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Real THOT Hours edition

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Can I cosplay alone?

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Yeah I've done it a couple times when friends couldn't make it out. Easy enough to make con friends if you are in cosplay and just stop to take photos/chat with other people from the same anime

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I didn't get a chance to cop tickets for a certain con. Then i recently found out that many of my coworkers would have been battling to take PTO in that entire month the con happens in (unrelated to the con)

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>friend's little sister is making a MeMeMe costume
>tell her to wear safety shorts because I can see her thonged buttocks
>mfw she tells me that's the whole point
She's gonna be 18 next month and she's already making plans for ho shit.

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Big time yikes
At least you can say that you tried

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Smash next month. Duh

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all these awful threads asking one stupid question. It's not even june yet, and the summer newbs are already here shitting up our board

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Report and hide. Keep them out

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Every time my friend asks me for cosplay advice it becomes a situation where I have to talk her out of an insane idea (eg using flour and water because she doesn't want to go out and buy glue). I always end up feeling responsible for stopping her because she vents to me when everything goes wrong.
Like dude please. Stop wildly changing character designs and using bizarre materials. It's not even crafty it just makes you upset in the end.

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>Not smashing
Nigga you gay.

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Son, I'm almost 30 and this thottler is 17.

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So fucking what? Age of consent here is 16. I'd of done smashed raw. Man the fuck up and smash once she is legal in your area.

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My mom refuses to post my con pics to Facebook because some of them have fat girls in them. :'(

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You're in the right here anon. Don't listen to these Quagmire weirdos. Wanting someone half your ago is creepy at best.

Are you thirteen? Post them yourself. Or get a different facebook at least. Get out from under her thumb.

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You did the right thing.

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Bull shit. This pussy ass cuck is wrong. She's gonna get all the dick she wants... and all you did was opt out of prime pussy. Period. 10+ dudes will likely beat that shit up in the next year. Nothing right about denying her the chance to experience your dick before theirs.

Ignore the sjw faggots and weak pussies.

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Cliques of virtue signaling faggots on Twitter upset me greatly.

Yeah, this is the type of person I want to advocate for trans issues and telling other to spit on people who use the word "trap".

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mad his gf doesnt wanna fuck you?

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>tfw hairstyles with bangs make you literally look like a man in a wig

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it's an obvious self-deprecating joke. the whole point of the post is to make fun of him. if you're too autistic to understand that, then you're beyond saving.

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>damn, I would really ask her, if I can try it

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Nigga you gay

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I'm about to custom order a bunch of blouses to my measurements! None of my blouses have really fit me well in a while and I'm tired of searching for blouses in standard sizes that'll fit well and have the look that I want. God bless indie brands with custom sizing! I'm excited to have some comfy, cute blouses.

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>mfw I'm medically average and often get called skinny but I look fatter than the idol group whose actual shtick is being chubby

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Get lean instead of average, it's their trick (probably).

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This is big-brained. Good luck anon, post reviews when you get them!

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I can only assume anons shittalking this guy are either trying to bait, or extremely young themselves.
Normal people in their late twenties/ early thirties are not interested in teenagers. They’re too young and immature, even if they’re legal.

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Sounds like a cosplayer to me.

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>I couldn't possibly stick my dick inside this smoking hot teenager, she's just not sophisticated or well-traveled enough for my intellectual tastes
Yes, it definitely must be bait

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Thanks anon! Will do! I'm getting them from Glitter Tale and I've seen some of their blouses in person before and they looked pretty nice so I have high hopes.

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What an idiot. Have you ever tried having a bigger picture talk with her?
Like next time she tries something dumb sit her down and point to all of the specific incidents of her failed dumb idiot ideas and tell her she needs to cut that shit out. If she just did things the right way the first time around then she wouldn’t be so miserable

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I fucked up gulls
I put all my sense of self esteem into social media. I gained a decent amount of followers in the past year which made me feel good about myself, but now when a post doesn’t get as many likes as the previous, I feel myself spiraling. I don’t even know why I’m doing this to myself. Anyone have tips for working on myself and improving self esteem?

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Start a patron and make some merch?
If you’re going to shred your confidence you may as well profit from it.

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I know this is a board but not everyone's goal is to fuck something that's barely legal. Also I dont think anyone said anything about the teen being "smoking hot" so way to project.

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fuck you dude.
having sex just for the sake of it should be a decision she makes for herself when she's an actual adult. not because some fucking 30 year old guy pressed her for it. if there isn't a mutual amount of detached using, you're an asshole.

also, just because she's showing her buttcheeks and doing a sexy cosplay doesn't mean she is sexually available. you can fuck right off.
>to even imply one-ing-and-done-ing a literal teenager

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I don't think you know what the word project means, you mong. And who said it was everyone's goal to fuck a teenager? I was pointing out your stupidity in assuming that anybody with a different point of view to your own naive as fuck one must be baiting.

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Whenever I go to cons, I always have female friends of mine get super touchy-feely and flirty (especially when we’re drinking). I know girls are way more comfortable being affectionate with other girls but I don’t know I’m missing some sort of signal. None of us are straight but no one has outright made a move.

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>Asian Chubby
I am US skinny, but probably fat by Japanese standards.

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I guess it depends on the person
at least women in their early 20es are always looked after

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>doing sexy cosplay and showing butt, doesn't mean she wants to have sex
not wanna sound like assholes, who blames women when they get raped and/or harassed, but I doubt that

>> No.10180959 [DELETED] 

>be the change you want to see

>> No.10180973 [DELETED] 

Oh, it's retarded.

>> No.10180975 [DELETED] 

>men don't want to bone teenagers because they're too young and immature!
Drink bleach, babygull

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How do I ask a girl I met at con to be my little sister? I'm 29, she's 23.

>> No.10180988 [DELETED] 

Don’t, that’s a huge red flag

>> No.10180997 [DELETED] 

Are you really that retarded to think someone wouldn't turn someone down for being too immature or young? Because this is the only point you're making and I just dont understand it. Some people will not find a problem with fucking a teenager as a late 20/early 30 year old person, but some do see a problem. That's all I'm saying.

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Friend backed out of going to a con with me. Again. Did this last year. Talked about this on the last thread-- I still want to go and have fun but I'm literally crying right now before work because I'm so disappointed. It's been so long since I went to a con with friends and I just feel overwhelmed now

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>replies to that dude's post poking fun at him for passing up the chance to fuck a teenager, something which a lot of grown/older men would jump at given the chance
>you reply saying they must be baiting or that they're teenagers themselves because 'normal people don't want to do that'
>get told you're a fucking idiot for making this post because plenty of men want to fuck teenagers and whether or not they're mature has nothing to do with the fact they want to put their dick in them
>WOW all I'm saying is that some people would see a problem with it!
Make up your mind you fucking retard

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Dude just go and make better friends. That one clearly isn't invested, but they aren't the only person in the world, you know?

>> No.10181082

Yeah... I do want to make new con friends but I'm shy and I struggle. Anyway, Instagram friend messaged me and said I could hang with her at least and she's super cute and funny. Here's hoping I'm not too offputting IRL lol

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First I am not the same person who said that its bait or teenagers saying it. Second you are the one who is acting like guys cant be turned off by the fact that a girl is a teen or just young.

>> No.10181185 [DELETED] 

>None of us are straight but no one has outright made a move.
Ah yes, the bisexual shuffle.

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My friend's little sister told me "I'm SO done with guys under 25."

Settle down, bitch, you're only 19.

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>> No.10181333 [DELETED] 

This is a sentiment shared by the vast majority of girls under 25.

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>be extremely meticulous while building a prop
>gotta be perfect gotta be perfect gotta be perfect
>get to painting details
>abruptly decide, beyond any reason, that I can totally free hand part of the design
>my mind's telling me Noooo
>but my boodyyyyy
>my boodyyyy
>is ruining an entire evening of productivity with a ridiculous impulse

I'm so mad at myself what the hell.

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>lost 42lbs/19kg to cosplay
>look good in just underwear, no fat bulges or anything
>second I put cosplay on, notice fat bulging around the waistband since it's a crop top cosplay
>conscious of it all day
>loads of people liked the costume and took pictures
>noticeable fat-spillage in every single one

Makes me depressed and it's my fault because I didn't loosen the costume's waistband at all.

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I posted many months and feels threads ago about an ex BF I broke up with a couple years ago and how his existence continued to make me irate because of how he lied his way into a cosplay group and community I had always admired and wanted to befriend. Some anons here told me I was crazy. I blocked him since and life has been fine.

Well, the news came out today that he’s a serial sexual harasser at cons, often of underage girls, and has groomed a couple of underage girls too. He had been threatening the cool cosplay group with suicide so they wouldn’t stop being friends with him for the years since he got into their group/we broke up. Well, the cool cosplayer people apologized and are really happy to be friends with me. I thought he would continue to get away with lying his ass off in that group forever and I would have to admire the rest of them from afar- I thought this would never happen. But it did- I got my happy ending. They are my first real cosplay friends and may be my first cosplay group ever. My shithead ex is getting destroyed rightfully for being awful. This has been an incredible night

>> No.10181443

I remember the first time you posted about this, I'm really glad that it all worked out and that he got what he deserved.

>> No.10181481

if it makes you feel better, you are the only one thinking about that little fat spillage. Don't over think it, you have already made incredible progress! keep it up

>> No.10181497 [DELETED] 

What kind of power virgin posting is this. None of my mates would fuck teens and we're like mid twenties.I hope you are just young.

>> No.10181509 [DELETED] 

This the type of gay bitch that gets distracted in class when he sees a bra strap

Calm the fuck down dude it’s just a butt

>> No.10181525 [DELETED] 

sometimes people like to revel in the erotic and expel a little sexual energy without intercourse.

slightly related: I keep running into this issue (with dudes) as I've started dating again. I love to take a long time to flirt, build excitement and trust. guys, however, seem not to have the capacity for waiting and cultivating desire. the minute anything steamy is mentioned, benis in vagoo is the only answer.

Anyway, all this to say, sometimes a girl gets her own jollies from expressing herself sexually, either through flirty actions or sexy dress, dance, whatever. For me, sex is a big deal and will always be a big deal. It's not something I personally can rush into so don't assume that's the immediate end-goal of every person you see being sexy.

>> No.10181553 [DELETED] 

This. I am starting to experiment with sexier clothing but for my own sake. I don't need anyone. I just want to appreciate the way I look and find attractive on myself. Don't want people flirting with me actually, but I am going to be aware that it will attract idiots like the ones in this thread. Oh well.

>> No.10181629

Thank you anon!!!

One of his main underage victims messaged me this morning. She apologized and explained how he used our break up to try and get her to date him and would compare her to me about how I had sex with him, he wished she could be like that, etc. A lot of the patterns she described of him pulling manipulation tactics happened exactly the same to me too, I’m really happy it’s somehow all magically turned around. I still feel like all of this is a dream and I’m gonna wake up but wow.

>> No.10181644 [DELETED] 

This. I tried explaining to my husband before that sometimes I just like to be intimate and it doesn't necessarily mean I want sex. He couldn't comprehend how it was possible.

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>when your mom discovers the casual section on the closet child website and orders a bunch of stuff she thinks you'll look cute in
>only tells you after she's done it
>everything she chose is on point
i feel warm and fuzzy

>> No.10181699 [DELETED] 

How did you get so far as to marrying a dude without figuring out he thinks exclusively with his dick

>> No.10182239

>have chronic illness
>been a really rough year so far
>went to Paradiso
>best three day weekend I've had in years
>feeling really great
>doctor today
>brain tumor
>fuck it
>honk honk

I'm ready to give up. My whole life has been a fight that's come down to this, and just none of this shit is worth it
I'm gonna make new social media accounts and block all my family, and I';m just gonna be a cunt.
I'm gonna call gemgem a fuckign scalper on facebook when she brags about her latest haul from mercari.
I'm gonna tell every sissy in closet of frills to keep their fucking fetish in the bedroom.
I'm gonna tell every brandwhore ita that money doesn't buy common sense.
I'm gonna call out my comm leader for being a covert seagull while throwing out another girl for admitting she was one.
I'm just gonna say the shit out loud that we've all always been whispering anonymously
Fuck it, what do I care what anyone thinks?
I'm gonna blow my whole life savings on lolita. Why not? What's it matter?
Fuck all of you, fuck everything, there's not a god damn thing left for me to care about but looking good until I'm dead. None of it mattered. Nothing was worth worrying about. I have nothing but regrets.

