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Why you personally do cosplay?
Is it to fill a void? Because you love too much a character? As a brief escape from reality? Im Very interested in your answers anons

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Its a mixture of being a fan of a certain show and getting to escape reality by dressing up in something strange for a weekend. Its fun to run around in unconventional clothes like witch hats and robes while everyone treats you like normal for a few days.

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Its an easy way to get money from neckbeards and underage kids

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Does this work if you are a man?

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if you wear a skirt and a pink wig, yes

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As a kid the reason I wanted to was just because I wanted to show my love for the characters, but as I grew older and actually had the money to cosplay it quickly became just a way to feel more confident. I don’t really care who I’m dressed as, it’s just nice to be in a different persona I suppose?

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I like making things with my hands and going from a pile of materials to a finished garment. With cosplay specifically it's also a cool community where you can make friends and learn many different things. Plus I get an opportunity to wear pretty dresses that I normally would have no reason to ever wear

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The exact reasons why I cosplay. Damn, we’re a dying breed.

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>Why you personally do cosplay?
Because watching anime isn't enough.
I must become anime.

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It's partly due to love for the characters I Cosplay and partly because I love making stuff like costumes, armor, etc. Maybe it's also to satisfy my slight narcist side.

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I like anime and vidya, it's fun and I like looking back at photos of me going through the process of 0-100% completion whether it's a wig or a full costume.

When I was younger, it was an escape from being bullied in school. Conventions were a nice place to spend time with other nerdy kids who liked the weirdo Japanese cartoons people at school laughed at me for liking.

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I have a bit of a theater background, doing costume and set work for a couple of years. i didnt actually start cosplaying until much later though.

if anything though, im mostly interested in making props and stuff for people rather than myself.

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Mainly so I can find others who like my characters at conventions, because I love my characters and want to talk about them.

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It’s fun to break costumes down and make things that don’t exist a reality. I especially love using cheaper materials and seeing the finished results that come from a pile of craft foam and some contact cement.

As much as it stresses me out sometimes the creation part is amazingly fun - putting the whole costume together and wearing it around the con is just the icing on the cake.

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>this bait thread

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So I can stop being a massive fucking introvert and actually pretend to be a socially functional adult?

Also because its fun to show how much I like a given character.

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On the slightly older side of things 30~, there's a lot of interesting older characters that don't get much love, and usually I don't stand out that much. Like a dozen already said, it's so I can change that for a few days, enjoy myself without even caring what someone thinks of me, and go full vacation with it.

I don't know if it makes sense but where I'd usually care about someone's thoughts on me at times, here I am actually interested in their response and, especially for places out in the open with more normal people, it's a pretty amusing situation.

I tend to wear facepaint, masks, or at least wigs though.

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It's fun to goof off with other nerds dressed up as fictional characters.
Plus it's like the easiest ice breaker ever, I've made some great friends just because we happened to be dressed as characters from the same series at a random con 5 years ago.

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Thats nice OP here, its the kind of thing im aiming for i really just want to meet people with similar interest :)

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I'm an artsy-crafty kind of guy. As a kid, I drew a ton and would often make things - sock puppets, clay figures, comic books. My parents also made things - my mom sewed quilts and painted, my dad did carpentry and other handyman things; as a result, I know my way around hardware and craft stores. And - perhaps most critically - as a kid I never had a store-bought Halloween costume.
So cosplay is sort of a modern way to exercise my handiness and creativity. I like drawing but was always shy about sharing it with others, plus since I do digital artwork I lose the 'physicality' of things I create. Cosplay becomes a fun and crafty "puzzle solving" - what did this prop look like? this is from a cartoon, how do I translate that into reality? obviously I can't afford the complexity, what compromises can I make with the design? how do I make it fit me while staying light enough to wear? etc etc. It's fun, challenging, fulfilling, and impressive.

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It's not a free pass obviously, but it helps. At least you'll have something to talk about.

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It's like fanart. Shows how much I love the characters while providing a way to meet other people also into the same stuff. Plus I like feeling handsome and don't get to much in my daily wear, and as a trans dude I've found that cosplay is one of the few areas where people actually will assume I'm male at a glance.

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There are so many reasons that I love cosplay and that in itself is what sets it apart from dressing formally for an occasion. There's layers of good feels stacked on to each other. I feel attractive and put together when I dress up for an event, but that's it. With cosplay, it's not just the appeal of dressing up but also being seen as someone entirely different, connecting with others on a personal level despite being strangers, and showing off my love for a character as well as my creative skills. It eliminates the a chunk of the awkward phase of getting to know someone because there's an immediate connection to one's interests based on the character they dress up as.

