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Stupid questions thread for j fashion only. If you need cosplay help, go to the cosplay help thread
Old thread >>10172928

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How rare is pre-2010 post-2005 innocent world? A dream dress is for sale but I used up a good portion of my budget for this month

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Are there any jfashion items on Amazon? I never see it mentioned here.

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It's pretty risky; I would say there is a slight chance you could get away with accessories or foundational items, but it would take a ton of effort to both find and implement stuff from amazon in a way that doesn't look bad. I would reccondment (besides lace market) looking on eBay and selling apps. It seems like more EGL is showing up on dePop for some reason.

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You're very likely to end up with something that's been resold and overpriced

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pretty rare if you're looking for a specific piece.

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it absolutely depends on the item. the same items pop up all the fucking time but some items are more rare.

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When is Unbirthday supposed to come out for AP USA?

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I want to wear lolita in public as an autist. How not to embarrass myself, and the community?

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Just do it with confidence and you'll look cute.

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Just act how you normally would around normies and you should be okay. All the regular rules like not being too loud or hyperactive are exactly the same. Idk where you are on the spectrum so it's hard to give solid advice other then yea just do what you normally do to avoid trouble in public.
Oh and if someone in your lolita comm shits on you for no reason other than your autism, then THEY'RE the embarrassment- not you.

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Thanks anons! I will.

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So I found these absolutely adorable dresses but the size information is confusing me a little. I know Asian sizes run small; as I'm a US medium I had JP/KR/ZH size L in mind. But uh, let's use this as an example.
I'm seeing S, M, S +5cm, and M +5cm in the sizing options. Typically where would these additional 5cms go, assuming other KR or other brands do this as well? Or does it depend entirely on how they're feeling that day?

Also, the total length is 81cm/31in which okay, that's fine. But for the medium sized option the bust is 43cm/16.9in and the waist is fucking 35cm/13.78in. Their other dresses follow a similar pattern where the length is fine but the waist and busts are children's sized. Is there some kind of mistake on their end? I get that Asian clothes are small but this seems a bit excessive.

On chinkstyle, the same dress (which of course might be a knock off one but the reviews for a lot of ""Doowex"" items are almost always good) has far more reasonable measurements.
88cm bust and 70cm waist for medium.

What do you guys think?

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It's a flat lay measurement. You're supposed to double the bust/waist measurements to get the real size.
86 cm bust and 70cm waist.
>I'm a US medium
>Thinking that means anything

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>>10182876 >>10182953
It is good though to always assume you are one size larger at LEAST if you are a westerner shopping Japanese brands. When telling new Lolitas this, some have pointed out how thin they might be so how can they be a size larger... It's not only an issue of "fat" or "thin"; it's also an issue of frame size. Shoulder size. Hips... It's just the safe bet to always go one up (this even applies to Uniqulo)

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Does anyone know if DHL charges a "far away area fee" for international shipments from Japan?
I've used DHL with other countries and never experienced something like that, but my SS just warned me that it's "highly likely" to apply to my package, and strongly encouraged me to use UPS instead. Thoughts?

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I have several jfashion pieces that I'd never be comfortable wearing out in a casual setting. How do I make myself sell them (or get over it)

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+5cm is length and as the other anon said, flat measurements.

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I'm very guilty of this. I have bought really OTT things and been like wait when am i going to wear this... just list em on LM and enjoy them until they sell

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Think about the fact you'll be able to use the money for more important/useful things, or for things you enjoy more. That's my reasoning when I hesitate to sell pieces I really like but don't wear.

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Please don't excessively wear dresses while they're already listed for sale. They can gain damage and wear that they didn't have in the listing pictures and description.

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Thank you so much.

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why are all women but my mom whores?

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If you had bothered to read the chain of comments you'd see original commenter was talking about selling a dress because she never has an occasion to wear it. Other anon probably meant enjoy looking at it until it sells.

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Not sure if this is for the ss thread but I am very new to the buy online thing
So what's the point of using a shopping service if you can apparently order from taobao and have it directly shipped to an American address? What is it that makes the SS commission worth it?

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does anyone know if theres replicas of APs chelsea ribbon shoes sold anywhere? I have two pairs of the legit ones but I'd like some different colours/backups if i wear them out

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This is the OP version of Secret Princess. The "sleeves" are more like lacey shoulder poofs. Are people going to freak out if I wear this without a blouse?

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No one will care if you balance everything nicely

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Can you order from Taobao from outside of China? That's news to me, I was under the impression that you needed a Chinese bank account and have a good grip on the language.

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yeah you can pay with paypal and when you type in your address there's an "other" option where you can choose a non-china address, which is making me wonder what the point of an SS is

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Really? Is this new?
That might be a game changer.

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I have never heard of this, what the fuck? In that case than yeah there's no point to use an SS except for the convenience I guess.

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been around for a long time. It's annoying if you buy a lot since there's a language barrier, but for a couple items it is fine.

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my comm is having a fruit theme meet up for the summer and I want to match the theme but I only wear gothic, not sure how to make a coord for it with stuff I would want to keep in my wardrobe after
any help?

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Maybe try to find some Suppurate System accessories? Some of them feature apples and they look fantastic in gothic. I can't tell you how easy they are to find nowadays unfortunately, but if you can't find them secondhand you might be able to find something similar on Etsy, or use their designs as inspiration and make some accessories yourself.

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Are Brand bloomers/drawers worth investing in? More importantly, are they machine washablel? I'm considering wearing some outside of Lolita during winter to keep me warm and give some dresses some poof.

Attached picture is one on Amazon I think I might buy but I want to check if anyone got it.

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When I got into lolita my friend got burando ones and I got everything else -- Amazon, eBay and Bodyline ones, because I'm not made of money and she is.

Ugh so many problems with mine. The ribbons (that are actually used to tie the bloomers) were cheap giftwrap ribbons that rolled up and got tangled in themselves, that's when they're not becoming just untied by themselves and hanging down everywhere. The fabric on all of them was really loud, like even without anything on I'd walk across my own room and the RUSTLING sound was enough to rustle my jimmies.

I don't know if brand is "worth it", I can certainly tell you the cheap no-name ones are definitely not worth it.

But, you have other options than no-name vs burando.
- There's probably gulls in the taobao threads who can tell you which taobao brands are halfway decent.
- Other girls wear safety shorts or cycling shorts instead of bloomers, and someone once recommended men's boxers.
- If you want something frilly and cute, look at pj bottoms, some of them come in cute prints, frilly bits and are sure to be comfy.

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In my opinion - Yes, absolutely. I used to own several pairs of Bloomers from Anna House and Bodyline and they were nowhere near as comfortable and well made as the brand bloomers and drawers that I own now. If your budget is limited I suggest you look into buying them secondhand, finding them in new condition is rather easy on the Japanese market.