>> No.10182245

Live your best life, anon.

>> No.10182250

ill enjoy my tea this weekend for you anon

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you would be remembered as an absolute legend if you did that
you'd be like, Savage-chan
But I hope you'll be fine instead and just lament your empty bank account for while

>> No.10182257

can I borrow your mom? mine is terrible when it comes to picking things she'll think i like.

>> No.10182259

aww, anon. i think the main reason this was possible is because we make a habit of online window shopping together so my taste kinda rubbed off on her.

>> No.10182261

How bad is the brain tumor?
Brain tumor or not you should live the way you’re describing anyways.
Be true to yourself no matter what even if people hate you.

Sometimes, even if one person I admire agrees with me, nothing else matters.
Cheering for you anon.

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> tfw your shopping service tells you they will post liquids
> omg. yes. finally.
> proceed to buy tons of useless perfumes/ nail polish/ other shit SS will never normally send
> Oh BTW we can only send it by DHL
> Just paid $150 shipping fee for 7kg of shit I don't need
> Exchange rate is such utter shit it works out at $230 in my currency.

Thats okay. I didn't need to eat until next pay check anyways.

>> No.10182408 [DELETED] 

An employee at the gym asked me if i wanted to test their new vital stats measuring machine


Compliments me on having a higher amount of muscle but says according the chart that my body fat is on the cusp of overweight/obese

>> No.10182424 [DELETED] 

a-are you a little overweight outwardly? this is dumb because i exercise a little but my biggest fear is i only look slim(ish?) but i'm obese due to actual body fat.........

>> No.10182440 [DELETED] 

I look skinnyfat

165 lbs
26 yo

I've recently cut a lot of rice from my diet

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All of my friends dropped out of coming to a con with me at the last minute, I'm quite upset because I have a bulky cosplay and really needed a handler

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I look skinnyfat

165 lbs
26 yo

I've recently cut a lot of rice from my diet. Now if i could work around my sweet tooth and be more informed about a workout routine

>> No.10182445

......All of them?

>> No.10182446 [DELETED] 
File: 3.22 MB, 3024x4032, Picture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I look skinnyfat

165 lbs
26 yo

I've recently cut a lot of rice from my diet. Now if i could work around my sweet tooth and be more informed about a workout routine

me on the right Btw

>> No.10182448

Yes, it was my whole group :(

>> No.10182451

>First Japan Trip
>Flight home says two bags
>Oh cool
>Buy new bag
>Fill it with shit
>Day before departure
>Look at ticket closer
>Two bags
>One check in
>One hand baggage

At least I didn't blow my budget, so I'll be able to bandage my dumb-dumb with money.

>> No.10182454 [DELETED] 

My and family are planning to take a vacation to Japan (Osaka) next year.

The first time we went there is when the monstrous heat wave happened


>> No.10182458 [DELETED] 

Why even bring up the story.

>> No.10182462

This is the best Tim McGraw cover band i've ever heard

>> No.10182470

That's the spirit anon! I reccomend visiting Iceland and slutting it up hard before death as well.

>> No.10182473 [DELETED] 

I thought about it too, but on a second thought, do you really want to spend your last days angry and alone? And if you survive, you have to deal with the consequences of being a cunt. Are you ready for that?

>> No.10182483 [DELETED] 
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Asians were on the brink of starvation for millennia so they selected for people with very compact builds who naturally store more fat in their bodies, while northwestern and central Europeans in particular incorporated dairy in their diet a while ago and with that food source secured they selected for larger, sturdier frames but with less fat storage.

tldr; whites "looking" fat is an illusion, we're not fat, we're bigger. in fact, I'm willing to bet that those who think they look fat have far less fat stored.

It seems so see Asian women have greater abdominal and visceral adiposity than Caucasian women with similar body mass index
MRI % of total body fat: abdominal visceral fat in Japanese women 23.9 vs Caucasian women 18.5% (P=0.01).
Caucasian women have more visceral fat than black women:
Racial differences in subcutaneous and visceral f... [Metabolism. 2003]
The percent visceral fat was also higher in these women (white: 30.5% +/- 1.3%, black: 22.1% +/- 1.6%, P <.01).

Look a the attached image featuring "white" and east asian women with comparable body types. The fat distribution is different. The white woman has wider hips and thighs and protruding ribs at such a small size.

comparing whites to east Asians is like comparing apples to oranges.

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are you really asking that on 4chan of all places

>> No.10182488

Have they done a biopsy? Go make sure it's actually malignant before you throw in the towel.

>> No.10182491

fuck social media and delete the apps
i felt this way too and i deleted every social media app for 4 months

>> No.10182497

get prettier and less boring?

>> No.10182498

sell your dresses and donate to charity is all i can say really

>> No.10182509 [DELETED] 

lmao teenage boys are trash. I was well into my 20s when i had to deal with them every day and they were the most toxic, stupid, self sabotaging idiots I've ever met.

Stay away gurl

Get an anime bf or something

>> No.10182532 [DELETED] 

There's a difference between being a cunt here and being a cunt irl. I wouldn't want to use the small remain of my life to have a fallout with the few people who're still there.

>> No.10182550 [DELETED] 

can I still ask you, if you want to have sex?

>> No.10182553 [DELETED] 


>> No.10182555 [DELETED] 

I mean, I guess you can ask. asking is fundamental. It's kind of a bold, inappropriate thing to ask a rando.
I'll say no because we're complete strangers and my vagina won't cooperate without a history of trust...but yeah.

maybe asking if a person wants to hang out is better than outright asking for no-strings sex right out of the gate.

>> No.10182557

what was the cosplay

what is if I ask you, you want to go out with me?

>> No.10182565 [DELETED] 

>maybe asking if a person wants to hang out is better than outright asking for no-strings sex right out of the gate.
ok, gonna do that

>> No.10182566

My coords can get over a hundred likes on CoF but I can't get over 20 on Instagram. I feel like I'm using the right tags so I have no idea what's going wrong. It's super frustrating, especially when I see costhot itas getting popular in all the big tags.

>> No.10182570 [DELETED] 

>tfw 21 years old and feel guilty going for chicks younger than me because I know it won't work out and I'll be taking advantage of them
>tfw even if I didn't feel guilty I know it'll never work since they still have so life to go through

Then I want to hit on 25 year olds but they all think I'm too young
>tfw did think I was cute though but then they just take advantage of me and won't stay

>> No.10182583 [DELETED] 

I like my trans representation at the same level as my trans fats in food.


>> No.10182587

what's your photo quality like, anon?

>> No.10182594 [DELETED] 

>won't stay
are you looking for a relationship? try people in your immediate age range.

>> No.10182603 [DELETED] 

All the 21yos I know are still in college.
Dating within the 18-22 age group is typically like this, and just because I graduated early means I can't justifiably go for people in college because they're at a pretty different stage of their life, not to mention the inherent issues in dating someone in school.
Then all the women that have graduated are 23+, and view me as a kid even though I have a real job.

>> No.10182637 [DELETED] 

I think some level of social skills beyond thinking and speaking with only your dick would get you farther with most women, but I mean, no one's saying you can't ask. With me, that's the fastest way to get shunned, because I was never interested in you anyway.

>> No.10182641

over a hundred ain't anything on CoF, so it's kind of proportional to your interaction on insta desu. part of me wishes i knew who you were so i could coach you in the right direction lol

>> No.10182701 [DELETED] 

>but I am going to be aware that it will attract idiots like the ones in this thread. Oh well.
The thing is that males and females have a very different approach to sex and eroticism. If you think men are idiots for responding to a stimulus that somewhat singlehandedly managed to keep the human race alive, you don't really understand how they work, it'd be like using a certain word every time you feed your cat, and then expect him not to await food the next time you pronounce that "special" word, that's just not how humans work.
>I just want to appreciate the way I look and find attractive on myself.
Many people crticize Freud for a lot of reasons, but I think there's something right to the "everything vaguely cylindrical is a wiener" idea : sex is one of the key elements of human interactions, one of main objectives of intersexual interaction. That's a latent component of most of these, the reason you want to look attractive is because it gets you attention from males, that validate your idea that you're a suitable mate, which is something we all need. However, you can't just expect people to engage in half of the process, the end goal of being attractive is procreation, that's its whole purpose.

I just want you to know that's it's normal for people to react with interest, some might take it too far and they're to blame for their behavior, but they're not the only ones. A stimulus provokes a response.

>> No.10182708 [DELETED] 

Look, I don't care if you pop a boner at what I'm wearing. You can look feel and respond however you want to, but that line ends where my life begins, so I have just as much right, as the opposite sex with the 'different approach' you speak of, to ignore you. I don't know why you're so hellbent on justifying your sex drive, like, no one cares.

>> No.10182710 [DELETED] 

Yeah, you're totally in your right to ignore people, that's not what I was trying to deny. It just seemed to me like you didn't understand why you were getting those responses. I'd say you don't need to be so aggressive, but then again, I don't know where you're coming from.

>> No.10182712 [DELETED] 

Literally no one cares about why you get a boner.

>> No.10182718 [DELETED] 

Are those two separate recommendations or is Iceland just a good place to slut it up for some reason

>> No.10182724 [DELETED] 

There really is no chill people on this site. Why would you answer that ?

>> No.10182727 [DELETED] 

No offense m8, but you thinking you're at a "different stage" in life from women your age who are in college because you have a "real job" instead makes you come across as really immature. Take it from someone who's significantly older and has done both of those things for several years, the fact that you're both in your early twenties is significantly more indicative of your "life stage" than your employment status no matter how much more mature you'd like to think you are.

>> No.10182734 [DELETED] 

out of curiosity what is your job?
are seriously bro just date people, doesn't matter if they are in college, working, doing both working and being in college at the same time, whatever.

>> No.10182761 [DELETED] 

Why do you want to talk about why you get stiffies?

>> No.10182764 [DELETED] 
File: 147 KB, 500x590, how-to-smash-puss-ike-the-frat-star-you-are-39255331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean it could just be in my head I'll give you that for sure, it's just that I feel really... different? from when I was 18-20 than how I am now. Some of that might've been because of travel and finally living on my own, which I shouldn't discount, but by the same token that's still a separating event that I can't ignore.
Hell maybe it's just because I'm surrounded by older colleagues that already have wives, I dunno, but I'll take your advice into account

Software Developer

I'm just scared to death that I'd be taking advantage of them or that they'd end up getting a job really far away once they get out of college which will break us up.

>> No.10182961 [DELETED] 

Do mall Events count as conventions

>> No.10182979 [DELETED] 

This faggot is right.

>> No.10182983 [DELETED] 

bro you're 21 you're not settling down yet. girls aren't ready to settle down yet either. and what do you mean take advantage of? if anything she'll probably be gunning for some of your techbro money lmao

>> No.10182986 [DELETED] 

This faggots a follower.

>> No.10182988

>tfw face is too androgynous to do female cosplays
>tfw body too feminine to crossplay
i want to die

>> No.10182991

personally I think you would look handsome as fuck either way if you look like you sound

>> No.10183016

>home on vacation
>think about sewing all day long
>h a t e picking out fabric and cutting it
>on top of that local fabric shops are dummy pricy compared to collegetown
>mom keeps bringing up how shocked she is I don't have a girl in my life, high school friends similarly shocked
>I literally never learned how to flirt and I'm too afraid to try since I don't want to come off as a creep
>tfw have many girl friends due to my hobbies but I literally can't make that leap

yeah I'm kind of ready to go back to college now, this break sucks. Didn't expect that /fit/meme to be so accurate. On the other hand, sort of finalized my next cosplay plan, but the passion for the character is a bit half assed

>> No.10183023

When I was younger there were sexy cosplays I wanted to do but I told myself 'wait until you're 18' and then when I turned 18, I did them. Then I immediately realized how much I hated getting hit on and I haven't done a 'sexy' cosplay since. She'll learn for herself if she likes it or not, I guess. It's much better for her to cosplay those things as an adult rather than a minor.

