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Handmade edition

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yeesh, why doesn't she at least take the pics with a petti on the mannequin? it wouldn't save this trainwreck but it could at least help

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"My coordinate for the Cracker Barrel country lolita meet. I wore my handmade Valentines dress."

bitch wore this to a meetup

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I can’t believe a comm had a meetup at Cracker Barrel.

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I cant believe they think Country Barrel counts as 'country'

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So the filename is „comparison“ and it’s showing two different dresses. I’m guessing the one on the right is the newer dress?
Shows that they somewhat care about improving at least, although I’d wear neither of those dresses

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This is what happens when someone gets critique from a person that is not at least an intermediate seamstress. Switching out some trim cant save a badly designed dress with puckered seems, no lining, no interfacing, a wonky waistline and uneven hem.

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Her construction is getting.... better...? But now she needs to learn how to coordinate properly and do makeup and hair. She seems so enthusiastic.

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The plaid does not match on any of the seams at all, the lace is bad and that's a child's hat. The neckline of the blouse is bad. Hair and makeup are not good. Side boob and back rolls need containment.

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Why are both her recent pics in food places.
Oh wait I know why.

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When are people going to realize that it costs just as much if not more in decent materials at even less than minimum wage for your time as buying a second-hand brand dress? These beginner handmade itas need to take sewing lessons and look at a lot more brand dress construction and then solemnly swear off the quilt fabric wall and cheap trim aisle at the craft store before they attempt this shit. Not for beginners, and it's not a cost shortcut.

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This is the problem with many comms, enthusiastic itas that really are not ready for meets. Lolita is a fashion first and foremost. It's about the clothes and the styling FIRST, then when you have that down it's time to go to a meet. Not before. But that's hard to enforce.

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Same, can't wait for the sequel: diner theme meet at Denny's at 2am! Being too drunk to order and having to point at the menu is optional, but recommended.

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That's why I said "better" not "good". The neckline is bad, but needing to match tartan prints at the seams is unnecessary. The old school tartans don't always match (they use lace accents to hide that, tho).

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If >>10191165
Is ’better’, if hate to see the before. But if she's ’so enthusiastic’ maybe she can be coached to study and understand the total lolita aesthetic better before she makes anything else. Cause she's just not getting it yet.

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Kek I would go to that meet.

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Yikes. The second to the left I feel soo sorry for.

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The girl in the black hat looks like she's crying
I would be too if I were at that meet

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Most revolting behaviors.
If you’re so desperate to shake your ass for a camera why not just wear literally any other fashion

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>I'm not with them

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>Let's take a silly one!
Half the group does wildly inappropriate hand gestures or flashes the camera
Half the group doesn't know what to do so they stick their hands in the air or just awkwardly laugh at the others

Someone rescue the girl with the white parasol

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Why would you do a nice classic silhouette in neons?

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jojo pose girl looks cute though

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Meet after that: sitting on the curb outside the liquor store with steel reserve in a bag

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I can't believe you said Country Barrel

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I love this girl but damn
The headdress and shoes really push this into ita territory for me.

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i saw this too on ig and was like ouch those shoes no honey

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nitpick. if you changed the headpiece and shoes this would be fine. post real itas.

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Whats wrong with the headdress? Cat ears aren't automatically ita if they're done right. Why do bunny ears and bear ears get a pass?

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Only thing I don't like are the shoes. I like her coords in general but her weak point seem to be shoes.

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I actually love this...placement of things looks uneven but I really like the colors and pattern even if it's super tacky

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So bad it's good

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There aren’t even cats on her dress. She’d be better off with just the flowers rather than that bizarre costumey headpiece that’s doing way too much.

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Oh god, it's this dress again. It seems to be a bit modified but it's still ugly as hell

>> No.10191382

source? I wanna know who made this

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I don’t get the flashing thing and most of these people look either bad or questionable but if this was supposed to be silly and she didn’t do shit, she’s boring and I’d hate having someone so dull in my comm.

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I wouldn’t come to any meet with her in my comm. I would be a lonelita or try to plan secret meets.

Is that bitchy? She just seems really stuck on herself while simultaneously being ita, incredibly obese, and just plain unattractive.

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Maybe she’s the one who posted this pic kek

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There’s a similar girl in my comm and I’m mortified to be seen in public with her

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I remember my first comm meet... when we were taking group pictures one girl yelled "lets take a dabbing pic!!!" god how mortifying. Didn't go to another meet after that, not necessarily for that specific reason but it was a factor

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to be fair, it looks as if she's holding her hand out to check for rain.

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Half of them are ita, I agree their outfits are terrible, but I don't think adults joking around with each other is something worth getting angry over.

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Maybe her hand is out because she’s asking “why” haha. Anyone know what comm this is anyway?

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Some girl in lolita sewing collective

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Oh shit! Didn’t see that because I’m retarded, that’s actually a cute as heck pose idea

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None of this makes sense, she just tried to pull colors from the print with no sense of theme or style. She's cute, just needs better taste. The sad thing is I bet she bought the green shoes for this, it's the same green as the print. Way too random

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I think so too, especially because complete strangers always think it's clever and "funny" to yell "it's not raining" at me when I carry a parasol. No shit.

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Can you translate that for those of us who dont know shit about JJBA?

>> No.10191797

Because people are too stupid to know the difference between an umbrella and a parasol.

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Ah is this one of the “ouji bf”s I’ve heard about

>> No.10191812

jojo characters are known to often be drawn in ridic poses in key art, often based off fashion magazine shoots - this is something you can literally google you know

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This is the reason I come here, to relate this hard to other lolitas about how dense normies can be.

It is a clever “silly” pose with more refined flavor. Why couldn’t these morons just dab and slav squat like normal memelords. Then maybe rain-chan wouldn’t have turned in such a way as to have hidden her face. I wonder if she’s as cute as her coord.

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I can't believe she wore that mess to work and posted about it still.

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>inb4 some anons say “I actually love this”

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I posted that before and many anons loved it. People have no taste.
Then again I think that >>10191279 is a travesty so I probably am a terrible elitist.

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>I posted that before
Whoops, didn't realise. Have another to compensate.

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I wish all fat cosplay koreaboos would jump off a low cliff and twist both of their ankles.

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Classic babbylitas are so precious

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Looks to me to be based more on the Tang dynasty clothing rather than the hanbok.

>> No.10191915

Then which one are you talking about? There are multiple weird poses here.

>> No.10191916

I like the wig, though.

>> No.10191917

I can't hate this - she's too precious like you said

>> No.10191918

Fuck you for doing this to my dream dress.

>> No.10191920

This looks like it’s supposed to be a Cháng’é x Sailor Moon cosplay than an genuine attempt at lolita.

>> No.10191930

It does, doesn't it? And yet it had these tags

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Are you smoking crack? it's a terrible wig

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she wore this to work

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postsd already retard

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It would be passable if the skirt wasn't too long for her, otherwise the only offensive thing is the flats

>> No.10191977

>how dare people have silly, harmless fun during my very serious lolita time!

Y'all are just as bad as the "lolitas must b lovlies" crowd and I'm sure your comm doesn't miss you if you thinking dabbing of all things is "mortifying". Jesus.

>> No.10191978

hate to be a summer anon, but i actually like this. remove cat ears, bag nitpick and i love the color on the shoes but those sandals are fugly for any occasion and ftlog why pair sandals with lace and ribbon

>> No.10191984

wait, is this hopeygal?

>> No.10191985

I love following her to laugh at her insta.

