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post coords that make your heart swell

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I just wish the hair and makeup was different, otherwise this is perfect

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Why? It looks great.

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this is so magical, like a dark fairytale movie protagonist

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I don't like the wig and the leg shoop drives me nuts, but that op is so beautiful

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what leg shoop?

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I love this for a guro-ish coord but the elf ears ruin it

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These threads would be more fun if the posters would say what they like about the coord.

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Omg I saw this girl on the NYC holiday train! I wanted to compliment her, but wasn't in lolita at the time and felt awkward about it. She must be from the secret Chinese comm.

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Okay, I'll retroactively add some commentary to my posts

I almost didn't post this cos it's mostly a full set but the vintage styling and setting looks so cool, it's a masterful mix of cultures and I love the colours of the composition

such perfect country, which I feel doesn't get as much love as it deserves

This was one of the first lolita coords I ever saw, a long time ago, and I immediately fell in love. Pink x Red is still one of my fave colourways and it somehow has a guro feel to it. Possibly due to association from this image's influence, but maybe it's due to the contrast of feminine pink and bold red, blood.

This coord is like an amalgamation of my favourite jfashion archetypes; ero lolita, cult party kei, guro.. the textures and the pop of red are perfection. This is everything I aspire to be. >>10169559 is in a similar vein, OTT and costumey however

clowns are awesome and i love red and gold. shoes are fine but could have been switched out to a gold flat or a jester-like boot to make this truly flawless

yah idk. it's pretty clear I love ero and clown motifs/styling and am an edgy bitch

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As cool as this looks, I'm kinda annoyed by people wearing stuff like this outside photoshoots. It looks like a tea party, I can't imagine what made her think it's ok to show up looking like that.

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i think she wore this to OTTea party? so not like just a regular meet, at least. can't imagine how cumbersome all the extra bits must be though

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And here I was hoping to never see it again. This could almost be the new creepypasta after lor‘s pic.

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what about lor?

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Why is it not ok? Because it might scare someone?

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i didn't say anything about the quality or spookiness of the coord. if anyone's scared of it that's their problem. i think it looks awesome, personally. other anon asked if she went to a tea party in such an OTT costumey coord, i replied that i was pretty sure that she went to OTTea party wearing it.

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Lor went viral as a creepypasta once.

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The same reason why you wouldn't wear a cosplay when you're having lunch with your friends at a restaurant. Not saying she is wearing a costume, but it would be inappropriate (unless that is the specific theme as requested by the host)

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Too bad you can't see the whole thing but i just love pink and mint so much, it might be pretty meh to you but it has a special place in my heart

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This was for OTTea in SF, a tea party where everyone was encouraged to go this level. This one was particularly well done.

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No it looks like a cosplay.

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it's not well done at all. nothing looks especially bad if you focus on it, but the coord as a whole has no focus. She fell into typical trap of adding more things to make it OTT when it doesn't even make sense with the rest of the coord.

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I mean, I wouldn't want to sit next to someone wearing something like that while I'm eating because it's kind of body-horror, and I'm quite squeamish. But that's just me.

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I regret not buying this JSK, it's so cute!

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Body horror makeup is something that's becoming more popular in alt fashion so people going out to eat with their friends with fake gore is already a thing, and being in a fashion that's already considered a costume by most people, i don't understand how that style of makeup is "not okay" to go out in

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If you don't understand, you're a lost cause and probably not my friend so I don't care what you do

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You're clearly blind

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Wow I love none of these

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one of my faves too

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This is one of those pics that got me hooked on the fashion! I love how you can see the quality of her blouse and her hair is goals.

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well that's just like, your opinion.

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I've always wondered about those strings or ribbons or whatever round her legs. Are they attached to her socks or something or did she just... tie them there?

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Sauce on tights?

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I wish we still did hair and makeup like this

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>those socks and shoes

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Why don't you?

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You know that you can if you want, right?

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This is the first time I've ever seen RHS and thought I wanted to own them.

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I still do! You can too!

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bitch I dont wanna have to look at that shit while I'm trying to choke down a scone

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as if anyone goes to these things because of the food. the fashion takes precedence IMO. plus who cares, you can always look away. no one's gonna force you to look at her coord while you eat

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I'm sorry no one likes your disgusting edgelord makeup

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.....i'm a sweetfag and wouldn't do guro makeup because it's just not my style but sure anon. let's pretend it's just me in that pic instead of actually responding to the content of my post

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Okay, let me rephrase that then
I'm sorry that you have shit taste

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it's not my taste, i literally just explained that. i'm just not gonna stare at it while i eat and freak out over it being at an OTT event. it's an event for fashion, so if someone's going to be experimental then sure whatever.

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god she's always so flawless

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That hair! Those bloomers! I love

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Source on this blouse?? I love the bell sleeve

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i love this "willy wonka's adopted space alien daughter" aesthetic

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What print is this?

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assuming you're referring to OP picture, it's musee du chocolat. if it isn't, well, learn to reply

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nayrt, but what's the creepypasta called?

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whoops, I dropped reply. I meant this one. Sorry

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bitch who actually gives a fuck don't sit next to someone with that makeup problem solved. sorry the world revolves around you and your comfort levels princess

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thank you so much!

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why do i like this? i'm so confused. my guess is 2009 scene kid nostalgia, that shade of pink with black was very common in that era (along with those. damn. socks). i hated this at first glance, but the more i look at it, the more i really like it.

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Ewwww. Not so much. If the black were like a deep yellow it would look much much better.

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She's so beautiful but she reminds me of Max Malanaphy somehow

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