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Since it's hot news that Honey cake is getting an MTO, time to share some coords for hype.

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The ivory looks so good with that mustard color. I'd get it just for this coord idea alone.

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Honeycake a shit

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Honeycake is THE shit

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And last one is done! It's late here and I need to sleep, but do share any of your favourites.
Also new ways to coord it would be interesting, other than the usual ivory/yellow x red.>>10186198

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>not “u a shit”

Disappointed. Honeycakefags are trendhopping newfags confirmed.

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Oh what the heck, found another favourite so I'll add one more.
Ilu anon, I'm just so obsessed with pancakes and the bears.
Hoping to get my DD for retail, my cold dead heart hasn't felt such excitement in a while.

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I find it funny that it isn't even going to be the same as the old release.

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>mfw no skirt on this MTO
>mfw i dont have a face

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>buy the jsk
>cut the top off
You could use the rest as fodder for accessories. Do it, sacrifice your wallet to the great pancake bear.

I'm only half joking.

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In what way? Just because there’s no OTKs and skirt?

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Serious question: What is it about this print that makes it so popular? I understand why some dresses are really sought after (iconic of a certain time, really low production numbers, unusually pretty release), but I don't get what it is about this one in particular. If you're doing this MTO, or especially if you paid insane amounts of money for an original release, can you blog post for a minute about why? What is Honey Cake to you?

>t. goth

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Got my spot confirmed with my SS! so excited


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Honestly, I just really love how the colors stand out the way they do on the ivory version. And I’m also a fag for pancakes and bears in general. I also feel like it’s a sweet print that’s just kinda different from usual AP if that makes sense. Like it’s not just covered in chocolate shit, the print isn’t so obnoxiously sweet that it borders on age play that seems almost the norm for AP these days. I also really love how versatile with accent colors you can be with it.

I know this can be same about some other AP prints but it’s just something special when it comes to Honey Cake.

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> won't drop until December
stop I can't handle the wait!

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That's awesome, anon!!!

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Will be in Japan last week in November. This would be perfect to wear then! Please deliver early....

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is that lor? damn she really has doubled in size

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Holy shit. She got fat. I didnt recognize her

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I mean if you have the cash and are buying more than one, then yes? I would if I could haha

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I'm also this way. I think bears are ugly and I hate syrup. Pancakes are okay. I wear sweet exclusively but this print makes me feel like I'm at someone's grandma's house. It just makes me yawn?

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What an idiot. Wonder how how itll go for?

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If anything, she’s less terrifyingly ugly when fat.

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because fuck you

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it's a joke because she listed it before and someone bid $5500 because of a typo.

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Whoever made this secret 8 years ago, I hope you're finally ready

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>8 years ago

I pray that this person has grown out of their gross yaoi stage and finally embraced bettering themselves with lolita

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It's literally in their blog post.

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My SS confirmed my order yesterday evening! I’ve not been this excited in a long time!

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I love the retro vibes. The pancake mix, the syrup bears, it reminds of the american retro things that were popular in my country when I was a child. Also, someone made a Rilakkuma themed coord when I was in my Rilakkuma phase and I was in love.
For a sweet lolita dress it‘s very easy to wear. You can combine red, brown, yellow, mint, it always looks nice. I own mine for years now and wore it to so many different occasions and it’s a dress that doesn’t spark much attention (in ivory at least). Kinda like Fantastic Dolly, the retro look makes it easy to wear.

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source on that pancake purse

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I don’t speak Japanese, faggot.

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Then I guess you won't know until it's delivered. Why would I tell you after that.

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I've been saying this for ages

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>8 years ago
I'm guessing this is you?

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>tfw this picture is from 2015, meaning she went up at least 30 pounds in the past 3-4 years

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I wish they were adding the pink colorway..

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P a n c a k e

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It's the least popular. I don't think AP really realizes how popular and sought-after this release is. They're probably being very cautious considering it went on clearance and nobody wanted this release at all. They couldn't get rid of it. It'd be nice to see it in another colorway. Personally, I think sax, navy or a brown would be really cute.

I put in an order with a SS, so hopefully I'll be able to get it. I have it in mint and I'd really like to own Ivory. I'm sad the bracelet isn't being released, since that's the only jewelry I need in my set. Also, really glad the bag is getting released too. I was just discussing how I wanted the bag and bracelet to finish my set on Saturday while at a convention.

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neigh neigh

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It's got this retro and almost kitschy vibe that I love and is right at home in my wardrobe. The art style is the perfect blend between realistic and cutesy, and those colors are amazing. It tickles my fancy in the same way that Cream Cookie Collection and Melty Cream Doughnuts do but the colors are really what drive me absolutely nuts about it. Plus, the accompanying pancake purse is the cutest goddamn thing. I love everyday items re-imagined as purses, it's one of my greatest weaknesses.

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personal favorite HC coord

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wtf is wrong with the middle girls.... head? face?

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Nope, found it and thought it was perfect timing. >>10186254

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She's a confirmed ageplayer, so, inbred?

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Could you explain for me since I can't read Japanese and Google translate is a hot mess? I don't know why the other anon has a stick up their ass but I'd love a genuine translation.

