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Discuss servers, bitch about mods, etc

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I’m over that uppity little bitch that keeps spouting ignorant bullshit all over the place.

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Youre gonna need to be a lot more specific anon

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Tell us what happened anon

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Matcha happened.

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FJ pulled some far-left sjw crap to get the lolita discord cancelled. I didn't even post her full discord username and got a warning bakamods.

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Link to the discord?

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the vetted lolita discord has been cancelled for a while thanks to the gossipy 30-something year old harpies who infest it.

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What happened to it? Every time I hear about it it’s always something negative

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wait, vetted lolita discord is dead?

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Isn’t it funny they say they don’t want drama starters but they start their own drama?

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its totally ironic how that happens lol but then again i have heard rumors that they had a secret server that only the mods and the 'best' members could get into and would gossip and talk crap about everyone else on the vetted lolita server. theyre just bullies.

what goes around comes around

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Anon you're on 4chan. Sorry they didn't let you into their super secret server lol.

Does anyone have new invites to jfash servers?

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I got invited to it right before I want to Sakuracon but I didn't join. The requirements categories were weird to me. They gave 3 choices of how experienced you are in lolita and 2 choices basically said you're amazing and know your shit and then the other option was you're a noob and need advice from others.

You know it was just really lopsided. That and I have no desire to get vetted by anyone and was really just hoping to chat with other lolitas.

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isnt that just like a group chat but with a discord server...?

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So... a group chat for friends? Wow, scandalous.

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youre not seeing the point, these are the same people who vet every member and pretend to be lovelies to lolitas their most likely bitching about

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That’s not the vetted server lol

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if you want to chat with other lolitas, wouldn't you want a vetted server? that actually has lolitas in it? the other servers are all just roleplayers

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if it is JUST a friend group chat then why was i told to not tell anyone that i knew about this chat? if i did the one who told me would be made an outcast from this elite group. doesnt sound like something friends would do, thats coersion

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NAYRT, but the vetting seems intrusive and the moderators less than trustworthy, desu.

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It’s one thing when the qualifications are that you are a Lolita. Once you get into more subjective stuff it gets to be a weird clique.

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again youre not seeing my point
the ones who do the vet process are the mods, you know, like the ones who are SUPPOSED to be neutral and keep vetting info private? but theyre all also the ones in this secret server... so how can anyone trust them to run the drama free server they so desparately want?
im all in favor of vetting, just not by THEM

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Wasn't someone going to make another vetting server with opt-in channels? Whatever happened to that?

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how is vetting intrusive? someone wants to see that you're actually a lolita? i'm not a mod, or in some secret server but I do want to be in a discord that has actual lolitas in it and not people who just make collages of coords based on anime characters.

make your own server then?

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1- I don't want my discord acc to be connected to images I post on social media. How do I know they won't share them?
2- Who tf are these mods even? Who are they to judge me, if I don't even know how well they dress?
3- As others have said, they seem sketchy

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you can block out your faces... also the mods post pics of themselves, its called a search function. you sound like a paranoid ita

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Never seen them post their coords or faces on here. You must be an actual dumbass if you think that obscuring only your face assures anonymity lol

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The mods have definitely posted pics of themselves on the server. It's called "search". Are you such an idiot you can't even do that?

Who gets mad about the mods having a mod server. Almost every discord does that. Everyone knows there's a mod server. Most discords I'm in have separate mod servers and everyone knows about it.

Sounds like youre just a vendetta Chan. Go get another hobby. You apparently need something to do with your time.

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>You must be an actual dumbass if you think that obscuring only your face assures anonymity lol

I think that explains why they wouldn't post here.

Anyways less bitching, more links.

Non vetted lolita server: http://discord.gg/evW7YuC

General jfashion:

>> No.10161587

Fairy kei server:

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get some reading comprehension you idiot- I was referring to posting on here, not on the server

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nayrt but why do they need to post pics of themselves here? if theyre already posted on the servers?

