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Horror cosplay seems like such a neglected genre.
Anyone have any decent horror movie/game cosplays?

Hard mode: no Silent Hill

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My Patrick Bateman

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My friend and I doing the two generations of Pennywise with a girly twist.

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>Horror cosplay seems like such a neglected genre.

Jason and freddy cosplays are dime a dozen, theres 5 in EVERY con like Deadpools and darth vaders

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Not op but must be a regional thing because I have never seen any on the conventions where I live

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Most conventions are full of horror cosplays. Most of them are unintentional, but still counts.

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that Babadook is really good but I wish that had been a better photo

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Resident Evil group from back in the day

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Nu-clown give me fuck fuck RIGHT NOW!!!!

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I don’t really see many horror cosplays at the cons I go to. Especially not more obscure movies

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i love this

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