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old one is saging
Last thread: >>10157683
post scans, inspo, finds etc.

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"old school" or not, this is one of the ugliest "coords" I've seen.

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I like the look of old school but not the part where somehow you automatically turn into an edgy hipster as soon as you put it on

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Maybe you can wear old school and not be "an edgy hipster" it's clothes get over yourself

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Just for you I'll post some more of her coords. I unironically love them

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This is exactly the edgy hipster behavior I was talking about kek

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Can you post something other than thumbnails?

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Nope, that's the size of the images

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I really love this

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Spoken like a true roleplayer anon, not everyone acts a certain way because 5 dumb asses act like edgy retards

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So you only save thumbnails?

Calm down and stop getting triggered over a stupid joke

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They're all from her blog, only accessible from waybackmachine. See for yourself.
I wish there were bigger versions.

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I mean post other images dumbass, not specifically of hers

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Yeah I just dumped a bunch before that, dumbass

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You don’t have any others? What a worthless dump, taking up image spaces with fucking thumbnails.

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Thought I'd change it up from the same images shared every fucking thread. Why don't you contribute something instead of bitching?

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You could have contributed something that’s not shit retard

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do your parents a favor and kill yourself already

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After you, your situation seems more urgent

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I would've continued dumping if you hadn't been such a whiny cunt. It's interesting you still haven't contributed a single thing to this thread.

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Why are old school lolitas all so effing cringy please shut up all of you

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Literally nobody gives a shit about you, someone else will come in and dump, or you’ll get over your tantrum and dump. The world moves on. Grow up you whiny cunt.

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seconding >>10190045
stfu if you have nothing to contribute

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You can bitch all you want but it won’t actually stop me from posting

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cgl has really gone down the shitter. I swear it's just people looking to be mad about anything. Grow up and talk about lolitas, if you're actual lolitas and not just crossboarders.

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Are you five years old?

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There's nothing to talk about other than posting the same 300 pics over and over again.

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This is an image board.

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Sorry for getting so assblasted over a whiny entitled RPer who couldn't even contribute a single image, and shitting up the thread in the process

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If you were really sorry you’d stop crying about it already

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holy shit just let it go, you were off topic shitposting too

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lol, you youths. Our screens were a third the size and weeeeee dealt with it.

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Get with the times grandma.

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Since the northern hemisphere is approaching summer and for the southern half it's near winter, I thought it would be fun to discuss seasonal staples, motives and what not.
>Are you approaching summer or winter?
>What items are you looking forward to wearing (again) the most?
>What gives you seasonal inspo?

I'm nearing summer and I'm looking forward to picknick weather and crochet strawberries everywhere. I find them so cute. It might be a good summer activity to learn how to knit some with my comm members during picknicks even.

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I meant crochet them, not knit them, I'm super dumb.

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I actually purchased some clothing from her, stuff she made. And a parasol. Tbh it wasn't the best quality, but back then it wasn't as easy to get lolita clothing here. I also have a bunch of stuff from In the Starlight, back before they were ever on etsy, still. I think it was.. hm... around 2003? 2004? 2002? I can't remember now, it's been so long.

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why does every thread turn into a petty shitfit for fuck's sake, just post cute oldschool

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because some people aren't just aren't happy unless they're shitting on something/someone.

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true, but it doesn't mean everyone else should be subjected to reading it : (

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How can I find old school Lolita blogs like >>10190027? I've mostly found old/deleted Livejournals with no coord photos left. I really like that sort of aged/obscure, unpolished feel of early 2000s images. It's oddly inspiring.

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Thanks, anon! These are great.

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What did you search to find sites like these?

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I was so sad when she finally sold all her stuff last year. I tried to score one of her JSKs but my SS was too slow

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Not sure if they count as old school or classic, maybe both, but does anyone remember or have any info about Angel Fish? I remember loving their styles when I was in high school. I think they closed in 2014 or 2016 but were much older, possibly pre-dating lolita. I can post inspo from their still existing website but it doesn't really look like the kind of old school most of us are nostalgic about... It's more like very early lolita that bordered on natural kei and might fit in better in the classic thread. Still I feel like people here are more likely to have info about it than the people in the classic thread.