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why should my anonymity be compromised before theirs? How do I know they're even worth of judging my coords?

Also, others have said that it was not a mod chat. There are other people there? Retard.

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>why should my anonymity be compromised before theirs? How do I know they're even worth of judging my coords?

big lol

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If you don't trust the mods then make your own server or join another one.

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nayrt: there was a veteran server made some time ago which was pretty much dead :(

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The veteran server was a troll server fuckwit. It didn't last because everyone who was worth their salt was in the vetted server. Most of the people who were in the veteran server and weren't in the vetted server are known shitstirrers

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the veteran server was a joke set up by some people of the vetted server to fuck around with anons

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It's vetted but it's not like a huge process or anything. Idk, it wasn't any more difficult than answering questions to join a Facebook group.

I didn't see any drama or anything weird the whole time I was there though the atmosphere was a little hierarchical sometimes. It was a while ago though, I forgot to reinstall discord when I changed my phone so I've probably been kicked by now. People are going to talk behind your back no matter where you go, if some bored girls are judging your coords in a secret server, how will it even affect you? What will affect you is if you get paranoid or worried about the possibility of people talking about you behind your back. If you know that you'll worry about that, don't join that discord and don't put yourself in a situation where you will worry. If you can deal with the fact that some people may be nitpicky and that there are established friendship groups and breaking into them is extremely hard, then do join. Pretty simple.

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>thanks to the gossipy 30-something year old harpies who infest it.
isn't that all lolitas though?

>> No.10161658 [DELETED] 

I would be interested in a server for people who actually wanted to voice chat. Builds more of a connection.
I am in one of the lolita servers, not sure which one, but it seems nice enough. I don't really know how to ask people to talk to me. Maybe a weekly event for casual chats/playing games?

>> No.10161677 [DELETED] 

It was set up by a couple of people (meme in particular) to weakly 'troll' people who they didn't like, namely any girls they considered efamous. It was a bit pathetic.

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>Someone sent me a lewd instead of a coord pic by accident
>They were wearing their coord in the lewd

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That’s wrong, it was set up as a meme to basically prove that even when anons on cgl got what they wanted, it was never enough and never got traction despite the demand

>> No.10161687 [DELETED] 

This. And it proved exactly that.

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It wasn't a mod server, it was the mods + other salty bitches. The entire purpose was to talk shit about people they were being nice to on the other server. It stirred some legitimate toil in irl friend groups when people got outed for being shitty.

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Wait I missed this whole thing, is this on lolcow? Some girls in my comm are active in that discord and I wanna know what happened

>> No.10161701 [DELETED] 

Wrong, I was part of the server. Ayrt was right.

>> No.10161702 [DELETED] 

It's not but I can dish on the lolita lolcow thread later so I can use names. It's pretty funny stuff bc everybody in the shit talking server has been exposed for being two faced, mods included.

>inb4 they come and try to deny it lol

>> No.10161704 [DELETED] 

Nope ayrt is right. I was in the mod team :)

>> No.10161711 [DELETED] 

Holy shit I hope anon delivers

>> No.10161715 [DELETED] 

lol nothing actually happened, if this person thinks she has milk for lolcow yall are going to be disappointed.

>> No.10161716 [DELETED] 

so which one of the two faced bitches are you

>> No.10161718 [DELETED] 

Probably the mod who owns the servers

>> No.10161720 [DELETED] 

lmao, sweating about how people know you're a bitch now?

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I’m in a discord with a secret channel and I KNOW they’ve talked shit about me in it because I should have access to it at this point, but the mods are playing dumb.
Feels shitty cuz it was a small community that I was really invested in and I’m not sure what I did wrong, but I’ve kinda moved on at this point. Ya just gotta learn to let this kind of stuff go.

>> No.10161729 [DELETED] 

Well done for moving on. the vetted server is full of people who consider each other friends. That is how I felt. The secret bitching server is cult-like bc if you talk about it to anyone outside, they all hate you.

