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Hey /cgl/, I'd really like to go to AX this year since I'm 18 and have money of my own but some of my family think that cons aren't a good influence because they read about them online. In particular:

>Lots of underage sex
>Older predatory males
>Rampant hookup culture
>Underage drinking

How common are these things at cons?

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All unironically correct. Add in the "kink friendly" crowd for good measure too.

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Maybe I'm just not a bitter incel but what's wrong with having more sex and hookup stuff at cons? I mean most of us want the opportunity to meet a cute guy there and maybe have some fun together.

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Goddamn Sak must be extra boring if this kind of stuff is the norm.
All we have is a minute amount of underage drinking/drug use and the occasional furfag in a diaper.

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I don't think it is necessarily a bad thing, but I understand why a parent might be worried.
Assuming an 18 year old is responsible it would be fine, but I did a lot of not parent approved stuff when I was 19 at a con 3 states over.

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Very common

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Did you sleep with any men?

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You have to go looking for that shit to find it.
If you do room parties or raves: yes this is 1000% accurate.
If you just hang around, talking to people, enjoying the con itself, etc., you don't see any of that.

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Honestly if you don't go looking for any of that you will not encounter it. You're an adult at this point and you can make your own choices as to whether you want to get into it. People aren't going to pressure you into it like a dealer trying to hook himself a new junkie. There will be underage drinking at most if you go to a room party, and it's more like they won't ask how old you are.

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No, only women.

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And you roast beef cunts wonder why there's so much sexual assault at cons.

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If you want to seek out debauchery you can find it if you look hard enough.

If you are a girl, make sure you don't go alone.

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OK this is a serious question.

I've been into anime/manga/comics/vidya all my life, but I've never been to a con. I just feel like i might be out of place there thanks to the usual social anxiety.

So my question is this: I'm turning 40 this year, as a guy how can i hook up with one of the con girls without seeming like a "creep" for going after what I find attractive?

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The 2nd anime con I went to had a strip show before midnight. They hired two professional strippers then invited everyone to join for a strip tease contest. The winner got a bag of dildos.

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You literally can’t, the free con pussy game is over once you hit 25.

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>as a guy how can i hook up with one of the con girls without seeming like a "creep"
with lines like that, I wonder how that happens

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-_- oh well, I guess I'll just go to one of the parties/raves and have fun. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a cool chick.

I just wish women didn't age like milk. I still look mostly like I did in high school (a couple of laugh lines, etc) but most women my age.... ugh...not just their looks either, their personalities are fucking awful. Not fun at all. All the women at my work think I'm 'immature' for still being into comics/games/anime etc. And NONE of them are as fun as they used to be in their 20's.

That wasn't a 'line'... I'm just being honest with the /cgl/ crowd and hoping for honesty back. I don't want to show up and be the "wierd old dude that everyone whispers about and laughs at"

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Yeah being an adult sucks who knew
By the time you’re 40 most cosgirls are settled man, and the young ones are cool with an older guy in his 20’s but once you’re in your 30’s and up it’s just weird. Unless you want to be a sugar daddy but there’s not a costhot on the planet worth spending money on.

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Do cosplayers ever have moments of clarity where they realize how slutty their hobby is?

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Honestly they're more tame these days than they ever have been.

That said, you're an adult. If you want these things you can probably find them. If you don't want these things they're easy to avoid.

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Are you financially successful? I assume not.

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I'm 30 and I know this feel. Women my age look like shit and fucking them feels horrible. I want a young gf but unless you're extremely attractive they don't want you. Fuck em.

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What's the age for males that starts getting "iffy" in general? I'm 18 now but I'm starting my 6 year enlistment very soon so realistically I won't be able to start cosplaying until I'm 24.

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No I'm not making 6 figures, i can be in 10 years but that depends on whether or not the state economy collapses i guess :p. Not looking to be a sugar daddy, but I would take a relationship leading to marriage over any kind of sex in a heartbeat (if she were a good woman i mean).

