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It’s the season for proms, galas and weddings, so let’s have a special occasion lolita thread!
Have you worn lolita to an occasion like prom or a ball?
Did you wear lolita to your wedding, or do you want to?

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I have been wearing lolita for a decade and it has become a pretty normal part of my wardrobe. I wouldn't want to wear it to my wedding or as a prom dress (never mind that my prom was 9 years ago) because I don't consider it to be that special anymore and I want to wear something really special to occasions like that.

Also, I'm from a country with a rich tradition in balls and wearing a short dress is a pretty big fauxpas here, so that's a no as well.
I have, however, often worn simple classic lolita when I was a guest at weddings.

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Then why are you fucking replying to this thread? Nice flex bro

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Tbh a lot of lolitas nowadays actually wear it as a special occasion but don't want to admit it.

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I was asked to wear toned down lolita to a friend’s wedding but never in my life would I ever wear it to my own wedding. However, I’ve been warming up to the idea of incorporating very small aspects of the fashion into my design and decor for the day of.

I think bridal party and guests in lolita is fine though.

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The only way I could justify a more expensive MTO of a white dress was to say it's my future wedding dress, at that price it's a steal compared to an actual wedding dress (which I have no use for anyway, who really wants a single-use white dress just taking up space in their house? I'll use that space for my dream dresses, thanks). It's tea-length too, plus the option of extended to floor length with an underskirt, so no worries about looking tacky in a short dress either.

Now I just have to find some shmuck to marry so I can wear that damn dress...

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One of the questions was
>Did you wear lolita to your wedding, or do you want to?
and I replied by saying no, I don't consider lolita to be special occasion clothing and thus contributed to the thread.
You, on the other hand, did not contribute, you just shat on my answer.

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I have heard from a few lolitas that they bought a special dress to wear as their future wedding dress even though they weren't even engaged, but personally I can't quite get behind that reasoning. Maybe you can help me understand?
Would you wear that dress before your wedding day or does it just sit in your closet until you wear it as your wedding dress first?
What if you dislike it by the time your wedding comes along?

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Honestly? It's just like any other dream dress, some anons want honeycake in all its colourways, some anons collect Holy Lantern, I like this particular white dress. If you can imagine someone collecting 10 colourways of the same dress, buying a white bridal-looking dress because you like it really isn't any different from any other dream dresses.

The difference is that it does look like a wedding dress. That alone makes it harder to wear, even if you do nothing but wear it to prom you just need the wrong bitch in a bad mood to ask why you're wearing a wedding dress to prom. And add to that, it's also way more expensive than other dresses.

So to sum it, it's pretty hard to coord without looking like a bride, pretty OTT, and it's pretty expensive. But it's so, so pretty and I want it. So I bought it anyway.

I haven't planned further than that. The right occasion comes where I can style this thing to not look like a wedding dress I'd put it on in a heartbeat. And then re-wear it again for my wedding too.

Guess I should mention, I was never really one that believed in the wedding industry anyway, I always intended to look for a wedding dress that I can re-wear, or just wear one of my old dresses with white lace or something. If I no longer like this dress by the time my wedding comes along, I'd just find another dress I like better. No big.

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Thanks for elaborating, anon! It makes a lot more sense to me now that I have heard your reasoning behind it.

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In my comm it's the opposite way around. A lot of girls wear it casually to work and school, but don't want other lolitas to see them like that lol

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I wear lolita multiple times a month, sometimes to work. I don't reserve it for special occasions.

I've only worn lolita to weddings; my best friends wedding and my brother's. I have common sense and know how to put together a more simple coord, as to not draw attention to myself on someone else's big day. Simple headpiece, a jewel toned or muted color dress. Nothing too loud. Minimal accessories. You get it.

I also wear it on anniversaries, some date nights. It's honestly not something I reserve for special occasions. I have too many dresses in my closet to have them sit on standby.

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Brands make some dresses that are formal and meant for special occasions and others for daily wear. Classic brands especially. Wearing lolita on special occasions doesn’t make you less of a lolita...

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Of course, like probably every lolita I also have a bunch of dresses that I only wear for big events or occasions that require fancy outfits, like going to the opera or such. The other way round, I would not wear my casual Meta skirts for a large tea party.