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>It's like fanart.
And I love getting creative/doing handwork. Nothing more satisfying than creating something beautiful/awesome out of a pile of materials, and learning more about doing it better

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I fucking love playing dress up. Pretend. Just being artistic. Appreciating the characters I love. Making something that looks like it popped right out of the show. All of the above, desu, though there is no void because I have friends I met through this hobby, and for the most part it's amazing.

There is something really fun about bringing scenes from a show or comic or game I like to life. Goofing off in character is a lot of fun and I have great memories from joking around, or from taking serious photos that hit me in the feels.

Sometimes sewing something is stressful but the end product when I get there always makes me want to come back for more. Why does the thing I love have to end when the creator is done making content? I can make my own, draw out the fun, share it with my friends and get excited over it.

My absolute favorite thing I think is running into or actually cosplaying a rare character and then you meet up and get that photo together that you had been dying to see created. And then you spend the rest of your time geeking out about it or acting like the characters. I'm not really interested in getting into theater because I have stage fright and I am more drawn to pop culture characters anyway. But I feel like it's a very similar thrill to the one actors get on the stage when I dress up. It's a blast.

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Just about gave me a crisis, anon, bc I don't really know why I cosplay.
As a kid, I just found it super cool. Then, I started making friends from it so I kept doing it.
Now, I just like the challenge of making things I'm not used to.
Honestly, part of it is probably because I like the attention/approval I get from it. It's nice since it gives me some confidence/reassurance that I don't get from my personal life.

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Because i fucking hate myself so any moment I can pretend to be someone else is a blessing from god

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You know how sometimes you want to be literally anyone else on the planet?
If you wear a costume you get to be someone else for a limited time. Results may vary, but it works for me for up to three days.

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Sometimes I just wanna dress up as a tentacle monster

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brief escape from reality

Outside of cons i have never been adventurous with myself, no fashion ideas, no piercing, no tattoo, no hair dye etc

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i want to be the characters i like
also to meet people who like the same things because im lonely
creative outlet

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Because it's to show off love of a series I like and to hang out with my friends and do things together.
I love all the silly pictures we take.

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I never liked traps even a little for all 20 years of my life. I get absolutely blazed and am tripping on acid. Read this. Realize I will more then likely never have anyone love me this much. Therefore I am now on an quest to acquire gf/trap that will love me unconditionally.

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I teach grade school, so it's satisfying to generate a tangible product instead of the intangible (and occasional herding-cats-assholery) of working with students. I'd probably go fucking insane or leave the field if I didn't have the validation of still being able to make things on my off-hours.
>the product depends on me and only me, and isn't dependent on a million other variables of how distracted a student is, how well they've learned the material, how many notifications are popping up on their phone, how horny they're feeling for their classmates today, etc

I majored in chemistry, so designing outfits is a nice foil against my current job, and it works different parts of my brain.

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been busy with tinkering with different stuff since i was small, be it lego, mechano (the metal versions not the virgin plasitc shit), random model kits and computers.
Work as an engineer and this gives me an excuse to keep playing around with different stuff.
even thought my mind has been busy with different shit recently I plan to take it up again during the summer.

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Get fukkd and succd

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I love making fat ugly cosplayers feel like shit about themselves by cosplaying their favs and looking 100x better than they ever could

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this 100 times

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pretty based ngl

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I like being someone I'm not. I like the acting aspect of cosplay and being in character. Because without acting like the character you're just wearing a costume. I very rarely had store-bought Halloween costumes and had to improvise from savers and good will and I loved to create things so it just kind of came naturally.

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I started cosplaying our of genuine love for a character. I’ve been in the community for a few years, and cosplaying has become a lot more about peer pressure. Cosplay doesn’t really spark joy anymore, so I’m taking a break and if I come back I’m just going to do characters I genuinely love.

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I like to get my ego stroked for that one con I go to once a year. Personal satisfaction, that is all.

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For me, it’s a sense of escapism and out of love for the character/source. I’m not one of those people that gets super in character and stuff but it’s fun to look in the mirror and see someone different than who you see every day. It gives me confidence boost even if it’s temporary.

