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>people going to anime cons just to get laid
>multiple Deadpool cosplayers
>multiple Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad movie version) cosplayers
>multiple (insert anime flavor of the month here) cosplayers

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wow rude

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>people in cons not taking care of body odor/mouthbreath
>people in cons in current year STILL glomping, groping, squealing, and YAOIZ!!! x3
and most of all
>the fact that some normie who calls herself a "nerdddd lol" cosplaying a character she doesn't know jack shit about out of an aliexpress costume, drag queen whore makeup and photoshop will always get more recognition and support than an actual fan who's put time, effort and love into a cosplay

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>obese people in a crowded hallway that you can't walk around due to their girth

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Wah. Weak cuck is mad that con goers fuck. I delight in the fact that you remain miserable and passed over while I enjoy the ladies.

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>coming to a board full of shit you don't like
wew lad

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>'people going to anime cons just to get laid'

t. femcel

people on this board / 4chan have been getting laid at anime cons since the dawn of this site 15 years ago

sorry you're too ugly to get laid lmao

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>people who think their cosplay is high quality when it's not even medicore

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Cosplayers and crossboarders who complain about lolitas

Just hide our threads, ya walnut

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Screaming teens and emotionally immature 20 somethings at cons.

People with shitty pronoun pin/down with cis """itabags""" (I don't mind people having one or two but i mean the ones who have a million)

Neckbeards/ Children complaining loudly about people cosplaying x series because they just passed someone cosplaying it.

People blocking the halls to take photos and getting mad when people walk by/ask to get by.

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I don't know if this is a thing in other countries, but at least in my country it is

>People making their own hashtags for their costumes/groups
>Hype up the said hashtag on social media months before the con like "I love my planned #BestGroupEverFromSeriesX!!!"
>Use the hastag couple times and abandon it, maybe even the cosplays as well
>Literally no-one cares

I'm all for cataloguing your cosplays etc. under one hashtag so that you can find tweets relating to them easier in the future, but why do people feel the need to create new hashtags for every single costume they make.

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>People who show up just to party
>People who don't like anime but go to cons
>People who wear western cosplays to an anime con or fursuiters at an anime con

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Lolitas are baited so easily, its insane

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Hard to hide your threads when you post in con threads bitching about this and that

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>people in cons in current year STILL glomping, groping, squealing, and YAOIZ!!! x3
I haven't seen this happen in years

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what if i told you that some conventions have lolita related events so its not entirely uncouth for them to be posting there.
nayrt but someone telling you to just hide the threads you dont like isnt really falling for your epic bait, fish harder.

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Yes it is little anon, when you know it’s bait you don’t reply.

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Jesus Christ you're dumber than a goldfish.

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Some conventions do have Lolita but every con thread in my area area for the last 3 years or so has had issues where lolitas pop in and complain about there not being enough lolita panels/tea parties/guests or say the organizers are anti-lolita. The local comm got so bad last year the con chair came into the thread himself to say that the con didn't have an anti-lolita bias, they just don't make money for what it costs so it got canceled.

The spoiled, entitled behavior they keep showing pisses off cosplayers who just want to talk about a con. It's like if fursuiters came into a thread for an anime con and bitched about not enough anthro content.

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Not them but lolitas are baited very easily. You can witness this in any lolita thread.

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ayrt, this actually makes sense and would get on my nerves. i'm sorry your local con threads get hijacked by crybabies. i never said lolitas couldn't be entitled in those threads, and that sucks. legitimately sorry your con has to deal with that and makes me feel warmfuzzy that our small but local con seems to lack a lot of the bullshit some other areas have (or i am just not involved enough on that end to notice/for it to effect my enjoyment of it).
i go to cons both as a cosplayer and to attend lolita events if they're available so i get both sides. its just easier for me to ignore stupid shit than it is to let it become something that grinds my gears.

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>bunny version of a cosplay
>casual version of a cosplay that looks like they aren't even trying

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Did you copy-paste this or are you still this butthurt? I swear i've read that exact post months ago.

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There was a lot of shit slinging going on in that thread. Stop acting like you're the maligned innocents in this.

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it probably doesn't happen in most modern countries, but I live in midfuck nowhere Europoor and in this year's con there was still a few of them around. one of them begging my (underage) friend to do "yaoi poses" with another cosplayer when they were clearly uncomfortable

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>politics in cosplay and fashion
like... I get it at some point thoughts, feelings, morals, etc are inevitable but... dio cristo. EVERYTHING has to be left vs right, le libtard tumblrina sjws vs alt right drumpf nazis, this or that, heated arguments, and everything is a political statement and if you're neutral you're part of the problem and deserve to die.

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>The amount of salt some lolitas have
Some good threads go bad when the salt pours and they just let it pour

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I can’t believe there are still people in artist alleys selling those bullshit sexuality flag pillows and shit, and that there are enough men who think they look like anime girls in the con community to keep the business afloat.

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All the cosplayers I follow on instagram won't stop spamming their stories with political shit. I understand maybe once in a while, but this 24/7 ""activism"" is just unbearable

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>people that consider themselves pro cosplayers and buy all their cosplays
>the fact that 99% of cosplay is shit that people buy instead of make
>people that don't wear deodorant at cons
>people that don't take piercings out/cover up tats when doing innocent character cosplays
>the fact that 99% of the cosplay community are insufferable political tards that just reverberate off each other, and thus make half the panels at cons "Is X gay?!?!?" or "LGBTQ in LWA?!?" instead of actual interesting shit

look man I just want to make costumes, dress up, and talk with other people about how they made their costumes. it's not a hard concept.

instead, you get mini political rallies with an extra dose of autism. Seriously, fuck off with your "this character whose sexuality is literally never mentioned is DEFINITELY G A Y and if they're not i'm TAKING THEM BACK >:^)". On top of that, the community is fake as fuck; they do the whole "UWU DRINK WATER AND NO BULLY" and then they talk mad shit about other people for literally no reason.

I really hate the community as a whole desu and I would quit in a heartbeat if I didn't like making costumes and meeting and chilling with the handful of people who make their cosplays, or with some of the people from here.

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>fat lolitas that stretch out beautiful brand dresses which they clearly don't fit into
>fatties complaining about sizing so that we must all suffer loose dresses for their poor eating habits
>broke lolitas that assume everyone else must be an overspending minimum wage poorfag in debt like them

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Garbage chan is that you

>> No.10192083

so are you mad because you're fat or a poorfag?

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Honestly I find the panels annoying too but fan run panels have always been annoying. If you have better ideas for what to do panels on then please apply to run one and give the cringe ones less space to exist in.

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Garbage chan as a poorfag herself

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Garbage chan is a minimumwage poorfag herself

>> No.10192095

I mean, she sure dresses like one.

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>People who show up just to party

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You're the one who got caught shitting on fat people with your name attached, retard. You tell us.

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Dealing with drunk 14 year olds stumbling around all weekend is not fun

>> No.10192126

are you retarded? garbagechan is a poorfag and more than one person can think fatties are ruining the sizing for this fashion

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the even more ironic thing is that most of them don't even do it for the sake of actual activism, justice, morality and whatever, it's purely for clout and fitting in with the masses or with their clique.

they merely repeat things like robots without genuinely believing in them.
it makes me pretty sad, especially being a queerfaggot retard fairy myself. i work the courage to open up and they turn out to be the complete opposite of what they preach.


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And who said you, personally have to deal with them? Quit changing your answers from “I hate people who come to party” to “uhhh just the 14 year olds!!1!11”

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>straight weebs complaining that it’s hard to get laid at a con
>forgetting that it’s even worse for gay guys, especially for those that like their men big boned

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based fairyfaggotretard

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>KDA cosplayers
>thots that virtue signal or act like they're not sex workers
>why do some conventions wait until the night before to release program schedule
>when a cosplay is super well made but makeup and wig are hot garbage
>30 yr old "influencer" makeup for a teen anime character cosplay
>normie and fandom shit at clearly anime/video game conventions. I'm tired of seeing Steven Universe, GoT, Supernatural, whatever flavor of the month tv show is going on and taking over what used to be the geeky niche. And while on that topic....
>con progamming. holy shit. i've seen some great ideas for panels turned down for shit like the virgin killer sweater, memes, and other garbage. Granted there is some relevant programming out there but it's dying off

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crossplayers and fakeboys

>> No.10192234

Bitchy lolitas
Fattys complaining about their fits (cosplay, lolita or j fashion)
Underage edgy
Creeper men
Transtrenders of any flavour.