I honestly don't want to 'play the field' but, like I and >>10172248 have stated: Women, as they get older, seem to lose all vitality and turn into vitriolic old hags with the alacrity of a peach in the mid-day sun.

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Look I hate to say it but
The Wall is real for men, too.
You niggers need to settle the fuck down or make mad money by 30. Get your young GF in your twenties. 8 years is about as far as the age allowance stretches for men. Those fun lively women in their 20’s are in a buyer’s market, you need to present prime (you) to nab one.

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It just depends on the type of girls you’re going for. You can be in your early thirties if you’re trying to pick up women that can legally drink, but if you’re going for 18-21 you’ll only have about a year after you get out.

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I figured as much, and I'd have to think it'd be the same for a college environment as well (I'm gonna be using my G.I. Bill for that)

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College is a little different actually. People in college tend to just lump everyone from 20-30 in the same group of you’re taking classes. The average college graduation pace is 6-7 years, so you can reasonably still be in school and in your late 20’s and it’s not considered odd, particularly if you have military service. Just look out for the Tricareotops while you’re dating and you’ll be fine.

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You're already coming across as a creeper just from your replies here. May I recommend

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Hooking up at a con is the same as hooking up at any other social venue.

If you don't know how to do that you can't do it at a con.

T. 28 year old virgin

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Cons have been like this for a minimum of 10+ years. There's a lot of fucking weird people around. If you can't figure out that it's a bad idea to accept the greasy man's offer for a free photoshoot or follow anyone you just met back to their hotel room or accept drinks from people at a rave, don't go to cons.

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seconded this notion

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Lolita fashion is a sexual fetish, fuck off.

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Pretty much this. If you aren't plum fucking stupid you'll be fine. It's fine that you aren't comfortable with anything you mentioned, so just go to the con during the day, go to your panels and cos events and then go chill in your hotel room or whatever. Like everyone else has said, all that shit has to be actively sought out.

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I'm 2248 and I'm assuredly not baiting. I hate that I'm stuck with women my own age. They look like shit.

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This. You have the typical incel mentality, you want to go to a con primarily to hookup, plus you are convinced that women who passed their 20s are "vitriolic old hags" because they don't want to deal with your shit or are already engaged.

Unless you're a horny teenager, it's not normal to want to go to a con with hooking up as your only focus. It can happen, sure, but it has to be something that comes naturally. Like, you speak to a girl, you talk about things you both like, you exchange contacts, talk some more, and maybe you can end up having a relationship. You know, the normal process that happens in any other social situation. But you would already be aware of that if you weren't a creepy incel.

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As a disclaimer I'd only been to one con so I'm really out of the loop on how a lot of these horror stories go down, chime in you know better. I feel like if you had to actively seek the aforementioned stuff out, wouldn't people generally be hush hush about the shit they're doing in their rooms? How would you even know it's occurring unless you otherwise had some sort of contact through social media or whatnot? Isn't that generally what causes a lot of these horror stories to occur (outside of the main con area) where for example, people share rooms with complete strangers and it turns out to be a gigantic mistake??

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Even if it has to be sought out why does it exist in the first place? This is why cosplay has a reputation as something implicitly sexual and slutty these days. Tell someone you cosplayed ten years ago and they thought you were weird but that was it. Tell them you cosplay now and they'll think you're some sort of porn slut or prostitute or whore who sleeps around.

Why have so many other women got to be such massive whores and ruin it for the rest of us? Use some other fucking hobby to resolve your daddy issues.

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>>Lots of underage sex
>>Older predatory males
>>Rampant hookup culture
>>Underage drinking
>How common are these things at cons?
So you're an AX con promoter?
Yea, Juden kids love cons. Every single con I've ever seen was a bunch of jewish hookers and geeks.

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lol people have been doing drugs and having costumed sex since the notion existed, idk what to tell you.
Honestly I don't associate cosplay with sex / sexual deviancy. To me it's a time consuming art craft, to show your love of the character or your skills with creating. I don't even cosplay anything seriously, but I admire all the work other cosplayers do.

