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A good friend of mine who encourages my obsession with this fashion just shared a pair of photos he took of a coord at an exhibit about kawaii culture. I don't know when this was taken but it was a running exhibit called the Cult of Cute at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.
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thought I'd share!

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It is the same coord as the exhibition from 6 years ago.

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Yeah, they have a few others in storage from their exhibition too. At the museum of childhood they put the AATP one on display as part of the Alice Look exhibit.

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Lol CTP prices are still at ¥100,000 on fril.

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Was I the only one that saw this? I love this seller, she could have made some bucks..

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That seller scalps other items so

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New color of Be My Valentine on the way?

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10 h ·

Moi-même-Moitié 20th Anniversary

We are proud to announce that influential Illustrator Mihara Mitsukazu created a special Moi-même-Moitié-inspired illustration in commemoration of our 20th anniversary. Best known in the Lolita fashion community for her illustrations of several early Gothic & Lolita Bible covers and her manga Doll, the artist has a long history with Mana-sama and the brand.

A rerelease of our iconic Silent Moon print is also currently under way.

Details will be announced soon."

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I was hoping for this release to come out in July. I'll be on Japan on this date so it was one way to avoid customs lol

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You can also just buy from Wunderwelt, use Tenso and lower the value.

I wonder if they will do a pre-order like with Neo Gothic Arch again.

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desu I'm more stoked about the Mihara Mitsukazu illustration than the Silent Moon rerelease.

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Please link the next thread in the previous thread for the archive next time anon.

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Calm your autism

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>use Tenso and lower the value.
Didn't even consider that. Thanks a lot, anon, I'll check it!

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Anyone else happen to see these Lolita girls fighting at Anime North? No clue what it was about but they were screeching until security broke it up.

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i heard one of them borrowed the other's petticoat and then later the owner of the petticoat came into the friend's hotel room and they were fuckin in it

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Thank you very much to the photographer of this blessed image. It’s almost too perfect.

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cgl if cgl was real life

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Nah, cgl irl would consist of uggo cosplayers, delusional itas and ihop-chan going at it. It would be entertaining to watch though.

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Does anyone know what dress the girl on the right is wearing?

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Or use AtePie, get tax free and ask them to lower the declared value.

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why did you blur the left girls face?

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The fact that both of them are slim, well dressed and at least apparently cute is so unlikely, and yet here it is. this image must be treasured.

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Rolling my eyes at the hijabi lolita article going around.
Islam is backwards af and incredibly sexist first of all, now if you want to,fine,wear your headscarf and look like an easter egg for all i care,but your hijabi isn't kawaii,it looks bad in lolita. Stop trying to get sjw points over it by saying that wearing that thing is "empowering" when it's a tool made specifically by muslim men for women. Lolita is empowering, your religious bullshit isn't.

I can't say it non anonymously or the rabid sjws will go after me for being "islamophobic"

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The one in the right is smiling, so they're likely playing or faking it.

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She could be gritting her teeth

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Those two normies in the back pretending it isn't happening.

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there's nothing cringier than seeing two people who have no clue how to fight try to fight

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WAIT did it really happen? I love you for the pictures anon, omegalul

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and there just happens to be 3 photos of this event? and that the people in the background don't care? and the girl on the right is smiling in the first picture?

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I wanted this in sax so badly.

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Okay Trump-chan

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fake and gay

>both of them are slim
>left girl
Anon she barely fits in her dress, for your own good, get your eyes checked please.

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>not liking muds=trump
i'm a feminist you dumbass,religion is a plague and i want it to gtfo my lolita

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Ah yes. Let's all stan a religion where if a woman gets raped, it's 100%her fault and she should be put to death for it.
Not to mention throwing gays off buildings. (Raping them first if they're lesbians)

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I heard that grey chan cheated on sax chan with a cuter ouji in the comm

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lolita's "idea" is the very opposite of this trainwreck and anyone worshipping that crap needs to gtfo.
Please Allah or Mana

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Is there a new article or the one that came out a while back?

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Why buy trough wunderwelt if you're going to use tenso anyway? Atelier Pierrot also sells Moitie, ships overseas, and lowers value.

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Now THIS sparks joy

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Yup, the idea that stanning a very clearly antifeminist religion is progressive is the best propaganda ever pulled on liberals and we should all be ashamed for it.

Fuck all religions particularly the Abrahamic ones, but fuck islam in particular because even their most mainstream ideologies are the most backwards of the three.

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hat reseller company that sells tons of gothic/punk/lolita themed hats, most notably occasionally carrying anonhat in stock.

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Yeah, they mentioned it on the Candy insta. Most likely a special set that might be released at the Laforet Private Party

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that's probably why they blurred out the face of the girl on the left.

