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Previous thread: >>10166461

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Any recommended merchants/stores on taobao or aliexpress to get a non-shiney wig for daily use ? Theres so many to choose from and the shipping time is so long I dont want to take a risk on a product only to find it isn't as good as in the pictures.

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Lacemarket is showing me ads for flirtmoms.com

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I own a lot of dreamholic wigs that are really pretty, recommend looking at reviews though as colors can be a bit off sometimes. If you do want to get rid of shine on a wig you already have I heard baby powder helps, idk how true that is

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/r/ photos of hairstyles that incorporate ribbon combs like pic related

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What a lazy request, just look through baby's stock photos

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I just realized my petticoat doesn't have enough poof for my new dress and I have 4 days to get a new one. Is there anything on amazon or something that I can buy to layer with my not puffy enough one? Cupcake style and any color.

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>Join Our Hookup Site to Meet Single Mothers

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buy a hoop skirt on Amazon and put the petti over it. bsolf on fb had a recommendation thread for them recently.

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no secrets

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No confessions on amino either... Wtf

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Thats not lacemarket, it's your own search history that looks for ads that might interest you.
This aint reddit.
It's been going down for a while

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Nayrt but I don’t have an fb, do you mind posting links? Thanks in advance

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Nayrt but /r/ refers to the requests board here on 4chan and is used to request something.
This is probably not the right thread for that anyway, but still.

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Seconding this!

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I really love the vanyar wigs I bought

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here we go again

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what is the lolita general for even
I swear so many topics get shot down in these threads
it's like ya'll just want it to be bullshit trolling instead of having fucking discussions

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It’s for discussing new releases, current events, new trends, etc. if you’d lurk moar instead of being such a newfag you’d know that.

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Not really. Yeah /r/ requests are annoying but this board is slow af and it's literally called general so it's fair game.

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New Meta Release!
>Lace Frill Tiered Dress (Floral Print)
>2 colourways: Ivory and Pink
>31800 yen
>matching mini veil headdress available for 8500

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Lurk more newfag

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A great example of high quality content in the lolita general.

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not them but have you ever been in a gen thread on other boards?

shut up your shitty "hurr ur newfag" trolling. you're weak as fuck.

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God that pink and lav colorway is fucking gorgeous

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We aren’t on other boards dumbass

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You're obviously new. Try checking the archives for the past generals. And try just 2-3 years ago to see a difference. I swear anons are getting dumber.

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then why act like it.

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>newfags calling people newfags that are calling people newfags

Well done

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Usually an AP girl but HNNNNNNNGG

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I missed requesting the fleur cat jsk set from the Osaka anniversary fair.. What are the chances I can find it?

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Yeah it's probably just one summerfag trying to act like they've been here forever and throwing newfag insults around to appear less new lmao

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here's one, similar will show up in the related items.


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I just got this one.

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Give it time. They usually show up, but just be patient and diligent to check.

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Just ordered this one! Thanks!

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If it thinks I'm interested in such ads it's only because I use lacemarket and other lolita related websites. I'm pretty sure lacemarket has some control over it otherwise we would all be seeing prostitution ads everywhere all the time.

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My reserverations for the Himari blouse (white blue stripe) and skirt went through just fine. How about everyone else's? It looks like it's also closed now, so you missed your chance if you wanted it.

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Just got a message from my shopping service that Angelic Pretty cats tea party mto is ready

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I guess it is time to see if Lolita Desu took my (and other people's) money and ran with it. I really hope not

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Holy crap, this is me.
I used Lolita Desu as my SS and I'm scared.

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I remember seeing a taobao store that had underskirts/pettis in tons of different colors but I don't remember the name anymore.
Anyone knows what I'm talking about? They would do custom sizes too.

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Probably Sentaro?

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Mine went through as well! The wait was so long I started to get really nervous about it. Did you get one of the first run blouses?

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Oh god yes Sentaro, thank you anon

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I don't know how to feel about the mismatching lace.

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no secrets

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I personally go crazy for different varieties of lace on one piece

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It might not be that ecru in person, seeing how dark the shadow behind is, maybe there's an issue with lighting.

Are the lace on the sleeves just basted on or something though? You can see the top sticking up barely even connect to the sleeve? Or is it supposed to look like that?

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Have a closer look.

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I have this one its too big for some of my AP dresses. So of your looking for a cupcake shape this one won't work.

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We know. There are no confessions on amino either. Imo it's kinda sad, they were a good way to start discussion on an issue anonymously especially within a comm. But they haven't been good for years so maybe it's time they die.

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Does anyone here own a petticoat from Antique Beast? I love the stuff of theirs that I have, but some of the construction has been a little hit or miss. But I'd love to own one of their pettis...

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there's a thread about petticoats >>10131379
idk if it answers your question though because i didn't read it

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I own one, it's okay. Wouldn't recommend it, just because you can get very similar ones on taobao which are just as good.
I see you're hyped about ab reopening tomorrow, me too!

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Too long you mean? 48cm should fit most AP dresses shouldn't it? And why would it lose its cupcake shape?

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I unfortunately didn't. I'm not sure how many people actually got those or if the Japanese special members took them all.

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I've been away for a quite a few months and haven't checked up on classic brands much. Is Victorian Maiden still coming back in some form? What twitters should I follow to keep up on them? Also, have they put out anything recently, even if it's just for a Chinese event?

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I was measuring the skirts on most of my dresses and it seemed like they were mostly around 50 - 58 cm long.
It wouldn't fit my off brand stuff unfortunately.

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You don't want your petticoat to be the same length as your skirt. You want it a smidge shorter so it doesn't stick out.

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god can you not do math or something.