I don't care who women are having sex with, if they're not having sex with me, I think your issues with girls in cosplay are your own, dude.

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it's like a rave. party atmosphere. independence (mom and dad not on your ass) for a few daysn which the younger ones rarely have, everyone cutting loose and having fun and doing shit they normally don't. at big cons you'll probably never see people again which also emboldens people.

girls have learned that they can cam and get beta orbiters paying their bills. most don't but the ones without shame don't give a shit and they'll take those easy dollars.

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You're inherently a creep with an incel mindset, because you're actively seeking out younger girls in hopes they'll be socially inexperienced / stupid enough to have sex with you easily because women who are older can see past your bullshit and call you out on it.
I've been with plenty of "older women" who are vibrant and full of life and passion about their hobbies, but also can recognize shit tier dudes.

>> No.10172381

To be fair older women are shit tier if you want kids through no fault of their own.
But in full support of your statement, if you don’t have kids by 30 you’re a faggot for crying where have all tbe good wives gone when you’re 40.

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Wtf? Amazing Comic-Con? Last year, right?

I was the dude in the police uniform who "crashed" it and began to strip lol. That was a lot of fun.

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That 40 year old virgin doesn’t sound like he wants to have kids, he wants to manipulate an inexperienced young woman. Women his age can smell his bullshit from a mile away which upsets the little incel so he is going to try (and ultimately fail) to hook up with some 20 year old.

>> No.10172413

Yeah the female reproductive system is harder to fertilize in the late 40s, but I can't blame it bro, shit is hard on them, I get pissed when my cosplay molds fuck up, never mind creating another human being.
However what this asshole wants has nothing to do with creating a family/ being a dad. He wants a girl who hasn't had enough life experience so she'll take his bullshit at face value and give him sex and let him vampire suck the life and energy out of her, because he's a stunted, socially retarded faggot. Like when a prey animal picks off the youngest in a herd cause it's easy.

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I always hook up with random girls at most cons I go to. It's not too hard just talk. Also helps that I'm pretty good looking. It's fun, try it sometime.

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you guys have no idea.

I know you might not like this because either A: you've got the F-virus, or B: you're actually one of the older and less attractive ( in every way) girls and are mad that I am not interested in you.

I haven't ever been to a con because that many people in a closed space is a bit daunting for me. I've always been introverted. But I've always loved anime, comics, manga, vidya, cosplay, etc. I am planning on going to one of the bigger cons coming up later this year, and it will be my first. I will be cosplaying ( something appropriate for my age, height, and figure ) and I was just curious as to what my chances were with the ladies. No I'm not looking for 'just sex' or to somehow go all supervillain and manipulate someone into anything. But If I were to come in here and say:
"Hi there, How many of you con going girls go to cons looking for relationship/husband material among older guys?!"
I would have gotten less reasonable answers and more trolly ones (like your own).
I'm just someone who spent a lot of time seeking different things in his life that didn't work out, and I figure I'll give a relationship one last try. (wherever it comes from)

If you don't like that answer then DWI.

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>women my age look like shit
At 30? Are you nuts? Most people can’t even tell when a woman is 30, every single one of my 30-35 year old female friends gets asked “how old are you? 22? What college are you going to?” Every single one of them, and I have a pretty large friend circle. I guarantee you that if you look at a woman and think “she’s 30” she’s actually 40 or something.

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please identify this mystical magical land you live in so i can visit sometime.

The milk ages quick around here.

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> 40 year old incel
> has to go con trolling for girls
> girls my age don't know how to treat me just because I'm an autistic fuck

yeah buddy, you're the prize here

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>mad that I am not interested in you
I am most certainly not interested in a fat, balding 40 year old virgin. Good luck with trying to bait some poor teen into sleeping with you though. Might I suggest buying a sex doll? It’s better than subjecting a female to that poor excuse you call a penis.