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It's literally just a standard message, something akin to "it may not be identical to the original release" which is... no shit, because it's impossible to make it exactly the same. But it is going to be almost exactly the same. Japan is just very careful about disclosure.

Don't fret anon, it will be the same dress.

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>the round JSK is getting rereleased
>people posting only the switching JSK pics to this thread

The irony

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It's a shame the ugliest cut is what's getting an MTO

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>ugliest cut in only two colorways with no OTKs
It’s what you all deserve

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Did you miss the first 4+ images or

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I got the yellow jsk set, the bag, and the necklace. What did everyone else get? I really prefer the switching jsk but I'm not willing to shell out $600 for it.

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actually it is one of the cutest cuts, just looks bad on fatties hence all the rage

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I thought the round cut was the stretchiest though

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Thank you anon, I appreciate it! I guess that makes sense then. I'm excited to get mine!

Tbh I just really like food themes and like another anon said this is a particularly versatile food themed dress. It's also not cakes or candy like the 7 billion other sweet/food themed dresses. I also happen to really love yellow in lolita so the pieces really fall together for me on this one.

This is so cute, pic makes me feel old.

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I like her use of color but I wish she actually used more lolita items instead of a rather normie looking blouse and no socks.

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Love the apron, feel awful for her tits holy shit

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OP here, I think that cut is the cutest actually, that's why I posted it first and just added whatever else I could find.
I don't like the white bib on the switching jsk.

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I'm crazy for Honey Cake so I will get everything. It's probably the most I'll spend in a while but I just got a good bonus so it's my reward I suppose.

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I can't seem to find honey cake coords on Instagram, #aphoneycake doesn't have much and it's a shame.

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Honeycake master race

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Congrats anon, personally this is my fave cut because it looks so damn cute.

I got everything in the collection.

When it first came out I was a poor student and couldn't buy shit. Now I make money so fuck it, full circle. One of each.

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I found this while looking for pics wtf

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Put in an order for the yellow jsk and the purse, but still feeling really conflicted about whether I want the yellow or the ivory.

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Get bothhhh
As a sucker who didn't buy honeycake when I was at the AP store in person (I know what a waste), you'll probably regret it. I had to wait more than 8 years damn it.

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I got the ivory JSK and bag, I wanted to get the bow and necklace but the release window for this hit me at an awkward time.

>> No.10186496

Who hurt you, anon?

Lol I put in an order for ivory and am conflicted about whether I should get yellow.

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Ugh, Honey Cake is so cute. I don't even like sweet, but it's like my kryptonite.

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Hot takes on hot cakes

>> No.10186512

anyone got that photo of the rilakkuma space coord with honey cake

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If you're tlaking about the helmet one, it was a bodyline dress

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You listened to the stupid anon. It's not the same dress.
It says the fabric, size, and color will be different from what was released before.
A girl on Twitter posted the new measurements and fabric type since she asked a shop girl.

>> No.10186519

Do you have caps of the tweet?
From what I heard, the CTP MTO was identical to the first release. Unless they remake it in chiffon, I'm honestly not too chuffed.

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It has many motifs I like

>semi-realistic food print that youd see produced by ETC
>homage of 50s and 60s print advertising artwork and package design
>pancakes and honey bears are cute

I will say I didn't quite like it when it first came out, except for the purse. I think now that I've gotten older I have more of an appreciation for prints that weren't the usual pastel vomit fare of that era of Angelic Pretty. It used to go for nothing back during the egl_comm_sales days.

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Untranslated tweet
Does anyone know what "viera" is?

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I'm an idiot
Anyways, it's going to be made of polyester it seems

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I like this upclose of the girl in >>10186437, I love her accesories

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This is abhorrent

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this is my fave honey cake coordinate

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I'd be mad, but I don't want honey cake luckily.

Censor please anon.

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and posting the orignal ad, which features the models in pink wigs which actually looks really cute with the print

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My bad anon. Hopefully people realize it's made of poly. I'm kind of disappointed as I didn't know but I think it's better cause it'll wrinkle less easily

>> No.10186545

A waist of 74~117 and bust of 92~127. Seems like the fattest dress AP has ever made.

>> No.10186549

46 inch waist?

>> No.10186550

>upside: slightly bigger and better for more petti room
>downside: polyester
fuck, I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too with AP

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Goddammit, that’s what I get for jumping the gun like a fucking retard. I hate polyester so I’ll more than likely sell it. I’ll keep the bow in the hopes I find the first release jsk or op in ivory.

>> No.10186559

to be honest I'm probably going to keep mine as I really do love the print but yeah it's a fucking scam

>> No.10186560

I hope Chinese lolitas like honey cake... maybe they'll complain

>> No.10186561

ビエラor Viyella in English is not fucking polyester guys.
It used to refer to a mix of wool and cotton, but now can also be used to refer to 100% cotton. It's apparently more resistant to shrinkage as well.
That's what Google tells me at least, seems to just be good quality cotton?

>> No.10186562

Be My Valentine, Daydream Bed, and Charlotte's bear are all ビエラ when I googled it and they're all polyester. The girls replying to the tweet are also talking about it being polyester

>> No.10186564

I have a MM dress that’s marked “viyella” and it’s a very high quality wool in a slightly stretchy, flannel-like weave. I can’t imagine how this would translate to Honey Cake.

