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Where can I get elf ears that don’t look shit for males

>> No.10191170

>dont look like shit for males
>plz do all the work for me
>i dont want to put effort into applying basic coverup makeup

>> No.10191172

I am willing to do coverup makeup, but I hoesntly hve no idea where to buy prosthetics that don’t look like plastic

>> No.10191173

You gotta put makeup on the the prosthetic too dumb dumb. Have you never watched a 'behind the scenes' movie makeup?

>> No.10191182

Use. The. Fucking. Help. Thread. Don't make a whole thread for one fucking question you self centered twat.

>> No.10191209

Basic google helped me find ppl recommending different places and products how lazy shit can you be, did this really need a new thread

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