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the new blouse is really cute. they also have with kumya ears.

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>implying you wouldn't wear usakumya and kumyakumya on your wrists

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I'm implying the opposite...

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Is it usual for Moi Meme Moitie releases (from 2018 onwards) to get instantly sold out in stores? I mean, could I wait a month before buying a new dress in store (Silent Moon, for example) or is that a dangerous move?

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just received my order of a shit ton of old keras and other things, where’s the best place to upload scans? I’m thinking imgur for simple viewing but i’d like to have a downloadable folder too. I’ll drop links when I get round to uploading stuff.

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Maybe dropbox? Bless you anon for doing god's work.

Side note, I have a pile of GLB and keras I'd love to give away if you're interested in scanning those?

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Those are made for wrist wear.

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Not only that but who doesn't wear hair ties on their wrist anyway?

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mega is pretty good for that kind of mass storage, especially for something like pdfs; google drive is also an alright option. thank you anon!

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I think it will be pretty risky. It will be a big release. The Neo Gothic Arch rerelease sold quickly in some colorways and I think they did a small restock and then it was gone it the most wanted cuts/colors.

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I have been looking into scanning and translating magazine articles for Japanese practice.

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As much as i’d like to accept them, I’m kinda weary about giving out personal info on 4chan but I’m sure someone else will be happy to take them.

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Cool, dark, dry place.

Heat makes them fall apart/melt. Moisture feeds mold. Sunlight is evil on basically everything.

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Don’t wait. I won’t. That cutsew OP that everyone was bitching about being plain or too big sold out within 24 hours. Hell, some items sell out within an hour.

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did the cutsew OP ever make it to the atelier pierrot webshop?

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Marini Sailor OP
Price: 31,104 yen
>Navy×Nave lace×Red ribbon×Red braid

Length: 93 cm (36.61 inch)
Shoulder: 34 cm (13.39 inch)
Bust: 89 cm (35.04 inch)
Waist: 78 cm (30.71 inch)
Length of sleeves: 24 cm (9.45 inch)

Outer material: Cotton 100%
Lining: Polyester 100%

Item#: P15OP324
Marini Sailor hat
Price: 7,020 yen
>Navy×Ivory/Navy lace×Red ribbon×Red braid
Item#: P15HA931
Marini tricolor cuffs
Price: 4,104 yen
>White×Navy/White/Red tricolor ribbon
>Ivory×Navy/White/Red tricolor ribbon

Item#: P15CF029

Reservation period: Friday, June 7th, 12:00 to Monday, June 10th, 12:00 JST
>On June 7th, the first day of reservation acceptance, availability is limited as "1 color, 1piece per item."
>When the order is against this rule the order will be automatically cancelled.

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I really want the fancy candy set AP is releasing at that LaForet party this week and I’m in Tokyo on vacation, but I can’t figure out how to enter the event. rip

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Some things are still available at Atelier Pierrot, especially physical locations, and other things sell out on the day of release.

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They are called hair ties by btssb. The wrist cuffs are separate.

I think they didn't make many of them, and either Atelier Pierrot did not want them or Moitie did not make them available for other stores.

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Honestly, not seeing it.

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Antique Beast shipped out the headdresses! So excited

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That first blouse is amazing

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Oh shit, I just checked and saw the email! I’m so stoked

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Aah, I’m excited! That’s way faster than I thought. Can’t wait until they’re here.

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Honestly it’s pretty shame they don’t make HC bracelet. Not a big fan of rings desu.

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There is one Horror Garden on the AP usa site.

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New Releases † Moi-même-Moitié x Mihara Mitsukazu

A range of items in collaboration with illustrator Mihara Mitsukazu will be released in commemoration of Moi-même-Moitié’s 20th anniversary.

† Collaboration items
Smartphone Case (4752JPY)
Fabric poster (3996JPY)
Silent Moon Wall Clock (6480JPY)

† 20th Anniversary Commemorative Items
Silent Moon OP (36720JPY)
Silent Moon OTKs (3672JPY)
Umbrella (coming soon)

(all prices incl. tax)

>https://moi-meme-moitie.com/?tid=5&mode=f52 (Japanese only)

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In this good and prosperous age of rereleases what do you now have renewed hope for?

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Physical Drop will be taking reservations for some new items from 8th to 16th June.

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Probably should add that long bloomers are up as well.

Polyester / Tulle Lace

>Regular size:
waist 60 cm rise (rubber rise size) · Length 60 cm + lace · hip circumference around 150 cm

>L size:
waist 70 cm rise (rubber rise size) · Length 60 cm + lace · hip circumference 150 cm

>Plus size:
waist 80 cm rise ( Rubber rise size) · Length 60cm + lace · hips around 150cm

◆ color scheme ◆
black × black lace
black × white lace
white × white lace
bordeaux × bordeaux lace

>http://tawaraya-kato.ocnk.net/product/3031 (regular size)

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Just like the anon in the BST thread I've had problems with Angelic Pretty and my bank. I purchased something in their store and it got written off my account just fine by debit card. A week later I get a refund with the note "correction" and now another refund saying something like build up costs. Are there more people experiencing similair issues?

