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Old one is saging
Remember, this thread is for J FASHION only, if you need cosplay advice, go to the cosplay help thread.

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What can you wear with a white jsk besides red? I want to do a shiro coord but I don't wanna buy a white jsk if I can only wear it one or two ways

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literally any color
you can wear any color with a white jsk if you balance it

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Where did you even get the idea that you could only wear white with red? Santa Claus?

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lmaoo this really is a stupid questions thread

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Black and white are the wild cards of coordinating. You can make them work with anything.

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Where can I get cheap platinum blonde clip-in bangs? Preferably amazon because I'd like them by next Sunday and have too many Amazon gift cards
I've got a lace front wig but done wanna mess up the nice hairline by adding bangs :(

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I need a hoop skirt fast, as in within the next two weeks. Where should I be looking?

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How do I dress to a brand hosted tea party? I normally dress in a very toned down style, think >>10169865. I've really never had anyone gawk or anything like that while I wear lolita and I think it's because I stick to solids and style it in more of an otome/retro way. It looks like from past photos of tea parties, most girls go all out and wear OTT looks. Would it be acceptable to wear my usual toned down style or is OTT better? I wear classic and goth for reference.

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Did iw change their label designs over time like ap did? I have an iw skirt that isn’t on lolibrary and I don’t know the name of but I’d like to know roughly how old it is. I can post a pic of it when I get home if I need to

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They did, afaik they had a plain one, either in black or white, that simply had the brand name on it in a contrasting color and simple font, and they also had one similar to their current tag except that it was pink with dark letters. I don't know the timeline of those though, sorry.

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I'm sorry this is the funniest fucking thing I've ever seen in one of these threads

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Literally just type in exactly what you said into amazon. Plenty of results.

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You can wear toned down if that’s your usual style, usually the only reason people go all out ott at tea parties because it’s a rare-ish opportunity to do so, it’s not a rule. If it’s a brand party do make sure your outfit is mostly (preferably all) from that brand though obvs.

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I had bought Milky swan off LM a while ago, to only find out that the seller was banned because they had been selling replicas unbeknownst to most people. So i've been to scared to ask where the AP label is located on the dress because the one I have doesn't have it towards the top of the dress

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There was never a replica of that print made

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Nayrt but there are a lot of replicas of Milky Swan. I think they are all JSKs and most of them are of the special set.

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I have literally never seen or heard of one, please show examples

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It was a really unpopular print on release and goes for dirt cheap, I’ve never seen a replica made of a print that was this unpopular. Are you thinking of another print?

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Sometimes the tags are somewhere in the middle of the skirt.

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Here are just a few

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Man this is just sad. Chinese are so poor they can’t afford a dress that regularly goes for around ¥10000 or less

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Okay thank you! that's where it is located! I was freaking out because most of my other AP dresses have the tag at the top

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well F me I paid more than that for it

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How do I ask for a price cut/discount from a Japanese seller?
Also, how do I apologize for being too direct?

I know a limited amount of Japanese (minored in college), and haggling wasn't something that was taught. I know haggling is frowned upon, but I honestly think this item is priced way too high. I don't want to offer a price right away, I just want to see if they are open to pricing down..

If anyone knows some of these phrases in Japanese, please let me know.

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Why aren't you using an SS if you can't speak keigo? That's what they are there for. And the japanese lolitas on mercari/fril haggle an awful lot even over really cheap things, so you don't have to worry about that specifically.

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It's an item I can purchase myself directly and have shipped directly to me, so I rather not use an SS.

I'm trying to piece together a message using bits from other haggling comments/internet sources. I understand some keigo and enough sentence structure to make things legible/understandable, but as far as what sounds natural and not "HI I'M AMERICAN," I'm not sure.

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You should wear your own toned-down style. Dressing differently in a misguided attempt to fit in is stupid and will probably look bad.

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Toned down is fine, as long as your main piece and ideally most of your outfit is from the brand that is hosting.

Locally, or somewhere that can ship quickly.

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I want a cat like that. Where to get it, to hug and cuddle forever? And since I want a pet with more soul what is a dog's equivalent to the ball of cuteness in OP's picture?
And another dumbass question, what are the latest j-fashion trends and how where can I keep up with it? It seems every weeb has become a koreaboo. I used to wear j-fashion but all the websites and blogs I used to visit to keep track are...well...404. So what now?

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Instagram and Twitter

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Really? Sigh, but I really hate social media. It surely hasn't replaced fashion news fully yet innit? What about japanese vogue, is it any good?
>stupid questions thread

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I would not bother with japanese vogue, its the normie shit you'd expect from vogue in general. I hate social media too, but it's not like you have to engage with anybody, just log in every now and then and see whats new.

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Maltese. White hair, small, and very loving. If you keep their hair short/medium length they'll be nice and fluffy. They have hair and not fur, so they're hypoallergenic.They're pretty clingy and very high energy though, so they're not for everyone. Alternatively, a Maltipoo (mix between Maltese and Poodle) is even more fluffy.

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Does anyone know a good SS for mercari/fril that doesn't do the whole 500+ comission per listing thing?
Getting a bit sick of having to pay 100+ in comission for ordering a bunch of items. I don't like doing tiny orders, I tend to do big hauls. Tenshi and Japonica both do this commission thing.

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buyee charges 150 yen per item under 3000 yen and up to 5% on items over that. Look at their fees for more info.

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i use weibo, nearly all the japanese brands are on there too

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I like to read their event reports

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I'm assuming placing a bid on something for 1 on y!japan auctions is a dumb move if it has a high BINP?

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they'll probably just end up cancelling the auction. those 1Y auctions usually do

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If it's on an auction by hisausa_shirayukihime, don't bother

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I've heard Buyee is crazy expensive, and do they actually do mercari? I thought they mostly did Y!A.

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where's the best place to buy flat platforms besides taobao/bodyline? I hate heels but I like the height and need more shoes for lolita...

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USA "in-stock" petticoats?

kinda in a rush and can't wait 2 weeks for one to be made and shipped. are there any decent western pettis?

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from what I hear, square dance/50's style pettis are pretty poofy, btu sometimes too poofy and pretty much only in A-line

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is this dress hard to find secondhand? i really want it but i also rather not focus on things that take 10 years to find...