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How is To Alice's quality? I see their items on sale a lot in my local online markets so I've always assumed that the quality was Taobao tier. Is it worth giving a try?

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Yes, they are brand washable. I think it's worth it. If you're going for a bloomer-peeking look the nice lace on brand items really helps.

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Whoops, I meant machine washable.

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I don’t know about their prints but I have some of their solid dresses and they have always been nice quality to me!

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is there any lifestyle lolita blogs/insta/youtubers that are good to follow?

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what are the best (black) rocking horse shoes for under $100 USD? preferably the ribbon lace up variety, but any will do. i know bodyline can be good for cheap shoes but they’re out of stock in nearly everything.

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Many thanks for the advice!

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if you're a daily lolita, you should own maybe one or two nice ones, and buy the rest from taobao or something. It's too easy to ruin undergarments and owning cheaper ones you don't mind ruining and wearing often. I own a couple from taobao which are good for daily wear. Here, i'll link them:
https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3-c.w4002-1769696458.104.727f4151wXwuT9&id=532760614228 (v cheap but good quality for the price and they're comfy. Good if your period is irregular.)
https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3-c.w4002-17844657419.51.77d453d2uWmSvJ&id=569941352289 (fancier but good quality and provides extra poof, good if you own lots of skirts. this store sells a lot of bloomers)

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meLikesTea makes reeeeally comfy bloomers imho. They're a lot more comfy than my BL ones but I have no brand bloomers to compare to sadly

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Is it worth importing actual jfashion? I have a proxy service for something else anyway.

As of the moment I buy from jukustore. Their clothes are ok and I do like some of their stuff but idk if there are better alternatives because I'm new to this.

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that store seems to be hugely overpriced anon, it's all just taobao items - if you want to keep buying this stye of clothes (instead of japanese brands), I recomend checking out the taobao thread

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Maxicimam has nice bloomers! I'd say they are comparable to brand and a lot cheaper! You can order them from cdjapan, as well.

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Considering this is probably a stupid question I didn't want to kill a thread and figured i'd put this here.

Does anyone have any pics of the person in the triple fourtune hat and boz skirt and/or the ouji& lolita group themed black and gold from Paradiso ?

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Is Yahoo Japan Auctions loading extremely slow for anyone else? Or is it just me?

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Maxicimam is a brand lol. They were in the GLB from day one.

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holy shit that store is insanely overpriced and shitty looking. what a waste of money

>> No.10184973

nayrt but i would assume they mean comparable to brand *quality*, as that makes sense in the convo
>what is reading comprehension

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But...by definition Maxicimam is a brand and therefore brand quality?

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How long can the processing time on Lolita Wardrobe take ? Sorry if this has already been asked in previous threads.

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Since nobody answered my question from the last thread I went ahead and spot treated with grandmas spot cleaner then machinewashed my white Fancy Hospital OP. Turned out fine. Hopefully this is helpful for people in the future.

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Has Innocent World had an oddment pack or lucky pack this year yet?

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Could anyone help me id this dress? I thought it was Innocent World's squared collar, but this one has an standing collar and no lace.

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Thanks, was it the summer one?

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It's possible the collar is from another OP or JSK, which could make it harder to identify.
I sometimes wear my squared collar from the St. Mephisto OP (AATP) with other things so it's a possibility she did the same thing with this collar?

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Oh, I hand't considered that. Thanks, anon, I guess you're right!

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most people. for whatever reason, don't consider maxicimam "brand" like the main AP/Baby/Meta, etc. Probably because they are cheaper, and while I still vouch for them, they are a bit questionable at times quality/design wise. Their bloomers are great, and popular brand quality though.

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How much does this bag go for? I bought it for $100 at Baby SF years ago and have not once used it.

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It might be VM, it looks very similar to this: https://item.rakuten.co.jp/tokyoalice/b17538/ without the detachable bows.

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>have not once used it.

well, you just posted a pic with it worn...

>> No.10185414

Or they didn’t want to take a pic of their own bag and just found a photo of one on google.

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Does anyone have any tips for storing and folding dresses? Im moving in a week and I need to pack my wardrobe not sure what the best way to do it is without creasing the fuck out of everything

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If I’m extremely skinnytall could I still get into ita? I’ve wanted to for a while but I’m 6’ 120lbs and figured because of that I’d never be able to :c

>> No.10185433

That's not me, though... I just grabbed a photo off of Google.

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Yes because you’re very thin. Pay attention to dress lengths and your measurements

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>could I still get into ita?
Well hopefully you won't be ita. :^) In all seriousness, your weight means nothing, your measurements are what matters, as well as the substyle that you prefer, though to be fair Sweet has some longer pieces too so you could make it work too if you're into that.

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Thanks a lot, anon! This is truly beautiful, It does look like the one she's using

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if you know how to sew you could just make your own
they’re super easy and even if they’re not perfect it’s not like anyone will see them

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What does mto stand for?

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For fucks sake anon, this was answered JUST last thread.

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ffs anon I haven't been browsing /cgl/ for a while

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Made To Order, it's where a piece is released by the number of preorders made on it.

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You haven’t browsed here ever if you don’t know what MTO means

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Skinny tall here! Seconding the other anon, it will definitely depend on your fat distribution as well as your personal proportions. Having a shorter torso will go a long way to fitting into things better.

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gonna go to laforet to reserve honey cake and its based on a ticket system. how does this work?
im showing up at 10am but if i get a ticket, would it even matter? my friend also wants me to reserve it for him but if its a ticket system, how can i? how do shopping services do it?

>> No.10186068

What would you charge to reserve the fancy candy special set? I can pay the total amount upfront. I just don't want it enough to pay what the popular SSs charge

>> No.10186095

what is the best way to make an op bigger in the torso area
should i add a panel in the back or under the sleeve seams on the side?
i got my first op today and I really love it but my boobs are to big for it, I only need to add like an inch or two

>> No.10186098

That’s a LOT to add...

>> No.10186119

NAYRT but what makes you think they would take less than what a SS charges to deal with some rando? Just use a SS.

>> No.10186127

Join the Paradiso Facebook group. A bunch of photos got dumped in there recently

>> No.10186128

Most SS are already cheap

>> No.10186162

take it to a tailor.

>> No.10186163

Because what my normal SS charges add up to well over $100 for most releases, and I would think someone would be willing to do it for less? If they don't want to do it that's fine. I literally don't care that much or I'd use a SS.

>> No.10186164

Have you used one? A 270$ AP dress will go up to almost $400. There are the normal rates which are fair, and then "special" rates which are astronomical. No dress is worth $400 to me, $350 is the most I would pay

>> No.10186166

You’re kind of a cheap ass. If they have to go in store that’s a good price.

>> No.10186168

I guess I'm cheap then. I don't mind paying $400 or $500 direct to brand for a nicer quality MTO. But a casual dress should not be so exclusive. If that makes me cheap so be it

>> No.10186173

Honestly you just sound like a poorfag who’s upset that people’s services cost money.