>> No.10191987

your fat does not count as a way to "poof" a dress

>> No.10191993

not sure if that was intentional, i think she just wanted to hide her face from this monstrosity of a photo

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The coord is lovely so idk if this is the right thread but ....what the actual fuck? Get that cash, girl, but do it without wearing our very niche alternative fashion. Also she has some sissy stuff in her profile (about the guys that pay her wearing a petti and things like that)

>> No.10192016

It’s clearly intentional. This pose is very common for regular nerds who stay out of the no fun allowed zones.

How fucking ita are the stuffy gulls here who call photos like these monstrosities, mortifying, revolting, etc.? No I’m not anyone in that comm but I can tell over compensating when I see it.

>> No.10192021

Reminds me of a NiGHTS into dreams stage.

>> No.10192022 [DELETED] 

how come fat people always have hair like this? why is it so thin?

>> No.10192023

She probably did desu
>no fun allowed in MY lolita

>> No.10192024

lolitas will lose their shit every time people jokingly expose their bloomers as if they're actual underwear, even though they aren't and most normies dont think so either. women here have a hard time differentiating between "adults joking with other adults for a goofy picture " and "literal fetishists ruining our fashion" even though the difference is pretty obvious most of the time.

>> No.10192029

I don't dislike other lolitas showing their bloomers because I think it's "fetishists ruining the fashion." I think it's really immature and cringey.

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without that cape, this could be coorded quite well by the right person.
reminds me of my fav Millefleurs colourway, and also the limited lady sloth Japanese Bridge print (both pic related)

>> No.10192052 [DELETED] 

what a disgusting creature.

>> No.10192067

I wonder if Mormons are personally offended by visible bloomers, I know that some Mormon women wear bloomers as religiously-significant magical undergarments. The mental image of a bunch of angry LDSers picketing lolita events in Utah with signs like "Peeking Bloomers Are An Abomination" is really compelling.

>> No.10192073 [DELETED] 

actually, related: an old conversation I had with an ex-friend came to mind the other day about these long-distance financial domination relations people set up. the sub term is pay pig or something horrific like that.
It came to mind after I hopped on the hunnehkek mto and it was a nice thought desu.
The thought passed as I could never get involved in something like that--I'll just wait it out and pay my industry dues until I'm making the big bucks and my disposable income increases.

>> No.10192079 [DELETED] 

Her coord isn't ita and I honestly don't give a shit whether people are sex workers or not. As long as she's not hashtagging it with "lolita" or anything, I couldn't care less how she makes her money.

>> No.10192084 [DELETED] 

what a shitty thread

>> No.10192087 [DELETED] 

First day here?

Yeah honestly if she were tagging it lolita it’d be a whole different story. But she’s not, so it’s whatever. Get that bread, girl.

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In the lolita fashion tag on twitter. Someone please teach this girl how to dress herself.

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Wow if a corset makes you look huge just go for the sack dresses

>> No.10192107 [DELETED] 

>walk around local park/lake in my small town every day
>whip out my new UV umbrella one day cuz it’s summer now
>lots of stares, someone mentions it’s not raining like I’m retarded
>gently explain it’s nice to carry shade with me, position umbrella over them so they can feel difference.

>like a week later
>almost a dozen other people are using umbrellas now

Feels fucking great man

>> No.10192108 [DELETED] 

It's cringey because no one wants to see those cottage cheese thighs, not because it's scandalous. It's similar to seeing a walmart whale in yoga pants.

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is better to kill yourself than being this disgustingly obese

>> No.10192135 [DELETED] 

You can always... lose weight?

>> No.10192136 [DELETED] 

don't worry she's gonna die soon at that weight

>> No.10192140 [DELETED] 

Been posted already

>> No.10192142 [DELETED] 

Losing weight is simple but difficult. All you have to do is eat fewer calories, but it takes a ton of mental strength to not do what you've always done. Also a lot easier for rich people who can afford shit like rock climbing gym memberships, organic hipster restaraunts, and nice neighborhoods for walks.

>> No.10192148 [DELETED] 

>a lot easier for rich people who can afford shit like rock climbing gym memberships, organic hipster restaurants, and nice neighborhoods for walks.

None of that shit really matters. Decide if weight loss is what you want, what you really want, and break your habits. You don't need money to do that. You're right, you do need the mental resolve, but if someone has made their mind up about it, they just need to will themselves to goal-weight.

Exercise is a small part of it. Weight loss is almost entirely rooted in diet. I challenge any fat person here to list their daily food intake and tell me they eat under the TDI.

>> No.10192150 [DELETED] 

Fat = ita
Fucking always

>> No.10192155 [DELETED] 

I've already finished my loss, so I'm speaking from experience that whole-foods stores veggies and fruit taste a lot better and more flavorful, and when there's homeless panhandlers and blunt wrap wrappers on the sidewalk a walk around the neighborhood is a lot less appealing. I stand by my thought that weight loss is easier for the rich an sheltered.

>> No.10192156 [DELETED] 

>the ONLY way to lose weight is exclusively consume vegetables and walk around outside
Just eat bread, but less bread. Just exercise, but with youtube workouts.
NTAYRT but I’m maintaining my own household, I made 14k last year and I’ve lost seven pounds since April after gaining twenty over the past few years.

>> No.10192157 [DELETED] 

She's not tagging it as lolita but many people are explicitly mentioning the fashion in her mentions. I found another lolita findom, too (who has nice coords,too)

Kudos for them for actually doing the shot girls on here talk about all the time. If I were to do findom, too, I would never post pics in lolita

>> No.10192168 [DELETED] 

>not editing names
deletion in 3...2...1

>> No.10192170 [DELETED] 

>is easier
>is the ONLY way
reading comprehension is apparently also easier for kids from rich schools

>> No.10192173 [DELETED] 

doing gods work anon.

>> No.10192174 [DELETED] 

I take back everything I said. Just looked up her twitter account and like the 3rd latest post is sissy fetish shit about wearing pettis. She's definitely using lolita with sissies.

>> No.10192175 [DELETED] 

nah. but you can keep telling yourself that to feel better about being a cunt.

>> No.10192176 [DELETED] 

You could use that excuse for every single thing in life though, MOST things are easier for wealthier people, period. It's actually beneficial to eat cheap, nutritious but not TOO tasty food when trying to lose weight, just avoiding too much white carbs.
Better to break food addiction and food fixation that most fatties have ’rewarding’ themselves with tasty things to eat or worse, eating their feelings. That's a bad bad habit.

>> No.10192180 [DELETED] 

Losing weight isn't any harder for poor people, you moron. Eating less doesn't cost money. It actually saves money.

>> No.10192184 [DELETED] 

Y'all are really fixated on the cost of the food and not the things I'm talking about like the value and security of your neighborhood, the availability of free time, the diversity of food and exercise options available. Yes, if you're poor, you could bake your own chicken breasts while following YouTube videos on your Tuesday off between freelance jobs to supplement your main income; wheras a rich person could eat a cruelty-free artisan pita after their bike ride around the gated community during their 4+ weeks vacation. I agree that all things are easier for rich people; and it's not an excuse - since, as I mentioned, I've already achieved my goals - it's just a fact of life I'm pointing out.

Sage for OT

>> No.10192201 [DELETED] 


>> No.10192210 [DELETED] 

By that logic anyone who isn’t rich would be obese.

>> No.10192216 [DELETED] 

hahaha this bitch was so greasy with crusty looking face at ild.
take a bath damn nasty cow.