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It's probably hard, yeah, most things that old tend to be. Being old school is not easy though! You really shouldn't latch onto cute old school dresses too much because it just might never happen.

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Okay, I'm not old-school I just love the dress

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Does anyone recognise this dress? It's from ETC obviously but I wonder how old it is and if it was released in other colours?

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how often does this jsk pop up in auctions? will i regret not buying this one today?

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I see this print come up pretty frequently, at least every month or so, but not in the same cut/color.

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my wallet thanks you

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To add on to this. Malco Mode sells these kinds of pettis made of chiffon netting, and they're pretty nice. You can pin up or tuck the top layer into your waistband to make it into a cupcake shape.

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Besides here, FB, and amino, are there any other active online lolita communities?

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Speaking of Amino. can someone link the main lolita amino? For some reason all I get are results for lolicon communities when I search for it

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>since I want a pet with more soul
Oh you want a pet that would love a rock dressed up like you. Have fun with that.

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Trying to decide if I should buy from this indie brand.
Can anyone with a good eye for quality and construction help me out?

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twitter in japanese, weibo in chinese and instagram international

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I bought a brand set recently for an impossible price. The seller did not disclose that they were replicas and is now trying to tell that despite the dress being replica, the bag isn't.
Do I bother trying to get a refund or jump straight to PayPal dispute? No where in the post does it say the dress or other pieces are replicas.

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make sure you screenshot the original listing at the very least

>> No.10174243

P sure she deleted it

>> No.10174359

Also does anyone have a milky chan the fawn bag that I could compare to what I just received? I doubt it's real.

>> No.10174360

Has anybody manage to buy anything from them? How do they ever get feedback?

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Paypal is officially against replicas: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/FAQ1812

Maybe you can point her towards that article and tell her to give you a refund. There's no guarantee paypal will rule in your favour if you open a dispute, or they may want you to ship the item back (pay shipping out of pocket yourself), or you have to give up the milky fawn bag, so if you want to keep it, I'd go the tedious route of negotiating with the seller rather than open a dispute.

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How can I make hair with no bangs look good in Lolita? This is the first time in my life I haven't had bangs, so I'm kind of at a loss (started growing them out 8+ months ago because I got tired of having to blow dry them every day.)

My hair is waist length, I'm super open to styling it, and I mostly wear Classic.


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Copy Fanny Rosie

>> No.10174433

Will I be looked down upon for being a mostly taobao lolita? I prefer the weird designs of chinese brands a lot but don't want to be seen as "cheap". :^c

>> No.10174435

How can I see previous/sold listings of a seller on fril and mercari?

>> No.10174439

You will not be looked down upon if you're a budget lolita. People will judge your taste, and weird designs from taobao are usually not even lolita. Just because you can put a cupcake petticoat under it doesn't mean it's lolita.

>> No.10174454

That's true, thank you for the reassurance anon. I appreciate it a lot. :^> And you're right, I will follow the themes and rules correctly as always.

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Does Alice's search still get updated?

>> No.10174475

Unlike what the other anon told you, I would say yes. There will be people that look down on you. But it’s up to you if you let it bother you.

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The zipper on my skirt broke, the teeth look fine but it wasn't zipping up (when I wasn't wearing it) and the zipper slider came off. Would it be fine to take it to a basic mall tailor, or will they somehow fuck it up?

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where do you get nice petticoats in japan? im visiting tokyo next weekend but i dont know where to get petticoats other than the typical sites (BH, MLT, CP)

>> No.10174491

Any lolita brand has them in stock

>> No.10174492

Zippers are eeze-peezee and most tailors can do it no problem. But check reviews and don't be shy when you speak to them. They need to understand what you want. In this case it sounds like a new zipper with minimum damage to the skirt. I usually politely ask how they will do it and use common sense to judge if they know their shit. Most of them do.

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do they have poof monsters though

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So on Antique Beast's website it says Pick Up for this item. Does that mean I can't have it shipped internationally?


>> No.10174632

I’ve been wondering as well. I thought she might have pre-made items that could be shipped/picked up quickly, but how likely is that?

>> No.10174650

I went ahead and sent in an inquiry if they are only available for pick up or if she can ship them. Will post response if no one answers before then.

>> No.10174659

Thanks, keep us updated.
It's mostly smaller items so I don't see why she wouldn't ship them...

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That's about what I expected desu. Besides Fanny Rosie and Model-san, does anyone know of any other bangless lolitas I could take inspiration from?

>> No.10174770

I can't name other bangless lolitas off the top of my head, but maybe this blogpost from Fyeahlolita helps?


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Oooh, this is perfect! Thanks anon!

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Anyone got a tutorial for old school maxi pad headdresses that don’t look like shit?

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why do you need a tutorial? Just look at one and You can see how it's made and make your own.

>> No.10174959

How do I get the lace on an AP choker to stand up?
I can never make the long, floppy lace on top stand up, so it just looks wilted

>> No.10174980

You could try spray starch and a bit of light ironing

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What are some good shoes if you have big feet? I got a pair of heels already, but I want a pair of shoes that aren't heels, too. I'm a size 10.

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Awhile back, a taobao order sent me only one wrist cuff instead of the pair. I had a friend of mine order it for me so we could save on shipping, so I have no idea what the original listing was. This is the only wrist cuff I have in this color, so I'm having a really hard time figuring out what to do with it. Does anyone have any ideas on how i could re-purpose it or use it for something else? or is it a lost cause?

>> No.10175081


There's a few in OnS and GLB. If you don't want to buy a whole foreign magazine just for maxipad headdresses, search the archives -- someone uploaded the scans someplace, and somebody translated the first volume, the older threads should still have working links.

>> No.10175095


Forgot to specify. Search the archives for the handmade thread. That's where the link for OnS scans are often posted.

>> No.10175103

You can always wear some brand accessories, get some more expensive accessories, bags and shoes and mix those in with your taobao and also look for some of the more interesting or odd styles and prints in actual brand pieces. All or even mostly taobao kind of defeats part of the purpose of the fashion for me. It's a Japanese street fashion not a cheap Chinese internet mall fashion, right?

