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I booked an airbnb for my next con and the host just decided to cancel, it took like an hour to figure out how to cancel without losing my service fee =_= at least it's done and I was able to book a different one but it was more expensive so I'm miffed

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Will know in just a week if I can attend ColossalCon

My partner will be on vacation with family and I'll have shit all to do if I can't

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I'm in a really rough spot right now, gulls. I started dealing with some nasty health issues earlier this year, and even though I'm mostly out of the woods now, I am still working to lose the almost 40 pounds I gained as a side effect. I feel like nothing I do will shed it, no matter how much or how little I eat, what I eat, or how much I exercise. It just lingers. I know it's coming off very slowly, but these certainly aren't the results I wanted. And to make it worse, I have to attend a lolita convention at the end of the month. I would almost certainly bail if I wasn't a volunteer out of sheer guilt and shame that I've turned into a fucking ham planet. I don't even want to see myself in my lolita clothes because I just know how horrid I am going to look.

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traced and cut out fabric for a cosplay dress using another dress I had but didn’t account for the stretch in the dress I traced that the fabric doesn’t have and now I gotta go buy more fabric and get the dress done by friday shit fuck goddamnit cocks ass damn

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Fuuuuuck I know how you feel. Going through pretty much the exact same thing. We’ll make it eventually, just gotta forgive ourselves. Stress only makes it harder.

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That sucks, but weight loss isn't linear, keep at it and you'll see results eventually! I believe in you!

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>flying tomorrow for con
>my first con ever, my first cosplay ever
>cosplay of something recent that's currently airing, too, so people might recognize it more
>super excited and ecstatic
>unfortunately dumbass me left the cosplay too much last minute
>rushing to finish it
>after stressed work and loads of cash, there's only a few things left
>even been working out just for this, reaching my goal weight

>put something at a seamstress place 5 days ago, 2 simple pieces of fabric to sew together, they said it'd be ready by today
>go to pick it up
>"sorry no ready"
>"the sew lady no here today" in a "are you retarded?" tone
>demand refund
>heavy-accented worker gives me scowling look, can't tell if in a "are you retarded" way again or if she can't understand what I'm saying
>no refund
>can't you really get it done by today?
>she sighs, rolls her eyes and looks at the fabric anyway
>"what is this anyway?"
>looks me up and down
>"will it even fit you?... are you sure you want to wear this? this is so badly made"
>ok bye see you tomorrow
>come home
>sit down
>try not to cry
>cry a lot

I can't have anything nice in my life.
Everytime I get excited about something, it's always like this. always. and it's all my fucking fault.

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You kinda did it to yourself though by putting it off. Nobody forced you to procrastinate

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I know.

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damn bitch just learn to sew

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>comm member comes back from first trip to japan
>spends a month there
>now officially has "correct" opinions about everything related to japan
>contradicts every opinion I have about the country
>but still constantly asks me what's the best brand of japanese products to buy
>won't stop telling me how cheap everything in tokyo is compared to the us
>politely try to explain most commodities aren't cheaper
>completely ignores my comments and resumes ranting
>her sister starts picking up same habits
>now being told the same nonsense while we're at work together
Am I being a cunt for thinking 1 month hardly tells you anything about a country? I lived in Tokyo for 5 years, have friends and family there, and I don't even feel comfortable speaking as if I'm a "native". I wouldn't even care if they'd just stop telling me about it. Wake me up from this fucking nightmare.

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I hate people who merely get a taste of something and suddenly think they're experts in the subject. And you're right, a month tells you nothing about living in a country. Especially if she was there just for a leisure trip and didn't work or rent an actual flat.

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I bought a dress off of LM that has been stretched by the previous owner. They wrote every other defect down but failed to mention that the fabric has been stretched and looks baggy. It was cheap so I am not super mad about it just disappointed.

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There are several girls in my comm who studied Japanese for a year or two and visited the Tokyo area on holiday once and think all that makes them experts on everything Japanese. I often see them in RC replying to posts with
>well ackchually IN JAPAN...
and they’re even worse in real life. It’s so annoying.