If this were actually an altercation I doubt the people sitting in the background would be looking as chill as they do.

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Depending on where it was taken they might

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The illustration was nice

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It was Canada, the land of minding your business around crazies.

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you know if you're christian, you've got no room to talk, right? Also
Go back to pol, brah.

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Well it’d be rude to interrupt after all.

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What even are faces

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Not to sound like a creepy roleplayer but this looks like a tickle fight or some kind of game where the goal is not to be touched. The body language reads to me of avoidance but not aggression. Greychan is grabbing the hands/arms instead of going for the face. Printchan's knee is up to prevent greychan from getting close, but lower leg tucked in as not to hurt greychan or get her dress dirty. the last picture seems especially telling to me with GC's posture with hands at PC's waist and her face vulnerable. She looks like she's about to take off laughing.

Good memes though.

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Are you retarded? Just look at the sales history

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I’m pretty sure that’s just due to a large bust and not being heavy, anon

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Whenever I see "reeee fatty" about an average sized girl on cgl I just smile knowing it could be ihop-chan posting.

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Can I just say that I'm glad to see someone other than Fanny this time for the Moitie ad

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wasnt ihop chan a fat girl posting another fat girl though? and it wasnt even about her weight iirc just the dress. may be remembering it tho

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It's a cope anyway. There are about 1500 posters here per month, saying everyone who mentions fatties is a fatty because of one perticular retarded fatty is delusional.

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how is that scalping she sells them for good prices

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Praying for those socks, I'd take that over the Silent Moon rerelease. I wonder if it's just the OP.

>> No.10182305

Wont this release have the crossed lace on the body?

If the SIlent Moon comes out at 36k, for example, How cheaper would It be to buy from AtePie? Around 34k?

>> No.10182313

Japanese sales tax is 8% iirc so subtract that from the total. By the way does anyone know what the deal is with AtePie suddenly having a SS on their website instead of advertising free tax/shipping? I asked in the stupid questions thread when I first saw it but no one seemed to know.

>> No.10182323

Hopefully by then I can decide if I want to get Silent Moon.

>> No.10182355

It’s sad defending yourself like this

>> No.10182357

Same, but I'm hoping for a jsk on the silent moon release too.

>> No.10182359

They just changed that last week or the week before. I assume that SS approached them and convinced them this is better. I would just email and order directly through Atelier Pierrot the same way we've always done. Surely they won't refuse a sale and don't want you to order through Wunderwelt or Moitie instead.

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Fanny doesn't wear gothic. MMM did it right for the mood.

>> No.10182425

She used to wear gothic though. She's one of those girls who got into lolita because of visual kei.

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Plenty of us rabid SJWs agree with you completely anon. Religion should absolutely not be given the same tier of respect as things like race/gender/etc. Your Bronze Age beliefs in a sexist imaginary friend are not on par with others’ right to live their lives.

>> No.10182455

A social construct.

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Just a heads up, I bought these a few years ago for $5 on taobao.

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Perfect colours for my Telegram background

>> No.10182575

You. I like you. A whole lot.

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Were they replicas? The one on WW looks much nicer.

>> No.10182627

Nayrt but for some reason everyone here calls anyone who resells clothes a scalper, even though there is a distinct difference

>> No.10182632

Does anyone else think that boleros are way overpriced? I just saw two on LM for more than $50.

>> No.10182633

If it’s brand boleros under $80 I don’t really consider that over priced.

>> No.10182638

Even 80, depending on what it is, is a good price

>> No.10182640

For the average one it’s what I would consider the max but if it was like the IW MF one yeah that’s a great price.

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My local goth store that is very lovely just posted this and I dont have the heart to tell them. All the local lolitas are sharing it to each other and visibly gagging.

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File: 1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190530-162417_Facebook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whoops pic drop

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I want those socks to come out again, I miss the ribbon wrapped around.

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But you have the heart to post them on 4channel?

>> No.10182659

This. You bought a shitty replica anon.

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>Can we have a moment of silence
It's almost like they're aware how hideous this is.

>> No.10182726

does anyone know anything about this? Their Twitter account followed me and I literally only ever use my account to look at Japanese lolitas and brands. I don't even think I've ever liked anyone's posts and I've never made any of my own so it's super weird that they followed me.

>> No.10182733

Indie brands often use mass produced findings in their jewelry

>> No.10182811

Meta took their platform boots off their online shop (Sold our completely I assume). Does this mean there may be a potential for restock?

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It would be nice to have a West Coast event now that OTTea is no more. But if it's run by one person, that raises all sorts of red flags lol. 'Nifty Nif' brings up a github, empty twitter, and LM profile. Anyone in a Washington comm know her?