You know, just the usual.

>> No.10192236

the fuck is a fakeboy?

>> No.10192239

woman that pretends to be a boy online

>> No.10192248

yes, except in this context it'd be irl

>> No.10192254

Ouch someone's an offended underageb&

>> No.10192255

Anyone over the age of 20-21 who goes to a con just to party is a retard. Plain and simple.
Spending 5x what they would have spent anywhere else just to drink overpriced liquor and hit on ugly women when they can do the same thing in a bar or club for cheaper

>> No.10192270

>people who buy all of their cosplays and call themselves cosplayers
>people who drink at cons (or anywhere in large public spaces desu)
>smelly people

>> No.10192274

This is how I feel about anybody who goes to bars

>> No.10192276

>Implying I want to be around normalfags when I go get drunk and try to have fun
Fuck that

>> No.10192279

>20+ year olds cosplaying elementary to middle school characters
There’s so many characters out there to choose from, why would you do this.

>> No.10192293

They are those girls that think “people confuse me for a 12 year old teehee” and “I get carded all the time!!”

>> No.10192301

Have you considered:
People get to see their friends who live stares away annually at cons


Cons are fucking fun fuck you

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States** sorry, autocorrect

>> No.10192303

>people who buy all of their cosplays and call themselves cosplayers
... okay, I'm sorry, I kinda see what you mean but what the fuck are they then? if you wear a costume/portray a character what else are you called?

>> No.10192306

Not offended it’s just funny seeing someone so upset about drunk 14 year olds when they literally don’t have to deal with it if they don’t want to

>> No.10192307

try being a lesbian

>> No.10192309

Room parties are added bonus? Free liquor, anime on the tv, you make new friends all while the con is dying down???
Come on Anon, let me change your mind.

>> No.10192313

exactly, i don't go specifically for the parties but they're an added bonus and are way more fun than bars. getting drunk with random weebs who have the same interests as you is way better

>> No.10192315

Huge difference

People fuck at cons. I have Con FWBs. I’ve done a couple con hookups.

Normie fuckboys that go because they saw JNig and ewhores like her on the internet are a different category.

Same type of people that think goodboy tokens buys pussy.

>> No.10192326

At colossal this year there were people wearing literal Halloween costumes

Like. I’d rather see bad storebought shit to be honest.

This one dude was praised on his creativity for a costume that was viral on Facebook videos and vice.

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Any horror stories in that regard?
>be both an otter and a gay chubby chaser
>see all the cute chubby guys (the well adjusted ones with good hygiene anyway) at the con
>whip out every gay app on my phone
>no one is listed within con proximity

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pic related.
I know this is a common one but fuck do some closet cosplays just rub me the wrong way. She literally just threw on a towel and called it a day.

>> No.10192342

How do you feel about trannies coming in and thinking they’re one of you? You’re being erased, you know. Anime cons need a terf panel to go alongside all the other queer panels. Can you even imagine

>> No.10192344

Lol she didn’t even color her eyebrows black like her wig. If you’re a one of the .01% of cosplayers who don’t own either a black eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow you could shoop it. How lazy can you be?

>> No.10192360

>any mention of "body positivity"
>encouraging people to not do a good job or put little effort in cosplay because it's just supposed to be for fun, not supposed to be a source of stress
>Casual, closet cosplay and expecting to be taken seriously
>>With the above two points, they then complain they don't get any attention, don't get photographed or get complimented
>Overly focused on "success" with how many likes or followers they get to the point of ruining a con weekend
>Judging someone based off their follower count
>People who only cosplay from one, maybe two shows, do an endless amount of low effort OCs/AUs and don't watch anything else at all
>Yaoi hambeasts
>>Shipperfags who try to make every male character gay and genuinely believe they want to fuck each other because of a couple of shared lines.
>dudes who only go to cons just to fuck girls and only to fuck girls, literally are not interested in anything else and only have a small interest in anime or cosplay if any at all
>Oversensitive faggots
>Wearing Western character cosplays to an anime con
>Don't watch anime but still go to an anime con for whatever reason
>Cosplaying from a show or game you haven't watched
>Itas lmao

>> No.10192381

i agree with all of this.

>> No.10192386

agree with all of this

it's gatekeepy but seriously, the amount of retardation I see in the hobby is too much. Cosplay is cosplay first and foremost; see way too many people try to inject their weird fetishes, shipping, or politics in for no reason at all.

also i've said it before but FUCK people who only buy their cosplays and then proclaim they're a professional cosplayer or have cosplay insta pages. i hate the beta orbiters as well

>> No.10192389

>dudes who only go to cons just to fuck girls and only to fuck girls, literally are not interested in anything else and only have a small interest in anime or cosplay if any at all
So it's alright if I am bi?

>> No.10192432

>people complaining about western costumes

Wew lads this is a diff kind of elitism

>few years ago
>friends want to go to con with me to check it out
>one wants to cosplay and is about the same size as me
>let him borrow my Harry Potter
>go ask kotetsu because daddy gets all the bitches
>fat haruhi asks me for a hug v excited
>then looks at hp friend and quickly changes demeanor
>extremely snobby: aren’t you a little out of place like
>hate her immediately
>takes everything in me not to ask her if she’s not a little out of her weight class
>friend just doesn’t know what to say
>great first impression of a con

This was back in 2013 and I’m still mad.

Hey fat haruhi at kawaii kon, if you’re a seagull, fuck you. I hope diabetes snatches your ass.

>> No.10192433

Aw, I love bunny costumes. My gripe is when a person very obviously slaps on whatever minimal accessory they can to be identified as 'x' character. Like at least tailor the costume to the character.

>> No.10192436

>KDA cosplayers
Just in general? Why's that?

>> No.10192437

Reading this post made my blood boil. Hard same on a lot of these points, anon.

>> No.10192442

Closet cosplays in general grind my gears because 9 times out of 10 they never lead to actual cosplays like they're intended to. Lazy instacosers just fucking do the bare and I mean BARE minimum like this, then just call it quits.

>> No.10192444

Wait, did she actually?

>> No.10192445

What if tonight’s put into it? Or based on good fan art?

I’m trying to find a good casual Dabi to do mostly because I’m almost out of make up and can’t do my full arms. I think I have enough to do my face just two more times.

>> No.10192446

>People who only cosplay from one, maybe two shows, do an endless amount of low effort OCs/AUs and don't watch anything else at all
And they'll take 3,000 pictures of each cosplay and continuously post them months after they were originally taken instead of focusing on any other costume.

>> No.10192447

That should have said thought what the fuck apple why are you like this.

>> No.10192452

Casual cosplays and closet cosplays are totally different. A closet cosplay is literally in the name for throwing on whatever is in your closet. A casual cosplay could include items from your closet, but that would be mere coincidence rather than intentional. There are casual outfits for certain characters or fanart with casual outfits that can look really good, but would require more than a bare minimum effort which wouldn't make it a bad costume. My gripe is that people who do closet cosplays consider them to be complete costumes. It's not the full thing and shouldn't be considered like it. Buying just the wig for a character can and should never be considered a finished cosplay, it's a makeup test at best.