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Email one of the participating stores for an invite.

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Puppet Circus.
>Inb4 uguu they said it’s too costly to make
Like they wouldn’t know it would sold with a 80,000yen price tag too.

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I agree. They could make good profit on a puppet circus rerelease and they’d be crazy not to reconsider it now that they’ve broken the coveted rerelease seal

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Melty Ribbon Chocolate

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Does anyone know why they do things like this?

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Moitie Lace Cross JSK sizes are listed as
【Size M】

【Size L】

my sizes are 88 bust and 70 waist. Which size should I go for? I don't want to barely squeeze myself in M but would I drown in L size?

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Traümerei is only a matter of time. That raffle was heartbreaking. I know people want the short one but I’m praying for the long cut again

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I would go for the larger size. I doubt you're going to drown in it and you can always take it in. I think you'll feel more comfortable with the extra room.

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Dream Marine. Like for real this dress has got so many re-releases in China although it’s near to impossible to get elsewhere if only you aren’t going to throw like $1k

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I was fine using the back laces to fit the L to my size. It gives a better fit than just getting into the M

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>mfw I used to watch deerstalker's vids and could only dream about owning CTP and honey cake

Has anyone else's tastes changed since they first wanted them? I always dreamed of getting the ivory colorway but now I actually think the yellow is cuter. Same with CTP, I originally wanted in pink but I wound up going for gray.

Part of me is on the fence about buying both because I don't really want two... anyone else in the same boat?

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I thought about getting CTP but I thought about it and mostly would want it because cats and flex piece.
Theres better cat prints out there that I legitimately want without then being a flex piece. (Ie metas brick house)
HC i just love.

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Milky Berry, Jewelry Jelly, Sugary Carnival, Toy Fantasy. <3 give me diabetes

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Not quite changed but I never let myself fully fall in love with HC because I knew the high price so I'd tell myself it's overrated. Now that I can buy it for retail price, brand new, I'm jumping at the chance. However after looking through many coords of it I feel like all the good stuff has been done with it. It is however a super versatile piece and I'm excited to have it. I never liked the idea of status dresses anyway.

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Misty sky brilliant original colors. AP p l e a s e

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What's the deal with the Honey Cake release? I've seen things saying they're only taking MTOs for ivory and yellow?
>mfw I'm waiting for mint
Guess AP won't be seeing my money.

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I try not to look at HC coords on purpose. Kinda afraid to fall out of love with it because I got bored seeing it online.

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You need to add a few cm for breathing, moving, and blouse

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I’d like them to restock polka heart fabric and make some more Petite Heart pieces.

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Weird how mint and pink will be the rarer colorways now.

>> No.10186099

Same anon, mint OP is my ideal cut and colorway of Honey Cake, and they're not making either one of them. At least I'll be saving money.

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That fabric was garbage

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Hard to disagree, I wonder what would it look like after couple of washings. Although printed hearts would decrease the points of fancy.

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Fruits Parlor and Dreaming Macaron, the dresses that started all the deco lolita trends. Would love a lavender DM or a sax FP

>> No.10186150

Still waiting for a sax Honey Cake.
Honestly the ivory colorway is the most versatile piece. Pair it with more ivory, brown, red, or add some random color and it still won't look out of place. I feel like that was kind of the essence of lolita (having a small but well-curated wardrobe) and seeing HC again makes me miss those days.

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>Still waiting for a sax Honey Cake.
Wish that they'd go HL's route and do rereleases in new colors.

>> No.10186159

>Fruits Parlor
This feels right. It is time.

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Original milky planet

>> No.10186313

Is Twinkle Mermaid rerelease worthy?

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gulls every livejournal entry on the wayback machine that was archieved before 2011 got deleted

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This! It would be nice to see lavender in the original JSK or OP cuts. Milky Planet is still one of my favorite prints.

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WHAT how?? Why?

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I am so happy but my wallet is shaking in fear.

>> No.10186356

They probably had a sample dress left over in some back room somewhere and decided to sell it.

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what the fuck

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Hope it doesn't become a bloodbath.

>> No.10186370

What the FUCK NO WHY

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>having a small but well-curated wardrobe
I thought I was the only one who felt like this since having a 100+ main piece wardrobe seems like the norm now.

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Mary Magdalene to rise from the dead

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(nayrt) Newlita here. How did MM die in the first place? What really pushed me into lolita was their clothes, you see.

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Hey anon, I'm happy to pass them to you if you don't mind scanning them. I can stick them all in a flat rate box for $13 or so if you're in the states.

I totally understand, no worries! I'll keep my eye out for your scans.

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Name of OP bottom right?

>> No.10186390

Does anyone know where to get the usa/kumya hair ties or the exact item name japanese? I'm dying for these

>> No.10186391

Oooooooh yes please

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The bracelet and socks are all that I'm missing, haaha

>> No.10186404

That dress/coat on bottom left is amazing.

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thank you Anon! <3

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I would sell my ovaries for twinkle mermaid in black.

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No idea, I wrote them a mail. Let's hope it's a bug and not a concious decision by lj to have it removed. Because in that case, a shit ton of small deleted lj comms and posts might be gone forever, just like that. I saved the first few loli-secret posts but that's about it, I didn't finish and the wayback machine only starts around post #220 now.