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>tfw no bf to dress up as Soldier 76 and choke me until I finish

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>I hate people who merely get a taste of something and suddenly think they're experts in the subject.
>tfw so afraid of shouting from mt. stupid that you second-guess everything you know

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>tfw event coming up in 3 months
>no 2b to compliment my 9s

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i'm sure there will be plenty of solo 2bs
9s it up and you might find one there

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oof idk if i'll go through with it solo desu, there's a group of us going mostly for the gaming stuff (event's doubling as a lan event) and i'd be the only one actually cosplaying since one of the girls in our group can't make it (she was the only one that cosplayed too)

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>tfw no wife to dress up in a tiger stripe bikini and shock the bejeezus out of me

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>tracking dress order
>Gets to California from japan
>Hits my state's distribution center
>Check the next day
>Package is back in California again

Why do you do this to me USPS

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I often forget how spoiled I am with ems but I'm painfully reminded when it costs 20$ to ship an untracked light package to anywhere in canada that will arrive a week late 99.9% of the time

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>love lolita, love my amazing partner
>Nothing is going wrong at all, life is perfect
>Partner doesn't really like lolita, thinks it's silly but doesn't really mind that I do it
>Suddenly getting feelings for a friend
>Friend loves lolita, thinks it's inspirational and cool
>Friend has feelings for me too
>But also I love my partner

Should I just...die?

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>love my amazing partner
>Suddenly getting feelings for a friend
thank god i'm a khv

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Got into a fight and the other person ripped out a good chunk of my hair. Now I have to find a wig for Paradiso.

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No, you shouldn't just die. Catching feelings is ok, it happens, as long as you don't act on them. Remember that it's also okay for your partner to dislike lolita as long as they respect your love for it and don't actively insult, degrade, or make fun of it or you, and if you're happy with them then it's absolutely not a reason to break up with them, not to mention cheat.

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My mom called me up awhile ago and asked if she could borrow some money for an emergency. I'm in school right now and not working currently, but I had saved up some money from my last job to hold me over for a while comfortably while I finish my last semester. She ended up borrowing a few grand, said she would pay me back but I'm kinda doubting she will (she never really does). I love my mom, and I would honestly kill for her, but I'm just a little disappointed. Was putting a good amount aside for my next cosplay & con, but now I barely have enough to cover my bills for the rest of the year. Not even sure I'll be able to go to the con, let alone buy supplies for my cosplay. Was really excited about making this cosplay, but I might just re-wear one of my old ones and visit the con for a day instead.

Just a bit sad. Cons and cosplaying are the only things I look forward to anymore. But I'm also really worried about my mom constantly needing to borrow money from me. Gonna start applying for jobs now and hopefully I'll be able to find something soon to help my mom out without putting too much of a strain on my bank account now. There will be more cons next year.

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holy shit dude, i'm sorry. could you style your hair to hide it? how big of a chunk is it?
>unrelated but do you happen to have the sauce on that dress

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Is this something that happens a lot? Does she have an illness or something that keeps her from working?

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she ripped out 8 braids from the top. My hair isn't that long or pretty to start with, so now it's double bad and i have no recourse but to find a wig. for reference, each braid is about a square half inch of head space with no hair.
No sauce, but let me know if you find it, cause its cute as heck

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Throughout my undergrad, whenever I received my FAFSA/Scholarship refund, she would ask to borrow it (usually around 1~1.5k/semester). Thankfully I had a work-study job then and could mostly afford to pay my rent with it if I cut some corners.

>Does she have an illness or something that keeps her from working?
That's what confuses me the most- she's working full time. But she says she needs help paying bills. I've talked with my siblings, and apparently she hasn't asked them for any money recently, and they're also not sure why she would need to borrow so much when she also has an income. Ngl my mom acts kinda shady sometimes, and even though we're pretty close as a family, everyone likes to keep their private stuff private, so I never really pushed her for a real answer. I think I'm gonna talk with my siblings and maybe we'll plan to have a sit down with her to talk about it soon. We're just all really baffled.

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>on a fitness journey so I can fit lolita better
>the normie clothes I used to wear feel and look baggy
>my smallest VM dress fits comfortably
>I still weigh 55kg and have since January
>look the same in the mirror as I did at 60kg
BDD is a bitch but my measurements have dropped an inch since I started exercising and eating less carbs. I just wish I could see it. I can't tell if I'm doing well at this.

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I own this dress and it's just as adorable irl! It's from taobao:

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your mum's a drug addict

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what was the fight over tho

>> No.10170200

your mom sounds like an asshole and you sound like a pushover

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I'm very certain it isn't drugs- honestly probably just very poor money management or something like that. Although it would be a bit of a shocker to see a traditional azn mom addicted to hard drugs lmao

She used to be a bit of a tiger mom when we were really young, but she's definitely mellowed out a lot more as we got older. I'm definitely a huge pushover when it comes to my mom, though. I have such a huge guilt complex about being a piece of shit brat growing up and I somehow feel like I still owe her for everything.
I feel guilty so easily over the dumbest shit- ate the last biscuit? oh my god what if my brother wanted it later, he's gonna starve now, what have I done

At this point, I just wanna find a job, move away from my family and hopefully settle down in a nice state with some decent local conventions and just bury myself in cosplay projects for eternity.

