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last thread: >>10174518

>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

If anyone else has inspo photos they'd like possibly added to the above link, email the account [email protected]

We have a discord!
If you want into the CGL AA discord, email [email protected] with a picture of your table or merchandise. It is not a jury, just to make sure you do cons.

If I see one more rainbow flag enamel pin...I swear I'm going to complain so much on the internet.

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I used to have a rainbow flagged Starbucks/boba cup on my bag (I'm a stright dude) to show support during a big talk that was happening on my campus at the time. I also think either one of my friends made it, or they just got me one as a present, but either way, I showed it off. And when men hit on me, and I told them kindly that no, I'm actually not gay, they got really snippy/mean/rude about my pin.

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Thank god corky is gone

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tantrum anon pls don't shit up another thread, one was enough

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She really threw a fit about the last thread huh
Her and Yokudraws can stay gone

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Both are cancelled

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If this turns into another dramafest I will personally shut down 4chan’s servers and hold asian moot hostage.

How’s everyone’s con prep going now that it’s prime con season? I’m dying. I’m ahead of schedule but I’m still worried.

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>con prep
how the fuck is AX so close, i'm scared. i'm currently "on time" with all of my deadlines, but it still feels like not enough buffer.

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Corky you're still shit

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it would be easier if people didn't add new flags. like a bunch of people are now using an entirely different coloured lesbian flag because the old one was bad or something

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>How’s everyone’s con prep going now that it’s prime con season?
So-so, each day I'm working on something, but there's so much more I gotta do. I crochet/needle felt/sew and I still feel generally lacking in variety of goods. And yet I have to be mindful to try not to make too much of something I haven't sold before since I don't know how it'll sell.

By the way, I've always been making small impromptu signage for prices, which gets a little chaotic looking around my table. I'm thinking of changing it up and start individually pricing things with little price tags. Yay or nay?

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>How’s everyone’s con prep going now that it’s prime con season?

my prime con season just ended so i'm able to relax some.

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Unfortunately there’s always been a bunch of lesbian flags and no agreed upon one. The multi-pink one was only made in like 2011 or something and used to have a big kiss mark on it and be a “lipstick lesbian pride” flag; it blew up on tumblr with the kiss removed. Every “established” pride flag has an idea symbolically associated with each color like the original, but the pink lesbian one is just random pretty femmey colors, so that might be part of why there are redesign efforts, but desu it was never that popular at all outside of tumblr (this is also why it’s left off of some merch sets, being poorly selling. Of course people cry lesbiphobia, but just like all pride products the logic comes back to cold hard cash.)

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The person who designed the pink kiss flag turned out to be a terf (and it's shitty and too femme anyway) and one of the modern orange/pink ones was apparently designed by someone who hates ace people so it's almost like all the flags are bullshit anyway and you have to have some kind of ego to design a flag to represent a group of people without excessive input or authority. At least the rainbow actually has history of use and wasn't just like, designed by some cunt on the internet and posted on a blog.

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Yo if I’m jumping on the body pillow train is it worth to make mini keychain dakis too?

Don’t wanna cut into possible sales with same design but this seems like the one case where they products might be far removed enough in terms of hardcore vs casual audience?

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Wait but actually tho is Corky gone :(

Please say psych :(

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Honestly I'm still gonna prefer the all-pink one (sans tacky lipstick print) because the orange/pink one is uggo. God I wish that pride flag designers would get some sense of taste before posting their gaudy ideas online. The rainbow and trans ones are the best designed flags imo

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evil transphobic bigots uwu

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I mean I know this is 4chan but we don't need to do this buddy, I was just explaining why there's new flags. If people here are talking about this because they want to make merch for pride I think it's wise to at least pretend to be sensitive to those topics.

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Full-size dakis are a big investment (compared to what one would usually spend for an item in the AA), while minis are easier to collect and draw in impulse buyers. I think that having both is a good idea since they have different uses.

Think of it this way: a customer would buy a $10 mini daki keychain as a joke, or because they like the character, or for its inherent uniqueness. It's an easy buy, like any other keychain. Plus it has the bonus of being a keychain that doesn't break as easily as an acrylic, and it's washable.

But a full-size $50-60 daki cover is something that requires more thought put into its purchase. The customer has to REALLY like that character, and be in a situation where having a body pillow would be accepted in their household, in order to buy the product.
That's not even mentioning the fact that it would then require an additional purchase of a body pillow, which is another $25-$50, if they don't already have one.

There's an artist I see at some cons that has both serious and "joke" designs, and I noticed that her "joke" designs are usually in mini form only. Take of that what you will.

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Sounds solid to me, was thinking of some reasoning along those lines but wasn’t sure how strongly it held up in practice. Thanks dude!

Joke mini dakis sounds great... that artist knows what they’re doing.

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I'm a little behind schedule and Catprint's uploading refused to work for me. Now I have to get back to the job through June, limiting my time for progress.

On the bright side, I'm finally happy with a new digital painting approach I started using.

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Not an artist, just a customer. Are any of you going to A-Kon this year? I like to stop by seagull tables every year and support my fellow gulls but I know this year has been crazy.

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huh, didn't know the pink and red one was made by an internet rando as well. thanks for info.

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I got berated by a good artist who wouldn’t sell me a print because I sell a print of a “problematic” series. Feels bad man.

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For real? Alright, I’ll bite. What’s your problematic series?

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wow, what a travisty

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Honestly I prefer the ace exclusion one because asexuality is made up and shouldnt be a part of the lgbt community just like any other new age mogai term

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What do you do with a somewhat large order of botched charms? Recycle? Sell at discount?

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Swap them with other artists. Most people don't mind but I still feel weird about taking money for a bad product. I've never had any issues with swapping a botched charm though, and some artists have been super cool about it and given me really nice prints (larger size or holo effect) even though I told them the charm looks funky just because it's still a charm at the end of the day.

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Depends on how bad they are. Post pics.

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I was never for or against ace but when I read something along the lines of asexuality has never got people killed in the history of ever. It clicked for me

>this thread was destined to be a dumpster fire from the start

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For 11x17” prints...
Are 11x17” sleeves too tight and I should pirchase 11.25x17.25” sleeves instead?

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How is asexuality more made up than non-binary/genderless?

I used to be neutral on Pride month but it’s just become a source of drama and really tacky merch. People should just accept each other year round but I feel many just use Pride month to push themselves as a charity case where they throw some designs with flags together haphazardly and says “Please buy some to support an LGBT artist uwu” and as far as seasonals go people tend to put less effort in those than say, Halloween.

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don't take the bait, moron.

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Never said it was. Non binary and the like are part of the mogai spectrum. The acronym is LGBT for a reason.

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Good idea, thanks anon! They're not fug beyond repair, but I'm the same way with being hesitant to take money for something I'm not happy with.

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take your oppression complex somewhere else

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File: 852 KB, 1632x2048, westaboo thread11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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i'm not sure if i saved these ones for inspo or as a dark warning

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This whole booth physically made me sick

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I kind of love this ngl

>> No.10184670

My god. I love the art style and the layout of this booth but the content.... Why?

>> No.10184674

This image is cursed. There's even a R18 sign.

>> No.10184682

Your lack of reading comprehension is showing.

>> No.10184707

Exactly 11x17”s are too tight, but adding .25 allows for more than a snug fit.