>> No.10175163

Make make it into a head piece like this one by moitie? https://www.instagram.com/p/BxJVLfcHGFt/?igshid=162jkzqkceuf9
Or gather it really right and put something in the middle to turn it into a rosette

>> No.10175173

Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this but

What’s the best course of action when an item on LM is not in the condition as described? The dress was described as ‘like new’ and I even messaged the seller to check it wasn’t missing any pieces, to which they said it was in beautiful condition. The dress arrived with obvious color running and the fabric has a worn feel. It took longer than expected to arrive and t b h I just want to return it because my excitement for it faded in that time.

The dress is over 10 years old, but I was hoping for a beautiful dress in like new condition.

Should I offer to pay for return shipping myself or have them reimburse me for it? I’m a pretty non-confrontational person so the thought of messaging the seller gives me anxiety.

>> No.10175187

I'd ask for a full refund, shipping included.

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Do most people Photoshop their pictures? Do they use actual Photoshop or is there a better way? I use Meitu sometimes but it feels like there should be a better app out there...

>> No.10175227

For photos taken with a smartphone I use meitu. If it's taken with a SLR I use PS.

>> No.10175236

I prefer working on Photoshop. Phone apps are fine for selfies or quick outfit shots. But I really prefer working in PS. But it's not really a beginner-friendly and easy program to use. It's industry standard and pricey.

>> No.10175240

I don't. If anything, I'll just fuck with lighting settings for aesthetics. Maaaaybe use clone tool to get rid of a pimple but usually i don't care enough. Imperfect photos are far superior than a blurry, meitu'd mess where you can't even distinguish somebody's facial features, in my opinion.

>paying for photoshop

also I taught myself photoshop and flash when I was like, 11 years old. It's not that hard unless you're totally computer illiterate or trying to do really complex stuff, and for that there's always tutorials. the only annoying thing is with each new iteration, they'll move features around so it's hard to find stuff.

>> No.10175352

I do minor touch-ups on my skin with Line Camera but that's about it

>> No.10175412

Ok so she literally said I just need to select EMS for the items to have them shipped internationally. I guess they are available for shipping?

>> No.10175453

lol u know theres a free photoshop app from adobe, not a knock off. it has enough functionality-- if you need real photoshop then your photos probably suck to begin with

>> No.10175466

Used to use Meitu, Youcam Perfect, Facetune, etc... My phone camera now does a good job with smoothing out imperfections so I don't really have a need to edit much.

Light retouching is the way to go. A lot of people take it too far and end up looking worse than they did in the first place.

>> No.10175595

imagine not using pirate bay for PS and paying for it

>> No.10175596


Lightroom. I like the presets on LR way better than filters on phone apps since I can control to a ridiculous extent what happens in the presets.

Sometimes if I feel particularly weird about my laugh lines, I use a soften skin tool on my face, but for the vast majority of photos it's all lighting.

>> No.10175597

Pitu has cute makeup filters, Snow is good for cute face filters and environmental frames, and Line Camera is great for stickers and frames.

>> No.10175598

Antaina. Look in the shoes labeled Large and theres a huge range of sizes

>> No.10175726

>Should I offer to pay for return shipping myself
You have to, according to Paypals ToS. You also have to choose shipping with tracking.

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File: 15 KB, 345x437, fa63a533-7167-593f-b857-874d66774de1 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How dark is Innocent World's navy, especially for their newer solid pieces? For example, I really like this corset jumperskirt but the seller's proof pictures make it look almost black.

>> No.10175876

how often does dreamholic restock? how long does preorder take?

>> No.10175889

Even if the item is significantly not in the condition described?

>> No.10175900

Why doesnt bodyline sell purple shoes

>> No.10175902

Yes. Basically pp will give you the money back but you will have to pay for return shipping, so keep that in mind. It may be better to ask for partial refund instead of returning.

>> No.10175964

So I recently did one of Baby's reservations for the first time and I guess my order worked because I have not been refunded yet. I got the notice from paypal stating I paid, and an automated message from Baby saying they got my payment, but that's it. It's been a while now, and I know it was a reservation and not in stock, but since it was my first I'm a bit anxious. Will they send another message when it's being shipped? when it's ready? I'm kinda nervous because when I checked the Baby Japan website there was still an item listed, so I placed my reservation with Baby SF, but right after I checked and it wasn't on the Baby Japan website anymore... in any colorway. I would have got a refund if I messed up somehow, right? I feel stupid.

>> No.10176311

Hi! I wonder if there any jsf substyle, that consists of lace, layers and chiffon (like cult party kei) but with goth vibe, like, black colour, creepy motifs and so on.

>> No.10176313

Not really.. Maybe some visual kei looks come close

>> No.10176326

Last time I reserved an item from Baby, it took about a month of wait from the day I got the automated email about reservation, and the final email notifying me of shipping. So yes, it does take a while. Reserving items doesn't necessarily mean you'll get them before anyone else, it just guarantees that you'll get them and won't have to fight for them on release date.

>> No.10176362

I bought an OP from Japan and it came today. It's perfect but smells strongly of chemicals? (Almost like paint or something) How do I get rid of the smell without damaging the dress? I'm too much of a pussy to throw it in the wash.

>> No.10176525

not japanese, but strega, sometimes also called dark mori, fits this pretty well

>> No.10176527

> I'm too much of a pussy to throw it in the wash.

Don’t buy clothing you’re scared to wash you filthy animal

>> No.10176541
File: 20 KB, 250x333, 48f7afeb-cf82-5982-b900-54028b387662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

these were released as pants but could they be worn as bloomers?

>> No.10176565

TY! Not exactly what i mean, but sometimes pretty close.

>> No.10176576

Hang it up and let it air out for a few days. If that doesn't help hand wash it or get it dry cleaned. Hanging it out to air usually helps a lot.

>> No.10176674

How do gulls feel about people wearing more than one style of jfash? At the moment I only wear larme but I want to make some room in my closet for lolita and fairy kei and the like someday.

>> No.10176711

I wear lolita, western goth, cyberpunk, depending on my mood. Who the heck cares.

>> No.10176723

Probably, but they likely won't be as comfortable as actual bloomers.

>> No.10176724

Wear what you want, whenever you want.

>> No.10176728

I don't know a single person who harps on another because they wear a variety of clothing. Just wear your clothes

>> No.10176730

Does AtePie not do tax free/ free shipping anymore? Since when have they been advertising a SS instead?

