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>Un-Birthday when AP?

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This weekend

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That bodice is so sad. Sigh

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Are you kidding me? I assumed it was a summer release. Fuck. Are my chances of getting it second hand completely fucked?

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Yes, RIP poorfag-chan

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It's sad being a poorfag. Catch me selling dollar store pussy on the corner just for the latest AP release.

Just kidding, so you know.
>inb4 someone screeches about how all poorfags are disgusting prostitutes and derails the thread

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I'll pay if you also do cuddles and wouldn't mind twining OTT classic shit for a photoshoot. I have two perfectly matching coords ready but no classic lolita friends to twin with me
>tfw lonely bisexual classicfag

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Speaking of Imai Kira, is there a store in Japan where I could buy her stuff?

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I saw some at Marui Annex in Shinjuku

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Doesn’t she have some stuff listed on her website?

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Really? Have any more photos been released?

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Nyart, but literally things I wouldn't mind doing for free.

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Sign me the fuck up.

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What is the point of getting excited over AP releases anymore when they don't bother releasing socks and hair bows half the time? Much less cutsews or other cute matching accessories. So lazy.

>tfw there will never be another collection like milky fawn again

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I at least like buying the matching headwear and socks. I like collecting the jewelry. I don't always wear them together, but I like having every piece from a set I really love.

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Don't forget the jewelry or the wonder trip regimental set

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Damn. This is prime AP. I actually feel something when I look at this

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I've never even particularly liked milky fawn but there's so much more soul in this collection than more recent ones

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What? I just bought a bunch accessories from AP USA.. are you looking at categories? Or do you mean you want matching stuff released along with the dresses?

They usually do that but from what I've seen they stock them at later dates.

I dunno. Maybe just learn how to match stuff from other sets.

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Yes, I was talking in terms of complete sets and accessories/cutsews/socks that go alongside releases. Lately we are lucky to get a skirt release, much less socks or a cutsew.

>learn how to match stuff from other sets
wow what a genius you are, i never would've thought to do that!

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Dreaming macaron had some of the cutest purses released along with it

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Switch to baby

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People stopped buying their skirts so they stopped making them.

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Whatevs. What you want does happen though. You just gotta learn to be patient and keep checking their stock.

Maybe hit up some in store SS too. I've been to both Ap and baby in store and they have all kinds of stuff besides dresses. From current or past releases too.

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Do you have access to their financial administration? Other lolita brands still make skirts. Many lolitas bought their skirts more often than OPs because they were more affordable.

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You are confused. They still do. They never did release them all on the same date so I don't know what you're even talking about.

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don't bother. They came off grumpy as fuck about this.

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I doubt it’s coming out this weekend. The special set isn’t releasing till July though?

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AP is literally a fast fashion brand now. Cute matching sets take time and different factories, so different release schedules. Gotta get the stuff out as soon as possible, and you can't risk releasing the matching cardigan a month later when your customers will have already moved on to the next hot set.

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Socks, hair bows and purses definitely did used to come out on the same date, how new are you? They used to be featured on the page detailing the release. Look at this and compare it to the whopping one OP and two JSKs released for Fruity Lemon.

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I can post a million of these and they almost all contain headwear and socks

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yea right? i was really hoping for cute lemon accessories!

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>one OP and two JSKs
There were 2 JSKs? I thought there was only one. Either way it's pretty pathetic. That chick alone is a missed opportunity for accessories.

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Imagine if they released the chick bag again! That would be so amazing

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Bought the JSK, necklace, bracelet, ring, bonnet, wristcuffs, tights and ankle socks at release. Got the headbow and OTK socks (released later I believe?) when the MTO was open.

There's been new releases lately where the socks will go online a few weeks later, or jewelry MAY come out a few weeks later. But sometimes there's nothing extra to match beyond the headbow and main piece.

I mean I know seagulls gonna shit on fullset-chans, but I wish they'd offer a little more.

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ap is normie tier lolita

not to say there aren't some good releases but ap has turned into normie tier kawaii clothing

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Holy shit that would be so cute. It'd most likely sell out instantly too. Instead they couldn't even put out a pair of socks with this release. What a shame. It just feels like there's no heart and soul in these recent collections.

The way I feel about AP's current offerings at this point isn't even angry, I'm just disappointed.

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Pics of the special set?

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Wow, you're right there was only one JSK. My own brain is trying to rewrite history to make AP better than it really is.

I don't even think its necessary to wear everything as a fullset. I have the Dreaming Macaron cutsew, its adorable and goes with many items in my wardrobe. It's just more interesting than "standard pink cutsew with puff sleeves" and AP occasionally releasing a gingham cutsew.

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you seriously need it to come out all at once.

you are too fucking impatient.

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I really wish cottons would come back. I hope AP will be the first to put out something other than plastic bottles.

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The point is that now that even when it doesn't come out all at once, it is still sparse and lackluster. And there is no reason it can't come out all at once. It just shows me that AP doesn't put as much effort and thought into their current collections as they used too.

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>sparse and lackluster.
No, it isn't.

When I went to AP I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices I had. It was hard to choose just one blouse, bag, and shoes. They have all kinds of stuff.

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It's not necessary to wear everything. But some people like to collect everything.

At the AP panel at Tekko, it was mentioned that they're leaning more toward chiffon and polyester pieces because they take up less room and are more popular choices by customers for this fact.

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Try actually reading their old blogs instead of going off pictures.

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Fuck I want chick-chan

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I agree

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this release was great - two different skirt cuts and different headbow options even.

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?? AP and Moitie are the only brands that use polyester for literally everything. Why would AP be the "first" to change that?

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Fellow set-chan here, I agree with you, I love it when I get a dress in two colours/cuts and also own the matching headbow, different matching socks, matching jewellery with the exactly matching motif on it, totebags, brollies, themed plushie bag, even the matching blouses, brollies, totebags and whatever else. Especially if I really, really love a particular release, and no, I don't mind waiting for them, I've lived through various chocolate releases where the bags always seem to be whole months behind the dress releases.

I think the reason AP doesn't do them anymore isn't so much they're cheaping out, it's the same story as the skirts. How many times do you hear people complain that AP jewellery is cheap plastic, or the matching tights are too busy, or $40 for tights they'll rip with their toenails is highway robbery, or they'd rather do another blouse than buy the matching blouse because it's unoriginal and uncreative. And even when they're full-on AP fans, quite a lot of girls have themes they collect, so rather than buy a fullset DDC they'd just wear them with the OTKs from Sugary Carnival instead.

I hate that AP stopped making fuller sets, but I think it's not that they're lazy -- why wouldn't they make more stuff if it makes them more money? I think people just stopped buying all the extras that go with a full set, so now AP is more cautious about committing money to making large scale full collections of things.

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I wonder why btssb still releases full sets (including skirts) if that's the case? I guess their socks are sturdier but their accessories seem the same as APs. Aren't the people who buy btssb the same people who buy AP?

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If you went to their sales, you’d see that there’s tons of leftover small accessories from different series (majority socks/tights and jewelry).

Japanese AP diehards are usually a little more weird “alternative” people, while BtSSB is Misako skinwalkers. AP staffs have lots of piercing, fat girls, unusual hair color, crazy talon nails etc. Baby is very plain, Pirates staff is a little more edgy tho

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Me too, I wish they'd release one that's modified a bit to match Fruity Lemon. Flower head chick-chan pls

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I've never seen those complaints outside of cgl.

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This thread might as well be the AP general

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What other brands have new releases worth discussing right now?

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How do you keep your things wrinkle free? Especially Jane Marple. I can spend an hour ironing 1 dress and by the end of the day all the wrinkles are back.

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I mean, when brands start announcing better releases, I’ll talk about them then. Honestly even Imai Kira does her own thing, not all of her products are exclusively AP. She collars with a lot of home goods and doll brands probably more so then she does AP. Her AP items are usually just easier to get ahold of.

>Silent Moon re-release when?

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The general isn't only for new releases. Much of this thread is nostalgia for old AP sets.

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Spray on starch!

>> No.10150084

That sounds damaging for delicate or soft fabrics

>> No.10150086

It washes out. Anyway, anon mentioned Jane Marple, so I assumed she was talking about their cotton pieces, which wrinkle easily for sure. VM too.

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Harajuku Hearts, the store that shares space with Angelic Pretty USA, carries Imai Kira. I don't know how their selection compares with other stores, but depending on where you live it might be a good option. Looking over the selection, they have a lot of post cards and stickers right now. They do carry her clothing pieces too, but they are currently sold out.