>> No.10184742

was it DBH? lmao

>> No.10184745

Hell yes. I do Drag Race art and I'm taking a some of it to my next anime con. There has to be a decent number of drag fans amidst the weebs. I'm sure this guy made bank at Dragcon.

>> No.10184748

don't a ton of drag queens hate people using their likeness/selling 'fanart' considering it's usually competing directly with their own merch

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the other cursed westaboo picture i have would probably get me banned so i won't post it lol.

your complete inability to read a room is showing

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It depends on the queen and the approach, I guess. Some love fanart. Tbh I wish more of them would up their official merch game. Saw Dela and Jinkx last year and their merch was really sad. Like I wanted to buy something but it all looked terrible.

>> No.10184780

Is this... Does this person... ship Jasmine and Jafar...

>> No.10184782

I was thinking the same thing!!!
My second guess was League of Legends

>> No.10184801

...LoL is problematic?

>> No.10184862

Riot Games, allegation of sexual harassment. Employees walkout due to toxic work environment.

>> No.10184877

That seems like the perfect thing to make merch of. take the fans money without giving anything back to problematic company

>> No.10184893

Feeling opressed because you cant fuck acey?

>> No.10184932


Can we notttttt

>> No.10184942

have the threads become so boring that randos are thirsting for drama and leaving bait everywhere ?

>> No.10184957

I just started making 11x17" prints and had a coupon for 11x17 plastic sleeves but I wasn't totally sure they would fit well.

>> No.10184970

Theyve always been boring. The same questions get asked everytime and the same booths are always posted. Not like AA isnt full of drama anyhow.

>> No.10184979

Then just leave instead of shitting up the threads with petty drama. Both questions and pictures vary enough to help out less experienced artists, and the drama is often at least about artists, events and companies to avoid instead of needing to create it here.
It's not like there's a problem having less active threads.

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>place order with vograce for 50 acrylic standees on friday
>just got an email saying it's getting shipped now

Holy shit, they're in turbo mode right now or something. Last time I ordered a smaller amount and it took a little over a week to ship out.

>> No.10185298

Congrats anon. It's good to hear when things go better than expected!

>> No.10185408

anyone hear back from AWA yet? Applications closed a month ago.

>> No.10185416

>checks Vograce
>now they do tape, stickers, heart badges etc
Holy heck, anybody tried their tape or stickers?

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File: 739 KB, 1000x1000, Vograce-Acrylic-Adhesive-Single-Sided-Printing-Customized.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did, actually! I got a sample of the washi tape last time I ordered. It was included for free. I asked about the heart badges and stickers and they told me they don't have samples for those on hand. I think if you want samples of those, you'd have to give them a design to print.
They gave me a pretty wide roll (a little over an inch wide) with some little birds on it (see attached). Pretty standard quality for washi tape, about what you'd expect from, say, Target or any office supply store. Good stickiness, darker colors printed well and still have vibrancy.
If my audience had interest in washi tape, I would have gone ahead and made a design and bought some. I've been using it to decorate packages I've been shipping, and I'm pretty happy with it. I don't know if they offer foil printing, though. Ask your rep.

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File: 113 KB, 1000x1000, Professional-Customized-Cheap-Custom-Printing-Transparent-Pvc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, they're offering translucent business cards now! If you've ordered from Vograce before, you've probably gotten one of these before. Might be something to look into if you're wanting a more unique business card to give out at cons.
Their frontpage on Alibaba says it's $16 for 150 cards.

>> No.10185462

Do people in general buy washi tape in AA? I wanted to try selling them but it seems the ROI is pretty low especially when places like aliexpress sell them for literal pennies.

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I got this pamphlet from Vograce with my custom pillow sample a couple weeks ago.
They're expanding quite a bit and I'm excited to see what their enamel pin quality is like.

I've noticed washi tape sells better in online stores vs selling at cons. But people will totes buy washi tape for a pretty penny if they like your design.

>> No.10185480

Wait what's wrong with their display/content? Seems fine, just a bit cramped?

>> No.10185483

The stickers are pretty terrible. The plastic film top layer peels off with the design. Hopefully they’ll change the material.

>> No.10185485

How much did the stands cost you? What size did you order?

>> No.10185495

Chris quoted me for two sizes.
5 inch (w/ 5 inch diameter base) - $7 each
5.5 inch (w/ 4.5 inch base) - $8.20 each
$45 shipped to USA.

I sell then for $18/$20 respectively. Not that high of a profit margin desu, but my fans like them and I do think they're fun to make.

I heard from the PMR group on Facebook that their enamel pins aren't actually made by them. Vograce is just a middleman apparently. I wonder if that's true?

>> No.10185530

If that's true then do they do good quality control on them? They're still cheaper than zap...

>> No.10185539

I've only ever gotten one faulty standee, and it was a very small crack in the acrylic base. Some might find that ok to sell, but I ended up giving it to a friend for free. I didn't bother mentioning it to my rep.
I'll let you guys know if there's anything wrong with this current order when it arrives.

>> No.10185541

Wow. They really know their audience and are expanding really fast. Good on them! Just hope they keep up with the quality...

People started suspecting them as a middleman once an artist had her designs stolen and was told (?) that it might have been "the factory". Not sure if that means THEIR factory workers, or the factory they would use as a middleman.

>> No.10185544

They sent me heart badge samples before when I asked.

>> No.10185560

L-lucky ):
How is it? Do you have pics?

>> No.10185581
File: 758 KB, 2048x2048, BEA7E5F9-E75F-4F1A-92DE-9C897243932E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I took some just for you, anon. There seems to be both a matte and glossy version? I don’t think there’s mylar on either though, so it’s pretty easy to scratch (I tried with my nails). The indented edge of the heart is also ripped on them, but I think that’s a heart button thing? Someone please confirm if this is normal. Other than that, the printing is fine and the price is relatively cheap.

>> No.10185596

Thank you! It's a shame they scratch so easily :/ That's a big turn off for me.

>> No.10185597

Oooh, the matte ones looks nice, but the scratch-ing is not good at all. If anyone puts it on their backpack the pin is a goner.

>> No.10185599

oops no idea why I said "scratch-ing" and not scratching, haha.

>> No.10185699

Hmm. I’ve wondered before about matte buttons but guessed that just no mylar would make then easy to damage...
anybody know about matte protection alternatives to mylar? I don’t know if such a thing exists.

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File: 1.03 MB, 978x978, chorms.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how are charms like these made? i was under the impression that printing straight to the cut will cause issues. i assume that these are vograce - do you just send them a file with the cut line prepared for them?

>> No.10185827

How does it practically function when you have people show id to view 18+ materials at your table; do you have them like turn around so that their back and the art are facing towards your table and not out for everyone else to see)? Am i overthinking it?

>> No.10185838

Just keep it in a binder in the corner. It's a fucking anime convention. Everyone is gonna see some tiddy, 2D or otherwise, by the end of the weekend. You did your part by IDing.

>> No.10185853

AX is coming soon and I haven't drawn anything yet. How do you all draw during con season when you're in a block? I can't tell if I'm in an art block or just severely unmotivated because no one will buy my crap if everyone else is so godly.

>> No.10185888

Why the fuck are you even going to AX then? It’s pathetic people like you that shit up the artist alley and ruin it for the attendees. At least you’ll make the people next to you shine.

>> No.10185893

To be fair, AX sign ups were back in Oct. So anon probably planned on improving during the 9 months. Unfortunately that didn’t happen.