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I was the person you were replying to. I didn't sleep with anyone I met through cons till I was in my mid-20's and we are currently together.

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I found you a girl

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THIS. Especially the asian and black girls I've been with. I actually was nervous to go out with this one girl to a bar, because to take a look at her, I really thought she was way younger than she was saying she was. She got carded left and right that night.

>> No.10172457

I'm in my 20s, and honestly I wouldn't mind talking to older guys / big guys, etc but your personality is god awful and that would send me running for the hills way before your age would

>> No.10172458

>thinking ANY attractive girl in her 20s would ever get with you and be a laughingstock among her peers when she could get with a hot guy her age who isn’t an autistic fat fuck

>> No.10172466

Bruh, you're just sinking deeper in the hole you put yourself in just thinking about this constantly.
Like an Anon mentioned before: If you can't get a chick outside a con, you're not going to get one at a con.
It is what it is. The problem is you.

>> No.10172470

never said i couldn't get a girl otherwise, i just tend to look for one where my interests meet theirs.

>> No.10172475

the irony of you calling women your own age "vitriolic old hags" is hilarious, particularly after you've revealed yourself to be a vitriolic socially anxious incel

>> No.10172477

But that's what's really funny about it, is he doesn't even realize that and literally thinks he's Not Like Other Guys

>> No.10172507

I highly doubt a 39 year looks like he did in high school, and I'll even give you the benefit of the doubt with no hair loss or weight gain.

>> No.10172520

just be yourself

>> No.10172522

In the same way taking a piss and losing a limb is. Commit toaster bath.

>> No.10172525

RHSes are made for fucking.

>> No.10172530

Post pics of self, lets see how much better you look for your age.

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Give me your email and I shall.

>> No.10172560

It's blatantly sexual. I've seen hundreds of ddlg tumblrs from Lolis and girls on /soc/ posting their tits

>> No.10172566

I mean, it all depends on how bad you wanna make it.
I've seen a lot of drinking, but all with people of-age. I see some raunchy elements, especially at 18+ events like Nerdlesque, but I've never hooked up with or fucked someone at a con, nor have any of my roomies or friends ever have. Hell, I was rooming with a couple and I didn't even see them do anything other than hold hands, cuddle, and give cheek kisses.
If you keep good company and don't act like a degenerate slut, you won't see that shit.

>> No.10172570

Then maybe you should've gotten married sooner, you fucking loser.

>> No.10172572

You're such scum. Instead of actually bring nice and caring to someone as we know most women are deep down you insult them and mock them. There's nothing feminine about you. You just love casual sex.

>> No.10172573

bro if you're daunted by there being a lot of people around you're going to have zero chances of talking your way into anyone's pants, 20 years old or not.

>> No.10172574

I'm a 24-year-old virgin who can't even use tampons or get full pelvic exams at the ob/gyn but sure, I love casual sex.
You're the one mocking all women your age, hypocrite. Maybe more women would be interested in you if you didn't deem them all old hags. Stick with your age group and be less of a dickwad.

>> No.10172575

I assume you open about their cosplay and let it lead to general causal conversation. Where do you approach them? Idle areas like lobbies?

>> No.10172578

>most women
>nice and caring
Penis or vagina, everybody’s got an asshole in common.
Did you know that if you only count late term abortions and only count ones that are NOT medically necessary, women abort almost as many viable late term infants as there are murders in the US per year? Niggers gender indeed. If you counted abortion as murder, it would literally be meme stats like “despite being 15% of the population, women are responsible for 96.5% of murders” the numbers are so vastly different.

That was a very shitpost way of putting it but the beautiful home matron that’s got 12 good kids of egg cells and the patience of a saint isn’t some secret unlockable trait lurking in every woman that becomes hard locked when they turn 25. Women are just as average and flawed as men are. You’ve got this weird virgin whore complex dude

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Nothing. The younger the girl you can fuck the better. Its the only reason I go to these stupid things.