>> No.10183031 [DELETED] 

I want to be an InstaTHOT so bad.

>> No.10183046 [DELETED] 
File: 23 KB, 480x480, 1552535058334.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah but like, I'm not really into that. I've had flings, they're ok, but I want to chase a girl that would actually love me.
That's why I try not to tell them my job beyond "computers" and try to make a connection through common interests. Obviously we're not going to get a house and kids yet, but that's actually in the cards for me in 5 years.
I want to buy it with them.

>> No.10183047

Tfw just lost a dream item at the paypal stage because someone else got it. Fuck wunderwelt’s shitty cart system that allows two people to add the same item and fuck slow internet.

>> No.10183080 [DELETED] 

Amem. Keep those abominations out of our conventions. Wish there was a more serious negative response to their presence anywhere. Self mutilating retards.

>> No.10183094 [DELETED] 

fuck off engie

>> No.10183119

I'm sorry anon. What item was it?

>> No.10183129
File: 26 KB, 322x218, 15245555579011083841419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>live with my parents
>don't have my own room
>want to do 2hu crossplay
>have all the money for it
>can't move out intill i finish my studies (2 years)
this is hell

>> No.10183145 [DELETED] 


Whats stopping you?

>> No.10183148 [DELETED] 

I'm ugly.

>> No.10183151 [DELETED] 

I'm a man.

>> No.10183163 [DELETED] 

It wasn't about me, that's the point. I just felt like the first poster I replied to didn't understand why men """had""" to react like that, that's it.
I get the stiffies for a whole bunch of stuff, some of it you just don't want to know, and had I wanted to talk about that, I'd have gone on the shithole that is /b/.
I just thought I might help make stuff clearer for someone, that's all.

>> No.10183213 [DELETED] 

how can you be on literally 4chan and not understand what a shitpost is

>> No.10183216 [DELETED] 

>using a certain word every time you feed your cat

o hai hp lovecraft

>> No.10183224 [DELETED] 

I'm the one you replied to. You're acting like we don't understand why you'd feel that way. We get it. We don't care? Like, you obviously aren't getting that the problem here is that you feel entitled to or that a woman could ONLY be expecting sex, for dressing provocatively.

Sometimes we just like sexy clothes.

Obviously no one here is saying you can control your biological response, but to have a modicum of self control and respect for others by not treating them like a piece of meat? That's just basic human decency.

>> No.10183233

Me too anon...

>> No.10183243 [DELETED] 

I never said people should feel entitled to sex because someone wore sexy clothes, I may be dumb but I'm not outright retarded.

However. Sexy clothes, their very purpose, is to provoke sexual envy from the other gender. To deny or fail to recognize that is at best ignorance and at worst, hyprocrisy. The reason you like those whether you acknowledge it or not is because they provoke said reaction.
People shouldn't treat you like a piece of meat, I strongly hinted at that. Do me, and yourself, the favor of reading, rather than merely interpreting, what I said.

This is like a chain of event, first you give hints that you're willing to partake in a relationship, then you partake in said relationship, then you have sex, and finally you procreate.
Once you manifest a signal corresponding to one of these steps, you can't just decide all of the ones that follow are irrelevant, men should be able to take a step back and realize you're just playing pretend, but let's be real, weebs and the other kind of neets going to cons are so affection deprived that they just don't have the mental strength to act approriately around women.
Of course they're gonna be stupid, the only thing they want in life is affection, and you're going around, giving signals corresponding to the idea that you're in fact willing to give said affection. They're in too deep to realize this is just pretend.
Not to mention the few rare occasions where sluts that are mostly in for the sex do the thing. That's the kind of stories you hear about, and people only need to hear about it once to have faith that they'll be the next lucky guy, in the very same way people get into a casino, expecting to win atleast once, and leave without a penny. Supersition is innate, so is the gambler's fallacy.

>> No.10183249
File: 148 KB, 332x450, 1558576698819.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you cope when you run into a nice dress, but can't buy it because you know you personally wouldn't wear it?
I don't have any other Lolita friends, so I can't really show it off to anyone I know and say "You should totally buy this!!".

>> No.10183252 [DELETED] 

It's probably the same retard from /v/ who made a thread whinging that we didn't just post pictures all day for him to fap to.
Ignore all male crossboarders, they're only here to make trouble. Let him stew in the fact that he wrote this retarded essay >>10183243 but no one will bother to respond or finish reading it.

>> No.10183255 [DELETED] 

How to get cosplaying female

>> No.10183264 [DELETED] 

Hey c'mon that's rude, I'm only trying to clear things up for everyone and make a better idea for myself of other people's ideas, don't be all agressive like that please :v

>> No.10183285 [DELETED] 
File: 58 KB, 318x470, 1557963819939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm getting sick of people saying everything is "Toxic" when it's not that severe. If the girl in your comm is a jerk and snooty, she's not toxic, she's just a bitch. I know i'm just shouting at clouds, here. I can't wait for toxic to fade from the public lexicon. But then there will probably be a new buzzword to replace it. People do love to misuse and overuse the word of the month, huh?

>> No.10183308

Why can't you show it off to us and tell us to buy it? Are we not your friends, anon? Frankly, I'm offended you're holding out on me.

>> No.10183314 [DELETED] 


sweetie its been used for YEARS

>> No.10183315

Look at Moomookunt and tell me you're not hot enough.

>> No.10183320 [DELETED] 
File: 38 KB, 570x434, doublestandard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am >>10183224, but >>10180957 is the whole reason I jumped in here to respond that your assumption that every girl who dresses sexy is doing it to get some is wrong.

That's it. I'm not arguing that there's a something wrong with your point of view, but you're really rudely assuming a lot about women when they outright tell you otherwise what their intentions are.

Apologies for the Tumblr meme but at this point I feel like this whole damn thing is going in circles and you know what? I wear the kind of shit I'm attracted to because I'll admit it. Sometimes I just wanna look in the mirror and feel good about myself, I'm not out looking for someone to date. If you feel misunderstood here, try to think of the other side with those of us basically watching our point also fly over your head.

>> No.10183326 [DELETED] 

Yeah I get (or atleast I think) what you're saying.
>I wear the kind of shit I'm attracted to because I'll admit it. Sometimes I just wanna look in the mirror and feel good about myself
That's my whole point. I think the reason this makes you feel good about yourself is because feeling pretty is, I believe, a direct indicator that you yourself inconciously think you're suitable for mating. I believe this to be backed up by scientific evidence too, couldn't cite you a study, but I could look for it if you fancy.
And that's the thing, I know for a fact a lot of women and even people don't think about the fundamental reason for some of these feelings to appear, that's something so primitive it isn't even treated by the conscious part of ourself. When we're dealing with our and other people's unconscious motives, it can get very misleading very quickly.
Another thing I have trouble saying correctly it'd seem, is that while you appreciate to look pretty, you don't necessarly directly want sex. The reason you feel pretty though, I believe, is connected to sex.

>> No.10183329 [DELETED] 

Get off 4chan Dr. Freud.

>> No.10183331 [DELETED] 

I wish I'd be half as functional as he was, but alas, I'm only a depressed and lonely neet trying not to fuck my life up. What are you doing in this lovely evening ?

>> No.10183335 [DELETED] 

How. Many. Ways. Do. We. Have. To. Tell. You. No. One. Cares???

>> No.10183338 [DELETED] 

>suitable for ‘mating’
except lesbians don’t care about attracting men. you think everyone is as primitive as you are and your thought process is very much black and white, which doesn’t surprise me, since you’re a dude. men aren’t the most logical creatures like you guys like to pretend you are.

>> No.10183342 [DELETED] 

Keep on replying, and so will I.
If you don't care, don't expect people to care about your thoughts neither. If you really don't care, which I hope you don't, then I hope men you come across aren't as unwilling to think about the subject as you are, you could end up in a very difficult situation
Lesbians still care about attracting female, don't they ? Call me primitive all you want, it won't change the fact that the pheonomenon we're discussing is so old it pre-dates language. If this isn't primitive, I don't know what is.

>> No.10183350 [DELETED] 

None of the anons you replied to and I see what you mean, but some of it is probably just for attention too

>> No.10183354 [DELETED] 

Except unlike men, lesbians don’t think women look attractive because they want to sleep with them. And women statistically don’t run around raping other women they find attractive. Acting like a primitive ape is indicative of your entire sex. Thousands of years have gone by and men still can’t think beyond what gets their dicks hard.

>> No.10183359 [DELETED] 

>lesbians don’t think women look attractive because they want to sleep with them

>> No.10183362 [DELETED] 

Yeah, I mean, looking """"good"""" objectively comes back to sex appeal. Regardless of gender, orientation, whatever. Any complex human behavior can be better understood by looking at similar behaviors in any other species of mammal.

Even if you want to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself, for yourself, there's a completely subconscious motive behind it.

Is that a bad thing? No.

>> No.10183368 [DELETED] 

Well then, too bad I failed.
Regarding the part about attention, is it relevant ? Isn't that a good chunk of the purpose of cosplay too ?
Women don't run around raping people because they're statistically less agressive, which is also why most of the CEOs are men, you need to be confrontational for that. I hope you don't do anything by instinct, otherwise you'd be just as primitive as the apes you call men. Millions of years have gone by, and women still can't think of a way to get along with the other half of the species. If close minded females like you were so good, first off you'd have found a way to ditch men long ago, second, the single-mother family you produce because you couldn't find a mate that was good in the long run wouldn't end up raising broken human beings.

>> No.10183369 [DELETED] 

I don't think wanting to feel beautiful is a bad thing at all, we all need to feel good about ourselves, finding a source of good feeling about onesolf is really important.
I'm glad someone understood my point, or atleast, part of it.

>> No.10183370 [DELETED] 
File: 255 KB, 750x798, 1559309713776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go on Lolcow. There are women fantasizing about rape too, but I think it's more of a projection of wanting to exhibit more dominant and powerful behaviors. It's exceptionally uncommon IRL because, like you said, women are much less likely to be confrontational or aggressive. We are often loud in speech but quiet in action.

No amount of autistic screeching about the toxicity of men will change that, nor will lamenting women for being the way we are.

>> No.10183373 [DELETED] 

>Isn't that a good chunk of the purpose of cosplay too ?
I mean technically it isn't but you'd be hard pressed to find someone that doesn't like it, or at least doesn't thrive on the positive attention at least
If you failed at getting attention either you're not hot enough or your cosplay wasn't intricate enough

>> No.10183374 [DELETED] 

Precisely. I thought I'd mention cosplay because it kinda is the board's thing, but everybody likes attention. Talking about it as one of the motives of my posts was kinda irrelevant, since it's one of the main qualities we look for when we discuss

>> No.10183377 [DELETED] 

If you look at the people who are heavily drawn to cosplay in the first place you will be hard-pressed to find someone who is not plagued with some sort of personality disorder, self-obsession, or childish nature. Narcissism and costuming go hand in hand.

It's been that way for ages, theatre types have the trope of being selfish, look-obsessed drama queens. Most normal adults are disturbed by the thought of dressing in costume and veer away from it. There are some childish aspects too, but you'll find the narcissistic types to be far more common among the average cosplayer.