>> No.10192466

*Fedora tips furiously*

>> No.10192471

>elitists who aren’t friendly if you aren’t efamous, a fellow elitist cosplayer, or certain level of attractiveness
>people who are rude as shit irl but then complain online how lonely they were at the con/how they have no friends

These kind of run one and the same but I’m so tired of this whole “I’m gonna be a dick to people irl but I’m nice online! uwu” thing I’ve been seeing. It’s especially prevalent in fandom communities when some person thinks or is a BNF

>> No.10192536

Maybe you should read first. Post says "just to party"
People who spend all night at room parties and half the day stumbling around drunk, go to no shoots, go to no panels, and barely go into the dealers hall annoy me.
If you still do that past the age of 22-23, you're dumb. If someone is going to show up to a con only to drink, they could have done that at a bar or club for a tenth of the price

>> No.10192628

Imagine being this fucking boring

>> No.10192634

I'm on the fence over this, I do it too, mind you with lots of effort, and I honestly just cannot get into any other show, so all my cosplays are from the same show all the time. What varies is the make-up work, the props, the detail on each costume even if it's very simple. Sometimes I pick the easy ones but just try to nail being as perfect as I can. I do worry what people think that this is all I have, but then I'm doing it for me so... And to break up the monotony, I post pics of all the other people I get cosplay photos of, too, because I'm sure they'd like to see those.

I do get frustrated by the people who don't even make a cosplay and do the same thing, though. I always wonder if my own posts are annoying.

>> No.10192652

Seeing some of the posts on here leads me to ask an important question: What percentage of the cosplay scene is gay SJWs

Asking as I have yet to go to a con

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File: 12 KB, 390x167, stop using the comm as your personal facebook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Using your local community cosplay page as your personal.

If this happened once or twice, it'd be whatever, but our "admin" constantly is posting about needing roommates, or their own personal niche events, or just generally asking stupid immature questions in general.

Almost everybody's left because of this crap and another page/hub hasn't popped up. We even have events for our city on another city's cosplay page just because it's way more professional.

>> No.10192670

depends on the con and the country
but mainstream ones in murica? I'd say... 70%, roughly
Not all that 70% is super in your face, but minimally are sjw types and blind parrots

>> No.10192671

Sounds like you shouldn't go to a con desu

>> No.10192674

Depends if by sjw you mean existing whole gay or not being a poltards.
Only a few people at cons actually spew that poltard shit and they get blasted so hard when they do.

Most people are just your standard fare of liberals. LGBT people exist but the idea people have of the blue haired feminazi does not exist at all. J have been going to cons for 6-7 years and have never met one of them

If you're just gonna go audibly shitpost about Trump or nazpol stuff tho, save yourself the embarrassment and don't go

>> No.10192676

Yeah, I feel you anon. 90% of the cosplays I make are from the same series because 1) I love it 2) There are a lot of games, and lots of variety in the character designs, and I really enjoy making them in the style that they use, and 3) It's why the majority of my followerbase is there in the first place. I don't know why that would annoy people- just don't follow people who post mostly from stuff you're not interested in.

>> No.10192679

Yeah, >>10192674 is pretty accurate. I've been going to cons the same amount of time and can count on one hand the number of "crazy SJWs" I've seen, and I feel like I rarely encounter people talking politics at all. Most people there are liberal though, and lots are LGBT, so don't expect to get off scott-free if you bring up very conservative viewpoints with people.

>> No.10192684

I just don't want to make con friends and then they turn out being the kind of people that call you a nazi for saying the wrong thing

>> No.10192687

Either your super paranoid, shitposting, or you're a loser poltard. People don't just say that.
However, if you walk up to some transgirl at a con and call them a trap or tell them they're a man, people are gonna get pissed at you. Just keep your shitty takes to yourself if you're really that much of a retarded chud

>> No.10193449

You sound boring and bitter, anon. You spend your con thinking about those people?

>> No.10193464

Imagine being this much of a faggot

>> No.10193465

please fuck me I'm begging you

>> No.10193517

It's my least favorite cosplay trend so far. I've been playing league since 2012, so watching the character design go from general moba aesthetics to these edgy teen aesthetics (whether they're more "anime schoolkid" or "kpop thot" or what have you) is really cringy desu. Also to me its one of the most low-effort 'cosplays' out there - I guarantee most of the people who cosplayed from it bought all of it and would never cosplay the original splash art of eve, kai'sa, akali, or ahri (well except ahri, but I consider ahri cosplayers automatic e-thots. that's another thing but it doesn't grind my gears as much lol)

>> No.10194070

imagine getting this offended over someone's opinion

>> No.10194093

Con/cosplay videos that are always the same; Overwatch, MHA, and girls in slutty armor.

>> No.10194111

Do you guys hate the first time cosplayers that did their own cosplay from scratch but aren't really that good?

>> No.10194114

>Making my first cosplay from scratch this year
>so scared that it I'm gonna screw it up and everyone will think it looks stupid
haha yea.....

>> No.10194128

That first one couldn’t be truer
I ran into a group of chads and they didn’t know what anime was. They were there to get laid

>> No.10194129

Other than the autists on cgl, legitimately no one cares, just go have fun anon

>> No.10194140

Was at a convention today, didn't get laid :(

>> No.10194149

i can't stand most genderbend cosplays. wouldn't mind at all if people would take the character's personality into account. ie, a hypermasculine dudebro character would probably at least be a short-haired tomboy as a girl, not a girl with super long beautiful hair and three pounds of makeup. basically reposting what someone else said on the bad shoop thread but i agree with it so much: genderbending a character wouldn't change their entire personality and aesthetic. plus when they're good i can really get behind them but the majority of the time i just feel like it's an excuse to be lazy for people (mainly girls) who don't want to even attempt crossplay

>> No.10194203

It's okay anon, there's still today at matsuri.

>> No.10194313

>people who literally PUSH you in the dealers room
>cosplayers that have no sense of decency about moving to the side when they have large props and decide to just stand in the middle of a walkway
>con goers who don’t understand that no means no when they ask if they can take your picture

The last one is because of a special incident where I was on my way to the bathroom since I had a few minutes before hosting a panel and someone asked to take my photo. I said “sorry, but no. I have to use the bathroom but I’ll be in room xyz later if you want to come by and take a pic then.” This beast of a woman then proceeded to follow me while telling me how rude it was to be dressed up in an “attention drawing” outfit but not allow people to take pictures. Something about how I was stuck up because I was wearing brand and that I shouldn’t be dressed up if I didn’t expect people to take pics, “at least I ASKED, I could have just taken one it’s a free country” and other random shit talking. I turned around and screamed “LOOK I HAVE TO PISS AND IM WEARING 4 PETTICOATS PLEASE” it was a photo finish, pun intended. I made it to the bathroom in time and thankfully she was gone when I left. I never met anyone who felt so entitled to a photo before.

>> No.10194319


>> No.10194328

does the con check badge at the door? pretty decent chance that was a normie there to gawk

>> No.10194337

Actually that does make sense since I was away from the dealers hall and it’s free range by the conference rooms.

>> No.10194339

Of course not. It's exciting to see someone start their crafting journey. It makes me want to give them the resources to improve.

>> No.10194341

Who cares if it's not that great? It's your first time. No one is expecting you to pop out of the pussy as fucking Michelangelo. You need time to hone your craft. So enjoy the process and try to put those thoughts aside so that you can have fun. Best of luck, anon.

>> No.10194342

This. The single worst genderbends I've seen have come from MHA, but no one should really be surprised at that.

>> No.10194346
File: 2.22 MB, 540x540, Aqua cry.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people who literally PUSH you in the dealers room
I've had that happen to me and I wasn't even towards the front of the line, honestly I was closer to the back of the crowd. I had stayed up late the night before to finish a hair prop that I had spent about a month making. It was lightweight and was shorten than the width of my body, so it shouldn't have been an issue; but, within 5 minutes of walking through the dealer's room doors, some asshole bumped into me and sped off, knocking my months of work and hours of sleep lost on the floor, ruining it instantly.