>> No.10185898

>>do you just send them a file with the cut line prepared for them?

I think so. In Kriss/digitoonie’s tutorial/sample (on how to set up a vograce file for charms), she includes a separate layer for her own cut lines.

>> No.10185900

I don’t rely on motivation to draw since motivation is fickle. I just... you know, do it. I have a notebook with ideas (pre-filled from whenever inspiration striked) that I use whenever I feel like I lost my creative juice. Looking up con hauls or browsing twitter also helps me come up with ideas.

>> No.10185938

Does AX sell the vacant tables when there are no-shows?

>> No.10185947

This > >>10185900
Motivation is unreliable, discipline is your ally. I've also started keeping a note of ideas that I wanted to do in the last year and it's helped me stay productive immensely.

>> No.10186049

Look at dead sea over here

>> No.10186115

I'm asking them about those anyway. Also for a template since I can't find it anywhere. Maybe they can put mylar if I request it. let's see.

>> No.10186130

They have a template. Just ask your rep to send it you.

>> No.10186249

Has anyone tabled at Seishun Con? How did you do?

>> No.10186285

Daddy chill

>> No.10186305

The first year I did decently, last year traffic was really down for some reason. The con staff and attendees are really great but it's a really tiny con so I don't recommend it for anyone who isn't local.

That said the artist alley is only 5 or 6 tables so despite it being small you'll still get people stopping to shop.

>> No.10186445

If you’re who I think you are, you sure are leaving out a lot of details. What about the part where you kept baiting her until she kindly asked you to leave her alone? Or how overtly ~edgy~ you were acting?

>> No.10186473

I did 2 or 3 years ago. One of the worst cons I ever sold at. Tiny con (both in attendance and venue size), artist alley tucked into a room many people didn't know existed, the area and parking is somewhat expensive.
I think its the only convention I lost money at.

>> No.10186588

Is there any free backgrounds for digital art that I can use? I feel that a lot of artists that I see in the area don't do their own backgrounds.

>> No.10186600

Uh, no. A good artist worth their salt draws their own backgrounds. Unless you’re talking about using free textures for something? Lots of folks do that.

>> No.10186607

Anons, if you sell online but want to move into doing AA but still don't have a ton of merch, is it better to wait and accumulate your merch over time before heading to AA or getting a good batch of stuff made roughly all at once to do AA?

>> No.10186641

It depends on what you're making. My product is made at home (machine embroidery) so I've just accumulated over time. However, I use cons as an incentive to boost my range of product because it's a hard deadline. I'd encourage you to look for a nearby one-day or small con to do a test run at if you're interested in AA. They're usually cheaper and less overwhelming.

>> No.10186644

Better to start earlier but also start small, so then you'll know what you're getting into. Find a cheap local AA. Share the table with a friend if you don't have enough merch. Once you've confident and accumulated enough merch, then start signing up for larger cons.

Try checking your local university/college. Where I live, many campus typically have 1 day anime cons and AA tables are relatively cheap ~$25 or sometimes even free. Search on facebook "[insert college name] anime club/con".

>> No.10186669

My worst fear with the SJWs is coming true. They’re starting to think that if you like a show, any show, that has a problematic character, that you’re the real life representation of that.

>> No.10186675

No one actually thinks that, but keep being delusional, anon.

>> No.10186677

SJW outed

>> No.10186681

eh who cares, they're usually really bold on twitter, but if you so much as look at them IRL they crumple under the concept of any conflict. take thumbcramps/whimsipop for example lmao

>> No.10186846

What's she doing now?

>> No.10186877

I could care less about drama but something about thumbcramps/whimsipop makes me want to smash her booth with a mallet

>> No.10186952

Thanks for the advice, anons! The small AA run with minimal merch to feel it out sounds pretty solid, so I'll look into what small events are going on!

>> No.10187009

Anyone who uses the word "SJW" unironically in 2019 is a faggot.

>> No.10187098

I got accepted!!!!! I'm so happy! Past 2 years they rejected me. I'd been wanting to go again because I really like the con.

>> No.10187109

Thank you, anons, I kind of expected to hear it wasn't so great.

>> No.10187114

I got an acceptance today but I'd be flying pretty far from out of state, so I'm not sure its feasible.

>> No.10187256

Hope you do well. I'm trying for next year when I have a little bit more merchandise so I have a better shot at getting accepted.

>> No.10187404

Accepted, but I don't know if I can make it. Does anyone know if they accept proxies?

>> No.10187439

>imagine literally being this greedy
You must need the money that badly huh?

>> No.10187445

what? its still their artwork. what does this even mean

>> No.10187448

Update: they're good! I got them in today (thanks DHL) and from the ones I've checked so far (over half of them), they're all exactly what I was hoping for. Each stand was packaged in a bubble wrap pouch, and then packed in plastic bags. None of them are broken. I'll have to keep checking them all to know if there are any slight cracks, and I'll update if I catch any.
Obviously not posting pics so I don't get recognized, but I hope this helps if anyone is nervous about ordering from Vograce.

>> No.10187514

people in this thread are just super edgy for no reason. i almost feel like it's one person with an anger problem trying to start shit constantly

>> No.10187575
File: 93 KB, 400x400, do-you-even-go-here-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Anybody have an actual answer to my question? The closest the rules get to addressing it is just 'an artist can only sell their own work'

I don't want to directly ask them because I think I'm already a problem child for them

>> No.10187595

I don’t think anyone here knows. You’re gonna have to ask the con.

From what I noticed anime cons don’t allow proxies into their AA, while comic cons do.

>> No.10187617

Its on the AA rules page on the website
"No third party sales."

>> No.10187620

Let someone that can actually be present for their business have the table jfc

>> No.10187645

I’m assuming a lot of people were wait-listed for the convention but no, op of the comment has to be greedy and attempt to use a proxy.
For so many people that could’ve been their first convention.
Sometimes you just gotta know when to take the L anon.

>> No.10187648

That clause means no proxy sellers. They just word it that way so no one can pull the “I didn’t know what proxy seller meant!” card.

>> No.10187654

Thanks guys

It's not my fault that AWA decided it would rather be a dick and change their date to be on the same as three other events.

>> No.10187664

Three other events??? Holy shit chill out just let someone else have the table

>> No.10187665

Are there any cons that actually allow proxy sales in AA?

>> No.10187681
File: 150 KB, 666x800, B73648B4-97B0-42B6-B618-3F110BA89B91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember posting about a similar issue a few months ago and lo and behold my Cricut is still doing this.
I managed to fix the majority of the issue by just straightening the plastic paper guide on my printer, but certain images still seem to fuck up regardless.
I’m pretty sure it has to do with the original file (these are scanned from messy watercolor paintings).

Would a buyer be upset with this level of uneven edge? I’m thinking of just hand trimming them at this point.

>> No.10187767

I dont mind it desu, your artwork is lovely!

>> No.10187812

2 weeks ago at Fanime, were there any no-shows/empty tables?

>> No.10187847

Not to my recollection. there might have been one in the corner, but it could have been a cosplay guest table too

>> No.10188141

How grippy is your mat? Paper could be gradually getting moved more and more out of its position during the cutting.