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I'm so upset with myself for missing out on the physical drop nurse set that was released a couple of months ago. I am so dumb for buying other shit i could have bought any time over it.

>> No.10186517

Same. I was going to get it but a buyer of mine screwed me of my payment and in between getting paid and finding and SS not on vacation, I missed it recently. I’m still so mad

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TM’s fan base is quite small despite all the dedication

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Okay I haven't seen anyone post about it but did anyone get CTP and notice the fabric being different? I'm freaking out a tad over the idea of Honey Cake being some hideous polyester disaster so I'm hoping if they kept CTP the same fabric they might also keep HC the same.... Please someone reassure me, I didn't get CTP and I need to know.

>> No.10186620

AP's polyester isn't hideous, anon.
It won't be chiffon at least.
At most it'll just be different. From what I know CTP was similar to the previous release.

>> No.10186623

You can get Fancy Candy and Honey Cake without going to the party.

>> No.10186625

That's not the norm at all

>> No.10186626

They never made a statement but there were random rumors that the designer was sick

Baby the stars shine bright

>> No.10186627

CTP's info said nothing about the fabric or sizing being different, iirc Cinema Doll did have something about size but not fabric, Melody Toys said something about the KC fabric being different but nothing about the dress, only Honey Cake has ever said something about the fabric being different. Worst case have your SS ask before they place the order

>> No.10186634

Mint kismet will get them for you if you want them, it’s their newest release. Or you can take a chance on the US shop but their stock is unpredictable and random

>> No.10186638

nayrt but what's the norm then? p much everyone i talk to has between 70-200

>> No.10186639

What? That’s ridiculous. Are you counting blouses and socks and headpieces, too?

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>> No.10186650

It’s quite bad, in hot weather it feels like a layer of plastic, although to be completely fair cotton dresses aren’t much cooler with their poly lining. This is really sad, it feels like if you put the different releases HC it’s gonna look like replica vs original comparison.

>> No.10186659

right when i was about to jump on HC we learn it's for fatties and polyester...? even the original OP has a smaller waist wtf

>> No.10186673

70-200 main pieces sounds ridiculous and a waste of closet space. That’s more than a different dress a day for two months.

>> No.10186676

get a bigger closet? who cares, lolita is frivolous at its core

>> No.10186678


lolita is supposed to be ridiculous and a waste of closet space.

>> No.10186680

Online or IRL? It certainly seems like everyone online has 200 main pieces sometimes.

>> No.10186685

I've been wearing the fashion for about 10 years and barely have 30. Some people are collectors and that's none of my business but I don't think I'd enjoy having that many dresses, some of them probably wouldn't be worn often enough to justify owning. I've definitely noticed a lot of lolitas with bigger wardrobes downsizing and trying to curb materialistic habits, too.

>> No.10186688

both but seen proof of the online ones. honestly though a lot of people on social media who seem to have endless wardrobes are likely flipping things immediately after wearing them, poorfags gonna poor

>> No.10186709

Most of the girls in my comm have between 15-40 main pieces in their wardrobe and I live in a fairly wealthy area of the country. I definitely think the 50+ main piece people are outliers and 100+ are very few.

>> No.10186717

Me to anon, I always wanted pink CTP and pink HC, but I got the gray CTP and ivory HC.
To be fair I don't really even do sweet that much anymore, but I couldn't resist these two

>> No.10186873

This. I doubt they will have these in the US store. Besides I thought you could buy internationally from Baby?

>> No.10186903

you're a beautiful poet

>> No.10186912

I have the L and my bust is 98 but I still fit it well with room to spare even but I didn't realize it was technically supposed to fit 94 at most so now I'm wondering if their measurements are off or if mine are.

>> No.10186940

Does it feel tight and annoying after wearing it some hours?

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Three different cuts for once. Too bad they are 100% ott.

>> No.10186975

>Every single one is high waisted

That's okay. I'll save money on yet another release. I do like the print though

>> No.10186977

How many pieces does AP release monthly? gosh

>> No.10186980

Is there a stock photo from AP in the grey colorway of CTP? I can't seem to find one anywhere

>> No.10187008

Not at all I actually have to tighten the corset lacing in the back a little bit now I'm scared I just custom ordered a bunch of blouses and I'm scared I'll be swimming in them I'm going to buy a different measuring tape and measure myself again

>> No.10187023

Ok AP but do we really need TWO unshirred OPs and three high waist cuts?

I miss the days when the standard hime OP cut in a series like the top left was also the standard price..

>> No.10187091

time to make my seapunk coord

>> No.10187115

What the fuck is AP doing nowadays? They can't even do re-releases right.

>> No.10187216

What I want to know is why is AP literally making prints that resemble the website backgrounds I used on Geocities? I literally used a water pattern, and the recent star release looks like something I would've joyfully concocted in Paint Shop Pro circa 2001.

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File: 518 KB, 1440x1920, EBEE4FF4-4C25-45F1-943B-46431E15AC69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cowbuttcrunchies just tweeted this with “first lolita dress came”. What do you gulls think

>> No.10187232

Literally who?