>> No.10161730 [DELETED] 

i wish someone would post a full list of names so i know who not to trust

>> No.10161733 [DELETED] 

aaaaand that would be a witch hunt. you're all getting paranoid bc someone got excluded for being a dummy.

>> No.10161735 [DELETED] 

Are there 2 vetting servers now? Or are you talking about the cgl channel in the vetting server? If it's the latter, you could just ask for access during the vetting process iirc. It wasn't hidden at all.

Does anyone have an invite?

>> No.10161736 [DELETED] 

>someone got excluded for being a dummy
nani the fuck? i think it's perfectly fair to hold people responsible for their actions. if you don't want to catch shit, don't dish it out.

>> No.10161739 [DELETED] 

No, the server we're talking about is an entirely separate entity populated by the poorly dressed mods of the main server and the insecure losers who lick their assholes.

>> No.10161745 [DELETED] 

probably guess that the mods n some of the ‘cool’ regulars are in there, who love to look down on others

>> No.10161746 [DELETED] 

which is hilarious bc most of them aren't hot shit. either super old yet still act like catty teens, hardly wear the fashion at all, or wear shit that don't fit. i know a short list of the users in there and they're all poorly dressed nobodies.

>> No.10161747 [DELETED] 

List em, anon cmon

>> No.10161790 [DELETED] 

Lala Land, Spider, Imouto, Opalsauce, and Bread to name a few.

>> No.10161793 [DELETED] 

not meme?

>> No.10161801

I’d be interested.

>> No.10161804

I wonder if it would be better to make a separate server or to just ask if one of the established ones would like to host it. We could brand it as a tea party because lolitas if that isn't too lame.

>> No.10161807 [DELETED] 

Can't confirm if she is or not, I only listed the ones I know for sure.

>> No.10161809 [DELETED] 

All my experiences with Lala and Imouto have been the worst. Imouto always finds a way to make someone’s venting into a reason to build up drama, then tags the venter as the source of drama. But Lala is the real toxic one. Watching her for a long time and she always knows better, pretends to be a lovely but is manipulative of nearly all her hole kickers. Lala is a controlling cunt.

>> No.10161811 [DELETED] 

.・。.・゜・.・・゜・。. sounds like someone can't take concrit .・。.・゜・.・・゜・。.

>> No.10161812

I’d prefer a newer server. Got sick of the others and ignore them. I feel that a server focused on voice channels should remain intimate and separate.

>> No.10161813 [DELETED] 

Never gave them an opportunity to .・。.・゜・.・・゜・。. concrit .・。.・゜・.・・゜・。. Other then the required minimal picture.

We really need a new mean girl meme. “Can’t take critic” has become the new “they are all jealous.”

>> No.10161814 [DELETED] 

NYART but her looks are pathetic. Why does anyone take her advice seriously?

>> No.10161815 [DELETED] 

Lala is legitametely crazy, which really reflects on all the people who choose to stay in that server and feed her ego imo. They get off on making themselves feel better when they're all mediocre.

>> No.10161816 [DELETED] 

so does anyone have any caps or? this is all a lot of gossip but where are the receipts

>> No.10161818 [DELETED] 

Oh thank god, I’m not alone in my assessment to her. I’ve never spoken directly to her, just watched her and the girl needs to work on her crazy. But she’s rather treat anyone who isn’t a perfect puppet like they are stupid or crazy. Lol. It is so obvious in how she treats people in public. Can’t imagine what she’s like in her circle.

>> No.10161820 [DELETED] 

I'm not in any servers anymore, but if someone wants to step up go ahead. Pretty much everyone who's participated in the vetted server can confirm.

>> No.10161821 [DELETED] 

Sorry, no. I work and don’t have the time or energy to dig up her crap. Plus, receipts wouldn’t adequately paint the big picture it’d take to put her crazy on display. It is subtle, though cumulative. You just have to watch for yourself. Sorry.