>> No.10192217 [DELETED] 

Yeah that’s pretty much true. The poorer you are the more likely you are to be obese/overweight. There are things like food deserts in poor communities where there is literally no access to healthy foods

>> No.10192221 [DELETED] 

>all poor people are obese
>yes that’s basically true
My individual, you GOTTA hop back to tumblr with this bs

>> No.10192222 [DELETED] 

>The poorer you are the more likely you are to be obese/overweight
I don't know where your references are, but I strongly believe they are wrong.

Anyway, I believe you're probably talking from the USA perspective, where industrialized food is easy to find and mostly cheaper and full of sugar. That, though, is not true for most part of the world.

>> No.10192231 [DELETED] 

Then it's easier to limit what you eat and not be fat? Most fat lolitas don't live in food deserts though.

Most fat people could use a good reality check about ’eat to live, don't live to eat’ anyway.

1st World problems, when your fancy clothes fit like shit because you can't put the fork down.

Fat always is one point off, its true but just fat only with the rest of the coord OK doesn't make someone ita to some people.

Not everyone is a cunt about it. To some of us, no matter how good the coord, fat = ita. I admit, I always scroll past if someone is fat and I won't follow any fat lolitas on social media. But do I post them here or make fun of them? No.

>> No.10192233 [DELETED] 

Hey fun fact obesity has very similar rates in both the middle class and poor communities! Yes, wealthy, rich communities are less likely to have as much of an obesity problem but honestly the rates aren't that different. In america, obesity has much more to do with food we eat and the lack of importance on health in general. Also this is coming from someone who has lost over 50 pounds in the last 7 months, just by fixing my diet and my relationship with food.

>> No.10192238 [DELETED] 

You are an absolute dipshit.

>> No.10192242 [DELETED] 

Your thoughts are soooo important bittch

>> No.10192284

iirc Mormon "magic underwear" is just a t-shirt and boxer-short like bloomers worn under regular clothes for modesty, and they're worn to visit holy places like church/temples.
I'd love to see a picket from them about our bloomers kek

>> No.10192286 [DELETED] 

can you at least keep your fat sperging in the honeycake thread and not bring it here too, or vice versa

>> No.10192288 [DELETED] 

Again, "easier" is not equal to "possible". Reading comprehension. >>10192170

For example this person's point >>10192217 doesn't prevent someone from losing weight, only dissuades them. It is possible to just eat a smaller, unsatisfying amount of shitty food. HARDER to stick to than a large, satisfying amount of healthy food, but POSSIBLE.

I've upper-cased the key words for the challenged individuals among us.

>> No.10192321 [DELETED] 

>Rock climbing memberships
>Healthy food

Planks, crunches, and calisthenics are free. Eating bad stuff but less of it actually costs less, imagine that!

>> No.10192327 [DELETED] 


I hate this print. Like, a lot.

>> No.10192329 [DELETED] 

Eating a large amount of healthy food will still make you fat, anon. Calories are calories. How stupid are you?

>> No.10192332 [DELETED] 

It's the options. If you're rich, you have more options. If the cheaper options are less appealling, you have the expensive options. If you are poor, you only have the cheaper options. How is this so hard to understand that having more options makes something easier? How is it hard to understand that having fewer options makes something harder but not impossible?

Larger, not large. Reading comprehension. A person, on the whole, will be more full off a bowl of stew than a twinkie. These are simple concepts.

>> No.10192334 [DELETED] 

>>10192321 #
It's the options. If you're rich, you have more options. If the cheaper options are less appealling, you have the expensive options. If you are poor, you only have the cheaper options. How is this so hard to understand that having more options makes something easier? How is it hard to understand that having fewer options makes something harder but not impossible?

>>10192329 #
A person, on the whole, will be more full off a bowl of stew than a twinkie. These are simple concepts.

>> No.10192335 [DELETED] 

Healthy food generally has fewer calories than shitty food, so you can eat a larger amount of the healthy food, thus feeling more satisfied. Don't be dense.

>> No.10192336 [DELETED] 

malnourishment probably. malnourishment issues are really high in a lot of obese people because they eat high calorie garbage without a lot of nutritional value. you even wind up with obese people getting diseases like rickets and scurvy due to a lack of certain essential vitamins. it's crazy

>> No.10192339 [DELETED] 

>How is this so hard to understand that having more options makes something easier?
Gulls just want to insist that losing weight is a solely internal struggle with no outside influence making it any easier or harder for certain people. They think only factor that matters is willpower because it makes it easier for them to make fun of fatties.

>> No.10192340 [DELETED] 


>> No.10192343

If JetJ did a more refined version of this, I’d be interested. Chartreuse needs more love in lolita.

>> No.10192346

Cute girl, terrible coord to be honest. This dress would’ve coorded itself if she just stuck to the flower and lavender theme.

>> No.10192348

Maybe it’s because I have a lot of black in my closet and some brown, but those two neutrals should not be put together. You can’t make brown black, you can’t make black brown. All of the black needs to go.

>> No.10192354 [DELETED] 

Sex workers are irrelevant to me, but posting about it in your lolita just reinforces to outsiders that lolita is somehow sexual. She drags the whole community down.

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Looks like her and a few friends did an animal ears meet. I saw it on her IG. Not everyone looks ita and personally I think she looks nice in the group aside from her shoes

Can you folks stop taking about /fit/ and post more itas please?

>> No.10192358 [DELETED] 

If you are poor then you should not be indulging in a luxury fucking fashion if it means cramming yourself full of fast food instead of putting that money spent on a dumbass dress towards bettering your health.

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File: 102 KB, 1080x1080, 47581738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>> No.10192455

lmao was this in ontario

>> No.10192500

I’d rather people dab than lift their skirts and do the ‘I’m pooping pose’ desu

>> No.10192512 [DELETED] 


The really funny thing is, imagine how much money an obese, poor person is sinking into their food while it's keeping them fat, there's they probably pay for extra double helpings of everything and spent a small fortune on keeping snack foods always available in the house.

If you hang around the weight loss forums occasionally there's someone who will bring up how much money they have left over now that they're no longer eating 3 people's worth of food every month.

>> No.10192513 [DELETED] 

Of course this anon knows this isn't the whole story but it's a damn big part of it, and these anons:
are pissing me off. Read more, bitches, instead of talking out yo ass. Here, maybe this will help (you appear to be entirely dependent on spoonfeeding anyway):





Yeah, it seems to be an American problem. And there are SO many things we can learn from Europeans, but think of the vastness of our country, our transportation system and therefore our dependence on cars.

American food manufacturers and marketers make it incredibly difficult for us to eat healthy besides.

So yeah, you CAN lose weight. But SOME people don't have it as easy as YOU do. Try some common sense for once, -dipshit.-

Now post itas.

>> No.10192517 [DELETED] 

.......... damn, jans, you're quick tonight. but thanks.

>> No.10192531 [DELETED] 

Ok. No disagreement there.

I doubt any of the girls posted in this thread eat enough to equate an entire class upgrade, but no amount to sneeze at either, for sure. Snacks are super marked-up.

>> No.10192543 [DELETED] 

stop eating out so often if you're not rich

>> No.10192545

Considering my state just got it and the novelty hasn't worn off, coupled with some very fond memories of eating Cracker Barrel when I lived in TN, it's absolutely a spot I think is worth considering for a casual country themed lunch.
You probably live in a city too big to properly organize sub 10 attendee meets without upsetting people.

