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Let's try to keep it simple and civil

Gonna be dumping a few recent coords posted to the last thread while it was already saging

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What style is the coord in this pic? I've always been interested in getting into lolita but never really had a specific style speak out as something I wanted to wear every day. This, however, I'm drooling a little over.

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she took substyles out to the street and made them her bitches.

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Classic with military theme

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Isn’t that military lolita?

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nayrt, but some people would argue that military is a theme, not a substyle. gothic military, classic military, and sweet military (a bit more rare but it happens) all look very different, so i don't think it makes sense to call military its own style

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This girl is always so cute...

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wonderful, I adore the cutsew.

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no pls

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That dress is so ugly.

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It's the poor man's AP Halloween dress

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This oldschool meme is getting worse and worse, it looks shit and it's painfully obvious that 95% of them would either A. Never have become interested in oldschool B. Never have thought to photoshop themselves into random backgrounds if it weren't for a select few individuals doing it. Fucking bandwagoners.

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>Fucking bandwagoners
You say as you post a fucking Steve-o reaction image as if you were posting on any board other than cgl..

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You do this every thread....

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I kind of like it. It encourages creativity in a new way. Even if people are only starting to do the whole photo editing thing to be "on trend", they're having fun and not using the exact same backgrounds, so I'm not bothered. Besides, I'd wager most people wouldn't have been into Lolita as a whole if it weren't for "a select few individuals doing it" and opening the door for them.
Honestly, I feel like modern Lolita has taken a turn for genericness. It still looks nice, but it also gets damn boring at times.
The rough, untamed feeling of old school is like a breath of fresh air from the tight-laced, clean, classic beauty of "current" Lolita. Like, yes, look like you're on your way to an underground punk show, but also a little bit like something out of your grandma's doll collection. That creepy, more obscure, grimy atmosphere is what makes the cute, feminine aspects pop all the more IMO. I support keeping the harsher edge of "alternative" in this alternative fashion, even if it gets hit/miss.

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I actually love this outfit on her, she looks so cute.

Cute! I'd like it more with either gold shoes or a darker wig, but I like how simple it is.

Adorable, I love this

Her coords are such goals

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The tights are a nitpick but I love the natural hair she got going

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it's more than one person sharing an opinion anon

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If Ophelia jumped off a bridge; Would You Do It To?

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Good one, grandma

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My comment still stands anon.
They do this every thread.

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I like this. many bonus points for Radiohead.
glad she's wearing wristcuffs to give it a clear lolita aim with the lack of obvious headwear

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is this shitty taobao?
I kind of like this subtle keyhole on the blouse. I personally would switch the collar buttons to fancier buttons, but not everyone is into modding vintage. the fabric buttons are a bit too plain for me. cute coord though, and great skirt shape.
my favorite thing about her is her makeup skills. I love the clear attention to detail and a doll-like vibe.
I have those shoes and I'm so pissed the straps broke the first wear.
I really wish the shoes weren't so dark because this coord is so delightfully springy. the wig needs some tlc.
very cute!
one of my fav coords from her as of late!
why post this?
why that collar?
made me smile!

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>detective print to see Detective Pikachu
darling. wrists are a bit bare, and poof is lacking for my tastes, but great to see this Haenuli set worn

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Yes, because it's a website for sharing opinions aka discussion.

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Get your frilly ass out of your mouth and open your goddamn mind for a change, vendetta-chan. This girl is clearly super cute and casual. I bet you have an arial-font list thumbtacked above your bed with 1) petticoat 2) blouse 3) burando 4) no amazon 5) NOT COSPLAY etc and you pray to it and kiss it every night before you go to bed. And you also got into the fashion within the past three years and lurked hard since then and think you know all there is to know, well guess what, you ain't shit and if you think you can hide your lack of creativity and appreciation for lolita roots/ old school casual behind a set of wanker rules then you're wrong. We all see right through you and you should just keep your wrong opinions to yourself. Jesus fucking christ almighty.

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not that anon, but it's not very cute.

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not that anon either, its an objectively bad image. it's.... not a good coord, not a good shoop, it's just not cute or good or unique or anything.

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the coord is ita and the rules you listed are generally good rules but ok

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this is the same woman that rejected advice on Big Sisters of Lolita. photo is grainy so it's hard to tell

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yes, yes it is

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This looks so gross

>> No.10170984

what did she say? screencaps?

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ugh what an ugly dog, can she just kill herself?

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nothing yet, but she's reposed that other photo she yelled about blouses on last time.

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There's sharing an opinion, and beating the fuck out of a dead horse....
And anon clearly keeps beating this horse like a cheap whore

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Are you offended by chance?

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calm the fuck down lol

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OP here.

You actually make some very salient points.

>Even if people are only starting to do the whole photo editing thing to be "on trend", they're having fun
True. I guess trends in general just annoy me, particularly when it's simply copying without any attempt at individuality and the end result looks disappointing.

> I feel like modern Lolita has taken a turn for genericness
I do agree that modern lolita is becoming very cookie cutter, and that oldschool is a nice change from the overly-polished modern look. However I feel as if we've now reached a point where oldschool is starting to become quite formulaic, which is what I think is frustrating.

>I support keeping the harsher edge of "alternative" in this alternative fashion, even if it gets hit/miss.
I agree with you wholeheartedly on this. I definitely think that Lolita has lost its alternative side, but I'm not going to get into that because that's opening up another can of worms.

You are insane and need to get a life. Or good bait skills, genuinely not sure which.

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self shaming? not a good look

>> No.10171576

Uhh I don’t even know where to start with this one. It reads patently not lolita. Ditching the normie blouse, belt, and shitty satin hairbow would probably help.

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lmao the shoot pin this is ridiculous. Especially shooping the upclose shot and leaving the other to show your true form. and wtf is wrong with her eyebrows.

>> No.10171660

yikes, her legs look contagious

>> No.10171673

looks fine to me

>> No.10171712

Either you’re her or retarded

>> No.10171725

Look at how the lace at the top of her chest cuts off and gets smushed in down below. It's obvious shoop.

>> No.10171741

oh that's weird

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Standing in the alley behind the Tyneside Cinema, so 10/10.

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This is truly ita.

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I want her and her infected piercings to gtfo lolita or buy a full lenght mirror instead of posing in Claires every time, it's embarassing

>> No.10172080

her fucking grumpy face on the first i can't lol
one of my friends has her on facebook and she's lowkey crazy, married her bf that she dumped after a few months and was with again for two weeks like a few days ago at disneyland.
also she keep saying she's quitting lolita and opens a sales album only to delete it a few days later,say lolita is her passion and how she loves it,rinse and repeat

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Wasn't this already posted a couple of threads ago? Or was that just in the BSoLF group? Did she just post the same photo that she was asking for coord advice on to CoF? Is she allowing concrit in CoF?

>> No.10172124

she's reposted this on CoF like 3 times and has taken it down, but she's also done the same on BSoLF more than once too

>> No.10172136

Very cute, but for some reason the socks aren’t working for me.

>> No.10172143

>that nasty lace
>those shoes
>that hair
>that fit
When will this stop

>> No.10172145

The fit actually isn't that bad in this one.

>> No.10172147

I hope she gets a little better at lolita.
There's potential and her hair is gorgeous!

>> No.10172678

The lace is fine, same with the fit. Hair and shoes could be better.

>> No.10172679

Why does she shoop so badly?

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