>> No.10186565

Read up more and it seems to be predominantly cotton nowadays but could also refer to a blend of cotton and poly. Basically it's really vague, I'll ask my friend to ask about it when she reserves it for me. But they haven't done anything as drastic as to replace cotton with polyester for any of their rerelease, what are you people panicking for???
If anything I'm more annoyed about the sizing, it's huge.

>> No.10186566

God, I wish I could! But saly I can currently only afford one or the other.

We can trade them if we end up having regrets lol

>> No.10186567

Damn well that sucks then, I can't find the tweet if not I'd have liked to see how the conversation went. Going by the description, it was too vague to confirm. Hopefully the feedback will make AP change their mind then.

>> No.10186568

I managed to find that thread through googling and it seems to be a poly-blend. The girl who commented did say that Viyella has its benefits of being easier to care for and wrinkles less easily.
I don't own any of the dresses listed, so I can't say but I did touch Charlotte's Bear at CC and I didn't like how it felt.
Anyone who owns those prints care to comment about it?

>> No.10186574

It's the same as Lucky Key and British Bear as well (both 100% poly). It's okay, I don't hate it. But I'm still partial to cotton because of vibrancy, fabric stiffness over a petti and no microfibers.

>> No.10186575

All the Japanese girls want polyester so they can save space and buy more dresses.

>> No.10186585

Plus I think they enjoy the polyester when it gets ass hot in the summer

>> No.10186587

How can I make an order? I can't find anything on AP's site about Honey Cake.

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Good god I'm going to fucking swim in it. Why AP?

>> No.10186592

Yeah I appreciate that it's easier to take care of but nothing beats the nostalgic feel of cotton.
I understand that struggle, but I think polyester actually traps heat more than cotton?
Do some research, or ask an SS.
People have asked the same question over and over on lolita updates.

>> No.10186593

Yeah this shit is going straight to my tailor when I get it. Fuck

>> No.10186602

I am upset about this. Poly is more forgiving in terms of wearing but I’m gonna miss the cotton crisp. Plus the sizing thing. They definitely doing that to cater the western comm because HC is more western thing, but round cut is already full shirred ugh. I’m upset overall.

>> No.10186624

It would be less of a struggle if they did laced bodice so you can just tighten it, but it’s round cut.

>> No.10186628

Im so torn on this. I love honey cake and it fits well into a subset of my wardrobe but I also feel a little like Im too old for it at this point. Ive been trying to focus more on classic pieces that I can wear in a toned down way and Im not sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of honey cake. In the past Ive bought rereleases of dresses I loved for a long time and found when they arrived that they were too sweet for my style now.

Any advice?

>> No.10186632

There were a lot of coords upthread that showed how to wear it in a mature way. On the spectrum of things, HC isn't very much saccharine sweet.
I'm mostly a classic/gothic lolita and I'm planning to coord it in a funky retro way that I love.

>> No.10186637

Just go for it and take a chance. If you’re not still in love with it, it’s a dress you can easily sell to get your money back despite the MTO.

>> No.10186662

I'm getting the ivory set, bag, necklace and ring. At first I was gonna leave the jewelry but I knew I'd regret it later so I went all out. It's still really tempting to get yellow too but ivory has always been my favourite so I'm being sensible.

>> No.10186663

FOMOing hard on the bag. I never liked it honestly, but what if I regret for not grabbing it ugh

>> No.10186666

I kinda feel this way too but it feels stupid not to get the dress if you're already getting the bag... I'm just not completely in love with the cut

>> No.10186668

I love pancakes

>> No.10186672

Got ivory jsk and bag. Was on the fence for the jewellery, but decided not to. I would have bought if there had been the bracelet though.

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File: 256 KB, 500x378, fuckyes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got so much hahaha
Yellow JSK, yellow bow, ring, necklace, and bag.

I had a tough choice choosing which color but I decided to go with yellow. My all time fav color is actually the pink colorway so I was slightly disappointed. But I like all the colorways except mint so I wasnt too distraught.

The cut they released is actually my favorite cut so I'm pretty happy about that.

>> No.10186694

Please excuse my noob questions but I'm curious, there are so many people ITT who say they are getting it but I only know of a few in-store shopping services. Are the SSs allowed to order more than one of an item? Or will they take multiple people with them to order multiples?

Also, do party exclusive MTOs or re-releases ever show up again online or do they usually stay exclusive?

>> No.10186711

>posters: 54
I don't care about honey cake I just think the excitement of you all is cute. Hopefully everyone gets what they are looking for.

>> No.10186718

Could someone post outfits without red stuff being used?

>> No.10186726

Ah! I was thinking about wearing a half apron with it.
That looks so nice!!

>> No.10186728

Christ the minimum waist is 6 inches bigger than mine.
Bust is like 3 or 4.

>> No.10186731

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hc measurements are gonna be even smaller than ones in typical empire waist OP like misty sky/khronos utopia/mcd/holiday collection/you name it. Chances are it's gonna look as fine.

>> No.10186739

>tfw someone posts your coord

>also tfw you sold HC for an ex to buy plane tickets because you were doing long distance
>he then dumped you because long distance was 'too hard'

Protip: don't sell brand for boys.