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I guess maybe I didn't understand the comment. I thought that they were implying that because the hoop skirt is 48 cm and their skirts are 50+ that it wouldn't work so I was mentioning that it's not good to have them be the same length. My bad.

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yeah, the hook skirt is 48 cm so it should fit under a 50+ cm skirt just fine.
I was saying that it didn't fit some other dresses I have that aren't brand. My brand ones from AP and baby are all 50+cm skirts.

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This feels very vintage AP. I wish it had a tad more detail.

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I’m torn in this release. I also wish it had more detail. Custom lace on the bottom of the skirt would have sold me on it. As it is I like the design more than anything I’ve seen from AP in years but I also noticed in worn pics of the pencil skirted version of this that the material looked incredibly cheap and unflattering. It looks like the same material on the bodice of this version so I will probably pass.

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Got mine with a version 2 blouse. I am so happy, IW is the best

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I love this so much but it bothers me that it's very clearly a separate top and bottom. The mismatched polka dot patterns are driving me nuts, here's hoping for a more cohesive OP.

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I'm pretty sure it's a separate based on candy's other pictures. Are you sure it's not?

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What about this version anon? I didn't think they were making an OP for this collection, but I could be wrong.

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If you buy it, please post a review of it. I'd love to know your thoughts on it because I often buy from Antique Beast and agree with what you said on construction.

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can't believe people in the toned-down thread are calling innocent world not lolita and meanwhile ap releses this kind of shit

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I love mixing ivory/off white/beige
v cute for cult party kei

>> No.10174177


Reminds me of Jane Austen which I'm digging. I can't decide between this one and the lace OP.

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Is Velvet Translations still around? Rainedragon posted these on fb and I'd really like to read them! It's an interview with the designer of MARBLE.

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I'm still here, I just got bogged down with real life nonsense that I'm working on dealing with so translation work fell by the wayside. I've got a couple of translations on the burner right now, but after those are done I will probably move on to these new RD posts. It will take time though, one project is quite lengthy and real life is kicking my ass.

Thanks for thinking of me Anon!

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Check back the last few generals, some kind anon has been posting VM's latest releases. Their website itself has their blog on there, which announces when a new release is up.

Me, I'm dying from Mary Magdalene. I guess they're busy with the chinese market, their site is fully sold out and hasn't been updated since 2018 (dude we're already halfway through 2019) and I just. what. is going on.

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How many scalpers will be listing their CTP for sale after they get it. I couldn't get an SS on time so I'm wondering how the price will be like for it in a few weeks.

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Were they tryin to make Putumayo replica?

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This is such a basic design, I wouldn't even call it a replica. You can literally make one following an ONS pattern

>> No.10174457

Looks like an AP ripoff.

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Implying ctp wasn't already $1000+

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Why have classic indie brands that have been around forever never become as popular with foreign lolitas as Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden? Just curious.
Two examples are Rosa Bianca and Hakucho, I'm pretty sure they've both been around for over 10 years, they used to be in GLB sometimes, but I've never seen a lolita wear those brands irl and they mostly do MTO so the sizing shouldn't be a big issue.

>> No.10174477

I wanna say it's because classic lolita, particularly the less embellished, toned-down kind, is inspired by a mix of fantasy/historical western clothing, and the glorification of old time-y western clothes is more appealing to those outside of the culture. "England" and "Paris" are more ideals and aesthetics than actual places to some... it's cultural appropriation; picking and choosing certain elements of a culture you find fascinating and taking it out of it's original context. Not necessarily a bad thing.

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Why did classic indie brands that have been around forever never become as popular as Mary Magdalene or Victorian Maiden? Just curious.

Two examples are Rosa Bianca and Hakucho. They've both been around for years, go to lolita events, let you visit their ateliers, have pop-up shops, used to be in GLB sometimes. So people have surely come across them, but I've never seen a lolita wear those brands or other indie classic brands irl. Their releases aren't posted here unless I post them. They mostly do MTO so the sizing shouldn't be a big issue either.

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Sorry I deleted my post because I forgot the pic lol

>> No.10174485

Or maybe you were replying to a different post that's also deleted since I have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.10174488

If you're replying to >>10174483 that doesn't explain why they're so much less popular than VM or MM at all. They pretty much have the same aesthetic.

>> No.10174490

I like them too, anon, but I worry about ending up looking like a working girl from Deadwood/Westworld/The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

>> No.10174494

What are you doing here if you don't wear lolita?

>> No.10174502

Who says I don't wear it? I wear classic all the time but stay away from the silhouettes with corsets in jewel toned satin with questionably short, tiered skirt.

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I think most people actually just don't know about them.

And Victorian Maiden/Mary Magdalene make you look like a normal woman from 2019?

Who talked about wearing short satin skirts?

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Bought this second hand and now I feel shit. Haven’t wore it since then, because previous owner wore it one (1) time ugh

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File: 169 KB, 400x199, tumblr_mtdqiaw05A1qzj6elo1_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same, it makes me feel better to know I am not the only one who missed the first fabric.

This has been my dream set for years, and when I finally got the invoice, I cried. All my Himari dreams are alive!

>> No.10174583


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Antique Beast is open for orders again! I got the cat headdress in black and white. Everyone and their dog wants those headdresses, but I couldn’t resist. They’re so iconically Gothic Lolita to me.

Did anyone else order from Antique Beast this timel?

>> No.10174633

omg I so want one! Thanks for telling, anon!

>> No.10174644

You either stan AP or you're wrong, apparently. I personally just don't like the 50's aesthetic, it reminds me of cheap rockabilly nonsense. Pre-WW2 inspiration or bust.
The lace dress looks like gunne sax.