>> No.10176743

Well that was definitely not there when I was browsing last week...

>> No.10176745

I wear multiple contrasting styles. Some style purists might give you flack for it but don't mind them. Wear whatever you'd like.

>> No.10176794

Oh no..

>> No.10176827

Are usakyumas the birkin bags of the lolita world

>> No.10176874

I bought a fancy hospital jsk with pit stains recently, I’m mad but not afraid to tackle them, but I was wondering if anyone had issues with bleeding with the print? It’s the white colorway. I know I can test on the waist tie but I’d rather not fuck it up if I can know for sure


>> No.10176899


Why is this so expensive?

>> No.10176917

More like kate spade bags. Some releases are more rare/collectible than others but they're generally not expensive.

>> No.10176970

on which days does wunderwelt get new stock?

>> No.10176973

i've never seen a lolita with a kate spade bag but i keep seeing them mentioned on cgl, weird

>> No.10176975

Randomly. It used to be almost every day.

>> No.10176976

How little involvment do you have with the community ?

>> No.10177004

Nta but my comm has over 60 active members and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of them with a Western designer bag aside from VW. It’s usually lolita/MILK/JM/etc. pieces, AE/Taobao stuff or random unaesthetic bags that get kicked out of frame for photos. Maybe it’s just my comm, though. I only ever see Kate Spade mentioned on cgl.

>> No.10177005

Is there a Europe-based shoe brand like American Duchess? I love the historical look for classic lolita but shipping shoes from the US is really expensive even without customs taking an additional bite out of my wallet.

>> No.10177033

I had never even heard of Kate Spade before I started using cgl. maybe it's popular in america but not in my comm..

>> No.10177041

Where do you gulls like to buy your loliable/J-fash-able normie shoes? I just don't know where to buy good cute shoes.

>> No.10177043

There was one anon months ago who kept shilling the ugliest KS bags because she worked there. Don’t take cgl as representative of lolita in general, who knows if that person was even a lolita. There are a couple KS bags that match certain prints and maybe there are a few lolitas/comms that wear KS regularly but it’s not a lolita staple the way VW is or anything.

>> No.10177055

Clarks but I wear classic and gothic

>> No.10177141

Kate spade is some walmart shit I hardly think baby is walmart tier

>> No.10177208

If I bought something for cheap off mercari a long time ago and I sell it for more than I got it for... is it scalping? Like if a dress just doesn't match my wardrobe anymore and I want to sell it around the current market value.

>> No.10177210

Yes that's scalping. It would look better if you auction it so it's not your fault if it sells for higher lol.

>> No.10177218

Sell it for the current market value unless you feel like being a "good" person and selling it for less.

Scalping is selling something for way above market price, or being the only person selling it at an outrageous price, because you KNOW you are the only one selling it.

I'm sick of people saying that buying a dress cheap and selling it for more expensive is scalping. It's not your fault that the value of the dress is higher than what you bought it for.

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File: 90 KB, 280x373, ctpblue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How "sax" is the blue on CTP?

I have some coord ideas for when the MTO ships, but the blue in pictures either looks gray or extremely washed out.

>> No.10177222

So you don't think Rainies is a scaler?

>> No.10177223

You can get really good quality loliable shoes from places like Vladi but there isn't a similar store sadly

>> No.10177228

Is there a new site jp lolitas are using? I stalk y!a, fril, mercari, otamart, and mbok daily but it feels like the stock has dried up

>> No.10177234

any awesome j shopping services for time limited stuff? prefer personal instead of shit like zenmarket.

>> No.10177247

>It's not your fault that the value of the dress is higher than what you bought it for.
The funniest part about that (to me) is that some of the same people who call such behavior "scalping" also tend to go on about lolita being an "investment". It's as though they don't understand the free market model or.... perhaps..... like they just want to each be the only person who can get things for very little and sell them for a lot.

>> No.10177251

since the gyaru thread is kind of dead, is jergens natural glow a tanning aid and actually helps your skin tan, or is it the type of tanning lotion to just deposit pigments at surface level that wash/rub off? is there any tanning aid you gulls reccomend?

>> No.10177262

>jergens natural glow
I mean, you could have literally googled it and spent less time finding your answer than waiting for channers to reply. It says it's a sunnless tanning product on some of them.

>> No.10177289
File: 40 KB, 450x640, d6664004f964525b946e298f1c65dc7e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is the larme kei community pretty happy with their clothing options and brands? Is there any space for an American indie brand? I'm setting up a store to sell some of my samples soon and thought of adding some larme leaning items but I wasn't sure what people would even want, if anything.

>> No.10177318

Larme’s popularity has fizzled out, I’d strongly suggest against doing that. You’re two years too late.

>> No.10177383

What's the usual price? I see them go for like $200 on LM all the time but I've never seen them on a shop (probably because I have no clue where to get them)

>> No.10177384

I think people would still be interested desu. You might have to do a lot of advertising via social media or whatever to get started but people are always looking for/wearing cute girly things

>> No.10177391

It’s really not funny to troll when it comes to people’s livelihoods

>> No.10177404

They go pretty dark, but if you wear tights that are black then it definitely looks off.

>> No.10177408

The intentions here are completely different. Rainies buys lots of cheap stock on purpose and sells it at a much higher price. She stalks dream dress boards and targets people, knowing they'll bleed themselves dry for a dress. This is like ticket scalpers who buy a ton of tickets to a popular show and immediately turn around and sell them at a 100% mark-up. There's never any intention of using the item.

The anon with the original question asked if it's okay to sell one item at market price. She isn't scalping. She bought the item wanting to wear it and discovered otherwise.

Are you telling me if you got lucky and bought a Honey Cake for $100 USD you'd sell it for the same $100 USD when you didn't want it anymore? That'd be stupid right? If you found a chunk of gold on the ground, you got it for free, but you wouldn't give it away for free. You'd sell it at market value.

>> No.10177414

I'm not. I have seen plenty of people still wearing things that would be considered Larme. I'd even do it. Just because people might not use the larme tag anymore doesn't mean it's not worn or can't fit into other styles.

>> No.10177478

There is a SS thread

>> No.10177480

Sorry if this hurts your feelings or makes you feel like less of a good person, but it literally is scalping. Why don't people like you just use the auction option?

