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Alright everybody! What are your plans, What hotels are you staying at. Are you ready for the Georgia heat?

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Literally haven't even started on 2 of the 3 cosplays we're debuting.

Please don't do me dirty like this, I have so much going on right now but thankfully DragonCon is the next con on the docket so theres time to focus on those cosplays.

We're at the Marriott and plan on staying inside as much as possible except when traveling from hotel to hotel. It's so much easier to skip the habit trails and just walk on the street.

>Has anyone been to the peach tree center now that the reno is done? Any opinions?

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I'm prepared to suffocate in the piss fog streets of downtown Atlanta wearing the mask and coat for this cosplay

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You have room for a couple battery-powered fans under there

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What are the chances of getting mugged at an atlanta airbnb?

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Coming in from Cali. First DragonCon, but I've been to big-ass party cons, namely Fanime - anything to expect, besides heat? I'm well acquainted with Southern humidity.

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Where is it specifically?

Never had any issues myself but I don't really go into the bad areas.

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