>> No.10161825 [DELETED] 

im confused are lala and meme the same person

>> No.10161826 [DELETED] 

No, Lala is an overweight 30 something year old ita. Meme is actually pretty and well-dressed.

>> No.10161829 [DELETED] 

No, what? Meme is actually some creepy dude that orbits lolitas. I met him irl at a london meetup.

>> No.10161831 [DELETED] 

Do we know different memes? She was on VC a lot in the olde days. Or did I get bamboozled this hard

>> No.10161836

What do you think the best way would be to do that while still actively recruiting people? Just post it to /cgl/ and let people fade out in their own time till we have a group?

>> No.10161837

A new server could be cool! Especially if it's primarily VC. I'm just wondering if there are ways to avoid things going so south like they have for the discords over the past few years. Maybe voice will humanize the participants so people will remember not to be douchebags.

>> No.10161840

Vetted server has voice channel chats from time to time. I'm sure most people would be in. We've played d&d together before. The fairy kei server has horror manga reading nights and they have game nights whenever people are free.

>> No.10161841

Probably depends on how big you want it to me.

Drop your discord and I’ll reach out. No point is junking this thread up.

>> No.10161842

I'd be very interested in this, seconding your idea that it could humanize participants

>> No.10161843

>vetted server
I think that ship has sailed. Let it go and start a new one

>> No.10161845

Yeah, I want nothing to do with vetted’s vc. Too many crazies comfortable with being crazy, entitled, and toxic in the server.

>> No.10161846

we need a vetted-vetting server

>> No.10161849

We need a humanizing server. Where people come in without any preconceived conceptions and prove themselves over time through their behavior. >>10161837 finally boiled down what some are looking for. I want an intimate little place, where a bunch of others happen to be autistic over Lolita just like I am, but we listen to each other be humans. Few channels, few roles, brief invitation windows to limit the initial flood. There can be multiple servers like this.

>> No.10161852

So make it

>> No.10161854

This sounds completely ideal. Having multiple is an especially good idea so if one gets invaded by drama, the rest will still be good

>> No.10161856

Nah, I’d make a lousy mod, so no, I’d rather not subject anyone to my ineptitude. I don’t have the patience or serenity to handle a position like that.

Yeah. I mean if you don’t fit in with one group because your personalities just not click, then try another server?

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Okay, I have been the one talking about the voice server.
My discord is Emmylou#3886.
If you are interested in this idea hit me up and maybe we can have a movie night or something this week.

>> No.10161862

this is all good and nice to imagine but the second you don't do any vetting, dozens of male orbiters will come and i don't want to talk to them

>> No.10161864

That is why I am having people message me first. Then we can decide as a group from there how we want to decide if people can join.
It could all go wrong, I guess, but it doesn't hurt to try. It is really not that much effort.

>> No.10161866

You vet as you get to know. Kind of the point of emphasizing voice. Drop people who aren’t welcome, just like irl. People should be prepared to get dropped in the beginning.

>> No.10161872

I feel like vetting voice is easy because if people don't like you much they will probably show it more. It sounds harsh, but people will vet themselves if they are a jerk and people try to not talk to them.

>> No.10161874

Go to the happy place then. I've been in the vetting server since before it even was the vetting server and I've never had an issue with people. If you're an asshole, people will be an asshole too. If you're friendly and don't try and have a dick measuring contest 24/7 you'll be fine.

>> No.10161878

It was a vetting server since inception, try again rper

>> No.10161883

Don’t be so defensive.

>> No.10161884

Why is there a need for an entirely separate server when you can have channels set for admin only? Sounds like these people don’t know how to use Discord.

>> No.10161907

How do you know? The gull that invited me said it was and the name of the channel implied that's what it was for. I didn't even ask for the invite so there was no reason for that person to be lying.