>> No.10186177

Wtf. I never order from AP so I did not know that. My SS charges 10% for in-store shopping.

>> No.10186178

Upset they cost what I consider excessive? Sure. I wish AP would do more online MTOs so I wouldn't be paying some bitch $100-150 to attend a tea party that I would love to attend, to buy a dress that I wish I could buy myself. I am not paying some girl to have fun I wish I could have for a dress that's not dream dress tier. I have in the past and regret it every time

>> No.10186179

>some bitch in reference to SS’s

Yeah, salty poorfag confirmed.

>> No.10186185

You're an absolute cunt and no one in the right mind should consider doing business with you without charging a fat fee on top just to deal with you.

>> No.10186214

i'm selling a dress on LM and a person was outbid by another and dm'd me if there was a buy it now option cause its their dream dress.
Is it me, or is that kinda rude to the other bidder? is this person just being salty? or is this common practice?
Mind you, this dress is dirt cheap so I don't see why the person can't just bid.

>> No.10186217

It’s rude to the other buyer. Tell her if she wants it that much to outbid the person who outbid her.

>> No.10186224

That's what I thought

>> No.10186244

Does CTP set come with Imai Kira postcard?

>> No.10186253

Is it free to list things on lacemarket?

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>> No.10186315

Is there anywhere I can go to look up dress releases other than Lolibrary? It looks like it's down. Not sure how long it's been like that since I rarely used it, but there's this dress I cannot remember the name of for the life of me.

>> No.10186329

You can always scroll forever in the Lolita updates Facebook group for more recenitsh releases

>> No.10186392

not reserving for you, just my friend and i lmao

but for real how does this ticket system work?

>> No.10186418

idk how the ticket system works but this is stressing me out, I placed a honey cake order through my SS pretty late. I hope all these dresses are popular enough they do rereleases/extended MTO

>> No.10186436

What are the current “cool” or in jfashion types right now? I’ve been out of the loop for a few years now and am wondering what is in, if there’s some new trend that’s hot, or what. (Also is monochrome basic streetwear still the big/popular thing?)

>> No.10186458

Stay mad, scalpers. We need to stop supporting Shanghai and Japan only releases with SSs so they release better items for Paris and USA. The cutsew and ribbon collar we got were a joke

>> No.10186481

Right, let me miss out on a dress I want by not supporting a SS so other girls can buy it. Sounds like an awesome plan. I hope you realize that the Japanese and Chinese lolitas are the real market for brands and the west is secondary, not the other way around.

>> No.10186491

>people are scalpers for paying SS fees

You’re an idiot.

>> No.10186501

I hope you buy new from the AP store in your country weekly, otherwise this is just hypocritical bullshit

>> No.10186551

Do Taobao brands ever make extra stock or accept extra orders of their preorder pieces?

>> No.10186612

idk how it works either, its pretty fucking stressful with that Mint SS doing 10 orders and who knows how many Mr Muuh is doing
i don't think they will have an extended one or even a rerelease after this. they said to take advantage of this occasion in the news letter

>> No.10186614

>We need to stop supporting Shanghai and Japan
sweetie, it just sounds like you're a mad american, missing honey cake. the west is secondary like the other anon said.

>> No.10186617


Taobao brands aren't one entity, anon. Whether or not they do or do not something depends entirely on which brand it is and what the owner decides.

>> No.10186618



>> No.10186646

Not weekly but pretty regularly, yes.

I do try to support Western lolita stores as much as I can after seeing so many come and go

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Who is buying and wearing all this stuff from ozz on/qutie frash/similar brands? Sometimes it seems to sell out super quick when it appears on CC, so obviously they have a fan base, but I feel like I never see it worn? Compared to other brands I feel like it appears very rarely in street snaps and the like, and even then it's usually just like one piece. Do people buy and wear full coords from these brands like they do with other brands and if so where can I see them?

>> No.10186715

I do and I'm going to be posting more looks on instagram soon, my feed has just been very lolita-centric for a long time so I feel like I need to introduce the concept gently lol.

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Does anybody have any idea what I can wear under a Liz Lisa dress? I'm 1.67m and I don't feel comfortable with the dress barely covering my ass.. Bloomers look like shit. Short jeans as well. Any ideas?

>> No.10186763

They make shorts to go under, or skirts with built-in shorts. It’s a butts-out brand

>> No.10186765
File: 496 KB, 645x556, axesfemme1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try some frilly shorts. Not bloomers, but something like this, that sits like a skirt but you have some Crotch Protection. These are axes femme and I have a similar pair in off-white, they've been a lifesaver for those dresses-that-I-can't-really-call-dresses-anymore when my whole ass is out for the world to see.

>> No.10186798

Ahh yeah that would work great. Thanks anon!

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File: 72 KB, 400x600, f5987c2638ed34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a link to that article where Misako talks about creating dating profiles using her nurse identity and her Lolita identity? I want to read it again and I can't find it.

>> No.10186901

I think it's because maxicimam is burando, but many new lolitas or even old ones wouldnt know about it or consider it as such because they're not part of the brands we know well in the west

>> No.10186904

>It's too easy to ruin undergarments
Uh... It's the easiest to keep clean

>> No.10186910
File: 69 KB, 451x700, TORSO__JSK-JQ.N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stuff like Just one Bite might work for you (Snow White theme, features apples) or some of Alice and the Pirates' poison-themed dresses might feature fruit.

>> No.10186932
File: 277 KB, 1024x1024, 20eddd625d53a8a47ac700d29c5dc6a6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't need to buy something new for your wardrobe to fit av theme. Wear a solid main-piece and do your nails or get some fake tattoos and stickers of fruits. Or maybe AatP has something that fits your wardobe, I think they've done grapes and apples. There is also a bunch of (usually cheap looking) poisoned apple stuff based on snow white.

>> No.10187003

Wow these are really cute and I need a pair, I'm only 163cm but that's already too tall for some pieces. I also appreciate how you've capitalised Crotch Protection (tm) bless you

>> No.10187018

Ayrt, you can get them super cheap on CC and other secondhand places so jump on the frilly shorts train, anon! I'm 161 cm and need them for a lot of my "dresses" too so I feel like it's an intentional style they wanna push us towards (which I'm completely okay with, it's comfy af).
Also bless YOU for understanding, it's very important

>> No.10187056

I know what people think of Haenuli but this dress is so beautiful. Imo it's the best she ever made

>> No.10187058

Whenever I buy from closet child I will usually throw a couple of pieces from Oz on in the cart as well. I don't post any pictures of it though because it is my daily wear.