Also I noticed that this store now carries Emily Temple Cute, so that brand is now avilable in the US.

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I'd recommend a steamer! They're way more gentle on clothes than ironing, plus the steam also works to sanitize clothing, since it's hot enough to kill bacteria. I bought one a while ago and it's worlds better than ironing.

>> No.10150107

Stupid question, but does steaming reduce the number of times you need to wash? Obviously still gonna wash my clothes, but thinking more so of reducing the amount of times I need to dry clean some delicate pieces, so they last longer.

>> No.10150109

As far as I'm aware, it doesn't replace actual washing. Because the temp kills bacteria, that would prevent odours, but you should still wash your clothes regularly to remove the oils and other particles that your skin can leave on the fabrics. Iirc there's also a cleaning solution you can put in the steamer, but that can cause build-up of residue inside the machine, so you're better off with just water.

>> No.10150122

>>10150086 >>10150102 >>10150107 >>10150109
Steamers are very useful; so is straightening out a garment after washing it. When it comes to cotton blouses, one of the best ways to avoid wrinkles is just to hang it up on a clothes hanger on like the frame of an open door. Then smooth it out by hand while it's wet and tug at edges that have curled in the wash. Wait for it to dry, then consider any steaming or ironing.

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she has a website too, but she posts updates on her IG where to buy her stuff in person in japan.

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I'm pretty sure we know each other anywayyys

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Gulls who travel often, how do you clean your fancier clothes when visiting a very hot and humid area (e.g. Singapore/asia)? Do you avoid wearing them period or just spot clean until you're back from your trip?

There's a couple of OPs (like pic related) I'd like to bring for meets but I'm anxious I won't be able to clean them properly abroad. In the past I've stuck to solids or something I don't mind throwing in the hotel washing machine. Should I scrap this idea all together and opt for something more casual?

>> No.10150212

Undershirts and sweat guards. Plus airing them out and spot cleaning until I get home. Personally I don't trust hotel washing machines, but I have been to a hotel that had an automatic clothing steamer on the lounge level.

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Not sure where to post this... feels thread? But I'm not sure what's going on with my wardrobe. None of my old dream dresses are my dream dresses now, and my new dream dresses probably wouldn't suit me. I know I should stick to my style and what I know, and I'd look less good if I change my style, but I can't help it.
What do I do? I know I can't recoup the money I spent on my wardrobe but I can't just start a whole new wardrobe from scratch.

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Think about which clothes you currently own that you want to wear most often. Buy more like that, and sell the things you don't like to wear anymore, even if you lose money. Or try to trade them before selling.

>> No.10150233

Why not just keep the wardrobe growing with the new style. Identify what exactly makes you not look good in the new style and try to work on it. Get cuts that suit your body type, or learn how to do better makeup. I think almost everyone can make a style work for them if they just try hard enough to improve and figure out what really works. Even when people say things like "he'd face doesn't suit sweet" I think that can totally be improved with makeup.

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Does anyone else get turned away from buying an item when it’s listed as “plus size friendly” and it’s not NWT? I always get anxious that the seller is fat and has stretched out the shirting/seams and isn’t disclosing it. Even if it’s listed in very good condition and they say they’ve only tried it on or worn it once i instantly think they fucked it up. Maybe I’ve just had too many “plus size” lolitas sell me items with busted shirring.

>> No.10150237

I'm in the same boat, I did what >>10150233 recommends and it's been helping me satisfy my curiosity and regain my love for my existing wardrobe. I realized part of me just got tired of wearing the same "style" all the time, I'm sure it happens to the best of us.

If budget or space is an issue, try purging your least worn and easiest to replace pieces to make room for new items.

>> No.10150240

When I have trouble with my wardrobe I ask the capsule wardobe thread to make me a new one lol

>> No.10150243

Yes, though sometimes I just look at the photos and the seller and cross my fingers.

>> No.10150272

Definitely. I'm small so even minorly stretched shirring means it won't fit me. I immediately assume they've stretched it out.

>> No.10150295

Same, I know it can be mean but I also try to avoid selling to plus sized people whenever possible. It's harsh but I hate to see brand be ruined by people who can't be bothered to take care of their bodies before trying to wear the fashion.

>> No.10150297

no, but that's because I'm a plus sized lolita, I look at the photos/request more if need be, and I know how to replace elastic.
I've bought several dresses from Japan 2ndhand that were hung/stored wrong and have replaced shirring.

>> No.10150303

I live in a hot+humid climate. I have to wash my clothes after basically every wear, so I avoid OPs. I wear skirts and simple blouses or cutsews that I can just chuck in the washing machine. I also have a few JSKs that I'll wear without a blouse if it's going to be extremely hot or if I'll be outside a lot.

That OP you posted looks like it would be nightmarish on a hot day. Long sleeves and a high neck? Plus you'd want to wear an undershirt and sweat guards with it, which adds extra layers.

>> No.10150351

No but my dream dress is very rare and I try to keep track of who owns it so I can follow possible facebook sales from them (in case they ever leave lolita). Unfortunately the only people I know who own it do not fit the dress. I believe one of them only keeps it for collection purposes, but the other wears it and I can't imagine it doesn't physically hurt her. There is no shirring and when she wears it it looks like it can rip apart at any moment.

>> No.10150353

Wow what dress is that?

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I wonder how you are judging if someone is fat or not. I'm definitely fat by cgl standards but I have no trouble buying brand.

>> No.10150406

>Harajuku Hearts, the store that shares space with Angelic Pretty USA
This phrasing is misleading. I went to the store last summer and it's just a small boutique and they carry mostly AP as well as other brands, for instance, Listen Flavor.

>> No.10150409

Enjoy your bubble I guess.

>> No.10150411

Fat enough to stretch shirring and big ol boobs

>> No.10150417

>someone asks for stores that sell imai kira in japan
>tell them about a store in US

>> No.10150426

And how do you find that out exactly? How do you know that the buyer is fat?

>> No.10150458

Harajuku Hearts is a seperate company from AP USA who share the same floor space split down the middle. That's why they have two seperate websites and buying items from one side of the store does not nessesarily qualify you for event tickets hosted by the other side of the store.
Sorry if they had low stock when you visited it last time. Depending on the day I often see 2-10 main pieces by Enchantlic Enchantilly or Atelier Pierrot. It does seem like their items from Listen Flavor and Qpot get restocked more often though.

I missed that o.o; I saw someone asking about Imai Kira and I didn't get the part about wanting to find it in Japan.

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Let's talk about Silent Moon pls

>I need something to ease my expectations.

- Should we hope for general releases with this print? (bags, phone cases, pillows, scrunchies etc.)

- How much do you believe it will cost? Holy Angel is ¥35,640 right now, so something around it, maybe?

- Should we hope for a release on the last quarter of this year?

- Does anyone have more info on the yukata Moitié is going to release?

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Let's talk about Silent Moon pls

>I need something to ease my expectations.

- Should we hope for general releases with this print? (bags, phone cases, pillows, scrunchies etc.)

- How much do you believe it will cost? Holy Angel is ¥35,640 right now, so something around it, maybe?

- Should we hope for a release on the last quarter of this year?

- Does anyone have more info on the yukata Moitié is going to release?

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Lurk more newfag.

>> No.10150466

>Harajuku Hearts is a seperate company from AP USA who share the same floor space split down the middle
Yeah but it's not like that in the actual store.

Also what the fuck, I never complained about their low stock? Their stock was fine when I visited. I was just pointing out that it was disappointing to go there thinking the store was split down the middle and it was two shops sharing the same building but really it's just AP and they happen to have other brands too.

Baby on the other hand is part of a 3 story building that shares space with one other kawai store (I don't remember the name but they had some liz lisa looking stuff as well as a ton of fairy kei stuff) as well as a tea shop.

>> No.10150473

Anon, it's not like they'll ever be able to buy it if it's as rare as you say it is.

>> No.10150475

This might sound gross but how do I wash OPs and get the smell out of the armpit area. I always notice that the armpits smell but I can’t get it out even when I try to wash so I just hang them in the closet and then next time I go to wear them spray perfume at the armpits and hope nobody notices,

>> No.10150480

I'm in the same boat. loved sweet and one day i just thought, do i like this anymore? I get so much less attention in gothic and I'm just tired of feeling like someone out there may see me as a ageplayer... plus i just have grown to really appreciate gothic lolita. it's so nice.
Honestly if you don't like what you have, sell it slowly. Take your time with it. I'm sure theres a few pieces you still like, so keep those until you tire of them too. There's no rush to change, but you should have a wardrobe you like.