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File: 133 KB, 1080x1245, tumblr_pchsmtJ0Bs1t4x8s0o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey man this is great but I think what you're describing is literally just a friend group. Go make a friend finder thread and pick out some people and see if you click. It sounds like a lolita server isn't really what you want. That's not a bad thing, but maybe you should try cultivating a friend group instead of sitting on your ass complaining that an apple can't be an orange.

>> No.10161913

Sounds like you’re the one complaining here. Anon is just giving ideas. Stop being so defensive over the vetted server, it’s not the only kind of server that can exist.

>> No.10161918

Not that person, but you are not wrong.
Doesn't mean this isn't another way to go about making friends though. I think a lot of the people are not pissy about the vetted server, it just wasn't for them. At least that is how I feel.

>> No.10161923

Nayrt but the vetted server has different questions and requires a coord pic. There are at least 2 lolita servers out there.

>> No.10161930

correct. There are two different servers. I'm assuming you're talking about the one with the pink logo. That one has a lobby and you have to answer a short questionnaire before you have access. It's literally just so the mods can give you roles. The real vetted server is black and gold and requires several coordinate shots. Both are honestly fine imo, the first one is definitely more for beginners. Can be hugboxy at times but it doesn't seem like a bad place to get basic info from.

>> No.10161938

Don’t forget about faxcgl

>> No.10161941

What is faxcgl?

>> No.10161943

eh faxcgl is really more /fa/ than any other fashion. There are like??? five people that are genuinely active in wearing jfashion on there.

>> No.10161945

If we're counting ALL the discords there's the yandere server, vetted, beginner, faxcgl, jfashion updates, lolibrary, oldschool, fairy kei, happy place, 'is milanoo safe', harajuku hellraisers (owned and moderated by a bunch of 12 year olds who don't wear jfash but think they do), j-fashion community, menhera, and the 'carnival kei' sever

>> No.10161956

I agree with you but this also means I can't participate since I usually use my phone while on transit or in line so I would hope there could still be a text based discord.

Like maybe theres just a requirement to chat via voice once a week or something.

>> No.10161959

That is what I am thinking. Maybe if you don't pop by in a month I would prune you out.

>> No.10162003

That's the thing though, perfectly friendly people are targeted by the mod of the server and her cronies.

>> No.10162006

Perhaps a different server for those with such concerns, and another for VC so users who want more voice than text. A lot of people have different tastes and different needs.

>> No.10162018
File: 186 KB, 736x960, thisasshole.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the voice server. Figure we can play it by ear and nuke it if it all goes wrong.

>> No.10162041

That's very reasonable.

>> No.10162248

I'm really interested in joining the lolibrary server, drop link?

>> No.10162439

It's listed on their patreon.

>> No.10162500

>invite expired
Are you no longer accepting members?

>> No.10162503

Any working invite for this? I really like old school.

>> No.10162562

nayrt but I started donating to lolibrary on patreon recently and tried to join the discord but when I click join on the site and it opens the app nothing happens. I’m not too savvy on how discord works, anyone else had this problem or is t just me?

>> No.10162805

The links just go bad fast. You are welcome in.

>> No.10163270

Is there an active server at all?

>> No.10163343

Define active? The lolita one is actively text posted on.

>> No.10163357

Try clicking the invite link they posted on the Discord post. It sounds like an issue with patreon. If that doesn't work, I'd try another browser or computer.

>> No.10163736

i need a faxcgl link

>> No.10163827

borders closed

>> No.10164063

what happened?

>> No.10164440

i mean, both the vetted and non-vetted servers are very active

>> No.10166965

>invite invalid
New link pls

>> No.10167008
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Same, hopefully a new link is posted eventually

>> No.10167025

>Maybe voice will humanize the participants so people will remember not to be douchebags.

I have some real bad news for you..

>> No.10167069

What happened?

>> No.10167071

I don't know what vetted means, but I joined one that seemed to be pretty dead.

>> No.10167074
File: 27 KB, 500x375, 1539817801418.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the link. Join the voice chat sometime if you want this server to work.