>> No.10187059

The monochrome thing is getting old but I don't know what the new thing is sadly. I would love to see an answer to this question too

>> No.10187137

Where can I buy sturdy and comfortable sweet lolita shoes? My AP tea parties finally died on me and I need them replaced. I'm willing to spend if they're shoes that I can wear all the time and not have them fall apart. Also, I don't want replicas.

>> No.10187138

AP has a bunch of tea parties in stock

>> No.10187158

i'm kinda bummed they're not more popular, it makes it harder to find their stuff second hand. I once got a cat ear parka for a good price second hand and it's my favorite jacket, wool too

>> No.10187236

Black and dark purple for a grape/wine coord. Slap some fake grapes on a fancy hat and you're all good.

>> No.10187238

ngl imagining a gothic lolita wearing one of those fruit basket hats and tacky sunglasses is really amusing to me

>> No.10187286

Is oxyclean actually safe on colors? Like if I just need to get a stain out of some accent lace and the dress is pink, is it going to do anything to the pink??

>> No.10187477

there are two kinds of oxy clean. one says "colorsafe" on the package. get that one.

>> No.10187501

But even then, do a test on a small covered part of the dress first. Better safe than sorry.

>> No.10187909

I can't speak for the actual brand, but you can make your own oxyclean and it's color safe. It's almost the only thing I use now to get out stains. It's a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate (which you can easily make from baking soda). If you're in the US you can get the two components for less than $5 and they'll last you much longer than Oxyclean (which also smells gross). Look it up.

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File: 74 KB, 480x640, 斜めハートレースカチューシャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know the name of this headbow? The name on the listing wasn't correct and I haven't been able to find it on lolibrary. It's by AP.

>> No.10188185

Don't most SS's charge 5%?

>> No.10188270

Disregard any letter sizing at all, measure yourself in cm and make sure you are at least 2cm less than each of the clothing measurements themselves so you can move in the clothes. Pay attention to length and shoulder width too.

>> No.10188278
File: 102 KB, 419x427, guess_Ill_die.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I pretty much restricted to sweet, if I can't wear high heels? I mean, sure, there is a spot in my heart for sweet, but I adore gothic and (especially) classic more.

>> No.10188279

What's stopping someone from making some dress, then sewing on a brand tag, selling it for a way higher price than they paid for production, claiming it's just super-obscure old school?

>> No.10188281

Nothing but ethics. Though most handmade lolita dresses look obviously handmade imo

>> No.10188285

If you "adore" classic, how did you miss all the coords with flat mary janes and oxfords?

>> No.10188287

Because everyone seems to shit on them. Seen oxfords posted into ita threads, and ballerina shoes, too.

>> No.10188294

Sorry, I meant mary janes. Flat ones, yeah.

>> No.10188342

Absolutely not, just find shoes that are both comfortable to you and suit your preferred style and you're good to go. It's a challenge but still much easier to do for gothic or classic than sweet.

>> No.10188360

thank you so much everyone!!

>> No.10188404

It's likely not the oxfords that are the issue in Ita Threads. I personally love them!

>> No.10188474

You've never gotten your period? When you wear bloomers everyday, you have to clean them often because of how much you wear them.

>> No.10188590

I can't find it on lolibrary either but I can tell you that the materials and trims used match the Fluffy Ruffle set by AP perfectly and was either made in 2011 or 2014.

>> No.10188633

I wear gothic and I have problem feet, it's actually easier to find normie shoes that will work because even normie shoes usually come in black.

>> No.10188693

Is MTO limited to X amount of pieces?

>> No.10188706

the order is limited to the number of orders they get. that's why it's called made to order.

>> No.10188710

Where is the line between boobs and boobloaf? Please use pictures, am fatty chan who needs to guard against the epidemic

>> No.10188755

But like when I get my period I don't usually bleed through my knickers before going to the bathroom, do you not wear underwear under your bloomers?

>> No.10188771

I mean you don't get any difficult stains on them because they're not exposed to food and other stuff. They never look dirty, I just have to clean them because of my own skin bacteria and stuff.

Me neither but it's happened twice in my life and it was easy to wash out.

>> No.10188912

Thank you, anon

>> No.10188919

Is there any place where I can buy Gakuran for adult males?
I ordered the highest possible size they have and my arms are too long, chest too wide. They seem to be made for smaller asian people.

I was also thinking of just making it myself. But can't find any damn pattern anywhere...

>> No.10188941

you could easily find a jacket pattern that's similar and lengthen it and change the button placement

>> No.10188945

So the same dress is $70 cheaper on the AP Japan website than on the AP USA website. As someone who lives in the USA, is it more cost effective to order from the Japanese site after paying SS fees? or does it end up coming out around the same?

>> No.10189003

How long does it typically take for orders through AP USA to go from pending to pre-ordered? I just bought the Honey Cake MTO and I'm not sure how long it takes for them to confirm it. I haven't ordered from them since the Misty Sky MTO, so I'm unsure.

>> No.10189012

In general, how many extra cm does back shirring provide? If the measurement without stretching the shirring is 80cm, will it go up to like 90cm when stretched?

>> No.10189013

full back shirring? or what?

>> No.10189026

Yes, full but only on the back

>> No.10189034

the dresses I have with fullback are anywhere from 5-10cm. really depends. some shirring is a lot stiffer and stronger

>> No.10189106


Most of mine are from AP and Meta, The shirring can usually stretch another 10~15cm, though like anon says this number varies wildly. Sometimes the fabric is wide but the elastic just doesn't stretch that far without breaking something.

You also should take note that with a fully shirred back there is usually no side zipper. So although something with an 80cm bust *might stretch up to 95cm, if the waist is 60cm you'd expect it to stretch to 75cm, if you can't fit either your bust or hips through that size of opening, you're never gonna get that dress past your head/your knees.

>> No.10189107


The factory itself has a max capacity of how many dresses it can produce a day, it's not like you can crank up the speed to infinity and magically produce more dresses without pushing back the deadline.

One of the earliest Holy Lantern releases, and Melty Berry Princess MTOs were abruptly cut short in the middle of the week because they'd hit maximum. Very rarely happens, though.

>> No.10189144

How would you go about removing armpit stains on an AP OP?

>> No.10189182

Has anyone tried wearing an underbust jsk in a "normie" way? I wear mostly classic so I often wear some of my dresses to work but I was just curious if anyone has ever tried it out.

>> No.10189207

If it's cotton I'd try vinegar>>10189182

>> No.10189209

Derp, hit post before I'd finished replying. I find underbust JSKs too "out there" to wear to work here since regular JSKs translate to "oh, a dress" as opposed to "dirndl"/costume shape which is the only context some people have seen an underbust dress in. It does depend on how fashionable a city you live in though, as if they're used to more variety you may be ok

>> No.10189236

I’ve never tried to get anything through an MTO and wanted to know, when you place an order for it, so they take the money right away from your account or is it pending until the orders are shipped? I would love to get honey cake but as a teacher I need to keep my little bit of summer money lol

>> No.10189242

I wear mine with an open jacket

>> No.10189243

You pay at the door, then wait. Made to order and pre-order often implies you're paying for the thing to be made, and that's why you pay immediately for production etc.