I'm afraid I managed to sound like an elitist douchebag in my first comment. I did not mean to imply that lolita can't be special or work for special occasions or that wearing lolita on your wedding day is somehow inferior (one of my best friends got married in an IW dress and looked divine), it's just that I personally don't plan on doing it.

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Does anyone have any photos of lolitas at prom? I seem to recall people posting their prom coords on the LJ back when that comm skewed younger, but searching “lolita prom” just comes up with classic milanoo monstrosities like pic related.

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Some one post jojo daki-chan

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I have some dresses that I've bought where I've throught "if I get married, I'll just wear this," for example one of them beinf JetJ's Antique Doll, which to me is really special and I could justify using it for that reason. I've already worn it a couple times, because I don't believe in not wearing your clothes. I'm also not necessarily planning on evening having a wedding or if I do it'd be very casual and small, so it's not a big deal to me to use a dress I own already.

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I put together a coord for my college grad photoshoot; i also wore it for the actual day. I'm interested in getting my master's and i will surely wear coords for both another shoot and grad event if it comes around.

I don't plan on getting married - one of my close friends is planning her wedding and another girl and i will be wearing matching coords (we are all lolitas so yeah, good stuff!). As for wearing lolita to weddings, I've done it a couple of times, but I always ask first. If they say yes, I typically wear something toned down for (light makeup, a-line petti, neutral jewelry and shoes). I would never wear OTT to something that's not my own event unless the host asks that of me

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My only regret with my wedding was that I didn't wear Lolita to it. My wedding was cheap and rushed because of various reasons so I had an ill-fitting normie dress that I ordered online. I wish I had at least gotten it altered to fit me better as it was just a little bit big. It was still nice but not Lolita like I wanted to wear for it. Sometimes when I see people posting their nice wedding coords on cof I find myself feeling slightly bitter that I wasn't able to do that. Maybe we'll have an anniversary party or something in a few years where I can wear the obnoxious Ott wedding coord I wanted to. I could actually afford one now and take my time putting it together.

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Why did you have to rush your wedding? Only reason I can think of is someone in your family being on their deathbed; people don’t rush to get married because they’re pregnant anymore, do they? And if it was for that or for insurance/taxes/immigration reasons, you could have had a paper wedding and held off on the ceremony.

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Did you wear a petti under your graduation gown? I want to wear a nice white dress to my ceremony but I figure the petti will look silly under the gown.

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My non-Christian wedding would be weird and inappropriate in lolita. But I always figured I could have my paper wedding in lolita since there's something very cute and personal about those little government ceremonies with just your SO and witnesses. Sounds corny but I've always found those weirdly romantic.

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I think lolita weddings are cute, but I wanted more of a full gown for my own wedding. I did wear Moitié accessories for my “something blue,” though.

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We were engaged for a little while but decided to move the date up because I got pregnant (AFTER getting engaged ironically) and we didn't feel like dealing with our strict Catholic families shit. I now wish we had just told them to get bent and just waited until after I gave birth but it's too late now. I still loved the rest of my wedding I always wanted a small simplistic one. Also oh my God so many people still get married because of pregnancies I wouldn't have if I wasn't already engaged but I know so many other Catholics who have gotten engaged solely because of pregnancies.

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Posting a few lolita weddings

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Uh wow I love her train, source on dress?

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End mini dump

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Sorry anon, she said they were custom made!

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I definitely plan on wearing something like >>10192251 for my "wedding" (aka going to the courthouse and signing the papers or whatever), it's been my dream since I got into lolita 8 years ago.

I don't really care for the traditional expensive wedding, though, I would rather use the money it takes to go travel with my now-husband or just throw a casual fun party where I can wear the dress again.

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I haven’t worn full coords but I did wear a BTSSB JSK in a normie way for a semi formal activity. I want to wear an elegant gothic lolita coord for when I graduate from my bachelors in a few years though.

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The ones on CoF are just fat itas.

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Is it acceptable to wear a Lolita wedding gown to a shiro themed meet or is that too gauche? Are they only acceptable for actual weddings?

