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Motivational Edition

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>no job all year because school
>apply to no less than 10 places
>only response from any was a denial email
>apply at a resort nearby
>get a call back and interview goes well
>sounds like they're low on people in the position I applied for
>"we'll call you back soon, anon!"
>a week later no call back yet
>mfw lots of nice pieces on lacemarket at a price that would be super reasonable if I had this job
>mfw could afford my next planed cosplays easy if I had this job
>mfw can't even get a job as a busser

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You can try calling the company back yourself, don't give up hope anon, you'll find a job

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I gained a lot of weight recently due to stress, depression, poor diet, etc. all my clothes look bad on me. I feel pretty ugly and unmotivated to do anything. Sorry to dump this here I wanted to get it off my chest.

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I'm sorry friend. And don't worry, that's what this this thread is for. Even if the situation might not be as bad as it seems, it still sucks to feel like something is going downhill. I hope things turn around for you soon and you find something that brings you enjoyment.

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>cosplayer has crush on me
>I only find her attractive in cosplay

how do I get this to work

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>>I only find her attractive in cosplay
how so?

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Just fuck her when she cosplays

he only likes her cosplays, I guess

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I was physically, verbally and sexually abused by a family member for years. After he got extremely violent on me one day, I called the police on him. And in the process, I lost everything. My home, my possessions, my family and friends who all sided with him over me. Since I managed to find a new place to live, lolita has been one of the only things keeping me going. I've loved the fashion since I was a little girl, and actually collected a few dream pieces back when I was still living at home. Of course, I lost it when I got kicked out but I've been buying and building up some simple coordinates again since wearing the fashion helps me feel beautiful and "clean." But at the same time I know it's very much a crutch. I love the fashion and the way it makes me feel, what I'm going through now wasn't the cause of that. But I know deep down I'm still so pathetic and lonely. I have no one and nothing and everything seems to be getting worse. My physical and mental health is degrading at a rapid rate. My life is completely empty besides for work, and I'm scared for the future since I can't do what I'm currently doing forever. I'm so sick of feeling so disgusting and worthless. I've been seeing a therapist for a long time, but it hasn't been helping. I just hope I can make it out of this alive.

No need to apologize anon, if it helps I'm in a similar situation right now with the extreme stress, depression and poor diet. From one struggling anon to another, I hope you feel better soon. Please feel free to come back and post here again soon.

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I’ve been browsing cgl less and less after years of calling it my homeboard. Everyone seems to be on the defensive and takes offense to everything. It feels overtaken by lolita now. But I can’t complain since I don’t collect cosplay or other jfashion photos to help balance things. Oh well

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>tfw watching videos from my first con
>you can never go back
>haven't been that happy since

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Damn, sounds sad

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I like androgyny, and her cosplays are more androgynous, while normal clothes are more feminine.

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I had the same problem as you for a while. I think I ended up applying to at least 50 places before I even got an interview. A lot of companies will call you about positions months after you apply to them too. I had a coffee shop call me three months after I applied to ask if I still wanted the position.

The best thing that helped me was asking everyone I knew (I mean EVERYONE) if they had a lead and eventually I knew someone that knew someone and got a job. I would also check out your school's job center and possibly a temp agency depending on what kind of job you want.

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>Know teacher that is into lolita
>Found this out by accident one day
>Seen a lot of things she's done on the internet
>Now have a semester of classes with her as the main teacher
>Find her really inspiring because she's done a lot of cool things
>Have to awkwardly sit there in class knowing all of this stuff about her
>Have to not sperg out in class even though I think she's really cool

I'll most likely never say anything about it, even though I want to get to know her better and she has a lot of similar interests that I have. This fucking sucks.

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Are you in high school or college? Just talk to her during office hours

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>tfw even emailed and applied to all reasonable places at my uni and didn't get a single response besides denials from all of them
what really pissed me off abotu this is I had asked one of my professors about jobs in the building and some OTHER girl who always hops on bandwagon shit or other peoples ideas asked too, and SHE ended up getting a job next semester.

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You need to be pestering tf outta the jobs you apply for. Most go through sites like Indeed for new employees and are getting hundreds of resumes sent in along with doing tons of interviews. Unless it’s a specialized type of position, they likely aren’t going to remember you after an interview on top of all of their other daily tasks. Call and check up on each application and especially interviews after a few days to a week if they’ve not already contacted you.

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Your response actually made me laugh and cheer up a little. Thank you, anon.

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>have wedding
>friend shows up in a gray shirt, black pants, and a teal tie with two clips
>mfw he low-key cosplayed Miku to my wedding.

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I wanna be one of those guys who sells custom buttons and pins at cons, but I'm worried there's too much competition. And the latter would be really expensive.

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No one in this community gives a fuck about me. I used to find our discord helped me feel less alone but now I look at it and it just makes me feel like shit. I feel incapable of making friends and I’m so lonely and consumed by suicidal thoughts constantly

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post your art to the AA thread and we'll tell you if you are good enough or not.

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in general, you have to give a fuck about yourself before people give a fuck about you. I know it sucks but it is pretty much that way across the board.

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I really wish I had a group of cosplay friends. I feel like an outsider in the community

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welp the place called me today lol, guess I was freaking out over nothing. the call came late because the interviewer was on vacation...
$40-$100 nice solid black pieces here I come

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d-did you ask to confirm? that's a really bizarre place to pull that

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I got a dream dress sniped from me today Im really sad about it

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>when you forget to wax your butthole before inspection, but the comm mother gives you full marks and says "the hair was a nice touch"

Am I finally a real lolita?

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I don’t know what the fuck is going on but my ear keeps producing a ton of earwax to the point that it covers the whole ear canal and muffles up the sound of anything I fear. I bought this otoscope with an ear pick attachment and I can actually see the earwax completely closing off the ear. I can pull out the earwax too pretty easily and it’s soooooo satisfying to pull out a huge wet clump or earwax. But it just keeps coming back every few days which is the problem.

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>butthole inspection meme
and here I thought it was going to stay dead

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>i'm going to do a closet cleaning!
>only willing to let go of <5 pieces
>sell a couple of them
>still end up buying double the number of main pieces i sold anyway

well that was a bust. but there's a bunch of cute stuff coming in the mail so that's neat.

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I have health anxiety that spawned from smoking weed (one day just had a massive panic attack that ended up putting me in the hospital) and I just miss it so badly.
It was the only thing that helped my anxiety but ironically made it worse, and now I’m too afraid to smoke it again because panic attack and I’m also too afraid to drink alcohol because I think it’s just going to fuck up my heart and also give me a panic attack.

For anyone that has panic attacks, does alcohol make them worse or does it numb the anxious feelings? I know sometimes the next day it makes your anxiety worse but I’m talking about -during- drinking.

I just want something to take away the pain anons.

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have you considered............................ not drinking out of perceived necessity and instead reaching out to someone/going to see a doctor

don't mean to sound like a dick but i also have panic attacks/have had experience with abusing weed and alcohol for self-medicating and it's not fun, just nip it in the bud the right way

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I have seen doctors and that’s when it was formally diagnosed.

It’s just I wish I had something I could do to ‘break away’ from everything like everyone else does.
I’m disgustingly jealous of everyone that’s can enjoy smoking and alcohol.

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Nayrt, most people have sober ways of escaping. For a lot of people it's video games, or reading, etc. You should get medication, go to therapy, and find your thing

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>trying to choose between four different items
>all different colors (mint, blue, grey, wine) and all good for different situations
>lonelita so nobody to ask for advice

>> No.10191860

Do you know where you are

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>best friend of over five years, who used to be super weeby and tons of fun to hang around with, has now turned into a normie costhot who only talks about her fwb relationship with a total tool and gossips about the shit she sees on her fans' private social media accounts
Time to find new friends I guess.

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>"it's such a shame (anon) ruins all their cosplays with their teeth... no offense tho"

>> No.10191949

Nothing wrong with it if you're actually going to wear them.

>> No.10191951

Saying no offense doesn't stop the pain. You should tell them that they've given you sad feels, and if they want to be nice they should keep such comments to themselves. Fucking rude ass idiots.

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God i hope it dosent.
I know a lot of people are allergic to fun, but calm down. Its memes on 4chan.