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It wasn't even my fight. She was gunning for a relative and i tried to step between them and got creamed for it. Never break up a fight if your hair is down.

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Would be nice if I, a man, could enjoy wearing and talking about lolita without constantly having to worry about getting shunned from lolita groups for no reason other than being male :/

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>Catching feelings is ok
What the hell is wrong with you people

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You can participate in lolita groups as long as you're involved in the fashion yourself. If not lolita, ouji or aristo, then some sort of jfash at the very least. You likely won't be banned solely for being a guy, but you might not be accepted to groups in the first place if there's no clear interest in the subject on your (I'm assuming FB) profile. Lolita comms typically don't accept non-lolitas.

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You can't control your feelings, but you can control your actions, which is what matters, and is the point being made.

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Made a new cosplay friend finally, we will be going together next week to a con together with her boyfriend.

... today while driving though I accidentally said "she" instead of "he" (trans boyfriend) I think they realized and it's eating me alive.

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>You likely won't be banned solely for being a guy
Someone from my friend's com doesn't want me to join simply for that reason and apparently the com leader hasn't decided to let me in or not yet because of it.

>> No.10170257

Do you wear or want to wear jfash? Are you involved in this subculture at all, besides having some sort of interest in it? Being interested in the fashion as an outsider typically doesn't qualify you to join a comm.

>> No.10170259

>Do you wear or want to wear jfash? Are you involved in this subculture at all, besides having some sort of interest in it?
yes, and the com leader is aware.

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I get the whole con crunch thing, but when people make such a big deal about it, it annoys the shit out of me. You’re telling me you knew you would be at this con for months and you somehow managed to procrastinate until the last second and now you’re complaining about running on 2 hours of sleep??

Idk, like I said, I understand that things come up, but for some people there isn’t an excuse. Surely you have ten, twenty minutes in your entire day to work on something. Even if it’s just a little bit, it’s more progress than before.

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Apologize. Come clean and just politely say that you think you may have misgendered them and it was unintentional. Promise to try and pay more attention in the future. There, you fixed it.

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Con in one week and have not started costume. Should I do it?

>> No.10170308

I still feel so embarrassed and dumb

>> No.10170320

Well, consider this situation as if you've dropped your pants. Right now you're embarrassed that your pants are down, but you're not doing anything about it. You're walking along with your pants down, wishing you could ignore it, and praying that they will ignore it. This is why you feel embarrassed and dumb.
You need to accept, literally say "oh shit, I dropped my pants" and make an effort to pull them up. Go apologize. If it's over message you should do it directly to the trans partner. It will be over in a matter of minutes, and they will like you better for it. It shows that you care and are willing to make an effort. Shit happens, but you'd better clean up afterwards.

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you're definitely dumb but not for feeling bad about confusing some freak's God-given sex

>> No.10170326

>getting into physical altercations
are you 13?

>> No.10170332

Dunning-Kreuger at it's best.

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>enter visual kei thread thinking "boy oh boy i love visual kei fashion :) we reliving the greatness of long-gone brands and gothic collabs with bands??"
>it's all discussion about actual music and gossip about musicians
I mean, I can dig it. I'm pleasantly surprised it hasn't been shunted off to /mu/. I just wish the fandom's spirit was alive in J-fashion, too. I feel like the darker, more gritty recent revival of old school Lolita is a collective of people slowly dipping their toes into that and channeling back to it, but I wish it'd happen faster.

>> No.10170344

Have you tried saying you’re a tranny? Lolitas are notorious libfems so they let in every creepy fucker as long as they identify as a ~uwu catgirl~

I wish this was a joke

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Seems she was trying to protect her relative >>10170220, anon. Best not to judge before knowing the full story.

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OMAD is love! OMAD is life! You can do it anon and keep working towards that goal!
I've had a big weight gain due to anxiety medication and have an lolita event in 1 month so I'm working hard and working out what to wear to help flatter my body.

>> No.10170378

I disagree, I think the revival of old school is wholly aesthetic and that most old school bandwagoners, and even most old schoolers don't actually care about the music.

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Anon, I was trying to step in and end a fight before it started and it just didn't end well for me. Funnily enough, this ended my perfect streak of fight prevention by dragging me into it.
The real kicker is once i found out why she was mad at my relative I've since totally joined her side in the argument. I still feel like a fool for fighting with her. If I see her again I'll apologize. No way she's gonna forgive, but to not extend the hand of repentance and understanding is petty and stupid.

Pic related for irony

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I finally have my dream dress! The dress I've wanted since I started wearing Lolita as a little bby ita!!