>> No.10183380 [DELETED] 

>women, and even PEOPLE...
classic, young heteronormative straight dude can't get past his incorrect assumption that women display ~for all dudes~
try playing with the thought that some things really do exclude you and you cannot self-insert into every space/situation.

listen, if I dress up sexily, it's often to attract myself. just the act of revealing small parts of myself gets me off, for me. I grew up in the most conservative home so even the little things like an off-the-shoulder or mid thigh garment do it for me. things are much more complex than your precious evolutionary biology shtick. you need to consider the heavily gendered social contexts of the modern world that affect our sexualities much, much more.

when I'm not dressing up for myself, it's for other women/femmes. feeding into and feeding from that feminine energy is super nice.
the feminine erotic force is such an intense energy that it is enough to just stew in it without ever getting as far as thinking of another person(s) to exercise it with. you can be reductionist and call it 'vanity' but that's honestly a disservice to yourself.

I try not to fuck with straight guys because, though it's a stereotype, they're usually really rigid and singular in their thinking. it's an imbalance of energies imo, since the current world only caters to/rewards them for their masculine elements.

good luck with your depression. I also struggle with it and it's no fun.
try and do little things to inject hope into your life every week and expand your boundaries. isolation is easiest in the dark. also, porn exploits your hopelessness and loneliness and will only amplify your detachment. not trying to assume you have an issue with it, just speaking from personal experience just in case. I ended up picking up a nasty habit of toxic, hypermasculine thinking from all the male-focused porn I was exposed to as a teen. awkward issue to have as a chick...

>> No.10183385 [DELETED] 

Maybe you're right, maybe I can't self insert, but the thing is that it would really make sense for it to work the way I describe. Please, explain me why do you find it intresting to dress sexily ? Why does it make you feel good, I really want to understand.
In the part about the "feminine energy" you clearly mention eroticism, Sex and eroticism are so close you could almost confuse them. That's the part I don't quite get, you keep referencing those concepts heavily related to sex, yet sex supposedly isn't the root at the very bottom of the tree ? All of it really confuses me.
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement about depression, I'll try to tone down the porn to see if it helps (although I haven't been exposed much to it for the last years because my meds basically kill my libido)
If I may ask, what elements of the hypermasculine thinkings manifested themselves ? This is indeed quite surprising.

>> No.10183386 [DELETED] 

>the feminine erotic force is such an intense energy that it is enough to just stew in it
>I try not to fuck with straight guys
Funny you say that because the first thing I quoted could have been left by any weird ass old man on Pornhub.

>> No.10183387 [DELETED] 

the way you talk about feminine sexuality reminds me of how fat people talk about food

>> No.10183391 [DELETED] 

Different anon here, I suppose it's like driving a nice car. People always assume you do it to show off, even if you only bought/drive it just because you happen to like how it looks, feels, drives, etc.

>> No.10183392 [DELETED] 

The thing about a car, is that there's more to like than just looks, precisely as you've mentionned "feels, drives, etc."
Unless we're talking tight-ass jeans and corsets, most of today's clothes are pretty comfy I think. If not solely for their appearance, then for what else ?

>> No.10183398 [DELETED] 

Looking good is nice, no? Wearing something that you think looks good on yourself feels good.

>> No.10183399 [DELETED] 

I'm 100% on you with that.
The reason looking good feels nice though, that's the whole thing I've been trying to discuss about. Why do you think you appreciate looking good ?

>> No.10183401 [DELETED] 

There’s a pretty good chance that the “women” that fantasize about raping other women are disgusting agp trannies that can’t get their dicks hard due to sterilization. You’ll be hard pressed to find an actual woman that thinks about raping other women. I will say that perhaps there might be a small handful, but that would pale in comparison to the 99.9% of natal woman that don’t think that way. Of course we have “dommes and subs” but we don’t go around beating the shit out of each other to get off. Men just think we do because of porn.

>> No.10183403 [DELETED] 

The "women" there largely write about raping men, actually, I don't think I've ever seen a post about raping another woman.

>> No.10183404 [DELETED] 

What the fuck, men don't think that, your view of porn on the average dude's mind is as warped as you think theirs is. C'mon, don't prove the mysogynist they're right by being "the stupid women who can't do much besides the chores, certainly not thinking at least". Your view of the opposite sex looks as bad as those of the incels lurking on /b/ for days on end, wondering why nobody wants to love them. You're better than that, talk to real people, not everybody is as stupid as you think they are, you're only hurting yourself by picturing them like that.

>> No.10183406 [DELETED] 

It's mentally comforting, I guess. Something along the lines of "I know I look good and you can't take that away from me".
Hard to put it into words exactly, but that's the closest I got.

>> No.10183407 [DELETED] 

Oh okay, that actually makes more sense, but I think we all know that chances are it’s still men role playing as women lol

>> No.10183408 [DELETED] 

Why is that mentally comforting, why would you care about looking good ? Would you still enjoy looking good if there were nobody around to see you anymore ?

>> No.10183410 [DELETED] 

This. My bf frequently posts on lolcow and makes up stories. Nobody has clocked him as a maleposter yet

>> No.10183411 [DELETED] 

nayrt but I think it's more along the lines of wearing stuff that you like? I like wearing cute clothes inside the house even if I don't go out that day. It makes me feel better than if I wear shitty sweatpants

>> No.10183413 [DELETED] 

I feel like you're beating around the bush, why is it that you like wearing cute clothes in particular ? There has to be a pretty solid reason, because that's something very old, and shared by the large majority of people.

>> No.10183414 [DELETED] 

I mean it's the reason why people like collecting figures or decorating their house. Even if nobody else ever saw it, I'd like to own stuff I think looks good. Same thing goes for clothes just that it goes on your body

>> No.10183416 [DELETED] 

>Why is that mentally comforting
because in our day and age we learn we are valuable and worth the air we breathe if we are attractive. could be wrong, but anon probably feels worthy of love when she meets her own beauty standards. it's beyond sex--it's about belonging and love.

>> No.10183417 [DELETED] 

You raise a very interesting point. I believe collecting figurines is different though, it appeals to our desire to have material possessions, owning clothes and wearing them is not the same. Hoarding stuff is a whole different need I believe.
The goal of decorating one's house, is to feel good in it. I appeals to our basic need for shelter. You decorate the house so that you know it is yours, and that it reflects to some extent your state of mind. Same as above, I don't think those are the same beasts, but I'll need to think about it, good arguments.

>> No.10183425 [DELETED] 

Feeling good when being attractive is NOT a social construct, it singlehandedly pushed humanity to drive their own natural selection.
I think feeling worthy of love comes from the same place that feeling worthy of mating. You don't need to be attractive to feel good, just deliberately go help someone that needs you and I guarantee your actions will feel meaningful too, even more so I believe.
Actually, I'd like to come back to this :
>because in our day and age we learn we are valuable and worth the air we breathe if we are attractive.
That's toxic femininity or whatever you want to call it, but that's bullshit, the kind of trap that leads to you nihilism. If any of you believe that, just stop. People that are worth your attention won't judge you by that attribute only, it's relevant only if you're in the beauty business. Other than that, your acts come before your looks, which isn't to say that the latter don't matter, but much less than the actions you do. I don't make a very convincing argument for it, but you'll have to trust me on this one, please, for yourselves, just do.

Belonging could be a part of it, but there's a whole bunch of other stuff you could do to get that exact same reward, with a much better gain/effort ratio. As for love again, as mentionned earlier, I believe it to be linked with sex. That's not an argument, just an intuition

>> No.10183432 [DELETED] 

in the time it took you to type up all that bullshit you could've just wrestled with your fear of admitting that yes, you do dress up to get male attention.

>> No.10183437 [DELETED] 

...no one's saying it's a fantastic thing that society is like that and no one willingly adopts the mentality that they can only be loved if attractive. Why are you yelling at anons when it's not their fault consumer media is built on that? I really get the feeling you're super young.
Yes, people are more than their looks--duh. Do you remember middle school? Watching kids adopt accepted traits and styles because they faced abandonment the day before, when they were exhibiting so-called undesirable behavior?

also, as much as I wish it was, sex is unfortunately NOT linked to love in the slightest. you can have all the sex you want and be lonely as balls with no one to wash your back or share a straw with you at the end of the day. sex in itself is pretty fucking mechanical and you'll end up in a bad state of feeling used if you and your partner are not on the same attachment level.
fucking deleted my tinder for this very reason. everyone wants a loveless no-strings hook-up

>> No.10183439 [DELETED] 
File: 35 KB, 477x351, ffs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how long have you been illiterate?

>> No.10183442 [DELETED] 

I'm not yelling at people but really, in the postmodern year that is 2019, people ought to atleast know there's more to worth than looks, I thought it was common knowledge; but the fact you mentionned it made me reconsider that thought.
Anyway, sex not leading to love is a pretty obvious one, I'm thinking it'd be the other way around. The goal of love being to have someone that got your back (because that's a hell of a lot more effective than being alone) and more importantly, having someone reliable to raise your offspring with you.

>> No.10183443

It was that red velveteen roland, one of the cotton ones too, the newer ones are polyester. I’ve been hoping to find one on WW solely because I never get customs charges from there, but I guess the search continues.

>> No.10183444 [DELETED] 

Personally, if I could be basically invisible to most men in the world I would be happy.

>> No.10183445

Sucks to hear that, good luck for your next hunts !

>> No.10183446 [DELETED] 

Fucking signed, lol.

>> No.10183447 [DELETED] 

Is it any wonder why 7/10 of the girls wearing exceptionally revealing clothing (I'm not talking about casual everyday tanktops and short shorts) are heavier, homely in the face, or both? Outside of like Instagram and shit I rarely see very beautiful women walking around in public in tastelessly "sexy" clothing, where I see plenty of fatties and uggos that do. I suppose having bad taste and being unsightly goes hand in hand.

>> No.10183451

Haven't been able to work out the past month because of an injury right when I was getting into the spirit of working out for summer cons. I've been stressed out with work and letting myself eat outside of my rules and not calorie counting.

I am gonna be back on the ball soon, but I'm dreading the next few cons I'm going to cause I'm still not at my goal. Kinda just wanna cancel going in all honesty.

>> No.10183453

Post your IG handle in your CoF posts

>> No.10183456 [DELETED] 

Because there aren't a lot of exceptionally beautiful people, you just notice it more because thotty clothing stands out for everyone

>> No.10183461

Don't stress it too much, try to relax. Not meeting your goal sucks but you'd regret cancelling everything. You can get through this I believe in you !

>> No.10183479

>see a shredded shirtless SSJ Goku
>cosplay looks ok from a distance
> Backne everywhere


>> No.10183488


>> No.10183490
File: 64 KB, 500x648, 1556542385507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Roids 1000%

>> No.10183501 [DELETED] 

>be a tranny
>never going to be able to do swimsuit/revealing cosplay without feeling like a freak

why even live tho

>> No.10183517 [DELETED] 

born to feel

>> No.10183556

be my ouji accessory?

>> No.10183567

mfw been working on a big cosplay for a year straight, finally ready to debut it at a con, and i start my period (it has a swimsuit-like bottom and i can't wear tampons or cups)

>> No.10183576
File: 17 KB, 480x458, 34A58187-82BC-4909-A723-0395D9DCB32F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The real feels are when the mods delete your response ;_;

>> No.10183579

>when you were having a relatively civilized discussion and the mods nuke your ass anyway

>> No.10183580

based mom

>> No.10183602

It's sad when those skinny cucks abuse roids. As a guy with noticable muscles, I just wish they understood roids. They should be used to break genetic limits... which I've never hit and I'm bigger than the shirtless skinny weebs.

>> No.10183619
File: 68 KB, 1080x1080, 29744933_10215713058801186_6196630874301965194_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I make sure my first panel is lit?

>> No.10183620

Are you at Dreamhack?

>> No.10183662

post body & lifts

>> No.10183832

You know... i just show my normal friends lmao.

>> No.10183857

>Fucked up and procrastinated too much, only have 1 cosplay ready for upcoming con
>none of my other cosplays are fit for summer with layers upon layers and being uncomfortably sweaty
>probably just going to wear the same cosplay 2 days in a row
This feels wrong.