>> No.10192550

Yeah agreed, there are much much worse places you could have lunch in lolita. The Cracker Barrel’s in my area are huge and pretty nicely decorated.

>> No.10192557 [DELETED] 


Not a class upgrade, it's just something I thought was funny given how anons are arguing over money. On the same weight loss forums some folks apparently order at the drive-thru and then eat their dinner in the car park because they're ashamed to let other people see them eat six burgers for dinner. Six! I don't know, even without fries that's easily three times my own meal when I was fat. So for some of them it's certainly no small thing.

For me, when I stopped eating out as much it was still enough money for extra burando accessories every month, brand new from shop and not secondhand. That's me switching from buying ready-made food to home-cooked mealprep and not so much weightloss/eating less, though.

>> No.10192558

This has so much potential.... In the garbage.

>> No.10192560 [DELETED] 

Off topic, but I feel like if I walked into a cracker barrel the floor board would call me a nigger XD

>> No.10192561

It is when there's ass involved

>> No.10192563

I had this dress and I'd NEVER put a black underskirt under it.

>> No.10192565

So.... We're just ignoring two sets of buttcheeks being thrown out there huh....

>> No.10192566 [DELETED] 

Seconding this.
I'm not going for a run in my neighborhood when there's literal heroin needles everywhere nor am I spending extra money on whole foods....

But I love anons telling me to just go jog or spend extra money on gentrified shit

>> No.10192567 [DELETED] 

Or how about fuck off entirely and worry about your own body?

>> No.10192568


>> No.10192569

No buttcheeks are anywhere in that picture, grandma.

>> No.10192570 [DELETED] 

Fucking thank you.
This is more than just a "stop eating junk" issue.

>> No.10192571

You damn kids and your showing bloomers.
Immoral little shits

>> No.10192572
File: 172 KB, 800x436, Memory_forest_gameplay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're thinking of Memory Forest in the second game, where you have a level where you play the theme song.

>> No.10192573 [DELETED] 
File: 24 KB, 960x686, FB_IMG_1560016273292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ew, 6 burgers? In one sitting???

>> No.10192576

What shithole do you live in where Cracker Barrel is appropriate for a lolita meet? The KFC thing in ATL was funny because it was only ironically trashy. Cracker Barrel is unironically trashy in any state, if you think it's cute that's a you problem and you should get out more

>> No.10192598

christ that dress is like an ita litmus test

>> No.10192604

You’ve never been in a Cracker Barrel have you. I KNOW you >>10191217 haven’t since the two restaurants aren’t in the same league when it comes to presentation and atmosphere at all...
If you reserve a room at a CB it’s probably a fine place to go. No fun allowed ever huh

>> No.10192607


>wanted to chime in that as an experienced lolita this dress is still ugly to me
>one of them is wearing her headbow upside down?
>?? ????

I think a litmus test is more like giving them an AP pastel set and see how badly they fuck it up by adding too many "special" trends to it. The clockworks jsk is just an ugly ita magnet, you're not even drawn to it unless you're already ita, or something.

>> No.10192655
File: 197 KB, 1150x2015, Mr Hands.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Except for her tragic wtf sandals, that's a pretty good looking com. No itas, no hambeasts, no fetishist genderspecials. It's almost ideal.

>> No.10192656

If I never see an overwrought fatty with shocking pink pettis shitting on the grass again it will be too soon. Right is smart, hiding her face.

>> No.10192657
File: 459 KB, 1125x1633, 7C8CFE70-9A40-4AD8-98A1-C5E020B2A8C1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10192659

Compared to the hulk above her, she's almost perfect, just a nitpick.

>> No.10192664
File: 983 KB, 480x270, no. no thx pls.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>oh my gosh, that filename

>> No.10192693

>thinking the ‘elite’ Finn comm is ideal
that just tells me they’d reject you instantly kek

>> No.10192704

??point of this post?

>> No.10192722

>>10192604 I'm from Ohio, of course I've been in dozens of them. This is why I think there's something wrong with you. There are cuter local places even in rural parts of the state

>> No.10192724

Here is how you do a non trashy rural meet.

Just replace Ohio with whatever shithole you're from! It's that easy to not seem like a bumpkin who thinks chain restaurants are classy

>> No.10192743

Next they'll be going to Luby's for oldschool theme.

>> No.10192746

There are two other itas in there besides her. Third from the right decided to coord yellow, blue, and purple together in a clusterfuck with other colors and a straw-yellow wig. The one all the way on the right inexplicably wore Sugary Carnival with terribly ugly bunny ears and a milk carton.

>> No.10192751

frankly, this coord suits a cracker barrel meetup *perfectly*

>> No.10192762

....do you think Ohio is wine country or some shit? Why the hell would you want to visit a winery in Ohio?? You'd get better choices going to literally any restaurant.

>> No.10192765
File: 1.06 MB, 1073x1431, 20190613_135225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is a hot mess

>> No.10192768

that's supposed to be lolita?

>> No.10192769

they are so similar why bother comparing them?

>> No.10192770


>> No.10192775

It is not the same green as the print it is way lighter

>> No.10192778

Oh god the eyeliner

>> No.10192780

is K8 supposed to be cosplaying the yolandi skinwalker millie graves here?

>> No.10192786

that eyeliner. O_O
kill it with fire.

>> No.10192787

fat & american

>> No.10192793


>> No.10192800
File: 905 KB, 1079x789, Screenshot_20190613-151629_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heres her comm
What a bunch of itas.

>> No.10192812

Not all, the two girls in the Bodyline skirts and the girl to the right of them are pretty cute.

>> No.10192815


Maybe it’s just my location, but the Cracker Barrel in my town is really big and fancy. The interior is on par with other upscale restaurants in the area. I’d say the food is on par with a Texas Roadhouse quality wise, not bad but not super impressive, but it’s far from trashy looking and I never see people inside looking like slobs.

>> No.10192845

Your jelly is showing. And no, she's not wearing a wig.

>> No.10192849

Jesus christ. Seems like only black gingham and blue skirt next to her are remotely competent.

>> No.10192850

Jealous of what, exactly? 3 itas, one with a horrific dye job? The other 3 look fine but two of them aren't even fitting the theme.

>> No.10192852

I am from rural Ohio. There really isn’t lol.

>> No.10192871

Texas Roadhouse famously lets you throw peanut shells on the floor, so that's not saying much.

>> No.10192874

there is a difference between something not being good and something being ita

>> No.10192875


>> No.10192876

I mean it is pure cringe at this point

>> No.10192878

The girl in black looks really cute though

>> No.10192881

even if they were just shorts no skirt involved bending over so someone can take a picture of your ass is trashy

>> No.10192882

pure gold

>> No.10192889

I think it's trashy too, and I hardly even wear lolita. I cosplay more than that. If I saw a cosplayer doing the same, I'd assume they wanted attention or were trying to be cringey. I certainly wouldn't want to have to try and explain the difference to someone who doesn't know the difference between what's fetish or not, when people already get the wrong idea.

>> No.10192890

Oh wow, didn’t know it was tagged. She really should of went the cosplay route instead....

>> No.10192896

You mean "should have gone." I weep for the future of literacy.

>> No.10192899

>future of literacy.
Sometimes people know three to five languages and their structures get mixed when you're writing in a hurry, specially if they're not your L1. Don't be a grammar nazi on a worldwide anon image board lol

>> No.10192904

The vast majority of users of this board are native English speakers. Try again.

>> No.10192906

What dress is that?