>> No.10186740 [DELETED] 

I don’t speak Japanese, faggot, please.
There. Is that better?

>> No.10186744

Get the ivory one. You can coord it more maturely and its more versatile.

>> No.10186751

Took so long to decide if I need the bag or not so I missed the slot for pink series. Feels bad man.

>> No.10186756

Polyester does trap heat. That anon wasn't me. That's another reason I dislike it though.

>> No.10186812

Wtf you actually sold clothing to pay for your boyfriends flight? Never pay anything for a man that he could pay himself

>> No.10186814

I like when dresses are loose. Most of them have waist ties so they don't look messy and you look so much cuter than people who stretch out the shirring

>> No.10186874

Oh shit, my wording was bad.
It was for flights so I could go see him.

>> No.10186884

Ugh all of the SS are full. How many are they allowed anyways? It can't be just one?

>> No.10186887

I'm interested to know this too. I really plucked out, a girl in my comm moved to Japan recently and offered to be a shopping service for our comm.

>> No.10186889
File: 346 KB, 1280x1705, e7d1fcec206c95a2d311cfdb1c928b9a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of Mandela effect garbage is this? I was convinced it was a honeycake coord, too!

>> No.10186890

Why censor? Can I get link to the tweet?

>> No.10186893
File: 102 KB, 450x450, giphy (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm normally into gothic/classic but for some reason I'm very tempted to buy Honey Cake but I can't decide if I just want it because of it's status or if I really do like it so I'm probably not going to buy it unless they do a more general rerelease that doesn't require me to send a shopping service to a physical store but what the fuck why do I want it

>> No.10186894

Is there someone who owns original release and is able to post the inner tag with fabric description? I tried to google the old sales pics, but no result so far.

>> No.10186897

She is holding pancakes so that's proably what confused you.

>> No.10186898

I don't think it looks very Lolita but I kind of love the normie items she paired it with. I really like it as something that you could wear casually. Not a fan of the shoes either though but I just don't like that kind in general.

>> No.10186900

According to that twitter post above, the measurements are about on par with MCD JSK.

The original release of HC in this cut is about a max of 108 or so. I own the mint colorway and I can't even wear it until I'm about 106-107ish. I gained a ton of weight so my HC has been sitting in my wardrobe until I'm below those measurements (give me a month or two).

Whereas the empire waisted JSK version of MCD goes up to 123cm in the bust and 109 in the waist. Khronos Utopia is smaller than that. You mentioned OP cuts, but this cut of HC is full back shirred.

Very petite and tiny girls are probably going to swim in it. But they can take it somewhere to be altered. As unfortunate as that is, it's literally impossible for a brand to offer size options, so it's best to accommodate more. Especially if they're "risking it" by re-releasing an item that wasn't popular before.

It's probably still going to be wonky on anyone above 110cm, any release always is as the bodices are never cut above a B-cup. Just because you can technically get it on your body and maybe not stretch the shirring to oblivion, it doesn't mean it's going to look perfect.

With such high measurements, this leads me to believe we'll see an international MTO. If my SS is able to get my order in ivory, I might just buy yellow too.

>> No.10186906
File: 30 KB, 352x480, hc-original-release-fabric.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please ignore my jagged ass nails. I had a week of mad crafting and jewelry making that destroyed them. But here you go.

>> No.10186909

I couldnt make up my mind and new I would regret it later just getting one so I got jsk in both colors, headbow in both colors and the purse
Im really excited for the honeycake army that will soon be everywhere

One of my friends order the yellow jsk and im excited to twin with her next year now

>> No.10186911

Thank you, anon!
So apparently there’s no chance rerelease is made of original fabric

>> No.10186914

>this leads me to believe we'll see an international MTO
Idk how do I react at this after I claimed my spot. If that happens I guess I’m gonna have this “first release CTP” experience.

>> No.10186924

Because Japanese girls prefer to keep their followers more intimate and you generally ask permission to follow. I don't think sharing their personal Twitter account in a screenshot would be appreciated. I'm sure links are fine, but anons tend to repost images on Facebook without permission so censoring is a good idea.

>> No.10186927

Shoot, I waited too long debating on what to get. Did they mention if the accessory/bag spots are also full?

I can also confirm, I have the yellow jsk and the outer material is labeled as 100% cotton.

If the new material is the same material they used for Lucky Key then it'll hold much better against the rain and pack a little easier. Print vibrancy won't be as nice super up close but it'll still look good in pictures. Not the worst fabric choice they could have made.

>> No.10186933

No. Cotton is too expensive and the red dye runs on it, so I think they're trying to solve two problems with a different fabric choice.

>> No.10186936

I was having the same problem as I really love the print since getting into lolita but I only wear black dresses/ gothic so it will clash with everything in my wardrobe but I the print is so cute I knew I would regret it if I didnt order it

>> No.10186937

whats the length of the new release?

>> No.10186938

Maybe they’ll do a Milky Berry rerelease with the same fabric, I remember it was also on the museum poll

>> No.10186946

It's pretty easy and inexpensive to get other color items these days. You can probably buy a few items in other colors to coordinate this for $100 USD or less.

>> No.10186947

I'm just too tall lads. and my height is mostly my legs.
I'm worried about how bad I'll look with bloomers peeking that much...it'll be super lewd and everyone will suspect me of some shitty kink.
I'm gonna pass and keep hunting my DDs. I'm happy for all of you though!