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what hurts the most is that they're right, i just can't afford braces

>> No.10192040 [DELETED] 

bro go to a fucking doctor holy shit, you're going to fuck up your ear

>> No.10192069 [DELETED] 

Go to a doctor, your ear need to be flushed by a medical professional. You might end up damaging your ear on your own.

>> No.10192099 [DELETED] 

I use sports, exercise, rock 'n' roll, drawing, and doughnuts to cope my crap.

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I don't have panic attacks when I drink small amounts. I do if I drink too much or get hung over. 1-3 drinks is the sweet spot

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My cosplay commission finally came in the mail today, and it’s mostly too big in places like the crotch and thigh. I don’t really think it’s a case of mis-measuring on my part, since they didn’t ask for those measurements at all. Obviously it’s easier to take in if it’s too big than it being too small, and thankfully I have time before the con I’m wearing it to, but I wish I didn’t have to fix it with the amount I paid for it in the first place. (And it’s probably easier to fix it on my own b/c it’d be another $40 in shipping and 2 weeks in shipping to send it back overseas to the commissioner.)

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hey anon, maybe try getting a different therapist.
someone who has more experience advising and helping treat those who have suffered abuse and incest.
My thoughts are with you. I grew up in a very abusive home and I still am dealing with depression and anxiety, but much less than I was at 18/19. I'm 28 now.
See what kind of local groups you can get involved in. in-person human fellowship in a hobby or activity might help bring you joy in your journey.

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being a sasquatch among smols is suffering
these shoes are to die for but I could never with these 27cm feet

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wheres this from

>> No.10192318

Those shoes are gorgeous!

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I'm 28. Am I officially too old to jailbait-wait cosplay thots?

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>be extremely poorfag
>get excited for a cosplay
>realize it's far too much more than i could ever afford
don't come at me "buh buh buh you can make it work with little money" bullshit. even if you buy your own materials and make your own shit, cosplay and con going is an expensive hobby if you're not at least middle class.
fuck, man.

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>just turned 26
>Everyone I meet seems to be 20 - 24
I-is it time to start moving on

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Whats wrong with meeting other people also in their 20s? I'm 23 and I have the problem of the only people who want to talk to me and be my friend are between 13 and 16. idk why other adults don't want to befriend me, but kids do.

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>about to turn 20
>mfw oldest in my cos group
>youngest is 12
>somehow most of them are even more mature than me
>somehow some of the 14-15year olds look older (in a good way) than me
>realize how much I've failed to grow up and take the reigns of my life

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How about Lobbyconning? Also you can legitimately cosplay VERY cheaply, you just need to be creative and don't chose a character with a retardedly complex design, there are some really simple characters which

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Why not just wear lolita to school one day? Don't even have to go balls to the wall to get her notice.

>> No.10192390

Try to hang out with people your age. I'm not saying that in a mean way. You'll learn how to behave your age and you'll feel more at ease about your own situation.

>> No.10192394

Because children don't have the hang ups adults acquire like grime on a windshield (over time until it becomes the only thing they experience)
Yeah, getting new adult friends is hard, but if you never try you'll never succeed.
At this point you ought to concern yourself with taking >>10192390 advice.
At least to get away from the creeper self you will one day become if you continue along your present path.

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>inb4 teacher posts here and complains about ita student of hers

>> No.10192398

Do you go to college gull?

>> No.10192403

>Meeting others in their 20s
Absolutely nothing, but entering the later half of my 20s and hanging out with people who have only just graduated, are still in college or in some cases still can't even drink feels a bit... off? I don't know man.

Tbqh I'll try to avoid being around or hanging out with legit kids like that.

>> No.10192408

I dropped out of college and don't drink, so I can't relate.

>> No.10192494


Just talk to people at the cons.

>> No.10192539

Not him but college means nothing, i went and talked to no one for 4 years. Still better than high school

>> No.10192542

>tfw you don't feel anything anymore

>> No.10192592

I just feel awful gulls. No matter what I do I never look as good as my friends in Lolita. It's not even a matter of having a deflated sense of self worth (but that probably matters too). They get huge numbers of likes on their photos, have made lolita friends online through Cof and Instagram, and no matter what I do I just fall short and get overlooked.
I work so much that I barely wear Lolita more than once or twice a month, and somehow they can afford brand and still have time to post ootds every two days.

Every time I remind myself to just do it for myself and enjoy Lolita as much as I can, I see another post with 1k likes or hear them talk about their new online friends or whatever.

I don't want to be the nasty envious friend who begrudges but I just feel dumb. Even my friends don't put me in those "people you should follow" instagram stories.

Sorry for blog post, there's nobody else I can really vent to.

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>haven't been on /cgl/ for over a year because it felt like every thread devolved into personal squabbles
>come back today
>nothing has changed
See y'all in fall 2020

>> No.10192620

poorfag finally turned newfag im so excited :'^D i can also afford to move away from my abusive parents and have been on a good prescription and therapist for a little while. all my weaboo and depression fantasies are turning real.
been going through my dreamies and goddamn poorfags have shit taste

>> No.10192662

BPN (rip)

>> No.10192663

just sounds like you need more practice and experience coording.
Because of your work schedule, you don't post enough to curate that many followers. But that shouldn't be your goal. I know how you feel, wanting acceptance and recognition from the online community, but maybe you should focus more on the art, craft, and feel of lolita.
Let it be the fun creative outlet that you need to balance all of your work.

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>have to spend all my earned money on medical bills due to being a genetic failure and shit healthcare system where I live
>mfw even if i spent it on cute clothes it'd be a waste because I can barely muster enough strength to walk outside anyway
>slowly losing more and more energy to pretend I'm fine and bubbly to people

>> No.10192685

Welp buyee actually sets up bots to upbid your auction until it reaches your max bid. Just wow. This is the last time I'm using them.

>> No.10192688

i feel like the more i lose weight, the worse i look. 30lbs down and my legs are as lumpy and misshapen as ever, but now my stomach bunches up weirdly too. 30 more until im at my goal weight but it feels pointless to go on.

worst part is everyone giving me shit over trying to lose weight because its unhealthy. im just super pear shaped and only wear black jeans or compression leggings so they have no idea how fat i really am. people say they have no idea ive lost weight because i look the same. Literally. Why. Bother.

>> No.10192691

Losing weight is only part of the story. Keep working out and it'll pay off in the long run.

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File: 603 KB, 613x593, A880C8A9-5FBE-4C70-B9F8-0DFB51F19E8A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanting to join discord because you’re lonely as fuck and want to find friends
>not even memeing am practically borderline hermit
>too embarrassed to admit that to those I’d like to befriend
>too embarrassed about this trainwreck of a life
>too embarrassed about my voice
>too embarrassed about fucking everything

>> No.10192749

I relate to this so much. Do you have to spend a maximum out of pocket amount before insurance kicks in and covers everything? I hope you get treated properly and are able to wear cute clothes again soon, anon.

>> No.10192752

Holy shit I didn't know this, how did you find out?

>> No.10192799

>dress bought from Facebook comes
>Seller says the it's got a 76 cm waist.
>Never looked at her picture, just took her word for it.
>Elastic so stretched it might as well not be there.
I was a fool

>> No.10192810

>and nothing of value was lost

>> No.10192859

>suddenly laid off from first ever decent job two weeks ago
>no responses or leads on other jobs
>no friends or family to ask for leads from
>only have 2 year degree, no real qualifications
>still live at home, one parent is sick and cannot work and other has always been vocally nasty to me.
>still stay in room all day like a teenager to avoid family
>fighting a lot with long-term boyfriend of almost 10 years, my only friend, who does not make enough to provide for both of us and also now lives with parent due to roommate scam.
>occlusal trauma manifests suddenly a few months ago and have to spend bulk of savings on braces or lose front teeth. worst pain of my life.
>never able to make friends online
>never able to make friends irl
>humiliated about myself even if I were to meet someone
>almost 26
I've done it all wrong. I'd kill myself if I didn't just spend $6000 on my mouth.

>> No.10192867

Have you tried /soc/ threads? Discord groups? Make sure you follow up on ALL jobs. 26 is still young, no matter what you think, you have time. You can work on learning new skills, there are so many online resources.