>> No.10150481

>so I just hang them in the closet and then next time I go to wear them spray perfume at the armpits and hope nobody notices
noooooooo don't do that, anon!

Try hand washing with neutral soap, please. You can pour water only in the armpit area and scrub it by hand until the smells go away. If it doesn't solve the problem, try checking the internet for homemade recipes for taking the smell away from clothes (there are some with baking soda and lemon out there). But first try it on small part of the fabric to check if it reacts.

>> No.10150485

I do scrub but I don’t want to damage the fabric.

>> No.10150489

I'm not the anon who replied with ''sus'' lol Idek what they mean with that. I ignored the person asking what dress it is because I don't want gulls to figure out who I was talking about.

>> No.10150493

You can say this about literally any platform where lolita is talked about. It even applies more to amino and fb then to cgl.

>> No.10150496

If it's cotton, you don't have to worry too much. Worry only if it's too old or too thin. I wash most of my dresses by hand and never had any problem. Try applying oxygen cleaners if you need (watch out for the coloured ckothing alternative).

>> No.10150499

Probably Shirring Ribbon OP.

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New IW Release
>Classical Rose Lace Dress
>Three colourways, two lengths

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>> No.10150529

Not sure if worth the price being a solid dress from IW, but it's really beautiful with a mature air around it. I'd consider wearing it for daily errands.

>> No.10150539

That's what lolita dresses normally cost

>> No.10150542

My thoughts exactly. It's gorgeous and I want it, but I hesitate to buy from IW new because their sales often have the solid pieces I want and a lot of their stuff shows up second-hand pretty often.

>> No.10150545


That’s how much IW dresses cost.

If they slap a horrid print on with no detailing, no lace, nothing, you seriously would pay more for that instead of thoughtful details and clear attention to the little things?

>> No.10150547

I've been feeling similar to this recently too. In the last couple of months a bunch of dresses I considered DDs have come up either secondhand or MTO and I've honestly felt nothing about them. I'm not really even interested in having them anymore I guess. Most of my wardrobe is gothic, but I have a few sweet and classic pieces too. I'm starting to feel pretty bored with my sweeter pieces and feel like I've gotten as much possible wear out of them as I can (they're mostly OPs) I want to sell them off but I always worry I'll regret it and miss those pieces.

Guess I'm just bored but scared to try anything new. I do love most of my wardrobe but it's made me really reconsider what my personal style is within lolita and if traditional lolita fashion is even my thing anymore. I find myself more interested in pieces that lean more aristocrat or more otome rather than lolita. I guess I'm not so much switching substyles like you are but more transitioning towards 'sister' styles? The pieces I'm getting sick of are the ones I feel can only really be worn in my old style, but like you I don't just have unlimited money to magic up a new wardrobe overnight.

Maybe you can try cycling through your wardrobe one dress out one dress in until you feel you have a clear idea of what you want to wear and what suits you? Sell off the pieces you feel are totally not your style anymore first and see where you want to go from there. You will have to put in some money but at least you won't be totally starting from zero that way.

>> No.10150548 [DELETED] 

I worked on a lolita related project on my computer for almost 24 hours straight two weeks ago. My wrist has been hurting since then. I'm scared I may have given myself RSI or something. All I think about about is my project which I've shelved until I'm better. I really want to work on it, but until my wrist gets unfucked I'm scared to touch it.

>> No.10150551

I'm used to paying this price to AtePie and would very much be glad to pay this price to Moitie's solids, but being IW and 100% polyester Chambray, I'd probably consider something around ¥20,000.

>> No.10150552

>Bust 95cm
>Waist 72cm


>> No.10150554

I like this release and want to get the grey one, but I am kinda sad they didn't release it with more "spring" colors/print.

>> No.10150555

This. It's the fabric that makes it not quite worth it to me

>> No.10150557

Try growing some tits

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>> No.10150566

I want to make fun of you but I'm glad you're asking at the same time. Please don't do this. People will notice!

Look, lolita is not nearly as uguu delicate as people make it out to be. You shouldn't throw everything in the washing machine but that doesn't mean it can't be washed or it just disintegrates. It's like normal clothing but sturdier, and sometimes there is special care.
What you need to do with your ops is gently soak the bodice in water and what I like to do is put some woolite in my hand and rub it over the armpit area. You don't need to scrub hard, just rub it in. Let it soak for a little while and rinse it.
The only things you shouldn't do this with are like old white and red mix items. But you probably don't have that.

>> No.10150568

Another thing you can do is use nature's miracle in the soak if the smell is really bad

>> No.10150601

I hope this doesn't sell quickly.

>> No.10150636

I feel this so much. I pretty much stopped looking for my dream dresses like I just don’t care anymore. But I want to care so I feel bad about it. It’s sad, but my interest seems to be pulled towards more casual fashion, like MILK and Katie and those sorts of brands. I have a hard time selling off my wardrobe though because of other people. My friends suggest I wear it all the time and it feels like such a burden.

I considered slowly switching to classic (currently sweet) because it’s less attention grabby and awkward but I’m not sure the toned down colors suit me so idk.

And I do like the dresses I have, I’m just not sure I like how they look on me anymore.

>> No.10150661

don't feel sad about changing or experimenting with different styles.

>> No.10150734

>I want to care so I feel bad about it.
> I do like the dresses I have, I’m just not sure I like how they look on me anymore.
I can relate. I have a lot of OTT gothic and sweet pieces with gothic motifs (think AP halloween prints) I love them on other people and I don't think when you reach a certain age or whatever you have to dress down, but I just don't feel super comfortable in them anymore. While I have a thick skin, I'm also a very private person so I don't really feel super comfortable in more attention grabby pieces covered in coffins and shit. I just feel like it's not really 'me' anymore either and I find myself wearing my more classic pieces more. I also hate to say it but I'm also just really over petticoats. The silhouette was never what drew me to the fashion. I prefer the longer, elegant silhouettes in aristocrat and the easy free silhouettes of otome much more and even within lolita I tend to buy mostly pieces that deviate from the 'main' silhouettes.

It just makes me sad because I used to love wearing lolita so much and being part of the subculture but now I just feel kinda indifferent to it. I still love most of the stuff in my wardrobe, but I don't really get excited about the fashion itself anymore. I've been wearing some of my more casual and classic pieces in different ways now but still I feel like there's only so many new things I can try before the way I wear my clothes isn't lolita anymore. But overall I think I want to try new things more than I want to be a lolita. Still, it's just hard letting go of a subculture that's been a big part of my life for years. I'm probably still always going to wear jfash though.

>> No.10150737

basically all of atelier pierrot's dresses are 100% polyester
I bought a brand new one of theirs a month ago and you can throw that shit in the washing machine

>> No.10150743


get a pushup bra of doom from aliexpress. Literally any princessy looking pushup bra will come with ridiculous padding.

>> No.10150746

Vinegar gets a lot of smells and stains out, but you do need to test how it'll react on the fabric and you will need to properly wash it to get the vinegar itself out.

Aside from that, it's probably better for you to invest in some underarm guards after cleaning so you can clean those rather than worrying about the OPs.

>> No.10150791
File: 38 KB, 450x600, 35136ae8-47fa-4246-bf8e-c87e57c3f338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Don't kid yourself, anon. Their releases have shrunk as well. There was a time when it would not only come out with two cuts of jsk and skirt and socks but also mutliple types of headwear and complete sets of jewellery.

Look up the full release for Scheherazade. Two jsk cuts and skirt, plus an actual set matching blouse, matching choker, and then your choice of four different headwear: A headbow, a headdress, some tiny hairpins, and a whopping $250 Mystic Pearl Lariat headdress.

Some of their non-print releases are as small as AP's, just barely some main pieces and a some bows. Their "big" hyped up print releases with multiple jsks and skirts don't always have matching jewellery anymore, let alone 4 different hair accessories.

>> No.10150798


I think the old trick I learned was to simply soak it/put it with only baking soda. Apparently it absorbs smells whether it's dry or wet, so if you're worried about fabric damage you might just put it in a bag with the powder and see if it works first. I usually soak my laundry overnight with a cup of baking soda.