I had this problem when I first got mine and am honestly not sure how it resolved itself; after just really carefully lining up the paper it stopped happening, but i remember thinking it could be getting jostled slowly during the process, since it got more and more out of line progressing down the sheet; my next step was going to be starting to press it down onto the sheet firmly, since i had de-stickied mine with fabric and thought maybe it was too much loss of grip

>> No.10188172

We've known about the date change since the last AWA ended. It's not their fault you don't know how to read a damn calendar.

>> No.10188323

I've had similar problems with my Cricut years ago with this very same problem. They have too many issues with their machines that I had been unhappy with for years. I recently got a Silhouette instead and haven't had issues.

If you're experiencing grip issues, just wash the mat in the sink with soap and water. I can't tell you the science behind it but I have saved myself from buying new mats by just washing them. The tack come back. Lesser but just as effective...washi tap.

>> No.10188334

There was one closer to the back, about 3/4ths to the window. It might have been the artist that was kicked out though. It def wasn't a cosplay guest table. I didn't get to walk around until the last day. Other than that, I didn't see any.

>> No.10188486

I'll try pressing down more firmly and see, but the uneveness is replicable on certain images. Maybe the way the blade moves for certain sheets is more conducive to having the paper slip? I'll see. I just cleaned my mat a few days ago and it seems pretty sticky.
I've heard multiple people switch over from Cricut to Silhouette lately. My sister said she'd be willing to switch her Silhouette for my Cricut but I feel bad giving her this headache!

>> No.10188719

Can I ask for a source on these? I’m a really big FFXIV player and want them all.

>> No.10188748

When did everyone change their charm prices from $12 to $10? I feel like I missed the memo.

>> No.10188769

ever since i got sick of carrying a fuckton of ones to break change

>> No.10188954

At first I was selling 2.5” charms for $12 or 2 for $10 but for the first 4 cons I only sold 1-2 charms total per con including AX. And at all those 4 cons, I was placed next to an artist selling their bigger/better art charms for $8 or 2 for $15. Since then Ive changed my price to $8, 2 for $15 and my sales jumped to 4-6 charms per design per con. Now that my art has gotten better, I plan to switch back to $10.

>> No.10188967

>1-2 charms per con including AX

How bad were you anon lmao

>> No.10189053

Oh, so this is Chiroyoyoyoyoyo. Good job ousting yourself by talking it about it on your personal twitter kek
I was right about the ‘you needing money’ part judging by your artwork.

>> No.10189080

idk i couldn't have been that bad. I somehow made 3k at AX from prints and stickers.

It's frustrating that I put a lot of effort and time into making charms and prints, but then most of my sales come from stickers with extremely half-ass art. I guess my customers don't care about art quality, they just want to buy the cheapest item.

>> No.10189083

have you tried making your sticker art into charms?

>> No.10189097

remember that not everyone is into itabagging or collecting, it's a lot easier to justify having a lot of stickers than a lot of charms if you're the type of person who only has a charm or two on their keyring/phone.

>> No.10189503

How is Sacanime going for everyone this year?

>> No.10189658
File: 885 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20190608-233704_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So this was just announced this week, and AA opened? Not much of an announcement or warning.

Looks like it's trying to complete with Akon next year.

>> No.10189750

My tablecloth is starting to get real ratty and stained. Anywhere I should be looking for cute ones? Also are there any fabrics that are good for not getting wrinkled?

>> No.10189765

I don't even know who that is anon, take your hate boner somewhere else

>> No.10189794

Wonder how good it'll be since they just rescheduled Big Easy Con at the last minute.

>> No.10189838
File: 127 KB, 868x518, Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 11.28.00 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why can't that girl in AANI talking about JAFAX handle a single bit of criticism or questioning? How many people is AANI demand to be coddled like this, holy shit.

>> No.10189867

every comment from her is like this it's honestly kind of funny i think she's unhinged. why the fuck are you having panic attacks over AANI love

>> No.10189882
File: 3.60 MB, 4032x3024, 00000IMG_00000_BURST20190609152752720_COVER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finishing up vending at the Indy Pop Con artist alley.

What a disaster. Our fun little in-joke this weekend has been calling it Indy Flop Con. This has been my worst show ever in 5 years of doing this.

No point to make, just venting.

>> No.10189901
File: 89 KB, 575x746, 5F45675F-56EC-4114-8141-443A40DF9313.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no someone is running a kickstarter for odd shaped button machines. I hope they know what they’re getting into. I’ve seen a lot of AANI post about the heart button machine producing defective buttons at a high rate. I personally know an artist who’s given up on their heart button machine.

>> No.10189907

puvithel you arent exactly the brightest bulb in the box either seeing as you continually argued with that narc instead of just reporting the thread earlier

>> No.10189913

Sorry I don't have any input but really curious about this. I saw that it's been a huge flop for a bunch of people.

>> No.10189928

i didn't even comment on the post lol, just watched it turn into a mess.

>> No.10189957

the cat ones are such a bitch to make and the cutter is super finicky, these are either going to end up being super expensive or they're going to hate themselves by the time they fulfill the ks orders let one their business ones.

>> No.10190224

Felt agonizingly slow. Still did decent. My costs were low to begin with so making good numbers wasn't much of a problem.

>> No.10190255

Hey guys, I checked the FAQ and couldnt find anything. I do NSFW art and had a few clients ask about prints, daki, etc, but most places I've checked on the spreadsheets dont deal with NSFW content, anyone know anywhere that would be okay with it?

>> No.10190261

Didn't they open up a 18+ night market at Fanime just for stuff like that?

>> No.10190263

nvm I realized anon is probably talking about merch not cons

>> No.10190370

It's not EXACTLY a first year con. It's by the Anime NYC people. A-Kon goers are incredibly dissatisfied this year. The con starts June 27, it is now the 10th, and there is no schedule out for starters. Not even panelists know when or WHERE their own panels are. Keep in mind the convention is spread across 3 different venues that require you to Uber/Lyft/drive from Point A to Point B.

I'm applying for the Anime Frontier AA. I'm in A-Kon's AA this year too but I'm not expecting big profits this year. I'll be happy to break even the way they're running the show this year. I'm pretty much only going for muh local fans who can't make it to AFest later this year. These guys are actually planning in advance unlike A-Kon so that's already a great sign.

>> No.10190490

How do I go about telling one of my friends their art just isnt good enough to sell?

>> No.10190492

What's your friend's personality? How much do you think they trust you? Some people will never listen no matter how you tell them.

>> No.10190494

You don't. You let them try and fail and you're there to be like there, there. People don't listen. They need to fail on their own.

>> No.10190558

I have an awful artist friend who has been failing for 5+ years, but keeps going. Some people have enablers and failing just means mom and dad will just write another check for more prints and such. They need someone to tell them their art is awful.

>> No.10190593

How important is having a big online following for doing well in AA? Is there any secret tricks to building a bigger following as an artist? I used to do relatively well on tumblr before it died but I just can't figure out how to grow on Twitter, which seems to be the number one thing now.

>> No.10190646

I think it helps, but not as much as people think. It really depends. You can post art online and have a lot of people like it and end up following you (easy) but sometimes it just doesn't translate into actual sales if your physical merch isn't appealing overall in person. I have less than 10k followers and my friend has over 30k. I found out that I make a few thousand dollars more than them at every con despite this. Your social media game can be strong but it doesn't always correlate to income.

>> No.10190756

If a person is that stubborn, telling them they're bad isn't going to make them stop. It's just going to make you look like an asshole. At that point you need to accept that's just how they're going to spend their money and you're just not going to have control over that.