>> No.10192907

Not that anon but why are you so mad about this? It's easy to answer 'oh, I see.' and move on. They're not writing you an essay. Their point was clear.

>> No.10192909

The "vast majority" doesn't mean "everyone". Just follow anon's >>10192907 suggestion as I will and make this board a better place. Peace

>> No.10192919

That's the joke, you autist. People do it ironically. No one actually thinks dabbing is cool. I don't know why so many lolitas flip shit over harmless meme poses.

>> No.10192923

>I weep for the future of literacy.
kek what a neckbeard

>> No.10192927

No trigger control, yikes.

>> No.10192934

Have you never been to a winery in the country? They are very rustic and cute. The restaurants in rural areas tend to be either chains or uncute greasy spoons, if there's anything at all. Anon was talking about a country meet and I think winery would be the cutest with all the exposed wood beams and barrels

>> No.10192936

Looks like she forgot to put a dress on and went out in her undergarments.

>> No.10192938

Did she do her makeup while drunk? How do you fuck up eyeliner and lipstick that badly?

>> No.10192939

Yeah, I've been to them in *wine* country. Ohio isn't exactly known for wines at all. A wine bar would be a better choice and has similar vibes, but with an actually good selection. Plus it's probably way easier to find a wine bar than to drive out to a winery.

>> No.10192946

Nitpick, outright lies, and jelly.

>> No.10192948

The three in the middle or salvageable, purple grill with a lot of work, but the fatties and the pooh are beyond redemption.

Besides, handmate ogreita doesn't have enough fabric in the skirt to fit a petti under.

>> No.10192960

I know she was going for Millie graves but she just looks like she took a little too much xanax.

>> No.10193066

Are you a mod from the cracker barrel ita meet? There are cute places all over the US, you can go to a cute winery in North Carolina or NOVA, you don't need to go to Napa. Girls in my comm do travel when we host meets in historical or otherwise neat out-of-the-way locations. Whether you are in Alabama or Alaska, there are historical and unique cute things (independent cafes, bistros, doll museums, science museums, galleries, farm to table restaurants) all over the US. That kind of stuck up attitude is probably why you think a middle class chain restaurant could ever be a kawaii meet idea

>> No.10193068

Cracker Barrel is in no way ’upscale’ anywhere, they are a very casual homestyle restaurant chain with very similar decor and menu everywhere. I'd never want to attend a lolita meet in a place like that.

>> No.10193073

What? There is never anything on the floor there!
I’ve been to Cracker Barrel in the town over and it was a bit more homey, I figured that was the norm until the newer one they built here a few years ago. Maybe I just live in a nicer area then I thought? I guess it wouldn’t be a suprise that they make it nicer to match the location?

>> No.10193074

You can be cute and still be ita. Their coords could use some improvement.

>> No.10193075

I just told you a wine bar would have a similar aesthetic and is a valid replacement for a winery, you illiterate mong.

>> No.10193076

Looks like The Rose Grove by Henrietta

>> No.10193082

There are only ever peanut shells in the little 10x20’ waiting area before the actual seating where I am (rural Ohio anon). Who knew the country, and even poorfag country, isn’t entirely shit?

>> No.10193087

I’m in a completely different state and Cracker Barrel in my town is pretty nice. My family is from Ohio so I’ve been forced to visit in occasion... Ohio is a shit state. If you compare any restaurant there to somewhere else, Ohio will always be worse. Sorry youlike I’m such a shitty ass state.

>> No.10193089
File: 118 KB, 720x960, 3C80ED64-35BA-4BF8-8270-8B7025542302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She was tired of seeing a lack of casual coords on CoF and produced this monstrosity

>> No.10193095

Not Lolita at all, but I think the outfit is cute outside of the shitty choker and the headpiece.

>> No.10193105 [DELETED] 

I don't know, it's not eye-jarring, but it is a random pile of seemingly unrelated shit, whatever doesn't look normie looks tumblrtard 3edgy5me.

Which by itself I'm inclined to overlook, if she'd just posted it as a "casual coord" or "lolita items worn casually", but if she's saying "there's a lack of casual coords, here I am to gift you with this wonderful example", well. That's a whole other level of egoism, plus it makes you wonder what her standards are. Maybe she thinks it can't be casual unless it actually looks ugly like this outfit.

>> No.10193106


I don't know, it's not eye-jarring, but it is a random pile of seemingly unrelated shit, whatever doesn't look normie looks tumblrtard 3edgy5me.

Which by itself I'm inclined to overlook, if she'd just posted it as a "casual coord" or "lolita items worn casually", but if she's saying "there's a lack of casual coords, here I am to gift you with this wonderful example", well. That's a whole other level of egoism, plus it makes you wonder what her standards are. Maybe she thinks it can't be casual unless it actually looks ugly like this outfit.

>> No.10193111

It’s not that bad.

>> No.10193114

That mesh sleeved jacket is painful to look at. All black can't save this mess

>> No.10193115

that's why lolita shouldnt have ever went to the west
notice how 99% of itas are westerns

>> No.10193116

dont get how katiebabydoll and larasuzannne are instagram famous.
katie is just this mess and lara looks like a freak with her mouth slightly open in all her pictures

>> No.10193118


Well, I'm okay with it being someone else's aesthetic, not everything in CoF has to be something I like.

But when it's posted as "there's not enough of this shit, let me post this to contribute", then my answer to that has to be "no, we don't want it and we don't need it this kind of ugly shit, thanks. There's no shortage, we just don't want this".

>> No.10193135

so does millie though so she's got the look down

>> No.10193136

People who use
>should of
Instead of should have
>should of went
>should have went
Instead of should have gone, are native English speakers, they're just retards. Those are not mistakes non natives make.

>> No.10193137

*have gone

>> No.10193138

*should never have gone
Your coords are probably as ita as your English.

>> No.10193144

Don't know where you got that idea from. This pic was posted to BSoLF with the caption.

"LS: Tried my hand at another casual coord after keeping track of casual coords on CoF. This one's a little more punk. I'm still waiting for my wrist cuffs to come in and my black lace ankle socks. My hair is in space buns and I opted for short sheer socks instead of OTKs because it was in the 90s here in southern California. I liked how the sheer socks mimicked the sheer sleeves on my leather jacket.

Concrit more than welcome! I'm still trying to play with how to wear Lolita in my day to day. I have to go petti-less for work so I don't bump into biohazard materials (I work in a tattoo shop)"

>> No.10193145


What >>10193136 said.

This is solely a mistake native English speakers make because they hear "should've"/"would've"/"could've"/etc long before they see it written down, so they remember it wrongly as "should of"/"would of"/"could of"/etc.

An ESL learner will always see the words written down upon their first encounter (on the blackboard or in their textbook), additionally they would've learnt these forms as tenses, or as contractions, which is a different lesson from prepositions. So they will never make the mistake of associating the sound "have" with "of" since they look so different in written form, are a totally different use, and come in very different lessons.

>> No.10193148

That’s really frowned upon now actually because it was a huge mess to clean up at the end of the day but why are we arguing about mediocre to alright food chains in the ita thread
Oh god it’s one of the fucking teenagers can you leave? Nobody likes you. >>10193075
I mean underage and non drinking comm members would just fuss and ruin it.

>> No.10193152

This came from BSoLF and she's asking for concrit, so you decided to be an ass and post it here. Classy. No one's even commented on it yet, so you can't even pull the "she can't take concrit" excuse. Did she post it on CoF also?