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>bought a ton of new lolita shoes, knew the size was right
>didn't know that losing weight can reduce shoe size by one so now they're too big
>have to use two socks for them to fit nicely

>> No.10192962

I highly recommend finishing your bachelor's degree online. It's fast and easy, and will open up a lot more opportunities. If nothing else, you can easily become a teacher in a private school with only a BA and no experience (you can thank the mass teacher shortages for that)

>> No.10192968

Kinda depressed so I placed a big order of stuff on Mercari. The shipping service emailed me to make sure I wanted to pay commission fees for so many items... I feel judged...

>> No.10193014

Because they were upbidding my item by 1000 yen for almost two hours exactly 2 minutes before the auction ended everytime. I had several similar experiences where I was sure no one but me would go as high as my max bid but then a similar bidding style happened. But going on for 2 fucking hours confirmed that it wasn't just another angry bidder.

>> No.10193045

Thank you for the encouraging words. Are there any tips in particular about online resources for learning new skills? I am aware of Western Governors University, I just was always worried it would be a black mark against me for employers.

>> No.10193100

Fake it till you make it.
No bullshit

>> No.10193122 [DELETED] 
File: 191 KB, 990x1485, Autistic cunt in very strange costume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My girlfriend wears very strange dresses and looks like a French child from the 1700s now, so I hate her that she has wasted so much of my money, does nothing in the house and looks like a garbage pedophilic bitch. It gets worse when she gets offended that I tell her I pay the most in this house and that she needs to be a bit more normal and at least not wear this autistic ugly shit in public and keep that shit as nightwear or something and if she has weird fetishes she can just wear it as some fucked up twisted dark fantasy. I said all of this before in a basically very nice way but I should have known that being a nice guy does not work with women like her. When her "teaparty gathering" ends I will text her that she must either sell all her shit OR I will kick her out of the house if she won't go back to her parents that hate her. And I understand now why they do, she has done far worse stuff before to her parents but I thought they were actually abusing her. But I guess she suffered from first world problems and that I should have seen that. My bad.

Worst of all is that if she at least wore overpriced "burando" western clothing she'd look cute and attractive and I'd complain less but this is just garbage-looking and I tried to be less pessimistic about it and see a good thing in this retarded hobby but there are honestly none.
And when I found out she started posting on /cgl/ and 4chan, it was the straw that broke the camel's back. I won't be spiraled in her mental illness any longer and she can be here from now on to vent about living still with her "abusive" parents and not having enough money to look more cute or something.

At the moment I am rubbing my hands, because I know she won't comply and will use her victim-complex again. I actually wanted to pack her shit clothes myself, by cramming her shit clothes in her shit "kawaii" suitcases.

If you're a lesbian/guy and you are dating a weeaboo, don't do that. Even koreaboos are better.

>> No.10193124

what's the story behind this

>> No.10193126

I could try, but I'd rather wear a casual outfit if I'm going to do that, and all the coords I have right now are OTT. Maybe I will if I get an outfit together and work up the courage to.

>> No.10193127 [DELETED] 

I wish puberty was illegal for women.

>> No.10193139

I hate all the no petti coords people are posting now. Get a hoop skirt or a light petti or fuck off and don't post

>> No.10193142

Just make a fanfiction.net account already.

>> No.10193143

>Been looking for dream dress for a good while
>Never pops up in the colourway i want
>"New listings for dream dress on lace market"
>It's the colourway I want
>It's the cut I've been considering since my ultimate dream cut is nearly impossible to find
>"Great condition just some fucking SWEAT STAINS on the FRONT BODICE LACE"
>$50 more than the most expensive past auction of that cut but in perfect condition
The stars really do be not shining bright anons

>> No.10193146

I feel like all the memories of my dark past that had been sealed away just came flooding back.

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File: 1.14 MB, 1200x3026, 1554384092254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tfw cosplay friend kept literally asking to suck your dick, saying we would fuck if you had a condom, showed her tiddies & kept sucking on your finger/ear/neck throughout the weekend and "kissed" you (she initiated and tried actively kissing while I just stood there unironically not doing anything, I probably thought it was funny to just stay still i don't know man, was high) and you S T I L L thought she was just fucking with you since she probably just enjoyed seeing a flustered virgin.
>She also, not sarcastically, asked how I'm still a virgin since she apparently genuinely thinks I'm objectively attractive

>> No.10193215

Oh man, I just really love lolita.

>> No.10193220

What is this humble brag? No one cares. Either go for her if you really want to, or stop waving your 'popularity' around here.

>> No.10193228

Fuck, rereading it yeah its just coming off as a humblebrag.
Didn't really mean for it to come off like that, it was moreso wanting to vent about having a bit of body image issues where, even after all that I was sure she was still just fucking with me & still don't think anyone would actually find me remotely attractive. This thankfully hasn't happened to me but it's like that feel when you're asked out but you're ghosted and later find out you were only asked out as a joke/dare.

>No one cares
Isn't the point of these threads just to vent/blogshit or spill your feels? How many of these stories do you actually care about?

>Too old to delete
S-sorry gulls.

>> No.10193250

Sounds like something that'd happen to my dumb ass

>> No.10193252


>> No.10193256 [DELETED] 

>have casual sex and use Tinder to fill the void
>still can't help but compare them to, want and think about gullfriend who ghosts me constantly
Write back to me you fuck

>> No.10193301

Is this a new pasta?

>> No.10193306

This is such a shitty rp

>> No.10193309

You can post any off topic shit you want here, put "cosplay" in it and somehow think it's on topic

>> No.10193341

your ban expire already, pedo chan?

>> No.10193343
File: 35 KB, 625x626, 1556450240194.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10193350

Sorry dude, I didn't mean to rip you up if you were being serious about it. Putting it that way, I hope you find more confidence from this and that it goes somewhere good for you. I'm so used to people trolling.

>> No.10193400

>tfw you would like to wear make up
>tfw you have barely any eyelashes
>tfw anything you put on hurts after an hour
>tfw just thinking about it makes your eye line hurt


>> No.10193442
File: 841 KB, 360x550, grooven.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GOing through a really tough time fincancially in life
>Can't afford to dryclean my brando regularly
>Afraid to wear it because "what if" I need it later
>negative cycle emerges where I just don't dress up anymore
>sad i'm not wearing lolita, but too afraid to still
>wake up one morning and decide to sell all the delicate brando
>generate a lot of money out of it
>spend half on new, washable brand dresses and keep other half in savings

I feel like I got the best of both worlds. I have money in the bank now AND I can wear lolita whenever I want.

>> No.10193447

good on you anon

>> No.10193734

You might have an allergy, or you're being too heavy-handed with applying, or using a rough brush. Makeup shouldn't hurt you anon, look into brands with ingredients for sensitive

>> No.10193742

Clean your brushes.
Don't complain, do it.
Also replace your 8 yo tub of eyeshadow and that crusty mascara you can't bear to get rid of, and if that doesn't help, you should get a new eyeliner.

>> No.10193797
File: 122 KB, 640x640, asszit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someloli stood in some water.

>> No.10193829
File: 481 KB, 750x703, 0F55E506-CAB3-41DD-BE13-BB12BBD211B2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

was out in town wearing old school today. on my way to language class a fat dude approached me and complemented my shoes (the most normie part of my outfit) introduced himself and shook my hand. Instantly recognised this as textbook internet pick up artist methods, especially as he told me he was 41, and I’m 19 but often get told I look younger, which he did say. asked me for a hug and I declined. he left me alone after that and didn’t ask for my number, must’ve realised I’m just as autistic as he is.
Never thought I’d be approached like that, especially in lolita. I feel kinda bad for incels sometimes because their view of romance is all wrong and it’s hard to change their minds, but then again he did approach some rando underage looking girl for a hug so yea... might’ve pulled him aside into a nearby Mickey d’s or something and chatted about how he might be able to get his life back on track if I wasn’t so shocked in the moment or on my way somewhere.
anyone else had experiences like this?

>> No.10193831

Don’t be sorry for a 40 year old man looking for jail bait. Next time just politely ignore these kinds of people especially if you look underaged

>> No.10193845

I think every woman has been hit on by a creepy old guy at some point, sadly. It's so fucking gross.