>> No.10187240

This is what happens when cgl bitches about "the fatties"

>> No.10187246

Yea I'm pissed. I wanted the pink op so bad.

>> No.10187257

Holy crap that dress is gorgeous

>> No.10187259

Where is the dress from?

>> No.10187260

Definitely on the cosplay side of things but its really nice. Better without the fur/fake lookin jewellery thing

>> No.10187261

Not sure how facetious you're being, but she's a pretty skilled cosplayer. Obviously less skilled with lolita though.

>> No.10187275

Oh so another attention seeking cosplayer here to shit up the fashion by making it a costume.

>> No.10187277

I have no idea who she might be, but it looks nice, even though a bit costumey. Maybe this would be appropriate for an OTT teaparty with a theme, so she could invest on a headdress and shoes etc.

I wouldn't immediately identify this as Lolita, though.

(the dress is from Funccino, I guess)

>> No.10187278

agreed waaay too costumey.

>> No.10187279

Why would we care about some cosplayer?

>> No.10187282

Maybe they're just getting in on that y2k trend

>> No.10187306

Next we'll get a print that's bright fucking fucia, with neon green comic sans saying Angelic Pretty and pixelized hamsters dancing around the border print, maybe some good old ICQ flowers for a nice touch.

>> No.10187318

Ugh I live her and know she likes thor/loki/Norse shit but that shawl and weird fake fur+tacky gold crystal necklace has got to go

>> No.10187319

Id love seeing that alive

>> No.10187332

Does anyone have higher res new Honey Cake stock pics? The one's I've seen on yaplog and such are all so blurry

>> No.10187341


>> No.10187349

Thanks so much anon! Somehow I missed this page before

>> No.10187358

Are you guys kidding? Look how cheap the chiffon and trim looks. I guarantee you that's a surface print and one wear will destroy it or at minimum create all kinds of ugly snags

>> No.10187401

Sorry to ask such a stupid question, but the Honey Cake rerelease is in-store only, yes? (I haven't paid much attention to the rerelease news so I don't know how it all works) Does anyone have a recommendation for a shopping service I could use for it?

>> No.10187410

Too late

>> No.10187413
File: 181 KB, 640x899, tumblr_ns3np7SAqm1uc6dzko1_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but there's already a better vaporwave/seapunk print

>> No.10187414

the reputable SSes are all full

>> No.10187415

I've kinda moved away from sweet border prints in general, I would have lost my shit for a MTO of either of those a few years ago but I decided not to order either. It makes me feel a little sad...

>> No.10187417

I'd say the average girl in my community has around 30-50, it used to be much more common for someone who is fairly "serious" about lolita to have around 10 or fewer main pieces. I think that is what has changed, since it's become cheaper and more available.

>> No.10187418

Very tacky, I like it

>> No.10187424


>> No.10187431

Are people seeing something different than I am?

>> No.10187444

What print is this?? I need it.

>> No.10187451
File: 2.53 MB, 3024x3024, AC3EA95F-ECC8-4892-AC04-9C00ED91078B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chocolate Rosette
British Bear
Honey Cake

So what’s your bets for the next rerelease rush?

>> No.10187455
File: 83 KB, 480x640, 537cb0d6-f2c9-531e-b975-02bea9bbe1fc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10187464

I can’t think of anything else that would garner such hype except maybe sugary carnival if they did a new colorway or cut. maybe fantastic dolly too, which feels likely since AP is on such a retro kick

>> No.10187491

maybe musee de chocolat if they released those bear bears maybe. A girl can dream eh

>> No.10187492

I'm practically crying at how cute the upcoming AP release is. I haven't felt this excited for a new release in so long, thank you AP

>> No.10187510
File: 807 KB, 661x1145, nemurerusinnkai_lv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10187524

I hope Antoinette Decoration, the print still goes for it’s original price second hand.

>> No.10187525

Holy shit, this is beautiful! I hate the cut sadly but the print is so good

>> No.10187530

If she’s a cosplayer there’s a good chance she’ll only wear it for a photo shoot and not care how well it holds up afterwards. A lot of girls in my comm who came to lolita from cosplay and only wear Taobao stuff have that attitude.

>> No.10187572

Have they done a Fantastic Dolly release yet?

>> No.10187631

SWIMMER is being reopened!!!! I'm crying!
[About SWIMMER-Swimmer-]
"SWIMMER (Swimer)" is a brand that has been engaged in planning and sales of miscellaneous goods such as clothing, fashion accessories, bags, pouches, wallets, interiors and stationery.

It features a design based on animals and sweets, and is popular with customers of all ages, including women in their 20s and 20s for the affordability and cuteness of the design.

Patties Co., Ltd. takes advantage of product knowledge and experience that has grown up while developing more than 100 general stores, and resumes product planning and sales of the “SWIMMER (smart)” brand, which it has acquired We will aim for development.