>> No.10186949

Muuh put out a last call status a few hours ago, they say they're accepting orders until tomorrow morning!
I put in my request Monday morning so hopefully I'll be good to get everything I requested, depending on how this ticketing system will work out

>> No.10186956

Ah, well you live and learn :(

>> No.10186963

its too hot in japan we need polyester!

>> No.10186966

There was no pink option baka

>> No.10186969

>Muuh put out a last call status a few hours ago,
they closed the day off though. they stopped accepting orders

>> No.10186979


>> No.10186983

That makes no sense anon. Polyester makes you more hot because it doesn't breathe.

>> No.10186987

An international MTO seems likely. I emailed AP USA the other day and they said to stay tuned for info later this week and are already creating a wait list. Fingers crossed

>> No.10186988

NAYRT but there are different polyester weaves and some of them are breathable

>> No.10186991

Retard. Anon wasn’t talking about honey cake.

>> No.10186996
File: 101 KB, 595x842, D8H4YdEU8AANQU0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah, I meant the pink stuff from Laforet Special Party. not really keen for special color and would take the regular relese, but those seem to be as rare secondhand.

>> No.10186997

I was talking about the fiber, not the weave anon. And I only know of one AP fabric (its not viyella) that is breathable and it's lined with their usual unbreathable polyester lining.

>> No.10186998

I was thinking this was a feeler for a wider MTO but I didn't want to take my chances of missing out even though I really wanted mint more. I hope the huge amount of orders will nudge them to do a full MTO or at least a re-release.

>> No.10187027

TRUE the more I think about it the more I think I just like it because it's cute! I feel like Honey Cake is a bit more toned down as far as sweet goes and the whole vintage feel it has to it is nice. I originally did love sweet when I first started Lolita but eventually my style changed into classic and goth. Also them honey bears.

>> No.10187039

>literally impossible
>Innocent World offers 2-3 sizes on every release

>> No.10187040

Does anyone remember if the re-release CTP MTO was done at the Laforet event only too? If not, HC is probably Japan exclusive.

(I do wonder if it would be cheaper getting it though AP USA with the currency conversion?)

>> No.10187043
File: 501 KB, 750x974, 4575D417-1E90-41D7-BD2E-CBBA39A89820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never forget

>> No.10187050

I like how the idiot who bid 5k on Honey Cake hasn’t come back to bid on it. If I were the seller I’d be so pissed off and angry

>> No.10187053

AP MRC has two sizes

>> No.10187070

Ahh right my bad, sorry!

>> No.10187071

i got the set in yellow and everything else!

>> No.10187072

Ctp was la foret only. Then AP USA got it even when they weren't originally supposed to. I think it was the western outcry.
After it was said and done though it was the same price I paid for Muuh and I got it before AP USA so I thought it was worth it.

>> No.10187073

>managed to get to multiple SS's in time to get a spot for one of everything
Everyone's on about HC but these are the real treat to me.

>> No.10187094

Will the Honey Cake bag actually hold a decent amount of stuff? About how much can you fit into it?

>> No.10187100

Would be nice if they open up an international MTO to get all the colourways, but I don't see them offering something internationally that they didn't give Japanese lolitas first so I have little hope.

>> No.10187107

I guess they just paid $250 for the bracelet

>> No.10187112
File: 170 KB, 1024x768, honecake1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seriously, what caused the Honey Cake boom? Why did everyone suddendly realize it's awesome? It went on sale when it released and I remember almost nobody liking it at one point.

>> No.10187116

It became a meme

>> No.10187140

Big enough for a long wallet, cell phone, keys, and a lipgloss or two. If you're into Tetris-ing you could probably fit more but it would be a bitch to take things out.

>> No.10187156

Would anyone be interested in a pre-order for some honey cake inspired Thigh highs? I normally sell some decora/ott sweet themed legwear at conventions but I need to make more designs anyway. I thought I'd design something to match HC a bit better than the obnoxious striped socks that are impossible to find NWT, let alone used. The company I get them from has really nice quality, they're durable, and long-lasting. They're all-size friendly and I haven't met a person they haven't fit yet. If there's enough interest, I'll draw up a design in the next few days and post it here with a pre-order link on my store envy.

>> No.10187178

I'd be interested!

>> No.10187188


>> No.10187197

Yoooo yes as long as it matches the yellow colorway

>> No.10187204 [DELETED] 

d r o p b o x. c o m/sh/rsupj3wnn4b289x/AADkwNeE6seancvaQ3eSrbN9a?dl=0

>> No.10187207

Please do a white colorway if you can! Most tights sellers at cons only seem to sell rainbow colored tights and while they're cute, they aren't very versatile.

>> No.10187209

>tfw opened the spam link by accident
Someone please post more hc coords so I can bleach my eyes. I dumped all I had.

Yes please! I hate the original hc socks so this would be wonderful.

>> No.10187210 [DELETED] 

I was planning on making them match the Ivory colorway and grabbing some colors that are common between all four colorways, so reds, pinks, yellows, some of the sax blue, etc. Rather than rainbows. Most of my legwear is rainbow, but I want to add some more toned down items as well. I just go with rainbow for item since it tends to attract the con kiddies and it does pretty well for sales.