>> No.10193847

I recommend Excelsior College. Tons of military people who missed out on college when they were younger go through the online program and get great jobs afterwards. So an older student such as yourself would fit in pretty well.

>> No.10193850

Don't fix broken people.
Especially when the red flags are fucking screaming.

>> No.10193927

>huge identity crisis a few months back
>sell all my j-fash clothing like an autist
>still depressed
>bf dumps me
>even more depressed

i miss my cute clothes

>> No.10193963

I’m a lonelita and I’ve never been in a comm. There’s one lolita friend that I made online that I’ve kept contact with but sometimes it’s sparse and I get nervous bringing up conversation topics because I know she has other lolita friends and I don’t want to bother her. I’ll be in her area towards the end of the year and I want to ask if she wants to meet up to get coffee or lunch or something and hang out for a bit but I’m worried about that bothering her.

She always seems happy to talk to me but I just get it in my head that I’m a burden to everyone around me and that if I ask she’ll say yes but only because she feels like she has to, not because she wants to.

>> No.10193969

Time to buy some new clothes and find a new guy. A fresh start can be a great thing.

>> No.10193972

I'll be your new boyfriend

>> No.10193973

Do it. Don’t let your doubts ruin your life. The worst is that she will politely decline if she doesn’t want to. Best case is that you meet a friend irl and get closer

>> No.10193977

That's probably just social anxiety/lack of self confidence talking and nothing based on reality. Just tell her you'll be in her area and when, and suggest meeting up, chances are she'll be excited to see you. Don't deprive yourself of a good experience because of self doubt, you deserve to have fun!

>> No.10193984

Degrees are mostly useless anyway and fuck the traditional application process. Your biggest issue are your social skills. You need to get out there and build up connections then the job will find you. As shitty as it sounds, nepotism is your biggest friend in this day and age.

>> No.10194005

Feel like I can participate because I'm so short. When I cosplay no matter how nice the craftsmanship is I always look terrible. I can't just take close up pictures because I need my arms in the shot so people don't think I'm fat because of my round face that makes me a whale even though I'm 110. I wish I wasn't so self conscious so I could do Lolita again like I used to because it will just get worse. Gulls, is this depression?

>> No.10194143

Was at a convention today, but didn't get a waifu

>> No.10194180 [DELETED] 

I'm tired of being alone, but I haven't made any friends in my comm after nearly 2 years. I don't get why. I easily made friends in my previous comm. Since I moved to another country I've only made one irl friend and I'm not even sure if I really want to be friends with him or if I'm just too lonely.

>> No.10194183

I'm tired of being alone, but I haven't made any friends in my comm after nearly 2 years of living here. I don't get why. I easily made friends in my previous comm. Since moving here, I've only made one irl friend and I'm not even sure if I want to be friends with him or if I'm just too lonely. I miss having lolita friends.

>> No.10194204

I literally dont have anything thats old. Anytime i get the idea to do any makeup, i buy new.

>> No.10194236

Try the friend finder thread

>> No.10194243

I have. I only got messaged by people from a foreign country. Almost all posts in that thread are by Americans.

>> No.10194244

Body image issues/possible dysphoria

>> No.10194249

>tfw suddenly rich thanks to a combination of inheritance, parents getting a higher position, and me having a stupid high-paying job out of college

I am finally on par with the nouveau riche Chinese lolitas of myth, now what the fuck do I do

>> No.10194250

Buy every colorway of misty sky in the next MTO

>> No.10194251

I'm in exactly the same boat, anon. became an overnight millionaire. I'm being sensible about it but you know I sure as fuck got a larger dress budget.

>> No.10194257

As someone who’s been wealthy all of her life due to family wealth, I don’t see why it’s a big deal. Eventually buying whatever release you want or just buying thousands on the secondhand market will get boring for you. Unless you’re into flaunting it on social media, then it might be exciting a little longer?

>> No.10194259

The majority of people live with financial anxiety so it's life changing actually

>> No.10194260

Doesn’t change that buying new shit will get old. I’ve had friends who came from bad places financially who I showered with gifts/money/trips with me and they got used to it too.

>> No.10194263

>now what the fuck do I do
invest all your money into AMD to double your money within a year.
And then buy me a few j-fashion pieces for giving you amazing financial advice.

>> No.10194274

Please invest and save. Please

>> No.10194317

my condolences

>> No.10194318

Was this chris chan?

>> No.10194320

You can also teach yourself basic IT from a book if youre computer savvy.
I have 0 post secondary and just landed a 40k a year job that offers certification reinbursments. (Ie, will pay for me to learn more IT and ComSci things)

>> No.10194336

>chris chan
wow way to misgender someone

>> No.10194345


>> No.10194369

>i don't see why it's a big deal
i get it since you come from family money but can you not comprehend how life changing it is for someone who doesn't? why does old money always gotta dunk on new money who actually kind of worked for it

>> No.10194373

Nayrt but I also don’t see how buying a ton of shit is a big deal and I’m middleclass

>> No.10194391

>boyfriend abroad studying, message each other every day, very close
>I plan out matching outfits to an event, spend a lot of time and effort, really looking forward to dressing up together with him and seeing him again
>he breaks up with me with no warning over text, blames my lack of caring

What do I do with these outfits? What do I do with these feelings? I just feel so helpless and alone. Its miserable.
Sorry to vent.

>> No.10194393

if he's abroad and broke up with u suddenly he's probably been fucking t b h. forget about the bastard and wear your cute shit, hook a better man

>> No.10194397

I will be the voice of dissent among the other richfags here and say that I still find joy in my hobby despite not being present on social media at all. I’ve found the trick to be random acts of anonymous kindness - paying tabs and sending anonymous kofis or gofundme donations. Doing little niceties for people here and there and then calling my dress purchase my personal pat on the back for bringing a smile to someone’s face. I find it very fun and an enjoyable use of money that has yet to get dull for me.

>> No.10194412

Thank you

>> No.10194416

He found someone else.

>> No.10194423

I am severely lactose intolerant, medication does nothing so I just stay away. My comm went to a meet at a cafe and I asked the server for onions milk instead of creamer. Everything’s going well until suddenly I feel like someone has shaken me violently. My stomach is churning, I break out in a sweat, someone vile is knocking at the back door. I feel the urge to vomit, and rush to the bathroom. I grab the hand towel bin and bring it into the stall so I can sit on the toilet while I throw up. In there for a good 30 minutes, dying. I am literally dying, I can’t leave the bathroom. I text my boyfriend to come and pick me up ASAP. Finally find a window of time where my asshole is puckered enough to get up. Everyone looked concerned so I lied and said I was on the phone with a family member and that there was an emergency and I needed to go home. Everyone gives me the “aw I hope everything is okay, text me and lmk” type of goodbyes, which feels like an ETERNITY. I can feel the urge to shit again, idk if I’m gonna make it. I get into the car and not even 5 minutes on the road I tell my bf we need to stop because I’m not going to make the hour long drive home without shitting myself.

It must have been a hilarious sight to see a girl in a puffy dress speed walk to the bathroom, cheeks clenched, dripping in sweat. When I came out I was only wearing my blouse and shorts I wore under my pettis. I couldn’t handle being constricted anymore. Friends text me asking if everything was okay. Feel bad for lying and say it was nothing to worry about.

I live in shame thinking about the poor souls that had to go into those bathrooms after me.....especially my comm members. I’m sure someone used the toilet after me, I’m very sorry. I can’t get over the embarrassment. Idk if anyone heard me in there either. Oh god.

>> No.10194430


idk about your comm but I get lactose intolerance and if you told me I'd give you a hug, stink or not. Diarrhea from hell sucks.

>> No.10194433

identity crisis in what way if you dont mind me asking?

>> No.10194436

Aww thanks anon, it’s bittersweet to know that someone else feels my pain. I’ve been ghosting my comm ever since.....so fucking embarrassed

>> No.10194437


Its not always about having the money to buy things. As someone who isnt well off I can tell you, my biggest dream is to get a good enough job to help my single mom of 4 (dad left a while ago), who makes just a little above minimum, never have to work another day in her life.

I can tell you if i suddenly came into money, not a single cent would go towards me until she and my siblings are taken care of.

>> No.10194439

You're not nouveau riche Chinese if you have to work, anon. The fuerdai can be really next level.