>much higher
It's actually not that high for European lolitas.

>> No.10177490

I always considered it scalping if someone purchased something with the intent to resell it at a higher price. If someone buys it because they want it and then end up not wanting it later and it’s gone up in value, that’s not really scalping.

>> No.10177502

I'm not really concerned with being a "good" person. I feel like this is just common sense.

Company's sell 50 cent charging cables for $20. Are they scalping? Are people who buy them stupid?

Auctions are pointless if you put a high reserve price, and that's what I would do. I'm not going to sell an item for low just because no one happens to bid on it that week. Maybe we are just different people. But I highly doubt anyone here would sell a $400 market value dress at $100 just because they are a "good" person. (I know anon didn't say the price of her dress, but I'm just making an example.)

>> No.10177505

Lacemarket is not for companies and shouldn't be treated like that. Why do you think people complain about wunderwelt being on there?

>> No.10177506

You can keep repeating why you think scalping is okay but it's still considered scalping in the lolita community. Comparing it to selling cables is silly. You can buy cables any time from anywhere, you can't say the same about lolita.

>> No.10177507

I'm not advocating that companies sell on LM, only that it's human nature to sell at prices that people are likely to buy items, and people will pay $20 for a cable, or $400 for a coveted dress.

Be my guest and sell your cheaply bought items for lower/at cost. Cheaper dresses for me. Cheaper dresses for whoever.

>> No.10177508

>You can buy cables any time from anywhere, you can't say the same about lolita.
And this is why anon knows that she can sell her dress at market value. Supply and demand. I'm not telling her to sell it 3x the amount she bought it at or anything - just to be reasonable and price it at what it's worth.

>> No.10177511

Supply of lolita is always low, it's not like she can compare to 10 other people selling the same dress right now to know what the market value today. Anyway that argument doesn't matter, selling it for more than you paid for is literally called scalping. Either English isn't your first language or you're living in denial

>> No.10177512

By your logic, I could sell most AP releases with a profit right after release and it wouldn't be scalping because "market value~"

>> No.10177515

Good luck crying over people who won't sell their CTP MTO at cost then? lol?

Scalping is all about intention. Scalpers buy items at cost and then intentionally make profits by turning the item around as quickly as possible with the largest profit.

Again, I said above that I agree that is scalping. I compared that to ticket scalpers who buy coveted tickets, mark them up, and resell grotesquely high. People who purchase release dresses just to sell them in 20 seconds are 100% foul. That's not what anon is doing. She said she bought the dress a long time ago and initially wanted it, but decided now she doesn't. Please read.

>> No.10177516

You need to look up what scalping means

>> No.10177518

Scalper == Someone who purchases large quantities of goods early, with the sole intention of re-selling them at a higher price at a later date

Key words: sole intention, large quantities

Now, please find me a definition that says the only thing someone must do to become a scalper is
>selling it for more than you paid

>> No.10177521

Rainies literally isn't a scalper by your logic though. Her prices are mostly European market value.

>Scalping is a trading strategy geared towards profiting from minor price changes in a stock's price. Many small profits can easily compound into large gains, if a strict exit strategy is used to prevent large losses.

>> No.10177583


>It's actually not that high for European lolitas.
It is if you're clever about your purchases. Rainies is a scalper and her prices are ridiculous, even for europeans.

>Why do you think people complain about wunderwelt being on there?
Literally who complains about that?

>> No.10177614

Does this mean the size at your ankle?
裾幅 21cm

>> No.10177615

I'm trying to figure out if I fit this

>> No.10177619

Is Neverland lolita a sub-brand of Souffle Song?

>> No.10177628

What is the new site?

>> No.10177635

Honestly, unless you like gothic taobao and bodyline are your best bets. Brands like Demonia, TUK and YRU do flatforms but they're mostly gothic ones

I mean that's pretty much a variation on goth, look at h.naoto and alice auaa and that's basically half their aesthetic.

Yeah, it's the width of the opening at the bottom of the pant leg

>> No.10177643

Why would I tell you? lol

>> No.10177644

Because you want more Japanese brand on the western market and also because you look like a liar rn

>> No.10177649

No I don't. I'm perfectly fine with not spreading and oversaturating it like literally any other secondhand source that was unknown before it got posted here.

>> No.10177651

Are you mad someone called you retarded for not knowing about fril and mercari if it wasn't for cgl?

>> No.10177659

Wrong quote? I knew fril and mercari way before cgl spread them. That's the point, I'd rather not have it happen again.

>> No.10177674
File: 151 KB, 640x736, 367256F8-BBDD-44D2-98B5-0A1C327895D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kind of petti would I need to get a poof like this?

>> No.10177678

any cupcake. I recommend a melikestea voile because I love mine, but any will do. probably a couple layered - you could buy a hoop skirt from Amazon and put a cupcake petti on top to get this look cheaper and with less layers.

>> No.10177697

Op here. So can i sell my dress at the normal value atm without getting shat on or not.

>> No.10177739

I can't seem to find any up-to-date guides on how and where to order lolita from Taobao to Finland. Note: I was searching those guides from Google. Any tips and advice on ordering, etc. is very appreciated. Obviously, if a guide exists, it doesn't have to be in finnish, just something that would apply to Finland, too.

>> No.10177741

Yes, always sell at current market value. The people who argue otherwise are probably trying to get you to under sell and fuck you over. It’s not scalping to sell at current market value, ever.

>> No.10177742
File: 258 KB, 1600x1200, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bought this from an eBay seller, can anyone identify it? i've looked though all the possible tags on lolibrary and can't find it. it seems legit from the amount of photos and the detail on the listing, anyway.

>> No.10177746

Pretty sure this is from a special set

>> No.10177752

You need to use a shopping service, I'm pretty sure most if not all of them ship to Finland but look at the info on their sites before you order just in case. The taobao thread should have a list of shopping services for you to pick from.

>> No.10177757

Good to know. I will check that list. Thank you!

>> No.10177798


>> No.10177799

What do you consider the "market price?" I occasionally do a SS order from Mercari and fees add up so fast. For example, if you bought 10 cheap dresses from Japan and had to pay $500 in commission, fees, and shipping, would you think it's fair to sell a couple that you don't like for $50 more than you "paid?" What about $40 more? To me I do take a loss on sales because of how expensive fees and shipping are. But I could see trying to get the whole amount back if you have time to hold onto the dresses and be patient

>> No.10177800

Why are you against doing an auction?