>> No.10182842

Why did OTTea stop?

>> No.10182852

"Pretty Princess club" sounds like a sissy/ageplay gathering ground
shit name

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I doubt it. I bought mine on taobao in 2011. It looks exactly like the one on Rozen Kavalier except that they painted the back and the chain in a duller color.

>> No.10182948

I doubt it. I bought mine on taobao in 2011. It looks exactly like the one on Rozen Kavalier except that they painted the back and the chain of the black one in a duller color.

>> No.10182989

Washington? I've definitely sold to that person before and thought she was in Ohio. I've sold to someone in Oregon before but I don't think it was nn

>> No.10182999

It's being organized by more than one person. I met someone at Paradiso who was talking about it and she isn't from Washington.

I agree the name is suspect. They should change it

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reminds me of those awful pretty princess points comics that were posted on /cgl/ and lc once upon a time

>> No.10183065

Nif Ward on Facebook (short for Jennifer, which I saw on her PayPal when I sold to her)

>> No.10183084

Besides Extra and Boudoir, were there any other Gothic & Lolita Bible spinoffs/special issues?

>> No.10183109

really? ive never seen her wear gothic in old photos or talk about visual kei apart from how she went to see an cafe who were a joke and barely qualify

>> No.10183117

The virgin classic lolita catfight vs the CHAD sweet lolita plow

>> No.10183121

Both are wearing sweet, though.

>> No.10183125

She mentioned it’s how she got into the fashion, but that doesn’t mean she was a gothic Lolita before.

>> No.10183130 [DELETED] 

go to the stupid question thread next time

>> No.10183131

go to the stupid question thread next time

>> No.10183147

I've seen pics

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So it looks like Amazon sells tea parties now! They use the same kind of stock photos as SS. I don't own SS shoes, but can someone confirm they are SS?

>> No.10183199

She mostly wore classic and is known for it. I just don't think she suits gothic very well, coconut fringe or not.

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File: 3.26 MB, 5312x2988, 20190205_171650.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Amazon seller Lorie & Knight is also on Aliexpress. I bought these shoes from them on Ali, and they feel kinda meh quality. You can see the creasing and the janky fur for yourself. I'd be cool with it for the original price, but with the international shipping making them twice as expensive it's not super appealing. I haven't bought from sosic shop, but I hope this helps.

>> No.10183220

>they painted the back and the chain of the black one in a duller color.
That's not how it works. Wat.
I doubt that taobao didn't copy. That brand existed in 2011 and re-releases past designs.

>> No.10183236

If it's MM
And it's under $100
It's a steal

>t. Just bought a MM bolero for $50

>> No.10183282

>tfw you know who the salty bitches in your com are because they out themselves like this

>> No.10183290

What's salty about what anon said? Maybe she is actually in your comm, so what?

>> No.10183303


nothing about this post was salty, maybe you should stop outing yourself.

>> No.10183307

look up shoe revival videos on youtube, they show you how to remove/repair creasing on shoes.

>> No.10183309

Congrats, you're retarded. Stop coming here if you don't like our board

>> No.10183311

These are after only 1 wear. There's no reviving them. But thank you.

>> No.10183333

>she doesn't know
I guess every single item in their jewelry section was replicated too then. I mean, if you want to pay $40 more go ahead, I just wanted to warn gulls.

>> No.10183357

How was that at all salty? It sounded like she was happy to have found a great price.

>> No.10183393

I'm not buying it. You're just trying to justify knock-offs when you have no proof either.

>> No.10183438

I'm not justifying anything? I owned a black one and a golden one and the golden one looks exactly like the one on WW, only the black one is slightly different. Brands reselling chinese stuff on the side is no new invention and there is no proof Rozen Kavalier/Ozz On re-released it over a course of 8 years either.
Try to reverse image- or keyword search their jewelry to see yourself.

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File: 148 KB, 595x842, 691395B4-8A06-438B-9D9F-1C138EAB352C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want snaps of this please and thanks if anyone has em.

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>> No.10183804

Any news from Traümerei? How is the Saturday event?

>> No.10183865

Happy international lolita day, everyone!

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File: 1.55 MB, 227x172, mf16.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aww I forgot this was happening, thanks for the reminder, anon! Happy ILD to you too.

>> No.10183873

To you too anon! <3

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File: 405 KB, 1536x2048, 1557997037119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think they mean in the sense that if you post here you are full of salt.

You too, anon.