Worth giving a shot before you bust out the lemon juice and vinegar.

>> No.10150805

Getting 20cm of padding seems a bit too much for me, but I'll try that someday. Thanks, anon.

For the waist I'd need very tight tied waist ties too...

>> No.10150807

Don't do that or else you'll look disproportionate. Forget this dress and go search for brands that catter to smaller sizes

>> No.10150846

Why not just keep solids you can wear with Milk and Katie? I think I saw a lolita hybrid capsule wardrobe with Milk and Katie once but I cant find it now

>> No.10150847

Can't relate at all. I started to change style a couple of years ago, but I feel happy getting rid of pieces I didn't love to wear anymore, even though I still appreciated the clothes. Other people are always so excited to receive secondhand brand in good condition and for me it means I get some money and space to buy new things in my preferred style.

>> No.10150851

>>10150636 >>10150846
I second this hybrid wardrobe idea. Also consider trying "out of genre" petticoats with your Lolita pieces to see if having the poof rest differently makes you more or less comfortable with the pieces on your body now. Lolita has a specific shape but if you're going casual / hybrid wardrobe then it's worth exploring.

Also consider, if there's a main piece you can't part with, but the cut doesn't suit you; perhaps turn it into a skirt. It requires some sewing know-how, but I did that with a print I loved but all the dress cuts were unflattering. It was a "loss" in the sense I ruined the resell value, but now I wear that piece all the time because I can totally wear it as a skirt with either a Lolita blouse or a casual / normie t-shirt.

>> No.10150853

Wanted to just add to the skirt thing; for Lolita I still wear a classical puppets petticoat under it, but for casual wear I use a vintage soft petticoat from the 1950s. In most cases a Lolita dress-to-skirt will always need a petticoat or it will look sad, but you can adjust that volume nob up and down to make it more pronounced or casual.

>> No.10150880

I'm just gonna get the dress tailored to fit me.

>> No.10150893
File: 228 KB, 1500x900, fat-pony.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It will look even better than if they had made the right size.
What a happy ending.

>> No.10150941

I love love love the upper part but kinda think that it would be more balanced if it had some of that nice lace on the yoke peek from the hem too.

>> No.10150954


You don't necessarily need 20cm, just enough to make it look loose, but not like two plastic bags. For the waist ties, I would just adjust them to make it look as proportionate as possible.

Idk i work with so many size issues in lolita I've become very much less tuned towards fit. I can't imagine how people my size work with AP desu.

>> No.10150961

Hard agree. Innocent world has had this problem with a lot of its dresses recently . Sad

>> No.10150966

Does anyone feel that a lot of times lolita quality is just not worth the price? I know all of the work that goes into design and that it's made in limited quantities. But I can't help feeling snubbed when I pay $200-300 for a brand dress and it feels like it's made of paper, has loose threads and buttons, and cheap ribbons.

>> No.10150968 [DELETED] 

Yeah that’s why I rarely buy from baby/aatp. Especially aatp

>> No.10150974


some of their older prints aren't even set. if it gets wet, they just run. I prefer AP and Moitie's quality and construction.

>> No.10150977 [DELETED] 

Over the years I’ve owned a LOT of baby pieces, and only one of them was lined. Every single AP piece I’ve ever had was lined. Also AP rarely leaves their waist ties unlined but baby does that all the time. And anything that has boning from baby just isn’t worth it. It just feels so flimsy compared to AP.

>> No.10150978 [DELETED] 

Adding to this. I usually own meta and AP pieces. The first time I bought baby was twinkle constellation. I bought it NWT and it came with the underdress part super thready and looking like it had ripped off from being sewn on and I had gotten a damaged item. Nope. Bought a second one a month later in a different colorway and that one was just as shitty.

>> No.10150980

I used to own an old meta lucky pack dress and a main release baby dress in the same fabric but different colourways. The meta one was lined, had good quality channeled shirring, and had a very solid zipper. The baby one was unlined, had shitty shirring that was sewn across the elastic, and the zipper was very sticky and hard to pull up. Baby's designs are gorgeous but their quality can be embarrassingly low.

>> No.10150982

Depends on which brand you buy from I guess. IW never disappointed me, personally, and VM's construction and quality is superb and definitely worth the price as well.

>> No.10150983

It's true. Baby's known for their faulty construction and bitchy overseas customer service but they are one of the top tier brands. That being said tho, lately i've just been a total AP addict

>> No.10150985

I've gotten a couple of unlined things from IW, but they're always dresses made in that thick poly-but-nice material that's meant to be super washable. VM has always been great but I did have issues with a dress from Beth that yellowed within a month. It was really weird, none of my other white dresses have done that.

>> No.10150986

I feel like JetJ's stuff is similar in quality and style to brands like Ted Baker more than lolita brands, I feel like they get a lot of criticism for their fabric choices, but their fabric choices are often quite luxurious just very fine and light. But I still find them overpriced and I don't usually wear my JetJ dresses as lolita anymore.

>> No.10150988

>hard letting go of a subculture that's been a big part of my life for years
I know exactly how you feel. Mind if I ask how long you've been in the fashion? I used to wear sweet almost daily for half a decade, but I think at some point I just realized I'm not invested in having the clothes be such a defining and sometimes inhibiting aspect of my life. I agree the best coping mechanism is simply to stop treating our clothes as "lolita" pieces and to start wearing them in more comfortable ways outside the fashion.

Also recommending trying different volumes of poof for casual wear. On the day to day I opt for a much smaller a-line just to make my sweet pieces look a little more reasonable.

I do still get people recognizing the style as lolita but no one has posted me to cgl or anything like that. Even if they did, it's not hard to figure out I'm trying to run errands from the context.

>> No.10150998

Absolutely. The only brand I’ve bought that is worth the price for construction and materials is Mary Magdalene — if anything, their original prices were too low, which may be why they’re barely in business any more. Very close to couture in quality. I’ve seen the insides of mid century Dior pieces and older MM approaches that level of thoughtful, high quality construction down to the lining.

>> No.10151000

I recently bought a dress new from Baby with a faulty zipper and they replaced it completely with no attitude. Was it in the past where the service was bad?

>> No.10151001

Where are they "known for faulty construction"? Surely not the same places where people are aware of bodyline, taobao and AP being manufactured in Myanmar?

>> No.10151002

If anything I feel like normie brands are too cheap. At least lolita designers and seamstresses get hopefully paid a living wage.

>> No.10151003 [DELETED] 

You must be new, people have bitched about baby’s construction since I was new in 2010.

You also must be new to not know of Baby’s penchant for blacklisting and casual racism towards western customers. I remember the “so sorry we know Americans are quick to anger” emails.

>> No.10151005 [DELETED] 

>not knowing about baby’s blacklisting

I really wish newfags would lurk for a while before posting.

>> No.10151007

I don't think lining or lack thereof necessarily indicates quality, IW's unlined pieces are just as well constructed as their lined pieces.

>> No.10151008

Most of them are underpriced in my opinion (except for jetj). Look at what $2-300 buys you in normie clothes and it's utter trash. Lolita dress patterns are way more complicated than anything you can find in stores.

>> No.10151010


>Look at what $2-300 buys you in normie clothes and it's utter trash.

>> No.10151013


I would disagree. Some of their dresses would drape much better over a petti if lined. Plus, these are their winter dresses. If it was their summer releases that were not lined, that would make sense, but their recent winter release line did not feel luxurious or for colder weather at all. It just felt like polyester tents.

>> No.10151021 [DELETED] 

>jannies deleting on topic discussion about brand quality

Whoever hired this new janny needs to fire them. They keep deleting relevant posts.

>> No.10151030 [DELETED] 

Apparently if you made a troll post somewhere else they now delete all of your posts everywhere

>> No.10151031 [DELETED] 



seems like a pointless endeavor.

>> No.10151036 [DELETED] 

They deleted at least two separate peoples posts just now that were completely on topic and in no way reminiscent of trolling. This new dumbass needs to learn how to delete posts with discretion. It’s directly counter productive to the point of janitors and moderation to delete posts that are on topic.

They d o i t f o r f r e e.

>> No.10151037 [DELETED] 


i feel like people who like power tripping or have friends to 'protect' on here are the only ones applying. fault of the system i guess.

>> No.10151040 [DELETED] 

>tfw someone who’s obviously tumblr tier sensitive has become a janitor on /cgl/

A sad day in gull history. Maybe this new jannie should scrape the sand out of her vagina and stop powertripping.