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Went to get my mail today. I went to a farther collection point because the collection point nearest to me was shut down. I thought it wasn't going to be very big. Lo and behold it was a 60x40x25 box.

I had a choice between taking the bus or walking about 1 km home. I really hate it how people stare when someone is carrying comedically large items but I didn't want to get in the way on the bus. I had just barely missed the bus anyway so I walked. Honestly, I thought a lot more people would be staring but it seems like many thought I was delivering goods to the nearby shops. Because everyone had their own transport, most only got to see me struggling with the box for a few seconds before going on their merry way and they probably assumed I was dropped off nearby or something. As we have increasingly quicker ways to get around, do we also overlook things more? Is there anything I've overlooked while gunning for better grades and a better paying job?

But I digress. I opened the package and there was only a blouse, a coat and an OP inside. The actual items were bound together and had decent amount of room around it in the box. Something like a yolk in a sunny side up. What the fuck FJ, get some smaller boxes, get your shit together.

Post pics!

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>Just stop eating bra! Its healthy!
>Its not anorexia because we call it fasting now tehe.

Fat people, seriously.

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Remember boys and girls, the time you save by rushing and cutting corners can never make up for the time you lose redoing things from scratch. Do it right or do it again! (All my actual progress on this costume down the fucking tubes why oh why couldn't I have been patient the first time)

>> No.10170425

I went from 160lbs to 110lbs that way. I've also had an ED. Fasting and having an eating disorder are not the same.
When you fast, you know when to stop. When you are anorexic or bulimic, you don't, and you mentally punish yourself for not meeting your increasingly high self-demands.
Know the difference.

>> No.10170427

I've learned that recently too. I bought a coat and modified it for a cosplay, but just making one from scratch while challenging to sew is giving me such better results.

>> No.10170430

Fasting or any kind of a timed diet don't work in the long run, anon. You may lose a lot of weight but it's gonna come back. If not immediately, some time later. Changing your eating habits for good and regular excersise is what makes you lose weight for good. Don't lie to yourself.

>> No.10170432

Fasting with specific eating windows/schedules is a sustained lifestyle change, though. When I said "stop", I meant "Let yourself breathe". The fasting easily just becomes part of your life, and you don't get as hungry for full meals after your one meal a day.

>> No.10170438

Said the person who has never done long-term shift work

>> No.10170443

This happened to me too. I think perhaps they just don't realize or forget it is stretched from wearing it so much.

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>be genetic/chromosomal fuckup
>tfw too ugly for anything

>> No.10170494

Define "anything"? What are you interested in? I can't tell you much about cosplay but in jfash it's pretty much whatever. You may not be popular online but most people aren't, and that doesn't mean you can't wear the clothes you love regardless.

>> No.10170500

NTA but bless your heart anon

>> No.10170517

If that were actually true, anas would not die.

>> No.10170518

Thank you for the support anons! I do admit that while I don't feel any smaller and I'm still constantly bloated, I have been getting so much better at running and doing minimal weight lifting! So I know there are definitely positive shifts going on in my body, it's just a matter of playing the waiting game until I can see some physical results.

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>tfw get super horny looking at husbando threads
>Not sure if want to cosplay as husbando or have bf dress as husbando


>> No.10170556

fuck off fujo

>> No.10170562

Por que no los dos?

>> No.10170605

Kek do you know where you are

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you're never too ugly to cosplay, anon.

>> No.10170650

You're setting yourself up for failure and then falling into the trap of believing that it was always going to be that way. This isn't a failure, it's a mismanagement of time. Anyone on this thread will tell you that it's better to set down an unfinished project than to rush it in time for a con. You will be so much happier with the results, with your time leading up to the con, and be able to actually enjoy the con if you do wait it out. Yes, it's a pain in the ass and it stinks not to have a costume to wear, but it's better to wear something you're confidant about than to wear something that not only makes you self-conscious, but is held together by a string. Build a better strategy plan for next year anon. Go to the con, let the inspiration guide you, and get it done early. Don't let a set back get you down. You have all the time in the world.

>> No.10170659

If you eat less you'll lose weight. Of course, you will have to endure hunger, but it's possible to distance yourself from it so it just feels like a vague feeling.

>> No.10170661

Your guilt complex worries me the most. You call your mom a tiger mom, and that she acts kind of shady, but that sounds abusive/manipulative to me. Even if she isn't spending it on drugs, you are your own person and only responsible for yourself.