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what's your gulls' favorite solid tea-length dresses? I was thinking about getting a couple for gothic, and maybe pairing them with a long apron.
I really like Sacred Night, but I wish the black colorway came with white flocking instead of gold print

>> No.10183973

The model requirements for the AP Paris tea party are up. The max bust measurements are 93cm, which is generous. However the listed hip measurements are up to a max of 73cm. Is this true? Or is it actually about waist size? Especially since you can be up to 178cm tall, 73 hips seems oddly small for a max.

>> No.10183980

Venue felt very cramped. The place was beautiful, really charming but it felt a little too small for the crowd.

>> No.10183993

>oddly small for a max

Lol. No, no it isn’t. A 73 inch waist is quite large.

>> No.10183994

Cm* not inches brain fart. Still a really big measurement.

>> No.10183995

Anon said it's the hip measurement, not waist.

>> No.10183998

They asked if it was actually the waist measurement. Reread >>10183973

>> No.10183999

They said hip, not waist dumbass

>> No.10184000

Ironic you go around calling people dumbasses

>> No.10184001

you can really if someone’s fat by how they get upset when you talk about measurements

>> No.10184004

Whenever you mention something like a 30 inch waist being large they crawl out like roaches to ree about it

>> No.10184050

You too!

>> No.10184161

It looked like there was less than 100 seats for the fashion show. Is the attendance number that low? I know SFE organized this to be for just their friends as much as possible.

>> No.10184229

>dream dress is about 2cm too small in the bust
>ample room to spare everywhere else
>op with no shirring, can't think of what to modify
Is there any hope anons? It's been a long time wishlist item so I'm open to trying a few options before I let it go. I think compression tops squeeze down about 1cm but I'm not sure if that's enough.

>> No.10184231 [DELETED] 

Lose weight if you aren’t dangerously underweight already.

>> No.10184249

sports bra?

>> No.10184270

not everyone can control where they lose weight so this is useless advice

>> No.10184272

But they said a 73 cm (28 inch) hip measurements seemed small FOR A HIP MEASURMENT. which is is. that’s a very small hip measurement for anyone who isn’t a child.

>> No.10184279

It's got to be the waist measurement.
28-29 inches for hips is insane. Hip measurements generally include butt/thigh, as it's supposed to be the "largest" measurement below the waist.

I even looked up the average hip measurement of 20 years old in Japan, and it's ~ 85-86 cm which is way more plausible.

I can't seem to find the link for the model measurements though. What did they list as the waist size?

>> No.10184295

They didn't list the waist measurements. The link for the requirements has been sent out to the AP Paris mailing list.

>> No.10184306

Judging from what I've seen on instagram, it's all the oldies, EU lolitas with big followings and their friends.

>> No.10184431

Your boobs will squish around to accommodate, good luck! Also not wearing a bra lets them be more free and pliable

>> No.10184435

Maybe if you’re fat

>> No.10184436

If you lose enough weight your bust measurement will go down eventually. 1cm is not that hard to lose.

>> No.10184438
File: 18 KB, 600x600, b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10184439

Spot the upset “plus sized” lolita

>> No.10184459

Nyart, but that sounds like bad advice. Not wearing a bra will be noticed and it won't look good. Loosing weight does help, but if you don't want to, a tight sports bra or compression top might be worth the investment.

>> No.10184461
File: 106 KB, 932x647, The fattest AP model possible.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll agree that 93 cm is way too generous for bust measurements, but the biggest size for this is still not remotely proportional if the hips are really supposed to be 73 cm. Considering the bust, I'd say it's more likely for the 73 to be the waist measurement, but they said what they said. I want to believe it was a typo and they meant waist instead of hips.

>> No.10184468

Try making them short anon.

>> No.10184473

I’m sorry that you have such a hard time understanding a Japanese brand wanting someone with slim hips, but it’s really not my fault you’re slow

>> No.10184479

73cm sounds correct considering their average model probably has a 63-65cm waist . The bust measurement is a bit crazy though.

>> No.10184481

>25 inch waist
sounds normal. Could be a bit smaller for the actual models
>28 inch hips
What? The average measurements for a young Japanese woman is 60 cm waist and 85 cm hips. I’m convinced everyone is being purposefully obtuse

>> No.10184482

Do you really think models are the average? REALLY?

>> No.10184483

Slim hips is one thing, but <73cm would make any adult look like a grey alien or a dude.

Plus how are hips relevant in a fashion like lolita? I think it must have been a typo too and they meant 73 as the max waist, which lines up with the large bust and overall larger sizes AP has been producing over the last few years.

>> No.10184484

These are measurements for fashion models not the average Japanese woman. You’re the only one who’s acting purposefully obtuse. Yes, I would bet money that 73cm hips is in the average range for a Japanese fashion model.

Just because AP makes sizes fat people can fit in does not mean they want fat people modeling for them.