My phone is a butt and won't let me copy the link but it's on Pattys.jp

>> No.10187633

There are several cuts including a basic skirt

>> No.10187644

this is cosplay not lolita

>> No.10187646

Cosplay of literally what? It could be a cool OTT classic look if styled by an actual competent lolita

>> No.10187663

I’m so happy... I love swimmer, thank u for sharing

>> No.10187676

I can’t find Melody Doll and Royal unicorn in cuts and colors I want but I think it’s highly unlikely

>> No.10187689

Crystal Dream Carnival and Melty Berry Princess.

>> No.10187706
File: 30 KB, 400x400, 1559153933009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If they rerelease Fantasic Dolly, I would actually break

>> No.10187711
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nayrt but it looks like it's heavily skyrim-inspired, pic related. it's like a weird lovechild between tidus mead II, ulfric, and a generic ren faire OC

>> No.10187728

I still remember how I come to the job interview for my current job because I was looking for funds to buy it. Sad part is that I'm not sure now if I still want it.

>> No.10187759

So it's being acquired by a larger company? I hope that doesn't mean too many changes to their aesthetic.

>> No.10187813

Thank you

>> No.10187823


>> No.10187843

Didn’t they already re-release MBP? Wasn’t it a Tokyo only exclusive?

>> No.10187845

The print is gorgeous but those cuts ugh

>> No.10187848

Please let them re-release Musee

>> No.10187856

Me too, but i imagine they will keep the original swimmer designers. I only hope they reopen the online shop soon.

>> No.10187922

Some of the original designers have started their own brands now. Prices are a lot more than Swimmer but same aesthetic

>> No.10187932
File: 153 KB, 750x1063, 166290A5-A32A-494E-A682-3E86B720D24F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Idk maybe start the bidding at $50 you idiot

>> No.10187936

Do you know the brands or designer names? I'd like to support them

>> No.10187939

Dreamy planetarium. Please AP release the pink colorway in other cuts I’d cut my left tit off for a pink dreamy planetarium halter jsk

>> No.10187994

MMM is so cringy sometimes.

And thanks god they took that terrible fake bang from Fanny. They should just let her style herself ffs


>> No.10187996

I too hope for Antoinette Decoration. It fits the OTT aesthetics going on now more than it did when it first came out, so who knows!

>> No.10188000

A part of Moitie's appeal imo is being theatrical and over the top in presentation (this includes Mana himself lbr) without apologizing for it. It's a bit cringy at times, sure, but it's fun if you don't take it too seriously. Having said that, that clip on fringe and whatever they did to Fanny's hair is atrocious and she'd definitely look infinitely better if she styled herself.

>> No.10188020

Holy vaperwave, burn it.

>> No.10188084

You can really see how brown her teeth are here... I know people were speculating it was an editing glitch or something in that one picture but it looks like that's how they actually are.

>> No.10188091

They look fine? The inside of her mouth seems really dark, but it's just that the contrast filter is quite strong if you haven't noticed.

>> No.10188097

God you'd think she'd be able to model when it's not a selfie but she really cant. She looks incredibly vacant throughout this whole thing, not a single expression or any light in her eyes, just the same absent gaze.

Yeah it almost looks like they've blackened her teeth to reference maiko/geiko. Even if her teeth are somewhat discoloured, I can't believe they'd be as dark as they look in this video

>> No.10188104

>absent gaze
Have you never seen a runway show, or a typical MMM ad for that matter? If anything I think Fanny’s imitating the latter. She’s a little stiff, but I think she does pretty well for someone who doesn’t bill herself as a professional model (i.e. her ig bio still lists “translator” as her job).

>> No.10188110
File: 60 KB, 341x353, 1476682253496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope she'll never get rid of her shit

>> No.10188113

There is a god

>> No.10188138

I'm thinking Rose Toilette or Dreamy Planetarium. A lot of the big ones (Cream Cookie, Melty Cream Doughnut, Cinema Doll, Chocolate Rosette, Mercator) have all had rereleases already. I guess Toy March or Fantastic Dolly might get em too.

>> No.10188174

Jewelry Jelly/Sugary Carnival/Fantasic Dolly would be pretty good. Sure they're not rare or hard to find secondhand, but the prints on them have started to fade.

>> No.10188176

I fucking hate this, what an idiot.

>> No.10188179

God I would kill for a jewellery jelly rerelease, it was already a faint print to begin with without like 10 years of fading

>> No.10188188

I think she looks beautiful but dear God her hair is so thin

>> No.10188199
File: 114 KB, 650x650, 1552527159697.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw i'm sort of glad that my terrible attempts at hp fanfiction are probably gone forever.
just checking to see if you ever heard anything back?

>> No.10188203

Unlike YahooAuction you cannot lengten or delete an auction once someone bids. If the item goes for $2, she has to sell it. I am sure refusing to sell it because in her description it says it has to be a minimum of $50, is not allowed. If you would leave a negative review and she would do the same to you, I am sure the mods will stand by your side as she should have started the auction from $50.

>> No.10188204

One is called Twinkle Etoile

>> No.10188208
File: 286 KB, 809x664, Screenshot_20190607-012554_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is a recent picture of her with an open mouth and an older YouTube video.
They're not blindingly white or anything but certainly not brown like you're saying.

>> No.10188210

fanny is so average and kinda ugly when she's not taking her own photos. and her teeth are brown, just like in so many of her pics.