>> No.10177801

Maybe it's because I wear gothic lolita and not sweet, but I always sell for what I paid for it. "Market value" would be whatever I/scalpers decide the price is, since most things are hard to find secondhand.

>> No.10177802

>What do you consider the "market price”?

Are you serious? I know this is the stupid questions thread but man

>> No.10177803

I need a quicker sale. If its an auction it'll take 7 days.

>> No.10177804

I want to believe you but this sounds like you're trying to flex and have no idea.

I know it can't be Cash btw, I had a chance to check that once and it was dead. And I haven't heard of any other popular secondhand shops, even though I stalk jp lolita twitter religiously.

>> No.10177806

Once I bought a dress off of mercari for around $100, sold it for $75 more within a week. So the “patience” part of your post is hilarious.

>> No.10177814
File: 73 KB, 184x184, unacceptable.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you keep your tights up? I'm always busy pulling them, and it's annoying.

>> No.10177815

If there isnt a gap i use a functional garter belt

>> No.10177819


>> No.10177828

I can see how they can be used for over-the-knee socks, but I meant those that go over the waist.
Bloomers slide down with them. I, uh, maybe I should get a smaller size for bloomers, then.

>> No.10177836
File: 52 KB, 720x720, meep morp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does anyone know what skirt this is?

>> No.10177855

yea tighter bloomers or those stretchy safety shorts help tights stay up better. also make sure you're buying tights that are the right size!

>> No.10177870

Thanks for the feedback! I'll give it some thought, maybe do some generally girly tops and dresses.

>> No.10177887

That, too. Perhaps my tights are too small.

>> No.10177888

I mean, I have a narrow stomach and hips and thick legs. Not sure what that body type is called.

>> No.10177891

More often than not if we’re talking about brand tights it’s that they’re too small rather than too loose, unless you’re the size of a child. You saying you have thick legs makes me think they’re probably too tight and roll down because of that.

>> No.10177928

Good point. Yeah, my legs are thick everywhere, and I'm wearing brand (second-hand).

>> No.10177931

I mean, tights are brand, and I sew bloomers myself.

>> No.10177952

Safety shorts, the kind that are form fitting like leggings. I never understand how people can just let their tights slide down all day. It’s so uncomfortable.

>> No.10178011
File: 90 KB, 850x566, L_g0073702022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is a brand on Yesstyle called Lolita Smile selling blouses for $30. How is their quality, and how does it compare to other brands?

>> No.10178026

Just buy a second hand brand blouse, buying from them would be a bad idea

>> No.10178054

Thank you. I have 2 secondhand IW blouses so far because they offer size L 100cm bust. They fit just right, so I don't think I can buy Baby or AP who have smaller sizing. I guess I'll keep waiting for more secondhand listings.

>> No.10178060

I'm thick too, maybe you could try shapewear? I know its more layers but it helps

>> No.10178083

buy a blouse from dear celine, good quality for the price and I think most of their XL blouses can fit 100 cm bust

>> No.10178586

Does anyone have experience washing dry clean only lolita items on a delicate cycle? I have a black cotton IW JSK that I'd like to try putting through the wash but I'm nervous even after testing for color bleed.

>> No.10178592

I don’t know if IW‘s fabric is the same, but I had a really bad experience washing an AatP JSK that was marked as dry clean only.
I took the risk knowing it shouldn’t be machine washed and ended up regretting it...
The black looks kind of faded/stained whites in places and I can’t tell if it’s water stains (we have really hard water here) or if the black dye actually got washed out.
If anyone has any idea how to rescue it I’d be very grateful.

>> No.10178595

If it's solid and all black it'll probably be fine. I have cotton black and white JSKs that go through the wash just fine too, though they're older and much more sturdy. Wash it on its own or with another all black piece if you're worried, and you can always use color catchers too just in case.

>> No.10178596

Same anon - To clarify, I'm talking about IW.

>> No.10178599

Black, cotton, and IW? Should be fine. IW is well known for being one of the most hardy and easy to care for brands. Wash in cold and air dry for best results. If you're really worried about dye run and it's a completely black dress some white vinegar should set the dye (according to the internet). I chuck my Baby and Moitie in the wash all the time and they're fine.

Be aware that washing does fade the color slowly over time. It's just the nature of cotton to do so, but it's pretty easy to re-dye and takes a long time to get to that point.

What dress is it?

>> No.10178660
File: 42 KB, 250x333, e517c5e6-c6a8-5d4d-8e79-9180881f08c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have hard water as well so maybe I'll try adding a little borax to the load.
Thanks for the advise. Pic related is the dress. It's from 2012 and pretty sturdy so I'm gonna give it a go!

>> No.10178784

Thanks, will try these out too!

>> No.10178794

are there stock photos of this? i can't find it on lolibrary

>> No.10178812

Update: everything went smoothly. There was no color loss or damage! I currently have it hanging over a shower curtain rod to dry.

>> No.10178968

Hey guys, really new to buying Lolita internationally- what’s the difference between fril and Mercari? And does anyone know if Muuh takes orders from there?

>> No.10178976

Happy for you, anon!

>> No.10179024

I have no idea what search term you used because there's even two listings for the different releases
https://lolibrary.org/items/victorian-maiden-high-waist-torchon-lace-skirt is the one on tokyo alice and
https://lolibrary.org/items/victorian-maiden-high-waist-torchon-lace-skirt-2008 is the rerelease

>> No.10179122

I asked this in the Japanese shopping service thread, but this thread seems more active, so I'll ask here too.
Has anyone used the "None (free)" packaging option with DeJapan?
Does it mean they just send you your items as-is, no wrapping of any sort (so, you'd end up getting a bare shirt or dress in the mail)? Or, do they just stick everything into a package that's simply not as sturdy as the rest and go? They don't explain what "none" means on their FAQ, only minimum and above.
The "free" part is tempting to me, but I don't want to sign up for something that might damage my clothes and make my soul cry.

>> No.10179140

Why don't you contact them and ask?

>> No.10179152

what?? you can’t send a “bare shirt or dress” anon. its not a postcard

>> No.10179208

How old are you?