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I cosplay the things I don't want to be forgotten, I want to cosplay Roman from armed and dangerous since it was on of my favorite games. Even if no one recognizes it, I want to "uphold the memory" . I know it sounds autistic, but I hate seeing things I love disappear from existence with no one remembering.

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because its fun

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Prob the easiest way to talk to other people at a con or get people to approach me at cons.

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Because it's fun and it makes it easier to be approached.
I love engaging with all the other nerds at cons t b h, even the cringe ones.
I just love the whole convention experience, and cosplay makes it even more fun. I also find it fun to give out small gifts like pins or stickers to people, I'm a bitter depressed idiot but it makes me very happy to see them happy.

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I only "cosplay" during halloween with my gf and buddies
Anything beyond that is for dweebs

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>not being in touch with your inner (d)weeb

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I started cosplaying because I felt out of place. Its a lot easier to be open with people who you already know you have something in common with.

Now I cosplay because its a fun side project and takes my mind off of whatever I'm dealing with

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I hate anime and video games though. I just like to make shit, party and get drunk.
I basically am only ever on /cgl/ for costume ideas and the help threads. Otherwise I'm shitposting on /tv/

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It’s a mixture of escapism, creative reasons and it being an ice breaker. Like others, I’ve met a lot of cool people because of cosplay.
This year I’m making my first costume and seeing it come together is just so exciting.

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why are you even on /cgl/

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For the good looking thin girls = Attention whores who know all the nerds will be all over them.

For the fat land whales = They think this will make any guy want them, but it won't.

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then why is Momokun making more money than 99% of cosplayers

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Because other fatty cosplayers support her. obviously.

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Ever since I was a kid, I was obsessed with playing 'pretend', or I guess the kid version of larping.
I was always inspired by characters I related to or just thought were super cool.
Now that I'm older its fun to spend the time figuring out how to make a costume and putting it together, no matter how tedious it is. It's really fun and rewarding.
I think I'm still a little kid at heart so I get obsessed with certain shows and characters and always wish I was literally that character, living in that universe, so cosplaying can sort of fulfill that lol.

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see >>10163538

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My dick supports her

>> No.10163851

What you seem to miss is that she has enormous tits to make up for her gluttony.
Would breed/10

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titcows and landwhales are slightly different

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Yeah, pretty much just to escape reality and have some fun before facing the cold inevitability that awaits us all.

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My little sis is into it and I like to join her for group cosplays cause it makes her happy. Thats pretty much it, although I do enjoy manga, video games etc.

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The reason cosplay is degenerate is because it is not based in truth. This is a big point that many new cosplayers should consider when they join cosplay sites, because if they do not agree with the premise of cosplay and if they think that cosplay are degenerate, it would be easier to leave. There are plenty of ways to become cosplay, but it is not the easiest for new cosplayers. Cosplay can be challenging when you have to find a new way. Cosplay is not just about dressing up, its also about being creative! If you do not make a conscious effort to be creative, you will become less creative in the end. Cosplay, also like music, dance and theater can be used in interesting ways. Some of the most effective and important ways to use cosplay in these areas are to use them when creating new costumes – and when doing other things as well. Some of those areas that Cosplayer community is striving are

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I cosplay to do it right. I match my body type vs characters I play. Cows as sticks = disgusting. Chubby guys as muscle heads = cringe laughs. Stay in your lane.

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>Why you personally do cosplay?
fun things are fun.

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I do it to run away from the fact that i've finished living. I am stuck and will never escape this position, in the academic, financial, and social class.
It's a hobby that helps me escape my reclusive nature. I get completely trashed at cons and walk around seeing all the people enjoying themselves.
I could probable put more time into other things but i'm just so drained due to the way i've lived.

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I'm a bit of a chuuni and I'm a huge fan of RPGs and stuff like that, and I have a bit of a theatrical flair. Cosplay is kind of like LARPing, except more in a medium that I enjoy and of characters that I like. On top of that, I always had a lot of hands-on hobbies (electronics projects, building computers, tinkering with tools), so sewing was similar enough in the planning required to do so.

honestly sewing is a much bigger part of why I like it. knowing how you made your cosplay and being able to visualize it after finishing it feels nice.

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To fill my sick fantasy of pretending to be a charismatic, rich, and greasy loser people love when I'm only the latter.

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Because I like to imagine myself in another body experience, kinda like imagining reincarnations and stuff.

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because im an attention seeking whore

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Base reason is attention. Mainly want to find other people in to the thing, and getting pictures taken always feels good. But step one to finding people, is grabbing their interest.

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