>> No.10183860

possibly /unrelated/ but i am having such a difficult fucking time finding out what my body type is
>bust 36
>waist 29
>upper hip 36
>hips 39
i keep getting shit like pear, hourglass/spoon, inverted triangle, etc

>> No.10183929

Prepare for it and don't have the whole thing rely on copanelists who might ditch.

>> No.10183930


pic would help

>> No.10183937

>lolita but enjoys cons
>go to a con nearby, which is pretty shitty, just cause friends go too
>at least I’ll go to some panels
>the program for panels has been removed from the site
>red flag but whatever, maybe programmist fucked up
>show up to the con
>tickets for one day make you unable to leave the con centre
>panels have all been cancled, supposedly because of „lack of space”
>good fucking god
„Biggest con in the country” my ass.

>> No.10183948

What the heck con was this?

>> No.10183984

I was going to dress up for ILD, then my husband sexually assaulted me and I remembered I'm a trash human being who let's him do and just talks to him about it.

>> No.10183990

Holy fuck anon please find someone who can help you or call a hotline, there are many resources and you don't deserve this at all, no matter now badly you think of yourself

>> No.10183991

I want to FUCK a megumin cosplayer

>> No.10183992

I know. Maybe one day. It's not like he rapes me. Just lots of unwanted sexual contact.

>> No.10184005

Hey, anon what's up?

>> No.10184008

how does one just have parents that are interested in one's niche hobbies, and enough so to actually know where to find shit to buy??? can't relate.

>> No.10184023

Natural born cute ladies going to Otakon. Which one of you lucky women want to have access to hanging out, cuddling, and sex. No feelings are going to get caught here and there will be no jealousy or issues post con. Got confidence, muscles without that steroid trash acne, never tire out doing anything at cons and I still have a lot of nerdy interests.

>> No.10184035

>natural born cute ladies
um excuse me, you’re being very TRANSPHOBIC. you need to be open to letting extremely brave and stunning twanz catgirls suck on your peepee uwuwuwu

>> No.10184038

Tell him to stop?

>> No.10184052

Based junior thot

>> No.10184060

I do. He listens sometimes for a little bit.

>> No.10184063
File: 51 KB, 400x550, 6948714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The first con that popped your con cherry was a bad one

>> No.10184139

get a boyfriend and receive constant attention.

>> No.10184166

Is this something to actually worry about? how do I make sure it is good?

>> No.10184171

I could cosplay megumin for you anon ~<3

>> No.10184175

Also tfw you got a room for daishocon but don’t have the confidence to do a bikini/swimsuit cosplay

>> No.10184208

You should do it for me instead.

>> No.10184227
File: 21 KB, 400x249, 27C93F15-3BE9-4619-85ED-126C8B973742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10184230

>wearing mask
>someone asked for a picture
>I smile for the picture
why do I do this

>> No.10184250
File: 46 KB, 889x500, DA643607-7E7F-4BE8-A8B2-FF620DBC7863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve come to terms that I’ll always be a lonelita but a part of me wishes I wasn’t so afraid of rejection/abandonment so that I could actually go out and make some friends. 4 years have gone and I still never celebrated ILD with a fellow lolita.

>> No.10184269

I'm really sorry.
you are in a sadness zone because you don't love yourself. if you can locate and latch onto just one thing that makes you see value in you you can move out of sadness and into anger. righteous fucking anger.
put. that. fuck. in. his. place.
respect and love go hand in hand and he is not demonstrating either.
get fucking mad.
from now on, please, you only get touched when you allow it.
>did you ask?
>what did I say?
>you think I'm fucking joking don't you?
>okay, you wanna play with your life, let's play motherfucker

my ex blatantly disregarded one of my hardest of hard no's once and it was the worst blow to my trust and my self-esteem. your husband thinks this is just light and a game but it can easily get worse from him since he has no concept of consent.
get mad. respect yourself. demand respect or separate until he repents. endae fockin' story.

>> No.10184271
File: 54 KB, 300x291, ptmgc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bruh, can I hold an anime con at the library if everyone promises to be quiet?

>> No.10184273

Same, I started wearing lolita in 2016 and I've done nothing special for ILD every single time. I wear the fashion almost daily and I have other alt fashion friends who understand/talk to me about the fashion so it's not so big of a deal but it's just not the same as having lolita friends. I don't post much on social media either so it feels really lonely seeing everyone else have so much fun.

I really wish I had a comm to celebrate with on days like this. My closest comm is a flight away and I don't know anyone that would make the travelling worthwhile. I always chicken out at even joining fb groups because I'd feel like I'm annoying them. I really just want at least one lolita friend I can celebrate things like ILD with.

>> No.10184283

I’m a part of my local comm but aside from attending two con meet ups (and not even talking to anyone) I just dress up and go about my business. It’s depressing but I’ll eventually not have it bother me so much. I just pretend it doesn’t so that my boyfriend doesn’t worry about me.

>> No.10184298

Honestly most of the time it doesn't bother me to not be in a comm. Most of my wardrobe is brand and I wear full coords whenever I leave the house (unless I'm sick or something) so it's not so much about having an excuse to dress up, but it's more like having that shared experience of being in the fashion with someone who does the exact same thing. Someone who I can dress up with and go to cute places or talk about our favourite brands and dream dresses and new releases etc. On ILD I just feel especially sad I don't have these kinds of friends to share the fashion with.

Most of my friends are goths so they understand dressing weird, but not the attachment to the clothes we have. For them fashion wise it's more just having interesting hair and then dressing up once a month to go to shows. If they knew how much lolitas spend or how much effort we go to looking for and importing specific pieces they would think I was insane. I love my friends and I don't give a shit if they approve or not but I do wish I could make some friends who really get it. Right now the only person I can really talk to in depth about the fashion is my mom. We have always had similar tastes.

>> No.10184311
File: 606 KB, 440x237, tumblr_m892t5RWL61rvix2yo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just really love lolita. My dedication towards the fashion and subculture is affecting my life in a positive way. I used to struggle performing even basic hygiene because of depression. Now I tell myself that beautiful clothes need someone worthy enough to wear them, and that includes things like regularly taking care of my skin, hair, nails, and teeth.

Lolita has encouraged me to quit smoking. Not because it's "unladylike" or whatever, but because I've found something that I live for and I want to be around to see it grow for as long as possible. I quit smoking so I have a chance at seeing influxes of new lolitas reviving the fashion and bringing the excitement in the future. I quit so that when I'm old and gray, I can happily pass on pieces that I've grown out of, from my hands to the hands of an excited beginner. I want to live to see my clothes make other people happy, too.

Wearing lolita has taught me what it means to be my own woman. The independence and confidence that I've grown as a direct result of wearing lolita is invigorating. I'm young now, but I hope that I have the opportunity to mentor and spread the joy I've found. I hope more people feel this way.

>> No.10184313 [DELETED] 
File: 58 KB, 732x960, NOHYMENNODIAMOND.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hmm what an interesting post. this is my first time on this board (and I came to have a laugh if im being honest) but this post really made me think. if it is truly helping you through life, then all the more power to ya I suppose

>> No.10184320

Mine was ok

>> No.10184322

you mean, you want to let her explode

>> No.10184337

Thank you. I guess I'm just really worn down by this marriage and I don't get mad.

>> No.10184339


>> No.10184399

I'm so happy for you! That's really inspiring, and I hope you continue to find happiness from it and share it with others!

>> No.10184405

This is so nice anon you've got me teary

>> No.10184548

That really is the whole point though

>> No.10184549

I have similar feelings. Lolita is the first thing I have ever really done for myself. It sounds stupid, but looking back a lot of my hobbies in the past were extensions of other people. I like video games because my brother and I bonded over them as kids. I like anime because when I was lonely in college I met some cosplayers online and became friends with them. It was something I was interested in before, but I mostly read manga and wasn't involved in cons. I like both these things and most likely would have enjoyed them in some respect without their input, but I participate in them mostly because I like to talk to the people involved in it.
I was afraid of lolitas since the online community is so awful. My friends and family vary from hating it to being neutral. No one wanted me to get involved in it, but when I did it was amazing. I am not particularly gifted at it or anything, but it feels like it is something just for me.
I have since met a lot of great lolitas through comms and cons, but the feeling is still the same. It has given me the confidence to pursue other hobbies no one around me cares about like history as well. It seems obvious looking back, but doing things just for you is important. I am a better person in a lot of ways for having figured this out.

>> No.10184593

I'm really really broke and part of me wants to sell out and do a lewd patreon. I'm around the size that Momokunt was when she started so I assume there's a market, but I'm afraid of the repercussions in my real life (if pictures get out and it effects future job opportunities). I also know that it's not easy to get a huge following like she did.
Part of me just wants to say "fuck it" and go for it in hopes that I won't be so broke, but part of me is worried.
Any advice gulls?

>> No.10184595

I'll have sex with you for money

>> No.10184600

You’re not gonna get any money unless you have a huge following

>> No.10184604

Unless you cover up your face and don’t have any identifying marks (like tattoos, large discolorations, large or unusual birthmarks etc) chances are it’ll affect future job opportunities. I’m not a dude so I don’t know if you can market being a faceless girl on the internet, but perhaps you can?

>> No.10184605

Its a lot of work. you can't just post lewds and expect money to roll in.

>> No.10184607

I know. I guess I'm just jaded by seeing Momokunt do nothing and rake in cash. I know for most people it's not so easy. FML.

>> No.10184622

I feel you, but you do realize you are now talking about emulating the bad behaviors you hate, right?
I get that feeling of "well if it is that easy and people don't care I should just do it", but if you are thinking like this you will be pissed at yourself later or become like Momokun.
You do what you want, you are an adult. Just consider that you might do something you can't take back later for what, a couple of thousand bucks most likely? Is that really worth it? You can make that much money with a job in a few weeks. I have known a lot of girl who do this and make basically nothing. All it does is alienate their real friends who are sick of seeing them constantly boosting their crap on Instagram.

>> No.10184641
File: 46 KB, 720x480, BFE5584C-C6F5-4400-A964-2C5A57FA7773.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had a best friend for 4 years. She’s super into cosplay, has the cosplay insta and all that, and I really like anime and shit so we got along really well. Talk all the time and hang out all the time, genuinely adore her and our friendship so I introduce her to my brother in law. They date for a year, he spends 10k or more taking her across country, buying her cosplays, con tickets, etc. lets her live at his apartment rent free and take over.
Extremely obsessive over his ex. Follows and unfollows her socials, talks about her 24/7, whatever. Gets annoying eventually and I tell her it’s in the past and he hates talking about her too but she freaks cause the ex “treated him so bad.” She also gets jealous of me having other friends or opinions.
Make free art for her all the time despite having commissions piling up. Let her stay with me whenever and talk to her when she needs help, etc.
She decides to join th navy, her bf trains her, funds it, etc. drops her off for basic.
Month later she’s out and starts fucking another guy there. Lies to me about it over and over. Makes up lies that this dude is gay when he clearly isn’t. Still dating brother in law, asking for money and trips and cosplays and shit.
Marries the dude she’s fucking behind my brother in law’s back after getting his name tattood on her wrist. Gets mad at me for telling her off for being a lying bitch. Block her on everything.

Still think of her and our memories of attending my first con with her. Never want to go to a con again now.

TLDR; best friend was a lying bitch and ruined cons for me

>> No.10184645

>40 watchers on a dress
>no bids

>> No.10184760


>> No.10184764

Cosplay Chad's are a rare commodity, idk if you can afford one

>> No.10184768

>She decides to join th navy
wow what a surprise

>> No.10184770

That’s not really a lot.

>> No.10184779

>I guess I'm just jaded by seeing Momokunt do nothing and rake in cash.
She doesn't "do nothing" though. Its a lot of work for anyone who does it.

>> No.10184785

I think she literally did it cause she was obsessed with shimikaze and cosplayed her a lot lol

>> No.10184786

>Tfw first con was so amazing I'll never attend another con that great ever again and every con afterwards feels more disappointing than the last

>> No.10184788

Get one, it's not like a single male cosplayer is hard to find.