>> No.10194943

Much too gauche in general but it depends on which one it is

>> No.10194946

I mean something like >>10192251 ? Not necessarily a full length gown or anything. Maybe I could just wear it without the veil?

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I want to get married in a moi-même-Moitiédress. I'm not a lolita, but I love gothic lolita. Willing to spend a lot since it's for a wedding. Any dress or jsk suggestions?

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You sound like a lolita at heart. Buy an actually wedding dress, perhaps black. Don’t wear our fashion as a costume. Lurk more. Wear the fashion.

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Broms, balls galas and weddings where I live mean long gowns, not lolita. That said, lots of my lolita is good for parties and such that don't require long gowns so I do use lolita main pieces a lot for that. I usually wear heels and fancier jewellery and and a natural hairstyle with nothing lolita on my head in these cases?

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You don't have to be a lolita to wear a lolita dress for your wedding. It's your wedding, you can we're whatever you want. Choose one you like but watch the fixing if you aren't in the fashion, its sometimes a shock.

Shut up, you aren't the gate keeper, anyone can wear a piece of this fashion without needing to ’be a lolita’.

>> No.10195087

*watch the sizing.

>> No.10195088

It's fine providing the venue is classy, but if say don't wear a long veil.

>> No.10195090

kys special snowflake.

>> No.10195105

Fuck off, as long as someone is not parading around as some paragon of pretend lolita why wouldn't you encourage them to wear a nice piece for a special day? I wear the fashion and I'll totally advise >>10195075 to find a moitie dress for their wedding. Plenty of moitie pieces are elegant enough to wear for the types of wedding that uses a street length dress. It's actually a very good choice.

>> No.10195113

I wear menhera, so I'm into jfash. I don't think wanting to wear lolita for a wedding is a costume. It's not like I'd call it cosplay or something. Im just not very "girly", so I never went out of my way to buy anything lolita. I've lurked and posted here since high school, I'm 24 now.
I'm 97lbs and fit into Asian clothing brands really well, so I'm not too worried. Not an ana-chan, btw, just petite.

>> No.10195128

Then you sound like you are all set to choose any moitie dress that you really love and have a very elegant wedding. Don't let posts like >>10195081 put you off.

>> No.10195149

i wore an a-line under my le cadre du chat jsk for my grad, the poof wasn't ridiculous. plenty of people there didn't zip up their gown the whole way except for like the grad pics that the university makes you take; for comfort's sake, i'd forego the poofy petti if your dress looks okay without one

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You’re really not saving all that much money given many of them can range upwards of $2500. Depending on the style of normie wedding dress, I often see most go for $800 to around that same price though there are of course even pricier ones. I like the security of spending that much on a normie one in comparison to an MTO due to professional alternations after it’s been made with multiple fittings during the process so it's more suited for your body than an MTO. BTSSB isn’t going to be much help if you decide there’s an issue with said dress, especially regarding fit.

>> No.10195175

I think most people who consider the expensive mto lolita dresses either fit them fine or don't mind having them altered. I see wedding gown as a single use expense where I could see easily wearing a frilly lolita mto dress on multiple occasions, ideally with several accessory changes.

>> No.10195188

Yes, I assume the same but fitting and exact fit aren’t the same. Plus you have to worry about tracking down a professional tailor that could handle altering a lolita garment. It just seems too much an unpredictable hassle to me personally but more power to anyone going that route and pulling it off. I can definitely see this being more ideal for someone having a small wedding or even one with just a few people present as there’s much less to worry about, so one can really focus on their dress turning out as planned.

>> No.10195192

Bridezillas obsessed with ’exact tailored fit’ like it's gonna really make soooo much difference in a dress you'll only wear once for a few hours and a dress that nobody actually gives that much of a shit about at all besides the bride herself.

But then I consider most of the over hyped wedding stuff a gross overspend for a one day flex that has fuck-all to do with the actual marriage that comes after.

>> No.10195193


Since you're replying to me. This particular MTO was ~$800 (actually under, but SS and shipping pushed it over).

The more important distinction is I actually like the MTO dress. And yes, I was sure it would fit before I bought it.

>> No.10195208

You can always do a second wedding ceremony anon, 10 year anniversary would be a good excuse to throw a party.