>> No.10194353

MHA cosplay, where male characters are portrayed more by fakeboys than males

>> No.10194417

But I was at LoriCon
and I don't have the money, to go there a second time

>> No.10194446

Not garbage-chan, but this smells a lot like FJ. We know you're a compulsive liar, but this is just taking it to a new level. Are you also the one pretending to be certain lolitas in order to start drama and make people feel uncomfortable? It's why you're banned in several lolita discords too right? For starting fake ass drama for no reason? God Rih this is really pathetic

>> No.10194777 [DELETED] 
File: 84 KB, 1077x1053, 1560034718158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Got dick sucked by friend I met at con
>Literally could not feel anything
>Didn't cum and got soft like 7 - 10 mins in
Is this punishment for all the years of masturbation

>> No.10194781

stop watching porn

>> No.10194794

>Anyone on 4chan that makes fun of either fatties or poorfags who project their financial problems is one of two people I personally know.
Stop being a schizo-poster and thinking everyone is some literally-who from your personal comm.

>> No.10194801
File: 164 KB, 871x333, grind.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit like this annoys me to no end.
"I want to buy my dream dress, but I need a payment plan and don't scalp it."

Same goes for gulls in the dream dress thread that won't buy a dress that was linked to them shortly after posting their dream dress (like if someone finds your dd months later your financial situation could've changed).

>> No.10194807

Girls who crossplay make characters. There's already a shortage if interesting male characters to cosplay, but for some reason most series that get popular with large male casts end up with all the characters cosplayed by women.

In addition the amount of asspats they get for doing it is pretty ridiculous

>> No.10195167
File: 16 KB, 400x300, IMG_20180811_234820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looking forward to going to a local con
>realize it's going to be full of swarms of cwinge teen BNHA cosplayers
oh god oh no

it's like fortnite in a gaming event. or the current-year homestuck.

>> No.10195218
File: 19 KB, 630x400, 1558313657827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dealing with drunk 14 year olds stumbling around all weekend is not fun
that's where you're wrong anon

>> No.10195223

>There's already a shortage if interesting male characters to cosplay
how does women cosplaying male character relate to a shortage?

>> No.10195228

I just find it annoying when there's a small number of well designed male characters and going through cosplay hashtags, all the cosplays at the top are crossplays

>> No.10195231

Itas and poorfags in lolita fashion.
Step up or step out, please.
Gyaru would call that shit out and they directly tell people to get good of gtfo. They don't give false asspats and they expect improvement and no excuses. I wish lolitas did that more.

>> No.10195236
File: 26 KB, 300x283, C97E4468-C875-4913-A663-0985E060CC05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im sure you never looked bad when you started out or had a teen’s income, right? I hate lolitas, man

>> No.10195241

You’re being really forgiving in assuming all those poorfags and itas are teens.

>> No.10195243

that must be why gyaru is dead af these days compared to lolita lol

>> No.10195244

Can you read the word “or”

>> No.10195245

You’re also forgiving in assuming they’re all just starting out. A lot of the ones posted regularly are neither teens nor new.

>> No.10195246

If someone can't do the fashion, why should we include them? Do you also take your Betsey Johnson bag to the luxury handbag forum and your Honda Accord to the Porsche club meets?
I don't think so.
Yet people still cry when anyone says ’to be lolita, you need to actually wear the fashion ’.
Insanity. Or more accurately, a mistaken sense of entitlement.

>> No.10195248

Everyone starts somewhere. How do you know peoples experience levels just from looking at a picture on 4chan?

>> No.10195250

Before I could afford the fashion and up until I actually had a proper lolita coord, I did not go to meets. I did not belong there yet!

Were my first coords so great? No. But they were at least made up of actual lolita pieces and they followed all of the rules. That is not too much to ask as a basic minimum to be included in the fashion. It should be a requirement before anyone gets a meet invitation.

>> No.10195252

You set your group rules to ’we welcome lolitas to attend the group meets once they have put together their first full lolita fashion coordinate’.
Why is that even a question? It should be a given.

>> No.10195253

Stupid analogies. Price and level of luxury doesn’t make something more lolita than something else.
No you don’t bring your Honda to the Porsche club, just like you don’t bring Bodyline to an AP meet. But you can bring your Honda to the car club, just like you can bring Bodyline to the lolita meet.

>> No.10195260

Lurk moar newfag. Plenty of people in the CoF and ita threads are people who we know have been in the fashion for years.

>> No.10195267

I don’t browse your stupid threads. “itas” like the post says doesn’t imply only non-newbies.

>> No.10195279

You need an actual lolita coordinate to attend a lolita fashion meet though, and judging by some of the ita messes we are seeing decked out in loliables head to toe, that where a lot of the feeling of wanting to gatekeep comes from.
That crap is not even lolita.

>> No.10195316

>cons with schedules that don't come out until the week of the event
>cons that don't attempt to have quality control on panels

>> No.10195320

Yeah, you clearly don’t judging by your retarded posts. Fuck off newfag

>> No.10195329

>fan Q&A's, especially the questions where the faggot basically reads an essay despite there being a very limited amount of time to ask
>e-celebs being "guests of honor" and especially their obnoxious as fuck fanbases
>political shit since it doesn't really belong at an anime convention
And basically all of >>10192360

>> No.10195364

Who is this character and what is the series?

>> No.10195379
File: 38 KB, 600x377, DxtaMQhXcAAlRl7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gulls taking themselves way too seriously
>People not accepting the fact that both lolita and Cosplay is filled to the brim with mentally ill people

>> No.10195382

Nezuko from Demon Slayer

>> No.10195398

I don’t really care how petty this sounds but what really grinds my gears is when “aspiring models” who have nothing to do with jfashion or have any interest in anything hosted at a convention apply and get chosen to be models for fashion shows.

There are countless of normie fashion shows you could go for. Modeling for a brand is an honor and a true experience for people who actively participate in the fashion. To these normal people, it’s just another thing to add to their portfolio and the coordinates are just clothes.

>> No.10195438

There’s been a loooot of reddit spacing on here recently.

>> No.10195453

tween twerps with ADD
those stupid "ace" or "pan" buttons
off-topic cosplays IE comic cosplays at an anime con
I wouldn't object to a con having lots of pointless 18+ panels just to boot twerps.
just talk with people, you can kinda get the gist of somebody by just chatting, just don't bring up anything controversial and you'll have a fun time.

>> No.10195462

What do they even do if they’re chosen? It’s not like they have wigs or shoes.

>> No.10195527

Shut up and give me your lunch money dweeb

>> No.10195701

They're models, they model things. It doesn't mean they have to normally wear the things they're wearing at a show. Designers want a certain look for their models and find people who fit that.

Drop your sour grapes honey.

>> No.10195710


as long as you're in decent shape and don't smell like cheetos and bad bo you can hook up. more so at anime (for some reason. i get a little bit freaked out by the 'sempai' stuff, but hey hot chick wanting sex is awesome).
found out couple years back that groups of girls make a game out of it to see who can the most sex.
it's the main reason i joined a gym (boosted my confidence, so that's a plus).

>> No.10195716

You....don’t know how lolita modeling works, do you?

>> No.10195764

Sounds like you're just pissy you didn't get chosen desu

>> No.10195788

Found the newfag

>> No.10195797

While yes you’re right, designers want a certain look. Having the choosing pool get flooded by normie models lowers your chances to even be SEEN as an option. And fuck yeah I’m pissed off and salty about it. I have been in many shows so I know my look is good enough to be a model for brands. But this year 90% of the fashion show was done using regular VOGUE-esque runway models who knew nothing of the fashion and couldn’t pose/walk for shit despite having the experience. Why? Because they’re not lolitas.

Working with a brand is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have as a lolita. It is an honor to have them dress you and help with last minute prep like tying your bows or fluffing your petticoat. I think it’s really low that a regular model would venture as far as going to an anime convention to model for BABY because they just wanted another fashion show under their belt.

The intention is not the same, the experience is not the same. Hence why:
>it grinds my gears

>> No.10195803

Models model. I hate to burst your bubble anon, but burando clothes are just clothes to a lot of lolitas too. I'd much rather see an experienced model modeling a brand release than some weeb-lita living out her burando modeling dweem. 9 times out of 10 they are shitty models.

Borrow them.

Lolita modelling works by the designer choosing the least terrible of the volunteer photos and literally praying for decent posture and the ability to take direction.
Source: several con model wranglers in despair.