I've really just assumed MM is dead and isn't coming back at this point. My current way to cope is to snatch up any piece I can get my hands on, but even with that the market has gotten so much more scarce than it was even 2-3 years ago. I'm scared of what happens when they completely evaporate from even the secondhand market.

>> No.10174664

How much did your shipping cost, anon? I want to order but I'm from ZONE 4 so I'm afraid the total shipping might be too high.

>> No.10174683

I haven't been invoiced yet, but I can report back how much the shipping for two headdresses is going to be. I live in Europe btw, I'm not sure which zone that is.

>> No.10174684

Thank you a lot for telling us, I just ordered some headdresses and I can't wait to get them!

>> No.10174704

Thank you!
The zones are usually issued by shipping companies. Europe is usually on Zone 2 on e-packet and Airmail options from Japan (Asia is 1)

>> No.10174715

Glad my comment was helpful. Now we can be excited for our gorgeous Antique Beast items together, ha.

>> No.10174740

>Layla headdress sold out again
Goddamn, I'll get my hands on you someday.

>> No.10174817

I had to file a paypal dispute, was able to get my money back. I wasn’t using them as a shopping service, though, so I don’t know how you’ll fare.

>> No.10174958

Update: got the petti and it's a bit too long. I cut off the last hoop to fit my AP dresses and it's perfect.

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File: 296 KB, 595x842, pop(48).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get ready gulls.

>> No.10175140

I'll probably sell my original release for 800 or so

>> No.10175148

just ordered in black. I wanted the white but then I realized it wouldn't even match anything in my wardrobe lmao

>> No.10175151

I’m so excited but the headbow looks like some ita’s first attempt at a handmade headbow

>> No.10175152

I have no money FUCK

>> No.10175199

I've been checking for weeks, so happy they're finally open! Bought a couple of those cat headdresses too and a couple bonnets/hats. I can't wait.

>> No.10175202

Me too. If this orders goes well, I’m going to get a dress the next time the shop‘s open.

>> No.10175228
File: 342 KB, 749x1014, F20E42F6-10ED-4E55-B861-E1227A1A1F58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

KL x MMM collaboration available to reserve again. Due to short stock, some items and colors are expected to sell out quickly.

How many people have reserved this so far, and which colors have you chosen?

>> No.10175258

No skirt no life

>> No.10175263

I wish LM would adopt a cart system for buy it now items

>> No.10175292

I visited OIOI annex and they had the sample up. The lace on the sleeves is embroided tulle lace, so it didn't look as out of place as I thought it would.

>> No.10175303

You make me sad anon. Same.

>> No.10175318

Honestly it would be stupid for anyone to list CTP near retail price. After waiting half a year I wouldn't let mine go for anything under $1k.

>> No.10175327

That's a bad idea when you need to read each seller's terms and descriptions. People would just skim the description and throw a bunch of stuff in the cart without reading everything. Then sellers would be forced to deal with even more stupidity. Also with so many different sellers, it would be rare to actually be able to combine shipping. Even if you could, the additional weight costs more money so it doesn't really make sense for sellers to want to do

>> No.10175347

Update: I bought this >>10173163 and it's really not working for me. Maybe I got a dud but it's literally shaped like a narrow cone. I am considering doing what >>10174958 did but the petti is so narrow and tubular that I don't think it will help the shape. When I layered my old petti over it, it looks exactly the same as the old petti on its own, maybe a smidge poofier. Is there a way to adjust it that I just haven't found yet?

>> No.10175367

Just got the invoice.
I'm paying 2200 JPY for the two headdresses (weighing 40 grams each) to Europe.
Not exactly cheap, but I don't think she offers another option for international shipping.

>> No.10175381

Seems cheap for international shipping, Meta charged me over 3000 for just socks

>> No.10175392

>You either stan AP or you're wrong, apparently.
I don't like every release from AP but that really is the mentality around here and it's so boring.

>> No.10175398

Agreed. I like AP but some people take it too far. For example >>10174457. Not everything is about AP, other brands can do nice things too

>> No.10175402

The shape of the skirt looks like when someone shoves a petti under a sundress

>> No.10175404

>Not everything is about AP, other brands can do nice things too
Yea exactly. I really like it when people post about baby and meta releases. And the rare talk of atepie. Though recently it seems like everyone only likes sheglit.

>> No.10175417

LM has no control over what google adds show. I browse shoes, I see shoes on LM. I don't see porn only specifically because I open this in incognito mode.

>> No.10175437
File: 810 KB, 1439x2217, Screenshot_20190522-141424_mh1558530892295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

closet child? u ok?

>> No.10175441

Okay so why am I not seeing mom hook-up ads everywhere? Only on lacemarket. I don't even watch porn, not any kind.

>> No.10175442

they added pics of a completely different pair of heels to the tea parties page too - i'm sure it'll be fixed soon

>> No.10175444 [DELETED] 

Thanks a Lot! They asked me 3200 for one headdress to South America (EMS) so their shipping prices are very good.

>> No.10175448

They are so nice, omg.

Thank you for your inquiry.

○About shipping method.
The EMS for Brazil is 2,400 yen.
Epacket is 790 yen.(It is compensated up to 6000 yen.)

Small items like black cat headdress(黒猫ヘッドドレス) can also be ship by AIR MAIL(320yen).
But,I do not recommend the package without compensation because loss is often.

If you wish other than EMS, please fill in the remarks column of the order form and send it.

Please e-mail if you have other questions:)
Thank you.

*I'm writing with the translation software.
I'm sorry if there is rude if...

Antique beasT:Web shop
Shop staff Yuuki "

>> No.10175456

Per their newsletter, apparently IW is looking for a part time designer. Considering their uninspired designs lately I'm hardly surprised, but this still worries me somewhat, unless they're just trying to bring in some much needed new blood and inspiration to the brand.