>> No.10188213

Did anyone get one of the Baby heart aprons through reservation last month? Have they arrived yet? I'm sad that I missed it by a day and really just wanted to see some cuteness.

>> No.10188225

I’ve always liked that fanny is on the average side of pretty, it places the emphasis on her clothes. And she used to always angle the camera so that her clothing rather than her face were the center of focus. These days she seems to edit her face more than she used to and starts her photo sets with a closeup (because that’s what gets the most likes). I still really like her attitude and her outfits, but this detail niggles me more than whatever color you people think her teeth are. (Have you looked at the average Japanese mouth lately?)

>> No.10188234

Anon just has a vendetta
that said,
I don't like her as a model for moite
she doesn't look good in gothic

>> No.10188250

I think anon is from the US. I heard people bleach their teeth there.

>> No.10188259

why do they look like the same shade as her skin

>> No.10188267

I though that too, but it's actually the way she opens her mouth that leaves that impression. On the second half of the video you can see her from an up angle and her teeth are normal.

>> No.10188315

Needs a daedric sword and Alduin flying in the background.

>> No.10188363
File: 808 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20190607-221822_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dat coconut fringe

Mana sama is still perfect as always though, that man is a God.

>> No.10188364

Her attitude sucks though, she's really self absorbed.

>> No.10188366

Is she though? Or is it just gossip and trash talk?
I’ve never met her, but as a fringe-less Classic Lolita I find her coords inspiring.

>> No.10188371
File: 49 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1559916780781.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's great that PD is making stuff for fatties but why doesn't anyone actually make the cuts flattering for them instead of just up sizing the pattern?
Poor girl looks like a marshmallow.

>> No.10188373

I believe these pictures are to show regular size (which can stretch a lot) vs plus size, which is bigger to start with. It's the same model wearing the plus size dress in black and the regular dress in white.

>> No.10188375


She isn't.

I think she is a little awkward sometimes but generally very well meaning and she's very kind to her friends.

>> No.10188377
File: 115 KB, 960x790, 62084579_3086226331420045_4230798478848032768_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Photo from the Wunderwelt booth at the Chinese convention that it's being held right now.

>> No.10188379

That Silent Moon looks so sad.

>> No.10188385

I really want this but my experience tells me my boobs are too small for fully shirred Moitie..

>> No.10188388

Is anyone getting tickets for the Imperial Garden event? They haven't released much news but they're already releasing ticketsbtoday over a year away from the event.

>> No.10188389

I doubt it, anon. I have 76cm and most fully shirred dresses fit well on me. If you really want SM, you could get a padded bra.

>> No.10188390
File: 43 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1559916791289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah this is the regular size vs plus size that you were talking about.

>> No.10188393

Rose toilette has two releases, new fav.

>> No.10188395


>> No.10188396

Opps sorry I just read the post and you're right. That black plus size in >>10188371
looks horrid though.

>> No.10188397

Oh my god they actually made her look like a man.. I feel so bad for her.. She clearly knows how to style herself best and look beautiful, it's like the MMM stylists hate her.

>> No.10188400

We can agree to disagree, every time we meet she only talks about how it's tough to be as beautiful as she is. It's such a bore.

>> No.10188419

Rest assured that you're making yourself look way better by repeatedly bitching about her.

>> No.10188423

And your whiteknighting makes you better because? You can lick her fanny, I just dont care for her personally.

>> No.10188428

omg I have those boots Mana is wearing.
might need to get this kimono now.

>> No.10188432

Which dresses do you own? Holy Queen and Iron Gate look like shit on me because of my small bust size

>> No.10188455


Nice you sort of outed yourself.

>> No.10188470

It's funny how this is obviously ugly girls/fatties whining about how ugly fanny's teeth are so they feel less inferior. You guys will never get to model for MmM, stop reaching for reasons to feel better than her.

>> No.10188473

Thank you jesus thank you jesus thank you jesus

>> No.10188475

I'm not saying anything for her sake; I'm saying it because hearing you whine about her everything time she enters the periphery of conversation has grown pretty tiresome.

>> No.10188494

Sounds like an INTJ personality. She mentioned she was that type on her tumblr once and it made me like her more because I’m also an intj and put too much stock in dumb personality tests, haha

>> No.10188500
File: 78 KB, 900x450, 62065442_2540534295991025_8056352864739524608_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now we're getting one in the US is guess?

>> No.10188508

Being INTx and believing in MBTI is contradictory


>> No.10188512

2019 is a blessed year.

>> No.10188513

>Assuming that I'm the only one who doesn't like her.
Sure Fanny

>> No.10188515

>Being INTx and believing in MBTI is contradictory
not true at all, it'd all feed their giant egos

>> No.10188546

I'm tempted to but the date of the ticket release is worrying me

>> No.10188549
File: 61 KB, 525x700, byguoekw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some of PD's dresses work great on fatties, pic related. But this... It's a yikes from me, Captain

>> No.10188550 [DELETED] 

Wait who is it giving a hint

>> No.10188572

Nayrt, but the "you" pronoun may also refer to a group of people on it's plural form.

>> No.10188573

Does anyone have a price list comparison between USA and JP?

