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How do you get a hot cosplay GF ? I would consider myself decent looking though i dont have enough money to go to out of state Cons just yet as I am a broke college student, any suggestions ?

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Step 1: actually go to cons
Step 2: be attractive
Step 3: be really fucking attractive

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Step 4: don't be a douchebag

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i want cosplay bf, post contact

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get money and also be an equally hot cosplay gf yourself

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Alternatively, be a douchebag, but be extra fucking attractive and bring a bottle of tequila.

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Since we are already at it, what would be the best cosplay for a white underweight guy with long hair?
t. 181cm/52Kg

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>no money
Found your problem. Get rich or get lost, incelbro

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my kik is marvelguy1

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Become the hot gf.

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>No money, likes capeshit, has to ask anon boards how to be social enough to get a girlfriend.
Oof bro

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OP here that wasnt me, fuck capeshit.

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