>> No.10184489

Why would they have Japanese “model standards“ for the hips and not the bust and height and not specify the waist, which are all objectively more important when fitting in lolita? You’re not gonna see anyone’s ass

>> No.10184491

To keep out actual fatties. I doubt AP really expects someone with those exact measurements to model for them. This really isn’t hard to figure out if you use your brain.

>> No.10184501
File: 128 KB, 435x640, B38D72BE-1ECA-430D-AEF9-E2875635928D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even in bullshit gyaru weightloss ads they don’t have 73 cm hips

>> No.10184503

That girl doesn’t look that thin. Stay mad

>> No.10184504

That would be easier by specifying the waist though...

>> No.10184505

A fatty is not going to have 73cm hips unless they’re a midget

>> No.10184507

A fatty isn’t going to have a 60 cm waist either

>> No.10184508

So why are you mad about the hip measurements? Maybe if you knew how to control your weight you could model for them, don’t blame AP for having standards.

>> No.10184509

>stay mad
unless you’re smaller than that girl’s measurements you have no room to talk

>> No.10184511

93 cm bust and 73 cm hips are not standards, anon

>> No.10184512

I am, your fattyrage is showing

>> No.10184513

post measurements and height

>> No.10184515
File: 390 KB, 1111x1394, 12D065DA-32C4-449F-8297-61DE87ABD088.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you: “most Japanese models have 73 cm waists!!!”
>me: points out that even in weightloss sections of Japanese magazines, that WE KNOW LIE because of kotakoti, they don’t claim to have 73 cm
>you: that girl isn’t thin anyway reeee

are Japanese models thin or not, make up your mind dude

>> No.10184516

They literally are. They are the standards that AP has placed on their models. Again, it’s not APs fault you fail to meet their requirements. It’s your own.

>> No.10184517

Standards that even most Japanese models don’t seem to meet? Okay sure.

>> No.10184519

>being too retarded to understand that this one girl not being super thin means all Japanese models aren’t
I really don’t understand why you have such rage over this. Sour grapes maybe?

>> No.10184520
File: 146 KB, 800x1129, 03CB2F96-5065-4AB2-BA8D-B393E16ED558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please show me the Japanese models with 73 cm hips then. I’ll wait.

>> No.10184522

I don’t give enough of a shit to go through all of my Keras for a shitpost argument on 4chan, unlike you who seems mega triggered about having large measurements. At the end of the day the only people who lose here are those who are upset about APs measurement restrictions.

>> No.10184526

AP gave a max height as well. It's the biggest model possible given the measurements they listed.

>> No.10184527

If there's so much confusion about the measurements... Why not just ask them on fb or something?

>> No.10184528

Because fatty’s don’t want to be embarrassed when they don’t meet the requirements lol. That’s why people are raging about it here.

>> No.10184529

i bet anon has a “20 inch waist” a la pixielocks

>> No.10184530

I see being an anachan is having a poor effect on your cognition, because nobody was upset until someone, presumably you, decided to sperg out when someone asked very calmly and neutrally if AP made a mistake when listing measurement requirements. >>10183973 even notes that the bust measurement is generous, so the small hip measurement makes no sense proportionally.

>> No.10184532

Has AP confirmed that was a mistake? Because if not you’re just reveling in fat delusion.

>> No.10184536

this. what AP says is the only thing that matters here. people can complain but if that’s their requirement it’s what they have to accept

>> No.10184537

The girls in >>10184520 are fat then?

>> No.10184538

I didn’t say AP confirmed it was a mistake, but so far it seems like that’s the case.

So far you’ve provided no proof to your claim that 73 cm hips is all the norm in japan for lolita models, even though this is an AP PARIS tea party and its not like every western model for AP has been stick thin, especially when most of the paradisio AP models were on the average side and all you anachans complain about now is how big AP clothes are.

>> No.10184542

I don’t need to provide proof, AP’s decided that’s what they want. You can say it’s “likely” it’s a mistake, but if they don’t fix it then it’s what models have to be. Complain to AP if you think it’s so unrealistic lol.

>> No.10184545

it’s going to be the most empty fashion show ever if they don’t get a single model application since anyone who isn’t a child sized midget has a 73 cm hip measurement

>> No.10184546

Keep being bitter that you’re too large for AP lol.

>> No.10184547

For what it’s worth, this is not the first time they have said a similar number for hip measurements. I doubt it’s a mistake. Iirc this was discussed in 2016

>> No.10184552

I found some posts from 2015 where AP asked for 26-29 inch waist 28-36 inch bust and 5”2-5”7 height but no hips

>> No.10184555

Congrats, you didn’t find the correct thread,

>> No.10184556

are you going to show us any sources or receipts instead of just talking about it

>> No.10184558

No because I’m not invested in this either. I think it’s stupid trying to argue about it when ap already said that’s what they want. If you really doubt it confront them, but complaining about it on here only makes you look jealous.