>> No.10184799

I have no words

>> No.10184813

Im used to everything selling within a week so it feels like a ton. How high has it gotten for you?

>> No.10184825

>I had a dream misako wanted to take a photo with me
Why can’t this be real

>> No.10184827

> Tfw your favorite series is pretty popular and attracts a lot of cute cosplayers, but all of the cosplayers who aren't twice your weight already have a partner

>> No.10184828


>> No.10184832

It's probably too high priced, so people watch it so LM emails them when the price drops, if it does.

>> No.10184841

I want holy lantern but don't want people to think I got it just for the clout

>> No.10184843


>> No.10184844

ive become increasingly interested in cosplay over the past year. really want to try cosplaying myself, but i mentioned it to my boyfriend and he told me not to. he just thinks its "kinda weird". just felt kinda insecure about it already, and wanted the support. o well.

>> No.10184847

Go out having fun, not much going in when you are gone.
Happy memories, what else do you have to lose?

>> No.10184857

They can see it in your eyes
Least, I can.

>> No.10184859

The mask covers my eyes too x.x

>> No.10184861 [DELETED] 
File: 46 KB, 491x378, garnsex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FUCK. This fat bitch at the con tried to suplex me and she was too fat my fucking panties showed I'm pissed

>> No.10184863

they can feel happy aura
my friend does the same thing lol

>> No.10184880

Cosplay is great anon, it's really mainstream right now, even though your boyfriend may not think so. It's a lot of fun, and maybe he just doesn't exactly understand it. Don't let him stop you

>> No.10184883

>current partner not into cosplay stuff, we get along well enough and are sexually compatible, and they're into nerdy stuff on a healthy level, but doesn't hold a candle to me
>tried to encourage them to party with my convention friends/try on a cosplay, offer to help
>they're not there for it
>after last con, several cute new people up in my insta dms
>not flirting with them just getting to know them as they're people in my extended friend circle I haven't met before
>but has me thinking if I should leave my comfortable situation to seek someone who would be more into what I'm into
>was already questioning the relationship anyway
>don't know if I'll ever feel the same way I did about my first serious significant other or if I'm forced to not feel strongly about people forever
>still care about my current significant other a lot and know in general she's good for me but wish she would meld with my friends more

fuck having to deal with people

>> No.10184915

fuck anon i'm in the exact same situation, in the meantime know that it will work out somehow in the end

>> No.10184961

I know I'm objectively cute. Even in my normie clothes random old ladies tell me I'm cute. But for some FUCKING reason I look like shit in 95% of pictures of me. I'm learning to be more photogenic and pose better but it still feels bad man

>> No.10185023

Me too :(

>> No.10185029

How does a cosplay eboy acquire a fine cosplay lass

>> No.10185054

By not being a faggot on 4chan

>> No.10185055
File: 67 KB, 640x960, _MG_3914.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I regret not getting the Dolly Victorian OP. Hopefully there will be extras left!

>> No.10185090

Honestly I've thought about making the switch to ouji because I feel like I look like a man in a dress in lolita most of the time

>> No.10185098

HL is no longer a clout dress, there have been so many releases that now it's obvious who trendhopped and who really loves it. Those of us who love it know it's a meme dress and love it anyway, those who don't buy it and try to resell it immediately

>> No.10185119

dump his ass

>> No.10185214
File: 69 KB, 856x861, D6f0CZ1XsAAUIcb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it Christen

>> No.10185305

Time for a new boyfriend

>> No.10185312

I wish I wore lolita more but I’m too depressed as fuck to dress up when I go outside. I feel bad for my wardrobe.

>> No.10185389

I salute any person who wears lolita in public

>> No.10185401 [DELETED] 

I jerk off to any person (female) who wears lolita in public

>> No.10185406

I'm sorry I ghosted you.

>> No.10185427

>be lone lolita
>own grail meme print dress since release
>wore it a couple times over the years
>rarely take coord pics because enjoying the moment
>grail meme print gets mto, pretty hype to collect another colorway
>also feeling slightly bitter people might mistake me for a bandwagoner now
I know it doesn't matter but I can't help but feel annoyed at myself over the whole thing. Fuck it, I need to let go and wear my damn dress more often regardless of opinions.

>> No.10185456

Just say honeycake literally everyone with a brain knows that’s what’s you’re talking about.

>> No.10185467

how petty and stupid. i hope everyone calls you a shitty bandwagoner because of your stupid attitude.

>> No.10185499


Momokun was lucky and started patreon before it was hugely popular, now there are hundreds of "thicc" cospayers doing it out there.

You will need to build up a following before you even think about starting a patreon. That usually means cosplaying the usual waifubait characters (Samus, Peach, Chun-Li etc) as well as any meme cosplays that come around (Bowsette, Black Hole Chan)

>> No.10185508

It's CTP, which everyone is posting right now so it's on my mind. I was venting so I didn't see the need to call it out.

I acknowledged it's petty and I said I need to let it go, what's a better path of action?

>> No.10185567

>sell lolita
>invoice is a male name

please dont be a sissy please dont be a sissy please dont be a sissy

>> No.10185569
File: 451 KB, 480x360, 34054860-5F0A-4421-ABB9-A454E6554E0E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>saving up money for fun cons this summer and cute clothes and useless nerd shit
>A/C breaks

>> No.10185573

CTP is ugly congrats on the shit meme tier taste

>> No.10185588
File: 69 KB, 1280x720, 7044A89B-0B5E-4CA9-AB35-0F5C40B6144B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ, you sound like a miserable cunt. Imagine being this bothered by a meme print

>inb4 getting called CTP anon

>> No.10185617

>bf wants to do a couple's cosplay
>Almost done with my half when he dumps me
Fuck you and the capeshit you rode in on

>> No.10185618

Uninstall the apps and learn to love yourself. Social media is the most shallow shit. It's fun but you can't take it so seriously.

>> No.10185632
File: 31 KB, 406x456, 2C0F0C91-BB0A-4CF9-872F-6794C007C86E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>go to con
>meet small girl who is v cute
>hang out with her for a bit
>mild flirting
>then it happens
>the b word
>she mentions a boyfriend in a story she’s telling

>> No.10185635

You sound like a miserable cunt. Imagine being this bothered by a post on a Vietnamese basket weaving forum.

>> No.10185641

You sound quite a bit more bothered than that anon lmao.
>facebook filename

>> No.10185647 [DELETED] 

Stop being so fat. There, problem solved.

>> No.10185660

nice comeback anon

>> No.10185681
File: 171 KB, 716x692, nicodab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it normal for Love Live cosplayers to have boyfriends that don't kiss them?

>> No.10185684

What indie brands are you using? Always looking for recommendations!

>> No.10185685

Nah. Not kissing is for casual thot encounters. I've done a no kiss pounding or three before. There's an odd thrill to denying the kiss and still smashing.

>> No.10185696

how do you make adult friends? local comm is a bunch of youngins i can't relate to and i work with a bunch of old boring people. i have online lolita friends but it would be nice to hang out with people irl

>> No.10185832

Honestly it sounds like their boyfriends are just going to find another girlfriend and won’t miss them.

>> No.10185859

>be me, a newb-lita
>excited about lolita and showing off my GLB to my normie friend
>"and this is MMM! wow, Mana sure likes to use this model to wear his dresses a lot. No wonder, since she's so pretty!"
>normie friend: "bruh that's him in a dress"

Ah, to be young and ignorant

>> No.10185921

I hope Metafag has a good day today

>> No.10186004

I hate makeup. I feel like such an imposter every time I put on my mediocre routine face. Recently my friend did my makeup, and she's got even less experience than me. The difference is that she was mimicking her normie sister, and therefore KNEW what she wanted it to look like. By knowing her goal and working towards it I looked a million bucks better than I normally do. Fuck me so hard. I hate stumbling forward in this damn artistry without knowing where I'm going. I hate makeup.

>> No.10186008
File: 75 KB, 1013x1072, 1501172247114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get back photos from con shoot
>realize how fucking not white i am
>dirty mud skin on top of being ugly already
>no matter how much i put effort into skincare and makeup
>even photoshoop can't save me

>> No.10186020

Getting Honeycake in yellow + bag, feels good man

>> No.10186029

You just spelled out the solution for yourself, anon. I feel your pain, I suck at it too, by the one time I was proud of my makeup I followed a tutorial to the letter. Doing it freestyle not so much. You're gonna have to practice, and more importantly, study and plan, but you'll get better and then it won't be so hard! We can do it!

>> No.10186031

You don't need to be white or pale to look good though. If the issue is having patchy skin, makeup can help you with that; and don't let posts like >>10186004 deter you from trying it, makeup is just like every other skill, it takes practice to get right.

>> No.10186033

same anon-- she can't make it either. i wonder if i really am that awful lol? (i mean hopefully not she had a whole group she was gonna go with to do a show so i think something more serious came up but uhhh wow) i still want to go but i honestly am scared of meeting new people like how do i filter out the weirdos and fuck i feel like i'm too old to make friends like this they're all bound to be kiddos

>> No.10186035

Depends- maybe it’s a guy buying a gift for their girlfriend? My boyfriend made an LM account to buy me a dress and I’m pretty sure the seller is convinced he’s a sissy since he made a silly username that’s an inside joke between us

>> No.10186245

could be ftm trans person.

>> No.10186254
File: 299 KB, 728x1000, 1556822497480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man going through old btb and lolisecret posts is a fucking ride. If only they knew how bad things really are.

>> No.10186336

I mean I used lacemarket to buy stuff during the Secret Santa

>> No.10186351

My bf has his own LM account to buy gifts for bday, Christmas etc

>> No.10186355

Then they will probably hit the dab like wiz khalifa

>> No.10186465

why do people think I will recognize them if they are wearing a different cosplay than what they wore the first time we met? This happens so often too.

>> No.10186557

>went to a bar
>reach for my ID
>that won’t be necessary ma’am

>> No.10186604

Are you a girl?

>> No.10186727

You do you anon

>> No.10186729
File: 85 KB, 600x800, BZPIYqACQAEYH6A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to Japan with group of friends, including crush
>visit Marui Annex and Harajuku (but unfortunately missed La Foret)
>feel comfortable enough to start talking about Lolita whenever they ask
>crush starts to ask about the fashion
I hope she gains an interest in the fashion (and me!). We have the same shoe size. Patron saint of lolita, please make it happen.

>> No.10186752
File: 53 KB, 552x507, 1559055824887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw facebook starts recommending that 'trans' sissy to me because I'm starting to amass lolita friends

g r o s s

(inb4 just delete the suggestion, i did, it's just fucking gross people humor this man)

>> No.10186791

Rooting for you, anon!

>> No.10187284
File: 564 KB, 1074x1075, 20190605_191053.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw me toilet flooded during con and ruined all the cosplays on the bathroom floor

>> No.10187292

No one cares

>> No.10187304


aw but you did

>> No.10187323

Hot. I'd change your climate.

>> No.10187351

She cute.

Be gone TERF thot.

>> No.10187394


>Those replies together

Begone crossboarder.

>> No.10187532
File: 988 KB, 500x300, 1418512387033.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>2 of my 3 big cons of the yearare in the coming 2 weeks
>normally have impeccable skin apart from a zit every so often
>suddenly get weird rash all over my body
>doctors can't figure out what it is and it's showing no signs of going down
>can't wear any of mycosplays that reveal arms or legs, and on top of that will be ungodly itchy the entire con

What deity did I piss off to deserve this awful fate? I'm really sad, gulls.

>> No.10187539

>tfw you cracked one of your teeth yesterday and the cost of the repair means you don't have enough money to cosplay this summer

>> No.10187561

Thank you!

>> No.10187603

let me guess
you' re white or east asian

>> No.10187604

find cosplay bf and flex on your ex's sorry ass lol

>> No.10187607

Nope, neither, but thanks for trying.