>> No.10175462

I want to make a thread about wearing the same piece of clothing in different coords/posting different coords of the same main-piece but I don't know a catchy name for it

>> No.10175463

Tbh I wish someone from brands like >>10174483 is talking about would work for a bigger brand or some of them should merge together. I also still want to know what the Excentrique designer is doing now.

>> No.10175471

AP is doing British Bear MTO. I’m so upset up to the point where I consider selling mine.

>> No.10175476

Again, what? Why can’t you just wash the one you own...?

>> No.10175481

I did wash it, it’s still cringy to wear or even touch it.

>> No.10175482

Probably a newfag who doesn’t know how to wash what they own. Gross.

>> No.10175484

How is it “cringy” to wear? What the actual fuck are you smoking?

>> No.10175485

sounds like a good idea for a thread. something like coord variety or getting the most out of your wardrobe, idk... you could just simply explain the concept in the description and put whatever as the title of the thread.

>> No.10175486

Just make it simple like “multiple coords with the same main piece”

>> No.10175488

"one piece three coords"?
I like the idea, but are thinking about picking the same piece from different people or from the same?

>> No.10175497

Is it true that Closet Child is looking to close its physical locations? I saw it on Facebook but can’t find any source, though I don’t read moonrunes.

>> No.10175503

Idk, I mean it’s uncomfortable to know that some strange girl wore it. It’s like I still can feel her sweat on that thing.

>> No.10175504

Then why buy it? Are you an idiot?

>> No.10175509

I thought I can get over myself. Now I see it's all was for nothing and I could get new shiny thing.

>> No.10175510

I hope so

>> No.10175512

Shoot, I left the wrong email for my antique beast order. I got invoiced on my non paypal email, can I pay with the correct one with my order ID or should I email and ask them to re-invoice me?

>> No.10175513

fyi amerifags it's $20 to ship!

>> No.10175514

Finally! I was in dire need of some headdresses.

>> No.10175516

You sound like you have an actual mental illness.

>> No.10175517

e-mail them, anon. Or make a new order. But be aware that they don't speak English very well.

>> No.10175519

I do, lol, but it lies in different field

>> No.10175521

you know what's weird? I used my normal email when I placed an order, and yet somehow the email came in for my (one I use) paypal email (Which is completely different and wasn't referenced at all). Maybe she looks it up by your name + address and picks that? (I also have two paypals one with the email I used and one that I actually use).

>> No.10175523

Why can I post comments but not make threads?

>> No.10175529

So you’re just stupid then?

>> No.10175530

Thanks, I'll send them an email!

That's super odd, but does explain the weird email priority. I should consolidate everything into one account.. but I've had both emails for a decade now.

>> No.10175535
File: 241 KB, 500x600, 05041321_590aac3d25cbb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminds me of this bow they did a while back

>> No.10175538

Pretty much ._.

>> No.10175540

I'm cheap and I buy secondhand most of the time. Rosa Bianca's ordering system seems easy but Hakuchosya is a mystery to me. I do like both of those brands a lot but since their items are rather plain no individual one makes me go omg I need it and it's worth suffering the ordering/SS hassle

>> No.10175588

I also bought the black cat headdress and a choker! I'm so happy.

>> No.10175723

I don't usually keep up with AP's new releases, is there an average time between when pictures like these/the magazine ones are posted and when the dress is actually released? I'm absolutely smitten by this but there's a Sheglit dress I also wanted, wondering if I'll have to pick between the two or if the AP one will come out far enough in the future that I can get both.

>> No.10175736

Oh god please make it true. The onlineshop is all just leftovers that don't sell within a week in shops nowadays.

>> No.10175750

AP Candy showed on her instagram / twitter pictures of unbirthday series may 1st and that short sleeved University OP on april 3rd. Both are getting released this weekend.
The yukata with lemons was posted on april 23th and it got released april 30th.

Not much of help, I would advise to keep checking AP social media, hope you're able to get both items

>> No.10175781
File: 244 KB, 720x1227, IMG_20190523_004207.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you, IG!

>> No.10175783

instagram is just showing the tags people often use together

>> No.10175784

i heard chinese lolitas use ''lo girl'', anyone know the correct writing for that? 女孩 or what?

>> No.10175787

Ok then fuck those stupid pedophile assholes

>> No.10175790

Sadly that’s not easy to say with these. It could come out next week or in 2 months. Usually it’s a few weeks though.

>> No.10175837

Nah it only says that the Shibuya men’s shop is closing. But the stock issue is true even for their shops, they just don’t have anything good these days. Maybe because more girls are turning to mercari and from, as their buying prices are so shit.

>> No.10175845

There isn't much good on mercari lately either

>> No.10175862

Get used to wanting things that you will never have if all you can do is buy new. You should probably talk to a therapist.

>> No.10175892

god, neo MMM is so depressing

>> No.10175908

Damn, was hoping it'd be easy to pinpoint a window. Thanks for your responses!

>> No.10175960

Last time I got something made from her (just a headdress), she offered me epacket and it was around $8. I order frequently, though, and usually it's EMS rate.

>> No.10175998

I couldn’t decide, so I got one of each color OP and tights. I also got the headdress in white, but not black because most of my wardrobe is black so I have too many items in black already to justify another black headdress

>> No.10176027

threads require an image to post

>> No.10176038
File: 196 KB, 1754x1718, FB_IMG_1558588820370.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know what happened to Loli-Loli Paradise?
I made a reservation and paid the first half in December. Release should have been in March but I got neither a second invoice nor any reply to my enquiries.
The limit for filing a claim is soon bit I'm hesitant.
Did I miss something about them?

>> No.10176063

Why do yall making it such a big problem. Many people avoid second hand because of being squeamish.