I say buy those MTO pieces and review them. You have enough money to travel to lolita events and film them, especially Japanese tea parties. Do something for the community like that and they'll celebrate you.

Also, do what other anons said with being generous in small ways to workers or to strangers and investing it properly.

>> No.10194441


Other than the obvious which is buy every dress you would ever want, my dream is to go around the world to other lolita events both big and small, make trips out of them, and meet other lolitas with similar interests. Learn more languages including Japanese and go to more brand events.

It's probably a very plebeian dream to >>10194257's billionaire trust fund life, but as someone who has had to very carefully parse vacation days for the past 4 years that's all I can dream about right now. Hope your job is flexible than mine, but congratulations, I'd live that life up (within reason of course).

>> No.10194601

I have an allergy to dairy, like anaphylactic shock type, this is why I avoid eating out, I can never trust places when I ask for milk replacements since being vegan is a trend nowadays

>> No.10194604

Nayrt but its not your fault. You specifically asked for non dairy and it was given to you.
Dont feel bad at all. Feel angry at the dumb staff who didnt take your request seriously.
Not a single reasonable comm member would blame you.

>> No.10194611

>tfw finally found the perfect headpiece to complete my coord that I've been flip flopping over what to wear with it for months

>> No.10194626

Why does anyone put their health in the hands of stranger, entry level employee over creamer? Moving forward: Carry your own creamer if you think your health is worth the risk. As you found out not everyone thinks your diet choices are important. I don't have statistical numbers but so many people ignore vegan request because they just think people are being difficult not because there is a true medical reason. You should not lie, you can inform those that reached out to you exactly what the problem was, in educational awareness of how serious this medical issue is because there are some who might be suffering the same.

>> No.10194638
File: 52 KB, 181x181, greenpubes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw my friend's new Miku tattoo is attracting all the hoes at con

>> No.10194654
File: 51 KB, 564x564, 1557001546485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think my loneliness is distorting my opinions of my online friend group. I moved to a new place and my partner of two years broke up with me within the span of a month. That group has been the only ones here for me during that time. Because they talk to me everyday and are generally nice to me I keep letting myself get feelings for them no matter how inappropriate they are. (Or, they have SO's or live in other countries)
Is there a way to feel alright on my own so I stop pushing these feelings on others? I don't want to complicate my friend group, I just don't wanna feel alone.

>> No.10194656

>Is there a way to feel alright on my own so I stop pushing these feelings on others?

>> No.10194659

Where do you live gull?

>> No.10194662

Become friends with >>10194183

>> No.10194665

Fuck, I thought so.

The US

I feel this same way gull, I just wanna have someone I can get casual Sunday tea with.

>> No.10194685

Idk I live in a very health conscious area that’s heavily populated by tourists, so generally the customer service is top tier. As naive as it sounds, I never thought the mixup would happen since I paid extra for non-dairy. It almost feels like I had been swindled because non dairy options are more expensive. Lesson learned.

Thanks anon, I appreciate you being nice. I’m sure I’ll get over the shame and guilt eventually.

>> No.10194688

You can press charges against them. This is no different from giving someone who’s allergic to shellfish shrimp. You can get them on negligence or at the very least have them compensate you.

>> No.10194747

I don’t think I could take it that far but I did write an email about how they should be more cautious about customers with dietary issues (without explaining the bathroom incident).
Apparently I’m getting a gift certificate to compensate but desu I don’t ever want to go back. Too scared. I’m thinking about donating it to the comm to use as a door prize or something.
>I’m gonna laugh so fucking hard if I end up winning it

>> No.10194878

Why tough?

>> No.10194880

Right? Miku is old and busted.

>> No.10194909

New hotness.
>//m.youtube (.com) /watch?v=Kn8Vs_kKQMc

>> No.10194916


A dream of mine was always to run a select store in the west with otome and soft lolita brands like Jane Marple,Emily Temple Cute, Axes Femme, Fint, etc.

If I were rich, I'd use a portion of that wealth to start that business and invest the remaining money so I can comfortably live off the passive income while I run the store as a hobby.

>> No.10194920

Assuming you’d even make a decent income from the store instead of operating at a loss. In which city do you think this would be successful?

>> No.10194937

It's just a silly dream, I know. I'd have to move somewhere where the taxes are low, that's for sure though. I'm living in Germany and starting + to keep running a business here is almost impossible over here.

I actually made an inheritance recently - nothing to make me "rich" though, just a decent amount which I then invested and now generates a passive income of a few hundred bucks a month. Assuming I had a few millions of play money though, the store wouldn't have to make much profits and my main source of income would be the passive income. Still a risky thing to do, I know. But a dream is a dream - and if it failed, I could take the loss and my life would still go on normally.

>> No.10194944

Is it not allowed to have a store from your home in Germany? You could buy a small building in a picturesque city, and have a nice apartment above the store.

>> No.10194948
File: 207 KB, 1280x720, 27356109_1812307985733488_4944741318898890380_o - Kopie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>have no time to build any armor all year because of uni
>failed an important exam
>studying to retake it will now use up most of my summer
>I may fail another exam that would then take up the rest of my summer
I just want to actually do something with my hands other than turn pages for once, holy fuck.

>> No.10194949

san francisco for sure

>> No.10194953

Why is uni so hard for you, anon? Are you studying something you don't like?

>> No.10194958


>> No.10194960

Haven't had a problem up until now and I still love it.
Those two are just the exams commonly refered to as the hardest ones in the entire thing.

>> No.10194968

I wouldve complained to the management lmao

>> No.10194973

Thanks, I've been taking a break from both because it make me feel worse. I'll see if I can find someone my insurence covers part of to talk to.

>> No.10194993

its more work but replace the elastic and it should be good as new

>> No.10194995

i felt the same way, i moved away and the local comm was lackluster. i joined a few discords and while it doesn't replace hanging out irl its nice to have people to talk to. hope you make some friends anon!

>> No.10195011

Is he likely to lurk your instagram or facebook? you could wear the outfits, take fabulous fun looking pictures of you doing fun things in those outfits (even if you don't feel fun and have to fake it for the time being) and post that shit where he can see just how unaffected you are by the breakup.
If you've got like a hot relative or gay friend that he hasn't seen or met, get them to pose with you.

>> No.10195047

Thotties love Miku.

>> No.10195163
File: 217 KB, 500x600, 60475946_p16_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw talking about a tiny success I made in promoting my business today and a good experience with a client
>tfw my bf turns it into his failures and how he's a terrible person
I love him, but please kill me.

>> No.10195273

As a fellow lactose intolerant, you have to say. I've had baristas literally take my money after I've paid more for a dairy replacement and give me normal milk. Even if I was just vegan I'd be pissed, that's not cool or funny.
Sorry it happened to you

>> No.10195280

Hey anon, please don't just see a therapist (get a new one if needed), but also go seek out a doctor for medication and to check out your body. You may think nothing happened in the violence, but you really need to get looked over.

I also personally had crazy anxiety for years and asking for meds has made me go from crying every night, having insomnia, and perpetually feeling anxious to just feeling normal.

>> No.10195282

Smooth criminal.

>> No.10195284

If you don't know what to say when confronted with something horrible and hurts your feelings like that, say "fuck off" or "fuck you" kind of seriously immediately. It gets the point across that you don't find it funny and puts the other person on defensive and makes them realize they need to apologize.

>> No.10195288

Get into a trade school. Most don't last very long, you can learn a quick skill, and just make money. School will also be good for your mental health and to get out and talk to people, away from your toxic home life.

>> No.10195301

>you're 19
I fucking hate men. I used to get a lot of creeps like that when I was around that age, too.
Don't feel sorry for incels. He's going for you because you are young and that's it. He probably thought you were underage too, because most teens can fool people.
They all have this saying that a woman is worthless by 25 and "hits a wall" (look it up), so you treated him far nicer than I would've if I recognized the technique.

>> No.10195386

Big Mood

>> No.10195388
File: 1.17 MB, 515x784, PIKMIN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>in a discord full of gulls
>everyone is depressed and do nothing but talk shit
>They obsess over people that are into the same things they are
>Act really high and mighty about
>tfw too much of a wiener to say anything

Its like a mini cgl board but even more depressing and bitter. I do genuinely wish they get help because they can be lovely people.

