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The good, the bad, and the adorable.

No Mistys allowed.

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The holy trinity

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I... I don't understand how they sit inside the costumes and it makes me uncomfortable.
Catch me at the next con with my buddies.

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Requesting Joltik

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C-c-c-combo breaker!

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Nig is enough to get the point across

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Holy shit those wigs

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momo-con 2019

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momo-con 2018

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Cowbutt Crunchies is GodTier for their wigs and costuming imo

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awa 2010

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Pepperoni Nipple Nigga

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Why y’all like this

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And she never let's anyone forget it by constantly spilling herself here. It's not only noticable, but annoying.

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*shilling, ty phone

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Tbh I think it’s genuine. She has a shocking amount of fans and I see her posted all the goddamn time in nerd communities I’m in.

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lol she shilled herself into relevancy when she was a homestuck and she’s not about to quit anytime soon desu

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Lol imagine being this bitter. I’m not her but she has done a lot for cosplay with all the tutorials and whatnot, and she doesn’t seem like a bitch. It’s kinda obvious why her name would be around.

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I doubt it. CBC is a popular cosplayer with the quality to back it up. It's stupid to assume that every post here is a selfpost.

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Wait I forgot CBC is actually two people. Or am I remembering wrong

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nah she was confirmed to come here in hsg

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Don't mind them. I'm an ex homestuck and this anon has been popping up in threads for literally years with the same argument that cowbuttcrunchies' cosplays suck and all posts are selfposts. It must be a bitter pill to swallow, watching the object of your vendetta only get better with time.

On-topic pic is pretzl cosplay not cowbuttcrunchies.

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you know how you crab walk, upside down with your crotch facing up? it's like that

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>those wigs

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I'm not saying she doesn't have fans or some skills. But I do know she self posts here and often. In almost any thread she can pigeonhole herself into. Ehich which annoying because shes not always relevant. It's a great way to get more exposure and followers plus name recognition. If you honestly think she doesn't, then you are naive to say the least.

Also, lol
>I'm not her, but...
Sure you're not ;)

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>anyone who’s dared to call me out at any point in time must be the same person!!!1!!

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these wigs always blow me away but it always bugs me how uninspired Ivysaur's dress is.... it just looks like a prom dress. The others' dresses are all fancy but at least have elements of the pokemon, like the stomach of the squirtle's or the wings on charizard... but ivysaur is just..... flowers on a greenformal dress. They put so much effort into everything else they coudln't have spent 10 more minutes making the dress more ivysaur-like? no leafs? not even blue spots?

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>it’s a great way to get more exposure
On /cgl/? Lol no way. This place is tiny compared to virtually everywhere else.
Do you really think she needs to come here with her established success? She’s not an emerging cosplayer, she has a big name. But keep trying, jelly-chan. Post caps of her posting here or something.

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How is a Pokemon cosplay in a Pokemon thread not relevant?

You're trying really hard here, vendetta-chan.

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Help me understand. Do you really think every image or positive comment on CGL about Cowbutt Crunchies is a selfpost? Or is there something special about >>10191573 we're missing?

>It's a great way to get more exposure and followers plus name recognition
It's really not and the OP didn't even credit the cosplayer. Nobody would have noticed if you hadn't derailed the thread to cry about this person.

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I've posted CBC on several threads in the past, because I'm a fan and I think they deserve it. They have a pretty big fanbase, and it's kind of weird for you to think they sit on CGL all day waiting to shoehorn themselves into a thread.

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I made two posts. And was flooded by white knights defending her honor after the first. I'd say they derailed the thread far more than I. Also, in the first sentence of my second post, I recognize that she has legitimate fans, so please pull the sand out of your collective vaginas.

None of that means she doesn't self post here. It's been confirmed in the past, she does lurk this board, and she does self promote herself here and damn near every where else.

>vendetta, vendetta
>no 2 people could possibly have the same opinion
Now that's what I call a victim complex.

It's kind of weird people are in denial about her self posting here when she has confirmed in the past she does.

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You keep saying she constantly selfposts but I keep seeing no screencaps.

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I legit couldnt tell what pokemon they were cosplaying until i saw the pidgeot on the armor. If people can't tell then your cosplay is pointless

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Agreed. I was wondering too until you pointed it out.

I think people think it's easy to make a pokemon/creature cosplay but forget it's hard to make yourself identifiable and flattering. I really admire the people that can do it, it makes me feel the passion of cosplay. But people usually pass it off as "throw-away", even sometimes the cosplayers.

Notice the ones that succeed are usually crafters. (I don't know many of them but they all seem very talented, not commissioned or bought.) Nothing against buying bc I've been known to thrift my own cosplay but it's HARD to be identifiable.

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Cowbuttcrunchies is popular and one of the most respected cosplayers around. You shouldn't be surprised that people want to post their cosplays and defend them.

i.m.o. pokemon gjinkas look best in a group because they're easier to recognize. This would be better with a set of birds but by herself I also couldn't tell who she was.

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gotta catch them all.

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I don't know.
Only the Ivysaur there seems to live up to the hype.

Charmander should have been a lacefront. That doesn't even look close to natural and probably looks gluey as heck in person, and squirtles is a very basic style job.

They're great, but not drama worthy "amazing".

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Agreed, the Charmander looks like ass, that choppy wefting method always looks terrible in person. But Squirtle at least looks clean, and so does Ivysaur apart from the flower (looks pretty choppy too, should have softened the ends).

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I did a last minute bug catcher cosplay for colossal con.

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Still kinda proud of the Sabrina I threw together last year. While not entirely accurate I still loved wearing her.

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Nice shorts

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Who's had their cosplays cut from Galar?

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Both are really nice!

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what's worse is she posted a tutorial on how to do those scale shits as if the front looked good

>> No.10193858

Wow, simple but really effective! Love this

Accurate enough to recognise which is good in my books

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What is everyone’s dream gjinka cosplays? . Pic related is Dollightful’s Vaporeon design, and even though it’s not my fav Pokémon I love the design and want to do a cosplay of it.

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man I really like her dolls but I have to mute her videos to watch them. I LOVE her espeon design, though, I loved the dress she made for it and the ears.
Has anyone ever cosplayed a doll design lol? it would be fun to do a dollightful eeveelution cosplay group

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> squirtles is a very basic style job
Lol. Should've quit reaching while you were ahead.

I love her designs! I've seen a few people cosplay them and they're very flattering. Too many gjinka designs only would look good on 6ft tall models.

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Look at the seam in the middle of the front legs, above it is the wearer's arms and below is stuffed like a plushie, likely with some kind of handle near the seam so the wearer can hold the stuffed portion straight

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I'm not saying she's never posted herself here, but given how many friends and fans she has, any single post of her work is not very likely to be a selfpost

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They're comfortable and easy to wear

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Careful there anons, if your lips aren't glued to her ass, you MUST have a vendetta. Any criticism is just haters being jelly of her amazing wig styling talent.

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Keep seething

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