>> No.10179263

Glad to read it went well!

>> No.10179265

I'm assuming it means a package with no bells and whistles - no bubble wrap, no plastic cover, things like that. So it would be like, an envelope with just a shirt in it, nothing else. That's my guess.

>> No.10179415

Status of my AP order changed to 取寄中, does this mean they cancelled my order? Google translate says it means ‘to be taken away’ but could also mean to pickup or order. I didn’t get any email about cancellation.

>> No.10179422

Actually is ‘being taken away’ on google translate, my bad

>> No.10179465

Is this board a place for me if I like Larme fashion?

>> No.10179467


>> No.10179468

Also what styles are in fashion? It really just seems japanese fashion in 2k19 is on par with western-like fashion. Larme is dead right?

>> No.10179469

Woops. Thanks for the (you). Guess I'm gonna head to archives and type larme.

>> No.10179498

Larme isn't as popular as it used to be and it seems that Japanese street fashion generally mellowed out, or that the kids that wear it avoid the spotlight; or specific styles like lolita, that went to the other extreme, became OTT and isn't really a street fashion anymore.

>> No.10179537

Does anyone have experience wearing lolita in an airport? I was planning on wearing a toned down coordinate and carrying the petti with me until I got through security and then putting it on. It’ll be easier for me packing wise if I do so and I was wondering if anyone’s done that before

>> No.10179540

>tfw I thought you wrote lmao instead of Sad. Something to do with Korea likely, at least most of the j-fashion was actually unique.

I regret not wearing j-fashion since I was bullied and already looked shit in non-weeb fashion anyways.

I guess lolita and cosplay is the only thing that keeps j-fashion alive? Lolita is fun but too expensive and strict for me. I have grandma hobby's so I could cosplay for an okay price by making everything myself.

Examples of the OTT btw?

>> No.10179541

Wondering how some lolita based Facebook groups get so popular? I had an idea to start a group on Facebook similar to “sounds like something an ita would say” or any of the satire groups but I have no idea how they get so many members to join and how I could start up a successful group

>> No.10179571
File: 76 KB, 700x1200, d299b70da23eb45db2dd77d60a9dd9bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know where I can find lace topped knee socks? Bodyline only carries pink/blue/striped versions now and I'm looking for offwhite. I feel like these shouldn't be as hard to find as they are

>> No.10179589

Are there any lolita events in North
America that is similar to Street Fashion Europe’s yearly event?

>> No.10179591


i had to do that since i could literally only carry a backpack with me. I went through the scanner fine and cleared it from what I recall. I was wearing the MmM cutsew OP at the time. Definitely doable.

>> No.10179618

Could make a post in RC, but to get real members it's best to tag in the comments of drama prone posts.

>> No.10179623

Did you look at Baby or Meta? They typically stock them, and if they're not in stock right now they probably will be again soon.

>> No.10179628

>lolita and cosplay is the only thing that keeps j-fashion alive
>cosplay keeping jfash alive
Jesus, anon, I don't say this often but consider lurking more. Cosplay is costume hobby, it's not Japanese fashion. And by lurking more you'll see plenty of examples of OTT lolita coords, specifically in the COF thread.

Yeah, I've worn IW to travel, including a modest petticoat and bloomers, and carried a parasol with me (that is to say, outside of my luggage), and had 0 issues.

>> No.10179635

if anon is looking at bodyline, then i'm assuming that's out of their price range. can relate - i'm living like i'm in poverty to pay off my student loans rn, suggestions would be appreciated.

>> No.10179636

This pretty much. I can't justify spending upwards of 30 dollars on a pair of socks right now.

>> No.10179780

;_; I am sad you said this because we're in a stupid questions thread not gonna lie.

But yeah I figured out what you meant with OTT, sorry. I saw it by accident, Anna Tsuchiya was wearing it in this YouTube video. I am shocked how much it all has changed. And saddened.

>> No.10179788

Also, I actually do lurk a lot here. I just am crazy and retarded so things are very hard for me to comprehend in general, pls be patient with me.

I took this from a random blog and I wanna know if you agree with her
"If an anime character wears hipster clothes and you cosplay them, you are cosplaying not wearing Hipster Fashion. It is the same concept with Lolita Fashion, which is what some people need to understand."

If you ask me I can't understand it. Unless you also disagree with her of course.

>> No.10179803

I do disagree with it, and I could explain why but the bottom line is that when you cosplay, you intend to copy the look and mannerisms of a fictional character, whereas lolita and other jfash (or hipster fashion, however you define it, to go by your example) is just fashion one wears to express oneself.

>> No.10179813

>I do disagree
So agree based on your explanation? Alright, thanks for explaining! Guess it's gonna be maybe cosplay but definitely wearing basic weeb clothes in a norman way like aliexpress baggy socks and i don't know what they else wear.

>> No.10179824

Where can I find decent lolita wigs and shoes

>> No.10179834

I got some decent ones from Aliexpress.

>> No.10179842

Does lolita fashion get discussed on girlschannel and how can I find it? What JP sites other than twitter are the most popular for lolita discussion?

>> No.10179858

What’s a good place to get parasols for sweet lolita? I want to keep the sun off, but I feel odd using a regular umbrella even though it’s not truly part of my coord, nor am I too excited about paying 50 dollars for brand. Am I just being cheap here?

>> No.10179863

If I'm not wrong, Lumiebre should have a few parasol models that aren't too expensive and can work for sweet. Otherwise imo you should invest in a brand parasol, they're very cute and worth it.

>> No.10179868

I think you’re just being cheap, I doubt you’d be able to find a similar cute umbrella for under $50

>> No.10179906
File: 188 KB, 500x600, 106AED0C-A9D3-4440-96BD-3E6D9F0F5B8A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where can I find solid color headbows that lay flat on the head? Example of style in the pic, unfortunately that Angelic Pretty headbow is sold out. Any taobao brands or good quality non-lolita brands?

>> No.10179913

just tag it in the comments of posts and invite lolitas you like. if you don't want it to turn into a drama shit show then have some entry questions to weed out itas

>> No.10179914

i bought an item on lacemarket in April, and when I received it I gave positive feedback. the seller never left me any. is it rude to message them and ask them to?