>> No.10176107

>not knowing about limited release bloodbaths and the large second hand market for lolita
crossboarding larper confirmed.

>> No.10176115

I meant overall, not only in lolita comm.

>> No.10176119

Sweat? On a JSK? You realize there’s multiple layers of fabric between a JSK and skin when it’s worn, right? You sound pathological.

Adding to that, even “new” items you buy in the store might have actually been bought and worn and then returned, and thus just as “used” as your British Bear.

>> No.10176126

>lolita board
>lolita thread
why would I be talking about normie used clothing? return to what ever board you originated from.

>> No.10176164

I know, that's not the problem. It says my IP is blocked but I can still comment

>> No.10176167
File: 323 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20190523-031111_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tokyo Alice r u ok?

>> No.10176176

I think that VM and MM have a particular aesthetic about them that is quite recognisable and the indie brands look...well, quite generic. Add to that the fact that they stopped getting featured in the GLBs and didn't have iconic/inspiring advertisements, and you can see why people are less bothered by them. Having MTO can also be a double edged sword because people don't just impulse buy when they walk into the shop or snap something up immediately, they have to wait and there aren't as many worn photos to make them covet a particular item.

>> No.10176193

Queen of the damned bonnet

>> No.10176194

I have heard a lot of complaints about loli loli paradise. I would try to contact them and if they do not reply file a conplaint before it is time.

>> No.10176211

I have the same fucking issue

>> No.10176215

Maybe someone is using your computer cause I never get those ads.

But also it could be because you're on 4chan.

I do get lewd ads from time to time but its cause I'm on this site. I've never seen the mom hook up thing though.

>> No.10176243

You can't buy and return things to AP (unless you're Kelly Eden).

>> No.10176434

i didn't want it until you said that, damnit.

>> No.10176496

still, "new" items in store have the possibility of having being worn and tried on many times before you finally purchased them

>> No.10176524


In Japan after you tried a dress on they usually give you a completely new, never opened dress. That is unless it’s a secondhand shop like CC.

>> No.10176594

Only if you shop at Shop in Wonderland or second hand

>> No.10176734

Call me a blasphemer but both Mana and Fanny look awful in those MmM yukata photos.

>> No.10176778


>> No.10176806

Is it me or are there no more good deals on fril and mercari lately?

>> No.10176810

yeah, especially when you look for BNWT things like me

>> No.10176815

That's true. I used to a lot of dirt cheap bpn but it's all dried up.

>> No.10176824

Does anyone else feel like there's an uptick of incompetent sellers on lm lately? In the past 6 months.... I've had THREE sellers take my money & then just ghost me. None of them sent my items until I got fed up and opened a claim weeks later.

Do I just have bad luck or is anyone else experiencing more of this than what they would deem usual?

>> No.10176832

Yeah, and it's not only the fact that the prices are going higher, but also that there are no more pieces being posted.

It seems like they found another marketplace to sell things on.

>> No.10176833

I haven’t experienced that but I’m noticing things aren’t really selling anymore. Are we all out of tax money?

>> No.10176836

holy shit, the corduroy makes this.
I hope you get your order, anonny

>> No.10176881

Paradiso. I sold a lot last month, nothing the past 2 weeks

>> No.10176922
File: 278 KB, 500x666, 139523272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

does anyone know if the new cummerbund belt jsk by AtPie has adjustable straps?
I'm combing over these photos and just can't tell if there are buttons on back or if the straps are hard sewn to the bodice...

>> No.10176938

This is the a bonnet is worn on a windy day.

>> No.10176971

It's because we bought up all the good deals. At this point there are more SS buying from second hand sources than local japanese lolitas.

>> No.10176977

Do you think lolitas just found out about SS and Japanese secondhand shopping last year? We already used mbok and y!auctions back in lj days and we've been using fril and mercari ever since Japanese lolitas started to sell on there. It's actually become more difficult for SS to buy from fril and mercari in the past couple of years.

>> No.10176992

Yes, and? I witnessed when cgl and later the whole lolita comm first noticed fril, mercari and Wunderwelt and remember how it was before. That doesn't change the fact that the cheap japanese burando well becomes dry sooner or later when we and the chinese bought almost all of it.

>> No.10177011

I’ve tried on clothes at AP and Baby in San Francisco and the dresses I tried on were the ones for sale, there were no extra untried-ones they gave you. I got a discount on one of the Baby JSKs because it got a spot on it from someone else trying it on. At AP they made me put a face shield on so I wouldn’t get makeup on the clothes but at Baby they didn’t (I wasn’t wearing any makeup that day but how could they have been sure?)

>> No.10177014

Anyone who’s not retarded and used to wearing makeup can tell when someone else isn’t wearing any

>> No.10177015

At baby NYC they never made me put on a face shield with makeup or not. I think they had the shields inside the little dressing room though but my memory is a bit hazy. Baby NYC also didn't have extras, but you couldn't try anything on without a blouse underneath

>> No.10177032

okay well it's pretty retarded that it took you all so long, literally just googling the name of a dress can give you links to fril or mercari

>> No.10177037

Well I’m dealing with my first unsavoury transaction after using the platform for years.

>buy dress. price is a little higher than usual for the item but condition listed as ‘like new’, so I went for it.
>seller doesn’t invoice for a few days. Should have taken this as a sign.
>Pay invoice after seller gets a shipping quote. This takes several days.
> Seller says they need to clean the dress first. Should have taken this as another sign as it was listed in like new condition with no stains/damages mentioned.
>No contact for a while after that. Message seller several times on LM and email (desu I should have messaged more frequently, but I was very busy with work at the time)
>after a couple weeks finally receive a message saying they didn’t ship yet.
>follow-up again after more than a week of no contact. File PayPal claim.
>win PayPal claim and get full refund
>finally receive message after a couple weeks that they shipped it shortly after my message. They gave a tracking number that only updated once and didn’t work in my country. They never supplied this info to PayPal.
>on the advice of friends, hold the payment until the dress arrives.
>finally package arrives this week. They must have used surface mail.
>dress has obvious areas where the color ran, some yellowing and is missing a built in petti.