>> No.10195813

Sounds like you are completely fetshizing this. Ew.
You are not ’working with a brand’, you are literally a free volunteer clothes hanger. Feeling ’honored’ to have them dress you is deluded and if you are literally speaking of needing help to get your look right for a show then you are quite a shitty model who can't get things right for themselves. Fantasy much?

Holy shit if I were designer id 100% prefer a vogue-esque model to one who felt like you are describing. No wonder 90% chose that if people like you are the other option. No thanks!

>> No.10195824

it's not a dream dress if you aren't willing to buy it for a dumb ass price 2 seconds after it's posted. If it's a dd you keep money on the side waiting for it to appear. Its a DREAM item after all.

>> No.10195825

Posting off topic sex shit and throwing the word con in there so mods don't ban you. I wish normies lives and feelings didn't revolve around sex.

>> No.10195830

typically I don't go for relationships at cons. Been there, done there. Way too many con-goers are pretty unhinged. It's better to date a pseudo-normie who is interested in cons and reel them into going.
I don't really consider myself a terf but I wouldn't date someone who is trans, even post-op trans. I've been pursued a few times by trans women and a lot of lesbian identifying trans women are uninterested in transitioning or even presenting, so I just don't do that

>> No.10195847

NAYRT but don't lie anon, you're just mad because it was a guy. The feels thread is half depression half tfwnogf posting. That being said, it should not be in this thread

KDA is easily the most "patreon thot looking to cash in on quick popularity bux" cosplay trend since bowsette or zerotwo. It's so bad that I've seen dedicated "KDA only" photoshoots, separate from "league of legends"

>> No.10195872

In every other fashion, the designer provides everything to give the look they want, usually even makeup and shoes or hair style/wigs.

>> No.10195887

It's very common in lolita shows for the model to provide her own shoes, petti and bloomers, and often do her own makeup and hair/wig styling. But people applying know this, its stated. Non-lolita models will get with someone and borrow the needed stuff. It's no biggie. I've loaned some things before and I don't mind.

>> No.10195889

That's weird to have a model who needs to provide their own clothes. Only modeling I did everything was provided and someone did my hair and makeup quickly before.

>> No.10195897

The feels thread is containment for all the morons who come here after seeing JNig on patreon and thinking that's what cosplay is. Anyone who reads it regularly should have their brain checked

>> No.10195899

>patreon thots calling themselves models
then again nowadays just about anybody can call themselves a model and get offers i guess

>> No.10195914

Am I in the same group as you?
It really grinds my gears to see A posting about moving every few months. At first I was considering finding a place with them, but with their frequent moving, I'm wondering if they have major money or commitment issues that would leave me screwed out of a good lease.

>> No.10195940

Well to be fair bloomers and petticoats are basically underwear, so it’s not that weird.

>> No.10195946

Sorry you never get picked for a fashion show and don’t know what it’s like. It really is a wonderful experience.

>> No.10195956

Board hopper alert with shitty bait

>> No.10195971

Don't take my word for it, read a few model applications for lolita shows and you'll quickly see that it's common for them to ask that you at least have your own petti and shoes.

Yes, I'm so sad they did not pick me but then how could they? I don't apply for that kind of stupid shit.
Sorry we aren't all deluded into thinking that an 8 am call time then kicking it backstage and rehearsing all morning is better than waking leisurely to room service, getting ready for the day, arriving and shopping as a VIP, then watching the show you are working in is such a deprived life. I feel so very unfulfilled, can you tell?

>> No.10196016

this level of larping really ought to be in the proper thread.

>> No.10196023

I’ve been lurking on here for years and CGL seems to be the only place where people complain about anime cosplays at a comic convention or Western cosplays at an anime convention.

I’ve never heard anyone in real life complain about this, exactly why does it bother you guys?

>> No.10196026

People come here to vent because otherwise stating their opinions goes nowhere and creates animosity between them and people they know irl
It's really just commiserating over spilled milk, they aren't ever going to see a seperate of the two now that geek culture is the new normal.

>> No.10196027

Because there are mostly bored summer children with autism levels over 9000 here, not actual cosplayers of ANY kind who are regularly going to cons to see that most normal people don't give a shit about it at all?

>> No.10196032

It's not a larp, that was literally the Paradiso schedule. Ask one of the models.

>> No.10196036

it doesn't really fit in with the theme
I don't hate comics I just feel that it doesn't fit the con theme.
I don't complain about it IRL because comic cosplayers at anime cons aren't actually breaking con rules and bitching at people about it IRL would be petty.

>> No.10196095

most def. I get that things are trendy and shit, but damn at least show some interest in the game itself - not just some over-saturated, overproduced music video. I'm glad those cosplayers treat it separately tho; please keep actual great league cosplays away from the KDA dumpster >>

>> No.10196105

I have a little news for you: its petty here too. No, we can't identify you, and honestly most of us don't care who you are, but dealing with people that take on these kind of small minded petty topics is really tiresome and after a while, focusing on this kind of shit turns you into an absolute fucking walnut.

>> No.10196204

you sound pretty angry for somebody that doesn't give a shit.

>> No.10196205

>tumblr references
Ok, please leave.

>> No.10196492

Fuck you, I'm gonna crossplay the hot men because I deserve to enjoy them too. If you like them enough, them change the numbers and cosplay them too.

>> No.10196496


>I can't tell who you are at an anime convention but I can READ YOUR MIND AND FEEL YOUR PETTY VIBES

>> No.10196665

>It should not be in this thread
I actually did think I posted in the feels thread rip.

>Post one thing about sex
>My life revolves around it

>normie instead of normalfag

>> No.10196668


>> No.10196669

When hairy, obese men cosplay deliberately cosplay stuff like Slave Leia or Faye Valentine

Its thinly veiled exhibitonism

>> No.10196673

>Party cons

ugh why not just go to those trashy normie halloween club parties

>> No.10196675

>There's already a shortage if interesting male characters to cosplay
Bullshit dude, you must be looking in the wrong places because there’s just as much interesting guys to cosplay as girls.

>> No.10196678

I'm talking especially about the fujobait series like MHA, where 9/10 cosplays are crossplays and the male cosplay get buried under a bunch of girls with 15k followers. It's annoying after dealing with it. Maybe you don't understand the purpose of the thread

>> No.10196722

People's thoughts and feelings play out in their outlook, behaviour, and interactions with others anon. The ’secret thoughts and feelings’ have a significant hand in shaping you as a person in general. Unfortunately, it's usually a blind spot for people as well but others can often clearly see and feel it. No mindreading skills needed, just a bit of knowledge about people.

>> No.10196724

That's an odd one. Care to elaborate?

>> No.10196728

I think it's even more, a hostile passive aggressive act to try and force peoples gaze by deliberately shitting on something that people normally like and want to look at because they are buttmad when people do not want to like and look at them as men. Very creepy.

Of course some just do it for the laffs too but its pretty easy to tell the two types apart.

>> No.10196737


>> No.10196902

maybe if more men were good at cosplay theyd get more attention

>> No.10196909 [DELETED] 

You have to be delusional to think there are just as many guys who cosplay as there are girls
And even in the group of men that cosplay only a small handful of them are decent

>> No.10196912

sorry but taking time to whine about sex online means you're thinking about it. yes your life revolves around it.
I am a guy, and i love when people make that claim. off topic shit is annoying always.

>> No.10196926

Have you seen some of the guys with only 10k followers on insta? There's guys who do movie quality props for commissions and they have like 10k. The girls who commission everything end up with like 30k

>> No.10197061
File: 64 KB, 1151x616, 3985F5BA-B8FC-4B6F-81BC-975AD292E819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people who drink at cons (or anywhere in large public spaces desu)
I just really enjoy partying with weabs. Watching hentai in a big group after a few adult beverages is a blast.