>> No.10172585

same but for guys

>> No.10172588

Lmao bullshit

>> No.10172592

It’s called reality. Every woman you think is 30 is actually 40. You just don’t actually talk to real people.

>> No.10172593

Younger guys are fine with older women for hookups typically.
But stay legal. I’ve heard (anecdotal) evidence of furry con goers having group sex with a 13 year old and it got covered up because muh community and only really surfaced when the kid was nearly 30 and his online persona very clearly demonstrates he thinks nobody likes sex at first and you just get them acclimated.

>> No.10172594

Nah I’ve met some women that age rough. In a group everyone is polite but some women age terribly, don’t fall for her meme that none do. However, being in shape will skew your appearance towards the 20’s for years.

>> No.10172595

What is reality is that every guy knows but they'll fuck a hole in the ground.

You're not fooling anyone, you old cow.

>> No.10172596

Yes anon some humans - not just women - age terribly, or are just ugly to start with. Clap clap clap you stated a really obvious thing, good for you.

>> No.10172598 [DELETED] 

Like 99% of 14 year old girls are smoking hot and something to marry.

Only like a fraction of women 30+ are even desirable for anything but a cheap fuck.

>> No.10172599

The people guessing the ages of my friends are not just guys, incel. You don’t interact with humans in real life or have a varied social circle, you’re not fooling anyone but yourself.

>> No.10172612

Nah, young guys are just as stupid as young girls, and sometimes hornier. Like another anon said, they're embolden because they're never likely to see you again, they want to experience something new, etc.

bold of you to assume I'm a woman

>> No.10172617

Incel mommy-fetishist

>> No.10172619

>14 year old girl
>incel finds her prime marriage material

But yeah, it's the women over 25 that are the problem

>> No.10172621

i mean if your mom has a dick sure

>> No.10172622

I don't agree that 14 year olds are the hottest but 15 year old girls are beautiful and they've proven that that's the prime breeding when their eggs are most healthy.

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>This entire thread

>> No.10172631

>Date @ 14
>Marry @ 15
>B R E E D @ 16 (if legal in your state)
This is my plan. Why would I spend the first decade of my adult life working hard and studying to then take care of some woman whose biggest accomplishment was a threesome in a foreign country and working a dead-end job to keep a lease?

A younger girl is superior in every single way.

>> No.10172632

This. DO tell them this, OP. Whether you then do look for them or not is your matter.

>> No.10172633

R.Kelly is that you??

>> No.10172637

It can't be R Kelly because R Kelly can't read and wouldn't be able to post on 4chan

>> No.10172639

That's true anon.

>> No.10172641

OP if you're still on this hijacked thread let it serve as a warning of the type of people going to cons

>> No.10172655

You sound like a girl I know from the Baltimore area. Your situation seems very sad.

>> No.10172657

They always been like this. You were naive and never notice.

>> No.10172658

So you're a whore without a fucking functional vagina?

You're worth less than a fleshlight. Do you understand that?

>> No.10172684


>> No.10172700

Ive explained it before to people that if you dont look for trouble, you wont find any. But, if you want to find something, it's not hard to find.

>> No.10172706

its degenerate

>> No.10172712

>Even if it has to be sought out why does it exist in the first place? This is why cosplay has a reputation as something implicitly sexual and slutty these days.
That's not because it's cosplay, but because you have a lot of people together. Whenever you have a big gathering, people are going to want to party. Normie music festivals and the like are a mess, too.

OP could point this out to their parents (unless it'll make their parents not let them go anywhere at all lol).

And while cosplay can have a bad rap, it does depend on who you ask. Your greasy coworker might think it's all sexy because of Kotaku articles he reads, but your neighbourhood soccer mom might actually remember how her kids wants to dress up for free comic book day and all the fun activities, or all the volunteering cosplayers do for sicks kids, Ronald Mcdonald House, etc. It's not all bad. I would say all the sexy cosplay and Jessica Nigris of the world had a much bigger hand in giving cosplay a "for sex" rap than cons having a party atmosphere. It sucks to have to defend your hobby from normies (I also wear lolita so I get this two-fold) but I honestly love it too much to care.

