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Schedule’s up

Meet up is Saturday at 5pm outside the Delta pool
Don’t be weird, say hi and make some friends.

Is your cosplay ready?
Where are you staying?
Are you looking forward to anything?

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5pm? Why is it not later? That's way too early for the meet honestly. Maybe I'm the only one who feels that way.

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Before partying gets started so we can make plans

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Fair enough, I just thought 5pm was a little early for going back to hotel rooms etc.

Is anyone down to meet on the Friday as well?

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Yeah as long as you aren't a weirdo

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Can't make any promises.

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Nope, fell for the "have a job and friends" meme instead of working on it, now in panic mode


No, but that won't stop me from getting hammered and being a degenerate

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>5pm on Saturday
Seconding that it’s too early. I think it should be after 8pm, when dealers room closes.

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Fine, 8pm it is

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I agree, I think 9 would be better as it's a chance to drop off your stuff (rip anyone staying down the block) and get anything you might need

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That might be a bit too late, plus I think people would be pre drinking around that time. 5 sounds pretty good for a casual meetup imo.

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Most of the previous meets have been around 9pm. 5pm is too early. If you want to do earlier than 9, I would say 7 or 8 would be good.

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Meetup is 11:00 pm in the boys bathroom

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You are fucked

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Post old badges

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Looks garbage

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They WERE garbage back in 2004. And people had the nerve to complain about the quality this year.

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Ha why are you so mad man?

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you mirin?

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5pm on a Saturday?
Can we do brunch or something instead? I do not think I'm allowed to stay out that late.

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> “When’s the meetup?” edition

saturday 9pm, infront of the delta hotel swimming pool.
from there we can head to the room party or you can branch of to where ever else

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>Saturday at 5pm
that's way to early.
just do this like how it is every year

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Meetup is Friday and Saturday 9PM by the pool like every other year.

Additionally, join the /cgl/ Canada discord to keep up with other Anons attending the con:

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How do you think the weather is going to be? It better not fucking rain

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looks like mix of sun/rain with possible thunderstorms.

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Who's actually getting a pass this year?

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>shilling a discord in 4chan
Just post the fucking details here. That's the point of this thread.
Why does every fucking thread nowadays get it's own discord? It defeats the purpose of an anonymous image board. If I wanted to know who posted what and all that garbage I'd go to a different site.

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I'll go to brunch if you hold me in those arms.

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Agreed. The discord doesn't need to be continually posted. Anyone who wants to be part of it already is.

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Also, I don't see the point when I'd only use it for these few days of the con and a couple weeks leading up to it.
I'm just here for a brief encounter, I live far from TO.

Regardless, see you all by the pool.

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Is it? It was the best part.
Thanks to whomever was handing out free gin

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Is someone new going this year?

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Oh look, the same 10 douches of every year meeting.

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Why else do you think they're all already in the discord?

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its going to be around 15 I think this year. more to come.

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Is anyone here familiar with how the guest signings work? This will be my first time going to one of these, because one of my favorite voice actresses is gonna be there. I've read the schedule and see that there's a 30 minute interval time for signings. How early would you suggest getting there? Thanks in advance.

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Someone's mad their party wasn't S rank.

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It's more than just for AN. It's used for other yearly meetups and other cons such as Otakuthon, and keeps Canadian cgl together and more connected year round.

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depends on how popular the guest is. I would walk by and scope out the lines to see if people are lining up already. they will cut the line if it runs too long.

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of course

who?, another trans?, asian?


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Way to reveal how new you are.

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Wow, five days to AN and the thread is dead.

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Discord killed the thread.

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I swear most of the posting were just discordniggers
this post was made by rhill coalition for discord tranny curbstomping

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discord kills a lot of generals actually

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Who's fucking.

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Is anyone else cosplaying from the Simpsons?

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