>> No.10151042

This isn't washing advice, but there is such a thing as "armpit pads" that you can put in the armpit area of your dress. It might help to reduce smells in the future

>> No.10151052


She just posted a video of one of her skirts to IG, and the poof does not look impressive. Looks like it can barely hold a CP daily A-line.

>> No.10151054


meant to reply to >>10148315

>> No.10151060

This. Especially with some items still being made in Japan.

>> No.10151063 [DELETED] 

>check the achives
>posts telling anons to lurk more before posting, educating them on board terms, telling them to visit another board for offtopic shit or explaining why selfposting as a hamplanet is not a good idea got deleted
Wew lad. Hiro really doesn't give a shit anymore.

>> No.10151067 [DELETED] 

sorry for samefagging but holy shit mods take a look at who you're hiring. It gets worse the further you go. Is everything that's not super sugar coated a reason for deletion now?

>> No.10151072 [DELETED] 

Those posts were probably mass deleted because of something else those anons posted like >>10151030 said

>> No.10151080 [DELETED] 

That doesn’t make it okay. Mods are deleting things that are productive and informative to others. I got all my posts deleted once because of replying “sure jan” ONCE.

>> No.10151093 [DELETED] 

you were probably contributing to the derailment of a thread dummy

>> No.10151097 [DELETED] 

Are you literally retarded? Posting a common /cgl/ meme ONCE does not validate mods power tripping and deleting tons of actual useful posts. At this point, they are doing more harm than good.

>> No.10151104 [DELETED] 

are you seriously sitting there and trying to tell me that Sure Jan is a useful post?
maybe stop shitting up threads and try *only* posting useful content.
maybe more warnings and actual bans need to get doled out so you stop a-bloobloo-ing about deletions.

>> No.10151105 [DELETED] 

If you have this much of a stick up your butt about post content and quality how can you stand being on cgl at all?? this attitude is blowing my mind, did you warp here from livejournal circa 2011? or is this bait?

>> No.10151107 [DELETED] 


>someone shitposted once
>literally half of the content in the japanese CoF is wiped off

This is not a good way of moderating. They need to chill the fuck out.

>> No.10151109 [DELETED] 

Is this a jannie shillposting to make it look like anons agree with their powertrip method of range deletion?

>> No.10151111 [DELETED] 

>how can you stand being on cgl at all
I've actually had a huge issue with current post quality. the influx of defending spoonfeeding and all the vendetta posting is driving me nuts, personally. no one fucking lurks anymore and it is so obvious, throwing uninformed 2cents all over the place.

something drastic needs to happen to get some order back and I don't mind chaotic deletions being the spark. it shouldn't be an idiotic free-for-all.

>> No.10151130
File: 318 KB, 652x1000, tumblr_mk1le96f0K1qjtfk5o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A while ago when IW was releasing their first mucha themed print, a magazine (sorry can't remember which) published a series of art nouveau inspired coordinates. Would anyone have the rest of this series? I only have the first one and it'd driving me crazy I can't find the rest.

>> No.10151131

Ooo, I never knew about this spread! IW's Mucha prints are some of my DD's, especially the longer length versions.

>> No.10151139 [DELETED] 

>I have an issue with the quality of posts so I’m okay with janitors deleting quality posts

Do you realize how stupid this is?

>> No.10151143


Mucha is great! I actually am not too fond of IW's designs but they're really nice if you want to show your love for Mucha but also want to wear them in a more toned down setting. I actually prefer something like Souffle Song's design, if only the execution wasn't so shitty.

This coordinate is amazing. The necklace is something I always wanted to recreate since it's just beadwoven components on chains. I'm also in love with the beaded embroidery bracelet she has. It's just so decadent and really evokes the spirit of the original painting well.

>> No.10151152 [DELETED] 

>the influx of defending spoonfeeding
>no one fucking lurks anymore
Whoever was in charge of deletions in the past 1-2 weeks deleted posts literally telling newfags to lurk more or adjust to common board culture. Take a look at it in the archives yourself. Those actions do the exact opposite of what you want. What we need is different and more specific rules that encourage lurking.

>> No.10151154

I am now also hunting for the rest of these images furiously as well. Anything Mucha or Nouveau related is my obsession.
Nothing so far, though my Pinterest feed is going to be 90% Grimoire Almadel for the next week so that’s a perk.

>> No.10151161 [DELETED] 

Ntayrt but I just looked and they did delete comments about lolita talking about buying from baby, etc. They just got new jannies so yea it's very possibly that person is deleting shit through help of a mod because while the person was on topic, they were also a troll. It's to stop people from trolling and getting away with it while also being "on topic".

>> No.10151165 [DELETED] 

They deleted an anons posts about buying from baby and her detailing how the garments were not the quality she wanted. And a bunch of people agreed about the quality. That is not “trolling.” I can give more examples of posts that weren’t trolling that have been deleted.

>> No.10151169 [DELETED] 

You're right it's not but "sure jan" is. So because you were trolling elsewhere, you lose the privilege of getting to contribute.

>> No.10151172 [DELETED] 

Go back to FB or tumblr or wherever you came from that you have this militaristic view on what can and can’t be posted. It is absolutely counterproductive to delete on topic, contributing posts, because of one fucking meme post.

>> No.10151174 [DELETED] 

Everything can escalate into "trolling", that's not a valid reason to delete completely normal discussion about brands just because the person posting made a single lazy shitpost in another thread. Why not just delete that one shitpost?
And I highly doubt all of those deleted posts are the same person, take a look at the following 4 pages of the archive. But then again, it's also hard to tell which of those got deleted by their (janny's) own accord and which because they got reported.

>> No.10151178 [DELETED] 

>you lose the privilege of getting to contribute.
So are we a fb group now or what. This is not how anonymous posting works. Bans are there for that exact reason.

>> No.10151180 [DELETED] 

This is entirely against the history, spirit, and purpose of 4chan.

>> No.10151182 [DELETED] 

>you lose the privilege of getting to contribute.
So are we a fb group now or what. This is not how anonymous posting works. Warning and bans are there for that exact reason and also should only be used for aggressive shitposters and people who clearly state/show to have no intention of contributing anything else but shitpostst. But report someone saying exactly that and nothing happens.

>> No.10151183 [DELETED] 

What I’m confused about is why this new janitor is deleting an entire persons post history for one shitpost but then leaves racebait threads up. Things that actually need to be deleted stay while entire productive conversations are deleted.

>> No.10151188
File: 360 KB, 690x1000, DSC00016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ok after some more digging, I found a second image for ants.

The issue is Kera, May 2013 I believe. Will be looking for scans. If any kind anon has the issue, please let us know! Thank you in advance.

>> No.10151197

HOLY SHIT i love these

>> No.10151241 [DELETED] 

Why are you mad at me. I'm not the one who deleted your posts. I'm not new btw. I've been on 4chan in general since like 08, and cgl since 2014.

Sorry but I'm pretty used to seeing what trolling looks like and it's when you post pointless shit like repetitive memes

>> No.10151245 [DELETED] 

>Why not just delete that one shitpost?
because that didn't work in the past.

You realize it's not really 4chan anymore, right? Shit has obviously changed.

I think they're doubling down now because people use different devices to post and will continue the trolling elsewhere so they just delete any and all posts they can find. Like I've been busted for trolling here and then my posts were deleted from other boards as well.
Remember the aggressiveness of HWC? They're trying their best to nip shit like that in the butt to keep it from getting that out of control again.

It obviously has results because dumb meme anon threw a pissy fit in the thread here cause they know they're up to no good and they got caught and can't handle it now.

you gotta report for them to notice.

>> No.10151246
File: 191 KB, 559x460, 1437881301050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can y'all shut the fuck up and post more lolita general shit.

>> No.10151251

If you’re visiting Singapore you could just get that dry cleaned at a store. But I wouldn’t encourage wearing something that fancy cause it’s bloody hot and you’ll die a sweaty death.

>> No.10151253 [DELETED] 

nayrt but please stop, this is fucking embarrassing. If you really would've been on 4chan for more than a decade, you would more than understand why completely censoring someone for one meme shitpost is bad tumblr-tier moderation.
>Sorry but I'm pretty used to seeing what trolling looks like and it's when you post pointless shit like repetitive memes
Thanks for confirming you're lying about being a massive newfag.

