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>be female
>lurk here
>lurk on cgl's extension a place where seagulls talk shit about weebs that look better than them
>it gets encouraged, meanwhile on supposedly productive boards they get told that they're not their personal army
>get shocked females are actually more mean than men
>check the cosplay threads
>the males are way nicer
I thought estrogen would make us nicer but I guess I'm just an outlier; a well-mannered and well-dressed girl who really doesn't spend half her day talking shit about women with problems in a tutu and a purple wig.

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nice b8 m8

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Okay, and.....? Your point is?

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I am just baffled how horribly dressed autistic people who literally think orange shit on skin with panda eyes is cute have the nerve to complain about other girls who look JUST like them, meanwhile the male posters just want to cosplay and need tips. Just seeing a contrast, thas all. I wouldn't have complained if you girls were humble freaks, but sadly...
I know for sure my gender is true, if I didn't lie about that, I am also sure about the rest now.

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Begone, fuggo

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>orange shit on skin with panda eyes
Wtf are you on about? Go ahead, post a pic of whatever the hell you are trying to throw shade on.
>muh male cosplayers
Well, they work on their cosplay and don't bitch like some little cunt itt.

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Why do newfags always act like /cgl/ is so catty and mean? Most boards are aggressive about their opinions and some will start arguing about dumb shit that isn't even related to said board.
Plus, most boards, especially the faster ones gossip or talk shit about other people all the time. /v/ has threads on ecelebs, twitter screencaps, and an assortment of useless drama all the time (although now threads usually get deleted quickly. But that doesn't stop people). /co/ shits on shitty comic and cartoon artists. /ck/ shits on people like Jack Scalfani. Don't get me fucking started on /vg/ generals. Seagulls will start arguing over mundane shit too, but in most threads people are usually kind and willing to help (whereas, almost anywhere else, you'll get called a newfag and told to spoonfeed yourself if you ask questions).Lurk harder newfag

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