>> No.10193153

I can't believe y'all are still going on about this. What a thing to nitpick. I learned all my Japanese from media and textbooks, but mostly anime. You don't know where they learned their English. Just post more itas.

>> No.10193157
File: 516 KB, 534x575, Screenshot_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I see. Thanks for explaining.

Also, have one tagged as "sweetlolita"

>> No.10193161

A wine bar or regular upscale cocktail bar meet is actually a very good way to have a fun meet withOUT the under-aged and the ’no funners’. If they cry, suggest they host a future meet more to their own taste. Not every meet needs to be all-inclusive. Several of my comm don't drink but are cool with a bar meet and they just drink soda or juice and attend for the fun of the gathering because they are chill people.

>> No.10193164

Ugh. I don't ever want to see any fookin toes in lolita, folks. None at all.

>> No.10193171

this isn't relevant for this thread at all, but okay.
Anyway, I kind of like where she was going with this, but she needs a better quality liquid liner because her gel is clearly too thick to work with nicely.
>her nails are 2secs from falling off too

>> No.10193173

marshmallow-chan on the right just needs better legwear, preferably white. it's looking like okay old school, just a nitpick
>provided the blouse is white and not lav like the lighting suggests

>> No.10193189

Agree that the 3 in the middle are close to the mark. The others are badly enough dressed that I'd pretty much be embarrassed to be seen with them. If you have a similar comm and wonder why there are well dressed lone lolitas in your city that don't join your meets, this may be part of the reason why.

>> No.10193194
File: 621 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20190614-102401_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Recent pic with no yellow shoes.
I wish my comm was this cute

>> No.10193201

Thank you for explaining what I lacked the patience to say. People will truly bend over backwards to excuse ignorance.

>> No.10193209
File: 36 KB, 450x401, D558ADA1-9B0D-4326-AA09-F57057C1F06F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also wish my comm was this cute.
Unfortunately they look mostly more like >>10192800 where the 2 waffle-chans and gingham-chan aren't really that great but are the best dressed. Pooh-chan can fuck right off.

I really dislike the handmade itas. So damn few ever actually get it right but everyone is too scared to do honest concrit or to dare to say ’that's not lolita’, even when it's clearly not.

>> No.10193218

>the grammar
>the restaurant
Gulls really will just argue for the sake of arguing, won’t they?

>> No.10193227

Let's get honest. St best, that's a milanoo-tier design and construction. No amount of lace swapping or ’improving’ can help it at this point.

This is also back designed, badly made from cheap fabric, unlined and badly accessorized with cheap high street loliables. Burn it all but for the shoes.

This shit is not ’fun’ to many of us, its embarrassing. Go do it in a separate photo and leave those of us who don't like it out of the picture, please. Have your fun and I'm not saying you can't or shouldn’t, but it's also ok for me to say ’count me out’ without getting shit on for being ’NO FUN’!

Still better dressed than most of the fat slobs and the snowflakes we usually see in these threads.


Wrong type of lolita.

>> No.10193233

Texan who’s been all over the south here, ours are cute and have pictures from Godey’s Lady’s Book, vintage ads, pictures of ladies from the Victorian era to the 50s, and much more elegant stuff. Ohio’s Cracker Barrels must just suck.

>> No.10193234

>”I must look perfect at all times! Count me out (since you all embarrass me)!”
Just stand there and shrug exaggerated, with a kill-me-now face for the photo. It’s “silly” and gets your thoughts on the activity across, while not outing you as the stuffy elitist you are.

>> No.10193242

Sorry you got posted

>> No.10193255 [DELETED] 

Why would a teenager suggest a wine bar for a wine experience that's A) more accessible, and B) has actually good wines from good wineries? Stop being a fucking retard just to argue and actually think about what you're saying.

>> No.10193258

Are you kidding me? The one in the pink bodyline skirt is atrocious. She didn't even bother to tuck her blouse. And her boots just....don't go with anything at all and certainly aren't "country". And then, of course, no makeup or hairstyling.

Blue bodyline and black gingham are in another league compared to her.

>> No.10193262

This is horrific but she's not saying that at all, shes a newbie and is saying that she took inspiration from casual cof posts

>> No.10193264

On that note, I don't think most people like "silly" photos in general, even normies. It just puts people on the spot to be funny or weird to a bunch of strangers. Doing silly pictures with close friends is fine but for an entire comm is a little awkward. I wouldn't mind if no one ever suggested that ever again.

>> No.10193291

I thought we frowned upon posting from BSoLF because they're looking for help in that group?

>> No.10193294

If you think Japanese itas don't exist you need to go have a look at the Japanese COF thread >10182865

>> No.10193298

not lolita

>> No.10193338

Some blouses, like the one she's wearing, are designed to be worn untucked if desired. I'm not defending her coord, but I'm sick of this retarded idea that blouses must always be tucked in.

>> No.10193339

so messy and cringe. "cosplaying" another person is just weird imo

>> No.10193347

That's just....how you wear clothes. Untucking a blouse isn't optional.

>> No.10193349

If the blouse have lace or ruffles on the bottom it's meant to be untucked

>> No.10193352

Why would a blouse have a decorative hem then? What you're saying doesn't make sense.

>> No.10193356

Hate to tell you...

>> No.10193359

They generally all have the ads and old dusty antiques, that's the gimmick but really old people just like the bland food and stupid gift shop. Idk what about it a real lolita would enjoy unless they have digestive problems

>Source, used to travel with my grandparents on vacation and they loved to stop at cracker barrel

>> No.10193361

Hey anon, maybe use your brain instead of your sandy cunt the next time you feel like posting an image from FB. This is from BSoLF and the person in the image is looking for advice, so how about you realize that you're an ass and leave BSoLF alone.
Unless someone proves their perma-itaness in that group, it's off-limits and people who laugh at that content are chucklefucks.

>> No.10193362

What's in the water here that's causing these weird tight-lipped faces and chins

>> No.10193363
File: 41 KB, 241x140, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10193365
File: 11 KB, 410x397, 1523875877962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

that's just how white people smile

>> No.10193366

it's how misako smiles too. And AP models are told not to show teeth either. They're probably just copying that

>> No.10193371

Cracker Barrel is just Olive Garden with a different skin. At least Denny's has the benefit of owning its reputation and being cheap af for what you get.

>> No.10193386

What did that poor corset do to deserve this holy fuck

>> No.10193395

Wait really? Why?

>> No.10193397

it's just a Japanese cultural thing. women cover their mouths when they laugh so they don't show their teeth. i'm guessing it stems from them all having teeth as bad as brits.

>> No.10193398

Can you show me a good lolita who is smiling with their teeth showing? Because I can only think of itas.

>> No.10193405

Smiling with your teeth is not elegant and often looks forced, like someone's holding you at gunpoint.

>> No.10193508

>like someone's holding you at gunpoint
kek, what? it's not SO RORI to smile with teeth but this is a reach

>> No.10193511

I can think of some but they are people I like so why would I post them?

>> No.10193559
File: 624 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20190614-203409_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Heres some teeth for you anon

>> No.10193561

It just gets worse and worse

>> No.10193566

gingham chan looked great for casual country, i'm not feeling the bag for coordinate photos since it's so blocky and plain but she nailed it

>> No.10193576

and the rest of the name sounds like a shitty Mary Sue

>> No.10193579

This always makes me laugh, smiling with teeth in lolita is not a thing

>> No.10193583

I just checked out her instagram and....does she have a mental disability? I watched a video called "Laughing in the Garden" and it's so bizarre that I think she must at LEAST have a touch of the 'tism. I kind of feel bad for laughing at her if so.