>> No.10190815

Aggretsuko is coming back right before AX, is it worth to make a single large sticker design or will Sanrio come and beat me up at the con?

>> No.10190852

I ended up making about the same I usually do for this con. Which was weird because it definitely felt way slower, and a lot of people in the FB group have been complaining about terrible sales.

>> No.10190861

The latter

>> No.10190875
File: 81 KB, 2312x1162, Screenshot_2019-06-10 Google Trends.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

and then there is me with only ~100 followers on twitter, deviantart, and pillowfort combined and I make $1k to $4k at cons and ~$2k per month on etsy.
I frequently post quality content on my social media and try hard, so idk how I don't have more. I guess the point being lack social media followers don't mean you can't succeed.

>Twitter, which seems to be the number one thing now.
Its actually instagram, but its a god-awful website/app and there were also some moral reasons I quit it too. Twitter is the only good popular platform right now. Pillowfort is great, especially if you like tumblr's format, but still in beta and small.

>> No.10190990

Noooo don't do Sanrio. Don't be fooled by the kawaii. They're Disney levels of scary.

Eh, if cons keep letting them in and they're happy throwing money away, no one's really doing anything wrong other than sucking at art.

>> No.10191023

It helps a bit, but you can make tons of money without having a big online following at all. Most of the people going to cons are are window shoppers and will buy something from you if you wow them with your display. I really didn't get a lot of people say they follow me online until my 2nd and 3rd year, even then it's still like < 5% of my sales at cons.

As for twitter, u need to make friends with bigger artists and get them to retweet you, or get lucky with a trending hashtag (like wooloo recently)

>> No.10191064

seconding. sanrio’s entire business model is slapping cute characters on as many types of merch as they can so they are fucking ruthless about protecting their IP

>> No.10191099

Oh wow. Any idea why? I went to it only once at its inaugural and it was a REALLY good show for me even though I flew across the country for it.

>> No.10191268

can I ask what sort of stuff you sell? like crafts or anime merch? it seems strange to me that you'd struggle with social media if it's anime but do pretty good at cons and monthly online sales

>> No.10191274

crafts/cosplay accessories. No fandom stuff so I can't just ride off popular anime tags.

>> No.10191409

so im tabling a comic convention, any western media suggestions? im planning on overwatch, spiderman, deadpool, teen titans(2003) and some avengers. are prints of attending guests fandom popular, ex aquaman for jason momoa? or even shazam???
do harry potter, GoT, bobs burgers, bojack or adventure time prints sell well for anyone?

im honestly so out of the loop. only been to anime conventions and have been just watching reruns on hulu for the past couple of years and trying to figure out what would be popular sales or niche sales

and do you think 20 prints is a small stock for niche prints for things like tuca & bertie?

>> No.10191469

Nintendo properties are a safe bet. Go look at what was just announced at their E3 conference; you can get plenty of ideas from those.
Maybe avoid GoT considering how pissed the fandom is about how the final season ended. I think a lot of folks jumped ship after that disaster.

>> No.10191477

Doing prints for guests actually works out SUPER well at comic conventions because you get a ton of attendees looking for prints to get signed. I know some artists specifically make prints to coincide with guests to guarantee sales.

AT used to be a big seller back in the past, but I can't speak for it's popularity currently. Bob's Burgers, Bojack, and Tuca & Bertie are much safer bets but the first two more so than the last. I wouldn't print 20 prints of Tuca & Bertie to be honest. Maybe 10-15? It's one of those shows where I feel like it could be a total niche hit that you sell out of or a complete bust that no one buys a single copy of. So your mileage may vary. Better to test the waters with a smaller stock to gauge interest.

Marvel things will do very well because of Endgame. Harry Potter is sort of like Pokemon in that it's a mainstay and a very very easy sell to normies. If you don't mind potentially facing the wrath of Disney, Disney princesses sell very well. You get a lot more families at comic cons so catering toward that sort of an audience will net you more sales.

Of course all of this will depend on your style and execution. Comic con attendees tend to prefer things in a more "neutral" style... so think anime "inspired" but nothing overtly moe/in your face anime.

>> No.10191599

Thanks anons!
thats such a great idea thank you. honestly i checked out at how fanservicy got became in s5. i was thinking of maybe doing a 'commemorative' mother of dragons print, or is she really that bad in the finale?

also great! theyre announcing guests tmw so ill plan around signings. ive decided to also do a bunch of small 5$ prints for niche things and forbidden™ designs (although last years showcase has a lot of disney prints, so im wondering if cc are a bit chiller w disney than ac)

ah, im trying to focus on that more organic, realistic comic style for fandoms and i guess ill keep that as a main focus for originals too... bring only a few kawaii~desu prints with me.
on that note, i think im gonna throw my hat into the big sdcc ring and try applying for exhibitors since reg is only a few months away. Any gull experience attending or tabling there? is it crazy hot inside?
also what the hell does mass produced mean in anime expo? is there a limit to how many prints you can bring? i am not hand printing shirts...

>> No.10191640

Which CC are you tabling at, if you don't mind me asking?

Also, as for SDCC - I haven't tabled there but it sounds like a hit or a miss from what I've heard. I've attended for around 10 years and because of the huge industry presence, most attendees are more focused on signings, panels, and show exclusives. Placement could also make or break your sales as well. What I've heard is that in general it's very good for network with industry people but the sales can be a big hit or a miss depending on what you're selling and where you're placed. Are you talking about applying for next year? I imagine spots for 2019 are all full already. You also want to consider if you want to apply to AA, Small Press, or an Exhibit Booth. AA and Small Press are both juried - you typically need industry credits for AA and it's only half a table while you need to send in a book/publication for Small Press.

>> No.10191643

Is there a specific name for the type of fabric used in plushie making? I'm spefically talking about the kind thats really soft and has exetreme short fibers like fur. All of my official pokemon plushies use this fabric and I have a few others that also use it.

>> No.10191645

Not sure if it's used officially, but almost all indie plush artists use minky fabric.

>> No.10191647

yes i have tried that and it didn't make much of a difference sadly. I took 3 of my most popular sticker designs and made them into charms, 2 pieces per design, and removed the stickers from display/inventory. I did 6 cons and only 1 sold ($8 charm, 2 for $15). I guess the design was too simple for a charm.

>> No.10191670

ill be at fanx! (formerly salt lake comic con) its apparently a huge venue that rivals sdcc, although ive only seen attendance numbers from 2017 and back. and the artist alley really doesnt look that impressive, its been tough figuring which nerds i need to be selling to, like if i need to be doing a lot of low quality niche prints or just generic stuff... it is known for how polite the con is which im hoping translates to, if i guilt trip this crowd hard enough, hopefully theyll at leave with at least one print. im aiming for 2k in revenue, at least 1k. dream big desu

you know what, that totally makes for sdcc. and it explains why the artist alley is so restrictive. for sdcc i would love to buy an exhibitor space but ill likely apply for a comic con table if i even can lol. reg opened for 2019 on jul 18 2018. im gonna shoot them an email for more details.
thanks so much for the response, anon! its a lot to consider

>> No.10191678

Echoing this, sounds like minky fabric

>> No.10191708

to mainly anime/manga merch creating anons how many keychain designs do you take to a table?

>> No.10191715


>> No.10191732

10-20 usually, 20-30 if I know the series will be popular. Also really depends on convention size.

