and other stuff?

>> No.10195050

Aren't the the majority of westerners are fat by asian standards? Even if they're considered skinny here

>> No.10195166

You have to admit, its a very accurate word when applied here, but also have some synonyms. ’Maladroit’ is an amusing one.

lacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward.

synonyms: awkward, gawky, inelegant, graceless, ungraceful, ungainly, bumbling, maladroit, inept

>> No.10195169

A male name means nothing good, really. It's a troon, a probably terrible brolita, someones boyfriend who knows nothing about the fashion. or a scalper.

>> No.10195170

Yes. Their definition of fat has not been padded and inflated by HAES or Body Positivity.
They call it like it is.
Overweight = anything above an actual normal weight = fat

>> No.10195181
File: 337 KB, 1024x493, 112916-cotton-poly-infographic-mobile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


It's the nature of polyester, they're so different and so difficult to dye sometimes you can dip a bright red skirt into bleach and it won't even budge the colour. When you get the process right the dye goes pretty deep into the polyester and stays there. Similarly, even if there's a dye runoff, you still need a whole different process to get the polyester to "take" the dye, so instead the dye runoff simply washes out.

Natural fibres like cotton are bleached white and then dye really easily to begin with. If you overload a fibre with too much colour (not just red, blue and black are also problem colours) then the extra dye runs off. If there's white cotton it'll be pretty easily stained by the extra dye since the fabric dyes easily to begin with.

>> No.10195182

>Most of the world, including your nationality, see you as an American with American values and American mindset
Haha are you high, this is not true. If you don't look white you don't get this assumption, you get the "where are you from" "your English is so good" "go back to your country" - again, a Japanese person born and raised in Japan surrounded by other Japanese people don't have this experience. But as a Japanese American born in America, it's assumed you're foreign and don't belong. Why is this such a hard concept for you to grasp.

>> No.10195183

I use my bf's paypal because I don't like storing payment info online, so if it's something like that I wouldn't overthink it. But if you've seen pics of the person, that's more concerning.

>> No.10195187


The last time I sold something to someone with a male name on their paypal they tried to pay with e-checks that didn't clear, then explained they had money problems and requested a payment plan, never followed through with said payment plan, and then I found out later through someone else they'd actually bought a more expensive dress after they'd 'bought' from me, and for some unknown reason simply decided to waste my time?

Trolls like to complain girls have so much drama, but the guys in this hobby definitely skew towards having more than a few screws lose.

>> No.10195203

Do you live in the deep south or some shit? Because here on the west coast all the asian-americans are basically white people in asian skin suits, and act like it.

>> No.10195261

Seems like Moitié is not planning to make more stock for Silent Moon. They will re-upload canceled orders if there are any and keep us up-to-date. In a later tweet they adviced people who are still looking for it to contact store and ask if postorder is available.

>> No.10195292

No, but I bet even on the west coast the people you describe still face racism just by nature of being not-white and being in America.

>> No.10195293

people with perfectly healthy, actually normal weight by bmi standards are still called fat in japan

>> No.10195314

New bread >>10195313

>> No.10195400 [DELETED] 

The one with the mouth was me, but none of the others. Guess it’s the word of the week haha

>> No.10195411

The site where I bought them listed the name wrong, so yeah, big wtf

>> No.10195555

I’ve been at Pride on Friday wearing a Shiro coord, yesterday I’ve been walking around Gothenburg in Classic. It was fun!

>> No.10195560

Idk where you live, but its absolutely looked down upon

>> No.10195715

asian people in the west aren't oppressed and don't get to claim a form of blackface when they never dealt with the same oppression as black Americans.

>> No.10195890

You're assuming every Japanese American is the same. Some have dual cit/green cards and go back often/live there for some of their life.

>> No.10195961 [DELETED] 

A popular alt right trope is to claim that racism can't exist (for black people or anybody else) in the US, because Asians are successful. Sometimes it kind of seems like people want to be oppressed just so they can protest more on social media.

>> No.10196122

Do you have pics of the dresses by any chance ?

>> No.10196193

hell yea it is

>> No.10196194

It's really naive of you to think racism only happens in the deep south, anon

>> No.10198013

Are her bangs supposed to be like that? They look very crooked and off

>> No.10199417

They're clip-in, so they're probably off center