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Last thread

Did your comm do anything for ILD?

>> No.10190347

We had 2 ILD threads already before this. Pretty sure we know what everyone did at this point, especially after the fact.

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My local comm has been quite uneventful this year. We didn’t have a ILD meet at all and no one planned one. Usually the mods have one planned out which is why I never took the initiative to make one. But this year three days before ILD we get a notice of “ we are not planning a ILD meet this year” from our mods. So not enough time to really plan something and most of us just went to the movies or out for tea with mutuals. I’m still fairly unknown in my comm so I don’t exactly have people I can go out with in the fashion yet so it was kinda a bummer for me I guess. I was looking forward to the usual tea party meet we have for summer ILD. This would have been my first one to actually attend.

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It’s a bit late to have a new ILD thread a week after the date, unless you’re trying to get tea about the meet the Portland comm had yesterday.

>> No.10190407

It’s a local comm thread did you read the title?

>> No.10190419

I want the tea. How was it?

>> No.10190445

Your point? Doesn’t change what I said.

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Then talk about your local comm you dumb ass. The ILD was just a conversation starter for people who need one. The last thread is in sage and all that was being discussed was the sissy wanting to go to a London thing. And something to do with a new mod in someone’s comm.

>> No.10190468

Yes please spill it.

>> No.10190474

Some comms had their ILD later on. Let them get a chance too.

Sorry you're tired of it. Maybe do something else other than shitting up a thread you don't even want to be in.

>> No.10190477

I had a great time and got lots of great photos because they had really cute photo booths set up.

>> No.10190578

sounds like my comm. it’s not like it’s a requirement to have a huge meet for both ILDs but it WAS disappointing to find out so late. as someone who’s a little less active in the comm lately i was looking forward to ILD as an easy way to reconnect with friends who hang out a lot on their own while i’ve been busy. and our winter ILD seems to be moving to another city so i’m sad to miss out on the last big gathering for a while

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Some of the mods had a separate ILD meet with the same theme.

Seems to be in poor taste. I'm actually not in the comm but I saw the difference in settings in various IG posts.

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>not in the comm
How do you know who the mods are?

>> No.10190938

I asked someone on ig who went to the bigger meet.

I used to live in pdx but don't anymore.

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My comm has been soo quiet now that the heat has picked up. I offered to host a meetup at a local indoor aquarium but the mods are telling me that this time of the year we don’t host group meets since the weather isn’t permitting. Is this just my comm or is this just a known thing that happens?

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Can anyone give me any insight on the NYC community? Are the people nice or is there a lot of drama? Also, I can't seem to find their Facebook group. Does anyone know the link or do they not have one anymore?

>> No.10191593

Wtf? I've never heard of this. I understand warning people that there may not be a good turn out but I have never been in a comm that would just stop all meets, even ones hosted by willing people, and I lived in some extreme climates.

I'd say fuck it and host the meet anyway. What are they going to do? Ban you for organizing fun?

>> No.10191596

That's fucking weird. My comm gets quiet because the heat is hard, but I've never heard of banning meets. Just organize it and tell them they don't have to come. Otherwise that's 'start a new comm' worthy imo.

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