>> No.10189249


>> No.10189258
File: 302 KB, 470x620, kumyapproval.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10189272

anyone got any jp shop reccs for blouses? Anything like DreamVs
im looking on taobao too but jp sources would be nice in terms of options in order to accommodate my 41cm shoulders

>> No.10189300

Where do people post reviews nowadays?
It used to be mostly on the egl LJ and personal blogs, but since the online comm moved to Facebook and Instagram and a lot of lolita blogs have been abandoned, who still posts reviews and where?
I’d prefer written reviews to videos, I’m not into those

>> No.10189301

For the ultimate stupid question, anyone have a list or a good shopping service rec NOT for taobao? Really eyeing something from Favorite but I have no idea where to go to order from a jp website.

>> No.10189381

I will have to check some more of them then. I've only used 2 and they were definitely over 10%, one does 20% on "special" releases which is somehow everything I've gotten from her. One stopped being an SS. Apologize for forgetting their store names, I'd have to search my email but both were very popular SS

>> No.10189383

No. Some have minimum quantity and get cancelled though

>> No.10189398

FromJapan, Buyee, And Tenso are a couple right off the top of my head.
I only have experience with FromJapan and Buyee and have been using FJ for about 3 years now w no problem

>> No.10189450

Yikes thats a lot.
No problem, anon! Thank you for sharing numbers, I haven't ordered from a SS so I wasn't aware how expensive they were!

>> No.10189452

What are measurements for usakumya bags/plushie dresses? I want to get one for my non usakumya plush but I don't know the measurements

>> No.10189543

Favorite has a storefront on Rakuten Global so you can order directly from there without having to use a shopping service

>> No.10189754

Does anyone know where to buy/commission a detachable nun collar?
I’ve found one at Summer Tales Boutique but I don’t like the corset lacing in the back.

>> No.10189755
File: 14 KB, 250x333, 0ff711446b08d0000528cc0e8a69ce28.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Put something the exact same colour (fabric if possible) underneath it. All the details blur together and it becomes "a dress, with maybe a bib, or whatever this detailing is", rather than "two layers and one of them is a wenchy drindl".

If you wear a bolero over it you'll also hide the underbust cut.

>> No.10189766

Awesome! Thank you anon

>> No.10189802

Is Nightmare Rising JSK by Rouge Aerie ever restocked? I know Lolita Collective sells it but my size is gone and I was wondering if it would ever come back or should I just go for closest available size?

>> No.10189914
File: 129 KB, 500x426, MANA_IS_NOT_AMUSED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of makeup is good for Gothic lolita? I assume I don't need a whole lot it. Well, except for an occassion that would need me to go full Mana.

>> No.10189919

it depends on what you're going for. i remember reading somewhere gothic lolita is not necessarily gothic in the western fashion sense. gothic lolita brands can release pink florals and you can also wear light ''classic'' make-up with pretty much all egl releases. on the other hand, visual kei make-up looks awesome.

>> No.10189921

lolitabutiken still has it in a few colous and sizes, might be worth a look

>> No.10189952

if you are wearing a lolita skirt do you tuck your blouse in or not?

>> No.10189958

Depends on the blouse and how it fits on you. Many blouses/cutsews have a short bodice so they can reach the wearer's natural waist and be worn untucked with skirts, but again, it depends on how the specific blouse/cutsew fits you.

>> No.10189962

I'd say tucked in 90% of the time. If your skirt has a fully elastic waistband it would probably look better to leave your blouse untucked but most of the time I find that unless they have shirring or corset lacing blouses tend to be baggy in the waist which doesn't look good with a lolita silhouette.

>> No.10189973 [DELETED] 

Someone on LM is asking me to ship to a different address than the one on their Paypal. Their feedback is fine. Should I be concerned? The item is relatively pricey, over $300.

>> No.10190015

Ah, good to know. I'm going for something very casual and simple, so I guess light makeup will do. Thanks!

>> No.10190265

I didn't have any luck there either :(

>> No.10190269

I have been to their store in Tokyo and everything looked super nice.

>> No.10190272

What kind of ways there are to prevent excessive sweating and to eliminate sweat stains in armpit area? I’m talking about lolita.

>> No.10190284 [DELETED] 

I'm pruning my closet of hype train pieces I bought brand new from brands. I have zero ambition to get rid of anything quickly.

I really want to price over their value, maybe about 50-100 per piece. Would I get labeled a scalper? I've never snagged anything off Japanese auctions just to resell. They're all just brand new with tags or worn once pieces I regretted and it's all well taken care of. Some of them are also complete sets.

Would people hate me or just see me as a person who's willing to sit on their items until they get the sale?

>> No.10190304

To prevent staining in the first place, look for a deodorant without aluminum that goes on clear. Wash blouses after use and don't let sweat and deodorant (esp if it has aluminum) build up and sit in that area of the garment. Perhaps an undershirt would help with transferring sweat, too. Also, try and stay in air conditioned areas when wearing lolita in summer. Basically, just know your body and how much heat it can tolerate. If you're spending a decent portion of the day outside in the heat and are worried about excessive sweating, then maybe don't wear lolita that day.

>> No.10190378

A lot of people still use personal blogs

>> No.10190379

Amavel has pretty cute long sleeve and short sleeve options. Not sure on the measurements though

>> No.10190391

Do you have any recommendations for blogs that post review/tutorials etc.?
Most blogs I follow only posts coords/meet up photos and so on

>> No.10190392

Any suggestions for cute undershirts?

>> No.10190680

just wear a fucking t shirt you autist, no one's going to see it

>> No.10190698

does the aluminum cause staining?

>> No.10190707

Not lolita, but Liz Lisa actually has really cute undershirts and tanks.

>> No.10190711

What's in style for hair colors for each style? It still feels like we're mostly in the "natural haircolor" trend for lolita, even with sweet.

Has there been any other hair color trends outside that, especially for wigs?

>> No.10190712

it's the combo of the aluminium with the proteins and things in sweat.

>> No.10190720

I'm a gothloli and I always just wear black platforms since I abhor wearing heels. Demonia has some suitable ones, and my go-to pair are actually just from asos. RHS are your friend!

>> No.10190905

Any recommendation on where to get shoes for big feet?

>> No.10190906

How big are we talking?

>> No.10190911

For "standard" big feet (26-28cm) try Antaina, Angelic Imprint, Cotton Candy Feet, Demonia, Fluevog, etc.

>> No.10190913

I wear US size 11 and I like Angelic Imprint. I think they sell other places too but I've only bought from their AliExpress shop

>> No.10190916

10 1/2 US

Thank you

>> No.10190934

>Angelic Imprint
can you link to their alliexpress? I'm finding weird named shops, but not any specifically for angelic imprint.