>> No.10197085

>Implying girls get attention for their craftsmanship and not the fact they're girls

NAYRT but the cosplay scene is plagued by male beta orbiters, there's no wonder men don't get their justified attention. The amount of absolutely average cosplays that get ridiculous attention is insane and more than a bit annoying, so I'm with other anon on it

>> No.10197091

good at making props =/ good at cosplaying. you can be excellent at one area of cosplay but lack skill or execution in others. i acknowledge that shitty female cosplayers get attention no matter what but men who are overall good cosplayers are definitely recognized

>> No.10197564

>t. blue haired feminazi

>> No.10197701

Nayrt but ballgown cosplay - basically when someone turns a character into a themed ballgown. And I agree with it.

It got momentarily popular to do it after the "Taco Belle" girl and the girl who made the totoro dress (dustbunny I think?) did it. But usually the dresses are poorly executed, they look like they belong at a sweet 16 or quinceañera party rather than a convention. Obviously disney princesses have ballgowns, but it looks super tacky for stuff like pokemon and whatnot.

>> No.10197703

>people who don't put the size in the listing title

>> No.10197825

Anon, complaining about Aidens on 4chan isn't going to get you to 10k instagram followers. Most of the male BNHA cosplayers I see just do low quality shit or take a thousand pictures in an aliexpress cosplay with no shirt on. They're just as bad as the ethots cosplaying Ahri and D.VA.

>> No.10197847

Did you completely miss the purpose of the thread? It's just for people to bitch, and the fact that female crossplayers and fakebois get a ton of asspats and a lot of male cosplayers from the same series get passed over and underappreciated is something that annoys me.

>> No.10197864


I don't care about comics cosplay at cons, I just think you're silly about it and you're the type to read too much into people

>> No.10197876

The point still stands no matter how mad you are, senpai.

>> No.10197883

I get that, anon, makes sense. Ball gowns are supposed to be beautiful and elegant things. Plus unless there is actually a formal dance or ball (some cons have them), it just seems odd to see a full formal non canon ballgown mid day.

>> No.10197964

Gulls taking bait for the millionth time

Same lmao

>> No.10198003

Not sure if this is a common thing but furfags laying in the corridors.

>> No.10198012

What "fashion show" are you talking about? I have seen literally one show that used 6' tall normie waifs with bad shoes and no legwear, and it was a Chinese brand at NYFW several years ago (soufflesong?)

>> No.10198016
File: 81 KB, 480x640, 59bb0cc8fb31e4f6101e4ef88549df53.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>free hugs
I'm sweaty. You're sweaty. It's too hot and humid in here as is. I don't know you. even if I'm starved of human affection. even if YOU'RE starved of human affection. i am not being "tsundere". me being a guy and you a girl doesn't mean I automatically want you.

>> No.10198020

Paradiso didn't even ask for bodyshots, only headshots. At that point, you're really just shooting yourself in the foot.

>> No.10198549
File: 599 KB, 450x700, 1556394958584.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people going to anime cons just to get laid
What if I go only partially to get laid and actually like the medium?
What if I just think sexual interactions are part of the medium?
What if I just want to meet a cute 1-day jack me off with her panties while we watch hentai gf that becomes my no-shit wife?
>mfw pic related

>> No.10198564

I think they learned their lesson but to be fair, a couple of the brands were very Body Positive.
The lycra stuff was the worst. That's just going to be clinging on anyone. But no shapewear with it was bad. Very bad

>> No.10199360


>> No.10199379

there are a lot of fat lolitas whether anyone likes it or not, so featuring plus size models is def a smart move

>> No.10199383

Featuring plus models that don’t leave a good impression with a flattering fit is really not a good move for the brand or any of the potential customers regardless of size. Plus models unfortunately have more fit issues, it’s wise to pay attention to that.

>> No.10199448

It's not a smart move. Fat people don't all uniformly put on fat the same way. Some fat people are stomach heavy, some are hips-heavy, some are top-heavy, and getting a garment to consistently look good on people who vary that widely in fit and size is an exercise in futility. Not to mention that fashion shows are about showcasing beauty of the garments, and the beauty of a model can affect whether or not we think their appearance and clothing is a desirable look for ourselves. Our society still finds fat people to be less attractive than slimmer people. For the same reason, they pick women with traditionally pretty facial features rather than, say, women with mustaches, crooked teeth, or unibrows. Those are also features our society has deemed unattractive. Models are meant to be ideal versions of how we'd like to be seen in the garments. Fat or ugly is not how most people want to be perceived.

>> No.10200991
File: 331 KB, 600x431, 1517536065202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10201025

yeah no. plus size modeling is a thing that exists for a reason, just because you hate fatties doesn't mean the plus size models suddenly don't exist. it's helpful for a fat person to see an item modeled on someone who is large like them (no matter where the weight is carried) versus a person who is 10 times smaller than they are.

>> No.10201225

Even saying the models are 80lb a piece, that's 800lb.
Jesus Christ.

>> No.10201238

they exist for plus size clothing. even then, they choose women on the smaller side of plus size or those wearing shapewear. no one uses plus size models for average women's clothing unless they're trying to get brownie points.

>> No.10201256

The few successful ones exist because of the ‘muh inclusiveness’ trend only, serving as tokens to calm the hambeasts, thereby selling them more stuff, no other reason. Hamlanders should actually be mad at those models for selling out and bowing to the commercial fakeness of it all, shilling shit to their kind.

This. Also look what happened with Haenuli once she became labeled as the ‘fatty brand’. Many problems, lower sales to thinner people and bad fits on the fats. Very sloppy.

>> No.10201370

Who keeps making these shitty threads? Males? it's males isn't it?

>> No.10202382

>lolitas starting drama for no reason or shitposting on the con FB page about dumb shit
>cosplay as something for not serious and make it obvious it's for fun, then that small niche group assumes you're serious about everything
>that one underage faggot who tries to sneak into your room for drinks because "yah dood we met at the party the other time"
>that one gull who needs to make everything political
>that one landwhale who parties around being more akward than a 35 year old woman with a biological clock ticking for kids
>that one guy who thinks because he did yet another BnHA cosplay he will get laid
>those gulls asking about the orgy
>that one trans person who bitches about crossplay being offensive to trans people(yeah fuck you california cons)

>> No.10203750

>Also look what happened with Haenuli once she became labeled as the ‘fatty brand’. Many problems, lower sales to thinner people and bad fits on the fats. Very sloppy
Didn't she just get married? Where are you getting all this info from??

>> No.10203788

There was a lot of earlier drama, fats badgering her to make bigger dresses, thin people complaining, some of her really big dresses just being bigger all over, Iit's expensive to correctly redraft larger patterns for fatty and do 2 production runs, not just super-size smaller patterns, which is exactly what she did. But fats aren't usually any taller and their limbs aren't usually proportionately longer. Haenuli’s dress fitting went to shit once she made for the fats consistently and her sales went down, be designs no longer filling her pre-order quotas well.
If the business was turning a good profit dont you think she would have sold it when she got married, or hired a staff to run it for her instead of retiring with a last wave of cash grabs and just closing it down?

>> No.10203993

bitch cons didn't used to post the schedule *at all*, you just saw it when you got there.

>> No.10203998
File: 622 KB, 245x210, 1424312201168.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Women who dress up in ridiculous lolita costumes and demand it's a real fashion
>THOTs who dress up as characters with their boobs hanging out then write essays on social media about how their were oppressed by male attention at the con
>Fat women who spend all year making a costume but spend zero effort to lose weight
>Women in general

>> No.10204216

>Women who dress up in ridiculous lolita costumes and demand it's a real fashion
Have you seen what real fashion looks like? It's way more ridiculous than any coord.

>> No.10204222

>dont you think she would have sold it when she got married, or hired a staff to run it for her instead of retiring with a last wave of cash grabs and just closing it down?
No because shes obviously a typical housewife who can't be running a business after marriage.

>> No.10204238

Don't take the bait, friendo. Read their last >

>> No.10204370

I kinda miss the dude yelling "GET YOUR YAOI" at Acen.

>> No.10204381

It was either the year before or the year Trumo got elected but I remember at Acen seeing a mob (cuz at what they were doing that's all it could be called) in the tree line by the garden fountain with pinatas made to look like Trump. They started going to town on the pinatas with prop weapons, hands, feet, bats and even an old yaoi paddle all the while screaming shit like "fuck Trump" or "kill Trump".