>> No.10187212

New here, what are those shoes? I see them everywhere and they're so cute

>> No.10187213

I was planning on making them match the Ivory colorway and grabbing some common colors between all four colorways: red, pink, sax, yellow. I'll probably use one of the AP stock images and a color grabber and match pantones as close as possible so it's a good match.

I was thinking about ribbons, a pancake stack with melting butter that's shaped like a sleepy bear and syrup dripping. Then maybe some falling cherries, strawberries, ribbons and I can probably add the stripe or polka dot design. Dots might work better since there can be a slight offset at the seams.

>> No.10187222
File: 215 KB, 427x477, a7d5910c-a37f-5be9-bbd5-ff1e62456430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A red or brown dot background to match the hem of the ivory jsk would be really cute. Personally, I think an all over print (like the Candy Fun Fair tights) or something like pic related would work the best with motifs you mentioned. Not sure about strawberries though. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

>> No.10187224

Yeah! I was thinking something along the lines of this! After I get some other work done this evening, I'll begin sketching up a design!

>> No.10187226

You can fit a full sized wallet, instax camera, phone, keys, and all sorts of shit. It’s one of the best bags I own!

>> No.10187227

I’d be interested!! Can’t wait to see what you come up with

>> No.10187231

>tfw none of my honey cake coords got posted
is this what it feels like, to be ita

>> No.10187239

Ah I just don't like the ribbons. On the ivory it's ok, the yellow is definitely ick. At least I have the OP already, though.

>> No.10187241

Please do!!!

>> No.10187245

I have a large bust line but smaller waist. Still I shy away from food prints because I don't want to give an impression I am obsessed with food. I just don't feel comfortable in food prints because I am top heavy.

>> No.10187249

I feel that. I can't even eat pancakes anymore due to my gluten intolerance

>> No.10187250

Rice flour crepes are a tasty alternative

>> No.10187252

Yes I am interested!

>> No.10187253

Those sound great I'll have to give those a go! thank you!!

>> No.10187265

OOOOH BOY. Yes please do! I'm another vote for yellow

>> No.10187453
File: 1.40 MB, 850x1725, bg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10187460
File: 572 KB, 1125x1601, 9D30F59C-4D56-4E79-8528-2BF78CE2143F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just saw this on the AP Candy Instagram

>> No.10187493

basic taobao/aliexpress/amazon shoes.

>> No.10187494

Then post your coords?? No use in crying about it

>> No.10187497

>everyone crying its not in pink or mint
>SS's are full
>everyone is mad that its not the original fabric
I'm just waiting for everyone to stop wanting it now kek

>> No.10187505

If anything it’ll make everyone desire the original release even more.

>> No.10187506

Super cute, but they're DIY-able and there's similar ones on taobao.

>> No.10187518

Pretty sure ap USA will be able to order them too. I messaged them and got put on a waitlist for the mto

>> No.10187528

Does anyone know if the tweets about the sizing for the rerelease are true? It's seems rather big for AP.

>> No.10187541

I still love it though.
Dont mind the new fabric if it means that it doesn't bleed.

>> No.10187543

Well, no one can deny AP is for fatties anymore at least.

>> No.10187563

at least when i take it to get it fitted, i'll end up with two dresses for the price of one

>> No.10187568

I bet if you auctioned off the extra fabric on Lace Market people would actually pay a lot for it.

>> No.10187569

I used a SS anon

>> No.10187574

making a pillow out of extra fabric would be awesome

>> No.10187599

What ever happened to her?

>> No.10187600

Kek, but really though.

>> No.10187606

honeycake makes me wish i had a job

>> No.10187610

Lol, do you guys think it’s really that huge? I guess it’s just a question of tightening that rubber bands inside shirring.

>> No.10187618

Right? People always say how they wish brands sold extra fabric so that can make curtains or whatever. A kitchen valance curtain would be so great in Honey Cake.
God I want this more than anything now.

>> No.10187694

Well, as for CTP which was also event-exclusive at first: Muuh had 4 big boxes full of it.

>> No.10187696

Legwear anon here from earlier.

I sketched something out this morning. I'll need to redraw everything. This is just to get a rough idea of placement, color, concepts. Then I do a finished version.

I tried adding some syrup dripping but it was very questionable. So I removed it to see if it looked better and I think I like it better without it dripping, but it'll need some on the pancakes still.

The bear and cherries need to be cuter. But I think I like the idea?


>> No.10187697
File: 203 KB, 1262x1149, hc-inspired-legwear_concept1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dropped image

>> No.10187716

Not sure how to feel about the butter bear presenting his ass like that.

>> No.10187718

pankcake tas te gooooooood
honey on pancake wow de licious

>> No.10187726

Alright, no twerking ass butter bear. Noted.

>> No.10187727

It’s a very good idea not to have the image of yellow or brown fluid dripping down your legs.

>> No.10187737

These are wildly disappointing. I don’t know why you decided to even make the shitting/pissing yourself options, the bear looks awkward, and the colors seem off and like there are too many for an item like an OTK

>> No.10187741

that bear looks ready to get DICKED DOWN

I agree with >>10187737 that you've got way too many colors going on, and the dripping fluids is unfortunately reminiscent of the pube braid tights and AP's Drink My Piss socks, I'm sorry.