>> No.10188575

Anyone that owns VF's Funeral dress/skirt? How is the quality like with it?

>> No.10188577

They're releasing tickets so early to fund the event right? I guess they don't want to use their savings. If the event is cancelled, I'm pretty sure you can get your money back. I haven't really looked into it yet but if I like the location I'll probably buy a ticket. I've only been to one big event so far and I want to support more big events in my country and neighbouring countries.

>> No.10188695

Give me Dreamy Dollhouse or give me death. I miss glitter prints.

>> No.10188702

Toy box had glitter

>> No.10188703

a lot of foreigners find their hair thins (or they loose a lot of hair) when they move to Japan. its weird but it comes up constantly in expat fb groups

>> No.10188705

But does it come back when they move back? Sounds like some people in denial about getting older.

>> No.10188716

Shes in her 30's not late 50s wtf?

>> No.10188720

most people's hair starts thinning a little in their 30's, sometimes even late 20s. it's normal to an extent.

>> No.10188739

Wtf why does that happen?

>> No.10188742

it's the water. this happens to some people who move from mainland US/europe to Hawaii too.

>> No.10188820

Can confirm, my dad was in the military
We moved from the US to South Korea and everyone's hair started to look fried as shit, same thing happened when we went to Germany
As far as I know, we've all gone back to normal since we came back home

>> No.10188844

Nobody liked that print and it goes for next to nothing doesn't it? Just get it secondhand.

>> No.10188902

Is there something wrong with the water there? Or are they just not used to it?

>> No.10188904

They have calcareous water over there, which is terrible for your hair

>> No.10188905

Have any scans from the new AP look book appeared yet? Been stalking quite a few places that tend to upload them and haven't found anything yet.

>> No.10189024

Which styles/cuts are the most flattering on chubby (not obese/plus size) girls in your opinion?

>> No.10189027

I like to wear square neck OP's. They usually have a little shirring in the neckline and the waist isn't too high, so they are forgiving on my boobs. Bonus points for puffy sleeves because they balance my chubby arms. I wouldn't recommend this if you have a wode frame, though.

>> No.10189038

Did MM just forget about the Farutteto release they were gonna do?

>> No.10189062

victorianme has a really good video on this. her curvy friend gives good advice and shows various styles

>> No.10189123

For anyone who hasn't seen -

Lolita Desu just posted about the CTP MTOs. If you want EMS shipping, message them now!

>> No.10189132

When is AP's summer catalog getting released or has it been already?

>> No.10189141

To the gulls who save pictures of coords in inspiration folders, how do you organize them?
By style? Colour? Year?
I've realized I can't find the pictures I'm looking for anymore so would love some ideas!

>> No.10189161

I used to have a folder for each substyle. Haven't bothered since I replaced my phone though.

>> No.10189168

Corset skirts

>> No.10189178


>chubby (not obese/plus size)

Emphasise (what should be) the smallest part of you -- your waist. Pick at-waist or low waisted dresses. If you have big boobs, go for lower waists, try to avoid the snowman silhoutte.

If you don't have a waist, then undergarment (corset, body shaper) until you do.

Poofy sleeves optional, be careful you don't add too much opaque volume, but for a girl who's just a bit chunky and not straight up blimp you should be fine.

>> No.10189184

Dieting. You aren’t too far gone yet, you can come back.

>> No.10189188

There are a few things that I personall found work well for me:

1. Make sure you don’t stuff yourself in clothing that just doesn’t fit. Think about altering pieces that don’t fit well, often times small alterations can make a huge difference. Lengthening straps is what makes the biggest difference for me as I‘m also tall. This way I make sure that the waist of the dress hits me at my natural waist.

2. Use a good petti! You want to maximize the poof of your dress (obviously not overstuffing it, just the maximum poof depending on the dress cut) so your waist looks smaller. It can be hard to find the right petti, for example I have a pretty big butt so I need to shift some proof of my petti in the front so it’s the same from all sides.

3. High-waisted dresses can work! I have a few and I think they look good on me, but they are all longer dresses. The longer length, less poofy dresses can look elongating and elegant. Short high-waisted dresses are no no for me personally.

4. Make sure the hem hits you right above the knee (or under, for more elegant dresses). Skinny legged girls can get away with shorter dresses, but if your legs are a bit chubby I think showing your thighs looks less flattering. Underskirts are your friend if your dresses are otherwise too short! I am NOT talking about adding like 5 ruffles, most of my underskirts only add like one row of lace or one row of ruffles plus one row of lace at most. They can blend really nicely into your dress and the little bit of extra length can make all the difference.

5. I prefer my long sleeved blouses to have quite simple and narrow sleeves. No huuuge puffy sleeves or extra rows of lace in the upper arm area. For short sleeves I prefer flowy, slightly see-through sleeves. Believe me, cuffs that dig into your arms make them look fatter than more loose sleeves that flow nicely. Lace sleeves are very nice!

6. huge hair makes your face and also your waist look smaller, just like a big petti.

>> No.10189190
File: 469 KB, 480x640, B43BL437-07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I want this blouse so badly but my shoulders are 38cm. What do

>> No.10189225

There was nothing new, that’s why.