>> No.10195215

Eh, get some veil netting and sew tulle/chiffon flowers onto it in the shape of a heart. pretty easy job for someone like videnoir (just google her, she'll come right up. )

>> No.10196810

can anyone id this dress? it looks like ap? this could've been so beautiful with some different blouse/legwear/shoes

>> No.10196886

Yep, that exact tailoring is retarded if you get bloated or lose too much weight. Better to have it close enough with waist ties and corset lacing

>> No.10196895


nayrt but I’m guessing neither of you have ever gone through the experience of wearing an actual wedding dress. A wedding dress is going to have way better corseting to help with fit than some flimsy ass China dress.

Bloating? Weight issues? There are multiple fittings after purchase, dingdong. Have better control over your lifestyle choices.

>> No.10196962

It's a dress for one day. only the bride thinks that dress is such a big deal. Brides 5 years later say they would have rather not spend do much on one day but they get all caught up in the bridezilla machine and family pressure.
I think they are a total rip off and the whole super expensive wedding thing is for suckers. I'd rather spend that kind of money on an amazing trip with my new hubs and a really pretty lolita dress I can wear over again.

Also I don't need any kind of corseting or other speshul dress engineering to hold in my flubber, Shamu. I have a bangin bod even in a bikini.

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I think this one is cute but pick related is kind of tacky.

>> No.10197210

I honestly just wear it whenever I feel like it. Back in college I would just roll up to campus in a full coord because I felt like wearing lolita and I couldn't go to many meetups since I worked weekends. But I also didn't wear it on a daily basis - both then and now it's not feasible, since I'm not really allowed to wear it on the job.

>> No.10197216

A lot of brides are stupid enough to get their dress a size smaller as "motivation" to lose weight. I'm sure a staggering amount are in for a nasty surprise on wedding day when they can't squeeze themselves into the dress that they deliberately got sized small. Unless their tailor knocked some sense into them.

>> No.10197218

I personally think guests wearing lolita to a normie wedding is tacky. If it's a lolita wedding or the bride asks you to or something that's one thing, but you wouldn't catch me dead wearing lolita to a normie friend's wedding. It seems very attention-seeking, and lolitas seem to get the label of attention seeking enough as it is.

>> No.10197239

looks like a and romeo dress or knockoff of it.

>> No.10197247


I think wearing a lolita dress in a normie way is completely fine. I have a few VM dresses that look like cocktail dresses without a petticoat underneath. However, because of how society views space filling fashion today, I feel like wearing lolita to a wedding would be really out of place unless the bride specifically asks you. People seem to associate petticoats only solely with bride dresses, so a poofy dress may be seen as attention seeking, sad as that sounds.

Some anon is going to chime in now with rockabilly weddings or whatever, but as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Rockabilly to a normie wedding would be really weird too.

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File: 31 KB, 290x387, ElegantMSkirt-blackcheck-zmod2(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It depends how varied your wardrobe is, I mean, I've got cutsew onepieces for daily wear from AP that I wouldn't even wear to a lolita tea meetup because it's too casual. There's a lot of pieces from several brands -- IW, VM, Moitie, where the pieces are so toned down they'll completely slip under the radar for normies.

If it's the poof that bothers you, it's always an option to go for petticoatless with a tea-length skirt. Or you could hunt down stuff from VM's fishtail phase, but I think they're too hard to find now.

>> No.10197576

Agreed, the unwritten dress code for most weddings is 'nice clothes but bland'.

>> No.10197757

depends on the dress and how you wear it. Simple floral pattern dresses with no petticoat, no blouse, a classy updo and chic heels are never wrong, imo.

>> No.10201873

NAYRT, but I went without a petti for my university graduation. I was visible for the entire ceremony, though, so it would have been difficult. The dress I wore had a decent built-in underskirt, too.

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File: 166 KB, 850x850, Classical Puppets Elisabeth Bride OP Queen Edition 15-850x850.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always fantasized about the classical puppets elizabeth bride OP as a potential future wedding dress. It's about $6500 tho, whew

>> No.10212470

How horrifying.

>> No.10214528

It's probably similar to what some people pay for their wedding dresses...

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