I want to return the dress, and at this point I’d take a loss on the cost of return shipping, which is $60 to their country. I sent photos of the damage to the seller and they didn’t respond yet of course.

>> No.10177045

A full face, maybe, but just a spot or two of concealer? Doubt it

>> No.10177047

It’s really not as hard to spot as you’re making it out to be. Or do you think we don’t notice the bumps lmao

>> No.10177049

Most people don’t even use the right shade and yeah, anyone with a brain can tell those bumps on your face are covered in makeup because acne is not uniform with your skin tone

>> No.10177051

not even that, you can tell from how someone's pores and hairs look on their face. but if the shop staff doesn't ''really'' look at someone's face they cuold miss it.

>> No.10177057

Idk, my stuff sold within a day of being posted. Maybe it's because they were priced pretty low?

Oof, that sounds rough anon. Sorry you had to deal with all of that. It's hard to believe some sellers have the gumption to just straight up lie about the condition of an item.

>> No.10177334

I wear concealer over a light birth mark on my forehead, not over acne or pimples. And most days that’s the only makeup I wear. Literally no one knew I had a birth mark and was wearing concealer. It’s not that hard to get a matching shade and set it nicely. Maybe you guys just have giant pores and pizza faces and are bad at doing makeup

>> No.10177350
File: 218 KB, 500x600, 372941FA-ADE6-4587-B3AF-0668C7D242AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unsurprisingly UnBirthday sold out in less then a minute, and now I can’t even get WW to load to get the MMM yukata...

>> No.10177351

I got this jsk but I accidentally bought a blouse when trying to orient myself with the new site.

>> No.10177358

Sooo...when does AP USA release new stock?

>> No.10177368

Tell them you'll ship it back if they pay for it. I wouldn't let a not-as-described item take a cent out of my pocket.

>> No.10177397

Well yeah it's America. They know you'll buy it anyway.

>> No.10177417

I hope there's a rerelease or MTO. I really want the sax OP

>> No.10177418

I’m fucking praying for an MTO. I don’t want to have to rely on overpriced AP Paris leftovers

>> No.10177421

Any suggestions for strategies to downsize your wardrobe? I desperately want to downsize but I find it hard to part with things I love even if I don’t wear them often. Is there something that has worked for you?

>> No.10177431

I also have that issue. One rule that's helped me is if I buy something new I have to sell something first. It's saved me from a few impulse purchases however the pieces that first jump to mind as a potential sell I usually did end up selling

>> No.10177465

Getting additional expensive hobbies I can obsess over lol. When lolita isn't the priority anymore, it's easier to part with things I have no use for.

>> No.10177477

I looked through WTBs (there are a lot on facebook)

>> No.10177677

which one sold out first? when my site finally loaded everything was gone

>> No.10177681

I was only interested in the jsk, but when I went back after it said the grey was sold out, and both grey and sax were gone. The pink took about another minute or so until it had sold out. I was almost tempted, but I don’t care for pink much so I figured I’d save my money for my next attempt with AP USA, even though their prices are always jacked up.

>> No.10177705

I've been in the fashion about a decade but never accumulated what I think of as a particularly big wardrobe. (20 skirts, 9 JSKs) When I'm looking at what to keep or get rid of there's a few criteria

>Most important - is it flattering on your body (do your legs look stumpy, does it make your arms look flabby, does the waist sit nicely, no boobloaf, etc.)
>Is it practical - Is it a piece that's easy enough to take care of (won't melt in the rain, all of my pieces are things I can just toss in the laundry on the handwash cycle or drop off at a dry cleaners without worry) and is it practical to wear (can move around easily, drive or take a train without worry, don't have to fuss with layers or bows constantly)
>Is it comfortable - no pinching, pulling, scratchy lace, etc.
>Can it be worn in multiple coords

I don't like things wasting space in my wardrobe. That space could be taken by other things I like better and enjoy more often. Do I want to hang on to an OP I only wear twice a year, or do I want to have more space for another top and skirt I'll want to wear every month? Do I want 60 JSKs, or a few more pairs of shoes for greater comfort and variety?

>> No.10177883 [DELETED] 
File: 1.17 MB, 1024x1024, 1558751594074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gulls, my SS emailed me. I was successful the UnBirthday realease!

Pic related

>> No.10177926
File: 654 KB, 1440x1440, Screenshot_20190525-230524_mh1558822046502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Giambattista Valli X H&M: for when your titties need a petti too

>> No.10177969

>reverse image search
>its from pol
Post screenshot from your email confirmation from your SS or you're a liar.

>> No.10178061

NAYRT but that's that girl who liked a guy so much she wanted to kill him and then herself. Given that she's decently cute and fits the yandere trope to a T, weebs are all over it, not just /pol/

>> No.10178075

I heard he didnt die, but based on the picture he has to be dead. She's hot though. I'd let her stab me.

>> No.10178084
File: 125 KB, 552x507, uri_mr1558831043880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10178093

I thought AP Paris closed?

>> No.10178098

Message Harajuku Hearts. They're a shop in SF that just got them in.

>> No.10178124

Nah, that was Btssb Paris

>> No.10178139

im a lesbian

>> No.10178265

Saw lolitas for the first time in the wild today, they looked.....decent I guess. Is it normal to get all dressed up to go hang out in Asian areas? Thought it was weird because theres no kaweewee attractions in the area. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.10178266

gross, it’s a heterosexual

>> No.10178270

Why exactly are you on a lolita board?