>> No.10187744

Why are you commenting on the variations she rejected?
The concept is really nice! I like the bear, it looks cute & lazy

>> No.10187746

She shouldn’t have posted them if she rejected them

>> No.10187747

Why? It clearly states they're rejects. You got reading problems? Can't read?

>> No.10187748

Why are you so pissy about this? take a chill pill. People are allowed to voice their opinions on her mediocre draft

>> No.10187749

pissy baby want your piss socks? buy the AP ones, they're funnier

>> No.10187750

Sorry people don’t like your shitty socks.

>> No.10187751 [DELETED] 

x2 this, my first though was like this is too cute, anon should consider doing full border print for the dress.
also to anons commenting on bear's posure: why are you so naughty? yall might think gudetama guy is also gonna get buttfucked too

>> No.10187752

I'll change the color on the plate to something more neutral and stick with browns, golds and reds.

As always, a quick concept is just that, to get a feeler for what works and what doesn't. An idea might sound good in your head, but not come out right when on the final product.

I'm definitely removing the dripping from the top. I'll leave it on the syrup and butter.

I can try a few different designs as well before I settle on something.

Maybe make the butter normal and make the cherries bear shaped? That might be cute.

>> No.10187753

>yall might think gudetama guy is also gonna get buttfucked too
boy have I got news for you

>> No.10187754

Hey anon, is it ok if I edit this? I have some ideas you might like, but want to make sure it’s alright first.

>> No.10187755

make sure you get credit if they use your ideas anon, if you're good at something never do it for free

>> No.10187756

Gudetama is purely for lewd.

>> No.10187760

Go ahead!

I'm completely open to suggestions or ideas.

>> No.10187770
File: 46 KB, 280x800, hc-inspired-legwear_concept2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay removed ass in the air bear, made some cherry bears? (may go with normal cherries in lieu of the new butter version) and removed some of the other colors.

>> No.10187771

This looks much better

>> No.10187772

Pink bow and normal cherries was better.

>> No.10187774

Normal cherries yes, pink bows no
A+ on the bear butter tho

>> No.10187775

That bear looks like a BDSM bear fucking the pancake

>> No.10187776

Also anon don’t feel bad about the feedback, I’m really happy someone is trying. I would just do no drip with the bear sitting on the pancake instead

>> No.10187778

This is much better!

>> No.10187780

I love this!! I did like ass bear too though

>> No.10187781

Love this!! red bow is nice, would like normal cherries too though I think?

>> No.10187784

I liked ass bear for the same reason I like meta's penis socks and still would've bought 'em to be honest

>> No.10187786

Butter bear is much cuter than ass up bear but I have to agree that the cherries are cuter as regular cherries!

>> No.10187788

I must disagree, I love bear cherries

>> No.10187789

Ah that butter bear is exactly what i pictured when you first described the concept! These look great, anon! I think I like the plain cherries best.

>> No.10187791

It has no ass bear, do not want
For real though, he is super cute bring him back into it

>> No.10187793

looks like you need to do a version with bear cherries anon, I'm thinking maybe white with red stripes and scalloping at the top, then bear cherries in kind of a polka dot pattern? No pancakes, just cherries all the way down

>> No.10187801

I’ll make another design with bear fruit. I wanted to make some fruit legwear in general. So I’ll make another design and make it tie in a bit with HC as well.

>> No.10187805

I like this anon, but I think the cherries would look better back as they were. I think the red bow is awesome and the butter as a face is great. I think the only other thing would be the gradient under the plate is a little weird? Maybe just make a flat shadow under it and keep the stripes as normal? Maybe even with a pink line as a boarder? Just a few thoughts. I appreciate all your hard work though. Thanks, I would definitely buy this!

>> No.10187827
File: 125 KB, 448x948, ideas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey anon, here's my rough edit. I brought in more of the blue and red and added some chocolate/pancake bears and tried to add a bear made of honey. I really love the cherry bears, I think they're adorable

>> No.10187835

I feel like the plate should be blue, like on the print. Or white if the socks aren't going to be white

>> No.10187839

I like the scallop idea at the top! The problem is sometimes the seams don't entirely line up. I have some rainbow drippy tights I originally designed and released here first a few years ago, and there's always some alignment problems. But I think I maaay be able to get something like that to work.

I like the idea of the blue bow and adding some blue toward the bottom, as well as the honey dripped as a bear, but I may do it faceless so it's not so overwhelming.

But you have some really cute ideas! Your bears are really adorable! Way cuter than mine!

The funny thing is, I'm way better at drawing western comic style artwork, realism, action, etc. And then I struggle with making super cute things, yet I roll in pastels and cute motifs.

>> No.10187841

Way better

>> No.10187849


I just opened up my file from the company to start working on the final version. I forgot there's front and back designs, so I can put something different on the back too! For reference, my older designs are the same on the front and the back so I never bothered.

Maybe I can work the other bear into there somewhere? Maybe sitting on the back of the pancakes?

>> No.10187887

Diff anon, can I get an amazon link? I checked on ebay and amazon with no luck so I must be using the wrong terms.