>> No.10195392
File: 518 KB, 715x844, [email protected] [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah same

>> No.10195401
File: 102 KB, 960x960, IMG_8989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you actually manage to buy secondhand moitie before someone else snags it for once

>> No.10195404

Congrats anon!

>> No.10195420

There was actually some study that showed the more negative your language is, the more likely it is you are severely depressed. It probably goes without saying, but at least the /cgl/ discord is every bit as sad and lacking in all self-awareness as I thought it'd be.

>> No.10195534

Try those new magnetic lashes
If you put them on right they don’t feel like anything

>> No.10195542
File: 144 KB, 625x898, 84C59A96-E320-4400-826C-C685B8A794DC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>top tier customer service
Nah man it’s the opposite. That barista bitch is sick of entitled white moms and gave you whole milk to fuck with you on purpose.

>> No.10195565

Ugh anon I feel so sad just reading that. I am sure your comm members would be really sympathetic if you did decide to tell them what happened. Nobody likes when their friends are sick, that's awful. I agree with other anons, carry your own next time.

>> No.10195569

That is 0 excuse and still makes you a horrible person.
Giving someone the opposite of what they asked for because you want to be petty can literally kill someone.
You cant used the "BUT ALL THE KARENS" as a defence in court.
Again- people could literally die when you fuck with their dietary requests. Be fucking edgy elsewhere.

>> No.10195575

Uh....what? They’re not excusing the waitress. Do you need to take a moment?

>> No.10195580

Not really speaking at you per se but that excuse legitimately being used by the barista and others.
Its a legitimate excuse for people today and everyone thinks is "YAAAS QUEEN SLAAAAY"
As someone with a family member who has a deadly allergy, it grinds my gears.

>> No.10195753

Numbers don’t dictate your worth anon. However, if being noticed is something that’s validating to you, focus on cultivating excellent personal style. Find hair, makeup, and coords with a particular quirk to them that make you look and feel you best. Take your time and turn your focus inward. Beauty fades with time, but flawless style is forever.

>> No.10195761

I’ve had great success using OxiClean spray on sweat stains my dude.

>> No.10195765

>have good friend I go with to cons
>said friend is one of my best friends in cosplay but is sort of negative
>every time we go to a con she is always disappointed
>these panels suck anon
>this venue is too small
>I don't like this very much
>my feet hurt/no one is friendly/everyone sucks/let's go home meme.jpg
>also never talks to anyone else when I talk to people
>I feel guilty but I've tried pulling her into convos before to no avail
>gets really tiring to go with her to cons because in the post con depression having her chime in with what sucked does not help
>the only bittersweet thing coming out of this is that she likely won't join me for future cons but I have no other friends to go with

Oh well I guess.

>> No.10195829

Personal responsibility.

In an ideal world, you could depend on people to give you what you ask for (and pay for) but the reality of it comes down to this: how much you are willing to depend on others to meet your needs?

I only have a mild food allergy and I'm not much ever willing to risk someone fucking up with my food and me feeling miserable for a couple of days. Avoiding that situation by proactively providing for myself and my allergy has become second nature. I can almost always dependably have a much better time. Most of my friends do not even know I have the allergy and we eat together frequently.

>> No.10195831

Found the mildly gluten intolerant becky that got us here...

>> No.10195925

A couple of days? Lol. I have a severe peanut allergy and I go into anaphylactic shock whenever I accidentally eat some, but the whole episode only lasts about 2 hours as long as I have an epipen. You sound histrionic, but at least you’re not taking it out on your friends.

>> No.10196035 [DELETED] 

Why do trannies come into discords and immediately make everything about them? Every single time a tranny joins, it goes like this:
>tranny introduces self extensively
>hijacks the main chat channel and uses every conversation as an opportunity to talk about themselves
>finds a way to post about themselves in every other channel
>this goes on for a few days
>tranny gets bored, either cries about not getting enough attention or flat out leaves

>> No.10196046

c'mon anon don't be like that. Your friend sounds awful to be around with desu im not sure how you enjoy going to cons with them in the first place. Its just better to go alone than some negetive nancy just bringing everything down. As someone who goes alone to cons, it's honestly pretty great. You see what you want, take as much time as you want, and go where you want. You're better off without them.

>> No.10196054

I don’t go 100% to cons alone, but I go to sell so all my free time is on my own and can confirm.

>> No.10196062

When you go out to eat, do you check for peanuts or do you just dig in?

>> No.10196064

You have no idea how allergies work, do you...

>> No.10196075

Food sensitivities trigger histimine, cortisol and inflammation reactions. Nope, it's not severe straightforward and immediate like your allergy or other anon’s exploding shit fest but it causes significant pain and swelling in all my joints for nearly a week. Enough of a pain in the ass to me that I take careful attention to manage that shit closely. Fortunately it's not that hard to just plan ahead and avoid wheat. Worst case so far was at a pizza place where everything was made of dough from appetisers to the desserts so I asked for grilled chicken and some pepperoni over a big salad. Not too hard, right?

>> No.10196084

Called it

>> No.10196085

What is peanut oil?
My sister asked once if a food was made with peanut oil and they told her no.
Guess what. It was.
And yes- the restraunt is the one that is responsible. Morally, ethically, and legally.
Someone dies after asking for food accomodations due to allergies not a damn sane person is going to go "Well its their fault for trusting others."
No, people are getting fired and places are getting sued and rightfully so.
It could even become AT LEAST criminal negligence case if it was done intentionally.

>> No.10196089

Read >>10196085
There is a massive difference between “this food makes me feel bad so I avoid it” and “this foods presence can kill me, yes, even if it’s unseen or in trace amounts.” Dairy fucks me up for a while, so I can and do follow your plan. It’s fine and I haven’t had issues. However, my mom is literally allergic to milk and must trust that when she tells the server it can’t have dairy in it, NO REALLY, that they will listen. And guess what? Sometimes they don’t. So for me, that means a rough few days. For her, that means thousands of dollars of medication and potentially the ER. Spot the difference?

>> No.10196098

Need sauce of this

>> No.10196101


thankfully your aches and pains are nowhere near someone's anaphylactic reaction, so while anon's mom might actually die, the worst that will happen to you is the resentment from your comm when you dramatically rehearse how hard your life was after eating one of your dozen triggers. good for you.

>> No.10196152
File: 164 KB, 510x461, mood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suicide boy by ParkGee

>> No.10196206

Wow, sounds like you have a narcissist on your hands

>> No.10196211

Someone’s spent too much time on reddit

>> No.10196213

Aww, did someone hit a nerve?

>> No.10196217

> diagnosing every moderately annoying person with a personality disorder isn’t a meme

>> No.10196220

They’re talking about the boyfriend, dipshit. And yeah, someone who turns your accomplishments into their failures is trash

>> No.10196223

You could've just said "dump his ass"

>> No.10196225

I know, crying narcissist about some dude based on one sentence about one annoying thing he’s done is pretty cringe

>> No.10196226

how is this /cgl/ or feels related

>> No.10196231

i'm assuming it's about the lolita discord, which is known for being transphobic

>> No.10196236

It’s called “hyperbole”, look it up. Anon wasn’t suggesting he should actually be clinically diagnosed, they were just exaggeratedly calling him a piece of shit.

>> No.10196261 [DELETED] 

Sure, Jan.

>> No.10196263

Let's play spot the newb.

>> No.10196307


>> No.10196309

It’s okay if you don’t believe me. You’ll learn about hyperbole in high school.

>> No.10196321

Someone’s upset they got clocked

>> No.10196325 [DELETED] 

>everyone who calls me a retard is the same person
kys newfag

>> No.10196336

>Everyone who told you you’re being an embarrassing cunt is the same person
Next you say the caps can be faked <3

>> No.10196342

So you think anon was genuinely trying to diagnose someone with narcissistic personality disorder instead of exaggerating? Based schizopost

>> No.10196347

Be honest, how many of you are merely pretending to be retarded?

>> No.10196350

Usually I start out serious, but then someone else comes in flaming and I can’t help but play along. I’d like to think most are too, people are far more stupid than you’d think.