>> No.10170715

Become your own favorite action hero

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>tfw you want to post this picture from h.Naoto's webshop but it isn't relevant to any thread

>> No.10170722

>the cut isn't going that great and I might not have abs by June
I know slow weightloss is the right way to maintain muscle but watching the number go down so slowly is torture when I know I could just not eat for a week and probably hit my goal

>> No.10170736

They look like bad actor tumblrites and one has an underbite

>> No.10170739

Brb going to buy that jacket

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I feel the same about pic related

>> No.10170752

Is anyone here a pro-life lolita? I’m really scared of saying anything on social media atm.

I hope there are pro-life lolitas out there that share my same feelings.

>> No.10170755

No because most lolitas are young women

>> No.10170767

Kek wtf does Lolita have to do with abortions and why is it so important to you exactly?

>> No.10170773

I don't see how being ok with having an unplanned child with a man who probably doesn't want the baby, dooming you to a life of being a single mother and potentially raising a criminal son, then forcing other women to live a shitty fate is relevant to lolita. But ok.

>> No.10170774


Is there a lolita who won’t shove politics into conversation while I’m trying to get a fucking break drinking my tea? Fuck off, you sound as equally obnoxious as the transtrender SJWs

>> No.10170776

I’m sure vanilla bear is, try chatting with her

>> No.10170787

Silly anon, everyone knows that BABY > babies

>> No.10170790
File: 234 KB, 640x634, 3C9AF686-0A4B-424B-8318-69B45A246533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


She’s not. I don’t even like her but try to say factual things about her. She just retweeted a bunch of things like this, look up her public twitter because I’m not about to be banned again for “doxxing”

>> No.10170795

>tfw your favorite artist likes Jamel’s Jamil’s posts

I’ve been trying to avoid this drama like the plague because I support neither side, come the FUCK on.

>> No.10170833

>Own 3 closets full of jfash
>Buying more crap few times a week
>Nowhere to wear clothes
>Leaving House twice a week for food
>No job/Uni - cant work for another year cuz work permit
>Bored all day, no friends/new city, bf working
>Getting older and fatter everyday
>Gained 25lbs

I just want a place to go where I can wear all my cute clothes

>> No.10170842

Go outside and walk around. You have all the time in the world to wear the clothes you just lazy

>> No.10170845

Please do something better with your money holy shit

>> No.10170847

Going outside alone is pretty hard for me, already too troubled to even grab the mail or open the door for delivery. Just no confidence/insecure/depressive af

Like what?
My home is paid off, got all living essentials, travel when possible, gifting family members shit left and right and supporting local cat shelter

>> No.10170908

Go to a tea house, visit the gardens
You know people can go do things by themselves and still have fun right

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Bought my first lolita blouse secondhand to try the sizing.
>mfw it arrives from Asia in less than a week
>mfw it fits
>mfw there are no signs of wear
>mfw I got out of my Magic: the Gathering match early enough to pick up the package by winning 2-0

Guys, I'm suspicious that this day is going too well.

>> No.10170947

I'm actually in the same boat, except not gaining weight. I just don't really have many friends and my workplace isn't really an environment conducive to making them. I'd like to leave the house but I'm busy studying at home for an exam (which isn't even one which requires classes so I'm not around any fellow students). It sucks but I'm holding out until this exam ends and my time frees up.

>> No.10170949

Get a therapist. Also walking around and exploring on your own is fun. Even just wearing jfash on your own to clean or do stuff indoors is good and it’s how I built confidence to regularly wear jfash out. Good luck anon!

>> No.10170965
File: 84 KB, 492x598, 1545968669055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>two dresses, same brand, same bust measurement
>one is roomy, the other gives boob gap

>> No.10170975

Actually, it does work, and that's why they use fasting in emergency situations where one has to lose weight for, say, a surgical procedure. It's only going to come back if you go back to eating the way you did to gain weight in the first place. Don't lie to yourself. Weight isn't some scary critter laying around the corner seeking to jump back soon as you stop fasting. It's more or less that bag of chips you devour in one setting.

>> No.10170980

That being said, it is important one stays in good health. If you really stuck to a regular fasting routine, and the weight really does come back that quick from just a regular calorie intake... you really need a doctor. That's what happens to people with low thyroid. Often times, those people will find they can lose weight easily by simply not eating at all, but then eating one meal the next day causes all those pounds to come back instantly if not more. That's a medical condition and a shitty one at that. Goes without saying if one has never been checked then it's beneficial to before any diet regimen. That's all I have to say on fasting...

>> No.10170985

you retard, you don't fast before surgery to lose weight. you do it so you don't choke on your own vomit during anesthesia

>> No.10170986

I'm talking about when people are too fat to even safely have a procedure done. Such people go through extreme dieting procedures which include fasting because it's a race against the clock. They have to lose the weight.

I'm not talking about the general fasting before one gets put under. The one that's generally between 24-48 hours depending on the procedure? No, not that one.