>> No.10172741

And you’re not desirable at all, for anything.

>> No.10172742

I'd still have sex with you

>> No.10172775

>Lots of underage sex
Yup, horny kids everywhere.
>Older predatory males
Yup, I met some dude at a bar while I was drunk, said he was in his mid 30s and we hung out for a bit afterwards. He was stopping every vaguely attractive female cosplayer we passed for a photo, ended up ditching him later.
>Rampant hookup culture
Probably, although I got con plague at ACEN and wasn't really looking for anything.
Fucking duh, there are raves at like all these things.
>Underage drinking
Again duh, cons are basically giant parties.

>> No.10172784
File: 801 KB, 320x134, god dammit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm actually pretty decent looking but I get super bad social anxiety. At these cons I have to drown it out with alcohol in order to function. So the problem is I can only actually approach any of these girls if I'm hammered, but by that point I'm barely intelligible.

Feels kinda bad too, I was chatting with some girl cosplaying a gem from Land of the Lustrous, pretty cute and entertaining to talk too. But my drunk ass forgot to get her number and I wandered off and lost her by accident.

>> No.10172801

I'm starting to see that the problem with the cosplay scene isn't really one particular e-thot like Nigri, or even all of them together, including Belle Delphine.

There's just something about cosplay that attracts sexually deviant, highly promiscuous, unstable, cluster-b women in general. Sad to say it so bluntly, but you femanons reading this ITT know damn well it's true.

>> No.10172807

This is a majority female board, gtfo if you don’t like being surrounded by women who have sex.

>> No.10172808

Gonna be real with you dude. My time in the bondage community goes back way further than my time doing cosplay. Historically who do you think had an interest in dressing up and doing weird shit first? They're kind of inseparable to be honest, it appeals to similar mindsets.

>> No.10172810

Unironically what's your body count and do you not have any regrets?

>> No.10172811

Also I'm not a femanon.

>> No.10172813

15-17 the variance of two depends on your definition of sex. If you're speaking about cons specifically though, zero. I don't gel with hookup culture.

>Do you not have any regrets
Of course I have regrets, everyone has someone they fucked as an ego boost and regretted as it was over. I used to be a total fatass and even now in shape me still has serious self esteem issues.

>> No.10172830

15 people in 5 years of sexual activity, including bfs, and only 2 could really be called one night stands — I don’t think any average person would consider me promiscuous, but it might be a high count by nerd standards. I don’t go to cons so don’t do con hookups, but idg why anyone would look down on the practice, especially if it benefits them.

>> No.10172831

> I don’t think any average person would consider me promiscuous

I would.

>but it might be a high count by nerd standards

I'd argue the opposite, you're pretty low by nerd standards. Most cosplayers are pushing in excess of 20 partners.

Fucking hell I've had 13 sexual partners in 10 entire years of being sexually active. Why have you got to make me feel inadequate?

>> No.10172833

As for regrets, if anything I regret staying in monogamous relationships for as long as I did, because I felt happier being single and dating/having sex on my own terms. The latter gave me more space to work on my self, my career and hobbies instead of someone else’s. But I don’t regret spending time with any individual dudes, they’re all pretty nice.

>> No.10172837
File: 13 KB, 300x168, ravecon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, this thread is amazing.

For a bunch of girls who supposedly are 'sex positive' I've seen a LOT of gatekeeping and shaming towards the older guys. And considering that they're being pretty polite and sincere, while getting some pretty bitchy responses, it seems to me like someone is trying to scare them away. Maybe to protect their territory (?)

I've been to a few cons and parties, and I think the older guys are cute. Especially if they actually put in some effort and cosplay! They're more chill about stuff and more fun to talk to. There's always a few creepers around, but that goes for every age.