>pic related is the DD I will never find
>can never find their stuff secondhand somehow

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Omg this is one of the masks of the magical girl site admins *weeb screeching*
So cute
What a stunning coat

>> No.10191027

I’ve never heard of this brand, but this is beautiful. Can you post a link to the site?

>> No.10191047

Angel fish used to be my favorite way back in early 2000s

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Anyone else here love old school sweet, but feel "meh" about modern sweet?

>> No.10192864

Yes! Modern Sweet dresses are way too crowded with prints and honestly just look cheap and costume-y to me.

>> No.10192869

Old school sweet looks genuinely cute to me like old doll clothes. Some new AP is cute but a lot is a cacaphony of colors and themes. I admire the artwork but I find it annoying to wear on my body.

>> No.10192891

I love old school sweet! I am an old school sweet myself, so I might be biased, but new sweet looks so different... like the anon above me said, old school sweet (and desu old school in general] reminds me of doll clothes. I'm not into prints at all (though I do love me a cute screen print border nnnghhhh) , and a lot of the newer cuts and materials don't do anything for me.

>> No.10192895

Old school really did have the best materials. I'm such a sucker for velveteen and gobelin, can't get behind chiffon and polyester.

>> No.10192928

how to get ringlet curls like this? Is it a wig?

>> No.10192930 [DELETED] 

I like modern sweet but I’m not Chinese so I can’t pull it off lol

>> No.10192952

That's a wig but just putting your hair on rollers will do that.

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Most of my AP is oldschool. I haven't like any releases in the past five years enough to buy them

>> No.10193062

Yes, absolutely.
Printed dresses are nice, but I prefer looking at the print up close/the actual image. From further away most look crowded and sort of muddled to me.

nothing compares to a well-made, old school solid dress for me. That’s my favorite version of sweet.
I have a pink x white JSK from AP that’s well over 10 years old and it’s my favorite dress, qualitywise.

>> No.10193265 [DELETED] 

look up victorian rag curl tutorials on youtube. they last days! the pic is a hairpiece tho

>> No.10193267 [DELETED] 

i generally dislike prints that aren't just floral or a very simple pattern. it's just too extra and busy-looking for me. i get a headache looking at ap's releases from 2010-2015 sometimes.

>> No.10193270

look up victorian rag curl tutorials on youtube. they last days! the pic is a hairpiece tho
i generally dislike prints that aren't just floral or a very simple pattern. it's just too extra and busy-looking for me. i get a headache looking at ap's releases from 2010-2015 sometimes.

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Can we post coords from the early 00s western community ? I found some but my nostalgia folder need more.

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wasn't there drama over this? people found it disrespectful if I remember correctly.

>that upskirt shot
most embarrassing behavior.

>> No.10194559

Fuckin yes please.

>> No.10194651

Yeah, I don't care for toothpaste wigs or prints

>> No.10194709

>implying lauran cares about upskirts
also, why do people find taking pictures with gravestones disrespectful? i personally think it's letting someone's legacy live on after death, especially if it's a really old grave that no one comes to visit. i personally like leaving gifts on the gravestones i take pictures of usually as an exchange for taking pictures of them

>> No.10194727

Usually because it's distasteful depending on the age of the gravestone. Something historical I don't have an issue with? Your gran's grave? Fuck off.

A lot of "edgy" people go to a cemetery and take photos with gravestones of the recently deceased. It's an issue of property and the assumption that you're messing around with something that isn't yours.

>> No.10194754


Graveyards used to be all right when it was just a few 90s goths respectfully chilling in quiet, beautiful cemetaries. As usual teenagers ruined it by doing stupid dumb stuff, like making fun of dead people's names (in public posts, no less), jumping on graveyards, breaking things, littering, the usual stupid dumb teenage stuff.

I think >>10194208 was posted somewhere towards the end of the backlash, it really wasn't as bad as it could have been but we'd definitely firmly settled into telling people to be respectful with graveyards, because otherwise stupid teenagers start thinking it's cool to go litter and trash up other people's graveyards and then post photos for internet points. So the best way to discourage that is to make sure they get a lecture everytime a graveyard shoot gets posted.