>> No.10170989

And, yes, I'm American. We have situations where people are too big for surgery and extreme measures are undergone to get them ready. It includes fasting and liquid diets. Mind you, you have to be really, really big for this to happen, but it does.

If this isn't an occurrence in your locality, that's a good thing.

>> No.10171014

ew, lolitas aren't fit parents, and parents make for shitty comm members

>> No.10171163
File: 39 KB, 400x300, 1539766044484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Second hand shopping in Japan
>Find dress I've never seen before
>Fall in love
>Kelly Eden the damn price
>Thought it was super cheap
>One zero makes quite the difference
>Notice my mistake at check out
>Leave it out of my purchase
>Keep thinking about it
>Read up on the release
>Mfw retail price was lower than 2nd hand value
>Similar patterns in the western market
>Mfw it's super popular
>Mfw I solemnly write it up on my dream dress list

Why does it have to be like that?

>> No.10171205

How did someone like you get so much money?

>> No.10171214

I'm conservative (but actually pretty pro-abortion), so I know the feel of being afraid to speak out, anon. Just know there's a lot of right leaning lolitas out there.

>> No.10171232
File: 1.30 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>arrive at con Thursday with bf, start making plans for what to do tomorrow
>event happening Friday morning at 10am bf wants to go to
>"hey bf that's a little early for me, I'm doing a new cosplay and I want to give myself extra time to get ready, I don't want to be in a rush or keep you back so maybe you should go without me?"
>"it's fine anon, we'll just wake up at 7am, that should be plenty of time for you"
>already 2am, proceeds to keep me up until 4
>what feels like no sleep later, alarm goes off
>laying and thinking about all the shit I have to do for this cosplay, tired as all shit
>"bf I really don't think I'll have enough time, you should go without me and I can meet up with you afterwards!"
>bf refuses because he doesn't want to go alone
>mfw bf is too clingy to handle doing anything on his own at a con
>feel shitty and guilty because he's missing out
>still can't go back to sleep

>> No.10171233

Don't most of us have a right-wing/conservative government? What are you so afraid of?

>> No.10171235


That their fee fees are hurt during tea.

If they feel that they’re being oppressed at a lolita meet maybe they should join a church instead. Literally >40% of people voted for Trump, it’s fucking easy to find Republicans.

>> No.10171237
File: 35 KB, 998x628, ABAED7F2-0A4B-469C-A6CD-428C3B771B57.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m commissioning someone for a cosplay and they came back to me with six fabric choices and I hate all of them. Obviously I know I should say something, but I don’t know how to phrase it without feeling like I’m being a dick.

>> No.10171246

A buyer of mine on LM messaged me saying it had been a lot over my shipping time quote when it’s still within and I’m physically ill I’m so anxious about it

>> No.10171248

>boo hoo, I'm an oppressed conservative!

Fuck off with that.

>> No.10171249

Just say "I'm not really a fan of any of these, do you think you could find something else?" If you have pointers on what exactly is wrong with each fabric it would probably help them find something that's right. Commissioners want their clients to be happy with the result, I'm sure they don't want to make the entire thing out of a fabric you hate. Just be prepared to wait a bit longer, and possibly pay a bit more for materials.

>> No.10171255

You’re absolutely right, I think I just needed to hear it from someone else. Thank you so much Anon, I appreciate it!

>> No.10171260

Stop giving her money. Next time she asks say you don't have any to give. I have a mother like this. She will never stop unless you say no.

>> No.10171272
File: 186 KB, 735x1052, glb424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you make posts about fashion I will reply to you. I don't know how to find out about collabs and cool photoshoots since I don't buy magazines and don't know where to find recent scans.

>> No.10171279

Couldn't you go back to the shop in the next day? Or was it gone?

>> No.10171281

Literally the whole world is open to you anon. What a fucking waste.

>> No.10171288

There's so much misinformation on this thread, and I don't want to turn it into a /fit/ conversation, but that's only half-right and it's because people don't understand how fasting and water retention works and what the difference between a few lbs of water weight you gain back after eating the next day (when you've used up all your glucose stores) or ACTUAL weight gain when you eat the next day.

It's the reason that people who abuse fasting can develop an eating disorder, by having an unhealthy relationship with the fear of becoming fat. All fasting does for you is uses your body's natural means of using up its stores. The reason anorexia hurts people is because they're constantly bouncing their insulin level up and down by fasting improperly or not long enough, NOT eating the right proper nutrients between fasts or not enough of them or just fasting too long, period, beyond the weight loss. You can fast a long time and it's healthy as long as you've got fat stored - you can't fast if you have no fat at all because your body starts using up ITSELF for nutrients.