It was like a fucking train wreck and I walked away after about 5 minutes. I heard that after most of the crowd dispersed a few people set the remains on fire. Like holy fuck people, this is what gets cons shut down. But nah, gotta get those sweet woke points.

>> No.10204397

I personally witnessed at least 5 "you didnt use my correct pronoun" meltdowns in the dealer hall at Acen this year from blue hairs in just street clothes cuz the Asian vendors really dont give a fuck.

>> No.10204417

is this a meme, have you never been on grinder during a con? I installed it once just to see what would happen and put up a picture of me in cosplay and my phone wouldn't stop vibrating from all the messages. Horny fags will fuck anything

>> No.10204419

>go to small local con in my area thinking it'll be a good chance to meet people in my area
>its all just middle school aged MHA cosplayers whose parents dropped them off for the day

sucks that MHA is pretty much the new homestuck in terms of cringiness

>> No.10204424

>as long as you're in decent shape
Shit you dont even have to do that. One of my friends is this giant ass 6'3" 350lb black dude and he manages to get laid at cons. This dude has the uncanny ability to make people laugh no matter what. I call him the reincarnation of Patrice O'Neal if that makes sense.

>> No.10204427

All small town cons I've been to are mostly this way. Most adults who want to remain weebs usually move to at least mid-sized cities.

>> No.10204439

Go to Dragoncon and hit up their rainbow party and you will find plenty of big guys

>> No.10204666

Don't tell me what to do

>> No.10204688

>Someone please reply to me :(

>> No.10204804


>> No.10204906

Someone who obviously needs to go dilate

>> No.10205001

>cringe weeb asks a shipping question
Happen to anyone?

>> No.10205035

“Public service announcement! Remember everyone don’t eat just ramen and pocky all weekend! and shower and use deodorant! Here’s a paragraph of explaining these things a million other people seeking their good guy points/con mom status have stated before!! Happy con!”

>> No.10205040

When vendors try to steal your money by saying they don’t have change when they clearly do

>> No.10205047

When you let someone borrow something and they refuse to return it.
>going to a con with a close friend who is new to lolita
>let them borrow one of my good pettis because she seriously lacked poof and I already had several on and didn’t technically need it
>friend said they’d return it after washing
>told them no need to worry as I’m very OCD about my lolita washing and would prefer to wash it myself
>friend then ditches me to go to some hotel party with a bunch of weebs
>text her to get my shit back
>says she’ll meet me downstairs in the lobby
>wait ONE FUCKING HOUR, never comes down
>goes home without petti and messages her again about it
>friend lies and said she’s already returned it but I must not remember because I was “like sooooo wasted at that party” which I never attended in the first place

It’s been years and I’m still salty about it. I don’t usually lend shit out for this very reason but I thought since we were good friends, I could trust her. Guess not.

>> No.10205106

The western cosplays are good. As long as they aren’t
1. Some overdone super hero
2. Some cal arts cartoon

>> No.10205256

Yep, state in your seller terms that you reserve the right to refuse or cancel any sale, then you can lie.

>> No.10205384

That sucks. When I attended Zenkeikon it opened my eyes to smaller cons. At lot less hectic at times, you’d run across the same people and make friends, and I got to play board games with some of the guys who ran panels. Seemed like a normal age cross section.

>> No.10205412
File: 73 KB, 1100x618, neildegrasse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10205551

Brands catering to fatties instead of tall (or extremely short) girls. Weight is something you could change, so why try to make them feel good by getting them clothes that fit (don't answer that, I know that it's because of profit).
Nevertheless, I can't help but feel salty about it; a tall, skinny girl will always look a billion times cuter than a hambeast.

On another note, imo you should always choose to cosplay a character whom you naturally resemble. That goes for weight, skin colour (sorry) and also height. I'm tall, I know that I wouldn't suit some tiny lolibait ones, but same goes for short girls and overly strong/sexy characters as well. Recently I saw a group of asian k/da cosplayers and their legs were about half as long as the original. I know that they can't help it, but it looked ridiculous.
Also, seeing cosplayers posing "sexy" irl is disturbing.

>> No.10205867

>check em

>> No.10205870

I hope she chokes on the next dick she shoves down her gullet.

>> No.10205919
File: 91 KB, 799x336, Batman is not a fan of your sense of humor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"hey, where's (supporting character)?"
>?hey, where's your (prop)?"
Well obviously not here or else you'd see it. Maybe my friends don't watch the same show, or have separate cosplays of their own. Maybe I didn't feel like carrying around something bulky or heavy all day. Maybe I spent all my time and money getting my outfit perfect and don't have the time to dump into a prop build too.
Are you trying to prove something? "aha! I recognize that character - I'll call out a supporting detail from the franchise to show them how much I know about it!" It's fine just to shout out "(character)! Love it!", weirdo.
Also I'm not LARPing, maybe I'll say a catchphrase but I'd rather not constantly have to be in-character, thanks.

>> No.10205923

A lot of people actually can't change their weight due to medications or illness, jsyk

>> No.10205925

Keep fielding awkward homos, it keeps them occupied. Thanksyou
>con staffs

>> No.10205928

You sound like just a bundle of fun, don’t you?

>> No.10205943

Nayrt but you literally can't change your height no matter what

>> No.10205952

They don't especially care (sorry)

>> No.10205995

I mean, the really short people mentioned can make themselves taller with heels

>> No.10206010

>stupid drama that tries its hardest not to let me enjoy my hobby in peace

>> No.10206045
File: 12 KB, 474x473, 1498157490026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just keep your shitty takes to yourself if you're really that much of a retarded chud
Are you fucking serious nigger? People like you have no right to be calling others losers

>> No.10206051

NAYRT but ‘Actually’...and most of us do know, it’s just not PC to say it but thankfully doctors do...that number is very small. And more often than not used as an excuse. Which grinds MY gears.

>> No.10206054

Fucking this. Even if you do have a medical condition causing you to gain weight it doesn't change the laws of thermodynamics. Calories in - calories out.

>> No.10206056

Those people are the minority of obese people.

>> No.10206058

I feel for the folks that have medical conditions but a lot of the lolitas I know that whine about brands not catering to them have extremely bad habits. I know a couple of girls who drink multiple sodas a day and eat processed food for every meal and get super upset that brands are not “size inclusive”.

>> No.10206086

Exactly and that's why it's unfair that they get babied and everything handed to them (yet they still complain), while others who were simply born too tall have a hard time.

>> No.10206103

Or drink shitty sugary alcoholic drinks, good lord. No one will lose weight drinking all those completely empty calories every weekend.

Reality: lolita fashion is mostly still made to fit Japanese body types. Even if shirred, it's a stretch (pun intended) that anything will fit, much less look good on a plus sized Western woman. I'm tall. I have a smaller than usual closet because I'm on a very tight budget. My feet will never fit brand shoes, period. Yet I manage to wear pretty decent full lolita coords more often than my regular clothes, complaint free. Imagine that.

>> No.10206150

Cosplayers with less than 1k followers who plug their ko fi and patreon.
Who do you think is going to give you money?

>> No.10206158



>> No.10206160


>Having a hard time getting laid.

>> No.10206161

>giving a shit if people cosplay western shit instead of jap shit.

The real cancer is how anime cons have pannels that aren't related to anime or cosplay and instead,have pannels about western shit.

>> No.10206163


Cons have been infected with the sjw for a while. Keep to your group and keep your mouth shut and you'll be fine.

>> No.10206171
File: 52 KB, 660x959, FB_IMG_1561601448082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/cgl/ bitches about no /cgl/ meet up.
>Orginze meet up.
>No one shows up
>/cgl/ bitches about how meet up looked boring and meeting up with 4chan is dumb.

>> No.10206179

>Cons have been infected with the sjw for a while.
We really need to do something about that.

>> No.10206180


Listen anon. One time at a con who's name I forgot 15 years ago I was in the game room at 5 in the morning and there was a person who was very stinky!