>> No.10179917

Not rude at all, it's possible they didn't notice you left them feedback or maybe they forgot, so just remind them politely.

>> No.10179951

Double side taped or body adhesive

>> No.10179968

I can recommend the velveteen ones from Lolita Collective--I have one--but it looks like they're out of stock at the moment.

>> No.10179983

On girls channel, enter ロリィタ or ロリータ in the search bar in the upper-right corner of the site.

>> No.10179984

I own one of those casual AP plastic headbands and it has snapped in half. I have tried three different glue brands (including e6000 and loctite) and none of them have worked to make the headband a solid, wearable piece again. Is there any way to salvage it or will I have to accept the fact that I just wont be able to wear it anymore?

>> No.10180004

what does MTO mean?

>> No.10180008

I know this is the stupid questions thread, but damn.

>> No.10180053

Made to order

>> No.10180058

Cerise maybe?

>> No.10180075

damn I'm stupid, thanks

>> No.10180079

I have a frilly polkadot one I bought in chinatown for $20

>> No.10180123

Where can I find a decent wig with the clip on twin tails pls help me

>> No.10180205

Epic cosplay still carries that style. I've never owned one so dunno how decent they are though.

>> No.10180225

Most of the brands (IW and Meta particularly) have made that style at some point in time so it may be worth looking on second hand sites. My favourite headbow in the same style is actually from HeartE.

>> No.10180271

If you’re in Europe, check if can find Lisbeth Dahl umbrellas anywhere near you. I’ve once found a beautiful pagoda umbrella with ruffles for like 25€. Not sure what they cost anywhere else though.

>> No.10180308

Hey has anyone who preorder the IDDXHaenuliu blouse gotten them yet? I don't remember the shipping dates and I've sent an email but haven't gotten a response.

>> No.10180318

The only solution I can think of is to line the headband pieces with a piece of felt or ribbon or something like that to keep them together. My idea might end up looking too bulky though.

>> No.10180371
File: 7 KB, 639x177, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love google translate

>> No.10180372
File: 7 KB, 633x152, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10180408

Have you tried on epoxy or resin? I would think a two part glue or uv cured glue could work.

>> No.10180483

Does anybody know roughly how long it takes for antique beast to send a shipping notification? I paid for my order on thursday and i'm still waiting.

>> No.10180488
File: 28 KB, 700x700, m35747010528_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know what sort of red Innocent World's Church Choir Flare OP is irl? Is it a bordeaux like in Wunderwelt's stock photo, or more of a brighter, orange-y color?

>> No.10180517

It's normally a month or two considering they have to make your items anon.

>> No.10180865

Which Melikestea should I buy if I usually wear MmM skirts and more gothic style? I dont want to look like a cupcake but my CP A line petti has depoofed into a old school looking petti so it doesnt look big enough with certain skirts. Sorry if this is super stupid or vague.

>> No.10180921

How do I find the lolita Amino?

>> No.10180928

NVM I'm dumb. it wasn't showing up in the app and I didn't think to just Google it before now

>> No.10181065

How long would you give a seller on Lacemarket to reply to your messages/ship your items out, anons? I paid for my item last week and have been waiting for the seller to ship it out. I sent a message asking for an update on the situation a couple of days ago and the seller read it, but never responded.

>> No.10181079

Send another one. It is never rude if you already paid and have been waiting on an update. If they don't reply to the second message, contact a moderator.

>> No.10181300

Do any brands make leather heart shaped bags? Jane Marple, maybe?

>> No.10181301

Vivienne westwood sells some occastionally. You could proably find them second hand.

>> No.10181401

So if anyone's read that weird ass book Perfume, I kinda wanna trade my Fantastic Dolly for the red colorway so I can make a gory Perfume inspired coordinate. No one will get it, everyone will hate it, and I kind of don't care cuz the French motifs combined with the perfume bottles are begging me to basterdize this print with bloodstained print accessories because classic literature

How can I coord this to make the theme read? Not how can I coord this well; I've given up on that. It's gonna be a weird dumpster fire just like the book. Is there a way I can make people...get it?

>> No.10181402

You should get Rose Toilette the og perfume print

>> No.10181404

See but then I wouldn't have the french motifs and there isn't a colorway of that print that lends itself to gory accessories. Like I know the red colorway is a thing but there aren't any blacks in it so I can style it gothic.

>> No.10181503
File: 298 KB, 1696x1684, grey twin tail wig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm in search of a specific wig. I want to try dabbling in wearing j-fash wigs because my hair is long and dark and I don't really want to cut it or bleach it just to find that I hate the result.
I also want to try styling them in ways that my own hair just wouldn't hold with wigs just being thicker in general. I've found most of the wigs I want to try but this one remains elusive after I saw it in a spreepicky photo for a hoodie.

Can anyone help? I love how its got different tones of grey and how the twin tails aren't super thick.

>> No.10181510
File: 247 KB, 472x348, sfgh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love this idea so much. I lowkey hate Fantastic Dolly and "retro inspired" lolita, so to turn it on it's head is really clever and I get what you mean how stylistically, the colours lend themselves to the concept.

As for coord suggestions, tights with a blood drip motif, or certain abilletage tights can give the legs a stitched-up look to them, and the Violet Fane asylum print gives me 1800s pseudoscience vibes. Make subtle reference through a brooch or jewelry, and wear a blouse inspired by the era

>> No.10181513

how do I order from antaina? the sizes range from 34-47 but I'm a size 24.5cm/US8
it just says yards and shit and I don't get it.

>> No.10181543
File: 125 KB, 520x565, main-qimg-8a41cea75b8bd724c3b5270c2b2c79b8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chinese shoe sizes are Euro sizes plus one. 24.5cm is typically a US 8-8.5 which is a Euro 39 which is a Chinese 40. US shoe sizes tend to be the least standardized.

>> No.10181564

you're a godsend. thank you, anon

>> No.10181685

Are there any jfashion items on Amazon?

>> No.10181697

How rare is pre-2010 post-2005 innocent world? A dream dress is for sale but I used up a good portion of my budget for this month

>> No.10181745

new thread >>10181743

>> No.10182334


>> No.10183203

I bit the bullet and put in an order for AP. I can be a bit of a penny pincher at times, thank yall for the extra nudge and advice.