>> No.10178280


>> No.10178345

So uh... was the CTP MTO actually ready this weekend?

Haven't heard or seen much about it.

>> No.10178352

Yes you could start to pick up from Saturday

>> No.10178363

Some japanese lolitas got theirs already.

>> No.10178390

My comm mostly meets up at Asian culture festivals and cheap sushi places, yeah. If my city had a Japantown I’m sure all our meetups would center there.

>> No.10178416


>> No.10178439

>>Most important - is it flattering on your body (do your legs look stumpy, does it make your arms look flabby, does the waist sit nicely, no boobloaf, etc.)
People really underestimate the importance of this in lolita. I follow two lolitas with amazing wardobes, but I sometimes wish they posted floordinates more, instead of worn photos. Even though they're both good looking imo.

>> No.10178457

Thank you.

Lolita Desu is driving me crazy. They are probably going to wait till next week to even pick up the dress. I heard there was something like a 2 week limit.

>> No.10178460

one is obviously josine but who is the other one

>> No.10178465

My absolute heart, that's so damn cute.

>> No.10178469

Have they even answered you anon? I have not heard from them since they closed, I am kinda worried honestly.

>> No.10178470

Your yellow fever is showing

>> No.10178490

They replied to my Facebook message about a week after I initially sent it. So they are checking it pretty infrequently... All they said was they would be calling AP this weekend to find out if dresses were ready. That was maybe Wednesday. I haven't heard anything since.

Have you tried contacting them?

I'm not sure if I should be more forceful and send a new message this week stating that others have recieved their dresses and I would like an estimated date that mine would be shipped.

>> No.10178494

Like a week later

>> No.10178497

nayrt, but even I found it cute.
It's not about being Asian, it's about caring enough to translate an answer to a foreign customer and being sorry for the possibility of sounding rude.

I'd love it if other stores had this same care, answering me on my own language if I didn't know theirs and being this polite.

>> No.10178510

nayrt but if they had my money and hadn’t answered me about my dress I would start kicking up a fuss

>> No.10178533
File: 178 KB, 345x437, 191607-m-01-dl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have had this issue of buying clothes that are too large for me lately. I have a few items that I would wear more often if I didn't have to pin the waist everytime. I'm not sure why I keep overestimating my size.

It hasn't really been an issue until recently when after I reserved a dream item and realized the skirt would just be too large. The brand was very nice about swapping sizes when I emailed, but why do I keep doing this? I measure myself and then I just...ignore it? Assume I need too much wiggle room? Does anyone else have this problem?

>> No.10178536

I have this problem with Innocent World to the point I just decided I can't buy anything else fro them or else it will become baggy dress. But if I were you, anon, I'd just write down your measurements and leave it on a post-it near the computer you use to browse stores (if you do)

>> No.10178541

Your reaction sounds infantilizing desu. Do you normally call it cute when a business does something basic and professional? I don't expect they would answer you in other languages besides English and Japanese, and I can't think of any store that refuses to reply in English.

>> No.10178544

Why do you pin the waist instead of using waist-ties? That sounds like it could rip the fabric.

>> No.10178550

This happens to me with bust size sometimes. I think "oh, I'll just wear a push up bra" but that's not enough...

>> No.10178551

I avoid Innocent World for the same reason. I’ve loved some of their recent releases and I wanted the grown-up Alice OP very badly, but everything has been so baggy. I miss their S size.

>> No.10178555

Nice work to everyone who submitted!

>> No.10178594
File: 2.44 MB, 1920x1080, bV3scVD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's going on with the English version of Carole and Tuesday? Where is it?

>> No.10178608

This. These anons are embarrassing.

>> No.10178617

Your clearly haven't bought from many places abroad, anon.

>> No.10178637

They're hard sewn. What are your fit issues anon? I tried it on and bought it. Maybe I can help?

>> No.10178683

I read somewhere (don't know if it's true or not) that Netflix will get it once the season finishes airing all the episodes over in Japan.

>> No.10178709

Are you talking dubbed? As far as I know they haven't announced anything.
If you're talking about subbed, Netflix got a hold of it so you won't be able to legally watch it until the season's over.

>> No.10178796

I'm not exactly sure what I should do though because I have no leverage in this situation. It's a MTO so it's past the PP claim date. So really it's either I'm quiet and wait, or I make them aware that I know the dresses were ready for pick up and I expect mine.

If they don't send me an update soon, I'm probably going to ask them if they, in fact, did call AP, and when I should expect them to ship my dress.

Ugh. I really hate this.

>> No.10178869

More like the same person who submitted 15 times.

>> No.10179154
File: 109 KB, 1427x1252, Lolita_hmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I explain to other Lolitas that I have a lot of downtime due to chronic pain without being mistaken for an attention hoe that uses excuses to avoid responsibility? I'm at a loss for how to address the issue; there are just long strechs of time where I am not up to doing anything, but then I might be able to attend a string of events in a short window of time. Like, I literally decided to not attend a tea party coming up soon because people have been complaining that I haven't been able to attend other events recently. I've mentioned my issues once or twice but haven't gone into it because I'm afraid of them assuming I'm a lier.

>> No.10179169

Agree. Really obvious it’s the same person

>> No.10179176

Just tell them "personal issues" and if you want PM your comm mod or admin and thell them the real reason. Lolita is just a fashion, you don't need to go to meetups if you don't want to.

>> No.10179434

>people have been complaining that I haven't been able to attend other events recently
But why the fuck do they even care so much?

>> No.10179462

I know this might be hard for you to hear, but some people have friends, anon.