>> No.10151254


>that vs Singapore

Singapore will win, and then will win some more as you beg them for a merciful death at the door of their inferno.

>> No.10151268 [DELETED] 


That doesn't even work. Last time I got mass deleted, I just went on my phone and posted. Didn't get caught for the period of time I was banned.

All mass deletion does is rid the board of quality posts, leading to massive gaps in conversations.

However, I'm just really upset that half the Japanese CoF thread is gone. Like yeah, sure, I could always go to the archives, but that didn't need to happen. If they're going to take a Qin dynasty style approach to posting, this board is going to go to shit faster than it already has, and it sort of has already.

>> No.10151272

Thats exactly why I love theirs so much! Every other Mucha print I've seen is so OTT and I much prefer simple classic designs. Innocent World's cuts are really flattering on me too. Hopefully it shows up on the secondhand market for me one day.

>> No.10151276

I love the headpiece on this one, thank you!

>> No.10151285 [DELETED] 

You can believe whatever you want but I used to post on /tv/ /ck/ /v/ and /co/ way back in 2008.

...you know that all threads are eventually archived/pruned right?

>> No.10151287 [DELETED] 

>someone from those boards has a problem with low quality posts on /cgl/

You realize the irony in that right? Some of the most cancerous places on this website.

>> No.10151289 [DELETED] 


I could try to reply to you seriously, but I'm starting to believe you're just deliberately daft. Yes, most threads are archived and pruned of POOR QUALITY posts. Not scores of images in an image dump thread that were contributing to conversation. This new mass deletion doesn't even stop even the most mildly determined of shitposters.

>> No.10151295 [DELETED] 
File: 83 KB, 581x307, Cgl_logo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Regarding the dump in the Japanese COF thread, I'll like to offer some insight. I'm the anon that made the dump. The post I was banned for was https://rbt.asia/cgl/thread/10144986/#q10144987.

For the newer seagulls, the 4CC is a 4chan event that's been held since 2011. Basically it's a soccer competition between boards. Since moot left, mods have been taking a harder stance against inter-board activities (banning everyone involved) which is why events like the Winter Ball (which actually started because of the 4CC) isn't happening lately. It does seem that some mods are okay with the event, since ban appeals are possible.

For a board to participate in a cup, there has to be someone caring for the team (either a caretaker or a manager) and proof of interest (POI). It's to make sure no board is participating against the will of its users and also to encourage board participation in the making of its roster. If the POI is older than 6 months, it's no longer valid, as board opinion could have changed in that time. /cgl/ actually managed to get its old manager back, making the team eligible to play, but because things have changed a lot in the 3 or so years he was away, wasn't aware of the POI thing. He was also travelling in Japan at that point, and wasn't able to do the polling/board interaction, which is why I stepped up to do it. I did it knowing that I would get banned.

What I didn't expect was that everyone that posted in the thread would be banned with me and all of us would get our posts wiped based on IP. IP wipes are rare in the first place >>>/qa/2693576. After speaking to other people involved in the cup, the bans can go up to a month, but none have gotten IP wipes, so /cgl/ is an odd case in that regard. Anyway, because of the wipe for my IP, my dump was deleted as were the posts of other anons that responded in the thread.

tl;dr: mod doesn't like the 4CC, bans everyone. IP wipe not expected, J-COF dump deleted.

>> No.10151297 [DELETED] 

The mod/janitor that is doing it wiped my posts and I had nothing to do with your thread or the 4CC. It’s definitely some newly brought on person enjoying a power trip.

>> No.10151303 [DELETED] 

Did the 4cc break in that mods house and shat in their cornflakes? This is so weird, why get this mad at it? I was thinking about that qa thread too but didn't connect it with the deletions going on here.
>post is marked as spam when typing out 4cc

>> No.10151308 [DELETED] 
File: 244 KB, 1087x634, slavlolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10151323

Wear what you like and don't buy things you don't really want. Life's too short to do anything else.
As for the clothes you're not sure about, store them in a box out of sight for a year. If you haven't wanted to take them out of the box over the course of the year, get rid of them.

>> No.10151347

Was at a street festival last weekend and apparently some girl’s boyfriend just snapped a pic of me without asking, which wouldn’t be so weird but I had politely waved at her and said hi after she said that she liked my dress so it’s not like I was being unapproachable. Maybe they didn’t want to bother me while I was watching a karate demonstration, but is it so hard to wait and ask for a picture? I get that people will take your picture (especially at festivals and whatnot) but it strikes me as really rude and inconsiderate to not ask. This was probably not the first time someone’s snapped a pic of me in lolita but it’s the first time I noticed, thanks to a friend pointing it out. But ofc she didn’t mention it till afterwards...she didn’t know what to say, she just gave him a death stare. I told her next time she should make an “X” with her hands.

>> No.10151351

Why can’t people hold onto laces if they’ve taken them out of the dresses for sizing purposes? I see so many dresses on LM that have had the laces removed. They are easy to replace but come on people it’s not that hard.

>> No.10151352

Adding onto this, HOW do you lose waist ties? What the fuck are you doing with them? If you take them off, wouldn’t you keep them all in one or two places grouped together?

>> No.10151356 [DELETED] 

Huh, okay, I wasn't aware of that. Might be a different case altogether.

>> No.10151358

I misplaced waist ties in a move once, they just vanished. Shit happens, although luckily it isn't a dress I'll ever sell. I do hate waist ties though, they're such a pain in the ass.

>> No.10151359 [DELETED] 


yeah they wiped my posts too for non 4CC related shit.

I'm embarrassed to say what happened (basically i did not follow a really simple rule) but then I just got completely wiped including pic dumps and serious replies helping anons out in the skin thread.

>> No.10151373

Dress waist ties are a necessity for some people. I hate blouse waist ties though, maybe it's because I'm short but they don't make sense even with skirt. The skirt cinches up the extra fabric of the blouse just fine

>> No.10151396

I mean, they're not unnecessary for me when they're the only way of taking a dress in, and I use them if there isn't an option. I just much prefer functional corset lacing (using eyelets or ribbon loops, not the stupid shit baby does) to adjust fit. Waist ties look bulky under cardigans, sewn in ones are hard to wear vests or corsets with without getting lumps, and sewn ones are a pain to tie nicely by yourself. Detachable ones are better though.

>> No.10151436 [DELETED] 

yeah and you got what was coming to you. Get over it already, cry baby.

>> No.10151437 [DELETED] 

>Yes, most threads are archived and pruned of POOR QUALITY posts.
No, they just eventually fall off the board and are archived and then trashed and archived on other sites.
It's called pruning. You can see it in old threads that say "thread pruned/deleted".

>> No.10151443 [DELETED] 


I posted from mobile during that time period so it wasn't a big deal. I'm just adding my anecdotal evidence that not everything was 4CC related. It's touching that you think I was upset by it though.

>> No.10151444 [DELETED] 


>pointing out the obvious

The sky and this board are both blue too I guess.

>> No.10151445 [DELETED] 

how it feels to me

>> No.10151451

Seconding the other anon. Moved house and they just seemed to vanish. But I hate waist ties anyway, I turn them into headbows or use them to modify my dresses.

>> No.10151479

I also second this, I understand accidents happen, and I don't use mine very often but I still keep them all stored in a case so I know where they are and don't lose them. It's not like people can lose them when they're wearing them, so surely they can't be far from home.

The thing actually I can't stand is how people think it's ok to list dresses for sale and not mention the fact the waist ties are missing. In my eyes it's still a part of the dress and missing waist ties is counted as a missing item. If a dress doesn't come with them I'm not buying it unless it's a price that reflects it. I've bought dresses in the past without thinking and there's nothing more disappointing than getting it and finding out it's missing its ties.

>> No.10151498

I asked my friend to look through her May 2013 issue and she said it’s from a GLB advert, hence the tiny picture. GLB vol 37, 2013 Spring. Good luck!

>> No.10151512
File: 287 KB, 698x960, 91C58E84-1875-4AA2-82EA-66BF5288A849.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found them on a facebook page called USAGI (Italy)

>> No.10151513
File: 293 KB, 698x960, 6221B28A-F38F-4E9F-A2D0-E0C625205E1E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10151514
File: 281 KB, 698x960, 61EBC100-4515-49AB-A19E-88A7C9D36977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10151515
File: 245 KB, 698x960, 18B2CBFC-E5BC-454C-B804-21AA7CBD4744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That’s it!