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all of these brands are godlike.

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omg, this freaking colab though.

>> No.10195225

And Victorian England where going picnicking in graveyards was the in thing.

>> No.10195465

ah i understand the disrespect with modern graves. i wouldn't want to disrespect anyone with close living relatives, so i usually don't take photos with gravestones dated (dod) after 1920-1930. do you think that's okay or should i try to go for 1900 at the latest?
that's really sad honestly. cemeteries are very calming, why would you want to disturb that peaceful aura? teenagers really suck. i recently went on a picnic with a friend of mine in a cemetery it was so wonderful, i'm sad this tradition died out.

>> No.10195468

I would love to do this but do the people who run the cemetery not kick you out?

>> No.10195507

I see a bit of Heart E while I'm searching mercari/fril. Does anyone know much about the brand?

>> No.10195744

there's a few things about it here: http://www.virtualjapan.com/wiki/HeartE
But it's closed down, now. The pieces are nice and typically pretty simple, good for casual looks.

>> No.10196022

You really don't want to do that.
>www utne dot com slash environment slash arsenic-contamination-ze0z1306zpit

>> No.10196066

As long as you aren't drinking cemetery flood water I don't think that's an issue anon.

>> No.10196081

I think people were fine about taking photos or having picnics in graveyards. It was the emo sad girl draped over a headstone/monument trope which people find irritating, I know I do. I don't even care about religion or dead people, but it could damage the stones and it's not my property, in addition to just being cliche and lame.

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File: 660 KB, 260x195, mI8i5Xj.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The very thought

>> No.10196257

No they don't, because they would also have to kick out grieving family members as well. They can't prove you don't have family there, and a lot of cemeteries are public use within certain hours (usually dawn to dusk). As long as you stay away from gravestones and don't eat on top of one you'll be okay. The one my friend and i went to was really nice, it was a historical cemetery that had sculptures and pathways

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Our girl Reri is still selling pic related on mercari.
I have the cape+apron+sk set in blackxblack.
I'm interested in letting it go if anyone really wants it. offering it here first.
I can only ever do ero with this set because my legs are so long, and I can't coord the pieces indiv because I don't have any other raschel in my wardrobe (cluny and torchon are my loves).
Feel free to email for gorgeous detail pics.

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Hi can you help me with the name of this btssb jsk?

>> No.10198872

can you drop the mercari listing?

>> No.10199087

sent an email

>> No.10199328

Am I going crazy? I feel like I saw this somewhere with the girl on the left photoshopped out.

>> No.10199348


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File: 564 KB, 640x794, A6F38DA7-D895-43BF-9E86-E1A5FD757E7C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you mean this one? It was posted today on IG

>> No.10199778



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In keeping with the thread's theme..

>> No.10200826

Why was she Photoshopped out? She looked the best IMO.

>> No.10200830

This artist is great, I've been following them for a while too.

Anon.. look at the two pictures again and compare them.

>> No.10200886

Lmao, you're right. I'm a dumbass. Thanks anon

>> No.10201463

if i had to venture a guess, I'd say its a variant release of the karami jsk

>> No.10201466

ok this is great actually

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anyone have any coords with pic related?

>> No.10205255


Every old schooler I've met is a cunt. Clearly it's more than just the clothes?

>> No.10205278

there's definitely some edge lord fame hungry girls who wear it (like in any sub style), but theres also a lot of really genuine people who wear old school so I don't think it's fair to generalize

>> No.10205449
File: 744 KB, 513x663, pinkroom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 338 KB, 720x545, twins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The girls are serving looks again.

>> No.10205452

Name of the artist pls?

>> No.10205453
File: 44 KB, 270x409, beary6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bittersweet realness

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File: 2.38 MB, 1248x1212, 89hikjn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that anon, but I'm pretty sure this is her Twitter:
She even seems to have her own, punk-ish spin on Lolita when it comes to personal style. I know it's not for everyone, but I think she's seriously cool.