>> No.10179489

I did that originally, not giving specifics, but it's happened often enough that I'm worried people might be assuming I'm just a flake. It's... It's weird, I know.

I think it's enthusiasm, meaning I am really into Lolita but then I disappear for weeks at a time from events / social media and then I pop up again.

That's part of the weirdness though, if everyone in the local lolita circle was a close friend, I would be fine with telling them what's up, but it's the fact that most of them are friendly acquaintances that I don't want to say I have a chronic pain problem, because (in my head) without a complete explanation it might sound a lot like a tumblr snowflake situation... And I desperately want to avoid being associated with that.

>> No.10179503

You don't owe anyone complete and detailed explanation of your medical situation though, especially if they're not your close friends. You can tell them that you have some health related struggles (or however else you'd rather put it) and leave it at that.

>> No.10179552 [DELETED] 
File: 76 KB, 700x1200, d299b70da23eb45db2dd77d60a9dd9bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone know where I can find lace topped knee socks? Bodyline only carries pink/blue/striped versions now and I'm looking for offwhite. I feel like these shouldn't be as hard to find as they are.

>> No.10179557

Ask the stupid questions thread newfag

>> No.10179565

Is it a stupid question? I was looking for white lace topped socks and the only ones I can find new are MmM.

>> No.10179566

got it, thanks.

>> No.10179583

Yes, it is.

>> No.10179595

Looked on Lace Market, found one white off-brand pair. It's something I've wondered about, why are lace-topped socks such a bitch to find?

>> No.10179607

>what is Meta
>what is AP

>> No.10179610

They are not hard to find, some Japanese brands always have them in stock

>> No.10179615

AP has them in stock now, but when I needed them for a coord before a restock they were completely sold out everywhere

>> No.10179617

They aren’t, you just seem to be stupid. BABY has them in stock right now too.

>> No.10179626

They usually have them in-store and if you can't get them from AP, Baby and Maxicimam also have them

>> No.10179640
File: 1.70 MB, 750x1334, A981EC9B-3D0C-41A0-A377-A5CED6E5428A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I came upon this listing this morning, and it was already sold out, but this was the first time I’ve seen this book (if that’s what it is), does anyone know what it is or what it’s about?

>> No.10179642

They're brands. I looked a bit ago and all they had was off-white and black. I haven't been keeping up with new releases, and the white socks seem to go fast.

I wish they didn't have gold on them. I don't want to have to commit to a metal when I put on socks. I know--fussy. But thanks for not being a salt pile!

Okay, but the small lace ones are ugly. The nice ones are sold out.

I'll check Maxi. Thanks anon!

>> No.10179644

Maybe stop being stupid and check more regularly then?

>> No.10179659

That's kind of my point. I can't just buy a pair of white lace topped socks easily, and I should. It's such a basic item, why are they even a little hard to find?

>> No.10179662

I promise you I checked everywhere.

>> No.10179663

It’s a basic, popular item. They are *not* hard to find, they pop up for sale from brands monthly if not more frequently than that, they come up every other day on fril and mercari, you can find them on taobao all the time, bodyline regularly too. You’re just an idiot.

>> No.10179665

Possibly because they're not as popular as they used to be. Some brands do offer them still of course, but printed/patterned socks and tights are more in demand.

>> No.10179678

I completely understand you, I’ve been looking for lace topped socks recently too and was wondering why they’re even hard to find. I consider them such a basic item it surprised me.
I’ve found some MmM and Baby ones but I go through socks too fast to justify $50 (including shipping and taxes) for a single goddamn pair of socks.

>> No.10179681

It's a small (often only like 10 pages long) Artbook. Imai Kira published a few of those.

>> No.10179683

I think you missed the word "easily". Like, not needing a shopping service that buys from fril and mercari.

I'm just going to have to keep in mind my tastes are old fashioned and to plan ahead.

>> No.10179690

>using a SS is hard

Hilarious. But still point out how an item brands carry monthly is “hard” to get?

>> No.10179702

You say monthly yet I waited 3 months for AP to restock whitexpink lace topped socks

>> No.10179707

That’s a specific, uncommon color from a specific brand dumbass. If you want basic colors like white, black, and ivory you can find them incredibly easily from a multitude of brands.

>> No.10179709

That’s really not a long amount of time in lolita to wait for something. If people can wait a year for an AP MTO or years upon years to hunt for specific items three months for some socks is easy.

>> No.10179877

Does anyone know when AP USA is getting the British bear MTO?

>> No.10179880

will they be getting it though? Even in Japan, it's only 3-4 stores that are getting the MTO.

>> No.10179882
File: 108 KB, 600x600, 1552495984713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean I sure hope so

>> No.10179894

Might be best to contact a JP SS to get it.. just in case. Or message APUSA and see if it's in the works?

>> No.10179903

Oh good idea! I'll report back!

>> No.10180424

I’m actually the one who got it! I found some info on it here! It’s really old! https://blessthelittlequeen.tumblr.com/post/178579154346/my-lolita-media-library-kira-imais-rosette

I’m really excited for it to arrive!!

>> No.10181432

Where are the tickets AP Paris?!

>> No.10181461
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Moitié shared a drawing by Mihara Mitsukazu on twitter to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand, as well as a photo that resembles the image. In the tweet they also talk about a planned re-release of the Silent Moon OP. Anyone else excited?

>> No.10181472

Those waist ribbons look cheap. Neo-Moitie pls don't botch this

>> No.10181475

I don't understand why they didn't just scan or take a picture of the 11 illustrations (or the like 3 of them that aren't already plastered all over the internet) instead of writing a blogpost about it.

>> No.10181665

New thread.

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The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER.

I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body!

Thank you!


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The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER.

I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body!

Thank you!!