>> No.10191734

Anon did you mean quantity of stock per design, or different designs? I make space for 30-50 designs at my display buy store about 15-30 of each individual one depending on the con

>> No.10191742

60 if the character isn’t that popular, 100 or so if they are

>> No.10191760

>is she really that bad in the finale
Yes :^) I'm not going to go into detail here because of spoilers, but you can look it up I bet. It was rough.

>> No.10191763

Yeah, I wouldn't expect Dany-related stuff to sell as well for a while. But don't let that stop you from selling GoT merch in general. It's always sold pretty well for me and I'm making some new items still. People are nostalgic for all the earlier seasons regardless.

>> No.10191769

Unless you're planning on doing a LOT of comic cons I wouldn't make so much comic heavy merch. I'd stick with gaming related series like overwatch Zelda. Things that do well at comic/gaming/anime cons. Do a familg friendly wonderful woman and Elsa since those 2 sequels coming out this year will ensure those properties stay in the popular realm. Spiderverse does well across the board from what my friends tell me

>> No.10191773
File: 705 KB, 698x612, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

on an official level, it could be low pile ef fabric/velboa fabric. My office uses this for a lot of plush. I do think Minky is slightly softer (and a little longer pile wise) so that might be the best way to go

>> No.10191908

Ohne Ticket weiter
Mit Ticket hier

>> No.10191919

sauce on these? I like the art

>> No.10191923

unfortunately i cannot for the LIFE of me remember who this is, i saw it on my feed, saved the pic to ask the question, and didnt look at the author at all. i will come back and post it if i happen to run across it again!

>> No.10191928

Thanks anon! I tried searching all over for it but no luck. I hope you have a better chance at getting results.

>> No.10191958

they're from @Robodumpling on twitter!

>> No.10191959

That was so fuckin' hilarious.

>> No.10191982

So i tried out for yumelixirs designer job application and got rejected, and im pretty strong in my artskill, the people she chose for the job tho...


>> No.10192063

I still don't understand the appeal in her polyester clothes. The designs are so basic. Anyway, she probably chose lower skilled people so she can pay them less and/or have more influence over them. It's not you, don't worry.

>> No.10192165

>go to local con
>browsing AA
>some artist selling small canvases of characters painted on tacky with dollar store paint and shoddy lines
>and most of all
>they're clearly traced
Why? And more importantly why do I feel so jealous? It feels so unfair. People out there putting actual work and effort and some guy is suddenly a hotshot artist for tracing shit and making money off it.

>> No.10192304

What are your time crunch rituals? I always run out of time and have to end up doing a shit ton of coke to get things completed in time

>> No.10192323

My ritual is to spread my crunch time over the 2-3 months before the event so I finish it all early and get a good sleep the night before :)

>> No.10192347

Initial D ost

>> No.10192379

I schedule my shit months in advance in terms of small deadlines. I still fall behind, but I always plan to be finished a week in advance, so a little fall-behind is good. Repetitively chewing gum, a mix of coffee and wine, and good soundtracks to push through. If I start getting lazy I switch my computer desk to standing mode so my ass doesn't get to sit until I finish.

>> No.10192385

anon legitmately get help

>> No.10192392

Anon pls, what are the steps to finding a good dealer?

>> No.10192393

>Making so much cash money selling to nerd that you can afford coke

God speed anon

>> No.10192648

Screaming into the abyss and crying. I'm a crafter so sometimes I will hire people to do some assembly, tagging, and packaging for me

>> No.10192678

Dumb question but is there a certain way to ask for extra white ink between layers when ordering from vograce? When I bring it up they seem to think I want white acrylic.

>> No.10192732

I just tell them I want extra white. You can make an extra layer in the file you send too.

>> No.10192738

There's someone like this around me who does local cons too, and it makes me so mad because I've gotten rejected to cons he's gotten in. It's clearly who you know. Does his studio name have the word Fat in it?

>> No.10192773

I don't remember, but don't worry it's not anyone you know for sure because I live in midfuck nowhere in europe (portugal)

>> No.10192824

One of the absolute funniest things i've read in these threads, entertaining on so many levels. Brava

>> No.10192898

It's not hard? Just go to parties and make friends lol

>> No.10192910

>make friends


>> No.10192913
File: 894 KB, 1271x1148, Screenshot_20190613-200303~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much could you charge for Zaps led lamps? It's like $20/lamp, and I don't even see people wanting to pay $40 for one

>> No.10192914

I’m asexual but I agree about the majority of “asexuals” being made up. Fucking “demisexuals” and “gray-aces” slapping a fancy name onto being completely normal because they don’t feel special enough otherwise is exactly why people don’t take actual asexuals seriously and why I don’t like calling myself one irl

Also, is it just me, or are most “demisexuals” huge sluts? Like way more so than the average person

>> No.10192929

I have had better luck selling higher cost products like these as auction commissions. It's a lot more work but you can pull 300+ with high quality art, and the right fan base. Furries pay quite a bit for this sort of thing.

>> No.10192942

Yeahhhh, like its not like the world revolves around sex and everything is sex all the time...i mean, really

>> No.10192955
File: 277 KB, 1000x1000, 0d18a255-e098-43e5-a281-ac846ec3b15e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can probably find an Alibaba seller doing the same thing for cheaper. A lot of them that I see on a cursory search just have them like pic related, but it wouldn't hurt to ask if they can print full-color images onto their acrylic. Attaching reference images like the one you posted will help get your point across.

>> No.10192995

>ghosted on all my asshole friends for a fresh restart
>Bro can only help for two days
>Mom is going batshit crazy and is throwing away my stuff slowly.
>legit afraid she'll do smth while I'm prepping/go for a break

Ugh gulls any advice on getting a helper when tabling? I just need one for one day for when I take bathroom breaks. Normally I'd be fine on my own but it's 8hrs

>> No.10193012

might need to take the L and hold it if you can't find someone.

I've tabled alone for with no bathroom breaks and as long as you don't excessively drink coffee or water you'll probably do okay?

If you really need to go quick ask your table neighbor to keep an eye on your stuff and take your cashbox with you. Normally your neighbors aren't assholes.

>> No.10193035

I feel. No table partner is awful. What con are you going to?

>> No.10193036

Interesting. I have zero following online, so it would be difficult. Is anything like furbid still alive?
Yeah I've only ever seen the single color ones there, but I never did actually ask.

>> No.10193061

I only ever table solo. Straight up just leave and pee, i've never had anything stolen while i was gone from the table.

>> No.10193065

Matsuri is this weekend in Houston. Who is ready for the shitshow? Im curious to how they are going to fuck up AA this year

>> No.10193067

Same, I generally put up a brb sign and I've never had an issue.
con's normally state you can ask staff to cover your table for a bathroom break but I've found it takes just as long to find a staffer as it does to just, go right to the bathroom.

>> No.10193084

Dealersden is. Furbid shut down and furbuy is on hiatus.

>> No.10193085

You know in most AAs, there are these people next to you and they're actually there to do the exact same thing you're doing. Have you ever thought about asking them? You're overstressed and freaking out about something that has a simple solution anon. Take a moment. Breathe. You're going to be fine. The con will be fine. You can ask your table neighbors to watch your things for you while you take a break. You'll get through this and the con will be awesome.