>> No.10190946

Thoughts on hoop skirts? They seem really convenient to wear for the summer months, but are they hard to sit in or generally difficult?

>> No.10190948

I can't get the link past the spam filter :( search for Lorie and Knight on google

>> No.10191024

weed themed lolita coord? is it dumb? should i drop it? thinking of keeping it classy, mostly classic in dark green w gold accessories...

>> No.10191031

coming from another stoner, why does it have to be weed themed? just wear a dark green coord with gold accessories if you want to. unless you're going all in and have like, marijuana leaf shaped accessories, nobody's gonna get it anyway

>> No.10191041

thank you!

>> No.10191050

Has anyone here ever had a Taobao dress as their dream dress? I feel like that must be hard because unless it's something really popular like Nameless Poem, it's going to be nearly impossible to find on the secondhand market, and then there's complications with sizing. Feels bad since I have some dream designs I've missed out on myself, feels like I'll probably never see them again since the designs aren't that popular.

>> No.10191058


I'm here to rain on your parade, anon. Replicas of taobao stuff exist, so be careful of that. A friend bought their taobao DD secondhand and it was totally different than the taobao original -- box cut bodice, bad lace up the wazoo, colour totally off, weird fabric, the works.

Sorry to have to tell you this, I just wanted to warn you of bad quality replicas before you jump in and accidentally end up with one.

>> No.10191063

Oh no, I'm aware of that actually! I haven't bought one myself but I've seen other people receiving them. I actually saw one of my Taobao DDs being listed on Aliexpress but I figured it was probably a replica. I'm really sorry to hear that happened to your friend.

>> No.10191066


Ah, she has the original now and is pretty happy, guess everybody has bumps in their road but at least hers has a happy ending.

I almost bought a replica myself before I realise the shop cannot possibly be reselling Krad Lanrete originals at that price, with such high quantities.

>> No.10191067

What are the photo editors yall use? I’m looking for a good one but most of them look cheap and tacky.

>> No.10191080

So, those adjustable hoop skirts sold by tulutulu on Lacemarket.
Are they any good for the $35 shipped worldwide or could I get a better hoop skirt for this price?

>> No.10191174

I think that seller just resells cheap aliexpress hoop skirts and you could probably find the same ones for a lower price.

>> No.10191176

Meitu and facetune. I think a lot of people use snow and line camera too

>> No.10191352

I'm very new to lolita, and I was wondering, people who live in hot climates, what do your outfits consist of in the summer? do you have any recommendations?

i'm sure this question is asked a lot so sorry. I live in a very hot and humid environment so the thought of wearing tights and a blouse right now is horrifying (although I'm sure there's plently of light and flowy blouses out there.)

>> No.10191356

There absolutely are, look for short sleeved chiffon blouses. Some even come as crop tops to make wearing a JSK as bearable as possible.
For leg wear, try ankle socks or lacy tights.
Maybe get a hoop skirt with some good bloomers underneath. I haven’t tried those yet but I’m sure it’s way nicer than wearing a petticoat.
Parasols are useful if you can’t stay in the shade. Maybe a full sized straw/boater hat if it fits your coordinate.

>> No.10191358

If you like classic, IW has released quite a few summer OPs in the past, both in cotton and poly, always thin and unlined and very comfy to wear in hot weather. I own several and practically live in them in summer. I also wear many JSKs with chiffon/thin cotton boleros, or chiffon/thin cotton shawls on top if it's really warm. I also switch out my OTKs with knee socks, but of course you can wear ankle socks if you prefer, and wear short shorts instead of bloomers. Also, a parasol won't help much if it's humid but carrying portable shade is always a huge bonus imo, so I recommend that too.

>> No.10191363
File: 745 KB, 1242x972, 3974E717-803A-4349-958F-1C251C64D0E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recommendations on which hoop skirt silhouette will be the most versatile? In my country it’s very hot so I’m leaning towards the semi cupcake but I wonder if the a-line is more versatile since I do own a few AP high waisted jsks? My style is sweet with a few goth pieces thrown

>> No.10191367

Just get the one you'd use more often. Not a single anon here can answer this for you without knowing what you have in your wardrobe.

>> No.10191368
File: 6 KB, 205x246, download (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I live in a hot climate and used to live in a humid one. Here are some things I do:

>Short sleeve OPs minimize the amount of layers as you don't need a blouse

>Arm sweat pads are your best friend when wearing brand

>Try to stick to off brand on the hottest sweatiest days

>Cage petti

>Ankle socks or very thin OTKs

>When wearing jsks stick to very thin or sheer blouses, those crop blouses are also great. Thin short sleeve boleros

>No wigs, keep hair up in buns or pig tails

> Carry a parasol to protect you from the sun at all times.

>Try to plan your outings with limited time outdoors

>> No.10191521
File: 78 KB, 500x708, big fuckin bonnet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how should you style hair with a bonnet on? I have pic related and it's like wearing a satellite dish on my head. I usually go for pigtails, but they kind of give me headaches and i'm tired of doing it. my hair down also looks kind of weird though... what do you gulls do? and while on the topic, how do you get the damn things to stay on besides clips?

>> No.10191530

i smoke too, and nothing is more annoying than a stoner who can't talk about anything else but weed. don't be that person.

>> No.10191611
File: 184 KB, 750x1263, 2017_FNO_ATELIERPIERROT03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's say someone with absolutely no experience in using needles wanted to make a dress with this kind of things, how long do you think it would take to learn enough skills and how much could it cost?

I'm getting a job with a pretty good pay in September so I'm analyzing all the possibilities, there're so many things I never had a chance to try for a reason or another (almost always for the cost).

>> No.10191617

It will take you years and a ton of money to actually get that good at sewing. You might not even end up being that good or having an eye for the design. Save yourself the trouble of wasting money and looking like shit and just buy a $100 dress off Lacemarket. More skilled people have tried and more skilled people have failed.

>> No.10191626

I keep thinking about making one-off accessories from prints I own for me. I'm not sure if this is ethically dubious/along the same line as bootlegs? I wouldn't be selling it, just making the one for me.It wouldn't be anything that already exists from brands (exiting rings, brooches, etc). I'm more interested in making things like print-inspired acrylic and wooden brooches for my wardrobe and my wardrobe only. I'm not looking to make a profit in any way.

For example, I got the Honey Cake JSK in the MTO and I really want a wooden pin of the Honey Bear. I do Artist Alleys often so I have the resources to just make a single sample through a manufacturer. But I would basically be just redrawing the bear in the print - and that gives me a bit of pause like... is this still on some level art theft?

>> No.10191628

Yeah I’d say that’s art theft.

>> No.10191631

I'd say it's dubious because although you aren't making anything to sell, the printing company would be making money off printing someone else's art for you.

