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My college's prom is next week.Should I come there wearing my Grell cosplay?

>> No.10169343

No, that's embarrassing

>> No.10169348

What the fuck OP

>> No.10169349

Only if you post pics

>> No.10169350

Ummm,isn't this the /cgl/ board?

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>> No.10169352

Do it and post pics XD #fuckthehaters

>> No.10169359

this is bad bait and you all are idiots

>> No.10169565


Post pics anon

>> No.10169576

god yes. take pictures and post here.

>> No.10169596

Only if your boyfriend goes as Ciel.

>> No.10169628

Yeah dude, why the fuck not? You'll look back on it with INTENSE embarrassment but that probably goes for your entire high school experience desu. Do it, post pics, be a living meme.

>> No.10169658

Wait! Don't you cosplay as well?

>> No.10175518

not everyone has a boyfriend.

>> No.10175850

Since when do colleges have prom?

>> No.10175990

Sure, if you want to be known as a giant loser for all time.

>> No.10176008

If this ain't bait, you're gonna hella regret this.

>> No.10176132

I say go for it. It will be memorable decades later and all that nostalgia towards those times.

>> No.10176139

Since when do college's have prom? Also no, what the fuck?

>> No.10176316

Op is in college

>> No.10176329

Bring a daki of your waifu/husbando while you're at it.
Then hope that someone takes a picture of you that makes its way onto cringe facebook pages and subsequently /cgl/, where someone who cosplays said waifu/husbando loves the idea and wants to commission a daki of you to complete the circle of memes and you two get into contact and end up dating and everything's adorable.

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