>> No.10184559

Someone asked them on their fb post about it, but since they're closed there probably won't be an answer before tomorrow. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.10184562

So then wait instead of throwing a tantrum about how you’re too big to meet their requirements.

>> No.10184564

Oh I was the anon who suggested just asking. I don't really care either way sorry for confusion.

>> No.10184568

You sure you’re remembering correctly then? I couldn’t find any specified measurements from AP in 2016. I just want some solid evidence so the argument will end

>> No.10184571

The argument is ended by AP asking for those requirements to begin with.

>> No.10184572

I think the argument was ended by proving that most Japanese models don’t have 73 cm hips but what do I know

>> No.10184574

Not if anon is making shit up

>> No.10184575

Go to their FB dumbass.

Doesn’t change what AP wants sourgrapes-chan

>> No.10184580

Where on their FB do they have the 2016 post anon

>> No.10184581

Get some reading comprehension dumbass.

>> No.10184582

Jesus that’s fridge/flat pad looks lmao

>> No.10184584

The post from 2016 could have never happened and that wouldn’t change AP asking for it this time around.

>> No.10184585

You should because that’s what the two previous posts were referring to

>> No.10184586


>> No.10184587

That’s true but I still want to see if anon is bullshitting.

So you’re making up bs?

>> No.10184588

The thing is, if it’s a mistake then they never wanted it. The whole thing started with the question whether it was a mistake or not.

>> No.10184589

Until AP corrects it y’all are just a bunch of fatasses mad that you can’t get in

>> No.10184591


You can cry about it all you want but until they amend it you’re just reeing with envy.

>> No.10184592

if AP corrects it they’re not fatasses? that’s some stupid logic

>> No.10184594

They’re still probably fat but then AP would have made a mistake.

>> No.10184596

>tfw 73 cm hips are fat is the new meme

>> No.10184597

>tfw you spot the newfag

>> No.10184598

60 cm waist is fat was the old meme though

>> No.10184601

Can I just say as someone that regularly works with models... they have made a mistake. 73cm hips is abnormally small and even a standard model is not going to meet those measurements. Especially considering the bust size, I am certain that it is 93 cm bust/73cm waist. This is not to do with fatty chan complaining. Anyone with the 73 cm hips is either going to be proportionately way too short, or would not be allowed to model in France due to their requirements regarding model health.
73 cm waist seems pretty average for a model, at their height they still look slim with this measurement. Although we usually cap it at 86 cm bust.

>> No.10184603

No, that was 70cm

>> No.10184655

The concerning thing is that they made the same mistake in french then..

>> No.10184685

Has AP already released the two-piece Milkshake set yet?

>> No.10184693


>> No.10184709

Please don't tell me someone is actually willing to pay over 5K for honey cake like .... I'm happy for the seller i guess she must be shocked (starting price was 500)

>> No.10184711

Maybe it's a trade?

>> No.10184712

Looks like it’s just some dumbass who wrong 5500 instead of 550

>> No.10184714

thats what I'm hoping happened, god she must feel like an idiot if so

>> No.10184733

It's a typo... it's not that big of a deal to insult someone's intelligence over

>> No.10184734

You’d have to be actually retarded to not read over a bid you are agreeing to pay. If I were the seller I’d take advantage of the situation and demand she pay that price or I leave bad feedback

>> No.10184736

I'm pretty sure it's a trade. The bid wouldn't automatically bump up to 5500 unless the previous bidder put 5499 as their max

>> No.10184740

There’s no option to put in a price specifically for a trade.

>> No.10184744

Price could be to prevent others from bidding

>> No.10184746

But unless the other person put 5499 as the price it wouldn’t show up that way

>> No.10184819

This thread isn't readable from all the bone rattling and reeeing. gg

>> No.10184983

Believe it or not, people ask questions in the general all the time. It's really not that big of a deal.

>> No.10185002

People crying about having their photo taken in public and making a scene are just as bad as the people taking the photos.
It's shit, it happens, just fucking move on and deal with it. I know some people can be really, really rude, but what happened to not giving a fuck about other people while wearing the fashion? I'm so sick of hearing the latest installment of "I stopped to scream at a tourist/photographer instead of ignoring them/covering my face/walking faster like an adult". You're never going to educate every camera-wielding dumbass, and it hurts to realise it but you're wasting your breath.
Just put the blinkers on, put your headphones on, and go about your day.

>> No.10185030
File: 155 KB, 622x1600, 827563AF-BE33-4022-A192-650A50210F2A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honey Cake rerelease

>> No.10185036

Finally everyone will shut up about it.