>> No.10191634

Even if you somehow became good at sewing really quickly, it would probably be cheaper to buy a dress like this than to buy materials to make one.

>> No.10191637
File: 780 KB, 2441x2441, img_7340.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No this is fine as long as you are not selling it. AP even released a collab book with molds of their most famous designs like the bear, crown, chess piece for people to craft their own accessories.

Just make sure you aren't selling or making a profit.

>> No.10191639
File: 5 KB, 259x194, download (9).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also people do these things all the time just for themselves. People might bitch at the idea on here but in person everyone just adores the matching handmade accessories.

>> No.10191744

You don't understand that you adjust the rings to get all three shapes with one hoop skirt when it literally says so right on the photo?

>> No.10191751

If you wanna sell or use a manufacturer just make an inspired design not a copy

>> No.10191765

I'd be redrawing elements from the prints I like but I see your point. I'd just be throwing it in with my AA orders so the company would be would be making like a dollar or two from printing that specific design for my use. Would you feel differently if I handpainted a wooden brooch instead of digitally drawing and printing it on wood?

Thanks anon! I actually didn't know AP released molds before!

I don't want to sell though? I've mentioned that in the OP I just want to make the one-off sample for my personal use

>> No.10191772


Check by the actual dress itself on Lolibrary or ask in the lolita general if there’s no listing on Lolibrary.

Most of my full back shirring from AP and newer than 2014 can go up to 108cm~, but older than 2014 and it’s usually about 100cm~. The baby & AatP pieces that I have that are full back shirring are quite generous. Meta is hit or miss and depends on age.

>> No.10191774

From southern US, hoopskirts are really comfy in the summer months when it’s ungodly hot. Easy to sit in, as the hoops are flexible usually. Weird to drive in as the hoops kind of pop up vertically in the car, but not an issue when sitting on regular chairs. Easy to travel with because you can easily collapse the hoops by twisting them (look it up on YouTube, it’s similar to collapsing those sun shades for cars). Also, they stand up to heavy dresses really well so you don’t have worry about achieving max poof in heavy garments.

>> No.10191777

Had anyone actually had success in getting secrets removed of them on Behind the Bows?

My friend (who has pretty bad mental health) found out one was posted of her last week and is really struggling with it. I want to help her out.

>> No.10191781

Yes, the instructions are at the top of each post. Message the admin who posted the secret compilation. They remove secrets upon request if messaged.

>> No.10191782

Any recommendations for hoop skirts?

>> No.10191790

Do a rasta coord instead. That German steampunk girl should go for it, finally something that would suit her

>> No.10191795

Thank you anon!

>> No.10191862

I did not because I am a fucking idiot. Thank you anon! I read it as you could make the bottom one wider but not all 3

>> No.10191873


I'd encourage you to pick up sewing for reasons other than lolita -- you can fix your own clothes instead of throwing them out, upcycle thrift store finds, make exactly what you want to wear/use, make your own stuff/gifts, and a side bonus is learning how much raw materials cost and how difficult it is to put things together will give you an eye for quality.

That said, what you really need is time to draft, cut fabric and sew, not money. So a "job with pretty good pay" means it's gonna be easier to buy dresses (or pay someone else to make them for you) rather than sew it yourself.

Just wanted to put this into perspective rather than a blanket "nope".

>> No.10191937

there's nothing classy about being a druggie and especially not classy to publicly display it

>> No.10192133

Link to this petti?

>> No.10192137

People still check BTB?

>> No.10192138

it isn't a petticoat dumbass

>> No.10192141

I do.
The more secrets the better

>> No.10192369

Only on 4/20 unless you work at a dispensary. At other occasions it would be tacky.

>> No.10192388
File: 166 KB, 1110x714, Screenshot_20190612-200819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does the Meta site shoe sizing say 24.5 = 7 = 39 when other sources for size conversion say 24.5 = 8 = 39? I have also ordered a US 8 from an offbrand shoe seller before and received a shoe labeled 39.

>> No.10192391

I know at least person had a whole post taken down because they claimed copyright infringement or something like that on the photo that involved them. But honestly BTB is pretty dead these days so your friend shouldn't care so much

>> No.10192396

Just measure your feet, the measurements in cm are right there for you.

>> No.10192397

Don't rely on this too much but I am an 8 and their LL was too big for me. Haven't tried the L's yet though

>> No.10192402
File: 128 KB, 898x1200, DVy6PqUUMAUFB2V.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I realize that buying one would be faster and cheaper than making one but I wasn't planning to make them just for myself, first I wanted to make something for a 80cm doll I own and then for my little sister and eventually for selling on ebay.
Although I am getting a good job after summer, it's still a year-by-year contract so I don't know how long I'll be able to support myself with just that, anything can happen a secondary income would be safer.

Fixing things is a useful skill indeed. I guess for the materials I can try find good ones from online stores? rather than local ones.

What is the general opinion on buying cloth and threads online?

>> No.10192428

US shoe sizes are terribly unreliable. A 39 euro is typically a 8-8.5 womens US or a 6 UK. Absolutely go by measurements, not US sizes.

>> No.10192492

Well shit, this is why it's called the stupid questions thread. I didn't notice that Jp sizes are cm. Thank you.

This is also useful to hear.

>> No.10192505


>opinion on buying cloth and threads online

Tricky. Well, I've misguessed two fabric purchases recently so I'm feeling it rn.

If you must shop online, avoid quilting stores that only have one single overexposed image of the print. I've had some useable and some terrible fabric come this way with no indication the fabric would be downright sheer or have a paper-like drape to it.

What you want are the shops that show you the actual fabric, with a button/ruler for scale, a bit of folding to see the drape, and then you sort of have to use your imagination to fill in the blanks (eg, very few shops show you the full fabric, which is a pitfall. Sometimes fabric looks cute but when it's on a repeat and all over your body it might turn out rather garish instead of cute). There's a lot of uncertainty though, colour matching is a bitch, and you can certainly guess wrong, it's just a risk you have to be comfortable with, if the fabric that arrives turns out to be something different, have some plans like what other fabric you can use instead, can you change your plans to accommodate whatever's odd with the fabric (thin fabric can be underlined, for eg, poor drape doesn't really have a fix), hoard the fabric for a different project, that kind of thing. Don't put a project on single-track rails, be flexible and change things up if it looks like what you planned isn't panning out.

Usually if you look for a fabric with something interesting in its weave, like cotton jacquard here, it's harder to go wrong (keep away from the canvas fabrics meant for making shopping bags though).

Thread matching can be difficult as well, I'll admit I have like 5 different shades of navy and 3 different pinks from purchases that didn't work out. Seems like I end up hoarding the purchases that don't work out.

For the cheapest fabric, you're better off thrifting cheap bedsheets until you have the sewing machine figured out, before you spend money on the good stuff.