>> No.10187628
File: 27 KB, 700x721, FB_IMG_1546768149949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to local comic convention in lolita
>ILD meet up right afterwards
>about to leave but get stopped by neckbeard that want pictures of my face?
>"thanks anon! I have a real soft spot for lolitas!"
> get into the car with my boyfriend
>"anon you know he's most likely going to do fap to your picture right?
WAIT WHAT???????

>> No.10187686

Honestly you’re dumb as fuck for not expecting that.

How new are youv

>> No.10187690

I dunno anon... It's not that I'm usually racist or anything either? because everyone else seems to be able to pull it off except me. I only feel this way towards myself I think.

Not to mention my face seems to be a different shade than my body so I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to darken my body or whiten my face (which is very controversial).

Another frustrating thing is I'm not white and yet... I'm not exactly black, indian, hispanic/latino, or anything like that either AFAIK.

I really did my best with makeup too. And yet it barely changed anything. If I applied any more though I immediately become a dusty crackhead cake face and I hate it.

I wish I could be pale so much.

>> No.10187730

Is it worth dating a cosplayer?

>> No.10187740

If your face is a different shade to the rest of your body and you're wearing a revealing cosplay that shows skin, so the difference would be noticeable, matching your face to the rest of your body will be much easier and more practical than wearing makeup on your entire body to match it to your face. Notice I said "match", not "whiten", going extreme will also make you look bad. I don't know what your skin tone is, but regardless, try to just focus on your skin color and undertone (warm, neutral, or cool) instead of what your race/origin is, the latter hardly matters when it comes to makeup and aesthetic.
Do you wear makeup daily, or exclusively with cosplay? If it's something you only do with cosplay then I understand your frustration since you likely don't get to wear makeup very often and it does depend on practice, and ultimately it's up to trial and error when it comes to finding the foundation shade and setting method that works for you.
I don't mean to dismiss your feelings btw, just trying to offer a solution. If you think about it logically, being pale won't fix any of your problems since pale people also have skin pigmentation and blemishes and should wear makeup while cosplaying as well.

>> No.10187743

It's pretty common to either try to match your neck or go a bit lighter than your natural skin tone anyway, so lightening your face probably isn't as ~problematic~ as you think it will be. People either won't notice or won't care.
Also make-up itself won't create flawless skin. You want a good skincare routine to get that clear and smooth surface, and then work with layers: use a primer, base, color corrector, anything you need underneath the actual foundation, and then use only a little bit of foundation on top to kind of even everything out. If you need coverage, use concealer on the specific areas instead of covering your face with a thick layer of foundation. Ideally you should also only powder the areas that get oily, instead of your whole face.
When it comes to make-up all you really need to do is practice and look up tutorials and general tips on how to achieve a look you want for yourself. But I can't stress enough how much a proper skincare routine will make this easier for you: I've gone from never leaving the house without make-up -tier bad to only needing sunscreen and zero foundation with my daily make-up because my skin is in so much better condition. So when I do actually go all out and apply a full face of make-up the result is smooth and nice instead of patchy and cakey. Chances are proper exfoliating and daily sunblock will also lighten your natural skin tone a bit too.

>> No.10187768

>do you wear makeup daily
I wouldn't say daily, but "sometimes", and even that sometimes is very light makeup.

and ok, fair enough, they get blemishes- but once they cover it up they're all pale and pretty. pale skin tones seem to go well with everything. They're like a canvas and clothes, hair, etc are their paint. they look more angelic and beautiful.
Meanwhile I'm a fucking dusty mud orange and 90% of colors clash with me (and then people always ask why i always wear black...) and look ten times even uglier than i already am.

I already do skincare religiously, and it did wonders so far.
The thing is, I think it makes me look good, sure, but then makeup is the one to tear it down and ruin it all. I think in some aspects honestly I look better without makeup than with it. but for pictures makeup is definitely a must, I guess...

not to mention before I started caring for my skin, I had a lot of acne, and it led to a lot of unsightly scarring. Hate it so, so much. It's heartbreaking. Not even the thickest foundation can cover up some if not most of them.

>> No.10187769

Oof. How’s it feel to hit the wall?

>> No.10187851

There's nothing wrong with aging desu, that shit is inevitable.

>> No.10187892

>I think in some aspects honestly I look better without makeup than with it.
That's because you're not very good with make-up yet. It's really common for make-up to make a person to look worse when they don't quite know what they're doing yet. Trust me on this, I've been there. Just keep practicing and trying things out, and if you have a spesific problem look it up online and you'll probably find that other people are having the same problem, and that there's a solution for it.

As for acne scarring, there are some ingredients you can incorporate in your routine that help heal and make them less visible. Also for the love of god a thick foundation shouldn't be used for coverage, as a thick layer of make-up will just make your skin even worse. Thick make-up doesn't always equal more coverage, and like I said foundation is not what you should be using for coverage in the first place.
But quite literally all of your problems sound like something that could be solved with looking things up instead of whining about them online. I know it's easier to just tell yourself you're ugly and everyone else has it better than you and you'll never look good (trust me, I have been there, which is why I'm telling you all this), but chances are that quite literally everyone who you consider good looking puts a ton of effort into their appearance. If you put in the same amount of effort (as in, not just having a whatever skincare routine and doing whatever make-up, research that shit), you'll start to look good too.

>> No.10187901

>pale skin tones seem to go well with everything
Sorry to break it to you but that's bullshit. I have pale skin with yellow undertones so many bright colors wash me out and make me look like a corpse, and most shades of purple make me look jaundiced. Your skin will only ever work "like a canvas" if you do shironuri and literally paint your face white, which is actually incredibly difficult to pull off no matter how pale you are or aren't.
Not to be too harsh on you but it sounds like your biggest problem is your self hatred, not your skin color. You don't have to live with what you perceive as "flaws", by all means do your best to improve your situation and make yourself look and feel good, but sitting on your ass and crying because you aren't pale is hardly a good way to spend your time.

>> No.10187910


>> No.10187913

>tfw gyno and not even juicing

when will it end?

>> No.10187916

> pale skin tones seem to go well with everything. They're like a canvas and clothes, hair, etc are their paint. they look more angelic and beautiful.

This isn't true. You probably only think it is because all the white/pale east asian girls you see that look like a 'canvas' that suit every hair colour edit and colour correct their shit like crazy and probably don't look so hot in real life. Literally everyone has colours that clash, make them look washed out, sick etc.
It's not about race or skin tone, you just need to learn what tones and colours suit you and work around them. Black is obviously a safe one but if you really want to look your best there are subtle ways you can use colour to look more alive/healthier/prettier. Stop trying to do what pale white/asian girls do and wear and complaining you look like shit because what flatters you will always be different to what flatters them. You should aim to look like the best version of yourself, not look the exact same as everyone else.

>> No.10187921

is they are the same size as you, yes. Means you can always borrow their cosplay instead of making or buying your own.

>> No.10187923

begone troon

>> No.10188289
File: 58 KB, 495x623, 1474837322842.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw your tomboy sister suddenly asks do I know what ouji is and where she could get clothes to it
I'm getting an ouji accessory! Oh god, and all the "twinning" possibilities! I'm excited!

>> No.10188536

I’m having major FOMO right now about the Cats Tea Party MTO. It used to be a dream dress of mine (like tons of other people), but I got over it because the second hand prices were so high. By the time the MTO came around I had successfully convinced myself I disliked it enough to pass. But now that I’m seeing it every where I’m sad again.

>> No.10188609

>tfw your bust is 2cm too large for multiple wishlist ops you bought in the last month
Gulls I'm sad, angry, and disappointed at the same time. I tried a sports bra but my boobs still loaf a tad and I don't like it. There's ample room everywhere else, just not for my goddamn boobs.

>> No.10188641 [DELETED] 
File: 116 KB, 608x592, yangholdsbackafart.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My comm is v old fashioned. How do I tell them that I eat ass?

>> No.10188669
File: 135 KB, 540x224, tumblr_pkbocc2m241wn5ere_540.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>behind on cosplay plans for a con later this month
>not group obligations, just stuff for me, but still stressing it a little
>check the tracking for some supply orders
>realize an order of arda wigs hasn't been shipped despite having placed the purchase two weeks ago
>fuck one of these is on backorder
>fuck it's not getting restocked until july
>no point in stressing two costumes now for this con
>not sure if more disappointed or relieved

>> No.10188672

Maybe try a binder? They got mine down 5 cm more than a sports bra if I remember correctly. Mine isn’t even that uncomfortable.

>> No.10188932
File: 114 KB, 735x805, 0736e76fa3c74a448cc03ea554527360fe1d977cba431d2fce4e5cc9de8a00b1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I painted my vans pink

>> No.10188934

Nice anon I painted my converse red!

>> No.10188935
File: 126 KB, 780x450, disney-d-lish-collection-at-world-of-disney-mouse-memos-disney-blog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw budget trip to Disney World for Halloween spiraled into a fullblown Disney dessert costume + accessories which is upping the budget

Fuck being a cosplayer and Disney's cute as fuck dessert line.

>> No.10188955
File: 397 KB, 878x767, rubypreg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when Ruby Rose cosplayers insist on talking in the squeaky voice all day

>> No.10189029

Maybe you should stop taking photos of yourself.

>> No.10189037
File: 39 KB, 320x320, 49739646_349260215660098_7239517058576713388_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw eating clean and finally losing weight
>clothes are fitting looser
>Happy about my progress but I'm still hungry a lot of the time eating 1300 cal
>terrified I'm going to binge and get hooked on junk again

I just want to fit into cute clothes and cosplays gdi

>> No.10189046

Try to do something on the side like selling online or a constructive thing pertaining to your hobby for monetary gains, like styling wigs or doing props. You'll make money, help other cosplayers, get better at actual cosplay techniques for yourself, and won't ruin the communities reputation. It's very win-win.

>> No.10189065
File: 145 KB, 1500x1000, ariana-grande-before-and-after.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm white and I sympathize with people that are "too dark" for cosplay. Before anyone says there's no such thing - yes there fucking is. Everything in anime is either white or a pale asian.

I'm not going to say "luv yourself" because I'd probably feel the same way in your shoes. You can consider skin bleaching and doing some plastic surgery to make you look more hafu for whatever you want. Not sure if you want to look more white or something like Japanese, but you can pick one to aim for.

Look to celebs for inspiration. There's plenty of literally black people that bleach enough and do enough minor plastic surgery to look white mixed and have nearly white skin. Ariana Grande is an example of someone doing the opposite and trying desperately to look black mixed and racially ambiguous, so anyone can do it.

>> No.10189071


Sounds hot as f, post pics

>> No.10189077


It's a bummer but at the same time, what do you expect anime is from an asian country

>> No.10189081

No one outside of the internet cares about your skin. On the inside you're just a nerd like everyone else so it doesn't matter.

>> No.10189096

I joined the navy because of kantai collection too lmao
Got kicked out though if that makes you feel any better.

>> No.10189142
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, 4AD7F627-67D9-4B94-9099-4F4AD647AFE3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


My feels: a few threads back I said I applied for a seemingly cool position in Japan. Well, I got it, but I’m torn on whether to sign the contract or not. I got over the age/future family thing but now my current family got me thonkin. I have about $10k in my savings account. I don’t think I’ll be able to save much if I take the job.
Would YOU fly abroad to work in the land of your hobbies if you only got paid $13/hr, knowing you’ll probably only want to take a 1 yr contract?

My family thinks I’m putting “real life” off but I don’t think this is true since this IS my life. It’s just a job. I’m worried about being a potentially megapoorfag in a foreign country (background info: I’ve lived there 4 months total so it’s not totally new) and being a beginner cook is worth it.