>> No.10185038
File: 1.45 MB, 480x270, 12E02F51-5EA3-4176-B7BD-3FDF697E87A5.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck me, I already spent $500 on two dresses last week. Welp, it looks like I’m gonna have to spend another $500 on this shit. Great timing AP.

>> No.10185049

Glad I stuck around in the fashion long enough to see all the scalped prints getting a rerelease.

>> No.10185050
File: 230 KB, 1200x1200, D8GZep5VsAAutWh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LIEF - リボンリボンドロワーズ (Ribbon Ribbon Drawers?)
Price: 9,180 yen (tax incl.)

Waist: 60~120cm
Length: 68cm (including lace)

The ribbons are removable.


>> No.10185051
File: 274 KB, 500x619, 142907263.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has Na+H always leaned so far into lolita?

>> No.10185053

Holy shit finally everyone will stop wearing this ugly dress as a status piece.
Thank you Jesus Christ

>> No.10185056

i dont think its ugly but i agree everybody that has this seems to really enjoy showing it off

>> No.10185068

Well, I just really like it.. I even stopped taking pictures of it, because I wear it so much. I‘m just happy I can finally get that headbow and jewelry.

>> No.10185069

I think people who do this are mostly just venting online rather than bitching at the person who took their photo (unless I'm wrong of course), and honestly I can understand the frustration over being treated like an object rather than a person with feelings who's just dressed a little weird. It can wear out one's nerves eventually.

>> No.10185070

I already have an IW dress that looks exactly like this, but knowing this exists.....I want it

>> No.10185073

I think for every collection they have one or two main-pieces that are good for lolita

>> No.10185075

No pressure

>> No.10185076

Is that collar detachable?

>> No.10185080

I've been at meets where someone will scream at a photographer and honestly that makes me more uncomfortable than having my photo taken.

>> No.10185084

In that case I definitely agree, that's embarrassing.

>> No.10185085

Yes. I wonder why gulls suddenly realise they exist.

>> No.10185092

Do you need an invite for laforet private party? How does it work? Can anyone go in that day and reserve?

>> No.10185096

Mine are 90. How fucked am i :(
Wow i love this

>> No.10185102

I already contacted tenshi shop and shes able to reserve.

I was curbing my lolita spending for a trip to tokyo this autumn. But AP really out here assualting my bank account

>> No.10185110

Thats not what I was asking. I need to know if anybody can go and reserve this.

>> No.10185124

It is a mistake. My friend modelled for them before and both her and the other models all definitely had over 73cm hips lol. Look at all of the previous models, it’s obviously a mistake.

>> No.10185134

Until they correct it nothing you say matters

>> No.10185136

Anon labeled it as the fattest AP model.

>> No.10185157
File: 96 KB, 960x482, 0E820BC4-1286-400F-8C41-CEEB08571CA1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Honey cake mto this friday. Including the jewelry and the fucking bag. Who so ready to sell their soul.

>> No.10185160

God damn it why can’t it be next Friday when I’ll have 1k of free money to blow on the whole set?!

>> No.10185176

Because the universe knows you don’t deserve it.

>> No.10185186

Since the reservations are all day (not just at night during the event) and it doesn't explicitly say you need an invitation I'm going to say you're probably OK without one.

>> No.10185210

No socks?

>> No.10185222

They just corrected it and said it was the waist.

>> No.10185225

You email with the template posted on the shop blog or go to Laforet and ask for an invite from a relevant shop. They’ll then email you back with the invite. It’s
easy to get one, just keep an eye on Twitter for the shop blog updates.

>> No.10185226

Who would have ever thought it was a mistanke lol

>> No.10185230

ikr, same here... still debating if I'll get the jewelry too

>> No.10185239

Jsk, hb, jewelry, bag, no socks from what ive seen :/

>> No.10185241

Can you sign up for a credit card? There's still time.

>> No.10185243

Holy financial irresponsibility batman

>> No.10185263

Ivory, yellow, or both?

>> No.10185264

No skirt?

>> No.10185282

Sorry you're retarded. It's pretty clear what anon meant and you're just being purposely obtuse.

>> No.10185283

I ended up going for ivory. I think yellow is the strongest colourway for the theme/design, but I felt ivory would suit me and my wardrobe more.

If you have money to spare, then why not both though of course.

>> No.10185287

This is a man.

>> No.10185288

Thanks anon, you are kind. I feel similarly, I love the ivory and it goes better in my more toned down sweet closet, but gosh I love the yellow too. I might actually do just that because you bring up a good point, thanks for the encouragement. :)

(I am not sure if spots are unlimited like a regular MTO? I hope so!)

