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>No more tripfags or community members
>Used to have meetups at most cons. Now there are none.
>Legit cosplay threads only allowed if the janitors like them
>Most threads are just drama, "feels" and calling people creepers.
>Was once a thriving board but now literally the least-used on 4chan

/cgl/ is dead.

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>>Most threads are just drama, "feels" and calling people creepers.
Not like that ever was different.

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tumblr dying was the caveat to this board's demise. it doesnt help that every thread regardless of subject just turns into a bunch of 12 year olds slinging dated insults at each other. that shit gets tiring. it was always drama-filled but at least it was warranted and kind of fun to read.

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>>Legit cosplay threads only allowed if the janitors like them
Can’t make cosplay threads in a cosplay board?

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>>No more tripfags
This is a good thing. They were annoying and only a couple of them actually contributed to the board.

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The day moot brought in new mids was the day /cgl/ died

I despise the people of current /cgl/ the people who accuse others of being "crossboarders" when its them who are the invaders

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As long as there are no naughty bits on display that might offend someone

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Well it is a blue board.

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moots been gone for a long time retard
stop trying to larp as an oldfag

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Cosplay threads here get deleted for a variety of reasons. If they are too negativity in tone, too objectifying or "sexy", if a janitor thinks that the cosplay pics might be used as fap material (ex: my ahegao cosplay thread was deleted) or if they talk about a cosplayer a janitor doesn't like (Jessica Nigri, Yaya Han, Belle Delphine, etc).

Since they're just deleting threads and not issuing bans there is no appeal process so effectively the /cgl/ janitors just do whatever they want.

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>moots been gone for a long time
And the board has been dying through that time. It's effectively dead now.

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>ahegao cosplay
how the fuck is making an O-face even worthy of a thread? anyone can do it in any costume or clothing, that's a retarded idea in the first place that's only relevant if you're talking about literal hentai cosplay

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>complains about drama threads while starting a thread sure to create drama
don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

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I’m still here op don’t worry :)

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"Ahegao cosplay" would indicate it involving cosplay. It is not a janitor's job to arbitrarily judge which threads are good or "retarded". Thank you for illustrating my point.

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making a facial expression isn't cosplay

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Wearing a cosplay is cosplay.

You're not very smart, are you?

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you're one of the reasons everyone on this board hates tripfags. kys.

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Been here since 07

Moot's terrible legacy remains even after he is gone, because Hrio doesnt care

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>Cosplay threads here get deleted for a variety of reasons. If they are too negativity in tone, too objectifying or "sexy", if a janitor thinks that the cosplay pics might be used as fap material

A great deal of cosplay (possibly the majority, or at least the most popular) is sexy because the characters are sexy and specifically designed to be sexy.

You may as well not have a cosplay board if sexy cosplay is banned.

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I dabble into every aspect of this board. From discussing larp related injuries with my fellow larpfags to sharing tea with the Lolita gulls. I even reposted a guide in the cosplay help thread once. To have the audacity to call me out like that looks like someone else wants that smoke comes fanime.

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And here you are posting. So is it really dead or just metaphorically.

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I don’t like how gulls get mad over the words fag and cunt.
Also the “net idol” threads are always full of drama and negativity, yet they stay, but cosplay ones don’t?

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I don't frequent this board anymore. Checked in temporarily to see how things are. Same old lolita feels ghost town.

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those threads sound shitty anyways especially your ahegao cosplay one, good riddance

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Not to mention the attitude of the lolitas, shitting up drawthreads with unwarranted critique and never looking good enough to be telling others to kys.

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I'm glad you like riddance. Since this board has been cleared out. You can have peace and quiet alone with your little lolita tea party that sees 3 posts a day.

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>>>Most threads are just drama, "feels" and calling people creepers.
maybe if men weren't such creeps this wouldn't happen

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fuck off, scrote

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We all do what we do best. Men are good at being perverts. Women are good at destroying communities.

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The fact that half a year old threads are still up should tell you everything.

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Yes, upstanding boards like /v/ have lots of women

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Be the change you want to see. Create boards that stimulate discussion.

Meanwhile, also understand that cosplay has become more mainstream and with it a better and wider selection of tutorials than ever before. Theres not much that can't simply be googled these days and that kinda made the board sink.

Along with the fact that everyone who has been on this board forever has seen the rise and fall of tripfags, I can think of a few who no longer even cosplay anymore, atleast no longer post to social media in general.