>> No.10206184

People who bring service animals.
People who bring service animals and dress them up for bonus cosplay points
People who bring service animals for bonus cosplay points and it's PAINFULLY OBVIOUS their service animal is stressed the fuck out from all the attention and noise and walking.
People who get stupid animals like lizards and cats certified as service animals so they can bring them to the con.
People who bring service animals when it's clear they don't need one and have no issues.

People who say

>Anon just because someone has a condition doesn't mean they can't go out and have fun!

If you have a condition that requires a specialized animal to be with you 24 7 and need to carry around a medkit and other specialized medicines or medical equipment then yes, I think you do need to stay in and not go to a crowded anime con.

>> No.10206214

Who fucking goes to a 4chan Meetup lol?
They're always filled with virgins, crossboarders, and creeps

>> No.10206227

No one is asking for this.

>> No.10206313

The only people who ask for meetups are creeps looking to get laid.

Every decently established cosplayer or artist at a con already has friend groups, or at least the social skills to build them already. They meet a few people at the masq or artist alley instead of a bunch of randos looking at their phone and saying memes out loud for an hour

>> No.10206317
File: 1.05 MB, 1920x2160, Adachidone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be Gay chubby chaser at anime cons
>find out 99% of the cute chubby guys are straight
>tfw I have to choose between a bear convention and Anime Expo this year
>tfw I chose weebshit over getting laid tons

>> No.10206322
File: 96 KB, 540x657, 1555609364351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lesbian with a below average face
>every lesbian/bi girl i meet at cons is either in a relationship or not interested
>the ones who are interested want to include their bf

>> No.10206328

Why do I feel this was from a San Antonio con I went to?

>> No.10206329

Every time it comes up which is constantly I cannot imagine the strangers having sex with eachother at an anime con being good looking, especially the braggarts.

>> No.10206435

75% of ya’ll are the types of wienies at conventions I try to avoid. Got much more fun things to do at cons then get together with people triggered by fat people and service animals.

>> No.10206436

Hi, chubbish straight guy here, but find me after some sake.

>> No.10206457

Got any profiles?

>> No.10207438

>playing League
you outed yourself as retarded and now your opinion is worthless

>> No.10207444

Are you me? Most those points are on point with a lot of shit I deal with on discord or what not when going to a con.

worst is
>that one dude who has 0 relation to the LGBTQ community other than saying "wow don't say that word it's offensive!"

I recall saying something wow what are you gay? to someone, and this dude was like BRO YOU DON'T SAY THAT IN 2019. My friend next to me just turned and laughed about it and was like "dude I'm gay and that's the response I would have given about it

>> No.10207476

>Dudes who only go to cons to fuck girls.
I feel personally attacked...

But seriously, I met my wife doing this - 10/10 would do again.

>> No.10208628

Worbla props and armor always look a bit messy and amateur I don’t understand why so many people recommend it. Foam turns out much more cleaner.

>> No.10208651

This whole “body positivity” movement
>Female cosplayers can be unkempt landwhales and are fawned over at cons and can easily surpass 10k followers
>Meanwhile, male cosplayers have to be jacked and handsome to even have someone notice them at a con, and would be lucky to get to 1k followers

This whole movement seems like a scam to lower male sexual marketplace value so ugly girls can sleep with Chads easily

>> No.10208652

male sexual marketplace value is low because men are so desperate and pathetic about sex. nothing to do with women's movements

>> No.10208653

Men are usually horny enough that they’ll fuck ugly girls regardless. Plenty of men have fetishes for fat/“thicc” girls too.

Also most dudes don’t put enough effort into their cosplays so they won’t get attention that way. There are definitely niches for non-chads to fill, they’ll just get mocked (usually by other men) for trying to fill them.

>> No.10208654

Such as?

>> No.10208730

>This whole movement seems like a scam to lower male sexual marketplace value so ugly girls can sleep with Chads easily

Um, men will fuck anything and this was obvious long before any body positive movement came about. For god sakes we have necrophilia and bestiality laws because dudes will fuck anything with a hole.

>> No.10208753

This is completely unrelated to the agreeably retarded body positivity movement and every thing to do with men being disgusting and desperate, lowering their sexual market value to the ground.

>> No.10208755

Honestly, video games. If men would get off the battlestations and put forth the simplest effort to be attractive to women the body positivity stuff would be lessened since there would be more competition for men. I’m tired of “gaming” being every nerdy guy’s one and only hobby. It’s not much better than your hobby being Netflix. Put in the work equal to the amount the girls you want do, you fat gamer fucks

>> No.10208786

>this thread
>men men men men men men men men men

Look in the mirror, you damn crones. You are the problem.

>> No.10208821
File: 16 KB, 447x444, 9egs9iL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Every men should change their looks and personality so they can be with me

>> No.10208924

Out of shape gamer detected

>> No.10208928

real life
>boring and repetitive
>can't change character model
>dress-up/outfits are expensive
>making your own clothing is pointless
>npc's near you are always the same
>have to follow a bunch of bullshit rules some admins and their asskissers make up

>> No.10208942

Expecting someone to change themselves so they can be with you is about as toxic as fat incels complaining about how no fit cosplay qt wants to fuck them. That's not how you build a proper foundation for a relationship. Instead try looking for someone you're actually compatible with and build up something great together.

If you don't like fat gamer fucks, just don't pursue them. Fat gamer fuck pursues you? Just turn them down. Hopefully one day they'll realise how delusional they are being for expecting to land a hot cutie when their looks and complete lack of a personality. But hey, at least they won't tell you to get fat and play more games so they can have a chance with you.

>> No.10208945

Why should I have to go to the gym, take care of my skin and hair, do my makeup, and dress nice when my partner won’t put in the same effort? These guys have the time to play hours of games when they get home, so they have the time to not look disgusting. I’m just saying if the pool of nerdy guys was less gross then nerdy girls would feel less encouraged to be gross in return, but keep defending your ways lol

>> No.10208961

I'm not saying you should be with some lazy fat fuck and accept he is a fat fuck, I'm saying you should be with someone you're compatible with. I mean seriously, what's the point of being in a relationship if you can't accept eachothers looks or personality? Realistically speaking all you achieve by doing just that is wasting eachothers energy for as long as you're together.

>> No.10209013

The amount of hate that any girl who isn't entirely skinny gets is annoying, I understand not wanting to see obese hamplanets, but slightly chubby girls or curvy girls (as in, hourglass or near hourglass but with some chub) can be really cute if they carry their weight well. I'm not saying you have to like them, if you prefer skinny people then go ahead and prefer them, but it's not too much to ask of that you let other people find other body types attractive or cute. and yeah I know, this board is supposed to be mean and critical, etc etc. it's just annoying and completely unnecessary to have people spam "ew fat lose weight" anytime they see anyone not entirely skinny

>> No.10209054

>I’m tired of “gaming” being every nerdy guy’s one and only hobby. It’s not much better than your hobby being Netflix. Put in the work equal to the amount the girls you want do, you fat gamer fucks

Meh, I'm a fat dude that goes offroading, hunting, fishing and does competition BBQ and there are plenty of women here in the south that are compatible with me so I'm good.

What do you bring to the table?

>> No.10209103

Why would you even reply if it’s not applicable then? You have real hobbies yet sound so bothered. Weird, no one likes a paranoid person, it’s self-centered

>> No.10209677

So you can't land your dream husband and instead want some loser you can land to turn themselves into what you are looking for? That's messed up anon.

>I mean seriously, what's the point of being in a relationship if you can't accept eachothers looks or personality?

>> No.10212070

Nah, most people at cons don't care at all. I'd much rather see a beginner's homemade cosplay even if it's seriously flawed than another goddamned bought aliexpress cosplay of the same dozen or so characters.

>> No.10215028

>tfw one of those people

>part time wheelchair since i was a kid due to deformed knee
>work out daily
>eat properly
>hambeast while my skinny friends eat mcdonalds every day


>> No.10215401


>> No.10215425

Funny how you never answered his question.

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