>> No.10185291

>the bag
My soul is leaving my body give me that fucking pancake mix

>> No.10185295

why must they do this to me on such short notice and in the ugliest JSK style

>> No.10185301

What are the chances of this getting a full MTO? I really want the mint color...

>> No.10185302

Mint goes for cheap anyway just wait

>> No.10185314

I'd much rather get new from AP though. I always get second hand but I want to actually support the brand instead of resellers. Buying directly increases the chances of them re-releasing other old things. Thank you everyone who bought Holy Lanterns and Cats Tea Party directly from AP. This is the only way to combat shitty scalpers that actually makes a difference.

>> No.10185315

Is it only in yellow colorway?

>> No.10185316

So then buy another color way and support them without bitching

>> No.10185318

Nobody is bitching? I was only asking if there might be a full MTO? Trying to get people's opinions comparing to other MTOs.

>> No.10185319

And beige

>> No.10185320

>nobody is bitching

Several people are but ok

>> No.10185321

Thank you!

>> No.10185334

AP's quality has sharply declined since the first release of Honey Cake, second hand would probably be better.

>> No.10185343

How do you guys think how hard it would be to grab the bag after MTO? Honestly I have never been a huge fan of it, but I don’t want to lose an ever opportunity to get it. It must be unreal to grab second hand even after MTO.

>> No.10185358

They allow 50% deposit. Try asking Muuh, she did the split payment for CTP MTO.

>> No.10185385


You can look at CTP going out now (or Holy Lantern if you want to wait a couple of years before looking for it) -- now that the dresses are being delivered the resale price is still pretty high and there isn't much resale yet. Meanwhile most people will be spamming coord photos of that item because it's gonna be a trending topic for a while. If the upcoming spam whilst you cry over not having your own pancake bag is gonna bother you, just get the MTO right now.

If you don't mind waiting a couple of years, eventually some girls will sell their bags.

There's an additional complication, though. Since the bag is pleather I'm not really sure how easy it would be to find some in good condition secondhand since they have a tendency to peel and deteriorate if you don't store them properly.

>> No.10185386

I was actually planning to sell my bag soon, in great condition. I am sure a few others will too. :)

>> No.10185388

The truth is that I’m pretty short and the bag is huge. I’m afraid I’m gonna look extra midget with it.

>> No.10185391

where can I find more of these?

>> No.10185428

What’s the best way to store pleather bags?

>> No.10185429

Yellow bitches waaaasaaaaap

>> No.10185430

Ayyyy <3

>> No.10185444

Wonderin how to store bags correctly as well.
I bought a bag directly from Innocent World once and after a few years the pleather just started peeling. I didn’t even use it often.

>> No.10185469

so sick of the annoying person
SoapboxSirensandCliffhangerCherubs on LM spamming her shitty crap with~~ ooooh~ 50% off~ when she's just inflating the price to clog up both new and reduced with her shit.

>> No.10185470

Also wanting to know

>> No.10185474

Same. It’s obnoxious.

>> No.10185477

would notifying mods help maybe? She's constantly spamming her shit.

>> No.10185501

She’s done posting items, she was just dumping all her sales at once. Source: I bought an item from her

>> No.10185502

It's no big deal for people responsible enough to not miss payments and a good idea if they're American and need a good credit score to function.

>> No.10185503

she has literally been spamming them for weeks. they aren't "on sale" either, she's just being retarded.

>> No.10185504

yellow looks cuter on me

>> No.10185505

what are some tokyo ss that one can use to order the honey cake mto?

>> No.10185511

sauce on this dress? it's gorgeous

>> No.10185517

my favorite is her ~~SETS~~ but like it's a compact mirror and the bag it came in

or a blouse with the fucking pin it came with

who are you trying to fool bitch

>> No.10185534

If she keeps it up, I'll definitely send something to the LM mods and see if anything can be done. Tired of her shitting up both new and reduced and being pretty scammy in general. A blouse with it's detachable pieces is NOT a set...

>> No.10185546

read the post

>> No.10185547

Please do. I wouldn't mind so much if she didn't do it in both categories. Looking at reduced items after looking at new arrivals and seeing all the exact same stuff is really annoying.

>> No.10185561

new >>10185559

>> No.10185600

Bad taste

>> No.10185672

Where are all those naysayers now talking about how AP would never rerelease this. More proof anons on cgl don't know what they're talking about.

>> No.10185802

I’m tempted for the bag but FUCK no OP? The ivory OP is what I love for and there’s no point in getting the jewelry bag and headbow if there is no OP.

And no socks? I use to own them and they were cute as fuck! I hope they put out a full MTO in the future!

>> No.10187290

a binder?