>> No.10192506

The thing is... It varies on each shoe. I have Ms and Ls in my closet. Just read the measurements for the shoe you want and know that your foot measurement will need 0.5cm more to be comfortable.

>> No.10192507
File: 72 KB, 800x800, white-cloth-cotton-jacquard-fabric-pastoral.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ah. This type of cotton jacquard. Try to avoid polyester, they tend to be for curtains and pretty weird.

>> No.10192553

finally got fuckin money so now im buyin up dreamies weepu
is this store knockoffs? i want the jelly bag


>> No.10192653

You can buy those things off of taobao

>> No.10192759

they're a taobao reseller, Its not a knockoff. It's very overpriced though. like everything in that store.

>> No.10192766

I found some dresses of a brand called tomybear on ali and I wanted to check the official store on taobao but it says the store doesn't exist.
Did the name of the brand change or did they move to another online store? it's supposed to be a famous brand according to the reviews.

>> No.10192774

Thanks John Titor.

>> No.10192785

The store is called To Alice but they have various other labels and domain names such as Tomybear, Doll Paradise, and Bear Workshop. https://shop64664734.taobao.com

>> No.10192855

Anyone have a tutorial on how to tie bows when the waist ties are NOT double sided? Seems like every traditional "lolita bow" tutorial uses waist ties with double sided prints, but it doesn't work for like half my dresses.

>> No.10192950

Like a bow tie

>> No.10192971

Do fishnets that don't rip easily exist? I feel like I've tried quite a few brands at several price points and they're all equally flimsy.

>> No.10193042

I've had good luck with Levante, I have some black ones from there and some lavender ones also, it's been several years and no rips yet.

>> No.10193048

I know how to tie bow ties and I have no idea how you could possibly do that to waist ties. Bow ties have a curve in them for a reason

>> No.10193094


- Don't pull the knot tight, just enough to have the bow in place.
- Flip the one that's inside out to right side out. Without the knot being too tight you should be able to get it to mostly flip right side out
- Once the tails and both sides of bow are the right side out, tighten the knot.

If it's tricky to tie on your back, tie a bow first, unbutton it, adjust and tighten the bow, then button it back on.

>> No.10193096

Primark is godly if you're eu-based. I wear fishnets to work every other day, and they're legit. Plus they're only about £3 so a rip here or there doesn't matter if you keep stocked up. Maybe not the answer you wanted, but they're good.

t. Not a stripper, just have a lax dress code at work.

>> No.10193097

Something I forgot to add: if you wash them like normal clothes then they'll rip. Even expensive ones I've bought have ripped due to bad washing, so you want to treat them delicately. Wash them in a laundry bag or on a light cycle or something.

>> No.10193103

Look for dance tights. They are designed to be longer lasting.

>> No.10193104

I'm thinking of offering an OP I just brought as a trade for a JSK, but the JSK is in a considerably worse condition than my OP, is it reasonable to ask the seller if they would be willing to do a trade + part payment?

>> No.10193107

Dance tights. I owned a pair of fishnets from Capezio for ten years before I had to toss them and that was due to holes in the foot pad area, rather than the actual fishnet.

>> No.10193112


If the seller doesn't explicitly say they're looking to trade the jsk for the OP, it's far more likely they just want the dress gone and don't even want your OP, much less having to pay you any kind of money on top of an exchange they don't want.

If they're looking to trade, then yes, it's reasonable to ask for trade + money.

>> No.10193188

Thanks anons! If they were knockoffs I didn't want to pay over 10 lol

>> No.10193203

I am extremely uptight about my laundry so that definitely isn't the problem. Thanks though.
Thank you, this sounds perfect!

>> No.10193207

Only if they list it as a specific WTT?
Then whats hard about just being honest and direct and saying ”I have the OP but it's in x condition and worth $xxx, are you willing to consider a trade and add the price difference as a payment to make the transaction equal?”

>> No.10193360

How is the fit on jane Marple socks, stretchy, or pretty petite?

>> No.10193378

how is the quality of cotton candy feet? i'm a newbie and need some simple shoes, but i've heard a lot of brand shoes can be of dubious quality

>> No.10193510

Really good. I'd buy one pair and see how they fit before getting more, just because in my experience they ran a little large. But they're definitely comfortable.

>> No.10193514

Every listing I’ve seen on lacemarket says they run very small. They did when I bought them too. Do not listen to this anon saying they run large.

>> No.10193528

how small would you say they run? how many sizes up should i go do you think?

>> No.10193570

Measure your feet and check the size chart really well. I'm 27cm and bought the 42 (my usual EU size) and I should have sized up at least one size. They did stretch over time but those first ten wears were brutal.

>> No.10193574

Don't use the size chart if you're from the US. She jumps from a US size 7 to a size 8 with only a 0.5 cm change.

>> No.10193870

I've googled and looked through lolita glossaries but I still can't find the answers to these...

What does "KC" stand for?
What is a "switching jsk"?

>> No.10193931

I’ve been thinking about selling my more extravagant dresses, because I’d like a more daily wear wardrobe. I don’t like the idea of parting with them, but if I rarely wear them, is it worth it? Has anyone toned down one of their fancier pieces for daily wear?

>> No.10193933


>> No.10193935

Of course it's worth it to sell. You get a little bit of money, you're contributing to the international lolita community, you can possibly trade things for something you will wear daily, your wardobe will feel more organised.

>> No.10194230

Is there plastic boning in Krad Lanrete's Transylvanian Moonlight JSK I?

>> No.10194276

My magic princess headbow is so flat, is there a way to make it actually stick up?

>> No.10194291

What are some tall (but pretty skinny) westerner-friendly otome kei brands? Or western brands that are otome-able other than Modcloth?

>> No.10194602

How do you deal with sweat under all those layers?

>> No.10195027

You dress for the weather, wear deodorant, and clean your clothes? I personally don’t wear Lolita if I’m going to be standing in a hot place for an extended period of time, but that’s just me.

>> No.10195033

In the charm ribbon, I’m a size 39. In the Crystal Twinkle Ball, I’m a 38. In Pretty Change, I’m a 39. In Charm Ribbon High Heel, I’m 38.

I find her sizing inconsistent, but I appear to run one size larger in the flats than in the heels. Like >>10193574 said, don’t even bother using her size chart numbers to convert your size from a US to EU. Just measure your foot and try it that way.

>> No.10195473


Yes they are specifically looking for the OP I have. I've not traded anything before so I wasn't sure if it would be rude to ask for a part payment.

>> No.10196487

I can't figure out how to ship anything from Class E wig or cyperous outside Japan. In the billing area it's not letting me select my home country. What am I missing?

>> No.10197259

Why is there no Taobao thread anymore?

>> No.10202133

Do you need a shopping service to buy from the Japanese Mercari?

>> No.10204042


The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER.

I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body!

Thank you!