>> No.10167080

No one is ever going to voice chat idk why this is a thing. It’s going to always be dead and might as well delete it or set up other channels for discussion.

>> No.10167081

I met all my friends from /cgl/ in a voice chat like this.
It isn't a wild idea. If it doesn't work it is no big deal. It's free to try.

>> No.10168730

Does anyone have a link to the menhera server? The link on fymenhera is dead

>> No.10172391

Hey are there mods for the general not vetted lolita fashion server?

>> No.10173907

wasn't there usually also a thread for making friends? where did that go?

>> No.10173919

>yandere server
what? deets

>> No.10173939

it hit bump limit. start a new one?

>> No.10174421

I'm not good at that template shit

>> No.10174642

was in vetted discord and was basically asked to leave because I was too salty
>mfw I thought it was a gull server?
Also don’t fat shame in there, they’ll shit on anyone for any other reason but as soon as you say someone’s fat, they ATTACK.

>> No.10174646

Lol wait you’re complaining that we weren’t big enough cunts for you? Lmao

>> No.10174647

Yes, check the sidebar to see who's online

>> No.10174670

You have to get an invite for the vetted server?

>> No.10174685

Join the non vetted one and ask for it. They’ll give it to you

>> No.10174691

Oh wow that is pretty obvious. Thank you anon!!

>> No.10174911
File: 2.92 MB, 287x204, what's_going_on.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>gull server
>I was too salty


>> No.10175013

My thoughts exactly!

>> No.10175089

It's a gull server but it's not a dickbag RP-er server. You weren't banned for saying someone was fat, you were banned for being a cunt in general.

>> No.10175092

Hi A. You were asked to leave because no one liked you lol

>> No.10175133

i miss meme

>> No.10175143

Were you the one who was trying to get us to shit on a girl just for working at Walmart?

>> No.10175149

where did she go

>> No.10175156

she traveled to the US in March and then immediately after, she started asking if anyone wanted to buy stuff from her lolita wardrobe.

>> No.10175586

yeah people in vetted server are delusional

>> No.10175590

NAYRT, but were they shitting on someone who wore j-fashion and worked at Walmart? If so, seems fair to me desu

>> No.10175591


>> No.10175776

discord.gg/ZWQ6qq4 for the vetted server (black and gold logo)

discord.gg/evW7YuC for the beginner/all levels server

>> No.10175779

I would like to join the vetted server to learn more about Lolita fashion

>> No.10175780


>> No.10175798

Fuck off Soup

>> No.10175835

Don’t be unpleasant. Is that the attitude you should be showing to someone who is new and wants to get into Lolita fashion?

>> No.10175849


>> No.10175855

For you? Yes

>> No.10176322

...Then post here instead of in a Discord.

>> No.10176406

the vetted server isnt for n00bs, lurk moar or join a newb discord.

>> No.10176607


What sort of topics have come up in the VC lolita server? I'm a little new to lolita so idk if I should join.

>> No.10176643

We mostly have a bunch of weird voice chats right now. It is just casual chat, you shouldn't feel pressured to only talk about lolita, but it is a good jumping off point.
We are not that hardcore, if you are new it should be fine.

>> No.10176665

They haven't had a single voice chat, but someone made a bunch of weird channels recently as a joke

>> No.10176666 [DELETED] 

We were in voice chat yesterday.

>> No.10176695

>tfw they banned me for being depressed

>> No.10176701


I'll lurk in the lolita threads some more then. Thanks for the suggestion.

>> No.10176777

is meme leaving lolita?

>> No.10176845

Who is she and what does she look like?

>> No.10176891

whats the point of a voice chat server if you're not going to even voice chat?

>> No.10176902

We have had VC, they probably missed them. Not a lot of people have joined in, looking for people not afraid to jump in.

>> No.10176907

idk i just thought she was funny and i heard shes selling all her stuff

>> No.10182678

nounoun has returned, awkward

>> No.10182801

nobody cares funk

>> No.10182803

Ya funk we’re all tired of your tea

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