And anybody fasting more than a few days ought to do it under doctor care anyway, that's getting into the extreme and not an actual lifestyle.

I eat once a day, I make sure that meal is healthy and has all my calories/nutrition/protein to not lose muscle, I'm losing weight, and a donut once in a while won't kill me either (to shut up all those 'everything in moderation people. duh?). I finally one of my dream dresses and soon enough I'm going to be able to finally fit ouji clothing.

Y'all have a real toxic view on food and lifestyle changes outside of the 'norm' too, for a group of people that dresses outside of the norm. Just because there's years of misinfo out there doesn't mean that everything you hear otherwise is wrong. Do your own research and let's get back to talking about feels.

>> No.10171289

I'm pretty sure she's also *~super queer,~* according to her, so she definitely presents as left leaning-even if just for the aesthetic

>> No.10171290

Finally FIT. Ugh.

>> No.10171293

I'm only into the fashion. Music's alright, I don't give a shit about bandwagoning, it's just the look that attracted me. I'm new though, I don't have any content to post, sorry. :(

>> No.10171294

Fasted for a week and a half once
I stopped because my colleagues at work all said I looked like a dead man walking. Also my lifts went down :/

>> No.10171300

Underrated comment

>> No.10171303

Then shutup calling people anorexic when they're not.

>> No.10171304

That's too long, and obviously that's going to happen. God you guys are stupid, research before you do shit like this.

>> No.10171329

I did research, the snake juice, etc.
I might've mixed it wrong, and to be fair I lost 10 lbs (a lot of it came back fast though) I just got so tired and cold

>> No.10171408

recently found that on /v/

>This is why, if you EVER see an "Overwatch cosplayer", they are actually a free prostitute in disguise. This woman has knowingly presented herself as a whore, and knowingly accepts that it is now her job to have sex with as many men as possible.
You cannot rape an Overwatch cosplayer because she was LITERALLY ASKING FOR IT. The simple act of dressing up as "Hot Mommy Mercy" or "The Chinese Titcow" is literally the act of giving men consent to have sex with you.

>Thanks Blizzard, for making this possible.
I love this video game.

>> No.10171442

It's just a part of the game, why didn't we realize it before?
What great design by Blizzard. Thanks Jeff.

>> No.10171553

I hopped to the next city already. But even if I could go back I'm not willing to pay THAT much for the dress. I'm going to let my infatuation brew and hope for a better price in the future. It's not an old release, so I have hope.

>> No.10171644

I want a smaller chest

>> No.10171655

So I sold quite a few dresses over the past couple of weeks finally clearing and making space in my home.
>I feel happy

Then I receive a message from one of the people I sold to notifying me that there were holes and other damages that were definitely not there before I wrapped up the dress and sold it to her.
I thought I was fair in offering a small discount on top of the already extremely discounted price that she paid since whatever I don't feel like a fight and I said I would try to be more observant next time but I couldn't believe the snark she left in her neutral review... If you didn't like the offer you could have said no thankyou and shipped it back for a refund. Some people just put a bad taste in your mouth. TLDR someone on lacemarket with many dozens more reviews than me is kind of rude and may put off other girls wanting to sell things in the future .

>> No.10171843

While I do agree that if you handled it politely on your end and offered a discount or the option for a refund the buyer should definitely treat you with the same amount of respect, but to be fair from the buyers point of view you probably just seem like any other seller who doesn't list the actual condition of the dress and sells it as way better condition than it actually is. Even if this isn't what actually happened, it seems to be really common so it wouldn't be surprising if she just thought that's what happened with you.
Anyway, some people are just really quick to leave neutral or even negative reviews even if any possible problems weren't the sellers fault and were handled properly once they came to light, nothing you can do about it but move on and be extra nice to those buyers who treat you nicely too.

>> No.10171896
File: 316 KB, 940x1039, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>meet with my local com this week
>already posts in the fb group about the pro life bills that went through
>already fights
Pls leave politics at the door skanks I just want to have fun

>> No.10171902

It is a bit weird people post about human rights issues on the comm page, which comm are you in? Do you have caps?

>> No.10171961
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finally snagged one of my dream dresses on LM and for a good price too

>> No.10171995

Just going to vent here for a second because I am absolutely livid

I've been waiting to try and get my hands on the AP USA Sugar Sky OP in yellow for literal weeks
I was on my computer refreshing for a half hour prior to release, hoping that since everyone wouldn't shut up about how fucking "ugly" it is that it'd be left alone and they'd all go for Magical Horoscope or whatever the fuck

>release hits
>get it in my cart
>go to checkout
>fucking gone

it sold out in ten seconds
but every other color that people said they genuinely liked is available
as is the Fruity Lemon yukata as of rn
and all of Magical Horoscope
I'm calling fucking bullshit
either AP USA only got three fucking dresses or someone grabbed all of them to scalp them on Lacemarket bc of how popular that color and cut was in other countries

I fucking hate western lolitas
now I have to wait and find the fucker secondhand at a price that isn't three times as much meanwhile some asshole is just gonna get it, say 'meh' when they open it and turn around and upsell it and I don't fucking get it. I don't understand.

