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We haven't had one of these in a while and an anon asked for a new one, so here it is! I changed the template to include the rule of thumb and removed the unnecessary checkbox. I hope that's alright. If not, I'll post the original too.

As always, make sure to give suggestions in order to receive them unless you're the first poster.

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If you're not a fan of the change, here's the original template.

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I like your change anon. The "suggestions?" box is stupid because the whole point of the suggestions thread is... well... to get suggestions.

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Thank you! I thought so too. I can't imagine why someone would even go through the trouble of filling out the sheet if they didn't want suggestions either....

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I always thought it meant do you want suggestions of characters you haven't already considered under 'cosplay ideas' (which some people may not want if they haven't watched the source material or aren't a fan...)

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Whats the names/origins space supposed to do?

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The original point was to help people choose between 5-6 cosplays they wanted to do, not for people who had no clue what they want to do.
It's pretty weird to want to cosplay but not have a single character in mind

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The names and origins for the characters under cosplay ideas. Here’s an example.

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I see. Thanks. This shit is hard with BD lol. Might post soon but I doubt theres any character I can go for. I want to stand out from the other cosplays. Limited funds and time though.

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It's quite the opposite. People who want to get started in the hobby or are trying to decide their next costume often have many characters that they could potentially cosplay but are unsure which would be within their realm of possibility. These threads are very much centered towards helping the poster pick a costume out of their given ideas, but also to suggest characters that they may not thought of before. In the comments area, people list their preferences, skill level, and etc to focus the suggestions they might receive. If someone didn't want suggestions beyond what they gave, they could easily say so. Additionally, it's a requirement to post characters you might want to do, so no one hops in this thread without a clue.

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Sorry to hear that. BD is super hard to deal with.

Some tips for standing out:
>avoid fotm because you’ll get lost among all the other fotm cosplays and chances are that someone cuter/more popular than you will also cosplay the same character
>add some kind of unique element to your cosplay such as extra embellishments or by using an uncommon fabric, etc. It’ll give your cosplay a little extra oomph and make it more memorable.
>give people something to remember you by. For example, I always think of Uberscosplay when I think of Gundam cosplayers because what he makes makes him stand out.

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>>add some kind of unique element to your cosplay such as extra embellishments or by using an uncommon fabric, etc. It’ll give your cosplay a little extra oomph and make it more memorable.
i am not sure to what limit i can expose my body. Is pic rel too much? Literally not far off of having this body.

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Or i could pull this one off too but my shoulders are wide.

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Oh no, you're a /fit/ sadboi asking what cosplay will get him laid


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Not at all. I have a gf and my sex game is fulfilled. I cant be bothered buying/making an outfit to fuck weeb girls. Let alone paint my body.
I dont think i am what you think i am.

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Use the template in op.

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I guess I'll start us off-- I posted last year and went with the Cinderella idea. Was fun to make honestly. Will give recs will others post?

New temp is nice.

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Wtf did you not see this lmao >>10169856. This is how to correctly fill out the form.

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Next time, put pictures of the characters you want to get opinions for under cosplay ideas and put their name and origins (in numerical order) under the labeled space. I see where your logic went with that though.

Truthfully, cosplaying a romantic couple with your mother is a bit strange to me. I think it'd be interesting if you were young Sophie (either in the blue dress and short hair or her look at the beginning) and your mother could be old Sophie. That'd be my first choice for you and Chie would be the second. Going with the Ghibli theme, you could do Ponyo and her mother. As for the Sailor Scout question, I don't necessarily see a specific character for you. Maybe Jupiter or Pluto?

Aside from your suggestions, I could see: Princess Peach or Haru from Persona 5

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Sorry, not very clear.
Yes, if you have the means, you could easily cut out a section of metal, then grind it until it has that kind of blade-like effect, then use a brush/bucket with the correct chemicals to stain the metal the right colour, and then buff one side to give it more shine.
Failing that, because I doubt every cosplayer is an experienced metallurgist, I'd simply make something similar out of more manageable materials, craft foam maybe, or wood possibly, and then paint it to match up with the metal colours, then gloss for the shine.

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Meant for >>10174208

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Thank you. HMC was my mother's first favorite movie- she actually went as Sophie herself without me.

Thanks for the tips.

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Entry level cosplay here. Saw the "big guy recommend" thread that linked to this thread. Looking for advice for outfits I can slap together with minor tailoring or the odd amazon purchase. I already have an outfit for fanime this weekend but I would like to start going to more cons to let my gull gf wear her coords more often now that we're starting to make our own money

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