My advice to you guys: Go to the con to have fun, Go to the parties/raves to pick up, and if you do pick up during the con just have fun with it and you'll be fine. Oh and for the ones trying to shame everyone away

Fuck off and die please :D

>> No.10172842

I don't see how anything those guys said at any point could be considered polite or sincere. Also, pushing ''sex positivity'' and your whole post in general is just another way of saying women should always make themselves available to men.

>> No.10172846


>Wanting everyone to have fun and do what the fuck they want with their bodies immediately triggers the feminist.

I'm sorry inshallah, I'll put on my burkah and shun all male contact immediately (other than your lesbo sex coven of course! Kill all men etc )

>> No.10172847

Feel when no slutty cosplayer gf who loves swallowing cum

>> No.10172850

>>Lots of underage sex
>Older predatory males
>Rampant hookup culture
>Underage drinking

sounds like typical music festivals like Caochella and Bonaroo

>> No.10172852


Not a slut I just like what I like. I've only been with 2 guys in the 4 years I've been sexually active. I just think that these judgy people need to chill the fuck out and let people have fun. If you want to be judgemental then just stay home, no one likes you and you ruin everyones good time.

>> No.10172853

>no one likes you and you ruin everyones good time.

Feel when rejected AGAIN.

>> No.10172855

what cons have people have Sex, do Crack and Drink vodka on the exhibit floor/panel rooms

>> No.10172862


>> No.10172893

Probably Dragon Con if even half of what I've heard is true.

>> No.10172903


lmao who is the virgin here? Or are you lying for some stupid reason? Honey, no strings hookups happen all the time at cons. It's not just "normal conversation, contacts, relationship," people are fucking and sucking at cons all the time and they're not just teens

You have to be incredibly naive to take a moral highground stance here and make this point, which is false

>> No.10172917
File: 3.41 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_2095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I drink in all rooms of all cons.. Never really had an issue.. But Dragoncon has the most open drinking.

As far as sex/crack I wouldn't know anything about that. That happens in rooms i'm sure, but I've never been a part of it.

>> No.10172920

I know a buddy of mine who got a random hookup at a con pregnant and he did a runner and ghosted her. Kinda hot, in a perverted sort of way. Guess it's not all bad since she apparently kept it, and women like being pregnant from what I've read.

>> No.10172924

It's normie shit.

>> No.10172926

All I know is I went to a con 2 years ago and hooked up with a Posion Ivy cosplayer, literally gorgeous and a very slutty cosplay.

Weirdly enough, even though we exchanged like 5 texts of "You hot" "No u", she asked me to take her to work in the morning as a first date. I did this like fucking 5 times, because she was young and I felt bad that she lived in a shitty neighborhood.

In hindsight, I could have been murdered in that neighborhood,

After a while I said fuck it and took her back to my place after watching Pirates of the Caribbean. It was very uncomfortable sex. Everything I did hurt her.

Even after that, she would never want to hang out and chill, she'd just call me to pick her up at places/work or take her to work. I'd tell her no (because despite knowing her for like 3 minutes, I did that shit 5 times) and she'd keep trying time and time again even when I was on dates with other women.

NEVER fall for this shit, anons.

Women always use you for something. Give and inch, they steal a mile.

>Despite that, literaly autists go to Cons with their sketch books and if you talk to them, they show you their half demon/half angel oc.
>Yes. People still make those, apparently.

>> No.10172947

I don't think anyone's seriously trying to say it never happens at all, but context matters here. We're talking about a 40 year old man asking how to hook up with (way) younger women in a thread made by an 18 year old. The point is that it's total creep behavior to go to a con with that as your primary motivation especially in his situation.

>> No.10172950 [DELETED] 
File: 11 KB, 180x240, pornpussy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10172990

Reasonable. But then stop wearing those skimpy cosplays.

>> No.10173005
File: 94 KB, 700x520, 1541030676263.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JFC this thread. stop replying to pedo poster, I'm surprised some of you don't recognize his style of posting. His ban must have expired.