>> No.10193603

Agree, I thought the same. She’s a few beers short of a six pack

>> No.10193609

No it’s not about the teeth, it’s about being seen as vulgar, showing the inside of your mouth, especially as a woman, is gauche. Some women won’t even take a bite of food without covering their mouths. That’s why if you see one eating a snack such as a cracker they leave it in the wrapper while taking bites, so the wrapper covers their mouths.

>> No.10193616

Something tells me that was a rule only back when people had fucked up teeth.
Nowadays, showing off all the dental work people go through could, if anything, be considered a status symbol.

>> No.10193618
File: 2.75 MB, 2048x2037, Screenshot_20190614-095447.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10193621

Awww, there's something kind of endearing about this.

>> No.10193628

just...pick a colour palette and stick to it. this would be fine if the skirt was black and white.

>> No.10193632

You know some of us end up thinking in 2 or more languages and get our shit messed up.....

>> No.10193634

This is fucked no matter how you look at it....

>> No.10193635

We did. people are just dicks

>> No.10193636

Is that it?
I just don't smile because I hate my smile

>> No.10193637

And I’m telling you, it’s not about the teeth. It’s considered feminine to have a small mouth. Opening it up and showing the inside implies you’re vulgar and your mouth is huge, so they just make weird creepy little smiles and not big, teeth-baring ones and they take tiny pathetic bites or cover their mouth if they need to open it wide to take an actual adult bite. It’s not about dental work. Making a big wide mouth is akin to a western woman sitting with her legs all man-spread. It’s just tacky

>> No.10193640

Well that’s fookin retarded

>> No.10193658

Another shining example of literacy. You obviously didn't read the follow up comments about how this is a mistake primarily made by native speakers.

>> No.10193745


I think it's just the upskirt bloomer photos, they're universally hated everywhere and I've never seen a single post with upskirt bloomers that hasn't gotten completely shat on. If you can be bothered to search getoffegl, even in the heyday of livejournal there's already lolitas bitching about that kind of pose every time it turns up on daily_lolita.

If anything, this is just another proof not to do that kind of pose, ever. It's always hated and always shat on.

>> No.10193766

I appreciate you anon, but midwest nibbas don't know, you're not going to change their mind.

>> No.10193767

No, it’s a cultural difference, unfortunately you are the mentally challenged one in this case. Can’t you appreciate the fact that different people often have different aesthetic preferences?

>> No.10193773

>respecting gender expectations like that when you yourself are not in the country and therefore do not have to abide by its differences
Uh no

>> No.10193960

it's called sexism, not cultural differences lol

>> No.10194003

Go back to tumblr.

>> No.10194023

>not liking how its “feminine” to hinder eating to such a pathetic degree is tumblr

>> No.10194030
File: 97 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1560616194200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10194033

I don’t have a problem with this coord, I do however have a problem with the fact that she looks like slenderman.

>> No.10194035

Lol bait harder

>> No.10194039

Just because some historical randos decided they didn’t want women to do some completely normal thing doesn’t mean anyone should give a shit about it.

>> No.10194045

So should we respect cultures that practice FGM just because of "cultural differences?"

>> No.10194056

The girl on the left looks ok, although I hate that chunky grandma necklace.

>> No.10194057

>I'm going to mix gothic and sweet and its gonna look so cool!

Its so hard to do this right but everyone tries

>> No.10194060

She's a complete cunt though desu. Currently on a crusade to defend wearing trainers and cheap ballet flats in ruffle chat. Also once accused me of being a bad lolita because I have sex

>> No.10194063


Sorry, had to. Agree with you that there's no excuse for trainers in lolita

>> No.10194066
File: 193 KB, 663x619, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bad lolita because you have sex

>> No.10194068


>> No.10194069

Can't go into it. Just caught a mini ban for personal vendetta.

>> No.10194077

It's literally all sweet though.

>> No.10194080

black does not equal gothic

>> No.10194082
File: 460 KB, 1072x1056, Screenshot_20190616-022650_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That poor dress

>> No.10194084

what the FUCK are you going on about
do you have a source for these wild assertions?
it's completely normal and accepted to smile widely in a photo. The photographer often REQUESTS the subjects to smile widely.

"implies you're vulgar" who implies that? who interprets showing teeth in that way? Nobody.

i'm not even mad, this is literally the first time i've ever heard of this. It's one thing if you have missing or fucked up teeth- but just seeing another person's teeth makes them unfeminine? Where did you get this idea?

>> No.10194086

Even perma-happy Babi and Kaie look uncomfortable

>> No.10194088

Yikes, that's what ballet flat-chan looks like? No wonder she has such a hard-on for cheap crappy shoes.

>> No.10194090
File: 32 KB, 640x480, 1522878779_cdFK5r2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Opening it up and showing the inside implies you’re vulgar and your mouth is huge
>Making a big wide mouth is akin to a western woman sitting with her legs all man-spread. It’s just tacky
how did you get a wifi signal from 1700? this is so ridiculous it's bordering on bait

>> No.10194094

Lmao they always do though? All that filler and plastic surgery makes them look bad

>> No.10194095

I love how she was INSISTING they were hard-wearing and healthy for her feet

>> No.10194121

Different anon, but this is so in Japan, so I wouldn’t be surprised if similar countries or cultures had the same views.
Are you a white American by any chance?

>> No.10194272
File: 549 KB, 1536x2128, B8653D2D-00FE-46B4-97C9-AEC1E3DB7928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Somehow this is supposed to be Snow White inspired.

>> No.10194275
File: 229 KB, 746x1062, C2D124AB-4438-47D1-98F8-414371555A4E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10194280

........is that HL?!

>> No.10194296

what the fuck is this bonnet

>> No.10194298

where is the lie

>> No.10194301

No one is talking about in the US, you retard. They're talking about Japan. It's a widely known cultural thing.

>> No.10194326
File: 622 KB, 1366x1992, 031558B1-47A0-4E18-8846-A79FBC8554A1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m not really involved in this fight but don’t assume that something is widely known just because you know it. Why would someone not from that culture know that?

Anyway, here’s an ita.

>> No.10194330
File: 647 KB, 1536x2128, 7929AAAC-8F9C-4614-B50A-C2EEC59E119A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10194332
File: 219 KB, 2048x1197, 02449BE0-80B6-4517-9238-B8CCA69EE18E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10194333
File: 858 KB, 2047x1405, EFAD0099-CBAF-4E88-ADD8-E314FE98B627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10194334
File: 769 KB, 2047x2040, 9F07CDE9-B9E2-4AC6-B2B4-A65D30C08D72.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10194335

She was also selling Honey Cake a while back and was moaning about how no one was biting. I wouldn't buy her stretched out shit even if it was cheap.

>> No.10194351

the best ita pics are when an ENTIRE comm is ita.

>> No.10194357
File: 2.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190615-222518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This poor brolita.

>> No.10194363

you know its bad when the brolita is the best looking one. And you know a brolita is bad when you can tell theyre male even when you can't make out their facial features because of shitty photo quality

>> No.10194367

What is photo saturation

>> No.10194374

This made me laugh so hard

>> No.10194389

No way, that country-chan is the best one. The brolita’s dress looks gross and cheap, whatever it is.

>> No.10194400

>suet lolita

>> No.10194404

Protip: with saggy boobs, always choose death over wearing a turtle neck.

>> No.10194406

She's gonna blow and they worry about their funky wigs getting covered in baloney scented blubber.