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>No more tripfags or community members
ya'll doxxed and harrassed them so hard moot had to step in.
I like posting without some fucker going HI (INSERT TRIP HERE) and having the entire thread get derailed

that being said, ita threads are boring as shit now

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>Create boards that stimulate discussion
newfag gtfo

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I've always had this issue, idk for some reason my head doesn't like the word thread? Newfag me all you want, I'm not- just stupid which I guess is just as bad

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this is what the women here actually look like huh :(

Dear women of /cgl/ - wanted/needed: one qt weeb white girl....

Will smother with affection and home baked treats.

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If you stopped posting, it's your fault the board is full of shit you don't want to see. You snooze you lose, stay mad cosplay oldfags

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Kill yourself

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Good riddance to tripfags. How many AREN’T camwhores now.

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Probably because less than 0.00000001% of women can handle open and honest discussion.

They're practically children.

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Real itas are all but gone. It's either vendetta posts, nitpicks, fatty-hate, or calling out sissies/littles. The thread is a joke and no one gives a shit about it anymore.

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>unwarranted critique and never looking good enough to be telling others to kys
Yea everyone anon here claims to not be samey but they all are.

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Thats stupid. Theres tons of not sexy characters out there to cosplay. Cosplay isnt sexy by default. You just follow too many e thots on instagram and your view on cosplay has been warped.

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Regardless, sexy cosplay makes up a large part of it, probably the majority. Trying to regulate against sexy cosplays is one of the big reasons this board turned went abandoned and into a sterile lolita gossip pit.

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What is to be gained with a sexy cosplay thread? I can't think of a discussion that wouldn't end with a janitor nuking the thread.
Lolita's post other lotitas for inspo and what not to do. Bad cosplay/makeup/shop threads show what not to do.

So, what exactly is the benefit of a sexy cosplay thread on a blue board?

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Blue boards can still have fap material. Look at /co/, /v/, /tv/ etc

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>wearing cosplay is cosplay
which would be fine if it were just cosplay and not thots making sex faces. Yup totally not a fap thing, totally just cosplay.

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Why do you even care? You sound like a bitter cunt that's either jealous she's not fap worthy or an incel.

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if you want fap material so bad, just look it up and keep it to yourself. And nah, unlike yourself, I don’t need to look at thots to get my rocks off when I can easily find someone to bang.

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Not sure what argument you're trying to make. That threads should be removed if you personally don't like them? That just further illustrates how janitors don't actually enforce rules and act subjectively based on emotion.

You're also missing the point that such emotion-based tribalism is exactly why this board is dead now. Your little lolita clique has cuntscratched this board into complete obscurity.

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How do you expect a cosplay board to survive with this type of mentality? Jesus christ you're a fucking idiot.

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>That just further illustrates how janitors don't actually enforce rules and act subjectively based on emotion.

Probably the worst part. Fap threads aren't actually against the rules, but the mods don't care about that.

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That’s what your asinine argument boils down, fuck off scrote.

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>/co/, /v/, /tv/

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You're literally saying that posting a photo of a cosplayer with her tongue out shouldn't be allowed on /cgl/ because someone somewhere might masturbate to it.

I don't think talking sense to you will be possible.

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Does anyone know any decent discords for cosplay design and discussion? I was browsing the tags and couldn't really find anything that caught my eye.

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Jfc anon, I guess I was right on the money calling you an incel. I really hope for your sake that this is bait.

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Ever thought of fucking off if you don’t like /cgl/? There’s plenty of porn out there for you, so don’t bring your degenerate shit here. I mean you can keep on trying and jannies will just delete it, so what’s the point?

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>Ever thought of fucking off if you don’t like /cgl/?
You may or may not have noticed that everyone already HAS fucked off. That's the whole point. /cgl/ is just you and 4 other fat lolitas who talk about creepers and their feelings.

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/cgl/ was originally a NSFW board
the fappers are the OGs
you are the crossboarding invaders
people like YOU should find another board

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What's like to be self-unaware?

>> No.10175710

What's the best cosplay message board that isn't /cgl/?

cosplay.com's community pretty much dried up dead with the advent of social media, and people not using old BBS style message boards as much anymore.

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We should make cosplay consent.

Obviously we need to scare off the weak ones.

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Based troll

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Omg I forgot about angel goddess, haven’t seen this pic in years ugh. She was a total picky cunt and yet dressed/looked like this....

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Probably /r/cosplay on reddit. It's a little bit stuffy but there's lots of content and less of the "don't post things moderators don't like" vibe you get here or some other places.

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The numbers indicating how many posters are in each thread say you're wrong.

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>people ITT un-fucking-ironically saying this board is bad even partially because we don't have goddamn Belle Delphine threads
unless you're laughing at her, I can't even think of a single thing to discuss about this bitch who throws on bare minimum """"""cosplay"""""" and makes a retarded face so stupid horny teens throw money at her

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