>> No.10189235

I'm glad >>10189188 commented.
Yes dieting is good but you don't lose weight immediately so its good to know how to dress in the meantime.

>> No.10189267

I'm getting the lookbook soon so if you really want anything, I can scan a few pages

>> No.10189269

Literally what is the issue? Flattering puff sleeves are supposed to sit above the point where your shoulders end

>> No.10189270

Wait I thought Lolita Desu closed in February?

>> No.10189280

Probably not the most ideal way, but I organize by the brand of the main piece, that way my inspo folder doubles as a worn folder. In the image details I sometimes include further info (colour & cut, year, other accessories if I can recognize them) and I tag brand names for every piece used.

>> No.10189281

Nayrt but they're still finishing up orders they took in advance for in store Shopping Service preorder stuff.

>> No.10189283

fucking thiiiis
I own jewelry jelly. I absolutely love the print. It doesnt go expensive second hand but I would kill for a new release just for the refresh in quality

>> No.10189287
File: 114 KB, 700x521, IMG_20190608_120201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone seen the Favorite Tokyo Mew Mew collab yet? I'm dying for the Ichigo ones http://favorite-one.co.jp/smartphone/detail.html?id=000000011908

>> No.10189307

Why are you posting this in the lolita general?

>> No.10189334

Not lolita. See yourself out.

>> No.10189389

Does anyone have scans of the new angelic pretty catalog for summer 2019?

>> No.10189433

Feckin' cute

>> No.10189436
File: 31 KB, 400x458, angela-clayton-evening-gown-1860-7901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think Angela Clayton would make a really good lolita, does anyone else watch her?

>> No.10189439

We don’t need another plainfaced manjaw lolita. There are plenty.

>> No.10189440

I'd rather have a lolita with taste over a lolita with a nice face

>> No.10189441

What does she do?

>> No.10189447

She sews mostly historical attire on youtube as well as vintage stuff


>> No.10189451

Alot of people who do historical fashion look down on lolita tho

>> No.10189457


>> No.10189512

Newfag. She used to do lolita and cosplay and tripfagged here all the time.

>> No.10189576

I wouldn't say 'look down' on, but there's usually little interest.

>> No.10189611

I don't even know what's in it besides the new oceanic print. Just kinda wanna see the upcoming prints and solids that we haven't seen yet if there's more than the ocean dress in there.

>> No.10189638

really? can you show us one of her old coords

>> No.10189652

ntayrt but I don't think she was ever a lolita. She was always a cosplayer. I could be wrong but I don't think I've ever seen her wear the fashion or mention it.

>> No.10189683

How are maple's wigs? They're having a sale, but I've never tried them before so I'm unfamiliar with the quality

>> No.10189687

would be cool to get a re-release that ups the vividness and staying power of the print, could add glitter to it too (unless the original was already glittery? I don't remember)

>> No.10189688


>> No.10189691

Metamorphose will be at AX! I wonder if they'll have a tea party

>> No.10189692

I think it was just the ocean print and some solids. Maybe Muuh SS posted pics

>> No.10189695

I bought the old school looking "sausage curls" one. I would recommend getting a different wig and styling it. I know that's more work, but my wig is very thin and since it is blond and I have dark hair it shows through if I dont adjust it constantly.

>> No.10189700

You could try to wear one of those skin colored wigcaps made of the same fabric as tights.

>> No.10189743

They are playing dumb which gives me a really bad feeling. I'm now writing the 4th mail because they don't seem to understand the issue even though my last mail was basically toddler-speak.

>> No.10189906
File: 171 KB, 500x666, 122916645_o1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this design but the construction and fabric look questionable. Any suggestions for brands with a similar design? Or does Marble look really good irl?

>> No.10189912

i want this as my wedding dress
>tfw no lolita bf

>> No.10189922

Is Olivine Erlandger on LM mentally retarded? I always see her commenting on items with the stupidest shit like “hmmm” and now she seems to be confused with what a bidding war is and thinks that the other person is “messing” with her

>> No.10189925

Marble looks a lot better irl than in stock pics, they use soft raschel lace, but I've only ever had their blouses so I can't tell you about the quality of their dresses.

>> No.10189926

god, she’s done that on some of my listings and it’s infuriating.

>> No.10189931
File: 17 KB, 460x460, 148d83df88d75fd6b53b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sheglit has a bunch of new stuff. i guess they got a new photographer too.

>> No.10189935

new thread >>10189933

>> No.10189939


She makes nice things but I don't think she necessarily has good taste. She takes a lot of shortcuts with her clothing and she does a lot of sponsored posts. I dread if she gets into Lolita she'll just become another devilinspired shill.

>> No.10189946

Who isn’t a devilinspired shill at this point? Legitimately asking. Seems like every efamous lolita these days has a closet full of brand and that one lone taobao dress they were paid to promote.

>> No.10189963

I even see retro fashion girls shilling devilinspired, styling their lolita dresses into 1950s outfits.

>> No.10190328

she is a predatory he just fyi

>> No.10190518

they're banned from lolita groups for being a part of a child grooming discord server that encourages self harm and transitioning to female

>> No.10190705

PLEASE caps.