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>> No.10206658

the guy (?) in the back scared the hell out of me lol

>> No.10206669

So YOU'RE the one that snagged it. I had been watching it for months and finally went to bite the bullet and it was gone. Congrats anon!

>> No.10206877

damn, sorry anon!! don't worry, i'll try to do it justice!

>> No.10207067

what is their insta? hewp

>> No.10207077

She doesn't have one

>> No.10207100

they got these pictures from her neocities site

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Would anyone be interested in seeing pictures from some Japanese indie brands' defunct websites? I was looking through an old Japanese lolita website called "Alice's Search" and noticed a few of the linked sites were still online, but unused for years

>> No.10207741

Please link the website.

>> No.10207746

Here it is http://alicesearch.jp/
A lot of the links are dead, but it's an interesting time capsule

>> No.10207753

Perfect. So simple and clean yet beautiful, that's what I love about old school.
I also really like that most of the girls back then actually took pictures outside, "casually", instead of posing unnaturally in their room or at a special event.

I think we all prefer old over new for the same reason.

In her tumblr she claimed that this is her natural hair, because she's not white...?

>> No.10207755

Thank you! I wish we still had website lists and "award" website with cute banners for each.

>> No.10207756

no her natural hair is but those are clip in ringlet wigs

>> No.10207757

Her hair is curly naturally but she's wearing ringlet hairpieces from etsy in that picture. She linked the shop somewhere in her tumblr.

>> No.10207772

No problem anon. Have fun going through the websites. It's almost like exploring an abandoned house, going through an internet page that's only barely working

>> No.10207801

Isn't she a Nazi?

>> No.10207872

No, she's just the Japanese equivalent of an edgelord.

>> No.10207876


Get some ponytail hairpieces made for cheerleaders.

>> No.10208929
File: 475 KB, 968x2208, C898A713-9D18-47F9-BA84-CCBD1A86E904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10209935

This is a really cool monochromatic look incorporating her hair as an accessory

>> No.10209936

>has multiple colors

Are you retarded

>> No.10210096

>>10209936are YOU retarded, its mostly red. but who knows because the photo is shit quality...

>> No.10210163

Are you blind?

>> No.10210167

Shut up

>> No.10210868

>Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue and extended using its shades, tones and tints. Tints are achieved by adding white and shades and tones are achieved by adding a darker color, grey or black.
OP was an art kid rather than a stem kid

>> No.10210890
File: 299 KB, 445x450, 1559015979543.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being this wrong but this viciously adamant about being right when you can't perform a basic google search

>> No.10210927

Wow, you are easy to piss off apparently

>> No.10213406
File: 334 KB, 462x799, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

killstar are selling these socks for £9.99 if anyone's interested

>> No.10213778

These are cute in theory, but why must normie brands use such shitty lace?

>> No.10213784

Yeah sorry my bad red and green are totes the same color uwu

>> No.10213788

Kamikaze girl wannabes, be original yikes

>> No.10213799
File: 103 KB, 500x546, 1413458436130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well that was the theme of the shoot

>> No.10213823

her tumblr got taken down

>> No.10213856

Because it cheap.
Yeah and i searched through her insta, no luck. Can someone ask her? I don't have an acc there

>> No.10213899

No it didn't. She changed the url. cynicalneoprincessism

>> No.10213902

I didn't ask her, but it's FancyNancyHairUpdos

>> No.10213971

Well duh, but for 15 USD they could've used something nicer. Even Bodyline gets it right with their socks.

>> No.10214822

Well I own a few killstar pieces and in terms of quality, it's overpriced and underwhelming.
Especially lacey items. The velvet is ok. Also normies don't appreciate good lace.

>> No.10215320

Is there a japanese term for old school lolita?

>> No.10215348

misako calls it traditional lolita

>> No.10215372

Why so salty?

>> No.10215374

I saw that video and was thinking the same thing but her description seemed like a much more polished "modern" version of old school if that makes sense. Is authentic old school just not as popular in japan? I'm a bit out of the loop.

>> No.10215523

Yetaxa has an article where she says shr would like to differentiate between old school lolita an traditional lolita

>> No.10215530


>> No.10217555

thank you you're an angel

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