>> No.10196363

I said mine was minor compared to a serious allergy, and yet still I take responsibility and don't eat questionable things in public places just because someone who is likely paid less than minimum wage at basically unskilled labour tells me its ok to eat it. Why wouldn't someone with a life threatening allergy be 10x more careful? Insanity.

Restaurants aren't set up to be that careful, they just aren't. More of them are putting disclaimers on the menus about potential cross-contamination too. Places are starting to say they can not accommodate dietary allergies of sensitivities. Because they can't or because its too much trouble to bother.

Personal responsibility.
No one is obligated to cater to deadly dietary allergies at the cracker barrel, people. They fry everything in one large disgusting fryer.

>> No.10196369

That’s what epi-pens are for: so people don’t have to live life like you and be on edge all the time about the smallest trace of allergens being left on a stove that their food was subsequently cooked on.

>> No.10196426
File: 3.08 MB, 720x404, 364AEE3C-E4EF-4D10-8055-823D31AE56E3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I’m too poorfag right now so I won’t buy anything new until I save up some
>except this dress, because it’s cheap and cute
>oh and this blouse because it goes with the dress but that’s it
> except these tights go with that blouse and the auction is ending soon but that’s it
>but I’ll have to get some shoes that go with the tights or I can’t wear them but that’s IT!
> although hey this necklace and ring could coord nice and maybe

>> No.10196476

nayrt but there was a fatty in the plus size thread calling everyone narcissists and posting dozens of caps from diagnosis pages. it's not unheard of for some crazed anon to do that

>> No.10196497

Epi-pens are for emergency treatment before a hospital visit anon.

>> No.10196499

Anon, calm circular motions.
My point isn't that restaurants aren't culpable, it's that as an individual, it is your responsibility to be your own first line of defense.
Original anon should probably just skip ordering dairy alternatives in coffee at anywhere but 'elevated' cafes.

What was done to your sister is inexcusable, I hope she came out of itok and you sued the place to the foundations.

>> No.10196550

Yeah, like an emergency where you were accidentally given your allergen to eat.

Are you really saying people with severe allergies should just never go to restaurants? Don’t be a retard, this is a common thing.

>> No.10196560

>stuff happens
>get very depressed all of a sudden
>struggle doing anything other than lie in bed, eat, or exercise
>have to work out a little less because stuff
>immediately gain weight
>nothing fits the way I want it to anymore
>feel irredeemably disgusting
>intentionally choose outfits which conceal my body even though it's hot out
I can't wait for this to be over

>> No.10196606

My community is made up of uptight fat girls with clown wigs

>> No.10196609

Fuck this made me laugh. At least you’ll be the best looking one.

>> No.10196690

Lor is in your comm!?!?!

>> No.10196692 [DELETED] 

gulls, i ordered from lolitawardobe a few days ago and forgot to confirm my payment until i checked my emails today. it's more than a week. what the hell i do now? i'm scared that i lost the money now...

>> No.10196695

I think everyone here is agreeing over the same basic things but disagreeing over how to deal with it.
>restaurants SHOULD be mindful of food restrictions
>but they’re not
>Restaurants SHOULD be held responsible for their fuck ups and patrons should NOT have to bring their own food out of distrust
>but you might die
Thankfully I’m sure if we keep debating the issue here on this image board for cosplaying and lolita, we’ll definitely solve the problem with these irresponsible eateries

>> No.10196696

gulls, i ordered from lolitawardrobe a few days ago and forgot to confirm my payment until i checked my emails today. it's more than a week. what the hell i do now? i'm scared that i lost the money now...

>> No.10196698

Contact them and ask them what you're supposed to do in this situation because you're likely not the first person who has done this.

>> No.10196703

sent an email to them now, let's see what happens.

>> No.10196963
File: 101 KB, 540x479, IMG_20190608_185708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>get airbnb in january for con
>about to be july
>check crime rates for area, jumped up significantly
>cant back out now because already paid for everything and cant stay at friends house
im going to die during ax fellas pray for me

>> No.10196995

Go on a no buy, anon. Stop buying. Take a break. At least 1 month of essentials only.
Don't window shop as a hobby. Start a creative hobby that can give satisfaction but requires no new stuff. Maybe clean out all your belongings and do Konmari.

Learn the value of saving money to get just a few really good major things instead of this constant bleeding out small amounts of your cash to cheap shit.

>> No.10197005

No, epi-pens are for accidental emergencies that you absolutely cannot plan for. Just rolling the dice and using an epi whenever is not good for you for many health reasons, nether are repeated bouts of anaphylaxis..

Ask anyone whose insurance doesn't cover their epi pens. They manage their dietary allergies themselves like hawks.

Crying and sueing because the barista accidentally made a mistake and poisoned you
making your own known safe damn coffee at home if you fucking KNOW that 2 drops of cow milk gives you the wheezies, princess.

>> No.10197009

That is, if your insurance even covers epi pens too. With copay they're still 300 a piece.

>> No.10197026

Although if you sue it would pay for the epipens, and more.
And then the store would have incentive to be strict with their employees, improving everyone else’s life in the process.

Sage for pointless conversation

>> No.10197103

I feel like the summer is slipping away and I have not made much headway with my freelance. I'm just too chickenshit and hesitant to take the plunge so far and start implementing my plans in a larger way even though I know the plans are solid. Whyyyy am I like this? Shy do I feel to fail so much? Ugh.

>> No.10197142

I hate having a summer cold. It makes me such a whiny little bitch.

>> No.10197143

what does this thread have to do with cosplay???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

>> No.10197195

>be me
>looking for old school gothic blouses
>havent found anything good with shirring in black yet
>find perfect black btssb blouse with shirring and detachable sleeves
>win sale
>go crazy go stupid
>find out that it's missing some rose buttons and cancel sale
>literally the next day I see the same blouse listed with no sleeves but in great condition

I just submitted the order to my ss I REALLY hope my blouse saga has ended, hope I'm not jinxing myself.

>> No.10197298

Plz lurk moar

>> No.10197630
File: 54 KB, 640x640, 670494864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I keep thinking about this dress I saw secondhand. The cut and details are totally my style, it would fit me perfectly.. Just the colour would look bad on me. I kepe thinking about it though. I don't know anything it other than the brand and keep trying to find it in other colourways, I don't even know if other colourways exist though.

>> No.10197633

nothing, we also don't know why this thread keeps existing

>> No.10197635

>been working full time while also doing full time college online because I was sick of being broke all the time
>Company I was working for basically imploded and now I have no job
>Husband thankfully got a new job that pays as much as we used to make together
>Tfw I can now focus on just my classes AND still afford brand

>> No.10197636

i mean, why worry about crime rates if you're already using airbnb. there's no camera security or any security/identity check at all really.

just get blouses from maxicimam, they never evolved past old-school

>> No.10197641

because every hotel i could afford seemed to have bedbugs in the recent reviews and the place i picked didnt have bugs
its death or bedbugs now i guess

>> No.10197653

Good. How do I join?

>> No.10197932

Friend blocked me because I called him an asshole and don't have anything to say about anything but lolita. Thinks it's a wasteful and ultimately meaningless hobby, but existence is meaningless anyway so what do our hobbies matter

>> No.10197950

Going to AX and my group of friends decided to invite one of their friends whos always rude and condescending to me
I'm afraid if I go I'll be the doormat the entire time and they'll pick on me the entire time when all I want to do is have a good time
Do I just sell my badge? I'm afraid to confront them about it but I think they're very aware of the fact that this person hates me

>> No.10197969
File: 241 KB, 1587x1557, 1521497067825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went into the con bathroom and some bitch had gone straight on the floor. I think she was trying to hover? Should I inform the lolice about this?

>> No.10197977

My best guess is that it is a an effective containment thread.

>> No.10197989

No, if you win it *might*

If you want to pay to file a case
If you could find a lawyer to take your case
If he worked probono or for a % of your settlement should there be one.
If your case even made it to court.
If it was not dismissed once in court.
If you won the case. If you lost, if you want to pay to appeal. Then probably no freebie lawyer.
If you aren't counter-sued for libel, slander, or a false accusation, believe me it happens.

Or you might win. Might.
If after winning there was even decent money awarded that your lawyer did not take half or more of and any extra fees were paid. Time off work for court appearances. Payment of expert witnesses and law clerks and filing fees.