At least I got the JSK and headbow in yellow. So someday I'll get the OP. But I'm genuinely furious when people couldn't stop shitting on this dress a month ago. /endrant

>> No.10172196

I think that was my initial fear because I only just recently started selling a lot of dresses. I didnt want to seem like I wasn't listing a full condition. I mentioned all defects I was aware of. I had no idea there were neck strap things but I will look up dresses from now on. Most if not all the dresses I sold were secondhand and pretty much in the shape that I always knew them as. Either way water under the bridge but I hope in the future people understand not everyone is out to RIP them off. And people are always welcome to counter offer things too. Hell, I have done just that.
Also if you don't see an item in the photos posted definitely message the sellers about it because odds are high that they may not know it is even part of a dress. I know about waist ties and some dresses gave removable bows or clips but if they aren't there in the images the seller may have no idea they are forgetting them.

>> No.10172375

I feel so ugly all the time, I feel guilty and shame when I think about wearing Lolita. I'm not fat (thought I could stand to lose 5-10 lbs), so it isn't like I can just work out harder and things will improve. I think I have a fairly unattractive face and have no clue about hair or makeup, so whenever I see a candid of myself I think "dear God no way I'm that bad," but it can't possibly be that ever single candid is lying. I want to balance my love of Lolita with my "girls shouldn't have to constantly worry about being pretty" mentality, but the only way I can see getting to the point where I'm not ashamed of myself is to constantly practice doing my hair and makeup. The prospect of that sounds so horrible... I wish I could just poof all my facial flaws away and upload a microchip into my brain giving me the skills to make my hair and makeup look not utterly horrifying. It totally kills my confidence, and Lolita is all about confidence

>> No.10172380

do you practice hair and makeup at all? starting is the hard part

>> No.10172382

I know a lolita who got the yellow OP, she's not a scalper so maybe there was just 1 and it went to her. idk if that helps but just know it's going to a good home!

>> No.10172385

Yeah, sometimes. I feel like a little girl playing with her mommy's makeup set and it is so unpleasant and the results so bad I give up. I was a really religious, nerdy kid so I never really learned

>> No.10172419
File: 11 KB, 1060x202, cgl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its this anon
They didn't ban me and the woman who had a problem with letting men in the com is moving to another state, so its cool.
I had so much fun at the meet today and everyone was welcoming towards me. I see so many posts like pic related that I just felt like i'd be an outcast and not wanted. I've been into lolita for years but never got any ouji coords or joined any coms because I was terrified i'd be judged extremely heavily and essentially kicked out because i'm male and don't have the best sense of fashion. But at the local meetup everyone loved me and my coord and made sure I was included in everything. It was so great.

I guess discovering lolita through /cgl/ skewed my perception.

>> No.10172447
File: 8 KB, 236x179, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mfw a fatty snipes my DD by a few minutes on Lacemarket.
Bitch you're not going to fit in it anyways.
Yes I'm bitter about it, I probably would be less angry if someone who could fit the dress got it instead of some hamplanet.

>> No.10172543

Practice more, I never ever did my hair or makeup until I turned 19. It felt pretty bad because every other girl my age had years of experience but I practiced a lot and I’m much better now. Just try with cheaper products, maybe before you shower so you can wash it off after

>> No.10172691
File: 12 KB, 426x314, 1427019492619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>first con ever (not underage, just live in midfuck nowhere and broke), a local small-ish con
>expecting it to be awful
>my cosplay is sloppy and abhorrent
>soon as i exit public restrooms after changing into cos
>already found people of my series, take pic
>soon as i arrive into con
>literally the best cosplay of another character of a series (both costume and personality wise) greets me, offers me to join their group
>stick with that group for the rest of the day
>they're fucking amazing, funny, talented, and so kind and open minded (didn't mind me being a queer and tarded either, were super nice and understanding about it)
>lots of memes and laughing and blabbering passionately about our characters' series
>sad i couldn't join the cosplay contest and my feet hurt but don't even care about it anymore because how much fun i had with people (and best cosplayer i mentioned won anyway)
>sad i have to go home and won't see these people again/for a long time though
>tfw have the best con experience ever
Holy fuck, now i understand why people do this...

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