>> No.10193091

Like other anons said, just go. I don't even put up a BRB sign, since then for all possible thieves know I could be at the next table over or something with my eyeballs still on them. It's really dumb to try to hold it for 8 hours and not hydrate properly, that's how you get bladder infections. Just take your most valuable items (money, devices) with you.
If you're super nervous about leaving, some of my friends bring an extra light cloth and just throw it over their stuff when they need to walk away. Might be something to consider for you?

>> No.10193125

Like most people here have said, it’s no big deal leaving your table unattended. I don’t bother leaving a brb sign or asking neighboring artist/staff to watch my stuff. I just bring my valuables (money and phone) and go.

Strangely I’ve NEVER had anything stolen from my table while I was gone. But twice I had theft while I was right there at my table. Both instances a customer put their stuff down on top of my sticker sheets. And then when they gather their stuff to leave, they secretly grab the sticker sheets that was lying underneath.

>> No.10193167
File: 538 KB, 1135x585, 132456787654322345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This popped up on my feed. Thoughts?

>> No.10193170

They're stupid

>> No.10193172

To reiterate, CN came out with these pins recently that have the same design theme as artist on the right. Thing is it IS CN IP the artist was selling so does the artist just take the L?

>> No.10193177

this is so funny i hope more IPs do this

>> No.10193180

Nah that's actually where the grey line comes in. Cn can order a take down and Sue for damages but they cannot take the artists work unless they pay for it.
However, if the artist were to persue legal action I don't think they'd win since cn version looks different enough. (Maybe they could w garnet but they'd need a lawyer willing to out in the work)

But I fucking hate the ugly ass s4 design so I'm actually gonna buy the artists lol. Really they should feel grateful cn didn't order a take down and is letting them sell

>> No.10193181

Woops I actually meant yeah, but they only take a lowercase l

>> No.10193205

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes isn't exactly the right idiom I'm looking for here, but this is a risk you take when you're making money off of someone else's IP. I'm personally prepared to suck it up if it ever happens to me. It wasn't my thing to make money off anyway and at least they're not telling the artist to stop telling their version. It could be worse.

>> No.10193235

I get friends who are just attending the con to watch my table sometime but most often I just get up and go. Be sure to introduce yourself to your art neighbors during set up as sometimes they will have extra helpers and will watch your table for you for a few minutes (and also being friendly with your neighbors is just good in general)

>> No.10193299

Oof. Yeah that's a bummer for the artist but I'm agreeing with everyone else. Not your IP, can't do shit. I like CN's Ruby/Sapphire pin more than the original's, but the original Garnet is more aesthetically appealing than the CN one.

>> No.10193312

I worked for a licensing company briefly and I'll be super frank with everyone - if they see fan designs selling well, they will absolutely make their own official versions. It shows that there's demand for that particular design/type of item w/o them having to do any market research on their own. And also because what's a fanartist gonna do? They don't exactly have legal standing since they don't own the IP and if the IP holder tweaks the design enough, there's no legal claim that can be made.

The fanartist definitely takes the L here but that's what happens with IP that isn't your own unfortunately. I've seen the company I used to work for send out a C&D for fanmerch and in the same day start working on official designs that looked almost exactly like the fanmerch they just shut down.

>> No.10193368

is there some sort of reason that people continue making soft enamel pins

>> No.10193387

They're entry level and cheaper, and you can't do dyed metal or glitter enamel with hard enamel.They also have more of an indie look that some people prefer.

>> No.10193419
File: 1.44 MB, 640x1136, C15FB493-6B21-4BAA-A5D7-81689AAB7224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man I just love “artists” like these in artist alley. I cackled

>> No.10193422

I'll attest with other Anon, I actually like soft enamel if the design is right. I was thinking about making a few larger sized se pins with darker themes to match the metal but cgl shot that idea dead. And really I agree, hard enamel just looks better

>> No.10193431
File: 470 KB, 726x667, oh u cn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

those pins are from 9 months ago, if that changes anything. they're a tie in from the wedding episode

>> No.10193552

It only matters depending on which came first :-0

>> No.10193657
File: 276 KB, 506x457, pinsd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After a quick search the artist kick started the designs in 2017, Though I think the artist should just take the L
Honestly most of their pins are blatant copy and paste characters and should just come up with their own original shit

>> No.10193680
File: 101 KB, 576x1024, 7A3B460D-BA45-461B-BFA2-BFE868AFD77F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here’s the deleted Instagram post about it

>> No.10193685

It sucks but they at least get it. That's the price one pays for profiting off IPs.

>> No.10193735

What can you expect? You steal their work, they steal yours. Sounds fair to me.

>> No.10193736

I saw some booths recently that had tip jars out. What do y’all think? It seems tacky to me and no way is anyone making anything substantial off of it

>> No.10193739

100% tacky

>> No.10193756

i think it’s slightly more acceptable when it’s a funny thing like ‘x vs y which is better’ or ‘offerings for [character]’ where there’s some entertainment value. plus place to ditch your change from exhibitor booths that charge tax

>> No.10193770

I like the "x vs y" thing too. It's interactive and fun! You could even donate the profits from it to a charity of your choice, if you wanted to.

>> No.10193803

Sounds like someones salty theyre not getting tipped

>> No.10193839

Do people actually tip? I wouldn't mind considering sacrificing some face if it could pay for a drink or two.

>> No.10193844

I've seen plenty of B-grade charms sell out, just be specific about what the defect is (or in general - ie. color misprinting or etc.) and sell it for half off. That way anyone who buys knows whats theyre getting into.

>> No.10193846
File: 41 KB, 500x356, awks monkey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>r-18 sign

>> No.10193848

Speaking as a buyer, not an artist, I have seen a lot of people buy washi tape.

>> No.10193854

100% agree its tacky
Tipping is a shitty system put in place so that business don't have to pay their workers livable wages. Literally just up your prices or add on over priced item that can help your profit. Idk to me it just looks like you don't know how to run your small business and so it kinda disinterests me. I would rather pay an extra 5-10$ for smth nice then have to go to a booth that guilt trips my sensitive ego

If you wanna be cute about it and do an x vs y thing where you offer themed stickers (like the new pkmn starters) for pocket change then I think that's a good idea.

>> No.10193889

>It seems tacky to me and no way is anyone making anything substantial off of it.
Last time I made about $200 out of my tip jar.

>> No.10193891

Wow, this really makes me not want to ever try anything SU related or potentially CN as a whole. I've looked for SU pins before and I didn't actually find as many as I thought I would. What that means is they ripped off from a very small pool of Etsy SU fanartists and pin makers. Did they think nobody would notice?

>> No.10193904

For anyone curious...

>> No.10193925

Wait what the hell. Did you just put out a bowl or jar or something? How?

>> No.10194015

I make around 50 every con just from tips!

>> No.10194032

I used to have a sign that said “free gift wrapping, please tip” above a jar. After several cons and every single customers asking for gift wrapping (and sometimes asking for extra boxes and wrappings for their own personal use and I was too much of a wuss to say no), I only made $0.10 (one US dime) in tips. I stopped after that.

>> No.10194101
File: 109 KB, 340x270, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey gulls, does anyone know where I could get custom printed paper/laminate card stock type gift boxes? Pic related though not with the fancy layered paper art, just like this box with custom art printed on it. Taobao would be good because cheap and fast, if anyone knows where I could get such a thing.

>> No.10194145
File: 70 KB, 640x640, 50049614_2327986530605609_4209337798580240384_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry if this was answered, but I'm looking to buy some of those plastic cube boxes for displaying but are they sturdy enough to stand up on their own with a box base? I'm worried that someone walking by would have enough of a breeze to knock them down.