That's lots of ifs.
People talk ’lawsuits’ way too casually and out of their ass. They are deluded about their actual rights, the laws, as well as the legal and court systems. It's hard to bring a lawsuit successfully, and rightly so. It prevents a lot of the superfluous ones.

Polite sage for a reality check but probably meaningless.

>> No.10197998
File: 29 KB, 741x414, FD50B635-7F68-44BB-A908-51A2C5C70DBD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go have a good time and don’t take any of their shit. Fuck them.

>> No.10198041

Found out that people who are supposed to be my friends are intentionally excluding me from group hang outs. I was supposed to go to a convention with them next month but they are clearly all avoiding me or the subject. Apparently one of them has an issue with me for some vague reasons and despite giving no explanation that is enough for the rest to avoid me. They don't know what I did wrong. I don't know what I did wrong. Pretty sure she doesn't either and she is just being a bitch. Guess I either have to sell my ticket or go alone. I can't believe after all of these years they won't even talk to me about it.

>> No.10198052

Mods tried to ban it but people kept making threads anyway until they gave up.

>> No.10198054

Being a doormat is a choice, don't make that choice and have fun anon. If you need new friends, use AX as an excuse to find some.

>> No.10198063

If it's in the latino section of town don't worry about it, the fireworks make up for the gang violence.

>> No.10198070

No, it just discourages average citizens. Does nothing to detract from frivolous lawsuits when it comes down to people who make that shit their life's effort.

>> No.10198214
File: 205 KB, 634x758, chavlita.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit or piss?
I guess they never piss, huh?

>> No.10198554

I posted many many many threads ago about a shitty friend I had who constantly made me feel bad about the choices in characters I'd cosplay or wearing lolita and I'm glad to say I finally kicked her out of my life. It feels so good to be able to cosplay characters I enjoy again without being shamed or made to feel guilty about it or to talk to other friends about lolita. I think an upcoming con I have I'm gonna spend doing "shame free" cosplays. It's a good feeling after all these years!!

>> No.10198606

Good for you anon!

>> No.10198628

>finally have money
>finally lost weight
>my dream dress is available

First coord at last!
Oh god I hope I do a successful one

>> No.10198630
File: 90 KB, 720x764, miss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10198659

I'll hang out with you and beat them up for you anon

>> No.10198668

Sorry to hear that, it's so cowardly of them to just ignore you.

>> No.10198747

alright, who made the /r9k/ shill thread?

>> No.10198786

Don't date emotional vampires.

>> No.10198788

Something I'm surprised more people haven't brought up for a brand location is Hawaii. It has more Japanese tourists than anywhere else in the US. Maybe not everyone has been there so they haven't seen the sheer amount of Japanese that go there?

Q-Pot was there for a while and it has so many Japanese, it even warranted opening up a Lawsons. It's a very easily accessible place for Japanese lolitas to come to for plane flights. Hawaii is also very Japanese friendly with plenty of tours in their language and help there.

>> No.10198798

>mfw meet a couple of gulls from the UK
>they’re really cool and their accents are fun to listen to

Is it weird that I want one of them to call me a yank

>> No.10198802

Study the ita thread, don't do what they do.

>> No.10198805

>meet a girl at katsucon
>qt waifu sheryl nome cosplayer
>talk for a while, she says she's planning to break it off with her bf
>hook up the next time she's in MD
>mfw she ghosted me and she's still with her bf

I got played

>> No.10198865

if someone is in a relationship, don't sleep with them, no matter what they say. this should be common sense

>> No.10198927
File: 256 KB, 720x480, 1559105439677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doing friends' makeup
>one of them asks for the makeup i do when i wear lolita
>sure thing
>the other asks me to make her look asian "like me"

i mean i guess i tried but i can't draw flatter features onto a face... when i was done she still looked white ofc but kept going on about how she looked azn and could catch an oppa now. kill me

>> No.10199031

I've been studying the ita threads for years, which is why I'm so nervous about messing up.

I think the headpiece I want to use is going to draw some ire from /cgl/ because it has horns.

>> No.10199044

Yeah, don’t wear horns the when you are new. Buy something very simple, maybe with a print that you like, then buy a nice blouse, shoes and a purse that are pretty generic in style and color for the style you are in. Wear a head piece in the same color as the dress, simple but whatever appeals to you (roses, a bow, one of those goth corsage things) and add some generic accessories. On top of being fuck-up proof, chances are you won’t stay in the exact same style of your first coord so generic is better.

>> No.10199048

Been studying lolita for years
First coord


>> No.10199056
File: 212 KB, 480x640, 898217aa1c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I knew y'all would react like this.

I'm still going to wear it.

>> No.10199070

I want to rewear an old favorite cosplay of mine, but most of it was made for me by an ex-friend. I'm the one who stopped contacting them (didn't block them, just unfriended them after they didn't initiate any conversations for like three months) and they never reached out to me, so i feel like the split up was pretty mutual. that being said, I feel kind of gross wearing it because it was made for me as an act of friendship. I paid for the materials, but not any of the work. The result of this is i feel kind of gross and amoral when I think of wearing it again because it gets a pretty big response and it's a popular but seldom cosplayed character. Not really sure if I should just decide I don't care, maybe get a mutual friend who's still friends w them AND me to ask if i can, like, pay off the debt without getting into it too much, or literally commission that part of the cosplay??

>> No.10199084

just wear it

>> No.10199101

I went all the time as a broke as shit college student. Find smaller cheaper cons, room share, maybe forgo Thurs or even Fri night, volunteer to get your badge price down.
I really like some smaller cons cause you’ll run into people again and again and it’s just a more chill environment. They can still be a blast.
Cosplaying is the cheap part really. I use Good Will as much as I can for clothing. Last cosplay barely used half of $12 worth of EVA foam. Just don’t try to cosplay a fucking Gundam or shit like that and you can make it work.
Pack all your own food and booze.
This is seriously one of the most affordable hobbies out there, you just gotta put the work in and be realistic.

>> No.10199110

>didnt get asspats
>'told you so'

ok, congrats? see u in the ita thread

>> No.10199111

No one is really interested in holding you back but if you are so nervous you’ll screw things up, just know that it’s not really the best choice at all before you’ve made a few solid coords that are known good things. But since you’ve established your real attitude as ‘I do what I want’ then I have no more real advice for you.

Oh and please don’t cry when you end up in the ita thread, mmkay sweetie? You were told.

Fucking noobs, every time.

>> No.10199156

I mean.....I like it. As far as horns go, it's pretty subtle and cute. I was expecting her to post something much worse and more cosplay-ish akin to cat ears sticking out the top or something.

>> No.10199220

>Is it weird that I want one of them to call me a yank

are you a masochist or

>> No.10199264

Lolita fashion is what inspires me to sit down and take care of my shoes, both casual and coord related. Polishing leather is such a satisfying experience.

>> No.10199269

>the other asks me to make her look asian "like me"
>kept going on about how she looked azn and could catch an oppa now
time to get new friends anon

>> No.10199270

>decided to invite one of their friends whos always rude and condescending to me
god I hate that shit, it happens all the time with my bf's best friend who always ends up coming with us to things. I'd just go on my own and have fun by myself, or call out the bitch in the act

>> No.10199368

why are you even friends with koreaboos

>> No.10199439

I'm 100% confident in my ability to match and balance colours and accessories. Most noob lolitas who have trouble with this don't know how to dress themselves in regular clothes either, or don't have a good grasp on the basics of the aesthetic.

What I'm worried about is the fit of the dress, whether the petticoat I'm getting was the best choice, the length of the socks, my ability to style my wig properly, and whether I should get chunkier shoes to balance out the volume of the dress, or stick to my classic mary janes that I know fit me.

>> No.10199447

Post the whole co-ord then if you're so sure of yourself.
I bet it's fucking hideous and over the top special snowflake.

>> No.10199467
File: 461 KB, 722x994, horny coord.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10199538


>> No.10199543

No need to be salty because she proved you wrong. It's a nice look.

>> No.10201456

>know my shitskin southeast asian ass looks terrible in pink/red hues
>still want to buy pink/red anyways

why am i retarded

>> No.10202918

Nah, red looks good on SEA monkey girls. Would still stay away from pink tho

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