>> No.10173007

I'm precisely one of the posts you linked. The other three aren't me.

>> No.10173050

There are some psychological changes that occur from hormones but women don't typically just get stoked over being knocked up either. Good on her for keeping it though. Ghosting is the only way a man can protect himself in today's government.

>> No.10173055

Fine. Be you and marry the cuck who is attracted to that.

But just don't get upset and try to shame guys who date younger, unused girls.

>> No.10173068
File: 33 KB, 625x626, TvrAuVh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10173078

Are you actually saying no strings attached sex does not happen at cons?

>>10172947 had a reasonable response in the context of the thread but you come off as a retard. All to look good I guess? You simply look stupid though

>> No.10173099

You're folks are wrong wrong so wrong. Yes all of that is there in abundance even but none of those are bad things. Don't listen to how wrong they are.

>> No.10173254

>For a bunch of girls who supposedly are 'sex positive
Let's be honest, /cgl/ hates talking about fucking with a straight face. Everybody pisses. Everybody poops. Everybody fucks. So what, big deal.

>> No.10173284

>Everybody fucks
That is demonstrably false but you're right that it's no big deal.

>> No.10173328

Can't imagine I used to feel bad when reading about women getting raped or beaten.

Thank gosh I grew up.

>> No.10173331

you need to be at least 18 to use this website

>> No.10173343

I have to agree with this post. It is the most logical position to hold.

>> No.10173371 [DELETED] 

Then go to some nightclub and stop invading our cons. Con is about people coming together to celebrate a hobby, not to hammer people in your room and treat it like it's a whorehouse. If you're that sexually starved, which you clearly are, hire a prostitute.

>> No.10173372

You're probably too ugly and smelly to even go to a con. Did you know they ban you for that now? You're not gonna pass, chief.

>> No.10173376

Who hurt you?

>> No.10173380

If you like widows peak/balding, beer bellies, scraggly neckbeards with food in them. Men don't age very well over 25.

>> No.10173393

I'm not balding or fat but reading this hurt my self esteem. Fuck you. Not the person you're replying to either.

>> No.10173395

You should as that question to the rape apologist anon was replying to. That dude sounds like he needs to be locked away.

>> No.10173396

Boo hoo, women hear worse every day.

>> No.10173398

I don't say that kind of thing to women. You shouldn't be so cruel. Women are meant to be more compassionate and understanding.

>> No.10173400

Never implied you did. You really need to grow a thicker skin if you self esteem can be battered by one small comment like that.

>> No.10173405

You said men over 25 are ugly.

>> No.10173408

They are. And?

>> No.10173413

>wahh I got free sex wahh I'm a victim

>> No.10173419

I was not that anon. If that's what anon thinks, then they are allowed to think that.

>> No.10173421

Why do men get upset about misandry?

>> No.10173422 [DELETED] 

Men over 25 are worthless.

>> No.10173429 [DELETED] 

We don't LMAO.

Why are women so intellectually inferior?

>> No.10173432

You're the widows peak.

>> No.10173434

Want me to post my luscious full head of hair, roastie?

Don't get your disgusting uneven labia in a knot.

>> No.10173440 [DELETED] 

You're past your prime. You're over 25.

>> No.10173441

Do it, pussy.

>> No.10173443 [DELETED] 
File: 2.52 MB, 1323x1871, 8yoprfllcko21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw young
>tfw fit
>tfw healthy
>tfw rich
>tfw muscular
>tfw fashion on point
>tfw not a sperglord
>tfw can cosplay many MC's because 5'5
Feels good, man.

>> No.10173471

>*dabs on rape victims*

>> No.10173506
File: 93 KB, 796x413, 1550848241269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the worst experience you've had with these kind of topics? I want to know how bad things can get.

>> No.10173546

>Men don't age very well over 25

Men age exponentially better than women.
I can chalk this up as fact on the account that if they go over the age of 30 without a child, they start buying strollers for their fucking dogs.

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