That is clearly Crafts Day at the Asylum.

>> No.10194410
File: 248 KB, 1440x1440, FB_IMG_1560663248752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girl who posted is yikes. Girlfriend might be salvageable

>> No.10194435

which one are you talking about?

>> No.10194440

I’m assuming it’s the one fourth from the right with the brown hair and braids? She is rather cute but this photo is saturated to hell and back so it’s hard to tell the construction of her dress as well. Plus they’re all sitting down. “Blouse” and shoes look iffy imo. Nitpick at best

>> No.10194507

What in the heck, why would you walk around with unzipped boots? Dangerous and messy.

>> No.10194512

Someone with calves the size of tree trunks.

>> No.10194514

This is from some distorted world where the brolitas are best and the girls are all terrible.

>> No.10194525

This isn't lolita, Nina.

>> No.10194529

I really like this comm, t b h. The toned down look here is great. I'm just so fucking sick of the AP flavor-of-the-moment types perpetually trying to outdo eachother like that old Deerstalkers video.

>> No.10194580

Nah, one is zipped and one isn't. Poorfags gonna poor. Buy new ones or pay to fix your shit when it breaks

>> No.10194608

>gross and cheap
Correct me if I'm wrong, but that looks an awful lot like AP's Ribbon Berry Bunny OP.

>> No.10194613
File: 792 KB, 1322x1890, 4AA18203-5FE6-4C44-90A1-CCCE74039E76.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not a nitpick, she just isn’t ugly.

>> No.10194620

I think this one is a cosplay

>> No.10194622

Hat girl in the middle is adorable.

>> No.10194629

She has a cute face--someone help her.

>> No.10194634

are we looking at the same pic?

>> No.10194680

No shit sherlock, it still looks terrible though. Forgive me for being a weeb right now bit it's canon that Grell would never be cought dead in lolita or any kind of non-elegant non-red dress.

>> No.10194681

This looks bad but could be easily saved. Without the bright red petit showing and changing that cheap steampunk looking vest for a cotton fabric one that matched the coord aesthetics it would be an ok coord.

>> No.10194698
File: 287 KB, 1080x1080, 61701120_461458664630140_4849026032064298795_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10194711


Eh, nah. That's a really normie-looking blouse and rather drabby skirt (with some weirdly uneven ribbon trim to boot) -- pairing them with an actually nice vest/bustier is really just going to bring out how drabby and normie they are.

I think she's got the basics but what she really needs are some actual lolita items. This looks like a loliable blouse with a circle skirt and a random leftover steampunk cosplay thrown in.

>> No.10194779

Oh no!! Silly poses!! How dare they have fun!!??

>> No.10194891

They're trying to do the Misako smile which I think stems from trying to look like a doll, no teeth showing and no lines on the face. Idk what anon is going on about giant lewd mouths or whatever.

>> No.10195038
File: 329 KB, 639x613, 1560562512086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10195039
File: 301 KB, 750x751, F5F9F0C1-EDE5-484F-9DC3-2AAFCC85733B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone please help that poor dress. Baby, those stars straight up died.

>> No.10195125

New thread. >>10195123

>> No.10195278

are we looking at the same wig? what the fuck is the styling on the bangs? it's awful

>> No.10195287

it's almost like asian lolitas post their shit somewhere else and we don't see most of it dumbass

>> No.10197212

She has a disability. You cgl's went and got shovels to dig down to a new desperate low.

>> No.10197618

Dear Ladies, no. Here is why to help you on your fashion journey. The left, the head bow, is this one to lay flat? Was it a front bow for the OP? It appears upside down. The top shoulders, this is an OP but the shoulders and top body size calls for more coverage. The backpack looks saggy and would never be a complimenting piece in a coord. The OP isn't properly fitting. You can wear a body shaper, binder to give a better fit, to any dress. The legs, they are cut, bitten, or a skin issue appears. It distracts so a pair of OTK would instantly cover. The shoes, these are normie shoes and will never blend with a summer coord that you are attempting. Also, the color black does not work with lavender and brown in this outfit. There appears to be no lining with this JSK further giving it a bad shape. Also a petticoat is missing. The Bodyline JSK cut just doesn't work with your curvy shape but a shaper/binder will help you with all your dresses. The actual JSK itself, has already been addressed in comments. I will address the right side in next comment. Thank you for being interested in the fashion, don't give up!

>> No.10197625

Dear Right Lady, I won't readdress the JSK itself. The head bows. The KC with the 2 small bows would be enough. But the additional back part with yellow is too much for such a plain summer dress. The fitting, a body shaper/binder will do miracles to give you a smoother appearance and redefine your curves in a flattering shape for any dress. Also with a body shaper, the petticoat will look much better. It seems as if your petticoat is missing here or just too flat. The boots, the style would be more for a winter, classic coord. They just don't work well with a summer dress The color of the boots doesn't blend with your summer dress either. I think the dress sufficiently covers your top half and is a good length for you. You appear to have a thin matching wrist band? Both of you ladies need wrist bands to evenly balance out the outfits. They really are not coords at this point. The purse appears to be a clock. (One thing to help round purses keep their shape is to cut out heavy cardboard in a circle and insert it in the purse, pressed up against the inside panel). I can't really see the purse but good choice on selecting a matching one to the theme. I hope you stick with the fashion. Beginnings of any new fashion choice can be rough, hang in there.

>> No.10197632

From left, #'s 4, 5 & 6 could be casual and especially number 6 show potential.

>> No.10197658

Hello, let me offer you some insight on why some don't agree this outfit is the best choice. The bonnet supercedes OTT. It is more for Halloween or a kids play because of its size alone. The black and and sunflowers wouldn't look good even if it were on a smaller scale. Black doesn't go with your dress. The sunflowers colors scream while the yellow in your dress is a whisper soft and pastel. A KC with light brown and touches of yellow would look better. The summer dress doesn't flatter your shape. Maybe waist ties to give you a bit of cinch? A body shaper would help your overall appearance. And there is a petticoat missing or just too flat. The pink tights do not blend well, just not part of the color scheme at all. A very light pastel pink might have worked better. Maybe, if you really wanted pink. The shoes, they are not Lolita, Hime, or part of any Snow White cosplay dress, never. Brown tea party flats would go much better with beige or Carmel leg wear. Dark Brown leg wear would work because of your collar as well, but OTK, UTK, Bobby style or sheer because the dress is summer. Your wrist would need bands to compliment and some rings would help balance out things. You have tagged this as, "Lolita, Hime, classic," so that is why I offer a bit of advice. Here is a classic Snow White coord. Maybe it will help you see the difference.

>> No.10198534

She has been insulted and ridiculed enough for same pics in another Ita thread. No need to keep insulting her.

>> No.10198577

The cat ears arn't really "In your face"
Like the shoes are, I'm mostly concerned if tose Shoes are "Jelly"

>> No.10198579

That double chin..

>> No.10198582

Agree'd with

>> No.10198597

Wow, I no longer want to buy those boots.
I'd believe you said that was Adele, are her Calves Photo shopped? These Proportions feel wrong.
>"Trashy is the new cute Boo"

That star Lace is GORGEOUS>>10194330
And why the Fuck is she mixing Lolita and cosplay.. That coord was Weebraped, so good till the Black butler BS

>> No.10200402

Ohio does in fact have winery's. Some have 100% while others are 70% of their own grapes. Google is free self education.

>> No.10203303
File: 989 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190625-011200_Amino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Brown? Are you mad?

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