Pic related is what I'm going for but I have no idea if they're sturdy enough?

>> No.10194154

Easy: pick the most popular franchise of the moment for the con you go to. Pick the two (or three) characters people are claiming to be "the best". Make a sign that says "Who is the best character? Vote with your tips". Take a jar for each character, slap an image of said character on it, and plop all those things down on your table. Turning "should I tip or not?" into "should I put my tip here or there?" tends to make people tip more often.

>> No.10194157

I think the structure is sturdy enough for your merch, if you're concerned about it falling over you can just put down a couple weights on the base. It can be basically anything that looks pretty and is fairly heavy, depending on your overall aesthetic.

>> No.10194175

Seeing this makes me wonder, has anyone ever gotten customers because of their banner artwork? Trying to debate whether or not to invest in one

>> No.10194186

If you only have smaller prints, I could see how having your art printed large on a banner could catch someones eye.

>> No.10194201

Absolutely. I was in dealers last year for AX and had big bakugo and todoroki banners up Thur and Friday. Had to take them down sat cause of Funimation and print sales for those 2 dropped off a cliff

>> No.10194209

hows crunchyroll expo? table cost is so high, is it worth it to fly in?

>> No.10194224

I think it's good if you're local as it's still growing steadily and looks promising, but my out of town friend was disappointed with how she did last year, so take that as you will

>> No.10194239

I would say it’s similar to SacAnime/SacWinter? It is steadily growing, but also if you get a bad table spot it can affect your profits.

>> No.10194245

I think it depends on your table. If your artwork is kinda more generic and small, then a banner would be a great idea since customers would be more likely to see and remember your banner. If you have a very unique and eye-catching booth already, then I don't think a banner is needed.

>> No.10194348

Merchandise relating to fans' disappointment might sell well. Like a "I survived GoT S6" keychain or something in that vein

>> No.10194350

The affiliation between the gang/thug/swag aesthetic and anime was funny at first, but when people started taking it seriously and started living by that aesthetic is when it died several times over.

>> No.10194365

Why does a company on Alibaba list the same item with same moq multiple times but at different prices? Is this a red flag?

>> No.10194723
File: 2.64 MB, 1500x1690, backpackmain2_1500x.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey anons, where do you find out where large brands manufacture their products? Can most of these factories be found on Alibaba or do they have their own separate contacts/sites? I saw another small shop had pic related, and they look a lot like the style of bag Loungefly sells, so I'm curious to find out how they found where they can be made. Not looking for their specific manu necessarily, just whether the resource is as easy as looking on Alibaba or if they're more hidden than that. I really want to make more interesting stuff besides pins, charms n' prints.

>> No.10194786

>Is this a red flag?
No. they do that to flood the search results for various tags. Vograce does this a lot in particular. Why would you think that it's a red flag??

>> No.10194856

It takes some time but you can definitely find manufacturers who make products of similar quality and style on Alibaba. The thing for companies is that they can reasonably purchase high MOQ, so their options are a lot broader than operations run by one or a few people.

>> No.10194885

When you guys make double sided charms, do you make sure that on the back, the character's distinctive trait (scar on left cheek, blue right eye, etc). is on the correct side? or do you just flip and call it a day?

I ask this because when i flip my charm that distinctive trait just covers the whole face and you can't really see the expression..

>> No.10194925

I make sure the distinctive trait is on the correct side when flipped. I don't think most customers would notice or care but I personally am anal like that.

>> No.10195079

Should I leave artwork in psd or make a png file then do print?

>> No.10195082

I'm not an artist but when people don't flip that stuff it bothers me to no end. It won't stop me from making a purchase, but it will irritate me whenever I see it, even if it's something as simple as a hair part.

>> No.10195350

Just flip the traits. It sounds like you’re describing Todoroki who is so mainstream you will probably have people who don’t care and might buy it regardless, but he’s also so mainstream that people can find a charm of him literally everywhere if they’re not satisfied with yours.

Try to keep the traits accurate and instead change the expression on purpose on the other side instead.

>> No.10195359

Alright, thanks guys. I'll try to see if i can find a way to work it so that the backside isn't blocked off...

Also actually it's not Todoroki, those were just examples, but I just realized I did describe him hahaha.

>> No.10195423
File: 914 KB, 500x235, spac.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anons! I have been really anxious, just found a couple of my shirts in the trash (thank god for clear garbage bags.) When confronted my mom straight lied to my face. She's also been going through my mail. I'll ask my table partners for some help then!
Im fanx anon. I have everything planned out now, but my mom being straight wack last week completely threw me. Now Im apartment hunting when I wanted to wait until AFTER the con :-^D

>> No.10195444

Why would she throw away something that's supposed to make you money? Aren't moms supposed to be proud of that? Or was she trying to sabotage you?

>> No.10195447

Location is so important to the con, I feel like you won't do well if you don't secure a good spot or get one of the corner tables they offer. Not worth it for out of state people just yet, maybe give it another year or two.

>> No.10195472

Anon did say their mother was going crazy snd acting irrationally, which I guess is what adds to the stress and paranoia of tabling alone right now.

>> No.10195496

>Why would she throw away something that's supposed to make you money?
Ah yes, a good question. A great one even! Does 'Oh I didn't even realize. If I knew they were yours, of course I never would, you know?' answer that question? Literally its what >>10195472
said. My siblings and I hope its something like menopause but Im tired.
>Aren't moms supposed to be proud of that?

>> No.10195621

is it true sanrio will personally hunt you down and kill you like a dog if you sell aggretsuko merch?

>> No.10195703

Yes. They'll send out assassins wearing Hello Kitty mascot suits after you. In all seriousness, they will actually fuck your shit up. It's not worth it. Not to mention most Sanrio fans are just going to buy the official merchandise which is probably priced around what you'd price your stuff at.

>> No.10195943

Once you put batteries in the stand or plug them into a power source via USB they can’t be shut off without taking away the power source directly.
I wouldn’t waste your money anon.

>> No.10195968

I’ve been trying to contact Otakon’s AA about my table payment cause I got off the table waitlist but they charged me for 3 badges when I only asked for the included one, and this far out from the con I gave up and ended up just buying a regular badge to attend so I need all those badges refunded...
I’ve sent 3 emails to ask to ask about this and they haven’t replied at all. I’m so annoyed that it’s been a week and I missed the payment deadline waiting for them so I probably lost the table. If I did I don’t even want to go anymore.

>> No.10196052

Have you tried contacting them through social media DMs if they have them open? I had a similar issue with a different con, and only got through after I messaged them on twitter. Hope you can get it resolved anon, good luck!

>> No.10196079

Anime Milwaukee's AA apps opened, is there anyone who flies there, or is it more of a locals thing?

>> No.10196121

all their social media has no DMs open. Facebook, Twitter, you name it. I used their email form on the website and they ghosted me there too. It's kinda BS

>> No.10196137


I do voting with mine and people use it to empty their change. It pays for the laundromat for a few months and young fans like it so /shrug

>> No.10196727

new thread: >>10196726

>> No.10196752

I drive 9hrs there, and I do pretty well. Main bummer is it's the same weekend as Katsucon

>> No.10196753

I'm sorry anon ): do you have a friend you could maybe store your things with until you can move out so she can't throw out anything else?

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