I love both of these! Regarding the scallops, I'd go for the option that looks cleaner after production, wonky seams would bug me personally.

>> No.10187897

asking me to self-post? what are you, high???
>I was joking about my post before, and this post now anon lol

>> No.10187898
File: 26 KB, 130x800, honeycake_inspired_final_wip_v1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think if I make the edges of the scallops a little longer and continuing out out to the sides, it should be safe. It's a bit of an issue on the dripping ones I have, but I think as long as it's even, the chances of it not lining up perfectly will be a bit lower. It will never be perfect either way, since these are made in a small factory.

This is what I have sofar on the final version.

>> No.10187905

This is beautiful

>> No.10187917
File: 209 KB, 720x1063, PicsArt_06-06-06.32.20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The seller spoke about this.

>> No.10187918

Normal cherries and the background color scheme of >>10187827
The bear butter pat is amazing

>> No.10187933

I would still be fucking pissed that an idiot made me lose a sale. Thankfully someone else bid on it

>> No.10187938

Thanks! I think I'm pretty good at drawing cutesy stuff, but I'm pretty bad at rendering/clean up. The final version looks great so far and super clean!! And I'm glad you decided to add the scallops.

>> No.10187942

Do you have a higher resolution version of >>10187697? I wanna make a reaction image out of butt-er bear.

>> No.10187947

Why the fuck are they striped when they also have a central vertical pattern? So ita and busy

>> No.10187950

Would you consider making tights too?

>> No.10187951

Why is nobody compressing the designs vertically so they don't look retarded worn?

>> No.10187952

Adorable!!! It matches the bag really well too

>> No.10187954

My moneys on this!!!! I will literally buy two for backup

>> No.10187965
File: 350 KB, 857x5289, honeycake_inspired_final_wip_v2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The finished version is compressed vertically. Those were a low res rough sketch to visualize ideas.

The stripes were removed awhile ago.

The company I go through no longer offers tights, just thigh highs and knee highs. I used to get tights from them, but I'd have to order two of every size every time I reordered. These generally fit more people and I've had far more sales of these than tights when I carried them. I'm hesitant to go through any Chinese company due to how much stuff ends up elsewhere.

>> No.10187967

This is... yikes.

>> No.10187968

Also started adding butter.

I'll need to redo the dots up top and change the spacing of them so we don't get more dots on top than on the bottom and then make sure there's none where there's any danger of overlap/touching or anything weird on the side seams.

For the back version, I'll probably put a bear holding a cherry or something sitting on the plate in front of the pancakes.

>> No.10187969

Maybe make the pancakes/things in the middle bigger? Are the weird edges for the seam allowance?

>> No.10187971

That's seam allowance. There's always variation in how much can be cut off the side, so I tried not to put too much detail right on the side just in case. That way it still looks like a scallop when it's actually printed. But I can make the pancakes and details in the middle larger. I was thinking they need to be a bit bigger.

>> No.10187974

Buttergolem Socks.

>> No.10187982

I'm very sorry but the bears look a little scary. I like the butter with a bear face in the concept a little better. Best not to be too realistic I think.

And the cherries were nice. Maybe just plain cherries and a version with cherries with bear ears (with no face) and we can see what looks nicer?

>> No.10187984

Is this the final version of the pancakes? They look bad

>> No.10188013

the dots and things look cuter, but the pancakes look sloppy and the cherry bears were a lot cuter than the.. sadly melting butter bears.

>> No.10188017
File: 63 KB, 219x271, tumblr_o5se4bKLJ81rszeigo9_250.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well I for one know how *I* feel about it

>> No.10188018

hm, something about the bow looks off. It looks really clunky...

>> No.10188030

I think it's because I over-rendered the pancakes. It's really hard for me to simplify. I also posted it in high resolution on accident.

I went back over the pancakes, made them larger, removed a few on the top, and removed the bottom melting bear. Then I changed the face on the first bear to something closer to the original sketch. I'll post a preview when I'm done fixing up the pancakes more.

>> No.10188033

Its true. Its quite large

>> No.10188067
File: 32 KB, 130x800, honeycake_inspired_final_wip_v3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going to bed. Need to add syrup.

Tear it apart, gulls.

FYI: Everything looks odd and squished toward the top so that it'll be a little less distorted when worn.

>> No.10188076

Anyone get confirmation from their SS yet?

>> No.10188082
File: 341 KB, 644x981, muuh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Muuh posted this 15 mins ago.

>> No.10188098

Still waiting. Fingers crossed.

>> No.10188135

This is getting pretty cute at least imo

>> No.10188143

new thread >>10188136

>> No.10188260

Thats Lor??? Holy shit

>> No.10188262

>no jewelry
>no wristwear
>no headpiece
>not even a damn petticoat

>> No.10188300

I did

>> No.10188317

The pancakes still look terrible.

>> No.10188401

Yep, I am so excited that I will own both! Best christmas present to myself ever.

>> No.10188403

Angelic Pretty Paris is having the MTO as well

>> No.10188410
File: 240 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190607-141724_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It really is polyester apparently

>> No.10189072

uh is this like a "honey bear astronaut" coordinate? but weird as it is.. i kind of like it desu

>> No.10189275

Wait what socks

>> No.10189299


downward spiral