>> No.10151522
File: 35 KB, 361x500, c.1905-10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone ever seen or done a 1905's inspired lolita?

I think it would be rad.

>> No.10151531

I always put them in a box. But at some point I could barely tell which one belongs to which dress, so I started putting little paper tags on them with the name of the dress.

>> No.10151545

Anybody knows how did it end up with Honey Cake petition? Did you guys reach AP at Tekko?

>> No.10151546

I'm so sick of being a gothic lolita. Sweet lolitas can have amazing wardobes within a few weeks. But here I am settling down for Sheglit and Atelier Pierrot because I can't find the Moitie stuff I want even after years of searching.

>> No.10151548

At this point I'm even starting to hate my favourite lolita because she snatches the best things up really quickly

>> No.10151552

I feel your pain, anon. It's really frustrating.

>> No.10151584
File: 26 KB, 700x700, 497FB5F4-39C9-43F3-B8F1-8D898D01488D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just a heads up, Moitie has restocked this dress on WW. I know it sold out fast and a lot of people were interested.

>> No.10151599

Whoever did, it came off rude asking Kira Imai about a print she didn't design. Have some respect.

>> No.10151605

people were asking her about so much stuff that just had to do with AP and not anything she designed. I think they may not have been familiar with her work but it was kind of frustrating.

>> No.10151606

What dress?

>> No.10151627

What sort of stuff was asked?

I know the petition got brought up at the actual AP QA.

>> No.10151633

Wtf, the organisers should check and approve the questions beforehand.

>> No.10151634

People were asking about older prints and re-releasing things. I think maybe they were confused between things she had illustrated the postcards for and prints she had actually designed.

>> No.10151635

It was an open forum type session and a lot of really interesting questions got asked too. I posted some in the previous general thread towards the end of it.

>> No.10151638

Maybe I'm an idiot but I just can't find it. Did it sell out again that quick?

>> No.10151647

Yep, sold out. That was fast.

>> No.10151648

The dress pictured. It’s called Catherine OP.

Yeah it looks like it sold out again. Maybe they just found one or two leftovers from the original batch.

>> No.10151649

Them finding one or two makes sense, didn't that happen with Holy Angel too? Though that one's still in stock. Oh well, I'm sad but a Catherine will show up on Mercari or LM eventually. Thanks for posting about it anyway

>> No.10151651

I’ve seen a few on taobao but I can’t remember their names. Tends to be executed as a super long sack dress that comes with a corset belt to cinch it at the waist. It doesn’t have the the true hip-hugging Edwardian look because that wouldn’t be lolita, but there’s very little petti and the inspiration is pretty clear

>> No.10151672

As a gothic lolita, I've actually been gravitating to Sheglit and VM lately. The quality is still there for Sheglit and older black VM releases are to die for. I prefer solids, though, and I guess the MmM revival has left me bitter.

>> No.10151674

Check the last general. An anon recapped what happened at Tekko.

>> No.10151675

I agree completely for VM. However, I'm just not impressed by Sheglit's styling. They look too Classic to me somehow. What is it about Sheglit that scratches the gothic itch for you?

>> No.10151680

I've heard mixed things about Sheglit's quality. Though the negative things were all said on cgl with no proof.

>> No.10151712
File: 29 KB, 559x460, 47690659_2178849828837718_2255412769992051142_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Girl towards the back asked about a print that Kira Imai didn't design... Kira explained that it was a print that Maki did. Girl responded loudly with "What's a Maki"?

Someone in front of her turned around and explained that Maki is one of the longtime AP designers.

Girl spent most of the rest of the panel loudly conversing with her friend.

>> No.10151713

May all your dream dresses pop up for cheap anon, thank you so much!

>> No.10151715

I hope her comm shames her for it

>> No.10151720


I’ve bought several pieces from sheglit with no real issue with quality. Dunno what gulls are on about tbqh

>> No.10151721


I'm the original poster who requested these, I indebted to you forever anon. Thank you!

>> No.10151722



>> No.10151726

>stupid shit baby does
what do you mean? i don't own any baby. is it just that weird lacing held together with just thread?

>> No.10151739

Oh boy. I got there early so I was sitting near the front, I didn't hear that part. How awkward...

>> No.10151743

Baby runs corset lacing through eyelets(? I don’t know if this is correct term) in lace and if you cinch the lacing a little too tight, it will deform the lace.

>> No.10151755

You can spark your passion again by adding more secondhand BPN and naoto to your wardrobe. Boz also rocks.
I think you need to incorporate more vintage stuff too.
A few fantastic gets from the above listed channels might really help you as you wait for your MmM dream items.
BPN is literally my favorite brand. I feel like people slept on them but they seriously made the coolest pieces in a variety designs that fit different body types, and experimented with different fabric textures and weights.

>> No.10151766

Anyone have suggestions for where to find a nice apron? I'm looking for one in more of a classic style, preferably with some pin tucks, an open back, and not too ruffly. I'll make one myself but I'd rather just buy one.

>> No.10151768


(Can you tell me what the girl was wearing who asked the Maki question?)

>> No.10151773

Checked the bst thread? >>10150296

>> No.10151775

I did not! Thanks pal

>> No.10151793

Moon Afternoon does MTOs

>> No.10151801

You can also look at gothic brands like na+H, Alice Auaa and elements,h and try to mix them with your EGL wardrobe

>> No.10151803

Haven't been on LM in a while. Did Raines get the boot?

>> No.10151818

No prob friendo

Sadly not

>> No.10151819

I remember the dismissive face she scrunched up into when she said "what's a Maki" but not what she was wearing. I remember that it was brand, because I had a split second of nostalgia for the times when obtaining brand assumed more background knowledge of the fashion than it does now.

>> No.10151938

Does Imai Kira ever sell poster sized prints?

>> No.10151983

It depends on your definition of poster-sized. Her booth.pm page has 'posters' but they're only A4 size.

>> No.10152014

Sadly I meant like a poster you'd get at a media store. Thanks though!

>> No.10152060

Is she an employee for kera?

>> No.10152069

Why is this asked every time a new article is posted. Obviously new fag.

>> No.10152071

Those are some of the questions that were asked at the Kira Imai Panel. I noticed one girl was sound recording it so maybe it was her.

>> No.10152072

But is she like paid?

>> No.10152073

No. It's all volunteer.

>> No.10152238

Nope she’s an unpaid volunteer who likes to role play as a journalist

>> No.10152267

hmmmmm why does this link take you to a staff login page? lol

>> No.10152270


It was available before. Looks like they locked down the page for some reason.

>> No.10152271

I know few of her AP prints have posters of them, but other than that I don't think there's any big ones.

>> No.10152284

That's pretty good work experience though

>> No.10152303

I like the Black Ribbon's but I don't know if they have any available right now

>> No.10152329

One of q’s is on there, transcribed a little oddly. I wonder if they were working off the Japanese only

>> No.10152434

Moitie has one up. The Black Ribbon does, as well.

The Black Ribbon sure does!

>> No.10152458

Anyone know of any places to buy lolita in Seoul?

>> No.10152462

funny joke

>> No.10152465

Why does every possible thread end up to ridiculous argument? It’s so frustrating to casually browse board when half of the threads are filled with stupid shit.

>> No.10152468

That’s the nature of 4ch(an). You should leave if you really hate it that much. I’ve been on this website for over a decade and it’s always been like that.

>> No.10152475

It's easy to blame it on salty vendetta-chans or board culture or the 4chan version of autism but I'd say that behaviour comes from people's boredom, frustration, and jealousy. It reinforces itself because it feels kind of good to let loose and be horrible for a while and it's safe to be a bitch here without repercussions, and anyone who questions it is threatening that safety so we reeeeeeee and tell them to lurk more or gtfo. But what do I know, I'm not a psychologist or anything. Just hide the posts that bother you or leave I guess

>> No.10152483

It's because it's /cgl/. Many other boards are not like this, it's because a lot of people on this board are trolls/crossboarders who don't really understand lolita/cosplay, or they don't actually understand 4chan culture in general. There's a lot of misinformation on this board and people don't like to back down. Also a lot of jealous people.
> we reeeeeeee and tell them to lurk more
This is an example of someone who doesn't understand 4chan.

