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I miss that trend, and the casual, comfy yet intricate feel it had.

Let's have a thread to share lolita coords with a creepy cute look. Bubble goth outfits are also welcome, especially if they're on the frilly side.

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Coords can be polished or not, it doesn't matter, experimentation is welcomed, even if it's not perfect

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Coords do not have to be in the blackxpastel combo, bright colors are also appreciated, especially since it's a bit less overseen

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I simply enjoy how "fun" this clothing style feel

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where's this skirt from/name? cuuuuuute

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Iirc it's old AatP.

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Does this count?

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Jesus, now I feel old for knowing this. It's the GLB X AP special set (cover is GLB 27)

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Nayrt but I know of this collab with higher quality materials and crowns instead of skull/crossbones (kidsyoyo did a replica), but I don’t know the details of this version with the skulls on the skirt and I’ve never seen it for sale anywhere

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I just found another picture on my pc

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"bittersweet" coords are fine too, but i didnt use the term in the OP, since gulls seem to screech everytime they see it

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Now that you point that out I've realised they only show stock photos with the crown version - so maybe the skull and crossbones was done as a direct replica of that cover art and is actually a commission/screen printed?

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You can see the skulls on the little anime girl, I think there's just another version.

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