>> No.10189149

do it now while you're not tied down. once you get "a real job" you're not going to have a chance to do something like this and you'll only be able to go for a week or two per year at best. go to as many events as you can and live it up. it's a lot easier to do stuff in japan when you're already there instead of throwing $1000 on a rt flight every time you want to go

>> No.10189163

Hahahaha I almost did something similar over Mass Effect. Glad I didn't

>> No.10189170

>poorlitas shitting on my lm listing for pricing too high
>someone buys it

>> No.10189187 [DELETED] 

I used to mainly buy skirts, but since my favourite brand pretty much stopped releasing them I've started to lose interest in jfashion. It's so sad. I haven't bought from my favourite brand in 2 years now though I still love their prints. I miss being excited about new collections.

>> No.10189233

Release shoes already VM reeeeeeeeeee

>> No.10189251

>have a fuckton of free time because summer break
>want to sew something
>no idea what I want to cosplay, not a lot of characters I really like that I recently saw
>don't really need any new clothing either
>spend entire day lurking /cgl/ and /fa/, looking for literally any idea of what I could make

this sucks man

>> No.10189253

You could try taking commissions

>> No.10189254

>be thin for a good amount of time
>suddenly placed into a stressful environment
>end up gaining 7 pounds due to stress eating and bad habits
I'm trying to eat less this summer. I just want to fit comfortably into brand

>> No.10189256

>Paradiso over
>Träumerei over
>suddenly incentive to diet is gone
I'm already thin and was before I started dieting but I know I should probably keep going. But I don't wanna, I have nothing more to look forward to this year.

>> No.10189260
File: 824 KB, 1600x1194, 14-2019Autumn-callme2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm losing interest in jfashion. I can't get excited about new collections of my favourite brand anymore since they stopped releasing skirts. It's so sad. I haven't bought anything new in a few years now..

>> No.10189268

I'm not yet confident enough in my skill to take commissions. As in, if I'm selling it, I want it to be professional-grade. I've already asked my family if they need anything made, and as always, they don't need anything when I have tons of free time

>> No.10189271

>1300 cal

yeezus, what's your TDEE?

>> No.10189309
File: 204 KB, 437x392, 1559054862954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lay ill in hospital switching between feeling like shit and being too drugged up to feel like shit
>dreamdress goes up on auction
>write the seller in lightspeed with a bin offer
>next day
>they say my offer is too high and COUNTEROFFER WITH HALF THE PRICE
>feel like months were added to my lifespan
>search for listing
>can't find it
>someone else bought it for the bin offer the seller made me
>seller apologizes profoundly and wishes me luck to find it again soon
>tfw there's an increasing possibility there won't be enough time for a "soon"
lmao god just HAD to spit in my face one last time didn't he

>> No.10189316

haha i just saw it sold today on the japanese second hand market too hahahaha

>> No.10189317
File: 39 KB, 656x755, KPgRaqe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"you look like the pornstar with down's syndrome version of (character), i love it"
>"did you get lip fillers? you have dsl"
i think these are meant as compliments but it hurts me so much it makes me not want to cosplay any character ever again because ill just be the "pornstar with down syndrome's version of (character)".

Idk what that even meant. I'm a kissless virgin and although I'm pretty dumb I don't think I have down's... same goes for lip fillers, what the fuck.

>> No.10189331

just use cortison lol

>> No.10189336

Wait, doesn't that mean that you and this seller agreed on a price?? If they accepted your offer they should've made it clear in the listing that it's reserved for you and no one else; that's what I do with my buyers in any case. I think this seller fucked up, they shouldn't have accepted the other buyer.

>> No.10189342
File: 59 KB, 484x483, 1556050698836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The seller was new, she most likely didn't know better and might be afraid of bad feedback, which I can understand. I forgot to ask her to reserve it too, so it's pretty much my own fault.

>> No.10189345

I don't think it's your fault at all, but either way, I'm sorry this happened to you. Is your dream dress rare?

>> No.10189349

This week I had to stay at home with stomach flu, so I had a shitton of time to work on my projects, but at the end I barely did anything

>> No.10189455

>Post con blues
>I got two new figurines in a series I collect
>Already have three previous figs up
>Realise I don't really have display place for the new ones
>Go get the boxes to store old
>Switch with the new
>Touch my figs for once
>It's just plastic
>Expensive pretty plastic
>By the time I've packed down the old I'm depressed
>Don't even put my new ones up
>Bad thoughts spiral
>I've put so much money on cons and cosplay
>Merch, figs and bullshit
>Was it all actually worth it?
>My apartment is small and sad
>I could have put that money on a bigger apartment
>Or just some better display shelves for my stupid figs
>Pack down yet another one because it feels right
>When it's done it feels wrong
>My pretty plastic is back in it's box
>Just like my pretty clothes, cosplay, are lying in their boxes
>My whole life belongs in boxes


>> No.10189468


>> No.10189540

Just live through the internet and put off getting a nicer apartment while you save for a house. Limit con purchases and never spend more than a set limit.

>> No.10189542

These are very mean comments. Get better friends

>> No.10189545
File: 335 KB, 2048x1536, y5bpd1xv7d131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are plenty male cosplayers to choose from, such as these.

>> No.10189608

for the legs, you can wear dance tights while you try to find the issue

>> No.10189617
File: 69 KB, 500x271, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>went to my first con in many years
>had a big cosplay I've been working on for a long time
>fuck yes this is going to be great
>ended up being alone the whole time
>missed all the events I wanted to go to
>almost no one recognized me
>I look like shit in my photos
>now realize how much of a lonely friendless fuck I am

This is a different kind of post-con depression, just about ready to end it all desu

>> No.10189621

Don’t worry anon, I bet AP will do another one again because it did so well the first time. Keep milkin that cow

>> No.10189629

Redo your wishlist or lose weight. Never think that you can cut it close and be 1-2 cm under the max, it won't fit. Any time I hear some dumbass complain about things not fitting I wonder why they didn't check the measurements, unless they weren't provided

>> No.10189640

>>I could have put that money on a bigger apartment
lmao so you could fill it with even more figs & merch?
oh wait

>> No.10189649

ngl after years of being told cosplay is weird by eves, it'd be nice to have a gf who actually doesn't think it's cringey

>> No.10189653

are you cute anon

>> No.10189684

the only people thinking about that spillage are online critic, but no one cares about them so you NEED to continue

>> No.10189701
File: 53 KB, 843x464, Screenshot_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hope it burns along with your house

>> No.10189702


>> No.10189708

no shit, why else would I be jelly?

>> No.10189714

Yes it's an old moitie dress, the last time I've seen it was 3 years ago when my SS was too slow. Funny thing is I missed out on it twice yesterday, on LM and on mercari and atm there's an about 60% chance I won't have another 3 years to search for it. I'm just so tired.

>> No.10189720

tell and drop email, will look out for it

>> No.10189741 [DELETED] 

I can't imagine someone being so pathetic their entire life revolves around buying clothing to wear at stupid cons for attention.

God I hate women so much.

>> No.10189742


>> No.10189756

>how dare you care about anything that isn't my dick

>> No.10189870
File: 23 KB, 464x455, 1413934176181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Escape from normie life through cosplay
>So you can get shitfaced like normies right after


>> No.10189872

I really hate the cosplay/j-fashion community with all my passion and how mean it is and I'm glad singling people out is no more allowed but sad you all will just go on weird websites like kiwiautisticfarmers and lolcowfatassfarmers (bypassing things here) I've never made fun of the fat white girl because I was never autistic enough to care about some overweight quirky girl that likes to cosplay and get attention because nowadays there are millions and before there were also millions so I don't see why she was interesting. I cringe how rude the lolitas I am supposedly befriended with to others online are and how rude this board was (and is, seeing most just shitpost about people they have a vendetta about just somewhere else) because it's just fucking fashion and since we're all non-nip, ugly and fat we'll in general never be able to make a career out of it so why would anyone be so angry over some girl who dresses shit in fashion what normies find to be shit already regardless anyways? Not only cgl but basically anywhere else girls online these weeb girls tend to be crazy and rude even though it's a very non-serious hobby. And often times these weeb girls don't dress better either nor do they look facially more kawaii.

>> No.10189884

Tl;dr sorry u got posted

>> No.10189886

No, I'd slit my wrists if I did. Jk I wouldn't, but I'd just stop posting here I guess. I'm very unconfident so I don't post my shit online specifically because I'm so scared of these crazy people who care so much about what I wear just because it's weeb.

>> No.10189890

i stopped reading when you used autism as a slur yourself

>> No.10189891

Singling out people =/= using memes that people refer to anyone. No hypocrisy here. I'm not even opposed to criticism and I didn't say anything about that, just hate how it's possible to single out someone and make 50 threads about them just because they dress shit or you have a vendetta with them or whatever.

>> No.10189892

whatever you want to tell yourself. hope you can still justify it to yourself when we have to change the term for a mental illness again because of assholes like you

>> No.10189896

Autism is not a mental illness btw, I'm sorry I'm an asshole I guess.

>> No.10189898

english isn't my first language, i guess i meant disorder or whatever. point still stands.

>> No.10189904

Shit point desu (tbqh).

>> No.10189908

tell that to people who can't use retard or autism anymore because of assholes like you

>> No.10189915

Dick her

>> No.10189916

is it? cosplayers are sick..

>> No.10189955

Please leave this board and go outside. I mean it, everyone who takes imageboards serious hurts themselves with lurking and posting here and makes the board worse. No one wins, so just leave.

>> No.10189975

M8 I don't really care what would happen to me as I said, it was mostly just speculating and to make a point I was never posted here and can't really get posted here. Besides I don't complain about 4chan here ever nor its board culture, but this is a feels thread and it's the only time in my years of lurking and being a weeb I did. And the reason why I vented is because I see this outside 4chan too, so your advice doesn't help really. I'm not necessarily weak just because I don't like the call out culture that has gotten mainstream now anyways.

>> No.10189976

I forgot to add but clicked too fast on post: But you're right, I actually was planning to leave this board (and possibly entire 4chan) after my shitpost but just needed to vent. I don't think this shit is good for anyone, off I am now in normie attire.

>> No.10189977

>mfw con toilet flooded and everyone calls me the pooper
I can never cosplay again?

>> No.10189985

But were u the poober?

>> No.10190001

>coord new ap dress I got
>super cute roses and crowns all over it
>decide to wear it out for the first time
>walking around with friends, having fun
>get approached by a fat mom with her toddler
>'excuse me, but I was just wondering are you a "little" or do you just dress cute?
>leave after saying no, before I say anything I would regret

I cannot believe that someone would feel comfortable going up to a stranger and asking them if they are wearing fetish clothing. I should have told her to fuck off.

>> No.10190005

>check Arda for wigs to buy soon
>long ponytail clip that I needed for a cosplay earlier this year is finally in stock
>two other wigs won’t be restocked until the end of the month

This is why I always end up ordering from Epic, ugh

>> No.10190053

What dress? Sounds nice and not juvenile at all

>> No.10190060

Being confused for a little is every lolita's nightmare... unless you are a little.

>> No.10190109

Maybe the mom was a little herself? Some people into ddlg also happen to breed and have kids of their own, unfortunately.

>> No.10190191

The fuck? I meant your AP dress sounds like a nice dress based on what you described of the print and wanted to know which one it was. Or are you a creepy RP'r and just made up the whole thing

>> No.10190245

It was tiara rose chest ribbon jsk in pink

>> No.10190248

Original anon here, this response wasn't me

>> No.10190327
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>second hand accessory on Wunderwelt
>rank C, feeling of use
>rereleased multiple times over the years
>selling for $2 off the original price
>other second hand sites selling similar accessory for half the price
>someone actually bought it

>> No.10190375
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A Taobao reseller I was going to use wrote the wrong date as the preorder deadline for a set I wanted and I believed them because I couldn't find the link to the original Taobao store to confirm it. Now I can't get the set because it turns out they were wrong and the deadline has passed.

>> No.10191062

are you the brain tumor anon from the other thread?

>> No.10195577

>go to cinema with date
>movie is age restriced for under 16yo olds
>am 20
>"I will need an ID pls"

>> No.10195581

Not them" but my tdee is 3500 kcal but I only eat around 1500. Ask the supreme emperor of skeletons anything ?

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