>> No.10152489

Been here since 2010 but sure
You're very right about the crossboarders though. Kicking myself for forgetting to mention them

>> No.10152492
File: 179 KB, 916x738, Screenshot_20190416-234248-02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>watching all the Japanese lolitas posting on Twitter about the Kyoto AP opening sales hell
This just makes me sad... I hope AP can get resellers under control.

>> No.10152496


>> No.10152508
File: 2.20 MB, 400x223, tea_clink.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spill the tea

>> No.10152513

It was discussed very recently lurk more newfags

>> No.10152518

>so new you don’t even know what was discussed one or two threads ago

>> No.10152522

Here's some links to a few girls :

From the first girls tweet :

(3) Inside the store, there was many Chinese resale-fag [Japanese slang, using 4chan slang because it makes sense] groups.
Inside the store, 67% were resale groups.
There was also many obvious resale men.

>> No.10152523

Oh this is about the Chinese guys in jeans and girls in ita coords who buy new releases to scalp them. I thought it was new info. Oh well

>> No.10152525

>backtracking this hard

Summer started way too early this year

>> No.10152526

Oops, first link was messed up.

>> No.10152531
File: 80 KB, 340x380, squint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for being bored and wanting new drama

>> No.10152534

Go to the farm then dumbass

>> No.10152535

>Summer started way too early this year
Global warming bitch

>> No.10152536


>> No.10152541

Thanks anon

>> No.10152546

Thanks, it was new to me. Can AP crack down on that without getting accused of racist/sexist? or are they fine with it?

>> No.10152547

It happened today so yes it is new. Yeah it has been happening before, but I'm not sure it's been this extreme considering all the girls saying the release was awful to actually attend as a lolita. Past releases had light complaining, but this has been more spread than usual.

>> No.10152549

Small nitpick, I think she meant 60~70%, not 67%

>> No.10152551

Oh yeah, that makes more sense anyway. Thanks anon.

>> No.10152552

I wonder is that embarassing to show up at Paris tea party, for example, wearing this? Like if european lolita wears Kyoto special set, mtl she was dealing with resellers, that AP is fighting against.

>> No.10152559

AP doesn't care about looking racist or sexist, they aren't on a US campus

>> No.10152604
File: 1.85 MB, 916x1108, scuffedshoerepair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I was the anon who bought those badly scuffed shoes off of wunderwelt's lm the other week.
And they were pretty bad. It was more of a color transfer than a proper scuff.
The parts on the heels were scratches.
So today I finally went ahead and repainted them.
It's my first time doing such a repair, and I think I did decently.
Here's a before and after.

>> No.10152606

That looks pretty good - what did you use to paint them?

>> No.10152608

A combination of a thin, thin layer of acrylic paint and a sharpie oil based paint pen and a top coat of modge podge.
Because I was mostly spot treating them and just needed the acrylic to ad a small top coat, I didn't really go for angelus.
If I was doing more coats on the whole shoe, I'd def get angelus.
But the hear punch outs were yellow/brown on the insides.
IDK what the previous owner did, but they were super bad looking at first.

>> No.10152625

Looks decent, but I suggest not painting in the area between the sole and shoe. Looks a little icky there because the paint collected in it.

I think you can actually get paint for shoes too. I tried using modgepodge one some pleather shoes at least a decade ago, and it doesn't hold up very well. but as long as you're wearing them in a dry place and take good care of them the paint job should last a small amount of time at least.

>> No.10152627

Thanks for the advice! I can probably go in that area with a needle and clean it up a bit.
And the modge podge is mostly to prevent that weird dusty texture the paint gave it.
I didnt do more than 2 light layers.

>> No.10152630

Maybe some japanese girl needed quick buck and sold her dress, that’s one way you can think about it.

>> No.10152637

Forgive me if this question comes off as retarded, especially because I don't know Japanese, but are the Japanese lolitas upset with SS that sell to Western lolitas as well? It seems like they're just upset with the blatant resellers who aren't lolitas at all.

If you're a Western lolita, I don't think they can know if you bought it off a reseller or not. You could have been in Japan, you could have ordered it from someone in Japan, and so on.

>> No.10152639

Or someone was in Japan when they sold it.

>> No.10152647
File: 259 KB, 490x411, mealtime.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Okay, I'm not sure how late I am to this, but I just realized that Vierge Vampur reopened their web shop. However, they only have the Meal Time OP in black and bordeaux, not blue. What's up with that?
I was going to email them about it but their site says "Please do not apply to contact us for any inquiries about our products" so, uh.

>> No.10152650

They really only care if you aren't cute and wearing a rare dress. They're petty, just like us!

>> No.10152659

>that purple
or 'bordeaux' or whatever. i have a mighty need, thank you for mentioning it.

>> No.10152668

They were upset because it was large groups of Chinese people some of which were taking pictures upon receiving the dress in the store and immediately posting it on auction sites.

>> No.10152677
File: 202 KB, 633x612, AP is garbage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dreams crushed

>> No.10152679

If blue is not on the site it's safe to assume they're not selling that colorway. You can ask them about it on Twitter. Make sure you tweet them in Japanese.

>> No.10152744
File: 156 KB, 750x1135, 6081801E-3C6E-4BAA-8A9B-58C27E2578FD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So not only does milkyuki scalp this but also charges for shipping lmao

>> No.10152749

almost everyone charges for shipping. Not trying to defend her, just a ridiculous comment.

>> No.10152751 [DELETED] 

Transacting that slang does not work

>> No.10152752

Translating that slang did not work

>> No.10152759

Lol what, you should charge for shipping unless it’s stated that you’ve included it in your costs already

>> No.10152763

That’s not really scalping. I’ve seen it on Mercari for only $10 less a few times. And most people charge for shipping.

>> No.10152768

Fuck this is really cute and I want it.
I'm not much for x-kumyas but cats are my weakness. especially black ones.

>> No.10152778 [DELETED] 

They are also in stock on the Japanese online store FYI.

>> No.10152782

No they aren’t

>> No.10152805
File: 560 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190419_222135.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AP fags, ready for the next cat print?

>> No.10152811

Usually with scuffs like that, you can get them off with some elbow grease and a wash cloth with a bit of texture. But, if they were scratched at all, as in the top layer of pleather was compromised, painting is probably your best bet. Just make sure You keep the modgepodge dry.

>> No.10152814

This is so fucking cute just fuck me up, I just finished my finals I deserve it

>> No.10152816

Jesus I'd kill for more puppy prints.

>> No.10152828

Fuck it cute and not a terrible cut for once! This might be my first new AP release I go for since Romantic Cat

>> No.10152829

I wish this was cotton.
Also, image source?

>> No.10152834

I did and I guess the blue fabric they used for it has been discontinued, so they can't make it unless they can find a replacement. Damn.

>> No.10152840

This looks horrible t b h
The cuts are wack, the cat anatomy makes them look like gremlins, the fabric looks like a poly blend, and the lace looks shiny

Ap needs to get it together big time

>> No.10152842

Exactly. That's why I stopped buying brand for "quality". I still buy brand but only when I feel like I can't do without that specific design, otherwise I go for cheaper alternatives or offbrand for generic shit. I just don't feel like paying 300 usd for a piece that has quality defects anymore, which happened more than enough times.

>> No.10152844

Same. Image is from Twitter.

The fabric is synthetic sadly. Honoka was wearing it at Tekko. Synthetics are what their customers appear to want now.

>> No.10152845

I recently got a Baby dress that had a distorted seam right in the front of the bodice. Didn't wanna bother with customer service and fixed it myself. It was disappointing tho.

>> No.10152848

kek holy shit they really do look like gremlins. I can't unsee it now.

>> No.10152850

I think it is more of a you problem if you can't dress yourself with $2-300 with anything other than lolita

>> No.10152865
File: 574 KB, 1200x1800, IMG_5700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My gremlin coord dreams can come true

>> No.10152874

That’s not what anon was saying at all

>> No.10152886

don't get it wet

>> No.10153000
File: 65 KB, 360x838, 006zlMWqgy1g24i11yi0ej30u01xu1l1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no ss in Shanghai

>> No.10153019

I tried the elbow grease with a terrycloth towel. Even used a bit of soap. The marks on the heels were all scratches, though.
It was less scuffs and more sheer color transfer.

>> No.10153036

> originally sold for $80
> longest lasting MTO for any Usakumya product in the USA

>> No.10153041

Same. Puppies > cats

>> No.10153106

Not according to Kira Imai.

>> No.10153111

Next thread >>10153079

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